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a? •••i 
^ .■•1 








Charles Wiluam Manwaring, 

MMnber ConMcllcut Hislorfod SociMy. 

Vol. I. 


i6jj— 1700. 

Hamtpord, Cohiv., 
R. S. PacK & Co., PmifTBKs. 

F ^^ 






Copyright, 1902, 




It seems appropriate^ when a book has been prepared for publication, 
in o£Fering it to the public, that the author or compiler should state 
dearly and concisely its purpose. The late Hon. Charles J. Hoadly, 
LL.D., <»ice said to the writer : "People looking up their ancestry come 
back to Hartford." This indicates not only the value for research of the 
early records to be found here, but as well the numerous and widely 
distributed descendants of the men who settled upon the ''Great River/' 
at Hartford, Wethersfield, and Windsor, 1634-1636. To preserve the 
essential part of these Probate Records; to arrange them in form to be 
more available for reference; to arrest their constant wear and rapidly 
accelerating destruction; to marshal the parents and children of these 
early families by name, place, and collateral relationship, with incidental 
historical matter, giving volume, page and date for reference to the 
original writings ; with a copious index in a book the reader may hold in 
hand, whether living near or remote from Hartford — ^is here offered as a 
reason for this Digest. 

In the volumes of Probate Records the wills and inventories are 
entered upon one side and indexed. Upon the other side are entered the 
(Acts), or Court Records, also indexed. The wills, inventories, and some 
distributions of estates, are kept on file, in boxes — each separate — ^wills 
in one box, inventories in another, and the distributions in a third box. 
There being from 100 to 150 papers in each box, the wear, by frequent 
examinations of the frail old papers, tends to ultimate destruction. 

Vol. I of this Digest is msuie up from the first six original volumes 
of Probate Records, and each volume is indicated by roman numerals 
in the running title, except the Appendix to .Vol. I, which is composed of 
miscellaneous matters. Throughout the work, page and figures in the 
center of the line indicate wills and inventories in the volume shown in 

• _ 

the running title, unless otherwise stated. Page numbers following the 
words "Court Record," refer only to the acts of the Court in the volumes 
of original record. 

Wills and inventories have been copied from the pages in the several 
volumes, or from the original papers on file. Wills and distributions, 
with some inventories, found upon file (not recorded) have received 
careful attention. Among this class are found some valuable and interest- 
ing papers. 

Court Records are not put upon file. As the acts of Court are some- 
times found in several volumes, continued many years before the final 
settlement of an estate, errors in names or otherwise occur, which cause 
much care and labor to adjust. 


Inventories — These were taken under such varying conditions, that 
their value is not an essential factor. They may represent the remainder 
of an estate, a large part of which had been given during the life-time of 
the testator, or be oi^y the personal estate, or taken as valued in country 
pay ; or, if as money, in the depreciated ills of the Colony, as compared 
with the pound sterling in silver. 

Distributi(His have a special value in revealing changes by marriage, 
or other changes following from childhood to adult age. 

Contractions, so common in the early records, usually represented by 
superior letters or by a line over the contracted word, were introduced 
in the copy for printing; but it was found inexpedient to follow this, 
excq>t as modified in the text. The capitalization and spelling of every 
word exactly as recorded was not tmdertaken, for the sufficient reason 
that in most cases the language is not that of a testator, but of another 
who writes, and of still another who records, with differences between 
them. But withal, the effort has been to give a correct Digest of every 
paper in such language as is found in it, in every important particular. 
Contractions for economy of space have been used, the meaning of which 
will be suggested by their connections — ^as Invt., for Inventory; Adms., 
for Administration, and derivatives ; Dist., for Distribution, etc. ; Recog., 
for Recognizance ; W. R., Windsor Records ; P. C, Private Controversies. 

The word "cousin" usually means nephew, or niece ; X indicates his 
or her mark ; Ls., the seal. 

Many names appear with only a prefix to surname. All such, as 
Goodman, Goody, Deacon, CorpU, Lieut., Capt, Major, Col., etc., are in- 
dexed as Mr. or Mrs. Also, Jr. and Sen., and similar designations, are 
omitted in the index, as liable to mislead unless extended beyond allowed 

In most cases the Court Record of acceptance of inventory has been 
omitted, as well as the formal granting of letters of administration ; this, 
being in the ordinary course of business, may be assumed ; to whom letters 
were granted, and date, being tfie essential matter. Neither has it been 
considered as necessary to record every date and report of an administrator 
to the Court, as the payment of some debts, or for an extension of time. 
But in all Court cases in the settlement of any estate (testate or intestate), 
that which adds any information of value has been sought for with un- 
tiring zeal. That some desired items could not be fotmd, the work must 
show. The conception and arrangement being mine, so must be its errors 
or shortcomings. 

My thanks are due, and are here extended, to all who have given aid 
or encouragement in its preparation, and especially to those who have so 
generously financed its publication. 




Of the Records of the General Court or Assembly of the Colony of 
Connecticut, which in early times was also a Court of Appeals and had 
original jurisdiction in the more important equity cases, it is not necessary 
to say much, because they are in print from April, 1636, to April, 1775, 
inclusive (see Colonial Records of Connecticut). The records of the Par- 
ticular Court were kept in the same book with those of the General Court 
until 1649. (See ist Vol. Colonial Records of Connecticut). This Court 
had jurisdiction over every subject of judicial controversy throughout 
the Colony. It was succeeded in 1666 by the County Courts.' The second 
volume of these records, which is the first kept in a separate book, is thus 
lettered : "Particular Court, Vol. II, Probate Records," and begins with 
a Court held at Hartford, March 7, 1649-50, and ends with one held May 
16, 1663. There are 196 pages of Court proceedings, and 185 pages of 
wills and inventories. This volume, after a disappearance for many years, 
was recovered in the City of New York in December, 1861. The third 
volume is lettered: "Probate Records, Book III, County Court.' 
It begins with Hartford, Quarter Court, June 4, 1663, and extends to 
a County Court held at Hartford by adjournment, December 6, 1677. 
It contains 167 pages of Court records, 199 pages of wills and inven- 
tories, and three pages of land records. Both these volumes are well 
indexed for names in the Court proceedings. Vols. IV, V, and VI, in con- 
tinuation of the preceding, are in the Hartford Probate Office. The 
General Assembly, at its session in May, 1666, established the four 
Counties of Hartford, New London, New Haven, and Fairfield, which 
included all the towns then organized and settled, and ordered that wills 
and inventories of persons deceased within any of the Counties of the 
Colony shall be exhibited and proved at the County Court to which the 
deceased did appertain by his habitation. This was the first actual divi- 
sion of the State into Probate Districts, although Probate Courts, as such, 
were not established and separated from the County Courts until 1698, 
and the limits of the Counties and Probate Districts remained coterminous 
until 1719. 

Under the jurisdiction of the Particular Court, County Court and 
Court of Probates were entered estates from towns in the district of Hart- 
ford now known by the following, names : Andover, Ashford, Avon, 
Barkhamsted, Berlin, Bloomfield, Bolton, Bristol, Burlington, Canaan, 
Canton, Colchester, Colebrook, Cornwall, Coventry, Cromwell, Glaston- 
bury, Goshen, Haddam, Haddam (East), Hartford, Hartford (East), 
Harlland, Hebron, Kent, Mansfield, Middletown, New Hartford, New 

'^■w^— ■■■■t.  --»— i \i tm r j r ^'^f r- ^^ M ji^p*^^ ,yj —^-—. — B^-sg; 


London, Norwich, Rocky Hill, Saybrook, Simsbury, Southington, Tol- 
land, Vernon, Waterbury, Wethersfield, Willington, Windicster, Wind- 
sor Locks, and others for a longer or shorter period. 

The establishment of Windham District in May, 1719, took the towns 
of Windham and Mansfield from Hartford District. Woodbury District, 
in October of the same year, took away the towns of Litchfield and Water- 
bury. And East Haddam District, in October, 1741, took off the towns 
of £ast Haddam, Haddam, Colchester and Hebron, with the parish of 
Middle Haddam. The District of Litdifield, in October, 1742, of Middle- 
town, in May, 1752, of Stafford, in May, 1759, Farmington, in January, 
1769, and Simsbury, in May of the same year, further diminished the size 
of tfie Hartford District, and the process of division has been continued 
until that district now embraces but eight towns, while the four districts 
into which the Colony was divided in 1666 have been multiplied twenty- 
eight fold — numbering one hundred and twelve at the present time,. 1904. 


The Records of the Acts of the Court of Assistants in the Colony 
of Connecticut, beginning 11 May, 1669, and extending to 7 October, 
1686, and of the same Court from i October, 1696, to 3 October, 1701, 
fill 137 pages of a volume lettered "Colomal Records, New England, 
1659-1701." This Court was established in October, 1665, and the records 
prior to 1669 are in Book IH of the County Court. The continuation is 
found in a large parchment-bound book entitled: ''No. 2 — Records 
Court of Assistants, Superior Court, Began 1687, Ends in 1715." It 
begins with the record of a special Court of Assistants, 15 February, 
1686-7. ^^ P^S^ 4 ^s ^^s memorandum by Caleb Stanly, Jr. : 

"Now in the moneth of October, anno Dom. 1687, Sir Edmund An- 
dross. Knight, Governor of New England, received and took upon him 
the government of this his Majesties Colony of Connecticut, and there- 
fore there was no Court of Assistants holden in this Colony in the year 
1688, nor in May, anno Dom. 1689; and the Court book containing the 
records of the Court of Assistants holden at Hartford in October, 1689 
(if any Court was then held*), can't be found." 

The record then goes on from a Court held 27 May, 1690, to one held 
II May, 1696, and the reverse of the volume contains the records of the 
Court of Assistants from 7 May, 1702, and of its successor, the Superior 
Court, to 8 November, 171 5. A large folio, 423 36 pages. Both these 
volumes are indexed for names. 

*That there was a session of the Court of Assistants in October, 1689, appears 
from the printed "Colonial Records/* Vol IV, page 25. 



Skowing the Districts in which they are 
or have been included. 

Compiled by Ai«bbrt C. Bates, Librarian of the Connecticut 

Historical Society, 

And reprinted, by permission of the Society, from its 

Annnal Report for 1897. 


(To avoid frequent repetition, the names of districts are printed in sntall 
capitals and the names of towns in lower case letters.) 

Andover — Includes Andover, Bolton, and Columbia. 
Constituted June 2y, 1851, from Hebron. 

Contains the records of Hebron from May session, 1789, to 
June 27, 1851. 

AsHFORD — Includes Ashford. 

Qxistituted June 4, 1830, from Pomfret. 

Avon — Includes Avon. 

Constituted May session, 1844, from Farmington. 

Barkhamsted — Includes Barkhamsted. 

Constituted June 5, 1834, from New Hartford. 

Contains the records of New Hartford from May 27, 1825, to 
June 5, 1834. 

Berlin — Includes Berlin and New Britain. 

Constituted June 2, 1824, from Farmington^ Hartford, and Mio- 


Bethany — Includes Bethany. 

Constituted July 4, 1854, from New Haven. 

Bethel — Includes Bethel. 

Constituted July 4, 1859, froni Danbury. 

BozRAH — Includes Bozrah. 

Constituted June 3, 1843, ^^om Norwich. 

Branford— Includes Branford. 

Constituted June 21, 1850, from Guilford. 

Bridgeport — Includes Bridgeport, Easton, Monroe, and Trumbull. 
Constituted June 4, 1840, from Stratford. 

Contains the records of Stratford from May session, 1782, to 
June 4, 1840; and the records of Easton^ which include the 
records of Weston. 

Bristol — Includes Bristol. 

Constituted June 4, 1830, from Farmington. 


Brookfieu>— Includes Brodcfield. 

Constituted June 19, 1850, from Newtown. 

Brooklyn — Includes Brooklyn. 

Constituted June 4, 1833, from Pomfret and Plainfield. 

BuRUNGTON — ^Includes Burlington. 

Constituted June 3, 1834, from Farmingxon. 

Canaan — ^Includes Canaan and North Canaan. 
Constituted June 6, 1846, from Sharon. 

Canterbury — Includes Canterbury. 

Constituted May 27, 1835, from Plainfield. 

Canton — Includes Canton. 

Constituted June 7, 1841, from Simsbury. 

Chaplin — Includes Chaplin. 

Constituted June 7, 1850, from Windham. 

Chatham — Includes Chatham and Portland. 

Constituted June i, 1824, from Middletown and East Haddam. 

Cheshire — Includes Cheshire and Prospect 

Constituted May 27, 1829, from Wallingford. 

Clinton — Included Clinton and Killingworth. 

Constituted May 28, 1838, by change of name from Killingworth ; 
name changed back to Killingworth^ Jtme i, 1842. 

Clinton — Includes Clinton. 

Constituted July 5, 1862, from Killingworth. 

Colchester — Includes Colchester. 

Constituted May 29, 1832, from East Haddam. 

Contains the records of East Haddam from October session, 
1741, to May 29, 1832. 

Cornwall — Includes Cornwall. 

Constituted Jime 15, 1847, fro*" Litchfield. 

Coventry — Includes Coventry. 

Constituted June 19, 1849, ^^^i" Hebron. 

Danbury — Includes Danbury and New Fairfield. 

Constituted May session, 1744, from Fairfield. 

Derby — Includes Ansonia and Derby. 

Constituted July 4, 1858, from New Haven. 

East Granby — Includes East Granby. 

Constituted July 4, 1865, from Granby. 

East Haddam — Includes East Haddam. 

Constituted October session, 1741, from Hartford. 

The records of East Haddam previous to May 29, 1832, are in 


East Hartford— Includes East Hartford. 

Constituted May, 1887, from Hartford. 

East Haven— Included East Haven. 

Constituted August, 1868, from New Haven. 

Annexed to New Haven, January 3, 1883. The records of 
East Haven are at New Haven. 

East Lyme— Includes East Lyme. 

Constituted June 2, 1843, from New London. 

East Windsor— Includes East Windsor and South Windsor. 

Constituted May session, 1782, from Hartford and Stafford. 

Eastford — Includes Eastford. 

Constituted June 21, 1849, from Ashford. 

Easton — Included Easton. 

Constituted July 22, 1875, from Weston. 

Contained the records of Weston from May 22, 1832, to July 
22, 1875. 

Easton was annexed to Bridgeport March 4, 1878, and the 
records of Easton, including the records of Weston to July 
22, 1875, are in Bridgeport. 

Ellington — ^Includes Ellington and Vernon. 

Constituted May 31, 1826, from East Windsor and Stafford. 

Enfield— Includes Enfield. 

Constituted May 26, 1831, from East Windsor. 

Essex — Includes Essex. 

Constituted July 4, 1859, from Old Saybrook. 

Contains the records of Old Saybrook from July 4, 1853, to 
July 4, 1859. 

Fairfield— Includes Fairfield. 

Constituted May session, 1666, as a County Court ; the records in the 
probate office, however, contain some probate proceedings as early 
as 1649. 

Farmington — Includes Farmington and Plainville. 
Constituted January, 1769, from Hartford. 

Granby — ^Includes Granby. 

Constituted May session, 1807, from Simsbury and Hartford. 

Greenwich — Includes Greenwich. 

Constituted July 4, 1853, from Stamford. 

Groton — Includes Groton. 

Constituted May 25, 1839, irom Stonington. 

Guilford — ^Includes Guilford and North Branford, except the Society of 
Constituted October session, 1719, from New Haven and New 


Haddam — Includes Haddam. 

Constituted June 3, 1830, from Middletown and Chatham. 

Hampton — Includes Hampton. 

Constituted June 2, 1836, from Windham. 

Hartford — Includes Bloomfield, Glastonbury, Hartford, Newington, 
Rocky Hill, West Hartford, Wethersfield, and Windsor Locks. 
Constituted May session, 1666, as a County Court. 

Hartland— -Includes Hartland. 

Constituted June 3, 1836, from Granby. 

Harwinton — Includes Harwinton. 

Constituted May 27, 1835, from Litchfield. 

Hebron — Includes Hebron. 

Constituted May session, 1789, from Windham, East Haddam, 
and East Windsor. 

The records of Hebron previous to June 27, 1851, are in 


Huntington — Includes Huntington. 

Constituted May, 1889, from Bridgeport and Derby. 

Kent — Includes Kent. 

Constituted May 26, 183 1, from New Milford. 

l^iLLiNGLY — Includes Killingly. 

Constituted June 4, 1830, from Pomfret and Plainfield. 

KiLLiNGWORTH — lucludcs KiUiugworth. 

Constituted June 3, 1834, from Saybrook. 

Name changed to Clinton^ May 28, 1838, and changed back 

to KiLLiNGWORTH, Juue I, 1842. 

Lebanon — Includes Lebanon. 

Constituted June 2, 1826, from Windham. 

Ledyard — Includes Ledyard. 

Constituted June 6, 1837, from Stonington. 

Litchfield— Includes Litchfield, Morris^^ and Warren. 

Constituted October session, 1742, from Hartford, Woodbury, 
and New Haven. 

Lyme — Included in 1868 Lyme and Old Lyme (South Lyme). 
Constituted June 4, 1830, from New London. 

Name changed to Old Lyme, July 24, 1868. (Sec Old Lyme.) 

Lyme — Includes Lyme. 

Constituted July 5, 1869, from Old Lyme. 

Madison — Includes Madison. 

Constituted May 22, 1834, from Guilford. 

usT OP p&oBATB Diar&icTs. xm 

Makchestes — Includes Manchester. 

Constituted June 22, 1850, from Hartford. 

Mansfield — ^Includes Mansfield. 

Constituted May 30, 183 1, from Windham. 

Marlborough — Includes Marlborough. 

Constituted June 11, 1846, from Colchester. 

Meriden — ^Includes Meriden. 

Constituted June 3, 1836, from Walungford. 

Middletown — Includes Cromwell, Durham, Middlefield, and Middletown. 
Constituted May session, 1752, from Hartford, Guilford, and 
East Haddam. 

MiLFORD— Includes Milford. 

Constituted May 22, 1832, from New Haven. 

Montville — Includes Montville. 

Constituted Jime ttj, 185 i, from New London. 

Naugatuck — Includes Beacon Falls and Naugatuck. 
Constituted July 4, 1863, from Waterbury. 

New Hartford — Includes New Hartford. 

Constituted May 27, 1825, from Simsbury. 

The records of New Hartford previous to June 5, 1834, are in 

New Haven — Includes East Haven, Hamden, New Haven, North Haven, 
Orange, Seymour, and Woodbridge. 
Constituted May session, 1666, as a County Court, soon after the 
union of the Connecticut and New Haven colonies. Probate pro- 
ceedings of the towns comprising the New Haven Colony before 
the union with Connecticut, are to be found with that Colon/s 
records or with the records of the town where the deceased resided. 

New London — Includes New London and Waterford. 

Constituted May session, 1666, as a County Court. 

NlEW Milford — Includes Bridgewater and New Milford. 

Constituted May session, 1787, from Woodbury, Sharon, and 

Newtown — ^Includcs Newtown. 

Constituted May session, 1820, from Danburv. 

Norfolk — Includes Norfolk. 

Constituted May session, 1779, from Simsbury and Litchfield. 

North Stonington — Includes North Stonington. 
Constitued June 4, 1835, from Stonington. 

NoRWALK — Includes New Canaan, Norwalk, and Wilton. 

Constituted May session, 1802, from Fairfield and Stamford. 


Norwich— Includes Franklin, Griswold, Lisbon, Norwich, Preston, 
Sprague, and Voluntown. 
Constituted October, 1748, from New London. 
Contains Ae records of Voluntown. 

Old LvME^Indudes Old Lyme. 

Name changed from Lyme to Old Lyme July 5, 1869. 

Contains the records of Lyme from June 4, 1830, to July 24, 
1868. J J ^ 

Old Saybrook — Includes Old Saybrodc. 

Constituted July 4, 1853, fr<wn Saybrook. 

The records of Old Saybrook previous to July 4, 1859, are 
in Essex. 

Oxford— Includes Oxford. 

Constituted June 4, 1846, from New Haven. 

Plainfield — Includes Plainfield. 

Constituted May session, 1747, from Windham. 

Plymouth — Includes Plymouth. 

Constituted May 31, 1833, from Waterbury. 

Pomfret — Includes Pomfret. 

Constituted May session, 1752, from Windham and Plainfield. 
The records of Pomfret were burned January 5, 1754. 

Putnam — Includes Putnam. 

Constituted July 5, 1856, from Thompson. 

Reix>ing — ^Includes Redding. 

Constituted May 24, 1839, ^^om Danbury. 

RiDGEFiELD — Includes Ridgefield. 

Constituted June 10, 1841, from Danbury. 

RoxBURY — Includes Roxbury. 

Constituted June 6, 1842, from Woodbury. 

Salem — ^Includes Salem. 

Constituted July 9, 1841, from Colchester and New London. 

Salisbury — Includes Salisbury. 

Constituted June 16, 1847, ^^om Sharon. 

Saybrook — Includes Chester and Saybrook. 

Constituted May session, 1780, from Guilford. 

Sharon — Includes Sharon. 

Constituted October session, 1755, from Litchfield. 

Sherman — Includes Sherman. 

Constituted June 4, 1846, from New Milford. 

SiMSBURY — Includes Simsbury. 

Constituted May session, 1769, from Hartford. 


Son ESS — ^Includes Somers. 

Constituted June 3, 1834, from Elungton. 

SooTHiKGTON — Indudes Southington. 

Constituted May 24, 1825, from Farmington. 

Stafford— Includes Stafford and Union. 

Constituted May session, 1759, from Hartford and Pomfrbt. 

Stamford— Indudes Darien and Stamford. 

Constituted May session, 1728, from Fairfield. 

Steruncs — ^Indudes Sterling. 

Constituted Jtme 17, 1852, from Plainfield. 

Stonington — Indudes Stonington. 

Constituted October session, 1766, from New London. 

Stratfobd— Indudes Stratford. 

Constituted May session, 1782, from Fairfield. 

The records of Stratford previous to Jtme 4, 1840, are in 

SuFFiELD — ^Includes Su£field. 

Constituted May session, 1821, from Hartford and Granby. 

Thomaston — Includes Thomaston. 

Constituted June, 1882, from Waterbury. 

Thompson — ^Indudes Thompson. 

Constituted May 25, 1832, from Pomfret. 

Tolland — Indudes Tolland and Willington. 

Constituted June 4, 1830, from Stafford. 

ToRRiNGTON — Indudes Goshen and Torrington. 

Constituted Jtme 16, 1847, fr<^"^ Litchfield. 

VoLUNTOWN — Included Voluntown. 

Constituted June 4, 1830, from Plainfield. 

Voluntown was annexed to Norwich April 3, 1889. The 
records of Voluntown are in Norwich. 

Wallingford— Includes the Society of Northford in North Branford and 
Constituted May session, 1776, from New Haven and Guilford. 

Washington — ^Indudes Washington. 

Constituted May 22, 1832, from Litchfield and Wo(H)bury. 

Waterbury — Indudes Middlebury, Waterbury, and Wolcott. 
Constituted May session, 1779, from Woodbury. 

Watertown — Includes Watertown. 

Constituted June 3, 1834, from Waterbury. 

Westbrook — Indudes Westbrook. 

Constituted July 4, 1854, from Old Saybrook. 


Weston — Included in 1875, Boston and Weston. 
Constituted May 22, 1832, from Fairfield. 

Weston was annexed to Westpcmit and the town of Easton 
constituted as the district of Easton July 22, 1875. The re- 
cords of Weston were to remain in Easton^ and with the 
Easton records, are now in Bridgeport. 

Westport — Includes Weston and Westport. 

G>nstituted May session, 1835, at the time of the incorporation of 
the town of Westport. The territory was taken from Fairfield^ 
NoRWALK, and Weston. 

Winchester — Includes Colebrodc and Winchester. 
Constituted May 31, 1838, from Norfolk. 

Windham — Includes Scotland and Windham. 

Constituted October session, 1719, from Hartford and New Lon- 

Windsor — Includes Windsor. 

Constituted July 4, 1855, from Hartford. 

Woodbury — Includes Bethlehem, Southbury, and Woodbury. 

Constituted October session, 1719, from Hartford^ Fairfield, and 
New Haven. 

Woodstock — Includes Woodstock. 

Qmstituted May 30, 183 1, from Pom fret. 

Westmoreland — Included Westmoreland. 

Constituted May session, 1775, probably from Litchfield. 

The decree of Trenton, December 30, 1782, declared that 
Westmoreland was under the jurisdiction of Pennsylvania. 


Showing Districts in which they are or have been included. 

(To avoid frequent repetition, the names of districts are printed in 

small capitals and the names of towns in lower case letters. The 

dates of incorporation or naming of towns are taken 

from the State Register,) 

Andover. — Incorporated May, 1848, from Hebron and Coventry. 
In Hebron until June 27, 185 1 ; since then in Andoveil 

Ansonia. — Incorporated May, 1889, i^om Derby. 
In Derby since incorporation. 

Ashford. — ^Named October, 1710. 

In Hartford until October session, 1719 ; then in Windham until 
May session, 1752; tihcn in Pomfret until June 4, 1830; since tfien 
in Ashford. 

Avon. — ^Incorporated May, 1830, from Farmington. 

In Farmington until May session, 1844 ; since then in Avon. 

Barkhamsted. — ^Named May session, 1732; incorporated October, 1779. 
In Hartford until May session, 1769; then in Simsbury until May 
27, 1825 ; then in New Hartford until June 5, 1834 ; since then in 

Beacon Falls. — Incorporated May, 1871, from Bethany. 
In Naugatuck since its incorporation. 

Berlin. — Incorporated May, 1785, from Farmington, Wethersfield, and 
In Farmington, Hartford and Middletown, partly in each, until 
June 2, 1824 ; since then in Berlin. 

Bethany. — Incorporated May, 1832, from Woodbridge. 

In New Haven until July 4, 1854; since then in Bethany. 

Bethel. — Incorporated May, 1855, from Danbury. 

In Danbury until July 4, 1859; since then in Bethel. 

Bethlehem. — Incorporated May, 1787. 

In Woodbury since its incorporation. 


xnn wsT OF towns. 

Bloomfield. — Incorporated May, 1835, from Windsor. 
In HASTFOitD since its incorporation. 

Bolton. — ^Incorporated October, 1720. 

In Hartford until May session, 1782; then in East Windsor 
until May session, 1789 ; then in Hebron until June 27, 185 1 ; since 
then in Andover. 

Bozrah. — Incorporated May, 1786, from Norwich. 

In Norwich until June 3, 1843 > since then in Bozrah. 

Branford. — Settled in 1644, under New H^ven jurisdiction. 

In New Haven until October session, 1719; then in Guilford 
until June 21, 1850, except that the Society of Northford was in 
Wallingford from May session, 1776, until its incorporation in 
North Branford in May, 1831 ; since then in Branford. 

Bridgeport — Incorporated May, 1821, from Stratford. 

In Stratford until June 4, 1840; since then in Bridgeport. 

Bridgewater. — ^Incorporated May, 1856, from New Milford. 
In New Milford since its incorporation. 

Bristol. — ^Incorporated May, 1785, from Farmington. 

In Farmington untU June 4, 1830 ; since then in Bristol. 

Brookfield. — Incorporated May, 1788, from Danbury, New Milford, and 

In Danbury until May session, 1820 ; then in Newtown until June 
19, 1850 ; since then in Brookfield. 

Brookhaveti. — See Setauket 

Broddyn. — Incorporated May, 1786, from Pomfret and Canterbury. 

In Pomfret and Plainfield, partly in each, the part taken from 
Canterbury being in Plainfield^ until June 4, 1833; ^^^^ ^^^ 
in Brooklyn. 

Burlineton. — Incorporated May, 1806, from Bristol. 

In Farmington until June 3, 1834 ; since then in Burlington. 

Canaan. — ^Incorporated October, 1739. 

In Hartford until October session, 1742 ; then in Litchfield until 
October session, 1755 ; then in Sharon until June 6, 1846 ; since 
then in Canaan. 

Canterbury. — ^Incorporated October, 1703, from Plainfield. 

In New London until October session, 1719; then in Windham 
until May session, 1747; then in Plainfield until May 27, 1835; 
since then in Canterbury. 

Canton. — ^Incorporated May, 1806, from Simsbury. 

In Simsbury until June 7, 1841 ; since then in Canton. 

Chaplin. — Incorporated May, 1822, from Mansfield and Hampton. 
In Windham until June 7, 1850; since then in Chaplin. 


Chatkam. — Incorporated October, 1767, from Middletown. 

In Middletown and East Haddam^ partly in each, the part south 
of Salmon river being in East Haddam until June i, 1824; since 
then in Chatham. 

Cheshire. — Incorporated May, 1780, from Wallingford. 

In Wallingfosd tmtil May, 27, 1829; since then in Cheshire. 

Chester. — Incorporated May, 1836, from Saybrook. 
In Saybrook since its incorporation. 

Qinton. — Incorporated May, 1838, from Killingworth. 

In Clinton (the old district) until June i, 1842; then in Killing- 
worth until July 5, 1862 ; since then in Clinton (the new district). 

Colchester. — Named October, 1699. 

In New London until October session, 1708; then in Hartford 
until October session, 1741 ; then in East Haddam until May 29, 
1832 ; since then in Colchester. 

Colebrook. — Named May session, 1732; incorporated October, 1779. 

In Hartford until May session, 1769; then in Simsbury until May 
session, 1779; then in Norfolk until May 31, 1838; since then in 

Columbia. — Incorporated May, 1804, from Lebanon. 

In Windham until May session, 1808 ; then in Hebron until June 
27, 1851 ; since then in Andover. 

Conway. — Incorporated May session, 1841, from Chatham. Name 
changed to Portland during the same session of the legislature 
(see Portland). 

Cornwall. — Incorporated May, 1740. 

Probably in Hartford until October session, 1742 ; then probably 
in Litchfield until June 15, 1847; since then in Cornwall. 
(Cornwall was annexed to Hartford County, May session, 1738. 
It is not named in the act constituting Litchfield probate district, 
October session, 1742, but in the edition of the Colony laws printed 
in 1750 it is named as being in Litchfield district.) 

Coventry. — Named October, 171 1. 

In Hartford until October session, 1719; then in Windham until 
May session, 1789; then in Hebron until June 19, 1849; ^^^ ^^^ 
in Coventry. 

Cromwell. — Incorporated May, 1851, from Middletown. 
In Middletown since its incorporation. 

Danbury. — Named October, 1687. 

In Fairfield until May session, 1744 ; since then in Danbury. 

Darien. — Incorporated May, 1820, from Stamford. 
In Stamford since its incorporation. 


Derby, — ^Named May, 1675. 

la New Haven until July 4, 1858 ; since then in Derby. 

Durham. — ^Incorporated May, 1708. 

In New Haven until October session, 1719; then in Guilford 
until May session, 1752 ; since then in Mim)Letown. 

East Granby. — Incorporated June, 1858, from Granby and Windsor Locks. 
In Granby until July 4, 1865 ; since then in East Granby. 

East Haddam. — Incorporated May, 1734, from Haddam. 

In Hartford until October session, 1741 ; since then in East Had- 
dam, except that a small part of the town was in Chatham from 
May session, 1830, to Jtme 2, 183 1. 

East Hampton (N. Y.) — In G>nnecticut from 1658 to 1664. 
Probably under jurisdiction of the Particular Court. 

East Hartford. — Incorporated October, 1783, from Hartford. 

In East Windsor until May session, 1797 ; then in Hartford until 
May, 1887 ; since then in East Hartford. 

East Haven. — Incorporated May, 1785, from New Haven. 

In New Haven until August, 1868; then in East Haven until 
January 3, 1883 ; since then in New Haven. 

East Lyme. — Incorporated May, 1839, ^^om Lyme and Waterford. 
In New London until June 2, 1843 » ^i^<^^ then in East Lyme. 

East Windsor. — Incorporated May, 1768, from Windsor. 

In Hartford and Stafford, partly in each, the parish of Ellington 
being in Stafford, until May session, 1782; since then in East 
Windsor, except that the small portion of Ellington Parish lying 
east of a meridian line drawn from the northwest corner of Tolland 
remained in Stafford. 

Eastford. — Incorporated May, 1847, ^^om Ashford. 

In Ashford until June 21, 1849; since then in Eastford. 

Easton. — Incorporated May, 1845, i^om Weston. 

In Weston until July 22, 1875; then in Easton until March 4, 
1878 ; since then in Bridgeport. 

Ellington. — ^Incorporated May, 1786, from East Windsor. 

In East Windsor and Stafford, partly in each, "that part lying 
east of a meridian line drawn from the northwest comer of Tol- 
land" being in Stafford, until May 31, 1826; since then in Elling- 

Enfield. — ^Named and granted by Massachusetts, May, 1683 ; annexed to 
Connecticut, May, 1749. 

In Hampshire Q)unty (Northampton, Mass.) until May, 1749; 
then in Hartford until May session, 1782 ; then in East Windsor 
until May 26, 183 1 ; since tfien in Enfield. 



Essex. — Incorporated May, 1854, from Old Saybrook. 

In Old Saybrook until July 4, 1859 ; since then in Essex. 

Fairfield. — Settled, 1639; named, 1645. 

Under the jurisdiction of the Particular Courts until May session, 
1666; since then in Fairfield. 

Farmington. — Incorporated December, 1645. 

Under the jurisdiction of the Particular Court until May session, 
1666; then in Hartford until January, 1769; since then in Farm- 

Franklin. — Incorporated May, 1786, from Norwich. 
In Norwich since its incorporation. 

Glastonbury. — Incorporated May, 1690, from Wethersfield. 

In Hartford until May session, 1782; then in East Windsor until 
May session, 1797; since then in Hartford. 

Goshen. — Incorporated October, 1739. 

In Hartford until October session, 1742 ; then in Litchfield until 
May 13, 189s ; since then in Torrington. 

Granby. — Incorporated October, 1786, from Simsbury. 

In Simsbury until May session, 1807 ; since then in Granby. 

Greenwich. — Settled 1640. 

The settlement was made under authority of the New Haven 
Colony; but in 1642 the inhabitants claimed the protection of the 
Dutch government at New Netherlands, and so remained until 
1656, when they returned to the New Haven Colony. In 1662 they 
submitted to the authority of the Connecticut Colony. Probably 
in New Haven from 1656 imtil 1662; then probably under the 
jurisdiction of the Particular Courts until May session, 1666; then 
in Fairfield until May session, 1728; then in Stamford until July 
4i 1853 ; since then in Greenwich. 

Griswold. — ^Incorporated October, 1815, from Preston. 
In Norwich since its incorporation. 

Grotcm. — Incorporated May, 1705, from New London. 

In New London until October session, 1766, then in Stonington 
until May 25, 1839 ' since then in Groton. 

Guilford. — Settled 1639. 

In New Haven until October session, 1719; since then in Guil- 

Haddam. — Incorporated October, 1668. 

In Hartford until October session, 1741 ; then in East Haddam 
until May session, 1752 ; then in Middletown^ except that the part 
lying east of the Connecticut river was annexed to Chatham June 
I, 1824, until June 3, 1830; since then in Haddam. 


Hamden. — Incorporated May, 1786, from New Haven. 
In New Haven since its incorporation. 

Hampton. — Incorporated October, 1786, from Windham, Pomfret, Brook- 
lyn, Canterbury, and Mansfield. 
In Windham until June 2, 1836 ; since then in Hampton. 

Hartford. — Settled 1635. 

Under the jurisdiction of the Particular Court until May session, 
1666 ; since then in Hartford. 

Hartland. — Incorporated May, 1761. 

In Hartford until May session, 1769 ; then in Simsbury until May 
session, 1807; then in Granby until June 3, 1836; since then in 

Harwinton. — Incorporated October, 1737. 

In Hartford until October session, 1742 ; then in Litchfield until 
May 27, 183s ; since then in Harwinton. 

Hebron. — Incorporated May, 1708. 

In Hartford until October session, 1741 ; then in East Haddam 
until May session, 1789 ; since then in Hebron. 

Huntington (N. Y.) — In Connecticut from 1660 to 1664. 

Probably under jurisdiction of the Particular Court. 

Huntington. — Incorporated January, 1789, from Stratford. 

In Stratford until June 4, 1840 ; tfien in Bridgeport, except that 
the "first voting district" was annexed to Derby March 25, 1880, 
until May, 1889 ; since then in Huntington. 

Kent. — Incorporated October, 1739. 

In Hartford until October session, 1742; then in Litchfield until 
October session, 1755 ; then in Litchfield and Sharon, partly in 
each, the Society of East Greenwich remaining in Litchfield, and 
being incorporated into the town of Warren in 1786, and the re- 
mainder of the town being in Sharon^ until May session, 1787; 
then in New Milford until May 26, 183 1 ; since then in Kent. 

Killingly. — Incorporated May, 1708. 

In New London until October session, 1719; then in Windham 
until May session, 1747 ; then in Plainfield, except that the two 
north societies were annexed to Pomfret May session, 1752, until 
June 4, 1830; since then in Killingly. 

Killingworth. — Named May, 1667. 

In New London until October session, 1719; then in Guilford 
until May session, 1780 ; then in Saybrook until June 3, 1834 ; then 
in Killingworth until May 28, 1838; then in Clinton until June 
I, 1842 ; since then in Killingworth. 



Lebanon. — Incorporated October, 1700, 

In New London until October session, 1719; then in Windhabc 
until June 2, 1826, except that the part of the parish of Andover be- 
longing to Lebanon was in Hebron from May session, 1790, until 
about 1820 ; since then in Lebanon. 

Ledyard. — Incorporated May, 1836, from Groton. 

In Stonington until June 6, 1837 5 since then in Ledyard. 

Lisbon. — Incorporated May, 1786, from Norwich. 
In Norwich since its incorporation. 

Litchfield. — Incorporated May, 1719. 

In Wootbury until October session, 1742; since then in Litch- 

Lyme. — Named May, 1667. 

In New London until June 4, 1830 ; then in Lyme (the old district) 
until July 24, 1868; then in Old Lyme until July 5, 1869; since 
then in Lyme (the new district). 

Madison. — Incorporated May, 1826, from Guilford. 

In Guilford until May 22, 1834 ; since then in Madison. 

Manchester. — ^Incorporated May, 1823, from East Hartford. 

In Hartford until June 22, 1850; since then in Manchester. 

Mansfield. — Incorporated May, 1702, from Windham. 

In Hartford until October session, 1719 ; then in Windham until 
May 30, 1831 ; since then in Mansfield. 

Marlborough. — ^Incorporated October, 1803, from Colchester, Glaston- 
bury, and Hebron. 

In East Haddam until May 29, 1832; then in Colchester until 
June II, 1846; since then in Marlborough. 

Meriden. — Incorporated May, 1806, from Wallingford. 

In Wallingford until June 3, 1836 ; since then in Meriden. 

Middlebury. — Incorporated 1807, from Waterbury. 
In Waterbury since its incorporation. 

Middlefield. — Incorporated May, 1866, from Middletown. 
In Middletown since its incorporation. 

Middletown. — Incorporated September, 1651. 

Under jurisdiction of the Particular Court until May session, 1666; 
then in Hartford until May session, 1752, except that the part 
included in the parish of Middle Haddsm was in East Haddam 
from October session, 1741, until May session, 1752, and the part 
south of Salmon river was in East Haddam from May session, 
1742 ; then in MmDLETOWN and East Haddam, partly in each, until 
October session, 1767, when the part south of Salmon river which 
had been in East Haddam was incorporated as Chatham; since 
then in Middletown. 



Milford. — ^Settled 1639. 

In New Haven until May 22, 1832; since then in Milford. 

Monroe. — Incorporated May^ 1823, from Huntii^;ton. 

In Stratford until June 4, 1840; since then in Bridgeport. 

Montville. — ^Incorporated October, 1786, from New London. 

In New London until June 27, 185 1 ; since then in Montville. 

Morris. — Incorporated May, 1859, from Litchfield. 
In Litchfield since its incorporation. 

Mortlake. — Never was incorporated as a distinct town, although it was 
frequently spoken of as such. It became a part of Pomf ret. 
In Windham until May session, 1752 ; after that in Pomfret. 

Naugatuck. — ^Incorporated May, 1844, from Waterbury, Bethany, and 
In Waterbury until July 4, 1863 > since then in Naugatuck. 

New Britain. — Incorporated May, 1850, from Berlin. 
In Berlin since its incorporation. 

New Canaan. — Incorporated May, 1801, from Norwalk and Stamford. 
In Fairfield and Stamford^ partly in each, until May session, 
i8q2 ; since then in Norwalk. 

New Fairfield. — Incorporated 1740. 

In Fairfield until May session, 1744 ; since then in Danbury, ex- 
cept that the north society was in New Milford from May session, 
1787, until it was incorporated as the town of Sherman in October, 

New Hartford. — ^Incorporated October, 1738. 

In Hartford until January, 1769; then in Farmington until Oc- 
tober session, 1808 ; then in Simsbury until May 27, 1825 ; since 
then in New Hartford. 

New Haven.— Settled 1638. 

In New Haven since its settlement 

New London. — Settled 1646. 

Under the jurisdiction of the Particular Courts until May session, 
1666; since then in New London. 

New Milford. — Incorporated October, 1712. 

In New Haven until October session, 1719 ; then in Woodbury until 
May session, 1787 ; since then in New Milford. 

Newington.— Incorporated July 11, 1871, from Wethersfield. 
In Hartford since its mcorporation. 

Newtown. — ^Incorporated October, 171 1. 

In Fairfield until May session, 1744; then in Danbury until May 
session, 1820 ; since then in Newtown. 


Norfolk. — Incorporated October, 1758. 

In Litchfield until May session, 1779; since then in Norfolk. 

North Branford. — Incorporated May, 1831, from Branford. 

In Guilford and Wallingford, partly in. each, since its incorpora- 
tion, the Society of Northford being in Wallingford. 

North Canaan. — Incorporated May, 1858, from Canaan. 
In Canaan since its incorporation. 

North Haven. — Incorporated October, 1786, from New Haven. 
In New Haven since its incorporation. 

North Stonington. — ^Incorporated May, 1807, from Stonington. 

In Stonington until June 4, 1835 » ^^^^^ ^^^ ^ North Stoning- 

Norwalk. — Incorporated September, 165 1. 

Under the jurisdiction of the Particular Courts until May session, 
1666; then in Fairfield until May session, 1802; since then in 

Norwich. — Settled 1660. 

Under the jurisdiction of the Particular Courts until May session, 
1666; then in New London until October, 1748; since then in 

Old Lyme. — ^Incorporated as South Lyme May, 1855, from Lyme ; name 
changed in 1857. 

In Lyme (the old district) until July 24, 1868 ; since dien in Old 

Old Saybrook. — ^Incorporated May, 1852, from Saybrook. 

In Saybrook until July 4, 1853 '» ^^^ ^^^ ^^ Old Saybrook. 

Orange. — ^Incorporated May, 1822, from Milford and New Haven. 
In New Haven since its incorporation. 

Oxford. — Incorporated October, 1798, from Derby and Southbury. 
In New Haven until June 4, 1846; since then in Oxford. 

Plainfield. — Incorporated May, 1699. 

In New London until October session, 1719; then in Windham 
until May session, 1747 ; since then in Plainfield. 

Plainville. — Incorporated May, 1869, ^^^^^ Farmington. 
bi Farmington since its incorporation. 

Plymouth. — Incorporated May, 1795, from Watertown. 

In Waterbury until May 31, 1833 ; since then in Plymouth. 

Pomfret — ^Named 1713. 

In New London until October session, 1719; then in Windham 
until May session, 1747; then in Plainfield until May session, 
1752 ; since then in Pomfret. 


Portland. — Incorporated May, 1841, from Chatham. 
In Chatham since its incorporation. 

Preston. — Named October, 1687. 

In New London until October, 1748 ; since then in Norwich. 

Prospect. — Incorporated May, 1827, from Cheshire and Waterbury. 
In Wallingford until May 27, 1829 ; since then in Cheshire. 

Putnam. — ^Incorporated May, 1855, from Thompson, Pcmifret, and Kill- 

In Thompson until July 5, 1856 ; since then in Putnam. 

Redding. — ^Incorporated May, 1767, from Fairfield. 

In Fairfield until January session, 1782; then in Danbury until 
May 24, 1839 ; since then in REDDiNa 

Ridgefield. — Incorporated October, 1709. 

In Fairfield until May session, 1728; then in Stamford until 
October session, 1746 ; then in Danbury until June 10, 1841 ; since 
then in Ridgefield. 

Rocky Hill. — Incorporated May, 1843, f''<>"^ Wethersfield. 
In Hartford since its incorporation. 

Roxbury. — Incorporated October, 1796, from Woodbury. 

In Woodbury until June 6, 1842 ; since then in Roxbury. 

Rye (N. Y.) — In Connecticut from 1665 to 1683. 

Probably under the jurisdiction of the Particular Courts until May 
session, 1666 ; then probably in Fairfield tmtil 1683. 

Salem. — Incorporated May, 1819, from Colchester, Lyme, and Montville. 
In New London and East Haddam^ partly in eadi, the part taken 
from Lyme being in New London until July 9, 1841 ; the part 
taken from Montville being in New London from June 3, 1824, 
until July 9, 1841 (previous to June 3, 1824, it had apparently t>een 
overlooked and not assigned to any probate district) ; the part 
taken from Colchester being in East Haddam until May 29, 1832, 
then in Colchester tmtil July 9, 1841. In Salem since July 9, 

Salisbury. — Incorporated October, 1741. 

In New Haven until October session, 1742; then in Litchfield 
until October session, 1755; then in Sharon until Jtme 16, 1847; 
Since then in Salisbury. 

Saybrook. — Settled 1635, and was a separate colony until it united with 
Connecticut in 1644. 

Under the jurisdiction of the Particular Courts from 1644, until 
May session 1666; then in New London until October session, 
1719; then in Guilford until May sessicMi, 1780; since then in Say- 


Scotland. — Incorporated May^ 1857, from Windham. 
In Windham since its incorporation. 

Setauket (now Brodchaven, N. Y.) — In Connecticut from 1661 to 1664. 
Probably under jurisdiction of the Particular Court. 


Seymour. — Incorporated May, 1850, from Derby. 

In New Haven until 1899 > ^^^^^ ^^^ ^^ Derby. 

Sharon. — Incorporated October, 1739. 

In New Haven until October session, 1742; then in Litchfield 
until October session, 1755 ; since then in Sharon. 

Sherman. — Incorporated October session, 1802, from New Fairfield. 
In New Milford until June 4, 1846 ; since then in Sherman. 

Simsbury. — Named May session, 1670. 

In Hartford until May session, 1769 ; since then in Simsbury. 

Somers. — Incorporated 1734. In Massachusetts until 1749. 

In Hampshire County (Northampton) until 1749; then in Hart- 
ford until May session, 1759; then in Stafford until May 31, 
1826; then in Ellington until June 3, 1834; since then in Somers. 

South Lyme. — Incorporated May, 1855, from Lyme. Name changed to 
Old Lyme in 1857. 
In Lyme until after the change of name. 

South Windsor. — Incorporated May, 1845, from East Windsor. 
In East Windsor since its incorporation. 

Southampton (N. Y.) — In Connecticut from 1645 *o 1664. 

Probably under jurisdiction of the Particular Coui:t. . 

Southbury. — Incorporated May, 1787, from Woodbury. 
In Woodbury since its incorporation. 

Southington. — Incorporated October, 1779, from Farmington. 

In Farmington until May 24, 1825 ; since then in Southington. 

Southold (N. Y.) — Settled 1640. In Connecticut, New Haven Colony, 
until 1664. 
In New Haven. 

Sprague. — Incorporated May, 1861, from Lisbon and Franklin. 
In Norwich since its incorporation. 

Stafford.— Settled 1719. 

In Hartford until May session, 1759 ; since then in Stafford. 

Stamford. — Settled 1640. 

In New Haven until May session, 1666 ; then in Fairfield until 
May session, 1728; since then in Stamford. 


Sterling. — Incorporated May, 1794, from Voluntown. 
V In Plainfield until June 17, 1852; since then in Sterling. 

Stonington. — Incorporated October, 1658, by Massachusetts. 

Was for some years claimed by both Connecticut and Massachu- 
setts, and the location of its early probate records is doubtful; 
perhaps a part will be fotmd in Massachusetts and a part in the 
records of Particular Courts in Connecticut ; then in New London 
tmtil October session, 1766; since then in Stonington. 

Stratford.— Settled 1639. 

Under jurisdiction of the Particular Courts until May session, 
1666; then in Fairfield until May session, 1782; since then in 


Suffield. — Incorporated by Massachusetts, May, 1674; annexed to Con- 
necticut, May, 1749. 

In Hampshire County (Northampton, Mass.) until May, 1749; 
then in Hartford^ except that the part lying west of the motmtain 
was annexed to Granby May session, 1807, "^^^^ ^^y session, 
1821 ; since then in Suffield. 

Thomaston. — Incorporated May, 1875, from Plymouth. 

In Waterbury until June, 1882 ; since then in Thomaston. 

Thompson. — Incorporated May, 1785, from Killingly. 

In PoMFRET until May 25, 1832 ; since then in Thompson. 

Tolland. — Named May, 1715. 

In Hartford until May session, 1759 ; then in Stafford until June 
4» 1830; since then in Tolland. 

Torrington. — Incorporated October, 1740. 

In Hartford until October session, 1742; then in Litchfield 
until June 16, 1847 > since then in Torrington. 

Trumbull. — Incorporated October, 1797, from Stratford. 

In Stratford until June 4, 1840 ; since then in Bridgeport. 

Union. — Incorporated October, 1734. 

In Windham until May session, 1752 ; then in Pomfret until May 
session, 1759 ; since then in Stafford. 

Vernon. — Incorporated October, 1808, from Bolton. 

In Hebron until May session, 1814; then in Stafford until May 
31, 1826; since then in Ellington. 

Voluntown. — Named May, 1708. 

In New London until May session, 1726; then in Windham until 
May session, 1747; then in Plainfield until June 4, 1830; then in 
Voluntown until April 3, 1889 ; since then in Norwich. 


Wallingford. — Named May, 1670. 

In New Haven until May session, 1776; since tlien in Walling- 

Warren. — ^Incorporated May, 1786, from Kent 
In Litchfield since its incorporation. 

Washington* — ^Incorporated January, 1779, from Woodbury, Litchfield, 
Kent, and New Milford. 

In Litchfield and Woodbury, partly in eadi, ttie parts taken 
from Woodbury and New Milford and known as the Society of 
Judea being in Woodbury, tmtil May 22, 1832; since then in 

Waterbury. — ^Named May, 1686. 

In Hartford tmtil October sessicxi, 1719 ; then in Woodbury until 
May session, 1779 ; since flien in Waterbury. 

Waterford. — ^Incorporated October, 1801, from New London. 
In New London since its incorporation. 

Watertown. — ^Incorporated May, 1780, from Waterbury. 

In Waterbury until June 3, 1834; since then in Watertown. 

West Hartford. — ^Incorporated May, 1854, from Hartford. 
In Hartford since its incorporation. 

Westbrook. — Incorporated May, 1840, from Saybrook. 

In Saybrook until July 4, 1853 ; then in Old Saybrook until July 
4, 1854 ; since then in Westbrook. 

Westmoreland (Penn.) — ^Incorporated January, 1774. 

Probably in Litchfield until May session, 1775 ; then made a dis- 
tinct district by the name of Westmoreland. 

Weston. — ^Incorporated October, 1787, from Fairfield. 

In Fairfield until May 22, 1832; then in Weston until July 22, 
1875 ; since then in Westport. 

Westport — ^Incorporated May, 1835, from Fairfield, NorwaUc, and Wes- 
In Westport since its incorporation. 

Wethersfield.— Settled 1635. 

Under the jurisdiction of the Particular Court until May session, 
1666 ; since then in Hartford. 

Willington. — Incorporated May, 1727. 

In Hartford until May session, 1759 ; then in Stafford until June 
4, 1830 ; since then in Tolland. 


Wilton. — Incorporated May, 1802, from Norwalk. 
In Norwalk since its incorporation. 

Winchester. — Named 1733. Incorporated May, 1771. 

In Hartfobd until May session, 1769 ; then in Simsbury until May 
session, 1779; then in Norfolk until May 31, 1838; since then in 

Windham. — Incorporated May, 1692. 

In Hartford until October session, 1719; since then in Windham. 

Windsor.— Settled 1637. (1634.— C. W. M.) 

In Hartford until July 4, 1855, except that EUingfton Parish, which 
was included in East Windsor at the incorporation of that town, 
was set off to Stafford, May session, 1759 ; since then in Windsor. 

Windsor Locks. — Incorporated May, 1854, from Windsor. 
In Hartford since its incorporation. 

Wolcott. — ^Incorporated May, 1796, from Waterbury and Southington. 
In Waterbury since its incorporation. 

Woodbridge. — Incorporated January, 1784, from New Haven and Mil- 
In New Haven since its incorporation. 

Woodbury. — Named May, 1674. 

In Fairfield until October session, 1719; since then in Woodbury. 

Woodstock. — Incorporated by Massachusetts March, 1690; annexed to 
Connecticut May, 1749. 

Probably in Suffolk County (Boston, Mass.) until 1731 ; then 
in Worcester County until May, 1749; then in Windham until 
May session, 1752 ; then in Pomfret until May 30, 183 1 ; since then 
in Woodstock. 






Wherein is Recorded the first Acts and Lawes of the 
Said Colony; and the first acts of the General Courts 
of the Same. And this is also the first book 

of the Records of the Connty Courts and Conrts of probates, 
and of Wills and Inventories, Especially in the County 
of Hartford, in which said County Courts are Somtimes 
Stiled perticular Courts, and Somtimes Quarter Courts. 

NO. I. 


(Volume I.) 


Roger Ludlowe, Esqr., Mr. Westwood, 

Mr. Steele, Mr. Warde. 

Mr. Phelps, 

Constables swome, for Dorchester, Newtowne & Watertowne, for 
this next yeere and vntill newe be chosen, are Henry WaJcott for Dor- 
chester, Samuell Wakema for Newtowne & Daniell Finch for Watertowne. 

21 Febr. 1636. 

Mr. Ludlowe, Mr. Phelps, 

Mr. Steele, Mr. Westwoode. 

Mr. Swaine, 

Whereas, it was ordered yt Samuel Wakeman, Geo : Hubbert, & Ann- 
cient Stoughton were to consider of the boundes of Dorchester towardc 
the Falls & of Watertowne towards the mouth of the River; The saide 
Samuel Wakeman & [Geo:] Hubberd thinkes meete yt the plantacon of 
Dorchester shall extend towards the Falls, on the same side the Plantacon 
standes, to a Brooke called Kittle Brooke, & soe over the greate River 
vppon the same line that Newe Towne & Dorchester doth betweene them. 
And soe it is ordered by the Corte. 

It is ordered that the plantacon nowe called Newtowne shall be called 
& named by the name of Harteford Towne, likewise the plantacon now 
called Watertowne shalbe called & named Wythersfeild. 

Samuell Wakeman & Ancient Stoughton doe thinke meete that the 
boundes of W3rthersfeild shalbe extended toward the Rivers mouth, in 
the same side it standes in, to a Tree sixe miles downeward from the 
boundes between them & Harteford [marked wth] N :F : & to [runn in an 
east] & west line, [& over] the great River, the saide Wjrthersfeild to begin 
att [4] the mouth of Pewter pott Brooke & there to runn due east into 
the Countrey 3 miles & downeward sixe miles in breadth, wch is ordered 

*The words in brackets (now illegible in the original Record) are here sup- 
plied from a certified copy of this and the next preceding order, made in 1768. 


It is ordered yt the plantacon called Dorchester shalbee called Wind- 

The boundes betweene Wethersfeild & Harteford are agreed on the 
side wherein they stand to be att a Tree mrked N :F : & to wch the Pale 
of the saide Harteford is fixed, to goe into the Countrey due east & on the 
other side of the greate River from Pewter pott Brook att the lower side 
of Hocanno due east into the Countrey, wch is nowe ordered accordingly. 

The boundes betweene Harteford & Windsor is agreed to be att the 
vpper end of the greate meadowe of the saide Harteford toward Windsor 
att the Pale that is nowe there sett vpp by the saide Harteford wch is 
abuttinge vppon the great River vppon a due east line, & into the Countrey 
from the saide Pale vppon a due west line as paralell to the saide east line 
as farr as they have now paled, & afterward the boundes to goe into the 
Countrey vppon the same west line. But it is to be soe much shorter to- 
wards Windsor as the place where the Girte that comes alonge att th' end 
of the saide meadowe & falls into the saide greate River is shorter then 
their Pale, & over the saide great Riuer the saide Plantacon of Windsor is 
to come to the Riveretts* mouth that falls into the saide great River of Con- 
ectecott, and there the saide Harteford is to runn east into the Countrey, 
wch is ordered accordingly. 

[2] Page 5. 

Guilford, June 16: i66st 

This is to certify unto all whom it may concerne, that vpon his ccr- 
taine knowledge, by the advice of the Court, Wethersfeild men gaue so 
mudi unto Sowheag as was to his sattisfaction for all their plantations lye- 
ing on both sides the great Riuer, wth the Islands, viz. six miles in bredth 
on both sides the Riuer, & six miles deep from the River westward, and 
three miles deep from the Riuer eastward. Thus testifyeth George Hub- 
bard. By me George Hubbard. 

Taken upon oath Before me, Wilm Leete ; 

This is a true coppy of the originell, being examined & compared 
therewith this 18 of May, 1667, pr me 

John Allyn: Secretry. 

* (In tnargin) The Riuerett on the other side by the Indians is called Podanke. 

tThis certificate is inserted at the foot of the 2d Page of the original in the 
handwriting of Mr. All3m. 



1635 to 1650. 


Page 505. 

Allyn, Samud, Wyndsor. (Buried 28 April, 1648.— W. R.). Invt. i76- 
18-08. Taken 8th September, 1648, by Henry Qarke and David Wilton. 

The Inventory of the Estate of Samuel Allyn, late of Windsor, Dec'd, 
is as foUoweth: 

Imp. The Howsing and Home lottes, in 

It. 4 acres of Meadow, £7 

It 15 acres ouer the Great Riuer, 

It. 18 acres of Vpland, 

It. In Goodes ; one Bed with his Furniture, 

It. two beds more, &c 

It. one pillowbeere, one table cloath & Napkins, 

It. his wearing apparrell, 

It. 3 Iron potts, £2-05; in brass, £1-10; in pewter £1 

Henry Clarke 
Dauid Wilton, 

£ s d 



Page 115. 

Bedle, Robert, is adiudged to restore double for the seuerall thefts 
acknowledged by him, and to be seuerly whipped, and branded in the 
hand, vppo Wensday next. Bedle stole fro Mr. Blakman, of gunpowder, 
ij pownd : Fro wydowe Foote, of Rye, iii j bush ; Fro Tho : Welles, 2 sacks ; 
Fro Rich : Mylls, i blanket ; Fro Tho : Tracy, i sacke. 


Page 444. 

Brundishy John, Wethersfield. Invt. £174-06-00 in Goods & Cattle, 
& £130 in Lands. Taken 27 October, 1639, by Andrew Ward, Richard 


Gyldersly. Shee hath 5 Children : the 2 eldest, girls ; the next, a boy ; the 
other 2, girls. A noate brought in Court since the Inuentry, as f oUoweth : 
Rachell Brundishe hath 14 acres of meadow, her howse lott 3 acres, and 
wt vpland belongs thereunto in euery diuysion, saueing wt her husband 
and shee hath sould, vizt : her shaire beyond the BLiuer and 6 acres in Pen- 
ny wise. 

Court Record, Pajge 40—7 November, 1639. Adms. to the Widow. De- 
cree, Page 4S— 2 Aprill, 1640 ; To the Widow, £90-05-04. The Land and 
House to be for the Children's portions, vizt : £30 to the sonne, and £25 
apeice to each of the 4 daughters ; to be payd into the Court for their Use 
when each of them come to the age of 16 years, and in the meane tyme the 
Widow to haue the Use of the Land for the bringing vp the Children. 

[251] Page 482. 

Butter, William, Hartford. Invt. £429-03. Taken by John CuUick, and 
William Gibbins. Will dated 11 May, 1648. 

I William Butler, of Hartford, in Conectecot; doe meake and or- 
dayne this my last will and testament wherein I give my earthly goods as 
foUoweth: And first I meake my brother Richard Butler, dwelling in 
Hartford, my sole Executor. All that is left of my lands and goods, when 
he hathe payd all the legeses vnder ritene, I give to him. It. I give my 
Sister Weste's Children, that ear now living in olid Ingland, five pounds 
apese. It I give my Sister Winter's Childrene, that eare nowe living in 
Ingland, five pounds apese. It I give my loveing frendes of Hartford, Mr. 
Stone and Mr. Goodwin and Mr. Hoker and Mr. John Stelle, ten pounds 
apese. It. I give to the Churtche of Hartford, three Schore pounds ; and 
farther I doe earnestly desier my tow frendes, Mr. John CoHcke and Wil- 
liam Gibbince, both of Hartford, to see that this my last will and testament 
be follfiled, and for there lowe and pa3mes I doe bequeath to etche of them 
thre pounds apes. 

In Witness wherof I, the said Will Butler, have set tow my hand this 
Eleventh of May, 1648. William X Butler, 

(This will copied from original paper on file.) 

[69] Page 457. 

Cattell, John, Hartford. Invt. £69-00-00. Taken 17 July, 1644, by 
John Coleman and Samuel Hales. 

Court Record, Page no, September, 1644. The Inventory of John 
Cattell was brought into Court by Will' Gybbins & his widdowe, to ad- 

Witness: Thos. Coleman. 
Sam. Hale, 
Tho, Thompson. 

1635 TfO 1650. PROBATIB RECORDS. 5 

[259] Page 492. 

Chalkwell, EdwarcL Invt. £13-07-08. Taken 5 December, 1648. Will 
dated 17 October 1648. Imprimis : I doe bequeath vnto Nicholas Sension, 
my gunn and sword and bandaleers and best hatt and 40 shillings : Item, 
to John Moses, my best Sute and Coate and Stockings and Shoes : Item, 
to Mr. Warham, 40 Shillings, according as my Goods doe hould out, 
after my debts bee paid : Item, to George Phelps, £3, and if anything bee 
left I giue it to the poore of the Church. And I do make George Phelps 
Executor to this my Will and Testament. (Not signed.) 

Witness: Henry Woollcott, 

Nicholas Sension. 

[From the Original Copy on File.] 

Clarke, Joseph, Windsor. Died 19 April, 1641. (W. R.) Invt. 
£44-00-00. Taken by Henry Clarke and William Gaylord. Will dated ist 
Diecember, 1640. I, Joseph Clarke, of Windsor, being somewhat weake but 
of prfect memory, doe make and ordayne this my last Will & Testament : 
First, I bequeath my Soule to God, waiting for his Salvation through ye 
alone merit of Jesus Christ, and my Body to Christian Buriall at ye dis- 
cretion of my Executors. And as for my worldly Goods, I thus dispose of 
3rm: I bequeath my Elstate in Lands and Goods to my two Children in 
ye Discretion of mine Executors, ye wch office I desire ye Church by ye 
ministers & ye Deacons & Oversight of ye Elders to vndertake ; and my 
desire is yt my House and Lott should be Let and Farmed at Rent for 10 
or 12 years & ye Rent yearly to jgoe towards ye maintenance of ye Children 
so long; and if yt will not sumce ym maintenance, & ye Church see it 
meete, my desire is yt my Lott joyning to ye Great River above seques- 
tered Meadow bee go to for supply if need require ; and ye sd. 10 or 11 
years my desire is 3rt my 2 Children be sett forth in some Godly family 
for 6 or 7 years or more, in ye Churches Wisdome, and duringe ye sd. 
terme my desire is yt ye Rent of my House and Land bee resarved by ye 
deacons for to make portion for my daughter, to be paid unto her at ye 
age of 21 years ; at wch time also my desire is my house and Land bee de- 
livered to my Sonne, to whome (in case it bee not otherwise in ye mean- 
time disposed of by ye Church) I bequeath it forever ; provided 3rt in case 
of sickness or any other disaster, my desire is yt ye Church doe dispose of 
my Estate otherwise as in yt discretions may best Conduce to ye Comfort 
of my Children. 

Joseph Clarke. 
Witness : John Warham, Ephraim Huit, 
John WitchHeld, Wm Hosford, William Gaylord. 

(This Will is on Record in Vol. II, Page 64, Probate Records.) 


Page 122. 

Onimpe, Thomas, Hartford — ^Andrew Bacon and George Graues, 
on the sth day of March, 1644, testified in Court, that they being wth Tho : 
Crumpe, when he was sicke, not long before his death, asking him how he 
would dispose of his Estate, he said, his debts being paid, he desired his 
master would doe wth 3rt as he pleased. 

Ed: Hopkins Esqr, Govr, is admitted to administer the Estate of 
Tho : Crumpe, late of Hartford, Deceased. 

[255] Page 487. 

Day, Bobert, Hartford. Invt. £142-13-06. Taken 14 October, 1648, 
by John Tailecoate, Gregory Wilterton and Edward Stebbing. Will dated 
20 May, 1648. 

The Will of Robert Day, hee being sick and weake, yet in perfect 
memory, doth order and dispose of his Estate to his wife and Children, 
in the manner following: 

I give unto my beloued wife, Edatha Day, my now dwelling house 
and Howsing thereto adjoyning, hpuselott. Also all my Land whereof I 
stand possessed, or that of Ri^t doth belong to mee, lying in Hartford, 
during the tearme of her natunJ life ; And at the end of her life, my Will 
is that the sd. house and Land shall bee for the vse of my Children that 
then shall bee lining, to be divided in an equall proportion : my Will also 
is that all my howshold Stuff, and Cattle and other moueable Goods, shall 
bee my wiue's, to bring vp my Children : And in case my wife should be 
married to another man, then my survivors of my Will shall haue power, 
if they thinke good, to take security for the bringing vp of the Children, 
and for soe much Estate as shall bee thought meete by them ; and to this 
my last Will and Testament I make my wife Executrix, and I doe desire 
my Deare Brethren Mr. Tailecoate, Wilterton and Stebbing to take Care 
of and Assist my wife in the ordering herselfe and my Children ; and I 
give them power to doe what in their judgements may be for the Best, to 
bring vp my Children and dispose of them, and that I leave for tiieir 
Good. And to this my Will I sett to my hand the day above written. 

Witness : Edward Stebbing, Robert Day. 

Walter Gaylord, 

[249] Page 480. 

Dewey, Thomas, Windsor (who married Frances Clarke, 22 March, 
1638) Buried 27 April, 1648— (W. R.) Invt. £213-00-00. Taken 19 May, 
1648, by David Wilton and Robert Winchell. Six Children, 4 Boyes and 
two girles: Mary Clarke, 12 years old; Thomas Dewey, 8, Josiah, 7; An- 
nah, 5 ; Israel, 3 ; Jydidiah Dewey, ^ of a year old. 

x635 '^ 1650- PROBATE RSCORDS. 7 

Court Record, Page 168 — 17 October, 1648. Dist. of the Estate of 
Thomas Dewey was ordered as foUoweth: 

£ s d 
To the Relict, 60-00-00 

To his eldest son by name Thomas Dewey, 30-00-00 

And to the other 5 children, £20 apeice, loo-ooKX) 


The daughters' portions of £20 to be paid them at the age of 18 years, 
and the seuendl sons' portion at the age of 21 years ; the Relict giving in 
sufficient security to the Children for their several portions. George 
Phelps and Frances Dewey were married 30 November, 1648 (W. R.) 

Court Record, Vol. II, Page 9 — 6 June, 1650 : It is agreed and con- 
cluded betwixt this Court, in the behalf of the Children of Thomas Dewey, 
and Geo : Phelps, of Wyndsor, that the whole of the Land, both Meadow 
and Upland, mentioned in sd. Dewey's Inventory, amounting to the sum of 
£78, shall be sequestered for the Children's portions so farr as it goes, 
and the remainder, being £52, hee Ingages himself to give into the Court 
sufficient security for the payment thereof, according to the Will of the 
Court. The House and peice of Land belonging to it, valued at £40, the 
sd. Phelps accepts upon his wive's part of the Estate. 

Page 2 (Vol. Ill) 4 June, 1663 ' Upon the Request of George Phelps 
and Frances, his wife, this Court do appoint Lt. Fyler, Robert Winchell 
and Matthew Grant to judge of the difference of the Land of Thomas 
Dewey, Deceased, for an equal Division amongst the children of sd. 

[247] Page 479. 

Elsen, Abraham, Wethersfield. Invt. £99-1100. Taken 8 May, 1648, 
by Sa: Smith, Nath: Dickinson, Tho: Hurlebutt. 

£ s d 

Impris his apparell att 9-00-00 

Ite : in wheat & pease, 3-05-00 

It: in Indean, att i-io-oo 

It : in meale & molte, i -00-00 

It : one bed & Bedding, 5-00-00 

It: his Husbandry Tooles 3-10-00 

It : Chests & a bed ticke, & wooden vessell, 2-10-00 

It : his brasse, in potts & kettells, 2*10-00 

It : his arms & amunition 1-15-00 

It: his house, homelotte & mea: att 40-(^-oo 

It: his Cattell, att 18-10-00 

It : his hoggs, att 5-10-00 

It : that wch is due to him fro other, 5-03-00 

Som: 99-11-00 


The Wyddow is admitted to administer. She hath two daughters, 
on 3 years old and the other a yeare & ^4. Hannah, the daughter of Abra- 
ham Elsen and Rebeckah his wife, was bom i August, 1646. Sarah, the 

daughter of Abraham Elsen and Rebeckah his wife, was bom 

(Wethersfield's Records.) 

Court Record, Page 162 — 9 March, 1647 ' The Inventory of Abraha 
Elsen was brought into Court. Page 202—6 December, 1649 • This Court 
doth sequester flie Howse, Homelott and Meadow of the Relict of Abra- 
ham Elsing, now the wife of Jaruis Mudge, wch is mentioned and valued 
in the Inventory of Abraham Elsing's Estate £40-08-00, for the Vse and 
Benefit of the two daughters of the sd. Abraham Elsing; and the whole 
rent of the aforesd. premises shall bee reserued for the vse of the sd. 
Children from this present yeare vntill the Rent of the sd. Land shall make 
vpp the sd. £40^)8-00 to bee 2-3 of the sum of the whole Estate that the sd. 
Inventory doth ammount vnto. 

(This Item, following, appears on the Inventory side, Page 479) : 
This 6th of June, 1655 : An Account of ye House and Land of ye 
Heirs of Abraham Elsen, deceased, in Wethersfield, rented out by us, 
Nath : Dickinson and Sam : Smith, foure years, for ye raising of ye Chil- 
dren's portions, according to ye appointment of this Court, unto Thomas 
Hurlbutt, at £4-10-00 ye year, voth ye use of £4-10-00 for 3 years : yt is to 
say, ye Rent is £10-00-00 yee Use is £2-01-07. 

£ s d 
Ye Rent is 18-00-00 

Ye Use is 2-01-07 

Laid out for Grotmd selling ye House 20-01-07 

And for necessary Charges layd out of Purse i-io-oo 

There remains 18-11-07 

For wch £18-11-07, Wee, sd. Nath: Dickinson and Sam: Smith, doth 
by our Hands ye day and yeare above said, secure the sd. portions for ye 
Children, either till they come of age or till the Court be pleased to call 
us to accot. Pr Nath : Dickinson. 

Samuel Smith. 

(See Nathaniel Greenstnith, Vol IL) 

[249] Page 480. 

Elsen, Johiii Wethersfield. Invt. of the Goods & Land of John El- 
sen of Wethersfidd, on Connecticott River, wch he was cesed on when he 
dyed. Prysed the sixteenth of May, by Sa. Smith and Nath. Dickinsun : 

1635 TO 1650. PKOBATB RECORDS. 9 

i s d 

Imp. his Apparrell, 6-18-00 

Ite. his Cattell, hoggs & a mare, 67-10-00 

Ite. his cart, and plows, wth husbandry tooles, 8-10-00 

Ite. his brasse, and pewter, and iron vessell, 5-00-00 
Ite. his tables, and forms, chests, & tubbs, and other 

wooden vessell, and some other things, 5-10-00 

Ite. his come, and meat, and molte, 6-00-00 
Ite. his bedds, and bedcUng, woollen & lynin, with 

some leather, 14-10-00 

Ite. his arms and ammunition, 2-00-00 

Ite. his com vppon the ground, 8-13-04 

Ite. his howse & bame & homelott, and other land, 87-00-00 

Ite. debts wch were owing him, 8-10-00 

Ite. his bodes, i -00-00 


A coppy of the dispose of his estate, before Mr. Smith: To my B. 
Gardner's children, land att the meadowe gate; to my Br'. Gardner, my 
coate ; to Mr. Smith, £5 ; My loveing wife, all the rest Only the howse 
and land to her two sons, after her life; 11 acres of meadowe, howse & 
lotte, 3 roods of meadowe to B. Gardner's boy. The howse & home lott 
to Ben ; the meadowe to be divided between him & Job. 

Witness : Henry Parke, John X. Elsin. 

Henry Smith. 

Wethersfield Records, Vol. I, Page I. (1640) 16 March, 1641. 
Hillyard's Bond: This present writing witnesseth, that I, Benjamin 
Hillyard, of Wethersfield, on Connecticut River, being fined by the 
Cou(rt) ten pounds, and caused by the Court to pro(cure) a bond of ten 
to be of good behavior for twelve months after the prticular Court, being 
the first thursday of this Instant March, my father-in-law, Tho Wright, 
being bound for me for my good behavior in ten pounds, as also for and 
in consideratio for the paym for me the first ten pounds, I do bind me, my 
heirs, executs or assigns, to fully satisfy or cause to fully satisfy my father, 
Tho. Wright, the ten pounds in currant pay within a twelve month after 
the day of the date hereof, and do further ingage me, my exse and assigns, 
to keep harmless or warrant my said father for his bond of ten pounds 
wch he is Ingaged for me unto Court and County, standing bound in the 
ten pounds in tiie Court Roules, and (for the) better securing of my said 
father-in-law, (trans) fer my house, and bame, and home lot, tliat was 
given me by my father-in-law, John Elsen, in his last will & Testament, 
in (re) version after the decease of my mother, and if the said Benjamin 
Hillyard preserve these covenants according as he ingages himself, then 
this obligation to be void and of none effect. 
Witness: Nath. Dickinson of Wethersfield, 

Keeper of the Records. 


Page 162 — ^Ante. At a Court held 9 March 1647. 

The Inventories of John Elsen & Abraha Elsen are brought into 

A Caueat put agt both Wills by Sam : Gardner. 

The Wyddow of John Elsen is allowed to administer. 

Sa : Smith giueth security for the Estate. 

Tho : Coleman vndertakes the Estate of Abraham Elsen shall be pre- 
seamed vntil the Court settle the Adms. 

The entries which follow in relation to the Estates of John and Abra- 
ham Elsen are in a different handwriting from the rest of the page, and 
were probably made some weeks subsequently. 

Invt. of John Elsen was taken 16 May (Probably 1648.) 

[246] Page 477. 

Fenner, Thomas. Died 15 May, 164(7). I^vt. of the Goods taken 
17 May by Gn Luffun & Gn Northam: 

£ s d 

Imprs. a peece of Trucking Cloath of about 4 yards, 00-32-00 

.A Jackette, a pre of breches, 30-00 

I Fowleing peece, 30-00 

1 Racoone skine coate, 12-00 
II Beauer skins atte 8 Shillings pr pd, 08-00 
21 kniues att 4 shillings a dozen, 07-00 

2 lookeing. glasses, 00-08 
An old Hatt, stockings & shues, 03-00 
a little iron potte, 06-00 

Prysed by Gn Luffun & Gn Northam:. 

A prcell of wooden ware, about 06-00-00 
Ite : his boate & lyne wch he brought vp, a prcel of wampu, 16 peeces of 
Dutch mony in Mr. Whitings hand, the Boate & loading, Goods att Toto- 

kett of the sd. Tho iFenners, 20-00-00 

Prysed by Robert Rose & Jo : Plum : 
Imprs. I peece of Trucking Cloth con. 24 yards at £0-7-6 

pr yard, 9-01-10 
Ite : I peece more of Vyolet cuUered trucking cloath of 21 

yards, at £0-7-6 pr yard, 7-17-06 
Ite : On other peece of damask coulered trucking cloath, 

con. 13 yards, at £0-6-6 the yard, 4-04-06 
Ite : I smale & course featherbed tecke & Boulster, wth 

some feathers put into them, 2-00-00 

Ite : I course Courlette, 0-12-00 

Ite : 2 Blanketts, i Cotton, the other cotton & lynen, 0-14-00 

Ite : I weareing Coate, 1-05-00 


Ite : I coate made of Catte skins, o-io-oo 

Ite : I Coate made of Racoone skins, o-iooo 

Ite: 2 deer skins^i foxe skin,& a pair of Indean stockins, o-ii-oo 

Ite : I old Sword io-05 Ite :i pair of shues, 0-05-06 

Ite: IJ traplines io-oi- It: a litle oyle, in a half firkin, 0-01-06 

Ite : A smaJe kettle, he vsed to boyle tar in, 0-02-00 

Ite : I short coate made of damixe, 0-06-00 
Ite : I Portingale cap begun,made & unlyned, wth a smale 

peice of Cloth of the same, 0-04-00 

Ite : in wampum, i -00-00 

Ite : 2 yards of blewe lynen, ;£o-o6- Ite : 4 Bands, 0-04-00 

Ite : 4 handkerchiefs, cut out, unmade, 0-06-00 

Ite : I Kettell wch will hold about a pint, 0-02-00 

Ite : 2 dozen & 5^ of Jues trumps, £0-04- It : his Chest, 0-04-00 

Ite : 3 yards & J4 of red broad cloth, at io-i8 pr yard, 3-03-00 
Ite : 24 Bush :of Indean trucked wth Indeans at A>-2-6 pr Bush : 3-00-00 

Robert Rose. 
Jo : Plum. 

[68] Page 445. 

Finch^ Abraham. Invt. of Goods, Corne & Cattle, £137-17-00. Taken 
3 September, 1640, by Sam: Smith, Nathaniel Foote. 

£ s d 

Imprs. his Apparell, 2-06-00 

Ite: one Cow, 20-00-00 

Ite : one Heifer, 10-00-00 

Ite: four swyne shoats, 2-00-00 

Ite : one Cutting saw, one axe, ' o-io-oo 

Ite: 3 prre of Sheets, 2 prre of pilloberes, i- 10-00 

Ite : 5 Napkins, 0-03-00 

Ite: 2 Kettles and i potte, 1-08-00 

Ite: his howse lott, wth all deuisions belonging thereto, 100-00-00 

The some: £137-17-00 

It (is) Ordered, that the Relike of Abraham Finch, deceased, shall 
administer & possesse the Estate lefte in Goods, and also hold the Land 
& Howseing untill the Child com to the age of 21 years, and then the Child 
of the sd. Abraham to have 2 parts, and the sd. Relick duering her naturall 
life the third ; the sd. Relick is to mayntayne the Child, or to comitte him to 
his Grandfather Abraha Fynch, who tenders to educate yt at his owne 
Coste ^3 December, 1640. 




[115] Page 461. 

Foote, Nathaniel, Wethersfield. Invt. £380-17-00. Taken 20 Novem- 
ber, 1644, by Richard Tratte, Samuel Smith and Nath : Dickinson. 

£ s d 
The Children : Nathaniel Foote, about 24 years, to have 148-00-00 

Robert Foote, " 17 " " " 74-0000 

Frances Foote, " 15 " " " 74-oaoo 

Sarah Foote, " 12 " " '' 74-00-00 

Rebeckah Foote, " 10 " " " 74-00-00 

The Wyddow of sd. Nathaniel Foote Adms.her portion, 212-00-00 

£ s d 
Imprs His purse and apparrell, 7-16-00 
It. In neat Cattell and in Hay, 93-00-00 
It. in horsse fleshe, 34-00-00 
It. in hoggs, 66-60-00 
It. in debts, 29-03-04 
It. in Englishe Corne, , 70-00-00 
It. in goats, 3-15-00 
It. in Carts, ploughs, etc. 6-00-00 
It. in nayles, i- 10-00 
Ite. Indean Corne, 8-0000 
It. in old Wheat and pease, 6-06-00 
It. for certain things in the chamber, 2-00-00 
It. for amunition, 5-00-00 
Ite. for fouer beds wth the furniture, 13-06-08 
It. in fyne \yntn, 5-10-00 
Ite. 2 table boards,2 chests, i Trunke, wth other Implts. 5-00-00 
It. pewter & brasse and other vseful vessells, 12-00-00 
It. in husbandry tooles, 3-00-00 
It. in beife, butter, and cheese and other neces- 
sary prvision for the howse, 8-10-00 
It. in poultry, i -00-00 

somm : £380-17-00 

The Land : 

Ten acres of home lotts wth one dwelling howse and 2 barnes 

wth other buildings therevppon, 

4 acres of home lotts, _ 

6 acres of meadow wth an acre of swampe, 

20 acres of plaine fenced in being 14 ac. broke vp, 

7 acres of plaine meadow plowed vp, 

20 acres in the great meadow of hay ground, 
4 acres in bever meadow, 

l635 'TO 1650. P&OBATB KIICORDS. 13 

27 acres of Swampe Ground, 

81 Acres of Vpland in the Weste field 

32 Rod broad beyond the River, being 3 Miles in length, 

Richard Trott, Samuel Smith, 
Nathaniel Dickinson. 

Court Record, Page 115 — 11 December, 1644. Mr. Heynes & Mr. 
Willis are desired to consider of the Estate of Nath : Foote, deed, and to 
take in what hdpe they please fro any of the neighbours to advise how 
yt may be disposed of, and to report their apprehensions to the next Court. 

P. C. No. 63-4-5. 

Fokes, Henry, Windsor, had land set to him 16 May, 1640. He 
deceased & his widow married Mr. Hosford, who took possession of the 
place (23 Acres). 

[230] Page 465. 


ffroste, William. (Copy of the original paper on file). His Last Will 
and Testament, where in The Said William Doth Give and Be Qeth All 
his Lands and Goods now in joying the sixt daye off Jenuary, one Thou- 
sand six hundred fforty ffouer. 

I Give and Be queth tto My Eldest Sonn, Danill ffrost, Tooe partts 
of my medow and upland laid outt and To Laye outt, & the Home Loott 
Exsepted; And Also to the saide Daniell flfroste All my parts of The 
swampe And Redye ponds, and allso ffiffteene Eakers of medow That I 
bought of John Gray, Linge att Machuncohs,— or Sasg^g, Comonly so 
Called ; And allso my CUoke and warmeing pan I give to ye saide Danill 
ffroste, his Aires, for Ever. — I Give — ^And Bequeth to Rebecker and Sarah 
flfroste That Blacke hefFer that Danill ffroste Hath to winter. I give and 
Beqeth to my sonn Abraham flfroste All that Lotte and House, with All 
The Land Laid outt and to be Laid outt, that I Bought off John Sticklin 
with those mouveabls I boutt of him, And Also those Clothes one my 
Bead, And my Leettell Chest, and Allso my Tooe grett oxen. And my 
Tooe gret yerling Calffes, with all that is in mve Leettel chest, and one 
Third part of my housuld Goods. I give And Be queth to my Daughter 
Elisebeth and John Gray the Sowe that he hath to winter. And all hur in- 
crease, The third partt of my housuld Goods; And to Luke Wattson 
my Tooe yere ould black heflfer that Goodman Close hatth tto the haffes 
ffor ffouer yeers, The profett to be fore the said Luke ; And tto Susana 
and Johana Wattson, Daughters tto Elisabeth Grey, one Black hefer that 

John Gray hath tto the Haffes ffor ffouer yers, and the profit tto Them 

Booth Equaly ; and the Reade hefer that danill ffrost wintereth I Give to 
John Grays owne Tooe children, and The proffet Equaly tto Them Booth. 


I Give And Beqeth to Henry Gray And Ledyee Gray ffor Their Lives, 
And afFter them to Jacob, their sonn, all my house and home Lotte with 
that part that I changed with John ffoster, And The Third partt of my 
medoe and upland L^id outt and tto Lay ought; And tto Mary Gray, 
Daughter tto Henry Gray, I Give and bequeth my Reede heflFer that Good- 
man Close hath tto wintter ; And to Mary Rylie and hur children I Give 
and Beqeth all my Goods and Lands that I have in ould ingland. And to 
the Towne of uncowah I give and Beqeth Tene pounds in good paye To- 
wards the building of a meeting house ; to Be paide when itt is Halff Bultt ; 
flferdermore I ordzyne and make henry Gray of uncoway my Lafful Ex- 
sectore tto pay and discharge my Legacis and duttes and allso power tto 
reseve what is doue tto mee, and I give the fore said henry Gray fFull 
power tto sue and discharge ffor my dutes, or goodes that those presenc 
should stand in force affter my deses and nott befoar, and T Inttreatt 
EfFrem Wheeller and danill ifrost tto be my ourseers tto se my will pur- 
fFormed acording tto the inttentt Thereof!. They are tto have ten shillings 
ffor their pain; where tto I have put my hand and sell the day and dat 
hereof Willtm ffrost Ls 

Witness : Ephraim Wheeler, 
f ranees purdie, 
Mary Purdie. 

This explanation was written upon the reverse side of Frost's Will: 
These are to explayne my meaneing of howshold goods ; all my move- 
able goods or tables, excepte come and Cattell and swyne. Further I would 
have Abraham, my sonne, to receave to his vse the rent of all bowsing and 
land that I bought of John Sticklin ; further, I will that Abraha, my sonne, 
pay no rent to Henry Greye, my sonne, nor Henry to him, but all former 
ingadgements to be voyd betwixt the in or about tiie lease. I will that two 
third prts of my land be devided as soone after my death as may be, yet 
so that my sonne Henry his lease be not disturbed. 

Witness my (hand) William Frost. 

Witness : Ephraim Wheeler, Frances Furdy, Mary Furdy, 

[268] Page 504. 

t, O7I68, W)mdsor, — Know all men by these presents, that I, 
Gyles Gibbs, of Wyndsor, on Connecticutt, yeoman, being weake in body 
but of perfect understanding and memory, doe ordaine this my last will and 
testament as f oUowth : 

Impr. my will is that my sonne Gregory bee put forth an Apprentice 
to some Godly man for the space of five years at the discretion of my ex- 
ecut. and the overseers of this my last will ; and if hee submitt there vnto 
and stay out his time to the likinge of my overseers, I doe then bequeath 

X635 TO 1650. PROBATB RECORDS. ^5 

ynto him my lott ouer the great River, to him and his heires forever; 
in case my overseers have any incouragement to judge him worthy, other- 
wise at their discretion, I bequeath him £5 to bee paid him at the age of 
21 yeares. Also, I give to my two sonnes, Samuel & Benjamin, £20 apeece ; 
to my daughter Sarah, £20; to bee paid at the age of 21 years. And to 
Jacob, my sonne, I give my howse and lotts, meadows, home lotte, and 
great lott and lottes whatsoever, on this side the great Riuer, after his 
mothers life. And to my wife I give all my lottes, howses, all my house- 
hould goods, Cattells, & Chattells, my debts being discharged; provided 
that in case my said overseers have no good incouragement concerning the 
disposition of my sonne Gregory, but doe judge him unworthy a fathers 
blessing vnder theire hands, my will is that my exceut : shall have the said 
lotte towards the Education of my children vntil my sonne Jacob shall at- 
tain the age of 21 yeares, and then my will is that my sonne Jacob shall 
have it to him and his heires for ever. And Executrixe, of this my last 
Will, I appointe Katharine my wife. And overseers of this my Will and 
Testament, I appointe the Deacons of the Church of Wyndsor, at all times 
in being. Blessed bee God. gyles gibbs. 

Witness: 18 May, 1641. 

John Warham 
Ephraim Huitt. 

Postscript : I giue to Elizaphatt Gregory 10 bushells of Come in case 
hee discharge the debt I gave my worde for him to Mr. Huitt. And to 
Richard Wellar I give 40s by 20s a yeare, beginninge from September 

Witness : John Warham 
Ephraim Huitt 

[250] Page 481. 

Orant, Seth. A trew and prfecte Inventory of the goods and Chat- 
tells of Seth Grant, of Hartford, Deceased. Invt £141-10-08. Taken 4 
March, 1646: 

Impris In the parlowre: one great table los ; 3 jo3med £ s d 

stooles, 6s ; two chaire, 4s 6d ; on chest 6s, 1-06-06 

It. in the lodgeing rqome: i fetherbed & bolster, 3 pillowes, 3-10-00 

It. one rugge 20s ; one flock bolster, los ; 3 blanketts & 

one couerlett, £1-10,- 3-00-00 

It 5 Curtens, 12s 6d; one bedsted and strawe bedd, £1, 1-12-06 

It. one trundle bed, 7s; fower sheets & one board cloath, £3-105, 3-17-00 

It. 3 sheets, £3-105; fower sheets, £1 ; 5 perre of pillobers, £i-ios. 6-00-00 

It. a parcel! of linen cloath, £2-0 ; one table cloath 

& 3 napkins, 12s, 2-12-00 




VOL. I, 

It. I g^aue cloath 3s ; three towells, 4s 6d ; smale boxe 

wth some child bed linnen. 
It. 2 Chests, 4 boxes, i3S4d ; one cubberd, 5s ; one warmeing 

panne, 6s8d, 
It. in the Hall: one Table, 2 forms, i chaire, one muskett, 

bandaleers & sowrd. 
It. I paire of cobirons, i slyce, i paire of tongs, 

1 prre of bellows, 2 perre of Tramells, 

It. 7 smale books, 8s ; one spit & Gridiron, 4s ; 2 brasse 

kettles, ii-5s; three brasse posnetts, los, 
It. on paile wth an iron baile, is 6d ; 2 Iron potts & 

pott hooks, £1 ; one bell mettell morter & iron pestel, 
It. 2 smale bear vessels, 4s ; a cowl, 2s 8d ; an hower 

glasse, 2s, 
It. 2 wedges, 2 axes, 2 betel rings, 8s. It. 10 pewter 

dishes, £2-4S ; 4 smale dishes, 4s, 
It. I pewter quart, i halfe pinte, i beker, i Candlestick, 

2 salts, 3 porringer, 2 saucers & basan, 

It. 2 pair of new shoos, los ; one peir of boots, 7s ; 4 

cushions & his weareing apparrell. 
It. in the chambers; 29 bush of wheate, i5-i6s; 10 bush. 

of pease, ii-ios ; To 7 Bushels of Indean Corne, £0-175, 
It. two bush, of Indean molt, 5s ; 7 bush, of oats, 12s ; 

131b. of to we, 6s:4d; 25 pownd of hempe teare, £i-5s, 
It in the yards: i Cowe, £6 ; two hoggs, £i-ios, 
It. on dwelling howse wth the bame, & home lott Cont 

I acre, i rood. 
It. in the north meadow: i prcell of meado Cont 3 roods, 

on prsell of meadow & swampe Cont 13 ac-3 roods & 

27 prches, 
It. 2 roods, 4 prches, of meadow on the east side of the 

great River, £2 ; i acre of swampe, £2 ; and 32 acres of 

vpland, £30, 





4th March, 1646. The total sume as ther cast vppe 


[263] Page 498. 

Hooker, Thomas, Hartford. Invt. £1136-15-00. Taken 21st April, 
1644, by Nathaniel Ward & Edward Stebbing. Will dated 7 July, 1647. 

I, Thomas Hooker, of Hartford, uppon Connecticutt, in New Eng- 
land, being weakened in my body through the tender visitation of the 
Lord, but of sound & prfect memory, doe dispose of that outward estate 
I have been betrusted withall by him, in maner following : I doe give unto 
my Sonne Jno. Hooker, my housing and Lands in Hartford aforesaid, both 
that wch is on the west and also that wch is on the east syde of ye River, 

1635 TO 1650. PROBATB RECORDS. I? 

to be injoyed by him and his heires for ever, after the death of my wife 
Susamiah Hooker, provided he be then att. the age of one & twenty yeares. 
It being my will that my sayd deare wiefe shall injoy and possess my sayd 
Howsing & Lande during her naturall life, and yf she dy before my sonne 
Jno come to the aforesaid age of one & twenty yeares, that the same bee 
improved by the overseers 01 this my will for the maintenence and educa- 
tion of my children not( ) disposed of, according to their best 
discretion. I doe also give unto my sonne Jno my Library of printed books 
and manuscripts, under the limittations and provisoes hereafter expressed. 
It is my will that my sonne Jno. deliver to my sonne Samuel Soe many of 
my books as shall be valued by the overseers of this my will to be worth 
fifty pounds sterling, or that he pay him the summe of fifty pounds 
Sterling to buy such books as may be useful to him in thee way of his 
studdyes, att such tyme as the overseers of this my will shall Judge meett. 
But if my sonne Jno. doe not goe on to the prfecting of his Studdyes, or 
shall not give up himselfe to the service of the Lord in the worke of the 
ministry, my will is that my Sonne Samuel enjoy and possesse the whole 
Library and manuscripts to his proper use forever; onely, it is my will 
that whatever manuscripts shall he Judged meett to be printed, the dispos- 
all thereof and advantage that may come thereby I leave wholy to my exe- 
cutrix ; and in case she depart this life before the same be Judged of and 
Settled, then to my overseers to be improved by them in their best discre- 
tion, for the good of myne, according to the trust reposed in them. And 
however I doe not forbid my sonne Jno from seeking and takeing a wife 
in England, yett I doe forbid him from marrying and tarying there. I doe 
give unto my sonne Samuel, in case the whole Library come not to him, 
as is before expressed, the summe of Seventy pounds, to be payd unto him 
by my Executrix att such tyme and in such maner as shall be judged 
meetest by the overseers of my will. I doe also give unto my daughter 
Sarah Hooker, the summe of one hundred pounds Sterling, to be payd 
unto her by my Executrix when she shall marry or come to the age of one 
and twenty years, wch shall first happen ; the disposall and further educa- 
tion of her and the rest, I leave to my wife, advising them to attend her 
counsel! in the feare of the Lord. I doe give unto the two children of my 
daughter Joanna Sheperd, deceased, and the child of my daughter Mary 
Newton, to each of them the summe of tenn pounds, to be payd unto them 
by my son John within one year after he shall come to the possession and 
injo3mient of my Houseing & Lands in Hartford, or my Son Samuell, if 
by the decease of Jno he come to injoy the same. I doe make my beloved 
wiefe Susannah Hooker, Executrix of this my Last will and Testament, 
and (my just debts being payd) doe give and bequeath unto her all my 
estate and goodes, moveable and immoveable, not formerly bequeathed 
by this my last will. And I desire my beloved friends, Mr. Edward Hop- 
kins and Mr. William Goodwyn, to afFoard their best assistence to my 
wife, and doe constitute and appoint them the overseers of this my will. 
And itt haveing pleased the Lord now to visitt my wife with a sickness, 
and know not how itt may please his Matie to dispose of her, my mind & 



will is, that in case she depart this life before she dispose of the estate 
bequeathed her, my aforesaid beloved friends, Mr. Edward Hopkins and 
Mr. William Goodwyn, shall take charge both of the education and dispose 
of my children (to whose love and faithfullness I comend them) and of 
the estate left & bequeathed to my wiefe, and doe comitt itt to their best 
judgement and discretion to manage the sayd estate for ye best good of 
mine, and to bestow itt uppon any or all of them in such a proportion as 
shall be most suitable to their owne apprehensions. Being willing onely to 
intimate my desire that they wch deserve best may have most, but nott to 
Lymett them, but leave them to the full scope and bredth of their owne 
Judgement; in the dispose whereof, they may have respect of ye fore- 
mentioned children of my two daughters, if they see meete. It being my 
full will that what trust I have comitted to my wife, either in matter of 
estate or such manuscript as shall be judged fitt to be printed, in case she 
live not to order the same herselfe, be wholly transferred and past over 
from her to them for ye ende before specifyed. And for mortality sake I 
doe putt power into the hands of the forementioned Beloved friends to 
constitute and appoint such other faithfuU men as they shall judge meett 
(in case they be deprived of life or libberty to attend the same in their 
owne persons), to manage, dispose, and performe the estate and trust 
comitted to them in as full maner as I have comitted it to them for the 
same ende. Thos. Hooker 

This was declared to be the last will and testament of Mr. Thomas 
Hooker, the seventh day of July, 1647, ^^ ^^ presence of Henry Smith, 
Sam. Stone^ John White. 

[252] Page 483. 

Honkms, John, Windsor. Invt. £338-06-08. Taken 20 June, 1648, by 
Will Gaylord, Thomas Stoughton, David Willton. Will dated ist May, 

I give to the Qiurch £3, to be distributed by the Deacons unto the 
poor, to be paid in wheat or pease, as wee are able. My Servant, Sammuel 
Rockwell, if he be willing to Serve in my house one quarter of a year after 
his covenant is out which he hath formerly made, my will is that at the 
end of his service he shall have £6 of mee ; if not willing, then he shall re- 
ceive £4 at the completion of his term of service already covenanted. Some 
persons owe mee small sums of Corn: Robert Winchell, Thomas HoU- 
combe, Samuel Gaylord, Abraham Randall ; I leave all to my wife arid Son 
Thomas, they to collect debts & make payments. John Horskins. 

Witness : Thomas Hoskins, 

Samuel Rockwell, Abraham Randall. 


[54] Page 457- 

Htmt, Blaynch. Invt £43-16-03. Taken 20 September, 1644, by 
Andrew Ward and Will Gybbins. 

I, Blaynch Hunt, doe make my last will: Imprs: I give my best 
suite of weareing Qoathes to my Cossen Mary Robins, & a prre of my 
best blanketts; Ite: I give my Cossens in the howse twenty Shillings a 
peece, in gold or sylver, if yt can be made upp att my decease. Ite : For the 
rest of my estate in howsehold stuff e & debts I comitt to the dispose of my 
Vnckle Welles, only I remit 40s I lent my Cossen Mary Robins ; I make 
my Vnckle Welles my Executor. I give my Cossen Mary Baylding VI 
yards of Kersey. 

Blaynch Hunt. 

[297] Page 458. 

Hnit, Ephraim, Wvndsor. Invt. £633-19-01. Taken 9 November, 
1644, by Will Gaylord, Will Hill, Henry Clarke. 

I give to my wife my dwelling^ house and home lott down to the 
Swamp, with all the howseing thereon ; My meadow lott of 14 acres more 
or less, my lott of 15 acres with the swampe adjoyneing thereto; also I 
give unto her Tho. Stairs, his house, and the square plot of gardens lying 
beyond the Swamp to the highway. I give to my daughter Susanna & dau. 
Mercy my great lott lying behind the hogpen, adjoyning to Daniel Clarke 
& Humphrey Hide. I give to my two younger daughters, Lydea & Mary, 
my great lott at the Falls, containing fower score and two rodde in 
breadth, to make them two lotts together. I give to my daughters, Susan- 
na & Mercy, my right and Interest in the Grant of the towne made me of 
15 acres of meadow when yt shall com. first into their hands, about 
Pequanucke. My g^eat Island at the Falls I give to the Court at Hartford 
for the use of the Country, my debts to be paid out of my personal estate ; 
and all the rest, both wth in dores and wth out, I give to my wife, whether 
Lands or Goods. I appoint David Wilton and Daniel Clarke to be Exe- 
cutors, only they shall not meddle wth anything wth in dores; and the 
Overseers of this my will I intreat the Deacons of our Church to be. 

Ep. HuiT. 

Vol. I, Page 59, of Lands, Sec State's Office: 

Henry Qarke, of Windsor, hath by Purchase of Isabell Huit, Wid- 
ow of Ephraim Huit, deceased, & wth thee consent of the Administrators 
& Overseers of the Estate of the said Ephraim, his dwelling house, out 
housing, wth appurtenances belonging to it, his home Lott containing Sixe 
acres more or lesse, as it takes in two acres one quarter purchased by the 
said Ephraim of David Wilton, who sold it as hee was Agent for Thomas 
Stayers, & is bounded West by the street called the Pallisado, North by 


George Phillips, South by the Land of the said Henry, East by a high way 
that devided it, and the meadow of Job Drake (with 3 other parcells). 

Henry Clarke hath purchased of Major John Mason, his mansion 
house, out housing, orchard, wth all appurtenances, the land in quantity 
three acres one quarter upon the hill & running downe into the meadow, 
in breadth thirteen rods, &: is bounded east & west by high wayes, & south 
in part as upon the hill, & running downe by Samuel Marshall, North by 
Land that was Ephraim Huits, deceased, with 3 other Parcells of Land. 

Dates wanted not found. The latest date by subsequent insertion is 
1680. This Vol. No. I appears to be made up of several parts of Records 
of Land : Hartford 2 parts, each part indexed separately : Windsor, one 
part, Wethersfield one part, Stamford one part & Farming^own one part, 
Saybrook one part & Pequat one part. 

Page 468. 

lerland, Samuel Died 20 May, 1639. Invt. £70-00-00. Taken by 
Tho. VfFoote, Jo. Edwards. 

(Report) : A trewe Inventory, as neere as we can find out, of all 
goods, corne, and Cattle and Lands, of Samuel lerland. His Howse and 
lotts wth 8 acres of meadowe & all dividents vnsold, prysed at £40-00-00. 
His Apparell and prsonall Estate, £10-00-00. His Hoggs, £20-00-00. Som, 

Court Record, Page 137. 5 March, 1645: (The) Inventory of sd. 
lerland is brought into Court by Jo. Edwards, And the wife of Robert 
Burrows, who was wife to (the) deceased, is to administer & to have the 
thirds, the other two prts to be for the Children. 

[75] Page 453. 

JohxiBon, Thomas. Invt. per sale, £10-13-05, per Andrew Bacon & 
John Barnard, who were appointed by the Court to sell them. 

Page 49: II April, 1640. Andrew Bacon & John Barnard have re- 
turned into the Court an Inventory of the goods of Tho. Johnson, de- 
ceased, to the some of £11-05-10. 

Page 55 : 2 July, 1640. Andrew Bacon & John Barnard are appointed 
to sell the goods of the Cobler (Thomas Johnson), deceased, formerly 
taken by Inventory given into Courte by the said partys — ^and due £10 
from Goodman Hill. 

[240] Page 473. 

Lotham, WiUiaxn. 20th March, 1645. A prticular of all debts oweing 
& also by him oweing : 

l635 TO 1650. PKOBATE RBCORDS. 21 

Impr. Debts to him oweing, first from Mr. Robins for 

deliuring Robert Bedle at Fishers Hand, accor- £ s d 

ding to Mr. Robins desire, 1-14-00 

Ite. to him due fro Walter baker, for tobaco, 06-00 

Ite. to him due fro Goodman Comstocke, for tobaco, 06-00 

Fro Seargent Bryan, for transporting 2 butts of Sacke 

from Mr. Leches, 16-00 

also fro Seargent Bryan vppon Mr. Tapens account, 109-00 

Fro. Seargent Bryan, more in sope, 3-00-00 

from Henry Townsend, £1. Ite. fro John Ogden, 1-15-00 

fro Mr. Mitchell, for carrieing goods, 3-19-00 

fro Goodma Carman, o-6s. Ite. fro Mr. Olderton, i -00-00 

fro Frances Homes, 36 pound of Iron 

Debts by him oweing to the prsons following : 
Imprs. To one Elias, his servant formerly, about 3-00-00 

To Michaell Chatterton, o- 10-00 

To Frances Homes, 0-06-00 

to Latha as long as he is myne after, sixe and twenty Shillings a month. 

A prticular of his goods, as followeth : 

Imprs. 3500 of planke, 6000 Trunnells, 500 of Iron, part att Frances 
Homes, part att Mr. Tappings, the rest in a grapnell l)ang att the Water- 

Ite. a barrell and three quarters of tarre and pitch, lying att the water- 

Ite. a sow in Edmund Sticlins hands. 

Ite. a boate of tenn tun, wth two owres, an anker, a grapnell, maine- 
sale and fore sale, a iron pott, a new sute of cloathes, shues, hatt, stockins, 
three shirts, 6 hand charses, 2 bands, a gunn, one hundred nynty three 
pickes, on auger, one draweing knife. 

2 Chessells, 2 Cauking irons, some heads for clinke worke, a scraper, 
a breast wimble, one iron wedge, a frying pan, a skellette, a sacke wth 
some biskitt in yt, another old Sacke vsed for a bedd, an axe, a perre of 
pinsers, 2 hamers, a gymlett, 2 Indean baggs, a file, a butter tube, a powder 
home, a prre of old Stockings, an old Buckett, an old Kettell to make fyer 
in, a Mallett, a wooden dishe, a platter, a little box, on gouge, on narowe 
chessell, a chest, an iron candle sticke, 2 owers, 2 setting poles an hales 
peare, a pocket compasse, a skefe & two Owyres. 

These severall prticulars appeareing under the lyne were added vppon 
a vewe taken in the Boate the same morneing the Testator dyed, by others 
& Will Wells. [241] Whereas on the other side hereof there is prticulars 
of the Debts & Credits and Goods of Willia Lotha, wch appears best vnder 
each prticular matter, and thereunto as his memory may be f ] 

being he was now visited by the Hand of the Almighty Jehovah wth sick- 
ness, having, in prsence of vs whose names are hereunder subscribed, de- 
clared his mynd and Will to be, that in Case a period be put to his days 


before alteratio hereof, then, his just Debts being defrayed out by his 
prsonal Estate, the remaynder hereof is by him given & bequeathed to 
John Clarke and John Ogden, who he maks joynt Executors of this his 
last Will & Testament, equally to be divided betwixt them. Witness my 
Hands the day and year wth in written. 

In presence of vs 

Will' Wells, Ed: More, 

Isacke Nicholls, George Allsoope. 

September the 27th, 1645. 

An Inventory of the Goods of Will* Lotha, late Deed : 

i s d 

Imprs a Boat 8 tun more or lesse valued at io-30 pr tun, 12-00-00 

One grapnell, on anker about a C. and 34 1 3-10-00 

Mayn saJe & fore Sale, 5-10-00 

About the boat, >4 a C. wayght of rigging, wth the oares, i-oo-oo 

a Skife, £1-10; for old Tooles & Nayles, £0-10; sum, 2-00-00 
Also a Chest, £0-03 ; a Coat, drawers & Cap, a doublet, Breeches, 

Stockins, shues, an iron pott & Hatt, & some other clothes, 3-15-00 

Prised by Thomas Burchwood, Ed : More, Will' Carrose, Tho : Tracy, 
Stephen Poste. 

[52] Page 442-3. 

Lymsaif Bidbard. Invt. of Goods, £83-16-02. Taken 6 September, 
1641, by John Moodie, Andrew Bacon, John Barnard. Will dated 22 April, 

I give unto my wife all my houseing and Lands during her life, and 
1/3 parte of my litnds to dispose of at her death amongst my Children 
as she pleaseth, and I give her all my moveable goods, as Cattell and 
howsehold stuffe, and all other implements or moveables. And the other 
two prts of my land & Howse, I give to my Elder sonne Richard, and to 
his heires forever ; and if he dy wthout an heir, then I give yt to my sonne 
Robert, and to his heirs forever. To my dau. Sarah, Asides the Cattell I 
formerly have given her, my will is, that my wife shall pay her £20, two 
yeres after my death. To my sonne, John Lyman, I give him £30, to be 
paid by my wife att 22 years of age. To my sonne Robert, I ^ve £24 at 
22 years of age; and to my dau. Fillis, the wife of Willia Hills, I give 
tenne shillings ; and I make my wife sole Executrixe to this my last will. 

Richard Lyman. 

Witness: Thomas Bull, John Moodie, Andrew Bacon. 

Court Record, Page 81 — 27 January, 1642 (Particular Courte). 
The Will and Invt. of Richard Lyman, Etecd., is brought into Court. 

1 635 "^ 1650. 



John Moody makes oath that yt is the Last Will of the said Rich., and the 
noate that was brought in is the noate of the Widdow Lyman, Deed. The 
several prtyes prsent at the prsenting of the said Will agree that John 
Lyman, if he live, will be 22 yere ould in Septe, 1645 T Ro^rt Lyman, 22 
in Sept. 1651. 

24 July. 

The wydowe Lymans mynd is that her sonne Richard Lyman 
should prforme her husbands will, and that her son Robert should live 
wth him till he be 22 yeares of age ; and she gives Robert Lyman the third 
prrte of the howsen & grounds; & for the prformence of her husbands 
will she gives Richard all her moveable goods, both wth out the howse 
and wth in, only her wearing Qothes and some of her lining She will 
dispose of. 

John Moodie. Andrew Bacon. 

Pages;. ' 

Hasoiii Id: 4th September, 1640. A true Inventory of the Goods & 
Chattells of Edward Mason, of Wethersf yeld, late deceased, vizt : 

Imprs the Cloathes of the said Edward, 

Ite. in Halle, brasse, Pewter, etc. 

Ite. in the parlor, a ^rntherbed wth chests, lynen, 

and other things, 
Ite. in the celler, 

Ite. Englishe Come, wth Indean Old and New 
Ite. in the chamber, a featherbedde wth others 
Ite. twenty sixe barrowe hoggs, stores, & Sowes, 
Ite. 3 Ewes, one Ewe kydd, 2 weathers, 
Ite. Tooles & all other Implyments belonging to the 

trade of said Edward 

Valued pr 
WiUia Swayne, 
George Hubbard. 

Som totalis, 

(Except Lands) 
Test: Leo Chester. 

£ s d 






His Lands in Wethersfield : 

One pece whereon a house standeth, con. by estimatio three acres. The 
ends abutt against the landing place east and the land of Jo. Plum west ; 
the sides against Conectecutt north, and Jo Plum his swampe south. 

One pece whereon a bame standeth, con. by estimatio twelve Rods. The 


ends abutte against the landing place north and the howse lott of George 
Hubbard, south ; the sids, against the west landing place east, the above, 
said howse lott of Edward Mason, west. 

One pece lying in the great meadow, con. by estimatio fouer acres. The 
ends against the hie weae west, and a pece of meadow that was the fore 
said Edwards, east ; the sids against the meadow of Jonas wod South, and 
the reres of the little lotts North. 

One pece also lying in the great meadow, con. by estimatio two acres. It 
abutts against the river east, and land of his owne & Sam. Sharemans west, 
and Jonas Weed north, and Lyslie Broadiield South. 

One pece in Pennywise, con. by estimatio Six acres two roods. The ends 
abutt against the hie waie west, and Conecticutt river east ; the sids against 
the land of Jo. Reinnolds north, and Jeffrey fFerris south. 

One pece also in pennywise, con. by estimatio two acres, two roods. The 
ends abutte against the hie we&e west, and Conecticutt River east ; the sids 
against the land of Jeffrey fFerris north, and that somtymes Jo. Share- 
mans south. 

One pece lying in the Island, con. by estimatio three acres. The ends abutt 
against the river end west, and sids against the land of Jer. Gager, and 
that lately Tho. Wilcox, his land, south. 

One pece lying in the little west field, con. by estimatio seven acres, one 
halfe, and thirty pole. The end abutt against the hie waye north, and the 
land of Mr. Smith south ; the sids, against the land of Tho. Wetmore east, 
and Jacob Waterhouse west 

One other pece in the little west field con. by estimatio seven acres one 
halfe and thirty pole. The ends abutt against the waie north, and the land 
of Mr. Smith south ; the sids against the land of Tho. Wetmore west, and 
Richard Wastcoat east. 

(From Records of Lands j ofUce Sec. State, Hartford, Vol, I. Page 51.) 

Page 44. 
5th March, 1639. A Particular Court. 

Jno. Haynes, Esq., Governor. Roger Ludlow, Esq., Deputy. 

Mr. Hopkins, Mr. Wells, Mr. Webster, Mr. Phelpes. 

Newbery, Thomas. This present day there was returned into the 
Court by Mr. Gaylard, one of the overseers, a Coppy of the estate of the 

X635 '^ 1650. PROBATK RSCORDS. 25 

Qiildren of Thomas Newbery, deceased, dated the loth of February, 1639, 
subscribed by Mr. Ludlow, Mr. Phelpes, Mr. Huett, Mr. Hill, George Hull 
and Wm. Hosford. 

[270] Page 506-7. 

(This Will was copied from File.) 

Nowell, Thomas, Wyndsor. Invt. £368-11-01. Taken 22 February, 
1648/9, by Henry Clarke, David Wilton, John Moore. Will dated 3 No- 
vember, 1648. 

I, Thomas Nowell, of Windsor, on Connecticutt, being right in under- 
standing and of perfect memory in regard of my age and weakeness, de- 
syring to sett my howse in order, as my Last Will and testament and as 
a token of my Love and respect, doe bequeath unto Robert Willson, my 
Kinsman, one Steere and one Cow; and unto Isable Phelps, my Kins- 
woman, one cowe; and in Case my wife shall, after my decease, marry 
aga3me, then it is my will and testament that at the time of marriage fore 
specified the sd. Elizabeth, over and above my foresd. gifts, shall pay to 
the sd Robert and Isable, each of them, tenne pounds a peece. 

It. As a token of my lowe, I bequeath unto my wife Elizabeth all the 
rest of my Estate in goods, debts or dues, of what kind soever, to her full 
and finall dispose as shee shall see best, as allso I bequeath unto her my 
dwelling howse, with all my Lands thereto prtayning, in Windsor aforesd, 
for and during the terme of her life ; and after her decease, as a token of 
my Love, I bequeath my sd. howse and land unto Christopher Nowell, 
sone of Edward Nowell, of Wakefield, in Yorkeshyre, in England, de- 
ceased ; to him and his heyres forever ; & to this my last will and testament 
Witness my hand subscribed this prsent November, 3d, Anno domm. 1648. 

Thomas Nowell. 
Witness : Isable X Phelps. 

Bray Rosseter, 

Page 3. 

[2] A Corte held att Watertowne 10 7br, 1636. 

Roger Ludlowe Esqr., Mr. Wm. Phelps, 
Mr. Jo : Steele, Mr. Wm. Westwoode, 

Mr. Wm. Swaine, Mr. Andr: Warde. 

Oldame, John. Whereas, there was tendered to vs an Inventory of the 
Estate of Mr. Jo : Olda wch seemed to bee somewhat vncerteinely valued, 
wee therefore thinke meete to, & soe it is ordered, that Mr. Jo : Plum & 
Rich: Gildersleeue, togeather wth the Constable, shall survey the saide 
Inventory and prfect the same before the next Corte, & then to deliur it 
into the Corte. 


It is ordered, yt Thurston Rayner, as he hath hitherto done soe, shall 
continue to looke to & prserve the Come of Mr. Olda, & shall inn the same 
in a seasonable ^one, & shall bringe an Accompt the next Cort what quan- 
titie there is of it, as alsoe of his labor, & then the Corte will, out of the 
same, allott unto him soe many byshells as shall be reasonable for his 
paines & labor. And in the meane, if he hath use of some for his owne 
spendinge, to take some, wch shalbe then deducted out of what Wilbe due 
to him. And then the Corte will give finall order conceminge the same. 

Page 5. 

[3] A Corte held att Newe Towne, 8br 4to, 1636. 

Mr. Ludlowe, Mr. Phelps, 

Mr. Swaine, Mr. Westwoode, 

Mr. Steele, Mr. Warde. 

It is ordered, that a Warrant be directed to Daniell Finch to sumon 
Rich : Gildersleeue to appr the next Corte or other meetinge of the Comrs, 
to bringe in an Inventory of Mr. Oldames estate wch was sometyme in 
his handes, as alsoe to sumon any other to appr that hath in his handes or 
canne declare where any of th' estate of the saide Mr. Olda is yt is not as 
yet revealed. 

Page S. 

[3] A Corte held att Newe Towne 10 Novembr, 1636. 

Mr. Ludlowe, Mr. Phelps, 

Mr. Pyncheon, Mr. Westwoode, 

Mr. Swaine, Mr. Warde. 
Mr. Steele, 

It is ordered, that Srieant Seely shall, betweene this & the next Corte, 
consider of such noates & Inventories as haue come to his handes or 
knowledge concerninge the estate of Mr. Oldam, & then deliuer them 
into the Corte vppon oath, & in the meane to prduce any noate or Inven- 
tory to Mr. Swa)me & Mr. Warde that he hath or cann come by yt may 
make for the furtherance of the discouery of the estate of the saide Mr. 
Olda, to th' end the Cort may then precede in yt business as they shall 
see cause. 

Page 6. 

A Corte at New Towne 27 Deer., 1636. 

Mr. Ludlowe, Mr. Westwoode, 

Mr. Swaine, Mr. Phelps, 

Mr. Steele, Mr. Warde. 

1635 ^O 1650. 



It is ordered 3rt Daniell Finch shall haue for sixe dayes imploymt 
about Mr. Oldames estate & a Corte, 13S.-6. 

Page 6. 

It is ordered, that Mr. Clement Chaplin shall take into custody the 
goodes of Mr. Oldam, deceased, according to an Inventory in Corte, & 
in the Custody of Daniell Finch, & he the saide Mr. Chaplin is to be re- 
sponsible for them. He may sell them or any of them. _ 

It is ordered yt all the Creditors of Mr. Olda in the River of Con- 
nectecott bring in their debts before the next G3rte or E(ls) he shall not 
be deemed as a Creditor in the estate that is now extant. 

Page 43-44. 
[35] Febr. the 6th, 1639. A Prticular Court. 

Mr. Oldams Estate being examined, the account of it as it stands 
in this Jurisdiction is as f oUoweth : 

Estate Mk Oldam, deceased, is debtor: 

i s d 

To Matthew Marvine, 


to Richard Lord, 


to Wm. Lewis, 


to Edward Mason, 


to Jeffrey Feris, 


to Henry Browning, 


to Thomas Stanton, 


to Thomas Scott, 


to Mr. Chapleyn, 


to Mr. Pincheon, 


to Andrew Warner, 


to Edwa. Stebbing, 


to Mr. Talcott, 


to Mr. Jno. Haynes, 


to Matthew Allen, 


to Lieftenant Seely, 


to Edward Hopkins & Mr. Matthew Craddocke, 



Pr contra Credit: 

£ s d 

By Lieftenant Seely, 


by Jno Chapman, 


by Rich. Lawes, 

6-04-1 1 


by Mr. Chapleyne, 89-15-02 

by Thomas Allen, 6-16-06 

Jan. the 6th, 1640. 

Wm. Lewis abated out of his debt £2-16 wch he was to allow for a 
hogg he bought of Mr. Oldam. 

It was thought fit, and ordered, that the Accot be sent to the Bay and 
yi 2l just accot be also returned from thence in a reasonable tyme, 
an equal division may be made of the whole; yf not, the estate here 
shall be divided among the Creditors here. 

Page 48. 

II April, 1640. 

Mr. Steele is returned Recorder for the Towne of Hartford, and hath 
brought into the Courte 1 14 coppyes of the severall prcells of land belong- 
ing to & conserneing 114 prsons. 

Mr. Rocester is returned Recorder for the Towne of Wjmdsor. 

Mr. Michell is returned Recorder for the Towne of Wethersfyeld, 
but he is found vncapable of the place, lying vnder censure of the Courte, 
and was fyned twenty Nobles for vndertsdking the office. That prte of 
the Town of Wethersfylde who chose him were fyned £5. 

Page 446. 

Olmstead, James, Hartford. Invt £397-19-02. Taken 28 Septem- 
ber, 1640, by John Steele, Edward Stebbine. 

Will : It is my will to give my estate betweene my two sonns, that is 
to say, the on halfe to my son Nicholas, and the other halfe to my sonne 
Nehemiah, equally divyded betweene the both, wth this reservation, that if 
my brother Lymus doe make his word good to make my sonne Nicholas 
wifes portion as good as any child he hath, for so I understand his prmise 
is, but if he shall refuse so to doe, I shall then refuse to give my sonne any 
prte of my moveable goods, cattell or debts ; but my will is to leave the 
thing wth Richard Webb and William Wodsworth to see my Brother 
Lumus doe prforme his prmise, and as the said Richard Webb and Will 
Wodsworth shall doe I shall be content. And if my brother Lumus doe 
prforme his prmise, then my will is their portions shall be a like, only 
Nicholas shall abate so much as I have given him before. And my will is 
that my sonne Nehemiah shall give out of his portion ten pound tq my 
Cossen Rebeca Olmstead that now dwelleth wth me, and he shall pay yt 
her wth in three yeares after my decease, and I leave her to be disposed 
by Richard Webb and Will Wadsworth, and as shee shall carry herselfe 

1635 "^ 1650. PROBATE RECORDS. 29 

yt shall be in their power ether to give her the ten pound or to detayne yt 
fro her. I doe give my servant Will Corby live pound, to be paid when 
his tyme comes forth, and I doe will my sonne Nehemyah to pay him out 
of his owne portion ; And I doe will that Will Corby doe searve his tyme 
wth my Sonne Nehemiah. And I leave my sonne Nehemiah wth Richard 
Webb and Will Wadsworth, intreating the to have the ouer sight of him 
and the disposeing of him as their owne child. But if my sonne Nehemiah 
shall goe contrary in Bestowing himself e any way contrary to the judge- 
ment of my two friends. Rich. Webb and Will Wadsworth, then yt shall 
be in their power to comannd and take a hundred pound of his estate and 
dispose of yt as they thinke fitt. I give to my two frynds, Richard Webb 
and Will Wadsworth, wch I put in trust, six pounds and a marke to be 
paid equally betwixt the, and my two sonnes shall pay the, the one pay the 
one halfe and the other pay the other halfe. Ja. Olmstead. 

Witness : Richard Webb 
Will Wadsworth. 

A Decision and an Agreement by Richard Webb & Will Wadsworth 
with Nicholas Olmstead & Nehemiah Olmstead, that is to say, to his 
Kynsman Richard Olmstead, £5, and to his Kynsman John Olmstead, £5, 
to be paid within 3 yeares after his decease. And unto the church of 
Christ in Hartford, £20, to be paid at the same tyme of 3 years after the 
decease of their said Father. 

Will Wadsworth. Nicholas Olmstead. 

Nehemiah Olmstead. 

I50] Page 56. 

Packs, Henry, his will, dated 4 September, 1640. 

It is my will to bestow uppon the Church the Clocke that Brother 
Thornton had bought; to Mr. Wichfyeld, my best Coate and whoight ( ?) 
Cappe ; to Mr. [ ] wiy best dublets. 

[244] Page 475. 

Porter, John, Windsor. Invt. £470-17-00. Taken 27 April, 1648, 
by Henry Clarke, David Wilton, William Phelps, Thomas Foi:d. Will 
dated 20 April, 1648. 

Imprimis. This is the last will and Testament made by mee, John 
Porter, of Wyndsor, allthough now weake and sick in body, yet in prfect 
memory, doe bequeath my soule to God that gave it, and my Body to be 
buried, and my goods as foUoweth : 

Ite. I give to my eldest sonne, John Porter, £100; and to my second 
sonne, Jeames Porter, I give i6o; and to my other six children, to witt, 
Samuel Porter, Nathaniel, Rebeka, Rose, Mary & Anne Porter, to each 


j£30, wch is to be raised out of my whole estate, as howseing, lands, cattell, 
and household goods, and is to be paid as they come to be twenty yeares 
of age, or sooner if my overseers sees just cause, without whose consent 
I would not have them marrye, wch if they doe it shall bee in the power 
of my ourseers to abate their portions and give it to the other that are 
more deserveing. And in case any of my children dye before they be 
married, or be twenty yeares of age, their portion shall be equally divided 
amongst the rest, unless the ourseers see cause to abate it uppon the eldest 
In case my estate shall bee founde uppon perticular view to arise to be 
more in valew than these portions above given, or less than the summe, 
my will is that it shall bee proportionally added or abated to my childrens 
severall portions, except my ourseers see cause to abate my eldest, that 
hath the bigger portion, or likewise my second. The particular goods 
wherein each child shall have his portion paid out of my whole estate I 
leave to the discretion of my ourseers. My sonne Joseph Judgson is to 
take twenty shillings of Thomas Thornton, the next winter; also I give 
fifty shillings to the pore of Wyndsor Church. My desire is that these my 
beloved friends would bee the ourseers of this my last will and testament : 
Mr. Warham of W)mdsor, Mr. Goodwyn of Hartford, Goodman White 
of Hartford, Matthew Grant of Wyndsor. John Porter. 

Witness : Henry Clarke 

Abigaill Branker. 

Court Record, 7 March, 1650. One of the younger daughters had 
died, and there was an adjustment of the Elder daughters' Portions. 7 
June, 1649, Will Proven. John Taillcott 

Will Westwood. 
I. C. Secry 

[231] Page 466-7-8. 

Parkas, John. Invt. £30-15-00. Taken October, 1645. I> J<>hn Pur- 
kas, doe appoynt my wife to be sole executor to administer vppon my 
whole estate, to bring up my children, and it is my mynd & will that my 
wife shall possesse my house and land for her prper vse f6r the whole 
tyme of her life, pruided that shee shall have noe power to alienate yt or 
make sale of my howse or any of my land wth out the consent of John 
Talcotte and Richard Goodman, or one of them if ether of them shall dy. 
If my wife beare me a son and (he) survive until the death of my wife, 
then he shall possesse my howse and all my land in Hartford, for himselfe 
and heires ; but if the Lord give me noe son, my mynd is that my howse 
and land be equally divided among my daughters that shall survive after 
the death of my wife. My daughters Mary & Elizabeth shall have ech of 
the a whole and serviceable pear of sheets, and ech of the a pewter platter, 
at the age of eighteen yeares. And if God give me a sonne wch my wife 
goeth with all, my mynd is that if my sonne shall live to the age of eight- 

1635 TO 1650. PROBATA RECORDS. 31 

een yeares that he shall have my gunne, wch is a fire locke, and my sword 
and bandaleres and rest^ and my long crosscut sawe, and my betell rings, 
and three wedges. Also, my mynd is that my howshold stuff shall be de- 
vided to my £iughters after the death of my wife, only the bedde and 
blanketts and one pair of sheets and one trunke I leave wholy to my wife 
to dispose on at her death. 15th of October, 1645. 


Witaess : Jo. Talcott. 

Rich. Goodfnan 

November 26, 1663. Know all men by these presents, that I, Jeret 
Spicke, doe acknowledg my self received of Nicholas Palmer the full and 
just summe of tenn pounds, which is the acquitting all accots between us 
two concerning my wiues portion which was due to her by her father, 
John Parkas, his will. Jeret Speck. 

Witness : Thomas Butler, Robert Sanford. 

Whereas, there have bin an appoyntment that Nicholas Palmer was 
to pay his daughter in lawe Elizabeth Purkass, tenn pounds, these presents 
doe testify that I, Richard Case, of Windsor, doe adcnowledg that I have 
received of Nicholas Palmer, of Windsor, a foar sayd, ten pounds in pay 
to my content and sattisfaction, & doe hereby acquitt & discharge the sd. 
Nicho of all debts and demands, as witness my hand this 17 December, 

Richard X Case 

Signed and delivered in the presence & Witness of us 

John Moore, Antho X Hoskins. 

These are True coppyes of the originall receipts, being compared 
therezvith October 20th, '64, pr. me. John Allyn Secretry. 

[254] Page 486. 

Bi8Blq|r, Biohard, Hockanum. Invt. £135-05-16. Taken by John 
Cullick, Will Gibbins. 

3 Children : one daughter, Sarah Rissly, betweene 7 and 8 years old ; 
one Sonne by name Samuell Risley, about 2 yeares old: and one sonne, 
by name Rich. Risley, about 3 montfis old. The distribution of the estate 
by the Courte, the 7th of December, 1648, is: To the 3 children ii6 a 
peece, to bee pd. to the daughter at the age of 18 yeares, and to the sonnes 
at the age of 21 yeares. William Hill, bringing of ym vpp to write and 
read, and giving security to the Courte for the payment of the severall 
childrens portions. 



VOL. I, 

[255] Debts owing pr the estate of Richard Risly, deceased, to 

Mr. Oicott, 

Rich. Lord, 

Sam. Smith, Weth., 

Will Gibbens, 

Mr. Moody, 

Will Houghton, 

John Lyman, 

Mr. Stone & Mr. Hooker, 


Patience Smith, 
John Sabell, 
Joseph Mygatt, 
Thomas Selden, 
Capt. CuUick, 
Phillip Dauis, 
Rich. Fellowss, 
Will Wessly, 
Andr. Warner, 
Robt. Ely, 
Mr. Edw. Hopkins, 
John Hopkins, 
Thomas Woodford, 

I s d 


[253] Page 485. 

Sawyer, Bichard. Died 24 July, 1648. Invt of goodes and estate, 
£7-17-10 J4. Taken by John Bernard, Arthur Smith. 

Court Record, Page 169: 17 October, 1648. The Courte gives Mr. 
Cullick order to administer vppon the estate of his man Richard Sawyer, 
deceased, there being evidence in Courte that Richard Sawyer said before 
his death that hee would leave all that he had to the dispose of his Mar 

Page 453. 

[71] The 6th of November, 1643. 

Scott, Thomas, Hartford. Invt. £174-12-04. Taken 6 January, 1643. 
The last Will and Testament of Tho Scott, of Harttord, deceased, as yt 
was spoken by him to Edward Stebbing and Tymothy Standly, who 
were sent for by him for that end, to who he expressed his Will as follow- 

I doe give to my wife and to my sonne Thomas, the one halfe of my 
howse and halfe of my bame and halfe of my howselott, my two lotts in 

1635 TO 1650. PROBATE RBCORDS. 33 

the North meadow, my lott in the little meadow, also the swampe at both 
ends, also all my corne in my howse and barne, both here at Hartford and 
at Tunxis Cepus, as also two Cowes and my two elder Steeres, and fine 
Hoggs, wth halfe my howshold stuffe. I doe also give them my Carts and 
ploughs, and the tacklin belonging to the. His howseing & Lands to come 
to the rest of his children after the death of his wife & son Thomas. And 
my m3md is that if my sonne Tho. depart this life before my wife, at his 
death that the one halfe of the meadow & catle and howshold stuff before 
given to him and my wife shall be equally divided betwixt my other chil- 
dren then living, and my mynd is that my wife shall have power at her 
death to dispose of, and give away, the other halfe of that wch is given to 
her and my sonne, as shee seeth fitt, except my howseing and Land, wch 
my mynd is, shall then com. to the rest of my children at the death of the 
longest liver of my wife or my sonne Thomas. I doe also make my wife 
Executrix. My mynd is, that my youngest daughter doe rema)me wth my 
wife so long as shee seeth meet, & wth the advice of those that oversee my 
will. My mynd also is, that all my daughters be disposed of both in service 
and mariedge by my wife and overseers, and that my daughters shall re- 
ceive their portions ether at the day of their mariedge or at twenty years 
of agt. My will is, that all the remaynder of my estate wch is not given 
to my wife and sonne Thomas, after my debts are discharged, shall be 
equally divided among them. The youngest daughter to remain with her 
Mother, and the boy Servant to continue with the Relict & son Thomas. 

Dist. to the 3 daughters. 

The Relict of the said Thomas, with the apprbacon of the Q>urt, hath 
desired John Talcott, Wm. Westwood, Ed Stebbing and Andrew Warner 
to assist in seeing the Will performed. And these Ouerseers vnderstand- 
ing fro these that are the witnesses of his will, &c. 

In March, 1652 (see Vol. II, Page 123 of Lands, Sec. State's office) : 

The copy of a Deed of Sale made and recorded from Mary Porter 
and Sarah Standly and Elizabeth Standly, all of Farmingtown, of Sever- 
all Prcells of Land, wth a dwelling howse & other outhouses & home lott, 
unto Thomas Cadwell, of Hartford, wthin the Jurisdiction of Connecticut, 
& his heyres for ever : 

This prsent writing, made the ninth of March, in the yeare of or Lord 
one thousand Six hundred fifty two, Wittnesth : That whereas, Thomas 
Scott, sometime of Hartford, upon Connecticute R)rver, did give & be- 
queath unto his wife & unto his sonne Thomas Scott, by his Last will & 
testament, one message or tenement wth a barne & other out houses, & 
also a house wth the yard or garden therein contained, wch house lott is 
esteemed two acres (bee it more or less), abutting the highway Leading 
from the little river to the North meadow on the East, & on a highway 
Leading from that highway to the meeting house on the North, & on John 
Pantress Land on the South, & on Thomas Mason Land on the west ; And 
one prcell of meadow wth the swamp adjoyning. Lying in the North 
meadow, esteemed two acres two roods & twenty Seven perches (bee it 


more or lesse), abutting on John Mainards Land on the south, & on the 
great river on the East ; And one prcell more Lying in the North meadow, 
of meadow & swamp, esteemed twenty & one acres three rood & eighteen 
perches (more or lesse), abutting on Bartholomew Bamards Land on the 
south, & on William Wadsworth Land on the North ; And one prcell of 
meadow, esteemed one acre (bee it more or lesse) abutting on the highway 
Leading to the Landing place on the North, & on John Pantrees Land on 
the South ; And one prcell Lying in the old oxe pasture, esteemed eighteen 
acres, abutting Thomas Stantons Land on the North, & on Matthew 
Marvins Land on the south; And one prcell lying for cowe pasture, es- 
teemed thirty acres (bee it more or lesse), abutting on the widdow Standlys 
Land on the South, & on John Pantrees Land, on the North; And one 
prcell Lying in the Venturer feild, esteemed sixe acres twenty eight 
perches (bee it more or lesse), abutting on Thomas Standlyes Land on the 
North, on the highway Leading to the Brick Kell on the South ; And one 
prcell Lying in the neck of Land, esteemed five acres twenty foure perches 
(bee it more or lesse), abutting on Richard Webb's Land on the south, 
& on William Westwood's Land on the North ; All wch prcells of Land 
& halfe the building, & halfe the howse lott, the said Thomas Scott be- 
queathed to his said wife & to his sonne Thomas Scott during the time 
of the naturall life of both of them, & after their decease unto his daugh- 
ters, Mary Scott, Sarah Scott & Elizabeth Scott, to them & their heirs 

Now know yee, that these prsents wittnesseth, that the day of the 
date hereof the said Mary Porter, & Sarah Standly, & Elizabeth Loomis, 
wth the consent of every of their husbands, viz., Robert Porter, John Stand- 
ly» & John Loomis, all now or late of ffarmington, in consideration of the 
summe of forty five pounds by us in hand received, & a bill of debt given 
to us bearing date the day of the date of these prsents, have given, granted, 
bargained and sold all and singular those prcells of Land, dwelling house 
& other buildings on the premises before expressed, and were given to us 
by our ffathers will, is in reversion after the death of our mother, now 
Anne fford, & after the decease of our said Brother Thomas Scott, unto 
Thomas Cadwell, of Hartford, for ever without molestation from the said 
Robert Porter or Mary his wife, or from John Standly or Sarah his wife, 
or from John Loomys or Elizabeth his wife, or from any other person or 
persons, from the time of the decease of our said mother & Brother for 

It is also agreed upon by the prties'abovesaid, that if the said Thomas 
Scott shall survive his mother, Ann fford, & that the said Thomas Scott 
shall be left by the overseers of the Will to be paid for and maintained 
by his Brothers & Sisters, either, all, or by any of them, & that the said 
Thomas Cadwell shall pay eight pounds by the yeare during the terme 

1635 'TO 1650. PROBATE RECORDS. 35 

of his natural! life for every yeare or part of a yearc, then we doe bind our- 
selves to free the Land from any charges or daymes for the maintenance 
of the said Thomas Scott during the terme of his naturall life. 

Signed John Loomis 

Elizabeth X Loomis 
Robert Porter 
Mary X Porter 
John Standly 
Sarah X Standly 
Witness : Edward Stebbin & John Steele, 

[266] Page 502. 

Smith, Henry, Wethersfield. Invt. £370-18-06. Taken by James 
Boosey, Samuel Smith. Will dated 8 May, 1648. 

I Henry Smith, of Wethersfield, being at present in health of body 
and soundness of minde, considering my mortality, and knoweing it to be 
my duty to provide for my family and settle my estate, that I may leave 
no occasion of trouble to my children when I am gone, and that I may be 
free my self from distractions of this kind, if it shall please God to visit 
mee with sickness before I dye ; I doe therefore leave this testimony vppon 
Record as my last Will and Testament. Then, for my outward estate, wch, 
because it is little and I have well proved the difficultyes of this Country, 
how hard a thinge it will be for a woman to manage the affaires of so 
great a family as the Father of Mercyes hathe blessed me withall, and 
have had allso experience of the prudence and faithfuUness of my deare 
wife, who shall, in parting with me, parte with a great parte of her liveli- 
hood, I g^ve to my wife full power to dispose of all my estate in howses. 
Lands, Cattell and Goods whatsoever, within dores and without, only pro- 
viding if she marry again, or otherwise be able comfortably to spare it 
from her owne necessary maintenance, that she give to my sonne Samuell 
that part of my howselott which was intended for my sonne Peregrine, 
lyinge next to the burying place, and the land I have beyond the great 
River eastward, and also to him and my 2nd sonne Noah, 5 acres apeece 
of meadow, with upland proportionable thereunto ; and to the rest of my 
children unmarried, £20 apeece at the age of 21 yeares, or at the time of 
her death wch shall come the soonest ; and for my two daughters that bee 
married, my desire is that they have £20 apeece, and every one of their 
children £5 apeece, either in books or such other thing as my wife shall 
best please to parte withall. And I desire the Church, whose serviant I 
now am, to take an ouersight of my family, that they may be brought vp 
in the true feare of God, and to see that this my will bee faithfully 
prformed. Henry Smith. 


[257] Page 489. 

Standly, Timofhy, Hartford. Invt. £332-18-10. Taken 16 October, 
1648, by John Tailecoate, Edward Stebbing, Will Westwood, Thomas 

Court Record, 7 December, 1648. Dist : To the two eldest daughters, 
£50 out of the moveables ; to the eldest son Calib, the bowses and lands 
in Hartford, at the age of 21 years, Hee pa3ring to the youngest dau. £30 
if she lives ; to the yotmgest son Isaack, after the decease of his mother, 
the land and bowsing at Farmington. 

1670, December ist. Thomas Porter & Lois Porter give Receipt to 
Calib Standly that they have fully received that portion that was allotted 
by the Courte as her portion due to her of her father Timothy Standly 
estate. Thomas Porter. 

Witness: Samuel Cowles, 

Abigail Cowles. Test 5 January, 1670. 

Pr me, John Allyn, Secrtry. 

{A true copy of the original.) 

[60] Page 449. 

Spencer, Willia. Invt. £231-12-02. 

A coppy of the will & testament of Willia Spencer, late of Hartford, 
deceased, prsented in Court vpon oath by John Taylcott & John Pratt, of 
the said towne. A noate of the mynd and will of Willia Spencer, for 
prsent the 4th of May, 1640. 

Imprs. His will is that the estate that he hath in New Ingland, and 
also that wch may com to his wife hereafter, that is, any prte of his wifes 
portion yf any doe com, that all the estate be dyuyded as followeth : 
I give to my wife one third prte of all my estate. 
I give to my sonne Samuell one third prte : 
I give to my two daughters, Sarah and Elizabeth, one third partte. 

The children to be brought vppe wth the improvement of the whole 
estate that I leaue both to my wife and children. 

Also my mynd is, my Cosen Matthew Allyn, my brother John Pratt, 
and John Taylcoate, that these three partyes or any two of them shall have 
the Ouersight of my Estate ; and in case that they shall see in theire judge- 
ment the Elstate to be wasted, that they shall haue power to take the 
children and their portions ( ) for their bringing vppe, and to pay 

the Children their portions that remayne at the severall tymes above 

Also my mynd is, that my wife shall have no power to alienatt or make 
sale of my howse or any prte of my land I leave wthout the consent of two 
of the prtyes that are to ouersee my Estate. 

These last three lines were added subsequently in the hand writing 
of Secretary John Allyn. The distribution of the estate appeares in the 

l635 '^ 1650. PROBATA &BCORDS. 37 

Records of the perticular Courte, the 24th June, 1650, fol. 10, and the 
Coppyes of the bills given to the Courte for the payment of the £30 to the 
children are in the Booke of Records of Lands for the Severall townes, 
at ye other end of it The original Bills are vppon fyle of wills & Inven- 

Land Records. Vol. II, Page — (Not paged in this side of the Book). 
Know all men by these prss, diat I, John Tayllcott, of Hartford, upon 
Connecticut River, do hereby Bjmde my selfe, my Heires, Executors, 
Administers and Assigns, to pay or cause to be paid unto Sara Spencer, 
and to Elizabeth Spencer, the full vsdue of tenn pounds when they shall 
bee of full age of eighteen yeares, in some pay that is Current for so much 
when the said payments are to be made. John Tallcott. 

Witness : Richard Lard. 

John Steele 14 March, 1650. 

It is also agreed, that if either of the children dye before the time 
that they are of age, then the survivour & survivours shall receive it at the 
time when it should have been paid to the deceased, if he or she had lived. 
And if they all dye before the said time, then it shall bee paid to Agnes 
Edwards, or her LawfuU Attorney of the said Agnes, the mother of the 
said children. John Tallcott, John Steele. 

March the twelth, one tfiousand Six hundreth and fifty. Know all 
men by these prsents, that I, Richard Lord, of Hartford, doe owe and 
confess my self to be Indebted unto the Executors & supervisors of William 
Spencers Last will and Testament, the full sum of Twenty pounds Ster- 
ling for the aloane use of Samuel Spencer and Sara Spencer, to be paid as 
follows : fif teene pounds when the said Samuel shall be of full age, which 
will bee in the yeare 1660, in any pay that shall be Current in the Country 
at that time for so much ; and five pounds unto Sara Spencer, at the age 
of eighteen yeares, wch will be in the yeare 1653. Richard Lord. 

Witness : John Steele. 

William Edwards, 

Court Record, Page 10— (Vol. II) 24 June, 1650. 

With the Information of the Overseers, in presence of Thomas Spen- 
cer, the brother of sd. Deed, with the Consent of the wife of William 
Edwards, this Court do judge that £30 is as much as the Estate here will 
bear to be sequestered for the Use of the Children, also provided that what 
shall be paid here or in England of any Estate due to the wife of the sd. 
William Spencer, 2-3 shall be and remain to the Children. 

[228] Page 463. 

Veir, EcLy Wethersfield. Invt. £33-08-00. Taken 2 December, 1645, 
by Richard Trotte & Nathaniel Dickinson. 


Will — 19 July, 1645 • I give to Mr. Shareman, of Totokot, £4 ; to Mr. 
Smith of Wethersfield, £4, made up in part in a cow at Totocott ; I give 
to Lysly Bradfield and his wife, £3 ; to Mary & Hannah, the daughters of 
John Robins, £3 ; to John Robins, my two acres of meadows wch I had of 
John Robins in exchange for my Howse and home lott. My m3md is, that 
John Carrington and Tho. Kirkeman shall be no loosers by the bargaine 
of pease and wheat they bought of me. I make Mr. Shareman and Mr. 
Smith my executors, to who I give the rest of my estate. Memorand : yt 
is my mynd that John Carrington and Tho. Kirkeman shall use their in- 
deavor they loose not an3rthing in their Come, through their owne default 
My mynd is, that John Carrington and Tho. Kirkman shall have 20s for 
making my Coffen. My m3md is, that there shall be 20s bestowed uppon 
pruissions of W3me, bear, caks, and such like of what may be had for my 
buriall. I give to Mr. Swajme all my workeing tooles. Ed. Veir. 
In presence of Nathaniel Dickinson. 

Page 145. 29 October, 1646: Kircu & Carrington are to pay 30s to 
the Adms. of Veir for their bargaine of Corne. 

Court Record, loth of July, 1645 — Page 129: Will presented in Court. 

[62] Page 451. 

Ward, Joyce, Wethersfield. Invt. £52-15-06. Taken 24th February, 
1640-1, by George Hubbard & Leonard Chester. Will dated 15th Novem- 
ber, 1640: 

I, Joyce Ward, of Wethersfield, being sicke in body but whole in 
mynd, doe make my last will & Testament this 15th day of November, in 
this prsent yeare of the Lord Christ 1640, in manner and forme as fol- 
loweth : 

Imprs. I give to foure of my sonnes, that is to say, Anthony Ward, 
to Willie Ward, Robert Ward, & John Ward, ech of the a pare of sheets, 
and to my eldest sonne Edward, I give unto him twelve pence of mony ; 
furthermore, I make my sonne in law John Flecher my whole and sole 
Executor, to pay and discharge all those debts, legaces wch I am bownd 
to prforme, and for to see my body brought to the ground in a decent 
manner. Memorand: that I, Joyce Ward, have left my sonne Roberts 
portion wch his father gave him, wch is (£20) twenty pound, in England, 
in the hands of my sonne Edward Ward ; I have made Mr. WoUersloue, 
of Qipsum, in England, in the County of Rutland, my Attumy, for to 
receave jrt for my vse ; if he have gott jrt there, my son Robert shall have 
the whole twenty pound; but. if jrt be not gotten, then the six pound wch 
I paid for the putting out of the saide Robert Ward to Apprentice, shall 
be prte of that twenty pound. Joyce Ward her mark 

Witness : Nathaniel Dickinson 
Roger Prichat 

1635 '^ 1650. PROBATA RBCORDS. 39 

An Inventory of all and singular the goods, Chattells, cattle, belong- 
ing to Joyce Ward, wydow, late of Wethersfield, made, taken and found 
the 24th of February, by George Hubbard and Leonard Chester : 

i s d 

Imprs 7 yards of Hemppen cloath at 2s pr yard, 0-14-00 

It. four prrs of Hemppen Sheets, 2-00-00 

It one prre of flaxen sheets, i -00-00 
It. her apparell, vist, 2 gowns, one hatt, one pre 

of bodyes, wth other, 5-00-00 
It. one bedd, two boulsters, two pillows, two Coverings, 

two Curtains, loocyoo 

It. one boxe, wth a little hand Trunke. 0-03-06 

one brasse pott, i6s; one brasse panne, £t, 1-16-00 

one iron potte, one chamber pott, 2s, 0-04-00 

one brasse coal dish, 0-02-00 

one sowe wth three piggs, i -00-00 

two table cloathes, wth 4 napkins, 0-16-00 

one Bond or Specialty 30-00-00 

Pr Leonard Chester, 

George Hubbard. 

Page 135. 

Wakeman, Sam : Court Record, 4 December, 1645. ^^^^ estate of Sam. 
Wakeman, deceased, is setled on Nath. Willette, in consideratio whereof 
he is to pay £40 to the eldest sonne wn he shall attayne 21 years of age, and 
£20 apeece to the three daughters wn they shall attayne the age of 18 
yeares. If any dy in the meane, the portio is to be devided betwix the sur- 
vivors, the land to stand ingadged for the prf ormance thereof ; and if any 
debts more shall appeare than are nowe taiowne, to be equally borne by 
him & the children, and if any estate more appeare, that also is to be de- 
vided. The children's receipts of their portions is record in Book D. Fol. 
21, Decembr. 23: 1673. 


I, Ezbon Wakeman, doe acknowledge to have received of my father- 
in-law, Nath. Willett, the full and just stmime of forty pounds, which 
was allowed me as my portion of my deceased fathers estate. I say re- 
ceived by me Ezbon Wakeman 

\Vitness : John White. Test pr me, John Allyn Secrtry. 

Know all men, that I, John Kelly, have received of my father-in-lawe, 
Nath. Willett, the full just summe of moneys that wa* due from him to 


my wife as the portion which was allowed her, & doe by these presents 
give unto my aforesaid father a discharge from all and whatsoever from 
tiie beginning of the world to this day, as witness my hand June lo, 1663. 

John X Kelley. 
Witness : Joseph Smith. 

Esekell Sanford. 

6th September, 1662. I, Joseph Arnold, & Elizabeth his wife, who 
was the daughter of SamuU Wakeman, deceased, have received from my 
father-in-law, Nathll. Willett, twenty pounds in full sattisfaction, which 
was allowed to me for my portion. I say received by us. 

Joseph Arnold. 

Elizabeth X Arnold. 
Witness: John Richards. 

Esbon Wakeman. 

6 September, 1662. I, Hanna Hackelton, doe acknowledge to have 
received the full and just summe of twenty pounds, which was allowed 
me by the court, being the daughter of Samuell Wakeman, deceased. I 
say received by me from my father-in-law, Nath. Willett, 

Hanna X Hackleton. 
Witness : John Richards 

Esbon Wakeman. 

This writing witness that I, James Wakely, doe give to Nath. 
Willette acquittance from demands of Bill or Bills of all debt & damage 
from the beginning of the world to this day, as witness my hand this 26th 
of October, 1655. James X Wakeley. 

Witness : Thomas Bull. 

The above written is a trite coppy of the original record, 23 December, 
1673, pr me, John Allyn, Secretary. 

L Elizabeth Wakeman, as also Hanna Hackleton, did hear that 
Francis Hackleton did acknowledge that he had received his full due, that 
was due to his wife, & halfe a crown more. 

, Elizabeth X Arnold^ 

Hanna X Hackleton. 

[260] Page 493-495- 

Whiting, William, Hartford. Invt. £2854-00-00. Taken 20 April, 
1643. h William Whiting, doe intend a voyage presently unto sea. I 
give to my wife halfe my household stuffe of ^1 kinds, and one fourth 

1 635 '^ 1650. PROBATE RECORDS. 4 1 

parte of my personal estate, and her widdowes estate in my now dwelling 
house and lands at Hartford untill my sonne William be 21 years of age ; 
and after, if she continue a widow, I give her the halfe of my sd. howse and 
land for life. I give to my sonne William f 100 more than I give to either 
my sonne John or Samuel ; I give to John & Samuel £ioo more to each 
than I give to my daughter Sarah or Mary. I give £20 to Mr. Hooker, £10 
to Mr. Stone, £5 to mending the Highway betwixt my howse and the 
meeting house, also £5 to some godly poore of the towne. I desire Mr. 
John Haynes, Mr Edward Hopkins, Mr. John Webster, with Mr. Hooker 
& Mr. Stone, to be Overseers. I give to my father & mother £20. 

William Whiting. 

2 April, 1646. 

Intending another voyage, my will is, my son Joseph shall have an 
equal portion with sonnes John & Samuel. I give William £50 more ; to 
Mary, £10 more ; to my sister Wiggin, £5 ; and to each of her children, £3 ; 
I give to Margery Parker £10, my former will to remain in force. 

WiLLLAM Whiting. 
In presence of Edward Hopkins. 

William Whiting, upon his death bed: It is my minde that the 
children which God hath given me since the will was made wch I have 
in Mr. Hopkins hands, shall have an equal portion in all my estate to- 
gether with the rest of my children as I have to these devised. Also I con- 
firme £10 given to Mr. Hopkins, £10 to Mr. Webster, £10 to Mr. Hooker's 
Children, £10 to Mr. Stone's Children, £10 to the poor, £5 to Hartford, & 
£5 to the other two towns, Wyndsor & Wethersfield, and £5 to Mr. Smith's 
Qiildren, of Wethersfield. 

William Whiting. 
In presence of Henry Smith. 

James Cole. 

24th July, 1647. 

Paper on file compared with original. 

Court Record, 24 April, 1649. Then the Court Ruled upon a Con- 
struction of the will. 

Page 157. 

2 September, 1647, Mrs. Whiting is admitted to Adms. according to 
the will. 

Page 262. 

3 October, 1654. Mr. Webster, Mr. Stone, Mr. Fitch, Mr. Will 
Whiting, John Whiting, presenting to this Court a distributiyon of Mr. 


Whitings estate agreed upon by them (signed & sealed), bearing date 30 
Sept. 1654, this Court allowes to be recorded. 

Page 69— (Vol. III). 

29 October, 1667. Whereas, Mr. Alexander Briant and Mrs. Susan- 
nah Fitch have, by an Instrument of Resignation bearing date 27 June, 
1662, resigned their Interest in and unto the estate of Mr. William Whit- 
ing, Deed, that hath bee in ye possession and Improvement of sd. Susan- 
nah in the time of her Widowhood, unto the Children of ye sd. Mr. 
Whiting, and they desire the favor of the Court to have Deacon Edward 
Stebbing & Thomas Bull as Adms. on the rema)ming part of ye Estate. 

Williams, Amos. Court Record, Page 396 — 1 1 March, 1662-3. The 
Magestrates order Sam: Boreman to deliver the little Bible and a paper 
book vnto Amos Williams, wch was given to him by his Mother, and that 
he and Will : Goodrich dist. the Estate to ye Creditors. 

Williams, Matt : Court Record, Page 433 — 13 October, 1664. This 
Court orders Sam: Boreman, Mr. Chester & Samll Welles to dispose of 
the Estate of Matt : Williams, his wife, for the payment of what debts are 
due from the Estate, so farr as it will goe. 

[233] Page 468. 

WyUys, Oeorge. Died 9 March, 1644-5. Will dated 14 December, 
1644. I, George Wyllys, of Hartford, do make my last will & Testament. 
I give all my buildings, lands, tenements and heredetaments in Hartford 
bounds and at Tunxis Cepus, vnto my beloved wife Mary Willis (as 
spelled through the will) and unto my sonne Samuell, etc. I doe give to my 
son George all my Land and buildings upon the west side of the River, 
in the bownds of Wethersfield, now in the occupation of divers men, 
prvided he doe com over into New England and settle himselfe and fam- 
ily heere according as I have wrote him by letter dated 28th October laste. 
If he doe not come, the buildings & Land aforesaid shall be and remain at 
the whole dispose of my wife Mary Willis. My will is that my sonne 
George injoy and possesse my Land and buildings att Fenny Compton. 
in Old England, according to a Deed made to him by my feoffees ; for 
want of heirs, then to my son Samuel ; or, this failing, to the right heirs 
of me George Willis. I give to my dau. Hester £400 ; to my dau. Amy, 
£350. My wife Mary shall have and injoy to her own prper use, and to 
her assigns, the lease of the moiety of Fenny Compton for one and twenty 
yeares, she to pay to my dau. Hester iio pr year, and to my sd. Amy £10 

l635 '^ 1650- PROBATA RHCO&DS. 43 

a year, for the sd. terme of the lease, provided they live so long; if not, 
then the annuity to cease. I doe give my son Samuel all my land on the 
east side of the River wthin the bownds of Wethersfield, he paying to my 
daughters Hester and Amy £40 apeece sixe years after my decease. I 
give to Mr. Fenwicke, Mr. Heynes, Mr. Hopkins, Mr. Webster, Mr. 
Whiting, Capten Mason, Mr. Hooker, Mr. Stone & Mr. Warham, twenty 
shillings apeece as a token of my love. I give Mrs. Huet £5 out of the 
debts due to me fro her deceased husband ; and to Mr. Smith £5 out of 
the debts he oweth me; and to William Gybbins, £10 out of Mr. Smiths 
debt. George Willis 

I doe further give my sonne Samuel £10 money, all my Books, and 
my watch. I doe give unto ech of my two daughters a bedde & furniture, 
wch I leave to the ordering of my wife. I doe give to my wife all my 
debts, cattell, chattells, utensels, mony, plate, wth 2l moveables not other- 
wise disposed of by this my will. I make her sole Executrixe. 

George Willis, 

Witness : 14 December : Ed Hopkins, 

Will. Gybbins. 

Note was added 22 February, 1644, & change of date. Samuel now 
to pay the £40 to his sisters within one year after he come to the age of 
21 yeares. 

4 March, 1644 (5)- Another change was made relating only to 
Hester, Amy or Samuel in kind, or in the case of death of either. I doe 
further give & bequeath twenty Nobles to the poore in the towne of 
Hartford, five marke to the poore in Wethersfield, forty shillings to the 
poore att Windsor, and forty shillings to the poore at Tunxis Cepus, to 
be paid in County Comadits and disposed according to the discretion of 
my Executrixe. 

George Willis. 
Ed. Hopkins. 

Will Whiting. 



1635 to 1700. 

Some Wills, and other papers of a miscellaneous character, gathered 
from the volumes entitled Private Controversies (P. C), or other vol- 
umes not conveniently accessible, mostly at the State Library or the Office 
of the Sec. of State, are here assembled, it appearing that they have a bear- 
ing upon some matters, near or remote, giving value to them. 

(Vol, IV) P. C. No. 63. 

Angnr, Nicholas, New Haven. Will dated 20th September, 1669. 

Know all men by these presents, that I, Nicholas Aug^r, of New 
Haven, being bound on a voyage to Boston, & not knowing the end of my 
appointed time, do make and ordain this my last Will & Testament in 
manner and forme following : Imprimis : I give & bequeath unto my be- 
loved sister, Hester Coster, what Money & iState I have in the house, as 
a token of my love. 2ly, My Debts being paid, I give unto Katharine 
Reeston £5. 3ly, I give unto my mayd Servant, Mercy Willmet, £20. My 
Debts & Legacies being paid, I order & dispose of my Estate as followeth : 
I give unto my Brother John Augur, £20. I give unto my sister, Hester 
G>ster, £300. I give unto Robert Augur £150. I give unto my Cousin 
Nicholas Augur, ye son of my Brother John Augur, £100. I make my 
sister sole Executrix. 

Witness : John Nash, Nicholas Augur. 

Sam: Whitehead, 

Baret, Peter. The following letter from Peter Baret discloses some 
exceedingly interesting historical facts connecting the families of Baret 
in England, Thomas Stoughton at Windsor, and Huntington of Saybrook 
and Norwich, Connecticut Also, difficulties of trade with England, with 
an allusion to happenings in the time of Oliver Cromwell. 

Land Records, Sec. State's office. Vol. II, Page 4 by Count. 

Norwich, England, 20 April, 1650. 
Cosen Christopher Huntington: Your letter, date about the 20th 
September, 1649, ^^^"^ Seabrook, I Receaved, & doe pereseve that you 


have & shall receive to the value of 140 pounds of my Brother Sawton, 
which, when you have Received, & Securitee for what shall be behinde 
unpaide, then give him and my sister an acquittance as from me, in full 
Discharge of sdl matters & Demands that I can or may Lay claim unto 
from them soe. The devision of this £140, it shall be thus done: What- 
ever is Lost, as ox or a Cowe, or by Reason the Comodities may not be 
altogether worth soe much as you took them for, shall be first deducted, 
only the £140, & then the rest shall be thus devided: You shall take out 
£5 in the first place. And then devide the rest into five parts, whereof take 
too to yourselfe, one to Symon, one to Thomas, & one to Ann, wch will be 
all the five parts ; & then give to Symon the other five pound, for my In- 
tent is that hee shall have £5 more than one fifth part ; & I suppose you 
now know my Intent & meaning herein, & Let it be thus done. I well 
remember I told you that my Cousin Ann should have £20 because that 
her preferment by way of mariag ; but I gave you noe Comission to dispose 
of the money but by my order. Let Tho : his first part be put into Good 
hands & Security taken for it, with allowance for the forbearance that 
when he shall come to be capable to imploy it he may receive it with the 
Increase. Let me know what you doe herein, & sende me an acquit- 
tance under your hand for your parts as a gift given you by me, one 
under Sjmion's hand for his as a gift given him by me, also Ann 
her hand or marke as a gift g^ven her by me. If shee cannot write doe you 
wittness it ; & for Tho. Likewise a receipt imder his hand as a gift g^ven 
him also. Let me receive these 4 acquittances by the next Letters. Let 
the security for Tho. his part be taken in his owne name, & the yearly in- 
crease that shall be allowed him for it putt into the Securitie also. My 
father it hath pleased God to take away out of this world in August Last. 
I pray God fitt us all for the Like change. My mother is made Executrix, 
but I cannot heare that any of you are mentioned in his will. For holding 
in the Barbadoss my father hath nothing to show of any debt due to my 
Brother Huntington, but the Debt which he owes is £17, which is my debt, 
made over to mee under his hand & scale before he wentt away; & ii2 
he owes me uppon a bond to myself, so the whole debt is £29, which hath 
been my Loss. All this while the parliament hath taken all the King's offi- 
cers places away, all England over, and I have hereupon Lost £20 a yeare 
by this Act. that now I am removing myselfe towards London, & so cannott 
(by reason of these distractions) think of Sending you any Merchandis- 
ing Comodities. Let this inclosed be conveiyed to My Brother Stawton. 
If I have time & Leisure, I will against the next spring send you over some 
Comodities, but for Dutch cloath cannot accomodate you with, for I shall 
not have any ways of or means to gett them upon good tearms. I should 
think our North County Cloath should sell best, or these best Course cloths 
which you send me a patterne of. You mention in your letter of Shott, 
but not what sortes & for what use, for thereby we may guess at the sortes 
you should have. With the price of this kind of cloath & the bredth, I 
should have there by knowne the better what to have done therein; you 
must hereafter write more particularly ye thinge. I shall not further 


inlarge myselfe, but my love to yourselfe & your Brothers, & Sister Re- 
membered. Comitting you to the prtection of the almighty & Rest. 

Your Loving unckle 
Norwich the 20th aprill, 1650. Peter Baret. 

Sende your Letters to me by Mr. Edward French at his ware howse 
in the George Yard in Lumbard Street in London. 

Bladdeach, Elizabeth. The following Plea of Mrs. Blackleach, be- 
fore the Court of Assistants, relates to a will made by a married woman, 
and to an error of the Court admitting it to Probate : 

(Vol. Ill) P. C, No. 211. 

An Appeal to the Court of Assistants now sitting at Hartford, the 
Himible Application of Elizabeth Blackleach. Whereas, the Reverend 
John Whiting, in the absence of my Husband, at a late County Court in 
Hartford, did exhibit a certain Writing as the last Will of Christian Har- 
bert, late wife of Benjamin Harbert, which that Court was pleased to 
accept as her will approved by her husband. Etc., I was necessitated to tliis 
Application for an alteration of that conclusion, and do therefore present 
the following considerations: ist. Whereas, the said paper is presented 
as a will, It is evident thereby that the estate therein bestowed was origin- 
ally Benjamin Harberts, and there is, nor indeed could be, no alienation 
of it to his wife to make it hers to dispose of. That the woman therein 
undertaking was a feme Covert is plain, and that the whole estate of a 
feme Covert (while so) is her husbands right, is as undeniable a princi- 
pal as any in law, and the sole and one ground of the Husbands enjoying 
what comes in his wives right; nor can any man lift his wife out of the 
Coverture the Law puts her under, and the consequents of it, for the Law 
is above all in those things, so that she being no person in law to take the 
right, but that still remaining by law in her husband, she cannot will what 
in Law shee can have no right personally and seperately in. That which is 
aleadged from her husbands witnessing the will, and by a will of his owne, 
as giveing her a right, is unsufBcient ; for ist, as aforesaid, he could not 
do it; 2nd, hee hath not done it, for ist, to her will he is but a witness at 
most, the extent of which is only that he testifies this is to be his wives will. 
A party or testator to the will hee cannot bee and a witness two, for Testa- 
torship therein in any degree requires others to bee witnessess, and as to his 
will so caled of 6th June, 1684, it was revoked 7 Feb. following. Besidesi, 
to the passing the Land by Law, there must be som writing, record or Act 
passing it, but none such appears, nor are a few words sufficient thereunto 
without any other Conveyance. 2ndly, the said woman, being Covert feme, 
is absolutely incapable also, persons not of sound memory or not Compos 
mentis of makeing a will to dispose of Lands, by the 38 of King Hen. 8, 
which is well knowne ; and no feme Covert is inabled to make a will wch 
was the Confusion of Mr. Warams will, nor can her husband Capacitate 
her without the Law, nor is there need or room for it, because the Husband 


may, ought, and only can, in person, give what he hath a mind anyone 
should have. So that if a womans will be any thing, yt is So not as her 
will properly and formaly but as it is her husbands will, having the ruling 
power in the c^se, hath actually overruled his wives will, nullfying his 
owne of 6 June, 16S4, wch gave all the strength to his wives will by 
his act to Mr. Blackleach 7 Feb. 1684, and so nulled his wives will. 
4thly, this was done by her husband 7 Feb. 1684, uppon necessity of main- 
taining himself and wife, wch is a goo^ call and warrant by d Laws to 
alter his owne and wives will too, for it had been meer unrighteous pro- 
fusion for him to give away his estate, and the providence of God caled 
for it to be used to feed and cloath himself and wife, so that as his circum- 
stances went hee had been worse than ah infidell had he not so provided. 
5thly, Just debts notwithstanding must be paid, yea, and by All those men- 
tioned wills are exprest or implyed to be paid. Now this estate is a debt 
contracted after those wills so called as by that writing of 7 Feb. 1684, and 
to take it from him is to take away his due which hee hath sufficiently paid 
for, and might have paid dearer for. For Mr. Blackleach paid all his 
debts, wch were considerable, tooke him and his wife in a miserable condi- 
tion, Mantained them well all their days to his no little cost, and that Mr. 
Whiting should now indeavor in Mr. Blackleach absence to deprive us of 
so great a part of the just repayment of our real expense, hath to me no 
good Aspect. 6thly, Whereas, jos. Bull and Sam. Steele give testimony 
9iat what is a Bond written is a true paragraph of my Father Harberts last 
will, etc.. And thereupon I suppose on a promiscuous view it may seem 
proved that such a will of my father was and still is in force, and ratifying 
his first wifes will, etc., and so the Court had ground to act as they did. 
I pray the Court to Consider that there is no such will in force, nor 
proved; for had it been so, then should it have come from the Court 
Records, and not be brought in by a back dore, as it were, from witnesses ; 
but the wors Capt. Allyn can Certify that there is no such will of my 
Father Harberts on record, and I pray the Court to distinguish between 
a will only tittular, or such, in the nameing of two witnesses, and a will 
proved and of efficacy, for the one sort, and such is the one they testify 
to, is only tittularly so, and is clearly revoked by his act of 7 Feb. 1684; 
and if the Court had been pleased as well to say they found his revocation 
as his approbation, I had not given this trouble. I could do no less than 
acquaint this Worshipful Court with these things in my husbands absence, 
and thereupon to desire, as I do, either the rejection of said will as disal- 
lowed by my Father Harbert, or such a suspension of the case as may 
save my husbands claims unhurt till the next session of this worsp Court, 
I having daily expectations of his return, and for this worsp Court I shall 
ever pray. Elizabeth X Blackleach. 

her marke. 
May 31, 1687. 

See P. C, No. 201, for the Bond of John Blackleach to support his 
father Benjamin Harbert & his Mother Jane Harbert, 7 February, 1684. 


(Vol. II) P. C No i8o. 

[See Will of James Boosey, in Book XL] 

Boosey, James. A Court of Election held at Hartford 14th May, 
1668. Upon the Petition of Ensign Steele, John Pratt & Nathaniel Stan- 
ley, etc., this Court do hereby order, that the Children of James Boosey, 
or their heirs, shall not be prejudiced or disenabled by the law for Qaime 
of Land, & prosecution within a twelve moneth & a day to sue for or re- 
cover any Right they have or ought to have in any land in Reversion after 
the death of the Mother, either by Will or heirship at Common law. Ex- 
tracted out of the Court Records of 4th March, 1683-4. 

No. 181 — Nathaniel ffoot testifieth as followeth : He being in Com- 
pany with Enoch Buck, and entering into Discourse about ye Dry Swampe 
which he bought of Jehu Burr, which is now in controversy, the said 
Buck told me yt Mr. Burr came to him and offered to sell him the 
said swamp, and after some discourse about it he said he bought it, and he 
said )rt after they or he had bought ye Land some considerable time, then 
arose a doubt whether Jehew Bur could give them a good assurance off 
the said land, and soe there was a delay made for a little time, and then 
the said Bur came again to ye said Buck and said now he had gott good- 
wiff Wakely to Record the land to Joseph Boosey, and gott her to sett 
her hand to the Record, and now he thought he could give good Assurance 
of it. And yt Goodm Griswold and himself bought the said Land. Testi- 
mony of Mary Steele testifieth yt she heard Enoch Buck speak the sub- 
stance of what is in the above written testimony, in their house, to her 
husband and her Bro. Stanly. Nath. ffoote testifieth that the above written 
is truth according to his best remembrance, or the substance of it. Nath. 
ffoot & Mr. Steele gave their respective oaths to the above written testi- 
monys Octobr 11, 1684, before me 

Samll Talcott Adms 

No. 182 — Testimony of Mary Steele, aged about 50 years, yt her 
Father James Boosey did give some of the Lx)tt yt he bought of Robert 
Cooe, which pease is ye Upland Lott in ye West Field, and )^ shee, with 
William Smith which dyed att Farmington, did have the sd. pease, and yt 
to ye best of her rememberance there was between two and three acres of 
them. She further testifieth yt she did often hear her mother say that the 
Land in the Dry Swamp which her father bought of Robert Cooe did 
belong to her, and her sister Stanly of Hartford after her decease. This 
she saith she heard her say often of late days. Given upon Oath nth 
October, 1684. 

before Samll Tallcott Comer. 

No. 186 shows that the Widow, name Esther, of Joseph Boosey, sone 
of James Boosey, late of Fairfield, Deed, had become the wife of Jehu 
Burr: Emanuel Buck & Michael Griswold, Defts., they having bought 
the Land in Controversy (a question of Title) ; also the Will of Joseph 
Boosey, proven in Fairfield, his wife being the only Legatee. 


(Vol. IV) P. C No. i88. 

Chesbrougliy Nathaniel, sometime of Stonington. 25 May, \ftgS. 
Joseph Saxton, you, as Adms. in the Right of your wife Hannah Sa^ton 
to the Estate of Nathaniel Chesbrough, sometime of Stonington, Deed, 
and Nathaniel Chesbrough, son of sd. Deed, you are both required to 
appear at the County Court to be held at New London on the ist Tuesday 
in June next, then and there to answer the Complaint of Elihu Ches- 
brough, son of Elisha Chesbrough, sometime of sd. Stonington, also deed, 
in an Action on the Case for that you doe refuse and have refused & neg- 
lected to divide between him & you certain Lands & Appurtenances lying 
in sd. Stonington, given & devised by the last Will & Testament nf Mr. 
William Chesbrough, sometime of sd. Stonington, Deed, unto bis two 
sones, the aforesd Nathaniel Chesbrough and Elisha Chesbrough, both 
Deed, and soe of Ricfht to be divided e'^n^llv betv ** '^ 'he respect ' ' -irs 
of the sd. deceased brother. Unto the County Marshall, and return to the 
Court or Clerk before the Corte or Con?t^v»v of Stonin^rton. - 

Pr Samuel Mason, Assistant. 

Pr Samuel Frink, Cottstable. 
A true Copy. 

(Vol. II) P. C. No. 157. 

Cole, James. One parcel of Land in Hartford belonging to Tnmes 
Cole and his Heirs, lying by Wethersfield Bounds, being an Tshnd 'con- 
taining by Estimation 4 acres more or less, abutting on Wethersfield 
Bounds on the South End, and on the Great River on the East, and on a 
Creek from the Great River compassing it. 
Recorded 30 August, 1684. Per John Allyn, Register, 

No. 165 — Testimony of William Williams, that James Cole owned 
the Island at Wethersfield, wherein is also mentioned John Cole, son of 
James Cole, late of Hartford. 

No. 158 — 24 July, 1654, Land in Hartford belonging to Daniel 
Sillivant and his heirs forever, by Gift from his Father-in-law, James 
Cole, according to the Cautions and provisions made in his Will. 

More: One parcel by Gift also from his aforsd. f?»ther, neare Wethers- 
field Bounds, which was sometimes the Land of Mr. Hollister of Wethers- 
field, containing by Estimation five acres more or less, abutting upon 
Penny Wise on the South, and on John Wilson'sf I '»nd West, and f>^ T nnd 
of the aforsd. James Cole north, and the Great River East. Recorded 3 
September, 1684. John Allyn, Register. 

A true Copie from Hartford Records. 

(Vol. II.) Land Records, Sec. State's office. 

On the 17th day of August, 1650 — I, Andrew Munroe, of Appamat- 
ticke, marriner, have bargained, sold and delivered to Robert Lord and 


Daniel Sullivane, of New England, Marriners. And on the 2Sth of Aug- 
ust, 1652, Daniel Sullivane of Hartford makes Mr. William Gibbins his 
lawfuU Attorney, 

Test : ffra Barnard, Daniel Sullivane. 

Samuel X Gardner. 

(Vol. II) P. C No 156. 

Cole, Johxi, Hartford. 3rd October, 1655. This Indenture wittness- 
eth that I, Elizabeth Sillivant, of New Haven, Widow, do by these 
presents alien, bargain and sell, and by these presents have bargained and 
sold unto John Cole, of Hartford, all that my house and houselott with 
all Meadow and Land & Ac(x>modations belonging and appertaining unto 
the same. In consideration hereof I, the sd. John Cole, hereby promise 
to pay, or cause to be paid, to the sd. Elizabeth or her Assigns, the just 
and full sume of £58 in Wheat and pease, And the sd. payment of £58 to 
be fully satisfieid and paid in manner and form following, that is to say : 
£29 at or before the 20th day of April next ensuing the date hereof, & the 
other £29 at or before the 20th day of April, 1657 ; & for the sume & true 
payment hereof we have thereunto set our Hands this 3rd day of October, 

With the sd. House & Accommodations Elizabeth Sillivant.* 

is also, at the same price of £58, is allowed 
a bed-sted & a table. John Cole. 

Received of the sume above specified, by order from Mr. Goodyear 
and upon his Account, the sume of £49-10, this 3rd July ('57). 

Pr me, Henry Wolcott. 

A certified copy, compared 3rd of September, 1684. 

Pr me, John Allyn^ Secrty 

(Vol. II) Land Records, Sec. State's office. Page 22 by Count 

Edwards, William, Cooper, Hartford. I, William Edwards, of 
Hartford, Cooper, for good Consideration, acquit and discharge John 
Packer of Pequett, shipwrighte, from all Debts, and more particularly 

^Elizabeth Sillivant, Widow of Daniel Sillivant, late of New Haven, was 
daughter of Mr. George Lamberton, the Capt lost in the Phantom ship. Her hus- 
band died in Virginia in the summer of 1655. His Will was testified to upon Oath 
before Obedience bobbins, a Magistrate of Northampton Co., Va., June 4th, 1655. 
As Mr. Stephen Goodyear married Lamberton's Widow, Elizabeth Sillivant is called, 
on the New Haven Record, Goodyear's daughter. She was Daniel Sillivant's 2nd 
wife; his ist wife was Abigail Cole, daughter of James Cole of Hartford. After 
Daniel Sillivant's death, his Widow Elizabeth Sillivant married at Milford 9 June, 
1656, William Trowbridge, Assistant. 


and especially doe acquit and discharge the sd. John Packer from a cer- 
tain Bill from him to mee for about £5-14, which hee the sd Packer hath 
paid by my Order to John Pickett of Pequett, for which I acknowlege 
myself fully satisfied, and therefore the sd. Bill ought to bee delivered in 
unto the sd. John Packer, but, being lost, cannot be delivered and cancelled 
as it ought to bee ; but I, the sd. William Edwards, doe hereby ingage to 
secure and save harmless the sd. John Packer. 
27th June, 1654, 

Witness : John Cullick, William Edwards. 

Samuel Smith. 

Oeorge, Saybrook. The Will of George Fenwick is that 
of an historic personage, giving glimpses of an English gentleman's home 
and estate. Also, an intimation of a fact that tribute must be paid at the 
mouth of Connecticut River. (To the Saybrook Company?) 

Inventory from File. Will, P. C, Vol. I, No 9. 

Invt. £941-15-00. Taken by Robert Chapman, William Parker 4 

William Waler. 

Delivered in the General Courte at Hartford, i8th day of May, 1660, 

by Mr. John Cullick. Inventory as f olloweth : 

i s d 

Items, in Cattle at six Mile Island, taken 12 May, 1660, 
by Thomas Bull and Robert Lay, with farme build- 
ings, fences upon it, and Implements of husbandry 
belonging to it, 432-15-00 

the land at Oyester river quarter, £30-00-00; the Land 

at black hall quarter, i6o-oo-oo, 90-00-00 

the land at pottapoge quarter with the meadow belong- 
ing unto it, 25-00-00 

the land in the towne of Seabrook with all the housing 
and buildings thereupon, all the Orchard, and house 
lott belonging thereunto, 80-00-00 

the hundred acres and the meaddow belonging to the 
thousand pound Lott, Come field being about twen- 
tie acres, and one hundred acres of Land adjoyn- 
ing, 60-00-00 

the westerne acres at Seabrook, £60-00-00 ; one yoke of 
oxen in Mr. James Fitch his hands £14; in debts? 
belonging unto the estate about one hundred 
pounds, several of them being uncertain, 74-00-00 

besides the arrears in the several towns by yon the river 

for the fort, etc., 100-00-00 

Total, 941-00-00 

the mares and horses in the woods, the number and value of them un- 
Debts oweing by the estate, about sixty pounds. 


Note : all the Land at Seabrook, with the yoake of oxen, was appraysed 
by John Clark, Senior, and William Pratt, with John Lay. 

The Will of Geoi^e Fenwick was extracted out of ye Regisrt of ye 
Court of Probate of Wills & grantinge Administrations : 

The Councell which the Prophet gave to King Hezekiah upon ye 
Lords Message to him, that he should die and not live, is seasonable for 
all, it being as true of all others as of him, that they must dye & not live, 
the truth of which is not more certain than the time uncertain, whereof by 
mercy being sensible, though at present in good health, I make this my 
Last Will & Testament as followeth : First, I bequeath unto my dearly 
beloved wife Katharine all remainder of terme for years that shall beeto 
come at ye time of my decease, in Worminghurst, with all ye Appurten- 
ances to it belonging, in lieu of that part of her joynture in Morton, in ye 
County of Durham, which is yett in lease for about five or six years. 
Item. I give unto my saide wife two suites of Hangings, ye one of Caesar, 
ye other of Diana, as also ye Greene imbroydered bed & ye brocond Cloth 
bed lyned with Sarsnett, with Chairs & Stoles, & all belonging to them, 
with ye best bed quilt, blanketts, & two paire of holland sheetes for her 
owne bed. And two other beds, blanketts, foure pairs of Sheets, & other 
necessaries to them, for two servants' beds. Item. I give unto my said 
wife all ye plate & pewter that is marked with our Armes ; Also ye blew 
Damaske Couch & Chairs, & all ye lining wee bought since marriage, and 
all ye pictures & such Books as shee will chuse; Also ye Coach horses. 
I mention not her Towells, or a bed of her owne working, or other things 
that are her owne which she brought with her. But if there be any ques- 
tion of them, I intend her them all, as alsoe the best looking gJasse & 
another Lesee. Item. I give unto my most Naturall & dear Mother, Mrs 
Dorothy Clavering, ten pounds per Annum, to bee paid quarterlv to her 
during her life by my Executrix. Item. I give unto my Brother Claudius 
& to ye heirs, males of his body. Lawfully begotten, after ye decease of 
my wife. All my Landes in Brenck bourne and nether ffarmington, in the 
county of Northumberland, with theire appurtenances. And if mv said 
brother shall dye without an heire, male of his body, and leave daughters, 
then my will is that my heirs to whom ye reversion of ye said devised 
Lands shall come shall pay to ye said daughters, if two, each of them five 
hundred pounds; if three, four hundred pounds a piece; if above three, 
then to each one three hundred pounds apiece, the first payment to beginne 
according as ye propprtion shall happen to bee paid yearly from the time 
that my heires shall enter upon & receive ye profitt of ye said Land. Item. 
I give unto my Nephew Thomas Ledgard, & to ye heirs males of his body 
lawfully to bee begotten, all my Lands in Thirston & Tillington, in the 
County of Northumberland, after ye decease of my wife ; and if my said 
nephew shall dye without heirs, males. Then mv will is. That my heirs 
shall pay to such daughters as hee shall leave, three hundred pounds by 
one hundred pounds per Annum, ye first pa)mient to beginne from ye 
time that my heirs enter into and receive the profitts of ve said Land. Item. 
I give to my sister Ledgard & my sister Cullick each fifty pounds ; to my 


brother Ledgard & Brother CuUick each Ten pounds; to my sister Cul- 
lick's children One hundred pounds a peece; to my neece Qifton fifty 
pounds. And my neece Bootflower's boy fifty pounds. Item. I give to 
my Daughter EUzabeth ye suite of Landskipp hangings & to my Daughter 
Dorothy that of Susanna. The remainder of my houshold stu£Fe not de- 
vised I leave to be divided between them. Lastly, I make my daughter 
Elizabeth sole Executrix of this my last will & Testament, and doe give 
unto her ye remainder of all my personal estate and Chattells, my debts & 
Legacies paid, onely I give unto my daughter Dorothy one hundred 
pounds per Annum out of my Lease of ye Lands in Sussex. Item. I give 
unto Ralph Fenwick, now SchoUar of Christ Church in Oxford, Tenne 
pounds per Annum, to bee paid quarterly for ye terms of Six yeares from 
ye date hereof. Alsoe, I give to every servant Twenty shillings for every 
year they have been in my service before ye day of my death. Lastly, 
whereas there are besides diose Lands in the North, which will descend to 
my daughter from myselfe, certain Lands in Sussex after a few yeares 
that discends unto them from their Uncle Edward Apsley, Esquire, de- 
ceased, as also some houses in Hartshene, Land in Middlesex, & some Salt 
Marsh in Kent neare Epr church, after ye Lease expired. My advice unto 
them is, that by ye Councill of some Judicious & indifferent friends, ye 
Lands in ye North & South may be balanced & divisions equally made, 
soe that if it may bee ye one may have ye Lands in ye North for her part & 
ye other those in ye south. And yt my daughter Elizabeth, being ye Elder 
Sister, may have her Choice. 

In witness heereto I have set my hand & Scale this second of ffebru- 
ary. One thousand Six hundred & fifty Six. G. FFenwicke. 

And I purpose, if God give life, to adde a Codicill in remembrance 
of some friends which now I could not perfect. This I declare and publish 
to bee my last Will & Testament. 
Sealed the 8th day of March, 1656. 

In presence of Robert Leeues, G : FFenwicke. 

Moses ffryer, 

I, George ffenwicke, of Warminghust, in ye County of Sussex, 
Esquire, doe make & appoint these prsents to bee my true & proper Codi- 
cil to my Will & Testament, this Ninth day of March, One thousand six 
hundred & fifty six. And first of all I doe hereby revoke and renounce 
fifty pounds by ye yeare, pven in my will to Dorothy my daughter out 
of ye Lands in Sussex during my terme in them, and also I revoke £500 
of ye Legacy, one thousand pounds, which I give by my will to her my 
said daughter Dorothy, And I doe hereby give & bequeath the summe of 
five hundred pounds to Katharine ffenwicke, my deare & loveing wife. I 
doe also hereby revoke & make voyd ye pft of wt ever sum or Summes 
of money are given formerly by my will to my Sister Cullick & her Chil- 
dren, or to all or any of them, And I doe give & bequeath to her my Said 
Sister and her Children all my Lands, Chattells, reall & personall, that are 
in New England, and my debts that are oweing thereunto mee, to be 


divided amongst them into soe many parts as there are persons of them, 
& in such manner as yt her Eldest sonne may have a double portion. And 
likewise that out of itt may bee had Five Hundred pounds which I doe 
give to ye publique use of that Country of New England, if my loveing 
friend Mr. Edward Hopkins think it fitt. And to be employed and used to 
that end as my said Loveing friend Mr. Edward Hopkins Shall order and 
direct. Alsoe, I doe hereby give & bequeath to my Loveing friend Mr. 
Robert Leeues ye summe of Twenty pounds to buy him Books. I doe also 
desire ye said Robert Leeues to be Assistinge to my Executrix, And to 
take care of and helpe her in ye management of her estate in ye Countyes 
of Sussex, Middlesex & Kent. And I will that ye charges which he shall 
bee at therein be Allowed him by my Executrix, And alsoe Consideration 
for his paines. I alsoe give and bequeath to my Servant Moses ffryer soe 
much as will make up the Legacye given him by my will Ten pounds, 
which I will to bee employed by my Executrix to ye pa3mient of his debts 
soe farr as it will extend, and the remainder to be paid to himselfe if any 
bee. I give and bequeath to dame Eleanor Selby, of Barwick, Tenne 
pounds. I doe alsoe hereby desire her my much honored goodfriend 
Eleanor Selby of Barwicke to undertake ye care and education of my 
daughter Dorothy. I also desire my deare friend & fFather-in-law, Sr 
Arthur Haslerigge, to accept ye meane remembrance of forty shillings to 
buy a ringe, which I doe hereby will & bequeath unto him. And likewise 
forty shillings a peice to every one of his Qiildren for the like purpose. 

I desire my very good f reinds, my Cosen Lawrence and his wife. And my 
Cosen Strickland and his Lady, to accept as the remembrance of an affec- 
tionate friend, of ye sum of forty shillings a piece to buy them rings, which 
I doe hereby give & bequeath unto them. I alsoe give & bequeath to my 
Ancient Acquaintance and dearly beloved friend Sr Thomas Widdrington 
the sum of five pounds which I desire him to accept to buy a ringe. I give 
also & bequeath to my deare & good friend Mr. Edward Hopkins, late 
warden of ye ffleete, forty Shillings, to buy a ringe. I give & bequeath to 
my good friend Aaron Gourdon, Dr. of phisick, Ten pounds. I give and 
bequeath to my good friends Mr. Tempest Milner, Alderman, of London, 
& to his kinsman Mr. Robert Key, five pounds to buy what they please 
in remembrance of mee. I also give to my father-in-Law, Mr. Claveringe, 
and to Thomas Burrell, Brinkebame, in ye County of Northumberland, 
forty shillings a peice to buy them rings. And in witness of all this I have 
hereunto Set my hand & Scale & published & declared this to be my true 
& proper Codicil, to be annexed to my Will, ye day & yeare first before 
mentioned. Before Sealing I will that Six pounds per Annum bee paid to 
Tristram fFenwicke during his life, forty Shillings by the yeare to Mr. 
Ogle of Leith in Scotland, And Twenty Shilling^ a yeare to ye widdowe 
Oarke of Weldon, during their severall lives. 
In presence of John Straford, G: FFenwicke. 

Ro: Leeues, George Lar gripe. 


This was declared by George ffenwicke, Esqr, to be his Act, True 
Intent & meaning, a Codicil added and annexed to ye within dosed Will, 
to which wee that set our hands to this as Witnesses did also set our hands 
witnessing his declaration of that and publication of it And this hee 
added to itt. 

In presence of Ro: Lewes, 
John Straford, George Largripe. 

This Will and Codicil annexed was proved at London the 27th day of 
April, in the yeare of our Lord 1657, before the Judges for Probate of 
Wills and grantinge Administrations, lawfully authorized by the Oath 
of Elizabeth ffenwicke, the daughter & Executrix named in ye Will of 
the sd. Deed, To whom Adscon of all and singular the Goods, Chattells 
& debts of ye sd. Deed was committed, she being first sworn by Commis- 
sion well & truly to administer ye same. 

This is a true Copie of ye originall Will & Codicil of ye sd. George 
ffenwicke, Esqr, deed, which is truly & faithfully examined and collated 

Pr me, Leonard Brown, Notary Publique, 
This is a true Coppy of the aforesd. attested Coppy, examined together 
with him whose name is hereunder written as Attest. 

Pr me, Robert Howard, Notary Publique. 
Massachusetts Collonee, Novae Angle 10 March, 1658. 

Thomas Walker. 

(Vol. Ill) P. C. No 50. 

Gk)odrich, John. You are hereby in his magesties named required to 
attach 2 peeces or parcels of Meadow Land, containing about 8 acres, in 
Wethersfield meadow, such as you shall be directed unto, which belonged 
to the estate of John Goodrich Sen., late of Wethersfield, deceased, and 
secure the same to be responsible at the County Court to be held at Hart- 
ford on the first Thursday in September next to the complaint of Wm. Pit- 
kin as Attorney to Thomas Tracy, of Norwich, and Mary his wife, in an ac- 
tion of the case for that fower pounds by the year since the decease of the 
sd. John Goodrich hath not been paid unto the said Mary Tracy, according 
to a Covenant made to that intent by the said Goodrich, dated April 4th, 
1674, and for pa3rment of which said Land was bound, whereof remains un- 
paid thirteen pounds two shillings, besides part of a years due unto the 
payment of the said summe, and you are to give notice hereof to Lt. 
Samuel Steele, Daniell Rose and Joseph Goodrich, Administrators to the 
said John Goodrich his estate, and warn them to, or so many of them as 
you can warn, to appear at said Court to answer the action and defend the 
estate, and make return of serveing hereof to the Court or to the clerk 
thereof before the Q)urt, the Plaintif havii^ given Security according to 
Law to prosecute his action to effect and answer all damages in case he 
make not his plea good. Hereof fail not. To the Marshall George Grave 
to serve. 

John Allyn, Secrtry. 


No SI — Mr. Pitkin: That which my wife have reseved of her 
l^esy that her husband Goodrich gave her during life, the ist year she 
reseved £4, the 2nd year she reseved £2-18, and that is all that have been 
reseved. Thomas Tracy. 

£ s d 
Dyed April, 1680 — 5 years, 20-00-00 

Paid 6-18-00 

Due 13-02-00 

No. 52 — There is a description of Land that John Goodrich made 
over to his wife Mary, which now is the wife of Lt. Thomas Tracy, by 
way of Joynture. John Goodrich. 

(Vol. V) P. C. No 239. 

Goodrich, William, Hegessett. Will dated 12 May, 1677. I, Wil- 
liam Goodrich, of H^essett, in the County of Suffolk, Clerk, being 
through the Mercy of Qxl of sound mind and good health and disposeing 
memory, doe make and ordain this my last Will in manner and form 
following: Imprimis: I give unto Rebeckah, my loving wife, all my 
Messuage ( ) wherein I now dwell in Hegessett, with all the 

houses, out : houses. Gardens, Lands and Appurtenances thereunto belong- 
ing, to hold to her and her assigns for and during the term of her naturall 
life, she keeping the same from time to time in good repair ; and after my 
sd wifes decease I give the same Messuage or Tenement houses, out- 
houses. Yards, Orchards, Lands and Appurtenances thereunto belonging, 
unto Joseph, the Eldest son now living of my Brother John Goodrich, and 
his heirs forever ; but in case he dyes and have no naturall issue from his 
own body,I give all the aforesd. houses, etc., Lands with all their Ap- 
purtenances before mentioned, belonging to me in Hegessett, To my 
Brothers next son Jonathan, and his heirs ; and if he be dead before my 
wife and have no Naturall issue of his own body, I give the abovesaid 
houses and Lands, with all the Appurtenances named or not named, be- 
longing to me in Hegessett, unto my Brother Johns Eldest daughter and 
her heirs that shall then be Living. Also I give unto Rebecca, my Love- 
ing wife, all that Coppy hold Close Called by the name of Robletts, Con- 
taining by Estimation Seven Acres more or Less, Lying in Chilton 
Hamlet, in Stow. Market, in the County of Suffolk, holden on the Mannor 
of Dagworth Cum Sorrells, To hold to her and her assigns for and during 
the Term of her naturall Life ; and after my Said Wifes decease, 1 give 
the aforesaid Close, with all the Appurtenances thereof, to John, the Eldest 
Son of my Brother William Goodrich, and his heirs forever; and if he 
dye before my wife and leave no naturall issue, I give the aforesaid Qose 
to William, the next Son of my Brother William Goodrich, and his heirs 


forever. Also, I give unto Rebecca, my wife, all the Closes Mortgiged 
To me by John Tillott, of Bayton, now deceased, for fifty pounds, and 
seized upon by me for the Lack of the payment of the principall. All these 
Qoses they are mentioned in the Indenture made to me, with their Ap- 
purtenances, I g^ve to the said Rebecca, my wife, during the Term of 
her natural! Life ; but in Case the Land be Redeemed, and the fifty pounds 
paid, with the Interest that is or Shall be due to me, my will is, that my 
wife shall have the Interest and Improvement thereof towards her main- 
tenance during her Life ; but my will is, that after her decease that all the 
Qoses of the aforesaid John Tillott, Mortgaged to me and Seized upon 
by me for the want of the payment of the aforesaid Principall, Shall 
descend to John Goodrich, the Eldest Son of my Brother William Good- 
rich, and to his heirs : but if Redeemed, I will and devise to the aforesaid 
John and his heirs, after my wifes decease, fifty pounds of LawfuU 
English money in the Roome of the Land. And whereas, I have Sundry 
Sums of money abroad in Severall hands, I will and devise Concerning 
the same that my said wife shall have the Interest and Improvement there- 
of Towards her Maintenance during her Life; but my will is that the 
aforesaid fifty pounds, in Case paid and the aforesaid Land of John Tillott 
be Redeemed, and besids that an hundred and fifty pounds more, which 
I have abroad, be well secured by my wife within three months after my 
decease, the above named fifty pounds for the use ( ) forenamed 

John Goodrich, Eldest Son of my Brother William, and his heirs ( ) 

forever. Out of the hundred and fifty pounds after my wifes decease, I 
will and devise one fifty pounds to the above said John, Eldest Son of my 
Brother William Goodrich, and his heirs forever. And as for the other 
hundred pounds, I will and devise the Same unto Joseph, the Eldest Son 
now Living of my Brother John Goodrich, and his heirs forever, after the 
decease of my wife. And I further will, that whenever Mr John Tillotts 
Land be Redeemed and the fifty pounds paid in. That the said fifty pounds 
Shall be put out for the better Improvement for my wifes maintenair^e ; 
but no part nor parcell of it but by and with the Consent of my kinsman 
Henry Bull, Sen., of Bury Malster, and John Goodrich, Eldest son now 
living of my Cozen Robert Goodrich, of Hawlsigh Chirurgeon. And after 
the Same manner shall the hundred and fifty pounds before mentioned, 
to be disposed for the maintenance of my Said wife, no part of the Same 
to be put out or altered & out of the present hands where it is but bv and 
with the Consent of Henry Bull, of Bury, and John Goodrich of Hawlsie^h, 
that so the principal Sum may be preserved for the aforesaid John Good- 
ridi, Eldest Son of my Brother William Goodri'^h, and his heirs, ar^d Joseph 
Goodrich, Eldest Son of my Brother John Goodrich, and his heirs. And 
in Case of her disposal of the Said Two Hundred pounds or -'nv n^rt 
thereof without the Consent of the aforesaid Henry Bull and John Good- 
rich, Then I will that my sd 2 Brothers Children, Joseph and John, or 
their heirs Liveing, Shall Immediately, from and after Such disposal. Ii-^ve 
and In joy the Two Hundred pounds according to my mind and Tmrr»ose 
abovesaid, either of them their appoynted Part and Share. And 'Hs 


further my will, that my Said wife doe, before She injoy any benefit of this 
my will, first enter into Bond in four hundred pounds to die Said Henry 
Bull and John Goodrich, that her Executors & Administrators shall duly 
pay to the above named Joseph and John, within three months after her 
decease, ye Two htmdred pounds In Case the Land of Mr. Tillott be 
Redeemed and the principall paid, or else One hundred and fifty pounds 
if they shall Come so Soon out of New England to Receive the 
Same, or by sufficient and undoubted authority Send for the Same, 
or else as soon as they shall Come for it Item : It is my will that all 
the over plus of my Estate, either goods or money or household Stufe 
or Chattells whatsoever, Shall be and for the Sole use and benefit of my 
wife, and at her disposall ; to whom I give the Same. And I Constitute 
and appoynt ye Said Rebecca, my wife. Sole Executrix of this my last will 
& testament, and I Nominate ye said Henry Bull and John Goodrich 
Supervisors thereof. Also, my mind and will is, that Mr. John Bull, now 
Reader of Bury in the Parish of St. James, and the Son of Henry Bull 
abovesaid, shall have these books named by mine own hand in the Margin* 
of my will, which my Executrix after my decease Shall deliver unto him. 
In witness of all this I, the said William Goodrich, have to this my last 
will and Testament, Contained in one Sheet of paper. Set my hand and 
Seale, dated the twelveth of May, in the year of our Lord 1677. 

William Goodrich. 

A True Coppy, attested by Edward Oxbrough, Notary. 

No. 240. — ^A letter from Henry Bull, dated 23 November, 1692, to 
Cozen Goodrich: Suggest your Aunt is in good health. My own son 
John, a minister, and my son-in-law, Thomas Winlock, who married my 
daughter, are intrusted according to your desire to look after your Estate. 

Your loving friend & Kinsman, Henry Bull. 

No 241. ,^ 

Bury, 24 November, 1698. 

Dear Brother: John : My kind Love to you and yours. This is to de- 
sire you to send to my Cousens, the Goodriches, to let them know that 
their Aunt is dead and was buried the i8th day of this instant November. 

Your loving brother, Henry Bull. 

Na 242. 

From Bury ye i6th of July, 1678. 

Cosen Goodrich: 

This is to inform you that your brother William is 
lately dead. He dyed in Hegessett, near Bury, in the County of Suffolk, 
and left no children. The sum of his last will and testament is this : He 
has given to his wife all during her naturall life. After her decease he has 
bequeathed to your Relations as f oUoweth, viz : To Joseph, .the eldest son 

♦The titles of these books, which were written in the margin, were not legible. 

C W. M. 


of his brother John, he has given his howse and ground at Hegesett above* 
said, and one hundred pounds in money, if the Joseph shall then be 
living; else to 2nd son; failing this, to die eldest daug. of his Brother 
John. He has also given one coppy hold ground, in value neare iioo, and 
iioo in money, to John, the Eldest sone of his brother William, after the 
decease of his wife, if then living, & next, this failing, to William, the son 
of his brother William, and his heirs forever; all to be enjoyed after the 
death of his wife, whom he has appointed sole executrix ; myself and one 
Mr. John Goodrich, of Hawlsigh, to be supervisers. 

my Wife is yet living, who was your Cozen Jane Coates, and desires 
to be landly remembered to you. I am also your loving Kinsman, 

Henry Bull. 

No. 243. Be it know unto all men by these presents : that I, Jonathan 
Goodrich, of Wethersfield, Taylor, one of the sons of John Goodrich, late 
of Wethersfield aforesd.. Husbandman, deed, for divers good causes have 
constituted & appointed my friend Nicholas Hallam, of New London, in 
the County of New London,Mariner, my true and lawful atty. to act for 
me in the realm of England to enter into and upon one certain Messuage 
or Tenement lying and being in Hegesett, in the County of Suffolk, in the 
Kingdom of England, formerly belonging to and in the possession of 
William Goodrich, of Hegesett aforesd., Gierke, and now of Right belong- 
ing to me, to do, execute and accomplish all and whatsoever I myself 
might or could do personally. 
Witness: Hes: Willis, Jonathan Goodrich. 

Caleb Stanly, Ir, 18 May, 1703. 

Test: Eleaser Kimberly, Sec. By the Command J. Winthrop. 

No. 243. John Wintrop, Esq., Governor of his Magesties Colony of 
Con. in New England, greeting: The 20th May, 1703, appeared before 
me, sd. John Winthrop, in Hartford, William Warner, age about 57 
years. And Thomas Welles, aged about 41 years, both of Wethersfield, to 
testify from personal knowledge and acquaintance with John Goodrich, 
late of Wethersfield, Husbandman, deceased, living & converseing with 
him many years; and that sd John Goodrich had a Reputed son named 
Joseph Goodrich, who hath been dead for about 22 yr. and died without 

And the said William Warner & Thomas Welles further declare that 
the sd John Goodrich left another son at his decease named Jonathan 
Goodrich, who now (since the sd. Joseph his death) is reputed only son 
surviving lawfully begotten, and that Jonathan Goodrich aforesd., Taylor, 
a person who was present at the time of takeing the Oath, upon whose 
Request this Certificate is granted. Claims estate lying in Hegesett, County 
Suffolk, England, devised to him by the last will of William Goodrich, 
sometime of sd. Hegesett, Gierke. Said Jonathan Goodrich, about 38 
years of age, married and has several children living. 

(Colony Seal) 
Eleazer Kimbaly, Sect. J. Winthrop. 


(Vol. II) P. C. No 203. 

Griswold, Edward. The statement of Edward Griswold reveals an 
ebb-tide in the affairs and settlement of Windsor. 

The Testimony of Edward Griswold, aged about jj years, is that 
about the year 1639 Mr. William Whiting, Deed, was Undertaker for a 
shipp in England, in which Shipp I came to New England. The sd Mr. 
Whiting borrowed of one Mr. John Saint Nicholas about two hundred 
pounds, wch I had the Bill to receive here, wch money reced. against Mr. 
Whiting by Mr. Nicholas order here. And at the time many passengers 
came over, severall of which settled in Windsor, and a gennerall expectation 
there was at that time, as appeared by discourse of many more passengers 
to come, and some of note, as the said Mr. St. Nicholas for one, by which 
means Land at Windsor near the towne and ready for improvement was 
at a high price ; and about that time the said Mr. Whiting bought, as was 
Commonly reported, Mr. Ludlow's Land at Windsor, that is, when Land 
was dear, and I know Mr. Ludlow went away then in a short time after. 
But afterwards people that were Expected out of England, not Comeing 
in Such numbers as was looked for, Mr. Ludlow ( ) to England, 

and others removeing to the Sea Side, the Lands at Windsor fell very 
much in price from what they were at when Mr. Ludlow sold to Mr. 
Whiting, So that Generally, to my Observance, Lands were not sold but 
at half the price as before or about half the price. Further, I testifie that 
the above said Mr. St. Nicholas, living near Mr. Hewett in England, did 
manifest his desire to settle by Mr. Hewett in New England, and by my 
observance of Mr. St. Nicholas words and actions and also Mr. Whiting, 
did apprehend that Mr Whiting bought Mr. Ludlow's Lands to accomo- 
date the said Mr. St Nicholas. Mr. Edward Griswold personally ap- 
peared this 15 May, 1684, & made oath to the above written before me. 

John Allyn, Assist 

At Perticular Court, Page 98. 

Howell, Mr. i ith May, 1657. Upon Examination of Wignagub, 
he confessed that he was hyrcd to burn Mr. Howell's house by 2 Indians, 
one Anabayn-hoe prmised him one gun, and Agagon agu, who promised 
him £7-06 ; and hee said Auwegenum did know hee was to bume the house 
two dayes before it was done, and that himselfe and the three Indians 
were together when he was hyred, but Auwegenum did not hear their 
discourse; but Anwabeg told Auwegenum of it afterwards. Upon con- 
sideration of the motion made from our ffreinds at South Hampton for the 
prsence, countenance and assistance of 20 men from us, and considering 
their Sad distressed prsent State by reason of the insolent & insufferable 
outrage of some heathen upon that Island & neare that Plantation by 
fyering several dwellings houses to the undoeing of severall members of 
this Collony, this Court doth order, that there shall be 20 men prssed 
forthwith to goe over to their assistance, as the case may require, together 

these men to have 25 lbs. of powder 
& 50 lbs of Bullets. 


with necessary prvisions and Ammunition, wch are to be taken out of the 
Severall Towns in the prportion following : 






Sea Brooke, 


Page 196. John Cooper, 6 May, 1663, makes appearance at this 
Court to answer the Appeal of Joseph Reiner, Richard Howell, Thomas 
Cooper & Samuel Dayton, according to his bond. Tlie Pltf. appeare not 
to prosecute according to tlieir Bond of £20. 

(VolH) P. C. No. 146. 

Latham, Thomas. We, Andrew Davis and John Bailey, beinq: em- 
ployed as Carpenters by John Packer, sen., for the finishing of the House 
of Thomas Latham, Deed, the sd. Packer marrying the Widow of the sd. 
Latham, And being since desired to give the best of our judgement con- 
cerning the frame of that house as to value & worth thereof, and alsoe sd. 
frame & house wch frame shingles & Qapboards did once belong unto 
John Morgan and was by him sold unto Cary Latham, we finde the length 
of the sd. howse to be 28 foote and the breadth Eighteen foote, and ( 9*feet 
& Yi between joynts) & 9 J4 foot between ye Joynts ; being all slitt worke, 
wee valine the sd. frame to be really worth £16, & the Qapboards & 
Shingles to be £6-18 ; all, £22. So much new, doe really judge the Frame, 
Clapboards & Shingles to be really worth at our Finishing of the sd. 
House. And if need shall require, we shall make oath to the truth hereof ; 
& in Testimony wee have hereunto sett our Hands, in New IxMidon, the 
9th of May, 1683. 
Sworn October 4th, 1683, before me, Daniel Witherell, Commissioner. 

(Vol. Ill) P. C. No. 26. 

Mason, John. Dist. of the Estate of Capt. John Mason, of Norwich : 
To Abigail, sometime the wife of Capt. Mason of Norwich, the Stock of 
Cattle of what kinds soever, also the 200 acres of Land already laid out in 
the western side of Norwich Bounds, and halfe of that Mile of Land given 
by Joshua Sachem of such Lands as are not yet disposed of, & likewise 
from allottments willed by Joshua the Sachem. 

♦This was blotted and the words set in the margin probably by Daniel With- 
erell, as the writing indicates. C. W. M. 


Inventory as distributed: To the Mother, £169; To John, the son, 
^55; and to the daughter, £110. John Mason, brother to Ann Mason, 
is ordered to pay to her £23 to make up her proportion according to the 

James Fitch, 

Samuel Mason. 
Order of Court, 12 May, 1685. 

(Vol. IV) P. C. No 38. 

Pigg, Bobert, New Haven. Will dated 28th March, 1660 : 
I, Robert Pigg, being in perfect health and memory, doe make this 
my last will and testament: I give unto my daughter Alice my g^eate 
brass Kettle and a brass pott and a pewter platter that was her mother's, 
and shee is to have them after the death of my wife. I give unto Thomas 
Jenner, my daughter's sonne, my house and home lotte and foure acres 
and a halfe of land that lieth next the lott that was Mr. Malbones towards 
the mill, to him and to his heirs after the death of my wife ; and if yt my 
wife should remove from New Haven and doth sell the house and land, 
yt Thomas Jenner shall have the half that it is soulde for, and his mother 
shall have the disposeing of it for him ; and if yt shee be living. And I 
did give them a mare colt but it is lost. And I give unto my daughter by 
my life time two cowes worth iio. And I give unto my daughter's other 
children 2 ewes and one ewe lamb, to be equally divided amongst the other 
children, and they to be one another's heires. 

This is a true Copy as it stands upon Record in the Book of Wills. 

Examined pr me, James Bishop, Clerk. 

No 39. John Bishop, of New Haven, acknowledging his indebtedness 
to Thomas Jenner, of Brookhaven, in ye County of Suffolk, on Long 
Island, is as foUoweth : £60 to be paid in good winter Wheat at 5 shillings 
per Bushell, & good Marchantable pork at £3-10-00 a barrell ; & in failure 
thereof, in other good Marchantable provision equivalent thereto at price 
current wt yt marchant, ye place of paymt to be at New Haven ; also for a 
certain dwelling house, Bame & Homelott, &* 4 acres of Land, which I 
have bought of ye sd. Thomas Jenner and am to have possession thereof 
in November next, & not before ye present Crop is off from ye ground. 
20th June, 1687. 

Witness: Samuel Ells, sen.) John Bishop, Ls. 

)of Milford. 
Samuel Ells, Jr.) 

before me, Jno Beard, Commissioner. 

James Bishop, Clerk. 

No. 40. 4 June, 1690. Simon Simons, aged near 38, testifieth yt 
upward of 2 years past having lived sometime before wth ye Widow 


Thorpe, deed, he had ye Land & house lott of her, & wth her consent im- 
proved it ; & having a crop on ye ground, John Bishop of New Haven came 
to him & told him he had bought ye land and must have ye possession of it, 
& bid ye deponent take of his crop, which he did, & told him ye land was 
ready for him. After this, on ye day Mr. Trowbridge was buried, which 
was ye spring after ye sd. Jno. Bishop came to deponent & told him he 
must take ye land again, & before Jno. Roo did deliver up possession of 
it, & accordingly he took possession & hath had it ever since, & further 
saith not. Ye sd. Simon swome ye day & year above written. 

before me, Wm Jones, Assist. 
Copies as James Bishop, Cler. 

(Vol. II) P. C. No 100. 

Richardson, Stephen. To the Honoured the General Assembly of 
Connecticut Colony now sitting in Hartford, the Humble Application of 
Stephen Richardson, showing: That whereas, my Hond Father Mr. 
Amos Richardson, of Stonington, by the all-disposing Providence of God 
is lately deed, and did before his death make his Will, wherein he con- 
stituted my Hond Mother Executrix, giving her power to dispose of part 
of his Estate; since which it hath pleased God to take away my mother 
also by death, who hath also left her last Will in writing, wherein she 
hath made mee and my brother, Samuel Richardson, Executors of her 
last Will, we, according to the Trust therein reposed in us, would have 
proved the sd. Will at the Cotmty Court at New London, that we might 
have been in a legal capacity to have administered to the Estate and have 
executed the Wills: but it hath pleased God to visit the Magestracy of 
New London County that there were not so many as to constitute a 
Court at the usual time, and so all business at that Court, and ours among 
the rest, was unatended, nor can we learn that there will & certainly be 
any Court soon held there ; and so it is that much of the Estate being in 
stock of Cattell which are given immediately to be paid on proveing my 
Mothers Will, & other Estate that requires a present Care & Dispose of, 
& which we are unwilling to run the Hazzard of if it should be lost, I do 
for and by order of mv Brother, the Co-Executor wth me, and for my- 
self. Humbly beseech this Honourable Cburt to appoint persons that may 
speedily hold a Court at New London, or at least that this Court, as your 
Wisdom shall see best, do appoint some means whereby there may be 
opportunity g^ven us for a lawful probation of sd. Wills so far as shall 
appear to be just, that so wee may be capable of Disposeing the Estate 
as willed by our parents, & not exposed to any Hazzard of Loss of what 
we can now disdiarfi;e ourselves if the sd. Wills were proved, not bear 
the further charge of it, which is considerable ; or if the Honoured Court 
please to take Cognisance of it and settle the Will, we shall rest satisfied 
therein ; & for this Honoured Court we ever pray, etc. 
Hartford, 11 October, 1683. Steven Richardson. 


(Vol. II) P. C. No. 50. 

Bussell, John. May the i6th, 1660. Lands of Mr. John Russell, 
Jr., which he bought of John Fletcher of Milford, lying in Wethersfield 
on Connecticut River: One pece of Upland and Swamp in the South 
Field, Containing 16 acres more or lesse. The ends abutt against a High- 
way leading to Middletown West, & the Plaine East: the sides against 
lands that was formerly Richard Belding's, Deed, South ; on Land that 
was formerly Lissley Bradfield's, North. One peice lying in the South 
Field, containing 12 acres more or lesse. The end abutts against a Hie- 
way West, and beaver Brook East ; the Sids against the Lands of Nathan- 
iel ffoot, deed, or his heirs. North, and John Lattimer South. The above 
v,.i-i'*«t^ grp friic Tn-T-e^ '^f thc Rccords of the abovesd. parcells of Land 
as they stand recorded unto me. 

John Russell, Junr. 

In the 79th page of the ist Booke of Wethersfield Records, 28 
February, 16S2, pr me John Welles, Recorder. 

No. 51. 26 of December, 1648. Lands of Robert Foote, which he 
bought of Samuel Gardner of Wethersfield: Another pece of Homelott, 
containing 3 acres more or lesse. The ends abutts on the Way South, and 
the Plaine North ; the sids against the Lands of Nathaniel Foot, East & 

The above written is a true coppie of the Records of the parcell of 
Land as it stands recorded to Robert Foote in the 19th page of the ist 
Book of the Wethersfield Records. 

Per John Welles, Recorder. 

(Vol. I) Windsor Lands, Page 16, Sec. State's office. 

Stoughton, Thomps, sen. nth January, 1640, Thomas Stoughton, 
sen., hath granted to him from the Plantation an Homelott whereon his 
Dwelling House now stands, wch together wth the Additions and Meadow 
adjoyning conteynes in yt 52 acres more or less, vizt, 25 acres of Meadow 
wch is in breadth by the Great River 39 Rods wide ; at the head next the 
Upland, by reson of exchange wth George Gunne, 53 >4 Rodd; the 
Upland at the Head of the sd. Meadow teing in breadth, by reson of 
Purchase fro John Lykins, 34 }4 Rodd ; and in breadth next the Street by 
addition to George Gunne 27 Rodd; and on the West side of the sd. 
Street the remainder of the before sd. 52 acres in breadth, by addition fro 
the Townc, 74 }4 Rodd ; bounded on the West by a Highway appointed 
betwixt yt and the Lotts of David Wilton & Nicholas Denslow, & on the 
South Side bounded at the West & by Tho : Dewey & fro him to the sd. 
great River to the aforementioned Highway at the West End. Also, over 
Ac Great River, next unto the same, the breadth 50 Rodd more or less, 
to run the same breadth 3 Myles to the East, bounded on the South by 


Ephraim Huet, on the North by Stq)hen Terry. Also, towards Plmo 
Mead 69 acres more or less, in breadth 69 Rodd, in Length northward 
160, bounded on the north by John Lykin, on the South by Thomas Gunn. 
(See Stiles's History of Windsor, Vol. II, Page 722) : 
We learn from tradition that the brothers, Thomas and Israel, were 
accompanied to New England by their father, Thomas, Senior. Thomas 
the Elder, as he is designated on the Land Rec. of Windsor, in a deed 
date 14 July, 1645, makes over to **Thomas, my son," all his ppty in W. 
except his home lott, well court, and court before the house, and orchard, 
evidently reserved for his own use. Afterwards Thomas Stoughton the 
Elder sold to Thomas the younger his dwelling house and outhouses, 
orchard and courts, formerly exempted, provided the said Thomas the 
younger shall afford convenient maintenance to the said Thomas his 
ffather, and his mother-in-law, that is, the former widow Huntingdon, 
during the time of their lives, and in case Mr. Stoughton dyes first, then 
to all ( ) his mother-in-law the third part of a hundred pounds 
which the said particulars were prized at, or to allow the said convenient 
maintenance with himself during her life (being her choice), provided 
she live witfi the said Thomas, otherwise not. The foimders of this family 
in the United States were, as we have seen, two brothers, Thomas and 
Israel, who came over in 1630 or 1633 with their father, Thomas the 

SunckqnaBSon Indian Treaty. — "Whereas our predecessor Sunck- 
quasson, sachem of Suckiage, alias Hartford, did about the yeare sixteen 
hundred thirty six, by a writeing under his hand, pass over unto Mr. 
Samuel Stone and Mr. Wm. Goodwin, in the behalfe of the present pro- 
prietors and owner of the lands belonging to the township of Hartford, 
all that part of his country from a tree marked N. F. which is the divident 
between Hartford and Wethersfield — ^we say from the afoarsayd tree on 
the south, till it meet with Windsor bounds on the north, and from the 
great river on the east, the whole bredth to run into the wilderness to- 
wards the west full six miles, which is to the place where Hartford and 
Farmington bounds meet ; which grant of Sunckquasson, as occasion hath 
been, was by him renewed to the honoured John Haines, Esqr. and other 
the first magistrates of this place, and enlarged to the westward so far as 
his country went; which enlargement as well as his former grant was 
made in presence of many of the natives of the place and English in- 
habitants; and severall yeares after, about the time of the planting of 
Farmington in the yeare one thousand six hundred and forty, in a write- 
ing made between the English and Pethus the sachem or gentleman of 
that place, there is a full mention of the afoarsayd Sunckquasson his 
grant of his country to the magistrates of this place, which gprant we are 
privy too ; and we being the onely successors of Sunckquasson and pro- 
prietors (before the forementioned sale) of the lands belonging to the 
township of Hartford on the west side of the great river, being desired 
to confirm and pass over all our right and interest in the afoarsayd lands 
to the present possessors of them, they informeing us that those writeings 


made by Sunckquasson before recited are at present out of the way, know- 
ing what our predecessor hath done, and what consideration he hath 
received for the same, — 

We, Masseeckcup and William squa in behalf of ourselves and Wa- 
warme die sister and onely heire of Sunckquasson, and Keepequam, Sea- 
cutt. Jack Spiner, Currecombe, Wehassatuck squa and Seacunck squa, 
the onely inhabitants that are surviveing of the afoarsayd lands, doe by 
these presents owne, acknowledge and declare, that Sunckquasson whoe 
was the sachem of Suckiage alias Hartford, and grand proprietor of the 
lands adjacent, did with the consent of those of us whoe were of age to 
declare our consent, and with the consent of the rest of the inhabitants 
of this place, about the year 1636, pass over unto Mr. Samuel Stone and 
Mr. Wm. Goodwine, in behalfe and for the use of themselves and their 
company, all the land from Wethersfield bounds on the south, to Windsor 
bounds on the north, and the whole bredth from Connecticutt river on the 
east six large miles into the wilderness on the west, which sayd grant was 
afterwards upon further consideration renewed and enlarged by the sayd 
Sunckquasson, upon the desire of the honoured Mr. Haines and the rest 
of the magistrates of this place: but we being informed that on the re- 
moveall of some of the gentlemen afoarmentioned, the papers and write- 
ings before specifyed are out of the way, and haveing now received of 
Mr. Samuel Willys, Capt. John Tallcott, Mr. John Allyn and Mr. James 
Richards, a farther g^attification of near the value the land was esteemed 
at before the English came into these parts — ^to prevent all farther trouble 
between ourselves and the inhabitants of Hartford, we the sayd Masseeck- 
cup, Wm. squa as afoarsayd, and Seacutt, Keepequam, Jack Spiner, Cur- 
recombe, Wehassatuck squa and Seacundc squa, upon the Consideration 
forementioned, by these presents have and doe fully, clearly and absolute- 
ly give, grant, bargain, sell, alien, enfeoffe and confirme unto Mr. Samuel 
Willys, Capt. John Tallcott, Mr. John Allyn, and Mr. James Richards, 
in behalfe of the rest of the proprietors of the land belonging to the town- 
ship of Hartford, their heires and assignes forever, all that parcell of land 
from a tree marked N. F. being a boundary between Wethersfield and 
Hartford on the south, to Windsor bounds on the north, and the whole 
bredth of land from Wethersfield to Windsor bounds from the great river 
on the east to runn into the wilderness westward full six miles, which is 
to the place where Hartford and Farmington bounds meet, — ^To have and 
to hold all the afoarsayd parcell of land as it is bounded, with all the 
meadowes, pastures, woodes, underwood, stones, quarries, brookes, ponds, 
rivers, profitts, comodities and appurtenances whatsoever belonging there- 
to, unto the sayd Mr. Samuel Willys, Capt. John Tallcott, Mr. James 
Richards and Mr. John Allyn, in behalfe of themselves and the rest of the 
inhabitants of the towne of Hartford, whoe are stated proprietors in the 
undivided lands, their heires and assignes, to the onely proper use and 
behoofe of the sayd Mr. Samuel Willys, Capt. John Tallcott, Mr. John 
Allyn and Mr. James Richards as afoarsayd, their heires and assignes 
forever; and the sayd Massecup and Wm. squa in behalf of themselves 



and Wawarme the sister of Stmckquasson and Seacutt, Keepequam, Jack 
Spiner, Currecombe, Wehassatudc squa, and Seacunck squa, doe covenant 
to and with the sayd Mr. Samuel Willys, Mr. John Tallcott, Mr. James 
Richards and Mr. John AUyn, that aner and next unto the afoarsayd 
Sunckquasson, they the said Masseeckcup, Wm. squa, Seacutt, Keepe- 
quam, &c. have onely full power, good right, and lawfuU authority to 
grant, bargain, sell and convey all and singular the before hereby granted 
or mentioned to be granted premises wim their and every of their ap- 
purtenances, unto the sayd Mr. Samuel Willys, Mr. John Tallcott, Mr. 
John Allyn and Mr. James Richards as afoarsayd, their heires and as- 
signes forever, and that they the sayd Mr. Samuel Willys, Mr. John 
Tallcott, Mr. John Allyn and Mr. James Richards, and the rest of the 
proprietors of the undivided lands within the bounds of the township of 
Hartford, their heires and assignes, shall and may by force and vertue 
of these presents, from time to time and all times forever hereafter, law- 
fully have, receive and take the rents, issues and profitts thereof to their 
owne proper use and behoofe forever, without any lett, suit, trouble or 
disturbance whatsoever of the heires of Sunckguasson or of us the sayd 
Massecup, Wm. -Squa, Seacutt, Keepequam, Jack Spiner, Currecombe, 
Wehassatuck squa, and Seacunck squa, our heires or assignes, or of any 
other person or persons whatsoever clawing by, from or under us or any 
of us or by our meanes, act, consent, priority or procurement, and that free 
and clear and freely and clearly acquitted, exonerated and discharged or 
otherwise from time to time, well and sufficiently saved and kept harmless 
by the sayd Massecup, William — ^squa, Seacutt and Keepequam, &c., their 
heires, executors and administrators, from all former and other grants, 
guifts, bargains, sales, titles, troubles, demands, and inctmibrances what- 
soever had, made, committed, suffered or done by the afoarsayd Massecup, 
William squa, Keepequam, Seacutt, &c. 

''In Witness whereof, they have signed, sealed and delivered this 
writeing with their own hands, this fifth of July, one thousand six hundred 
and seventy. 

Signed, sealed and delivered fai 

presence of 
Arramamatt, his mark, 
Mamanto, his mark, 
Neschegen, his mark, 
Attumtoha, his mark, 
Wennoe, his mark, 
Will. Wadsworth, 

John Addams, 
ohn Strickland, 
Giles Hamlin, 

Masseeckcup, his mark, L. S. 

Seacutt, his mark, L. S. 

Jack Spiner, his mark, L. S. 

Seacunck squa's mark, L. S. 


Currecombe, his mark, L. S. 

Keepequam, his mark, L. S. 

William squa's mark, L. S. 

Wehassatuck squa's mark, L. S. 

Nesacanett gives consent to this 

grant and bargain, as he witness- 
ed! by subscribing 

Nesacanett, his mark, L. S. 

The original marks or signatures of the Indians are singular and gro- 
tesque. Some represent implements of war, some wild beasts, &c. 

This treaty with Sunckquasson, sachem, and the sale of land by 
Joshua Sachem, included all the land upon both sides of the Connecticut 
River within the original bounds of the Township of Hartford except that 
portion lying between the Township of Windsor on the north and Glas- 
tonbury upon the south, upon the Connecticut River west, and extending 
eastward three miles, and commonly called the Three Mile Lotts. For this 
land no deed is known to be in existence. No doubt can with reason be 
held that title was acquired by the English settlers in as equit- 
able and peaceful a manner as were those aforementioned. An inference 
may be drawn from the action of Wethersfield men in obtaining title to 
their three miles east side of the Great River, as testified to by George 
Hubbard. See page 2 Ante : 

Sachem, Joshua.* The following Deed was a conveyance of Land 
which is now included in the Town of Manchester, it being all the Land 
in that Town except about J4 mile in width taken off the East side of the 
Original 3 miles. This J4 mile given over to Manchester seems to have 
been an unjust act of the General Assembly of Conn. Frequent reference 
having been made to the five miles in Wills. The Survey is given fol- 
lowing this Deed : 

(Vol. I) Hartford Lands, Fol: 6, Town Clerk's office. 

Will on Record, Book D : Fol : 184, Colony Records of Deeds. 
Whereas, Joshua Sachem, some short time before his death, did make 
a Sale of a Parcel of Land to Major Talcott, of Hartford, for the Use & 
behoofe of the Town of Hartford, & the sd. Joshua Sachem Deceasing 
before he had made conveyance of sd. Land by writeing, & the said Joshua 
Sachem by his Will reciteing his said bargain & disposeing of the said 
pay agreed on for the said I^ds for the use of the children of him the 
said Joshua, as more at length is expressed in the said Will, and the child 
of the said Joshua now needing the purchase money for the said Land to 
be improved for the use of the said child, we the underwritten, Mr. James 

♦Attawanhood, Son of Uncas, was called by the English Joshua; probably 
given as a baptismal name. He appears to have been generally known as Joshua 


Fitch of Norwich, in the Colony of Connecticut, & Mr. Thomas Bucking- 
ham of Saybrook, in the colony of Connecticut, Administrators to the 
Estate of the said Joshua Sachem, deceased, for a Valuable consideration 
to us secured by Mr. Siborn Nichols, Sargt Caleb Stanly, & John Marsh, 
Select men of the town of Hartford, by these presents hath given, granted, 
aliened. Bargained & sold. Enfeoffed & Coi&rmed, & by these presents 
doth fully. Clearly, Absolutely Give, grant. Bargain, Sell, alien, Enfeoffe 
& Confirm unto the said Mr. Seaborn Nichols, Sargft. Caleb Stanly & 
John Marsh, in the behalf & for the only proper use & behoofe of the sayd 
town of Hartford, one Parcell of Land Lying on the East Side of the 
Connecticut River, the Western Side being three miles from the Connecti- 
cut River, & is abutted on Land belonging to the Town of Hartford on the 
West, & the bredth of the Bounds of Hartford Township, Three miles 
Eastward from Connecticut River, & Runs toward the East five Miles in 
Length, & abutts on the Commons East, and on Windsor bounds on the 
North, where it was last stated by the Court, & on Wethersfield bounds on 
the South, to have and to hold all the aforesayd parcell of Lands, with 
all its appurtenances & privleges, from the day of the date hereof forever 
unto the said Mr. Seaborn Nichols, Sargt Caleb Stanly & John Marsh, 
for the use and behoofe of the Town of Hartford & their successors for- 
ever ; & the sayd Capt. James Fitch & Mr. Thomas Buckingham have full 
power, Good right & lawfuU authority to Grant, Bargain, Sell & Convey 
all & singular 3ie before hereby granted premises with their and every 
of their appurtenances (only reserveing to the heirs & Successors of the 
sayd Joshua Sachem Liberty of Hunting & fishing in such of the aforesaid 
Lands as Lye in Common without fence), unto the sayd Mr. Seaborn 
Nichols, Sargt. Caleb Stanly & John Marsh, for the use and behoofe of 
the said Towne of Hartford & their Successors in manner and form afore- 
said, & that the sayd Towne of Hartford & their Successors shall & may, 
by force and virtue of these presents, from time to time and at all times 
forever hereafter, have, use, occupy, possess, & Enjoy the sayd Parcell of 
Land with all and Singular its rights, members, and appurtenances, & 
have, receive, & take the rents. Issues & profits thereof to them & their 
own proper use & behoofe forever without any Lawful Let, Sute, Trouble, 
Tryall, Interuption, Eviction or disturbence of the sayd Capt. James Fitch, 
(and) Mr. Thomas Buckingham, administrators aforesaid, or of the heirs 
of the aforesaid Joshua Sadiem, or of the heirs of either of them, or as- 
signs, or of any other person or persons claiming by, from or under them. 
Every of them, or by them or their means, act. Consent, title, interest, 
privity or procurement that free & Clear, freely & Clearly acquitted, ex- 
onerated & discharged, or otherwise from time to time Well and Suffi- 
ciently saved, kept harmless by the sayd Capt. James Fitch & Mr. Thomas 
Buckingham, their heirs. Executors or Administrators, of and from all 
manner and Former and other Gifts, Grants, Bargains, Sales, Legacies, 
Mortgages, Joyntures, & from all Extents, Judgement, Executions, uses, 
forfeitures, fines, & of & from all and singular other titles, troubles, 
Charges & demands had, made. Committed, Suffered, omitted, done, by 


the sayd Capt. James Fitch & Mr. Thomas Buckingham, administrators 
aforesaid, our heirs, assigns, or by any other person or persons whatsoever 
claiming by, from, or under them, or of them, or by, from, or under his or 
their means, act, consent, title, interest, privity or procurement. In wit- 
ness whereof, we doe hereunto set our hands & seals, this thirteenth day 
of May, One Thousand Six hundred & Eighty two. 

Witness: Richard Edwards, James FncH^ LS. 

John Coals. Thomas Buckingham, LS. 

Capt. James Fitch & Mr. Tho: Bucldngham personally appeared & 
acknowledged the abovesd. Instrument of Deed to be their Act & Deed, 
on the 13th of May, 1682, before me, 

William Leete, Governor. 

The above written is a true Copy of the Original, being examined 
and Compared there wth this 21st of January, 1683, by me, 

John Allyn, Recorder. 

And is left in the Hands of Major Talcott with the former Deed whidi 
Mr. Richards sometime had. Recorded 21st January, 1683. 

See Vol. V, Hartford Land Records, Page 690-699 inclusive : 

We, the Subscribers, being appointed a Committe by the Proprietors 
of the Undivided Five Miles of Lands lying on the East Side of the Great 
River, to lay out Three Miles and One Hundred Rodds of said Land on 
the East Side, next to Bolton, from Windsor to Glastonbury Bounds, to 
be divided to the Original Proprietors or their heirs according to their 
Rate as it stands Recorded in the Towne Book, including necessary Ways, 
accordingly Wee Proceeded as foUoweth: Beginning at the South East 
G:>mer, extending West upon the Line divideing between Glastonbury 
and Hartford Two Hundred and Fourty Rods to a Highway Thirty Rods 
wide, said Highway extending that width due North to Windsor Bounds, 
said Highway being the Butment of the West End of the Eastermost Tier 
of Lotts, and butting East upon Bolton Bounds, Wee began first at Glas- 
tonbury and laid out, beginning at No. i as they are drawn by Vote of the 
Proprietors : 

No. Chains. Links. 

1. To Thomas Thornton, bounded South upon 

Glastonbury Bounds and North upon 

Henry Graham, 4 60 

2. To Henry Graham, bounded South upon Thomas 

Thornton and North upon Benjamin Adams, 14 66 

3. To Benjamin Adams, bounded South upon Henry 

Graham and North upon John Tuller, i 44 

4. To John Tuller, bounded South upon Benjamin 



Adams and North upon Samuel Hooker, 
5* To Samuel Hooker, bounded South upon John 
Tuller and North upon Daniel Crow, 

6. To Daniel Crow, bounded South upon Samuel 

Hooker and North upon Widow Goodman, 

7. To Widow Goodman, bounded South upon Daniel 

Crow and North upon John Skinner, 

8. To John Skinner, bounded South upon Widow 

Goodman and North upon William Bumham, 

9. To William Bumham, bounded South upon John 

Skinner and North upon Deacon Butler, 

10. To Deacon Butler, bounded South upon WiUiam 

Bumham and North upon James Forbes, 

11. To James Forbes, bounded South upon Deacon 

Butler and North upon Obadiah Wood, 

12. To Obadiah Wood, bounded South upon James 

Forbes and North upon Mr. Webster, 

13. To Mr. Webster, bounded South upon Obadiah 

Wood and North upon Jonathan Ashley, 

14. To Jonathan Ashley, bounded South upon Mr. 

Webster and North upon a Highway, 
To the Highway, bounded South upon Jonathan 
Ashley and North upon Land set out to Hartford 

15. To Hartford Mills, bounded South upon Highway 

and North upon Thomas Dickinson, 

16. To Thomas Dickinson, botmded South upon Hart- 

ford Mills and North upon Jeremy Addams, 

17. To Jeremy Addams, bounded South upon Thomas 

Dickinson and North upon John Marsh, 

18. To John Marsh, bounded South upon Jeremy 

Addams and North upon Paul Peck, 

19. To Paul Peck sen., bounded South upon John 

Marsh and North upon John Meakins, 

20. To John Meakins, bounded South upon Paul Peck 

sen. and North upon Mr. Wyllys, 

21. To Mr. Wyllys, bounded South upon John 

Meakins and North upon John Watson, 

22. To John Watson, bounded South upon Mr. 

Wyllys and North upon Jonathan Gilbert, 

23. To JonaUian Gilbert, bounded South by John 

Watson and North upon Joseph Whaples, 

24. To Joseph Whaples, bounded South upon Jonathan 

Gilbert and North upon Joseph Andruss, 

25. To Joseph Andruss, bounded South upon Joseph 

Whaples and North upon Richard Edwards, 



















































No. Chains. Links. 

26. To Richard Edwards, bounded South upon Joseph 

Andruss and North upon Sergt. John Shepherd, 2 36 

27. To Serg^. John Shepherd, bounded South upon 

Richard Edwards and North upon Thomas 

Adkins, 7 76 

28. To Thomas Adkins, bounded South upon Sergt. 

John Shepherd and North upon Robert Shurley, 2 19 

29. To Robert Shurley, bounded South upon Thomas 

Adkins and North upon William Hills, 5 41 

30. To William Hills, bounded South upon Robert 

Shurley and North upon David Ensign, 6 44 

31. To David Ensign, bounded South upon William 

Hills and North upon Thomas Kilboum, 9 09 

32. To Thomas Kilbourn, bounded South upon David 

Ensign and North upon Mr. Foster, 4 37 

33. To Mr. Foster, bounded South upon Thomas 

Kilboume and North upon Stephen Kelsey, 2 38 

34. To Stephen Kelsey, bounded South upon Mr. Fos- 

ter and North upon a Highway or Country Road, 4 72 

To the Highway or Country Road, bounded South 
upon Stephen Kelsey and North upon William 
Williams, 3 00 

35. To William Williams, bounded South upon the 

Highway or Country Road and North upon 

Samuel Gains, 10 12 

36. To Samuel Gains, bounded South upon William 

Williams and North upon Capt. Watts, 3 62 

37. To Capt. Watts, bounded South upon Samuel 

Gains and North upon Daniel Butler, 11 32 

38. To Daniel Butler, bounded South upon Capt. 

Watts and North upon Joseph Easton, Jr., 13 34 

39. To Joseph Easton, Jr., bounded South upon Daniel 

Butler and North upon Nathaniel Crow, 8 97 

40. To Nathaniel Crow, bounded South upon Joseph 

Easton Jr. and North upon John Kelley, 3 10 

41. To John Kelley, bounded South upon Nathaniel 

Crow and North upon Henry Arnold, i 96 

42. To Henry Arnold, bounded South upon John 

Kelley and North upon Samuel Olcott, 2 36 

43. To Samuel Olcott, bounded South upon Henry 

Arnold and North upon John Blackledge, 3 34 

44. To John Blackledge, bounded South upon Samuel 

Olcott and North upon George Stocking, 5 47 

45. To George Stocking, bounded South upon John 

Blackledge and North upon Jno Webster, 3 91 

46. To John Webster, bounded South upon George 

Stocking and North upon a Highway, 4 54 


No. Giains. Lipks. 

To the Highway, bounded South upon John 

Webster and North upon William Goodwin, 2 50 

47. To William Goodwin, bounded South upon a 

Highway and North upon Serg^. Sandford, 2 53 

48. To Serg^. Sanford, bounded South upon William 

Goodwin and North upon Sergt. Buckland, 3 40 

49. To Sergt. Buckland, bounded South upon Sergt. 

Sanford and North upon Thomas Bunce, Jr., 2 30 

50. To Thomas Bunce, Jr., bounded South upon Serg^. 

Buckland and Nortfi upon Thomas Bunce, 8 74 

51. To Thomas Bunce, bounded South upon Thomas 

Bunce, Jr., and North upon William Pitkin, 8 57 

52. To William Pitkin, bounded South upon Thomas 

Bunce and North upon Andrew Benton, 13 06 

53. To Andrew Benton, bounded South upon William 

Pitkin and North upon Thomas Standish, 2 24 

54. To Thomas Standish, bounded South upon Aiidrew 

Benton and North upon James Steele, i 09 

55. To James Steele, bounded South upon Thomas 

Standish and North upon Samuel Cole, 17 59 

56. To Samuel Cole, bounded South upon James 

Steele and North upon Thomas Vigar, 3 10 

57. To Thomas Vigar, bounded South upon Samuel 

Cole and North upon Andrew Stephens, i 44 

58. To Andrew Stephens, bounded South upon Thomas 

Vigar and North upon Windsor Bounds, i 42 


59. To John Merrells, bounded North upon Windsor 

Bounds and South upon Mr. John Talcott, 1 1 gone 

60. To Mr. John Talcott, bounded North upon John 

Merrells and South upon Thomas Burnham, 7 65 

61. To Thomas Burnham, bounded North upon Mr. 

John Talcott and South upon Thomas Cadwell, o 81 

62. To Thomas Cadwell, bounded North upon Thomas 

Burnham and South upon John Dyx, 11 96 

63. To John Dyx, bounded North upon Thomas Cad- 

well and South upon John Grave, 3 40 

64. To John Grave, bounded North upon John 

Dyx and South upon Stephen Hopkins, 3 16 

65. To Stephen Hopkins, bounded North upon John 

Grave and South upon John Richards, 11 21 

66. To John Richards, bounded North upon Stephen 

Hopkins and South upon John Mitchell, Jr., 5 69 

67. To John Mitchell, Jr., bounded North upon John 

Richards and South upon John Pratt, i 44 


No. Chains. Links. 

• _ 

68. To John Pratt, bounded North upon John Mitchell, 

Jr., and South upon a Highway, 13 11 

To a Highway, bounded North upon John Pratt and 

Soudi upon Bevel Waters, 2 50 

69. To Bevel Waters, bounded North upon a 

Highway and South upon Samuel Steele, 9 83 

70. To Samuel Steele, bounded North upon Bevel 

Waters and South upon Stephen Brace, ^. 06 

71. To Stephen Brace, bounded North upon Samuel 

Steele and South upon Richard Gilman, 4 03 

72. To Richard Gilman, bounded North upon Stephen 

Brace and South upon John Catlin, 2 76 

73. To John Catlin, bounded North upon Richard 

Gilman and South upon Charles Barnard, 11 10 

74. To Charles Barnard, bounded North upon John 

Catlin and South upon Thomas Long, i 50 

75. To Thomas Long, bounded North upon Charles 

Barnard and South upon Benjamin Harbott, 2 99 

76. To Benjamin Harbott, bounded North upon Thomas 

Long and South upon George Knight, 4 48 

yy. To George Knight, bounded North upon Benjamin 

Harbott and South upon Richard Risley, 3 51 

78. To Richard Risley, bounded North upon George 

Knight and South upon Arthur Smith, 5 12 

79. To Arthur Smith, bounded North upon Richard 

Risley and South upon John Cole, 3 74 

80. To John Cole, bounded North upon Arthur 

Smith and South upon Josiah Arnold, 7 07 

81. To Josiah Arnold, bounded North upon John 

Cole and South upon a Country Road, i 44 

To a Country Road, bounded Norm upon Josiah 

Arnold and South upon Thomas Wadsworth, 3 00 

82. To Thomas Wadsworth, bounded North upon a 

Country Road and South upon Joseph & John 

Easton, 10 99 

83. To Joseph & John Easton, bounded North upon 

Thomas Wadsworth and South upon Widow 

Wyard, 12 13 

84. To Widow Wyard, bounded North upon Joseph & 

John Easton and South upon Richard Blancher, i 61 

85. To Richard Blancher, bounded Nordi upon Widow 

Wyard and South upon John Mason, 4 89 

86. To John Mason, bounded North upon Richard 

Blancher and South upon John Sadd, 2 76 

87. To John Sadd, bounded North upon John Mason 

and South upon a Highway, 4 78 


No. Qiains. Links. 

To the Highway, bounded North upon John Sadd 

and South upon Joseph Olmsted, 2 00 

88. To Joseph Olmsted, bounded North upon a 

Highway and South upon Stephen Hosmer, 5 06 

89. To Stephen Hosmer, bounded North upon Joseph 

Olmsted and South upon John Bid well, 12 76 

90. To John Bidwell, bounded North upon Stephen 

Hosmer and South upon Joell Marshall, 12 65 

91. To Joell Marshall, bounded North upon John 

Bidwell and South upon Joseph Peck, i 84 

92. To Joseph Peck, bounded North upon Joell 

Marshall and South upon Capt. Cooke, 2 40 

93. To Capt. Cooke, botmded North upon Joseph 

Peck and South upon Daniel Clarke, 10 12 

94. To Daniel Clarke, botmded North upon Capt. 

Cooke and South upon Nathaniel Ruscoe, 3 79 

95. To Nathaniel Ruscoe, bounded North upon Daniel 

Qarke and South upon James Gordon, 5 02 

96. To James Gordon, bounded North upon Nathaniel 

Ruscoe and South upon Thomas Humphries, 2 86 

97. To Thomas Humphries, bounded North upon James 

Gordon and South upon Jacob Johnson, i 48 

98. To Jacob Jdmson, bounded North upon Thomas 

Humphries and South upon Edmund O'Neal, i 50 

99. To Edmund O'Neal, bounded North upon Jacob 

Johnson and South upon Mr. Harris, i 72 

100. To Mr. Harris, bounded North upon Mr. O'Neal 

and South upon Mrs Holyoake, 3 86 

loi. To Mrs. Holyoake, bounded North upon Mr. 

Harris and South upon (the) Mine Lott, i 96 

To the Mine Lott, botmded North upon Mrs. 

Holyoake and South upon Samuel Benton, i 63 

102. To Samuel Benton, bounded North upon the 

Mine Lott and South upon Obadiah Spencer, 2 13 

103. To Obadiah Spencer, bounded North upon Samuel 

Benton and South upon Cyprian Nichols, 2 76 

104. To C)rprian Nichols, bounded North upon 

Obadiah Spencer and South upon John Church, 15 41 

105. To John Church, bounded North upon Cyprian 

Nichols and South upon Mr. Roberts, 7 76 

106. To Mr. Roberts, bounded North upon John 

Church and South upon John Wilson, 4 89 

107. To John Wilson, bounded North upon Mr. 

Roberts and South upon the Highway, 6 21 

To the Highway, bounded North upon John 

Wilson and South upon Hannah Wells, 2 50 


No. Chains. Links* 

io8. To Hannah Wells, bounded North upon the 

Highway and South upon Samuel Andrews, 22 94 

109. To Samuel Andrews, bounded North upon Hannah 

Wells and South upon Sergt. Spencer, 3 79 

no To Sergt. (Benj :) Spencer, bounded North upon 

Samuel Andrews and South upon John Hills, 2 47 

111. To John Hills, bounded North upon Sergt. 

Spencer and South upon Thomas Clark, 2 93 

112. To Thomas Clark, bounded North upon John 

Hills and South upon Mr. Barnard, 6 79 

113. To Mr. Barnard, bounded North upon Thomas 

Clark and South upon John Perry, 18 17 

114. To John Perry, bounded North upon Mr. 

Barnard and South upon Walter Hay, 2 04 

115. To Walter Hay, bounded North upon John 

Perry and South upon George Ash, i 70 

116. To George Ash, bounded North upon Walter 

Hay and South upon Glastonbury Bounds, i 44 

To the Highway, Fourty Rods wide between the 
Second and Third Tier of Lotts, from 
Glastonbury to Windsor, 10 00 



117. To Thomas Whaples, bounded South upon Glaston- 

bury Bounds and North upon John Bunce, i 72 

118. To John Bunce, bounded South upon Thomas 

Whaples and North upon Jno Bigelow, 4 95 

119. To John Bigelow & Nicholas Olmsted, bounded 

South upon John Bunce and North upon 

John Pantry, 15 13 

120. To John Pantry, bounded South upon Jno 

Bigelow and Nicholas Olmsted and North 

upon Mr. Way, 9 j^ 

121. To Mr. Way, bounded South upon John 

Pantry and North upon a Highway, 21 28 

To the Highway, bounded South upon Mr. 

Way and North upon Sergt. Stanly, 2 00 

122. To Sergt. Stanly, bounded South upon the 

Highway and North upon Capt. Lewis, 11 79 

123. To Capt. Lewis, bounded South upon Sergt. 

Stanly and North upon Joseph Whiting, 9 66 

124. To Joseph Whiting, bounded South upon Capt. 

Lewis and North upon John Mitchell, 2 53 

125. To John Mitchell, bounded South upon Joseph 

Whiting and North upon Capt. Allyn, i 67 


No. Chains. Links. 

126. To Capt. AUyn, bounded South upon John 

Mitchell and North upon William Warren, 21 34 

127. To William Warren, bounded South upon Capt. 

Allyn and North upon Thomas Olcutt, 7 76 

128. To Thomas Olcott, boimded South upon William 

Warren and North upon Joseph Mygatt, 4 14 

129. To Joseph Mygatt, bounded South upon Thomas 

Olcott and North upon Marshall George 

Grave & Philip Davis, 5 00 

130. To Marshall George Grave & Philip Davis, 

bounded South upon Joseph Mygatt and North 
upon a Highway, 14 84 

To a Highway, boimded South on Marshall George 
Grave & Philip Davis and North upon Jared 
Spencer, 2 00 

131. To Jared Spencer, bounded South upon a 

Highway and North upon Nicholas Disbrow, 4 78 

132. To Nicholas Disbrow, bounded South upon Jared 

Spencer and North upon Jehoida Bartlett, 4 20 

133. To Jehoida Bartlett, bounded South upon 

Nicholas Disbrow and North upon Thomas 

Wells, I 90 

134. To Thomas Wells, bounded South upon Jehoida 

Bartlett and North upon Daniel Pratt, 5 00 

135 To Daniel Pratt, bounded South upon Thomas 

Wells and North upon Jonathan Bigelow, 11 56 

136. To Jonathan Bigelow, bounded South upon Daniel 

Pratt and North upon CorpU Butler, 5 06 

137. To Corpl Butler, bounded South upon Jonathan 

Bigelow and North upon Samuel Burr, 13 11 

138. To Samuel Burr, bounded South upon Corpl 

Butler and North upon a Country Road, 8 74 

To the Country Road, Twelve Rods wide, bounded 
South upon Samuel Burr and North upon 
Richard Case, 3 00 

139. To Richard Case, bounded South upon the Country 

Road and North upon William Edwards, 4 48 

140. To William Edwards, bounded South upon Richard 

Case and North upon Paul Peck, Jr., i 50 

141. To Paul Peck, Jr., bounded South upon William 

Edwards and North upon Samuel Spencer, 6 04 

142. To Samuel Spencer, bounded South upon Paul 

Peck, Jr., and North upon Ichabod Wells, 4 43 

143. To Ichabod Wells, bounded South upon Samuel 

Spencer and North upon Thomas Burr, 5 00 

144. To Thomas Burr, bounded South upon Ichabod 

Wells and North upon Ensign Stanly, 3 51 


No. Chains. Links. 

145. To Ensign Stanly, bounded South upon Thomas 

Burr and North upon John Se3rmour, 19 96 

146. To John Seymour, bounded South upon Ensign 

Stanly and North upon Edward Cadwell, 4 95 

147. To Edward Cadwell, bounded South upon John 

Seymour and North upon Capt. Thomas Bull, 6 50 

148. To Capt. Thomas Bull, bounded South upon 

Edward Cadwell and North upon the Highway, 13 45 

To the Highway, bounded South upon Capt. 

Thomas Bull and North upon Joseph Smith, 2 00 

149. To Joseph Smith, bounded South upon the 

Highway and North upon Richard Lord, 5 48 

150. To Richard Lord, bounded South upon Joseph 

Smith and North upon Widow Andrews, 30 48 

151. To Widow Andrews, bounded South upon Richard 

Lord and North upon Ozias Goodwin, 5 00 

152. To Ozias Goodwin, bounded South upon Widow 

Andrews and North upon Joseph Strickland, i 96 

153. To Joseph Strickland, bounded South upon Ozias 

Goodwin and North upon Jonathan Webster, i 78 

154. To Jonathan Webster, bounded South upon Joseph 

Strickland and North upon Widow Burr, 3 22 

155. To Widow Burr, bounded South upon Jonathan 

Webster and North upon Joseph Bull, i 84 

156. To Joseph Bull, bounded South upon Widow 

Burr and North upon John Shepherd, 6 67 

157. To John Shepherd, bounded South upon Joseph 

Bull and North upon Thomas Loveman, 3 40 

158. To Thomas Loveman, bounded South upon John 

Shepherd and North upon Joseph Garrett, 4 89 

159. To Joseph Garrett, bounded South upon Thomas 

Loveland and North upon George Hall, i 44 

160. To George Hall, bounded South upon Joseph 

Garrett and North upon John Barnard, 5 69 

161. To John Barnard, bounded South upon George 

Hall and North upon Robert Bell, 6 24 

162. To Robert Bell, bounded South upon John 

Barnard and North upon Thomas Swetman i 42 

163. To Thomas Swetman, bounded South upon Robert 

Bell and North upon Gilbert Forsjrth, i 70 

164. To Gilbert Forsyth, bounded South upon Thomas 

Swetman and North upon Thomas Bennett, i 72 

165. To Thomas Bennett, bounded South upon Gilbert 

Forsyth and North upon Thomas Tomlins, i 42 

166. To Thomas Tomlins, bounded South upon Thomas 

Bennett and North upon a vacant Lot near 

Windsor Bounds, 2 44 


No. Chains. Links. 

To the Vacant Lot, bounded South upon Thomas 

Tomlins and North upon Windsor Bounds, 5 06 



167. To Major Talcott, bounded North on Windsor 

Bounds and South upon Mr. Richards, 24 84 

i68. To Mr. Richards, bounded North upon Major 

Talcott and South upon Benjamin Hills, 28 93 

169 To Benjamin Hills, bounded North upon Mr. 

Ridiards and South upon Nathaniel Cole, 2 76 

170. To Nathaniel Cole, bounded North upon Benjamin 

Hills and Soutfi upon Nathaniel Willett, 4 03 

171. To Nathaniel Willett, bounded North upon Nathaniel 

Cole and South upon Henry Howard, 2 76 

172. To Henry Howard, bounded North upon Nathaniel 

Willett and South upon John White, 16 39 

173. To John White, bounded North upon Nathaniel 

Willett and South upon Noah Cook, 3 40 

174. To Noah Cook, bounded North upon John 

White and South upon a Highway, 6 38 

To the Highway, bounded North upon Noah 

Cook and South upon Texell Ainsworth, 2 00 

175. To Tickzell Ainsworth, bounded North upon the 

Highway and South upon Thomas Trill, i 44 

176. To Thomas Trill, bounded North upon Tickzell 

Ainsworth and South upon Thomas Marshall, 2 07 

177. To Thomas Marshall, bounded North upon Thomas 

Trill and South upon Mrs. Gardner, 5 00 

178. To Mrs. Gardner, bounded North upon Thomas 

Marshall and South upon William Goodwin Jr., i 27 

179. To William Goodwin, Jr., bounded North upon Mrs. 

Gardner and South upon Jacob White, 2 53 

180. To Jacob White, bounded North upon William Good- 

win and South upon Jared Spikes, 8 62 

181. To Jared Spikes, bounded North upon Jacob White 

and South upon John Camp, 2 88 

182. To John Camp, bounded North upon Jared Spikes 

and South upon Caleb Watson, 4 54 

183. To Caleb Watson, bounded North upon John 

Camp and South upon Martin More, 2 07 

184. To Martin More, bounded North upon Caleb 

Watson and South upon Nathaniel Goodwin, i 50 

185. To Nathaniel Goodwin, bounded North upon Martin 

More and South upon John Andrews, "Poke 

Hill," 6 21 


No. Chains. Links. 

i86. To John Andrews, "Poke Hill," bounded North upon 
Nathaniel Goodwin and South upon Alexander 
Douglass, 2 99 

187. To Alexander Douglass, bounded North upon John 

Andrews and South upon Mr. John Whiting, 2 88 

188. To Mr. John Whiting, bounded North upon Alex- 

ander Douglass and South upon John Crow, 3 74 

189. To John Crow, bounded North upon Mr. John 

Whiting and South upon Mr. Haynes, 18 58 

190. To Mr. Haynes, bounded North upon John Crow 

and South upon Country Road, 19 44 

To the Country Road, bounded North upon Mr. 

Haynes and South upon Mr. Olcott, 3 00 

191. To Mr. Olcott, bounded North upon the Country 

Road and South upon Andrew Benton, 10 52 

192. To Andrew Benton, bounded North upon Mr. 

Olcott and South upon William Williams, Jr., 9 55 

193. To William Williams, Jr., bounded North upon 

Andrew Benton and South upon Richard Burn- 
ham, I 84 

194. To Richard Burnham, bounded North upon William 

Williams, Jr., and South upon Robert Sanford, 3 22 

195. To Robert Sanford, bounded North upon Richard 

Burnham and South upon Thomas Hosmer, 13 28 

196. To Thomas Hosmer, bounded North upon Robert 

Sanford and South upon Joseph Collyer, 15 52 

197. To Joseph Collyer, bounded North upon Thomas 

Hosmer and South upon John Day, 3 45 

198. To John Day, bounded North upon Joseph Collyer 

and South upon Daniel Bidwell, 4 69 

199. To John & Daniel Bidwell, bounded North upon John 

Day and South upon Jonathan Bull, 9 89 

200. To Jonathan Bull, bounded North upon John & 

Daniel Bidwell and South upon John Williams, 7 93 

201. To John Williams, bounded North upon Jonathan 

Bull and South upon a Highway, i 44 

To the Highway North, bounded North upon John 

Williams and South upon Nathaniel Sanford, 2 00 

202. To Nathaniel Sanford, bounded North upon the 

Highway and South upon Mr. Wilson, 11 85 

203. To Mr. Wilson, bounded North upon Nathaniel 

Sanford and South upon John Gilbert, 13 17 

204. To John Gilbert, bounded North upon Mr. Wilson 

and South upon Joseph Wads worth, 7 13 

205. To Joseph Wadsworth, bounded North upon John 

Gilbert and South upon Mr. Gibbons, 14 26 


No. . Chains. Links. 

206. To Mr. Gibbons, bounded North upon Joseph Wads- 

worth and South upon Samuel Wadsworth, 10 12 

207. To Samuel Wadsworth, bounded Nortfi upon Mr. 

Gibbons and South upon John HoUoway, 12 19 

208. To John HoUoway, bounded North upon Samuel 

Wadsworth and South upon John Baker, i 50 

209. To John Baker, bounded North upon John HoUoway 

and South upon a vacant Lot, to Glastonbury 
Bounds, 7 30 

To a vacant Lot, bounded North upon John Baker 

and South upon Glastonbury Bounds, 55 13 

Cyprian Nichols, 
Jonathan Steele, 
Signed, John Church, Committee. 

Thomas Wells, 
Jonathan Butler, 
James Bunce, 

7^ inches, one Link. 

25 Links, one Rod. 

4 Rods or 66 Ft., one 

80 Chains, one Mile. 

Returned Signed: 5 July, 1731. 

The remaining portion of the five-mile purchase was termed Commons 
and Grants before 1753, when the boimdary lines were run by William 
Wells, surveyor. From the 3 miles to the 4tn tier of lotts, measured along 
the line of Glastonbury, 547 rods; thence north from Glastonbury to 
Windsor upon the line of the 4th tier of lotts, 4J4 miles one degree east 
(19) ; thence west along the south line of Windsor 410 rods, there meet- 
ing the east line of the 3 mile lots. During the next year this tract of 
land was laid out in six tiers of lots to the original proprietors or to their 
legal representatives. 

The whole Commons and Grants contain 4428 acres of land; the 
Grants contain 1305 acres and 100 rods; there remains 3122 acres and 60 
rods to be divided. 

Page 72. 

The Returne of Saybrook & Pequott Bounds: 

Whereas, there was an agreement in Court that some of Sea Brooke 
and Pequott should in convenient time Lay out the bounds betwixt Sea 
Brodc and Pequott belonging to each towne, as also the bounds of 
Pequott beyond Pequott River, according to an order of Court, Sept 


We, whose names are underwritten, being appointed for ye end afore- 
said by the towns, having improved our utmost endeavor, doe give in as 
f oUoweth : 

For the bounds of Pequott, the east side the River, we began the line 


opposite to ye dwelling house of John Winthrop, Esq. Running a line 
due east foure miles, we fell short, as we conceive, halfe one mile of the 
head of Mistick River, at a little Brook where is a tree marked with an 
M. and foure marks upon a tree, from wch place, running ye line East, we 
came one mile Six score and twelve Rodds to ye Noeward about the como 
wadeing place on Paukatuck River, wch wadeing place is to ye North- 
ward of Thomas Stanton's tradeing house. 

Alsoe, the foure miles from Pequott River doe come to Sea Brooke 
bounds and 40 Rods neerer to Sea Brook, upon Niantic plaines where the 
marked tree stands neere the Indian fforte, but the Bounds betwixt the 
Towne of Sea Brooke and Pequott are to Stand as they are now Set out, 
viz., at ye marked tree neere Niantick ffort as aforesaid. 

The quantity of meadow betwixt Mistick and Paukatuck, as we con- 
ceive, having viewed according to our best Skill, good and bad, doth not 
amount to above Three hundred and Eighty Acres. 

Thomas Leffingwell, 
Reynold Marvin, 
the mark of Thomas Minor, 

Hugh X Caulkin, 
Robert Hempsted. 


The early landholders in the following lists had their holdings 
recorded in Hartford, at the County Seat The form of record used in the 
Colony until about 1700 may be seen under the name of Edward Mason, 
where his lands are given, on pages 23-4, to which reference is here made. 


Owners of Land before 1653. See Vol. I of Lands, in OMce of Secretary 

of State. 

Allen (Allyn), Matthew, Burre, Ben: 

Addams, Jeremie, Butler, Will : 

Andrews, WiUiam, Burchard, Tho: 

Andrews, Francis, J^j^s. Tho: Sen. 

Arnold, John, ^hss, Jho: Jr. 

Bartlett, Robert, BlufielcU Will : 

T. T t Burr, Tho : 

Baysey, John, gutler, Rich : 

Bacon, Andrew, Bridgeman, James, 

Barnard, John, Bull, Thomas, 

Barnes, Tho: Byddell, John, (Bidwell) 

Berding, Nath : Brunson, Jcltm, 



Chester^ Dorothy, 
Churchy Rich : 
Qarke, Nich: 
Clarke, John, 
Cornwall, Will: 
Coall, Jeames, (Coale) 
Crow, John, 
Day, Robert, 
Disborow, Nicholas, 
Easton, Joseph, 
Ely, Nath: 
Elmer, Ed: 
Elmer, Richard, 
Ensign, James, 
Field, Zach : 
Garrad, Samuel, 
Gibbins, Will: 
Goodwyn, Will: 
Goodwing, Ozias, 
Graves, George, 
Greenhill, Tho: 
Greenhill, Rebeckah, 
Grant, Seth: 
Gynnings, John, 
Goodman, Rich: 
Hart, Stephen, 
Hall, Jo: Sen. 
Hill, Will: 
Hide, Will: 
Hooker, Thomas, 
Hopkins, Edward, 
Hopkins, Jdin, 
Heynes, John, 
Heyton, Will : 
Holton, Will : 
Hubbard, George, 
Hosmore, Tho: 
Keeler, Ralph, 
Kelsey, Will : 
Kellogg, Nathaniel, 
Lewis, Will: 
Lord, Tho: Sen. 
Lord, Tho: Jr. 

Lord, Rich : 
Lyman, Rich: 
Maynard, John, 
Marven, Nath: 
Moody, John, 
Marsh, John, 
Munn, Ben: 
Morris, John, 
Mygatt, Joseph, 
Olmsted, Rich : 
Olmsted, John, 
Olmsted, James, 
Olcott, Tho: 
Parker, Will: 
Pantry, Will: 
Peck, Paul, 
Perce, John, 
Perce, John, (2d?) 
Pratt, John, 
Phillips, Will : 
Pratt, Will : 
Porter, Thos : 
Purkas, John, 
Post, Stephen, 
Richards, Nath: 
Roote, Tho: 
Rusco, Will: 
Semer, Rich: 
Selden, Tho: 
Skinner, John, 
Smith, Arthur, 
Smith, Gyles, 
Spencer, Tho: 
Spencer, Will: 
Stebbing, Ed : 
Steele, John, 
Steele, George, 
Stocking, George, 
Standly, Tho: 
Standly, Tym: 
Stone, Samuel, 
Taylcoat, John, 



Thornton^ Tho: 
Trott, Tho: 
Upson, Tho: 
Wadsworth, WiU: 
Wade, Robert, 
Warner, John, 
Warner, Andrew, 
Wa(i)rd, Nath: 
Watts, Richard, 
Wakely, James, 
Wakeman, Sa: 
Watts, John, 

Webb, Rich : 
Westwood, Will : 
Webster, John, 
Welles, Thomas, 
Westly, Ric: 
Westly, Will : 
White, John, 
Whiting, Will: 
Willis, George, 
Wilterton, Gregory, 
Wilcocks, Jdtin, 
Woodruff, Tho: 

Owners- of Land before 1653. 

Allen, Samuel, 
Bascom, Tho: 
Bassett, Tho: 
Bartlett, John, 
Bissill, John, 
Buckland, Tho: 
BueU, Will: 
Branker, John, 
Burge, John, 
Burge, Richard, 
Burg, Richard, 
Carter, Joseph, 
Qarke, Henry, 
Qarke, Joseph, 
Cooke, Aaron, 
Collins, Mary, 
Diament, John, 
Denslow, Nicholas, 
Drake, John, 
Sggleston, James, 
Eggleston, Begget, 
Elssin, Lawrence, 
FiUey, William, 
ffouks, Henry, 
Fyler, Walter, 
Ford, Tho : 


See Vol, I of Lands, in OMce of Secretary 
of State. 

Gaylord, Will: Sen. 
Gaylord, Will: Jun. 
Grant, Matthew, 
Gybbs, Francis, (Gibbs) 
Gyllett, Nathan, (Gillet) 
Gunn, Tho: 
Hamun, William, 
Heynes, John, 
Hill, Will : 
Hillier, John, 
Howkins, Anthony, 
Howkins, John, 
Hoyte, Symon, 
Horsford, WiU: 
Holcomb, Tho: 
Holbard, Will : 
Hopkins, John, 
Hull, George, 
Hull, Josias, 
Lumas, Joseph Jr. 
Marshfield, Tho: 
Marshall, Samuel, 
Mills, Symon, 
Moore, Tho: 
Nubery, Joseph, 



Nubery, Benjamin, 
Nubery, John, 
Nubery, Sarah, 
Nubery, Mary, 
Nubery, Rebecah, 
Nubery, Hannah, 
Oldage, Richard, 
Pahner, Nicholas, 
Parkman, Elias, 
Parsons, Richard, 
Pinney, Humphrey, 
Phillips, George, 
Phelps, Will : Sen. 
Phelps, WiU : 
Phelps, George, 
Pomeroy, Edward, 
Porter, John, 
Randall, Philip, 
Randall, Abraham, 
Rockwell, Will: 
Rockwell, John, 
Rasseter, Bray, 
Samos, Richard, 




Sension, Matthew, 

Staynes, Tho : 

Styles, Tho: 

Styles, Henry, 

Styles, John, 

Stoughton, Tho: 

Stuckey, George, 

Talcott, John, 

Terry, Stephen, 

Taylor, John, 

Thornton, Tho: 

Tilly, Eady, 

Thrall, Will: 

Voare, Richard, 

Warham, John, 

Weller, Rich : 

Wichfield, John, 

Wilton, David, 

Williams, Rodger, 

Williams, Arthur, 

Wynchell, Robert, (Winchell) 

Woolcott, Christopher, 

Woolcott, Henry, Sen. 

Wolcott, Henry, Jr. 


Owners^ of Land before 1653. See Vol. I of Lands, in OMce of Secretary 

of State. 

Crabbe, Richard, 

Abbotte, Robert, 
Alcoke, Tho: (Olcott?) 
Bates, Robert* 
Baydon, Richard, 
Boosey, James, 
Brundish, Wyd: 
Butler, Will : 
Chester, Leonard, 
Churchill, Josias, 
Chaplin, Qem: 
Comstocke, Will: 
Coe, Robert, 

Demon, John, (Deming) 
Deynton, Richard, 
Edwards, John, 
Ferris, Jeffrey, 
Finch, Abra: 
Fletcher, John, 
Gayer, Jer: (Gager?) 
Goodridi, John, 
Gybbs, John, (Gibbs) 
Gvbbins, Will: (Gibbins) 
Gyldersleive, Ridiard, 



Hubtiardy George, 
lerlandy Sam: 
Mitchell, Matthew, 
Myller, Jo : 
Northend, John, 
Notte, John, 
Palmer, Will : 
Plum, Jo: 
Raynolds, John, 
Rawlings, Jasper, 
Rayner, Thurston, 
Robbins, John, 
Rose, Robert, 
Shareman, Sam: 
Smith, Samuel, 

Standish, Tho : 
Swayne, Will: 
Talcoate, John, 
Tinker, John, 
Tomson, John, 
UfFoute, Tho: 
We(a)tt, Richard, 
Waterhouse, Jacob, 
Wasteooat, Richard, 
Wa(i)rd, Andrew, 
Weede, Jonas, 
Whitmore, Jo: 
Willis, Geo: 
Wright, Tho : 

OwnerSi of Land, 1648 to 

Addams, William, 
Andrews, John, 
Barnes, Thomas, 
Brunson, John, 
Brunson, Richard, 
Clarke, John, 
Demon, Thomas, 
Graves, George, 
Haynes, John, 
Hart, Stephen, 
Hart, John, 
Judd, Thomas, 
Kellogg, Nathaniel, 
Kellogg, Joseph, 
Lancton, John, 
Lewis, William, 
Loomis, Samuel, 
Lee, John, 
Newell, Thomas, 
Newton, Roger, 
North, John, 
Olmsted, Nehemiah, 


1657. See Vol. I of Lands, in OMce of Secretary 
of State. 

Orton, Thomas, 
Porter, Daniel, 
Porter, Robert, 
Porter, Thomas, 
Smith, William, 
Stebbing, Edward, 
Steele, John, 
Steele, Samuel, 
Steele, John, Jr. 
Standly, John, 
Upson, Thomas, 
Ventrus, Moses, 
Warner, Andrew, 
Warner, John, 
Warner, John, Jr. 
Wadsworth, John, 
Webster, Thomas, 
Webster, Nathaniel, 
Wilson, Robert, 
Welles, Thomas, 
WoodruflF, Matthew, 
Wyatt, John. 



Owners of Land, 1649 

Addams, Edward, 
Bateman, William, 
Banker, John, 
Baxter, Thomas, 
Bennety James, 
Drake, Samuel, 
Dun, Thomas, 
Everts, James, 
Everts, John, 
Fossacar, John, 
Grumman, John, 
Hedges, Steven, 
Henderson, Hendrick, 
Hide, Humphrey, 
Jennings, Joshua, 
Jones, John, 
Jones, Thomas, 
Knowles, Alexander, 
Lancaster, Walter, 


to 1652. See Vol II of Lands, Page 43, in OMce 
of Secretary of State. 

Lyon, Henry, 
Lyon, Richard, 
Middlebrooke, Joseph, 
Osborne, Richard, 
Patchen, Joseph, 
Perry, Richard, 
Pell, Thomas, 
Pinckney, Philip, 
Rowland, Henry, 
Sherington, Thomas, 
Sherwood, Thomas, 
Staples, Thomas, 
Staples, Thomas, 
Squire, George, 
Vouke, Richard, 
Williams, Richard, 
Wheeler, Ephraim, 
Wheeler, John, 
Wheeler, Thomas. 


See Vol. I of Lands, in OtHce of Secretary of State. 
Beardsley, John, Knoll (s), Nicholas, 

Beardsley, William, 
Beach, John, 
Coe, Robert, 
Curtis, William, 
Griffin, Hugh, 
Hawley, Joseph, 
Judson, Joseph, 

Nichols, Joseph, 
Peacock, John, 
Peack, John, 
Reader, John, 
Uffoot, Thomas, 
Wells, John. 



March, 1649-^0, to May, 1663. 

This is the Second Book of the Records 
of the Acts of the County Courts and 
Courts of Probates in the County of 
Hartford, and of Wills and Inventories 
which Said County Courts are Called Somtimes 
Quarter Courts, Somtimes a Court of Magistrates 
and Somtimes perticular Courts. 

No. 2. 

This volume, after having disappeared for 
many years, was discovered by me, in the 
City of New York, on Friday the sixth 
day of December, eighteen hundred sixty one. 

Charles J. Hoadly. 



1650 to 1663. 

Aberorombe» Davie. Court Record, Page 166—7 March, 1661-2: 
Robert Loveland Contra the Estate of I>avie Abercrombie, in an Act of 
ye Case for detaining Goods shipped aboard ye sd. Crombe to ye value of 
ii50, the Jury find for Phitf . Abcrcrombie. Page 177 — 4 September, 1662 : 
On ye Action depending betwixt George Tong & ye Estate of Abercrombe, 
the Court find for the defendant Cost of Court. Page 178—^4 September, 
1662: Robert Loveland is apointed Adms. to ye ]^tate of Abercrombe, 
& Mr. George Tonge is ordered to surrender wt Estate or Specialties are 
in his Custody, of Abercrombe's, to Mr. Loveland. 

i s d 

George Tonge Reed of James Morgan, 7-15-00 

of John Elderkin, 3-06-00 

pr Cowdals Howse Morgaged, 20-00-00 

pr due from G: Rice, 7-<^5"00 

pr Samuel Martin, 10-00-00 

pr Henry Grimes, 2-08-00 

by Josiah Rockwell, Mr. Wm Thomson, 

AddamSi John. Court Record, Page 104— -26 August, 1657 : A Coppy 
of a Certificate undr the names of these subscribed. These are to cer- 
tify any to whom it may come, that our Children John Addams & Abigail 
Smith have our full Consent to be marryed together, & wee know no 
engagemt of ei tiier party to any other. As witness our Hands : 

Rich : Smith, 
Jer : Addams. 

These may certify whom it may concerne, that John Addams and 
Abigail Smith are lawfully marryed, by Order from their parents. 


As Witness our Hands in the pressence of 

Thomas Newman, 

John Lord. 

Richard Smith, 

Josias Gilbert 

Page 76. 

Addams, William, Farmington. Invt. £36-03-00. Taken 6 Sep- 
tember, 1655, by Stephen Hart, Thomas Newell, Thomas Judd & John 
Hart. The children: Benjamin, age 6 years; Elizabeth, 3 years; Samuel 
Heacock, 12 ; and Joseph Heacock, 10 years of age. This Court desires 
Mr. Steele and Thomas Judd to preserve the Estate and to place out ye 
Children as well as they can, and make Return to ye Court in May next. 

Court Record, Page 79 — ist Tuesday in December, 1655: Exhibited 
an Invt. 

Page 129-30. 

Andrews, William, Hartford. Invt. £211-14-00. Taken 8 August, 
1659, by Edward Stebbing, George Grave, John Barnard. Will dated i 
April, 1659; I, William Andrews, being sick and weak, but of perfect 
memory, do in this my last Will & Testament g^ve & bequeath to Abigail, 
my wife, my House, Bame & House Lott as it is Inclosed between my son 
Edward Gnmnis and mee ; allsoe, I doe give & bequeath to Abigail, my 
wife, all my Meadow & Swamp Land lieinge in the South Meadow and 
that lieth in the place called Hockanum, and all mv Upland Ground else- 
where, during the time of her naturall life ; allsoe, I g^ve to the sd. Abigail 
2 Cowes, one yearling Calf ; also I give to Abigail, my wife, fower yards 
of Kersey with 3 dozen of Buttons and silke, and all other of my Move- 
able Goods, during the time that she liveth unmarried. If she marry 
(again), then my Will is, that such of the Moveables as shee can con- 
veniently spare shall be disposed off amonge our Children as shee seeth 
meete, with the advice of the Overseers. My Will is, to give to my son 
John one workinge steer ; alsoe, that Abigail, my wife, shall dispose of my 
Land, Meadow, Swamp, Howsing and Homelott amonge our Children, 
to every one of them some, as shee shall think fitt with the advice and 
Consent of the Overseers. I doe make Abigail, my wife, Executrix, and 
I doe Intreat my friend Edward Stebbinge and my Brother George Grave 
to assist and to see tfiis my Will performed. 

Witness: Edward Stebbing, (Not signed.) 

George Grave. 

Court Record, Page 32— ist Thursday, 1651 : This Court confirms 
Mr. Andrews Recorder. 

1650 TO 1663. PROBATA RECORDS. 93 

Page 151. 

Amuitroiig, Avii. Died 25 December, 1660. Invt. £16-06-02. 
Taken 19 February, 1661-2. by John Allyn. 

Court Record, Page 152 — y March, 1661-2: Adms. to Nathaniel Rus- 
coe in his own behalf. 

Page 12-13. 

Ayres, Nicholas (Seaman). Invt. £7-18-00. Taken 9 May, 1651, 
by John Pratt and Jasper Gunn. Testimony of Robert Codman on the 
25th of April, 165 1, with Bill of Account of Expense in the Sickness and 
Death of Ayres, due to Robert Codman at Mattabeseck, on a voyage from 
Nansemun in Virginia ; that this is a true Inventory of the whole Estate 
of the Deed so farre as the deponent knoweth and as came into his custody 
(except his wearing Apparrell being divided amongst those that laid him 
forthe and buried him). And hee further saith and affirmeth in Court, 
that Nicholas Ayres, deed, tould him that Mr. Damrell, Marriner in the 
Bay, had a Chest of his in his Hands with some Goods in it. 

Court Record, Page 23 — 14 May, 165 1 : This day there was exhibited 
into the Courte by Robert Codman an Invento : of the Estate of Nicholas 
Aires, Marriner, deed, being sumed up £7-18-00, and a Bill of Charges of 
£3-10-00. This Court grants Mr OUcott Libberty and power to Adminis- 
ter upon the aforesd. Estate, hee paying to Codman the Bill of Charges 
out of the aforesd. Estate, and the remainder to bee Responsible for to 
this Jurisdiction whenever required thereto. 

Page 65. 

Baker, Jeffrey, Windsor. Invt. iioi-15-io. Taken 13 August, 
1655, by William Gaylord, Matthew Grant, Henry Wolcott. The widow, 
Joane. The children: Samuel, eldest son, age 11 years; Hepsibah, 9 
years ; Mary, 6 years ; Joseph, 18 days. 

Court Record, Page 79 — ^20 December : Invt. exhibited. (See Page 65, 
Probate Side) : This Court grants Adms. to the Widow, and also orders 
that the estate be Dist., the Widow to administer the Estate and to pay to 
the Heirs as they attain to lawful age. William Gaylord and Matthew 
Grant, by request, are appointed to assist the Adms. 

Page 104. 

BanckeB, EsekieL Invt. £29-18-00. Taken 18 December, 1655, by 
John Cowles and John Rootes. 

6 June, 1656: Margaret Hutchins renounceing Adms., this Court 
•commits the Care of the Estate for the Good of the Creditors to Gregory 


Woolterton and Lt. William Lewis, they to give an Account to the Court 
when called for. 

Page i66. 

Bancroft, John. Died 6 August, 1662 (W. R.) Invt. ii 10-14-00. 
Taken 22 August, 1662, by Matthew Grant. The children: John Ban- 
croft, 12 ^ years of age ; Nathaniel, 9 years ; Ephraim, 8 ; Hannah, 3 & 5 
months, and Sarah 3 months (W. R.) 

Court Record, Page 178—10 September, 1662: Order to Dist. th^ 
Estate : 

£ s d 
To the Widow, 37-10-00 

To the Eldest son, 14-11-00 

To each of the others, 12-00-00 

To be paid them at lawfuU age. (This Dist. on Page 166, Probate Side.) 

Page 184. 

Barber, Thomas, Windsor. Invt. £132- 14-00. Taken 20 October, 
1662, by Benjamin Newbery and John Moore. 

Court Record, Page 187 — ^4 February, 1662-3 : Invt. approved. Samuel 
was placed with his brother Thomas Barber to learn a Trade ; Mercy Bar- 
ber was placed with Lt. Walter Fyler and his wife tmtil 18 years of age, 
unless she marry before with her Master & Dame and Eldest brother's Ap- 
probation; Josias Barber was placed with Deacon John Moore until 21 
years of age, to learn a Trade ; Thomas Barber doth engage to take Samuel 
Barber's portion, and after 2 years from the present to allow 6 per cent. 
Simple Interest per annum; John Barber took Josias' portion upon the 
same terms. Page 188 — 6 June, 1662 : Dist. to John & Sarah Joyntly : 

£ s d 
The House & Homelott as their Father Willed, 126-13-04 

To Thomas Barber by Guift & his portion, 13-00-00 

To Samuel, Mercy, Josias, to each, 36-15-00 

By Capt. Newbery, Deacon Moore & Sergt. Alvord. 

Page 57. 

Barnes, JohxL Hartford. Invt. £7-14-08. Taken 18 April, 1654, 
by James Norttiam, Samuel Gardner. 

Court Record, Page 50—2 March, 1653-4 : Proclamation to the Credi- 
tors to appear at the next Quarter Court. Adms. to James Northam. Page 
53 — 16 May, 1654 : Creditors : Sam : Gardner, Tho : Edwards, John Sadler, 
Matthias Sension, James Northam. The Town of Hartford proved that 
their Charge of John Barnes' Burial was £00-13-02. 

1650 TO 1663. PROBATA RKCORDS. 95 

Page 112-113. 

Bartlett, William, New London. Invt. £250-15-04. Taken 29 
August, 1658, by Jonathan Brewster, Robert Royce. Nuncupative Will, 
dated 6 August, 1658 : I, William Bartlett , of New London, do make and 
ordain this my last Will & Testament : I give to my wife all my Goods 
in my House, with House and Lott; and to my Brother Robert all my 
Outlands; and when my wife dies Robert shall have all my Goods and 
Lands. Testimony of Jonathan Brewster and Elizabeth Brawley. Will 
approved and the wife named Executrix. The Will of William Bartlett, 
of New London, by Word of Mouth in presence of Jonna Brewster and 
Elizabeth Brawley. The Oath of Jonnah Brewster and Elizabeth Brawley, 
taken by me who sayeth that William Bartlett spoke (not being very wdl 
& fearing his death), that whether I live or dye I give to my wyfe all my 
Goods in my House wth House & Lott, and to my Brother Robert all my 
Out lands; and when my wife dyes Robert shaU have all my Goods & 

Jonna Brewster. 

There was 2 men more present wth my self, & whose Testimonies shall 
if required be sent up to the Courte. 

Page 80. 

Basly, John, Hartford. Invt. £14-09-00. Taken 4 December, 1655, 
by John White and Andrew Bacon. Inventory as f oUoweth : 

i 8 d 
In Wearing Apparell, 2-00-00 

In Debts owing to him, 13-15-00 


Testimony of John White, 10 March, 1654-5 (This date on the original 
Paper on File) : John Basly, of Hartford, late deceased, in his last sick- 
ness wherof hee dyed, while hee had his memory and understanding did 
by Word of Mouth express it as his last Will & Testament yt ye 5^ of ye 
l^tate hee dyed seized of hee gave to his wife, ye other halfe hee gave to 
his Master Nathaniel Ward and to William Markham to bee divided be- 
tweene ym in an equal proportion. In Case his wife bee dead vt yn yt 
halfe hee gave to his wife hee gave to his next Kinsman in Case nee have 
any living and it can bee safely conveyed to her or 3ml ; if yt his wife and 
kindred all faile, yn it was his Will yt ye aforesd. Nathaniel Ward and 
William Markam shall enioy and possess his whole Estate aforesd. 
Witness: John White. 

Page no. 

Beardaley, ThomaSi Fairfield. Invt. £30-00-06. Taken ye 5th July, 
1656, by Anthony Wilson, Humphrey Hide, Alexander Knowles. 


Court Record, Page 32 — 19 May, 1652 : Acknowledgement of Debt 
to Richard Lettin. 

Page 20-21. 

Beebye, John. Invt. £73-02-05. It being agreable to Civil and 
Religious Custom, as requyered by God upon the occation of his Hand 
upon the sonnes of Men as a fore runner of Death unto )rm therefore to 
sett the)rr howse in Order, wherefore I, John Beebe, Husbandman, late 
of Broughton in the County of Northampton, being by God's good hand 
brought on a voyadge towards New England to Sea, and there smitten by 
the Good Hand of God so as that my expectation is for my chaynge, yet 
throughe mercy as yet in perfect Memory and understanding, doe here by 
(my Just Debts and dewe debts being fully and dewly discharged) give 
and bequeath unto my 7 Children, to say: John Beebe, Thomas Beebe, 
Samuel, Nathaniell, Jeames, Rebecca and Mary Bebe, all and every such 
monnyes or Goods of what spetia or kynde some ever, as all the proper 
Estate belonging unto me the abovesd. John Beebe, to be equally divided 
betweene the sd. John, Thomas, Samuel, Nathaniell, Jeames, Rebecca and 
Mary Beebe, in equal pts & portions. Further, I, the sd. John Beebe, doe 
Will that my fFoure elder Children, to say: John, Thomas, Samuel and 
Rebecca, shall have that sayd pts of the monnyes & Goods belonging tmto 
the three younger, to say : Nathaniell, Jeames and Mary, in theyer hands 
as well as the3rr owne proportions, and that the sayd John, Thomas, 
Samuel and Rebecca shall take Care for the provition of the 3 younger 
till they the sd. Nathaniell, Jeames and Mary be of adge, at wch tyme they 
are to have theyr pportions payde in unto 3ml by my sd. sonnes & Daugh- 
ter, John, Thomas, Samuel and Rebecca Beebe; whome I appoynt as 
Executors of this my last Will. Further, I, John Beebe, doe Will and 
deseyer my Loveing ffriends, Mr. William Lewis and John Cole, be over- 
seers of this my last Will, and that all my sayd Children be advised .and 
C^tunselled by my sayd overseers for their future dispose by marriage or 
otherwise. That this is my last Will & Testament I have this i8th day 
of May, 1650, sett to my Hand and Seale. 

Witness: William Partridge, John Beebe. Ls. 

John Partridge. 

Page 58. 

Belden, Bichard, Wethersfield. Invt. £111-19-00. Taken 22 Aug- 
ust, 165s, by John Talcott, John Nott. 

Court Record, Page 82 — 2 October, 1655: Division of the Estate 

i6so ra 1663. PROBATE records. 97 

Page 69-70. 

Belden, WiUiam, Wethersfield. Invt. £142-06^)8. Taken ist June, 
165s, by Nathaniel Dickinson, Samuel Smith, John Deming. Will dated 
27 March, 1665. The last Will & Testament of William Belden, late of 
Wefliersfield : Imprimis: I give to my Sonne Sam: £15 when he shall 
com to the age of 21 years. Item : I give to my son Daniell Belden £15. 
I give to my son John Belden £15. 1 give to my daughter Susannah Belden 
£15 when she shall com to the Age of 18 yeares. I give to my daughter 
Mary Belden £15. I give to my son Nath : Belden £15. I make Conmiisin 
Belden my whole & sole Executrix. I doe also Desire Sam: Smith and 
Nath : Dickinson, senior, to be supervisors of this my Will, to doe wt they 
can to Advice and Counsell my wife, & to doe their best to take Care of 
my Little ones, and to see my Body to be honourably Buried. 

Witness : Thomas Wright, Will X Belden. 

Samuel Wright. 

Page 176. 

Bird, Thomas. Invt. £149-05-10. Taken 10 August, 1662, by Thomas 

Bunce & John Coale. 

£ s d 

(Order of Court) To Distribute to ye Relict ye Widow, 34-00-00 
to be paid her presently, & John Belden promist to look 

to her to see her provided for. To James Bird, 20-00-00 

To Joseph the House & Land prsently, 40-00-00 

to Mary Northe, 32-00-00 

To Hannah Scott, 4-00-00 

Court Record, Page 178 — 4 September, 1662: Invt. exhibited and 

Page 14 — (Vol. Ill) 3 March, 1663-4: Thomas Bimce and Thomas 
Watts present a Dist. of the Estate of Thomas Bird : 

£ s d £ s d 

To the Relict, 34-00-00 

To Joseph Bird, 40-00-00 

To James Bird, 29-08-04 

To Hanna Scott, 4-00-00 

To Goodwife Northe, 18-00-00 

And in Case there appears to be any Estate to remayne when Debts are 
paid out of ye hops and ye £10 sequestered to pay Debts, it shall be divided 
betwixt Goodwife Northe and James Bird. Thomas Bunce & Sergt. 
Hart and Sergt. Watts are desired and appointed to set out ye Estate and 
to ordr it according to ye Courts Dist. and to see Debts paid. 

9S pmoBATB m8co&i>8. vol.. n, 

Pagne 34-5-6- 

Birge, Biohard, Windsor. Invt £174-00-00. Taken October. 
165 1, by Danuell Clarke & John Moore. The diildren: Daniel, b. 24 No- 
▼ember, 1644; Elizabetfi, ^ July, 1646; Jeremiah, 6 May, 1648; John, 
14 January, 1649; & Joseph, iMtpt 2 November, 1651. (W. R.) Nuncupa- 
tive Will, dated 10 September, 165 1. The last Will & Testament of 
Ridiard Birge, late of Windsor, Deed : I give to my wife Elizabeth Birge 
1-3 part of my Estate, and the other 2 parts to my Children, only my son 
Danyell a double portion. William Gaylor, Jr., also Benedictus ^ford 
& Robert Haward, to be Overseers. 

Witness : Robert Hawarth, Richard Birge. 

Wmiam Phelps. 

Court Record, Page 33-*-i9 May, 1652 : Adms. granted to the Relict 

Page 28. 

BliflS, Thomas, Hartford. Invt i86-i2-o8. Taken 14 February, 
1650, by Nathaniel Ward, Joseph Mygatt Nuncupative Will. Testimony 
of John Pinchon & Hen: Smith gives property to. his wife. Mary Parsons^ 
a daughter, of Springfield, doth Testify to the same. 

Court Record, Page 17 — ^20 February, 1650-1 : Adms. to the Relict, 
She to keep the whole Estate in her Hands for her Use and the Educa- 
tion of Ijhe Children during her life, then to be divided among the Chit* 
dren, viz: to Lawrence, to John, to Samuel, to Hester, to Elizabeth, to 
Hannah, and to Sarah Bliss. 

Page 17-18-19. 

[See Private Controversies, Nos. 180-1-2, in Appendix to Vol. I.] 
Boos^, James, Wethersfield. Died 22 June, 1649. I^^ £983-08- 
00. Taken 4 August, 1649, ^y Samuel Smith sen., Nath: Dickinson. 
Will dated 21 June, 1649 ' I> James Boozey, of Wethersfield, do make and 
coofirme this as my last Will & Testament : Imprimis : I give to my eldest 
Sonne Joseph Boosey £200, to be paid him when he shall com to the age 
of 21 years, in manner as followeth: I give Him my Homelott, wth 
a Bame standing upon it, wch I bought of Mr. Alcot, wch was Thomas 
Sherwood's, the younger, con. 6 acres more or lesse, wch I price at £50; 
17 acres of my Plaine, that is to say the Little Plaine running into the 
Great Plaine, of a true Square, making up his 17 acres, price at £50; and 
7 acres in the Great Meadow wch I bought of Robrt Coe, price £45 ; and 
S acres in Beauer mea at £15 ; and all mv Upland wch I bought of Robrt 
Coe, price £20 and £29, in such pay as nis Mother can conveniently pay 
him in. When my sonne Joseph Coms to the Injoyment of his Land ac* 

1650 TO 1663. PROBATS &BCORDS. 99 

cording to this my WiU, he ( Jo8q>h) shall repay bade the £29 again unless 
it be paid in Land. I g^ve to my son James Boosey iioo, to be paid him at 
21 years of age. I give to my daughter Mary Boosey £50 at the age of 21 
years or at the day of her maridge. I give to my daughter Hannah 
Boosey £50 at the age of 21 years or at the day of her marridge. I give 
to my daughter Sai^ Boosey £50 at the age of 21 years or at the day of 
her marridge. Further, it is my Will that my two sons Joseph & James 
Boosey shall have all my Lands after the Death of their Mother. Joseph 
shall have all my Purchased Land except 4 acr in Beauer mea, wch is 20 
acr on the Great Plain and 4 acrres in the Great Mea wch was John 
Simonsis & Jeremy Jaggers. This, wth that before mentioned, is the 
whole of my purchased Land, except 4 acr in Beaver mea before excepted. 
My Sonne James shall have my now Dwelling House & House Lott, and 
Barnes & Houses standing thereon, wth all the Land wch was g^ven me by 
the Towne that is now in my possession, wch is 12 acres in the Great Mea, 
56 acr of Upland & Swamp, wth 4 acr in Beaver Mea wch was nam^ 

before. It is also my Will that what this Land shall amount to above 

these 2 Legacies of £300, the value of it shall be divided amongst my 5 
Children proportionably according to their portions. If the Land is 
prised at £too, wch we Conceive, this £100 which surmounts to be divided : 

£ s d 

£ 8 d 

To Joseph, 


To Hannah, 


To James, 


To Sarah, 


To Mary, 


It is my Will, that if any of *my Children shall prove undutifuU or 
stubbome, and will not be ruled by their Mother, it shall be in the power 
of their mother to take from those wch is the undutifuUest as she shall see 
cause. And as for the rest of my Goods, I doe bequeath to my wife as my 
whole and sole Executrix, and do intreat Mister Welles, Brother Smith, 
sen., & Brother Dickinson to be the supervisors of this my Will & Testa- 

Witness : Sam: Smith, senior, (Not signed.) 

Nath: Dickinson. 

P. C. Page 79. 

Bo<Mi07i Joseph, Deceased in Westchester. Invt. £504-10-00. Taken 
24 July, 1655, by Thomas Wheeler, William Newman and Josias Gilbert 

Nuncupative Will of Joseph Boosey: that which was spoken by 
Joseph Boosey as his last Will before his wife Esther and Josias Gilbert^ 
bemg in his perfect senses the sd. Joseph Boosey now deed he gave his 


wife Esther his whole Estate, and the sd. Esther is to pay out of the Estate 
2 Oxen to James Wakeling of Wethersfield, being his free Gift to the sd. 
Wakeling; they are to bee the same Oxen that was bought of James 
Wakeling by Joseph Boosey upon Consideration that the sd. James Wakel- 
ing must acquit all Account between them. And the remainder of the 
Estate, in Case he left his wife with Child, the sd. Esther is to give half of 
his Estate to the Child when the Child is of age, provided that all Debts 
that doth appear upon Just Accounts doe be satisfied in the ist place. 

Page 1 5 1-2. 

BoBwell, James, Wethersfield. Invt. £162-07-00. Taken 27 De- 
cember, 1660, by Samuel Welles and John Goodrich : 

September 24: 1660. 

i ieames buswell ofe wethe theres feld felenge my selefe ve ry ele thenkes 
it is my du ty ha uenge my ri te sen ses and re sene to sete my estate that 
god haue geuen me in ordere and thes is my wele i haue giuene my uncell 
and ante and io nathane smethe my foure catetele ate good mane wrytes 
i land more ouerre i haue giuen theme my tou yonge marese more 
ouere thes is my wele i haue geuen my cos sen ri richard smethe and my 
cos sene iosephe sun smethe ale my land in nawbuck my cous sene mr 
richard shale haue hes halefe ofe my lote nuexth good mane bonces lote 
more ouere i haue gnene my cus sen richard smethe my ould mare ande 
here coulte and my ould coue and my yonge seege i had ofe iohne adomes 
thate i cote sence i hade heme ofe iolm addames and a wethere shepe i giue 
hime and my house ale soe more ouere i make my cos sene richard 

smith and Thomas edwardes my ouere serese to prouid for my honeuora- 
bell buryable ife ite pies god i dy and in con sederacyon fore there care and 
payenes i geue them ale kyndes ofe my were renge clos and heed clos and 
hates and shoues and towe yonger hogs i haue ate nawbuk they are to haue 
thes theuyes alyke i geue them to be deuided to bothe alyke more ouer this 
is my wele i haue guen toe Thomas edwardes my coulte and a shepe he 
has tfiem booth aleredy in hes kepenge & thes i geue hem fre ly be seyd 
othere chere ges he have bene oute one me these my estate most paye moste 
pay these i leue in the handes ofe my 2 cus sene richard smethe & ale soee 
i make my cos sene richard smethe my ex seckeetore toe pay ale my detes 

and receyue ale my dates 

James Buswell 
Thomas Edwardes 
richard smith Junr. 

. Court Record, Page 152—7 March, 1660-1 : Will proven. 


Page 148. 

Branke, John, Windsor. Died 27 May, 1662. Invt. £502<k><x>. 
Taken 17 June, 1662, by Matthew Grant, John Moore, Benjamin Newbery. 
Will dated 26 May, 1662. He doth bestow all his estate unto Abigail 
Branke, his wife, and doth make her sole executrix. 

Witness : John Warham, Richard Vore, John Branke. Ls. 

Court Record, Page 179, 11 Sept., 1662: Will Proven. 

Page 159. 

Brawleyi Peter, (probably a Seaman of New London). Invt. £59- 
01-00. Taken 19 June, 1662, by Obadiah Bruen, Samuel Smith and John 

An Inventory of Peter Brawley's Estate taken 19 June, 1662: 

i s d 
Impr. House & Lott with 4 Acrs Mead, £30; i Gunn, £1, 31-00-00 

In Bedding, £5; A Shute of Qothes, £1, 6-00-00 

Chest, Trunk, Boxes, £0-12 ; Half a Boat, A Cow, £28-08, 29-00-00 

A Jarr, StilHards, Sea Clothes, £1-03, 1-03-00 

28 Acrs Land in ye Neck, £0-18; 6 acrs more, £1, 1-18-00 


Browne^ Henry. Court Record, Page 23 — 14 May, 1651 (Particular 
Courte). Henry Browne testified upon Oath in Court that Elizabeth 
Turner and James Jupp were dd to him in London by a man from the 
Mother of Robert Qiapman who tould him that the sd. Mother of Chap- 
man did desire the sd. Browne to dd the sd. Turner and Jupp to her sd. 
Sonne Robert Chapman in New England and that hee had heard the sd. 
Turner and Jupp Severall times say that they were to goe to Robert Chap- 

Page 114-115. 

Browne, Nathaniel, Middletown. Invt. £96-02-04. Taken 26 Aug- 
ust, 1658, by Robert Webster; Nathaniel White, Thomas Wetmore. (No 
Court Record.) 

Page 160. 

Bncddaiid, Thomas, Hartford. Died 28 May, 1662. (W. R.) Invt. 
£343-06-04. Taken 20 Jime, 1662, by Deacon Gaylord, Deacon Moore, 
Matthew Grant. 


Court Record, Page i68— lo September, 1662 : Adms. to the Widow 
and an Order for Dist 

£ 8 d i 8 d 

To the WidoiV, 1 18-00-00 

To Nicholas, 30-00-00 

To Thomas, 30-00-00 
To Temperance 

(m. John Ponder), 30-00-00 

To Sarah, 30-00-00 

To Hannah, 30-00-00 

To Timothy, 30-00-00 

To each, with what they have already received, £30 from the Estate 
when they attain to lawful age, the sons at 21 and the daughters at 18 
years of ige. This Court also orders that the Estate dist. to Elizabeth the 
wife of Edward Adams shall so remain to her and to her heirs, and that 
he shall give security that it shall not be alienated. 

Note: (See Vol. Ill, No. 142 P. C.) Sarah m. John Phelps. See 
Will of Elizabeth Denslow, Gr. Mother to these Children. 

Page 146-7. 

BuBhnell, Bicfaard, Norwalk. Invt. i2i 2-08-08. Taken 17 July, 
1660, by Matdiew Marvin, Nathaniel Richards & Richard Olmsted. Will 
dated ist December, 1659: In the name of God, Amen. I 

Richard Bushnell of Norwalk, being of perfect memory though weake in 
Body, do make this my last Will & Testament. I doe give and bequeath 
unto my dearly beloved wife Marcy Bushnell the yi of whatsoever shall 
remain, & the other half I doe give and bequeath to my 4 children, allow- 
ing my 2 sones each of them £5 more than to my 2 daughters, & this I 
desire may be imployed for them until they shall bee of sufficient age or 
marryed, wch soever shall first come to passe. I request Matthew Mar- 
vin, sen., Nathaniel Richards & Richard Olmsted of Norwalk to be Over- 

Witness: Alice Marvin, Richard Bushnell, Ls. 

/oji: Cornish. 

Court Record, Page 167 — 6 March, 1661-2. Will proven. And ye 
Relict being again married to William Adgate, Adms. is granted to ye sd. 
Adgate, he giving to the Overseers sufficient Security to discharge the 
Legacies to die Bushnell Children, 

Page 142. 

* Oarmadde, William. Died 27 July, 1666. Invt. £4-05-06. Taken by 
Francis Bushnell, Thomas Dunk. 

l6S0 VO 1663. PKOBAT]^ RKCOKDS. IO3 

Lnpr pr one Wastcoat, 0-04-00 

In ffutes of QoatheSy Shirts^ Boots, Shoes, and other 

Appurtenances to his wearing apparrell, 4-01-06 


Townsmen. Robert Ompn^ 

J(mn Clark, 
Robt Chapman and William Parker are appointed to administer to ye 
Estate abovesd. 

Page 33- 

OarpenteFi David, Farmington. Invt. £76-00-00. Taken 18 May, 
1652. Will dated 20 January, 1650-1. The last Will & Testament of 
David Carpenter, late of Farmington, Deed : I give to my wife Elizabeth 
the Celler that I live in and all my Household Stuff and half my Estate 
abroad. And I give to my children, Elizabeth, David and Mary, die other 
half of my Estate abroad, viz., all besides the Celler and Household Stuff. 
And I comitt the Care and Oversight of my Children and Estate and 
Buildings wholly to my Master, John White of Hartford. 

Testimony of Stephen Hart and Thomas Judd in Court. 

Witness : Roger Newton, 
Stephen Hart, Thomas Judd, 

Court Record, Page 33 — 19 May, 1652: Will & Invt. exhibited. 
Adms. to John White. 

Oarrington, John. Court Record, Page 17 — ^20 February, 1650-1. A 
Particular Courte in Hartford upon the Tryall of John Carrington and 
his wife. 

Edw. Hopkins, Gov; John Haynes, Dept Governor. 


Mr. Welles, Mr. Wolcott, Mr. Webster, Mr. Cullick, Mr. Clarke. 


Mr. Phelps, Mr. Tailcoat, Mr. Hollister, David Wilton, John White, 
Will: Lewis, Sandl Smith, John Pratt, John Moore, Edw: Griswold, 
Steph: Hart, Tho: Judd. 

Indightment: John Carrington, thou art indighted by the name of 
John Carrington of Wethersfield, Carpenter, that not having the Fear of 
God before thine eyes, thou hast Intertained familarity widi Sattan, the 
great Enemy of God and Mankind, and by his help has done works above 
9ie Course of nature, for wch, both according to the Laws of God and 
the Established Laws of this Common Wealth, thou deservest to Dye. 

The Jury finds this Inditem against John Carrin&;ton the 6di of March 
1650-1. Att the same Court, Time and Place, was K)und an Indightment 
also against Joanne Carrington, wife of John Carrington, with the same 


Page 40— 1st Thursday in March, 1652-3. There was presented to 
this Court an Invt. of John Carrington's Estate, which is ordered to be 
Hied but not recorded. The Estate presented being £23-11-00, and the 
Debts specified therein oweing by the Estate is sumed up to £13-01-06. 

(See Book II of Lands, at Sec. State's Office, Hartford.) 

Case, John, Mashpath Killes, New Netherlands, 17 August, 1656. 
A Letter giving power of Attorney : 


Know all Men by these prsents, that I Jdin Case, now Inhabiting in 
Mashpath Kills in the new Netherlands, have constituted and made my 
Father William Edwards, inhabitant in Hartford in New England, my 
true and lawfull Attomeye to demand, recouver and receive in my name 
and for my vse of Mr. Richard Lord of Hartford in New England, mrcht, 
£6 which the sd. Mr. Richard Lord was assigned by the ourseers to pay 
unto my wife in Pease and Wheat when shee was 18 yeares of Age, in 
Pease at 3 Shillings the Bushell, and Wheat at 4 Shillins the Bushell. 
Also I doe Authorise my Attomye, with as full power as if myselfe was 
existant, to demand, recouer and receive of the sd. Mr Lord all other 
Debts or Dues which shall bee found to bee owing unto mee from him. 
I say I doe Authorise, Ratifie and Confirme my Attomye with as full 
power in this Case as if myselfe was existant. Upon the Refusall to pay, 
I doe Authorise my Attorney to Arrest, Sue, Recouver, and upon receipt 
to give discharge, or if occasion bee to plead or implead in my name and 
place, and what Attomye shall see Cause to doe in this Case I Will 
Ratifie and Confirme as done by myselfe. 

Witness: Joseph Langdon, John X Case. 

Thomas Casse. 

Note: On the back side was written to his loving ffather William 
Edwards, living at Hartford in New England this prsent 

The above written is a tme Coppie of an original writing Recorded 
this 1 8th Aprill, 1657, by me Jdin CuUick, Sec. 

Page 155. 

Channel, Robert, New London. Invt. £76-10-01. Taken 26 May, 
1662, by John Tinker, Obadiah Breuen and John Smith. 

Court Record, Page 173 — 5 June, 1652. Invt. Exhibited by Mr. 
Tinker. This Court order Lt. Smith, Mr. Breuen and Mr. Tinker to take 
Care of ye Estate until upon Notice given ye Relatives address unto the 
Court. What Debts are due from the Estate they are to see discharged. 


Ghapman, Will. Court Record, Page 49 & 50— 2nd March, i6s3-4. 
Whereas, one Will Chapman was compla}med of for a Breach of an Order 
of the Como. Wealth, that noe prson whatsoever, maile or feamale, not 
being at his or her own disposing, that remaineth under Government of 
parents. Master, Guardians or such like, shall either make or give enter- 
tainment to any motyon or sute in way of marridge with out the knowledge 
& Consent of those they stand in such relations to, under the severe Sen- 
sure of the Court in case of delinqency not attending this order, nor shall 
any third person or persons intermeadle in making anv motyon to any 
such without the knowledg & Consent of those under whose Government 
they are, under the same penalty ; & it appears to the Court that the said 
Chapman hath trespessed against the said order in an high nature, going 
aboute to gaine the affectyone by way of marriage of one Elizabeth Bate- 
man, servant to Capt John CuUick, & hath the same Laid divers unsuffer- 
able scandalls & reproaches upon the said Capt & his family and severall 
others, all which were duly heard & scanned by the said Courte. And it 
is now ordered, that the said Will Chapman shall be for the which pay 
for a fine five pounds for Breach of the Said order, & for other misde- 
meaners he is committed (to) preson for fourteen dayes & then to put in 
security to before Mr. Webster for the good behavior untill the next 
quarter Courte at Hartford. And that the sd. Capt Cullick shall use his 
libberty to give ffamily discipline to his servants, Elizabeth (Bateman) 
& Will Warren, Thomas WTiaples also accessory; and Nich: Olmsted 
must give security to appear in Court to answer concerning the Business 
between Will Chapman and Elizabeth Bateman. 

Page 176. 

Chester, Dorothy^ Hartford. Invt. £33-11-08. Taken 27 May, 
1662, by Gregory Wolterton, John Barnard & Thomas Bull. 

Court Record, Page 174—6 June, 1662: Adms. to Edward Stebbing 
to administer the Estate and pay the Debts. The remainder to be at his 

Page 8-9-10-11. 

Chester, Leonard, Wethersfield. Invt. £1062-01-08. Taken by 
James Boosey, Sam. Smith. Will dated 22 November, 1637 : I, Leonard 
Chester, of Wethersfield, Gentleman, doe ordain and appoint this my last 
will & Testament : Imp. I give and bequeath unto my sonne John, all that 
my howse lott with bowses, meadows and other Lands whatsoever, together 
with that Mill and the appurtenances thereto belonging wch I am in build- 
ing at the devising of these presents, all wch doe lye, are situate, and have 
their being in the towne and Libberty of Wethersfield aforesaid, to enter 
uppon the one halfe Imediately after my decease for and towards his edu- 
cation and maintenance, and upon the other halfe after the decease of 


Mary, my Beloved wife, and not before. And if it shall so happen that 
the said John shall dye without Issue before hee comes to the Age of one 
and twenty years, that then the said howses. Land and aprtenances there- 
to, I give and bequeath imto my daughter Mary ; and if it shall please God 
that my daughter Mary shall dye without Issue, that then my will is that 
the aforesaid howses, Lands, etc shall be devided amongst the heirs of 
my Body in Generall ; or, for want of Issue, to the Children of my deare 
uncle Mr. Thomas Hooker, now pastor at Hartford, in Connecticut afore- 
said. Item. I give and bequeadi unto my dau^ter Mary £200. Item. 
I give and bequeath unto my Mother Dorothy Chester £30. And I doe 
give unto my wife Mary one halfe of my howse lott with howses, 
meadowes and other Lands whatsoever, together with the mill and the 
Aprtenances thereto belonging wch I am now building, to have and to 
holde for her propper use and benefit during the time of her naturall Life, 
and then to retume to the only use and right of my sonne John, according 
to the premisses before specified. And I doe appoint & constitute my 
deare wife Mary my whole and only Executrixe. And I doe appoint Mr. 
John Plum and Mr. Henry Smith, both of this Towne of Wethersfeild, 
to bee my ourseers, for wch I doe give unto Mr. Plum: ten shillings to 
buy him a paire of gloves, and Mr. Smith I give to him thirty shillings. 
In witness hereunto I have sett my hand and scale the day and yeare 
Above written. 

Leonard Chbsther. 
In the prsence of us : 
Henry Smith. 

It is the Last will and testament of Leonard Chesther, Gent., that Mr 
Haynes and Mr Webster shall take into Consideration the £300 sent over 
as parte of the portion of his wife since he came to New England, wch 
was to bee disposed of for her use with her liking, wch being rectified by 
the two friends above named, then his bowsing, Lands, stock and estate to 
bee disposed of to the benefitt of his Children according as the said 
Leonard should determine when the^^ conf err with him : And in case hee 
departe this life before they can visit him, then hee Intreats those two 
ffriends as his Last will to proportion the estate to his posterity as they 
judge fitt. And hee makes Mr. Webster and Mr. Newton, of Tonxsis, his 

Leonard Chesther. 
In the prsence of 
Tho. Hooker, James Boosey, Dorothy Chesther. 

Memorandum: Whereas, I have some yeares since drawne up the 
sum of my thoughts and desires into a writing and Committed it to the 
keeping of my uncle Thomas Hooker, now deceased, wch writing for 
present I cannott well come att, and further because in the writing I have 
not so farr as I remember made any provision for my younger children 


wch have beene borne since, I doe therefore hereby declare that whatever 
provision is therein made for my younger Children that were then borne, 
the same provision I doe appoint to bee made for my younger Children 
borne since, so that they shall all have portions alike, equal one to another, 
except my eldest sonne, to whom I have and doe still bequeath a double 
portion. And whereas, in that my will I have Intreated Mr. John Webster 
and my Coussin Newton to bee my Executors, I doe hereby make knowne 
that my desire is to ease them of that trouble and doe Constitute and ap- 
point my Ix>ving wife to be my sole and aloane Executrix. And Lastly, 
because I have taken no order in that writing for the dispose of what 
estate I have remaining still in ould England, I doe therefore bequeathe 
all that estate, whither in Annuity, goods or otherwise, wch either is or 
shall bee by right appertaining unto mee or mine heirs, and in perticular 
one Annuity of 30 quarters of Barlye issueing out of the estate of Nicholas 
Sharpe, deceased, and by his will bequeathed unto mee and mine heirs, for 
the settling whereof I have sent over a letter of Attornye to my father 
Wade; all this, with what ever else will bee coming to mee out of ould 
England, I doe give to my wife during her life, with all the prfitts that 
shall acrewe therefrom ; and after her decease I doe give and bequeath it 
to my Children, viz., to my eldest sonne a double portion, and to the rest 
to every one an equal portion. That this is my full minde and finall resolu- 
tion and will, I doe hereto in testimony hereof sett to my hand & seale this 

2 of August, 1648. Leonabd Chesthbb. 

In the presence of us : Henry Stnith, 
Will Smith, Thomas Hanchett. 

My desire is to Add something further to my within mentioned 
will, viz : 1st, In Case that my Annuity in ould England shall not bee sould 
and so shall fall by Lawe uppon my Eldest sonne, that then whatever I 
have given to my Eldest sonne by my will, viz., that double portion of 
goods, shall be translated from him to my other Children to mend their 
portions; 2nd, In case any of my Children shall proove undutifuU and 
stubbome to their mother, that it shall bee in the power of their mother to 
take away the one halfe of that portion I have bequeathed to that childe 
and to give it to such of the rest as shall be more dutifull unto her. These 
things, though in rude and undigested manner, I desire for the present 
thus to sett downe. Intending if God spare my Life to reduce all into one 
Intire writing; this 2 August 1648. Leonard Chesther. 

This Court takeing the Estate of Mr Chesther deed into Consideration 
on the 2ist July, 165I, Judge meete that the Widow should have £300 and 
the remainder of the Estate to be equally divided amongst the Children. 
The Eldest to have a double portion, according to the Will. Any Estate 
that may come from England being also considered with the Estate heere, 
the wch if it falls to the Eldest sonne, if that amount to iioo, hee is to have 
but a single portion with the other Children. 


Page 64. 

(From the original copy on file.) 

Clarke, Joseph, Windsor. (Died 19 April, 1641. W. R.) Invt. 
£44-00-00. Taken by Henry Clarke and William Gaylord. Will dated 
1st December, 1640: 1, Joseph Qarke, of Windsor, being somewhat weake 
but of prfect memory, doe ordayne this my last will and Testament : First, 
I bequeath my soule to God, waiting for his salvation through ye alone 
merit of Jesus Christ, And my Body to Christian Buriall at ye discretion 
of my Executors. And for my worldly goods, I thus dispose of ym : I 
bequeath my Estate in Lands and goods to my two Children, in ye dis- 
cretion of mine Executors, ye wdi office I desire ye Church by ye 
ministers & ye deacons & oversight of ye Elders to undertake; and my 
desire is yt my house and lott should be Let and farmed at rent for 10 or 
12 years, & ye Rent yearly to goe towards ye maintenance of ye Children 
so long. And if yt will not suffice ym maintenance & ye church see it 
meete, my desire is )rt my lott joyning to ye g^eat River above sequestered 
meadow bee go to for supply if need require; and after ye sd. ten or il 
years my desire is )rt my two children be sett forth in some Godly family 
for six or seven years or more, in ye Churche's Wisdome, and duringe ye 
sd. terme rtiy desire is yt ye rent of my house and Land bee resarved by ye 
deacons for to make portion for my daughter, to be paid unto her at ye age 
of 21 ; at wch time also my desire is my house and land bee delivered to 
my Sonne, to whome (in case it bee not otherwise in ye meantime desposed 
of by ye Church) I bequeath it forever ; provided yt in case of sickness 
or any other disaster my desire is yt ye Church doe dispose of my Estate 
otherwise as in yts discretion may best Conduce to ye Comfort of my Chil- 

Witness : John Warham, Ephraim Hutt, Joseph Clarke. 

John Witckheld, Wm. Hosford, William Gaylord. 

Page 122. 

Olarke, Joseph, Windsor. Died 2nd May, 1659. Invt. £71-19-02. 
Taken by Henry Clarke, Matthew Grant & John X Bissell. The next of 
Kin to ye party is one sister, Mary Clarke, age 21 years. 

Court Record, Page 131 — ist December, 1659: This Court Grant 
Adms. to Anthony Howkins in behalf of Mary Clarke. Page 152 — ^7 
March, 1660-1 : Joseph Bird manifests to the Court his Acceptance and 
Approbation of the Over-sight and Account of Anthony Howkins respect- 
ing the Estate of Mary Clarke. 

Page 36-37. 

Ooale, JeameB, Hartford. Invt. £116-03-04. Taken November^ 
1652, by Thomas (H) Osmer, John White. 


1650 TO 1663. PROBATA RECORDS. I09 

The last Will & Testament of Jeames Coale of Hartford Deed: I, 
Jeames Coale, of Hartford, uppon the River of Connecticutt, being of per- 
fect memorye and Soundnes of minde, doe according to my duty, know- 
ing the frailty of my Body and uncertainty of my Life, for the preventing 
of distractions to my selfe while I live and differences in my familye when 
I am gathered to my fathers, make and ordaine this my Last Will and 
Testament, and doe dispose of that outward Estate wherewith the Lord 
hath of his Abundant mercy blessed mee, in mannr following : Imprimis. 
I give to my deare and well beloved Sonne and daughter, Danyell and 
Abigail SuUivane, my now dwelling howse in Hartford, with all other 
houses, orchards, gardens, home lott, with all aptenances thereunto 
belonging, with one peece of Land being about five Acres more or Less, 
Lying at penny wise within Wethersfield bounds, As also one parcell of 
upland being about foure Acres more or less, Ljring about the wolfe 
pound. All wch forementioned Lands and bowsing I give to them and 
their heirs for ever, provided that my sonne Danyell and daughter 
Abigaille pay yearly to my deare and well beloved wife, Ann Coale, the 
Just and full sum of three pounds in good Current pay during her Naturall 
Life. Further my will is, that my wife should have an upper roome at 
the South end of my now dwelling howse during her widdowhood, with 
free Libberty of egress and regress without molestation. Further my will 
is„ that she my wife Ann Coale should have the use of their firinge for 
her owne Comforte in any respect, As also any fruit or herbs in the 
orchyard or garden for her owne particular Spending, As also the use of 
the well belonging to the howse. Further, if my wife desires to keepe a 
Cowe or a hogg or some poultry for her perticular use, Shee providing 
meate for them, my will is that Shee shall have yard roome for them 
where my sonne Danyell's Cattle are usually yarded. Item. I give all my 
Coopers tooles equally to be divided between my well beloved sonne 
William Edwards and my Loving Coussin Henry Coale. Item. I give 
unto my deare and well beloved wife Ann Coale all my houshold stuff of 
every kinde undisposed of, with all my Cattle and Crop of Come now on 
the ground, with all my debts owinge to mee, provided that shee payes all 
my just debts and defray all that charge wch shall be thought necessary 
by the ourseers of this my will for my Christian Burial. Also, I doe de- 
sire and appointe my trusty and well beloved ffriends, Mr. John Webster 
and William Gibbons, ourseers of this my will. And further, I doe ap- 
point my deare and well beloved wife Ann Coale to be my whole 
Executrixe of this my last will and testament. 

Jeames Coale. 
Witness : John White, 

Thomas Osmore. 

Page 142. 

Colfax, William, Wethersfield. Invt. £103-19-06. Taken 20 Sept., 
1660, by James Wakely & Samuel Welles. 



Gmrt Record, Page 157 — 6 June, 1661 : Mr. Treat, John 
William Gutridge, John Ryle are desired & appointed to consider the 
estate of Widdow Colfax and to Dist. & Settle the portions of ye Relict 
and ye several Children and make return to ye Court September next. 
The Widow is not to Marry another before security be given for ye Chil* 
drens portions. Report of Dist. on file 31 April, 1680: To the Mother 
of the Children, to Jonathan, to Mary, Joseph Bidwell and Mary his wife, 
give their whole right in the estate of our brother John Colfax, Dec, to our 
brother Jonathan Colfax; 9th March, 1680-81, Henry Arnold and wife 
Elizabeth also resign their right to brother Jonathan Colfax. Dist by 
Richard Treat, John Riley & Wm Goodrich. 

Witness by William House, 
Benjamin Crane, Nathaniel Butler, 

Page 59. 

OoUins, Peter, Pequett, Planter. Invt. £57-08-00. Taken 14 May, 
1655, ^y Richau-d Smith, John Elderkin, Andrew Lester, Mr. Brewster. 

The Will and Testament of peeter Collins plantr of ye Towne of 
pequott : 

Impr I peeter Collins of ye towne doe comitt my soule to god, my 
Bodie commend I to ye ground. I Constitute John Gager I say to bee my 
full heire and Executor. I bequeath unto ye prson a forenamed one black 
cow wth a strake in ye fore head, A Barrow hogg, a sow, a great brassi 
Kettle weighing 8 pound, a feather Bed and a green Coverlitt, allso one 
sheete ; Also 30 Shillings worth of Tobacco wdi is in ye house ; and, I be- 
queath to Ridiard poole mye house, home lott. Come and all belonging to 
it, all wood cleaft and uncleft, all my Lands except ye land in ye Nedc, wch 
Jacob Waterhouse is to have. I bequeath unto ye aforenamed Richard 
poole my Brindle cow, allso 30 Shillings worth of Tobacco. 3, I bequeath 
unto Robbert Burrowes, pUmter, of pequott, my black cow ; allso, I give 
unto him one pound i shilling wch is due to mee from William Rol^rts 
wch was Tho. Stauntons man ; in Like manner I bequeath unto him one 
third of a Bill of £40 wch Capt James Tonge is indebted to mee. 4, I give 
unto George Harwood one third of ye afore named Bill ; I say unto George 
Harwood, planter, of pequott. 5, I bequeath unto Matthew Becworth ye 
sum of two pound 2 shillings. In Like manner I give unto Tho. Hunger- 
ford one pound 10 shillings. 6, 1 bequeath unto George Tongue one third of 
ye afore named bill of James Tongue ; allso, to William morton I give a 
kettle of 5 pound Weight. 

Witness our hands ye 7 of May, 1655. peeter X Collins. 

Richard poole, William Morton. 

1650 TO 1663. PROBATE RECORDS. 1X1 

Page 102-103. 

OrotMf William, Fairfield. Invt £94-02-04- Taken 7 September, 
1655, by George Hull, Alexander Knowles. Settlement deferred on ac- 
count of debts to the benefit of the Widow and the orphans. Estate In- 

Court Record, Page 87 — ^May, 1656 : Proclamation to the Creditors 
to present claims at the quarter Cburt Jtme next, Mr. Ward & Mr. Hill 
to take the Estate and Distribute as they shall receive orders from the 
Court. Page 89 — 5 June, 1656 ; the Court doth Impower Mr. Ward, Mr. 
Hill & John Bankes to care for die Estate, to allow the widow for her use, 
and*may sell her, such things as she may wish to purchase from the estate 
for Account of debts of Cross Estate. Page 102 — 4 June, 1657 : Henry 
Woolcot and Edward Stebbins to Adms. the Estate. Page 109 — ^3 De- 
cember, 1657 : Distribution to the Creditors allowed by this Court. 

Page 126. Will, Page 125-132. 

Drake, John, Sen., Windsor. Died 17 August, 1659. Invt £324- 
13-00. Taken 14 September, 1659. W^'l recorded 1659. 

First, I bequeath my soule to God that gave it me, and my body to 
Earthly burial. As for my worldly goods, I dius dispose of them : First, 
I desire that there may be a Inventory tooke off niv State and within 
twelve months after my decease : I give to my son John i20 ; and after 
my wyve's decease, out of the State I have, I give him tenn pounds more; 
and to my son Tob I give my six acres of meaddow that is bounded of the 
South side witn Goodman Phillips, Within twelve moneths after my de- 
cease, then, after my wife's decease, I give that six acres forementioned 
to his Sonne Job ; and after my wife's decease I give to all of my grand 
children, viz., three of sonne John, and four of my sonne Job, and one of 
my daughter Elizabeth Gaylord, three pounds apeece; and too my wife 
I give all my part off Howsing and Lands that I have in possession ffor 
to make use of as shee and her ffriends shall think will be fore her best 
advantage ; and my Land that I bought of Goodman Bissell that Lye of 
the East Side of the great river I give to my sonne Jacob provided that 
he pay to my sonne John tenne pounds after my wif's decease,' ffor to make 
his porshon £30 ; the house and my Land that I bought that was Mr Sen 
Nicholases (Mr. John Saint Nicholas) that lys of the west side of the 
great river I give to my sonne Jacob, and after my wife's decease he shall 
pay to the rest of his brothers & sisters sixteene pounds ffor the Land that 
I have given to my sonne Jacob ; mv wife is to have the propriety of it for 
her use while shee live, and after her decease then my sonne Jacob shall 
have full possession of it with its appurtenances yt appertain thereunto, 
provided that he pay the formentioned Stmis of money to his Brethren, 
viz., tenne pounds to my sonne John and Sixteene pounds to iht rest of his 
brothers and sisters ; too my sonne Jacob I also give him my two tables 
and a bedsted that he maks use of yt belongs to that end of die House 


next the Highway in the lower rooms; to my daughter Mary Gayler I 
give one f etherbed and two blankets and a bolster after my wife's decease ; 
and to my daughter Elizabeth I give erne Coverlid after my decease ; and 
to Timothy I give him forty shillings and two good Sutes of Cloths when 
his time is out ; and the rest of Stodc shall be equally divided amongst my 
five Children after my wife's decease. 

Witness : John Bissell, John X Drake. 

Jacob Drake. 

Court Record, Page 131 — i December, 1659. W^"' proven. Page 
132 — (Probate Side) 19 December, 1659: The Magistrates of Windsor, 
wth the Sec. & Thomas flford. Ensign Wilson, Edward Griswold, being 
mett to settle the difference about ye Estate of John Drake sen., according 
to ye Courts desires and ordr. After much debate about Job Drake's 
Demands, at Length the Widow Drake with all ye Children, the Relicts 
of John Drake sen., came to a mutual Agreement amongst themselves as 
foUoweth : Jacob engageth to issue the trouble amongst them to pay iio 
out of his owne proper Estate to his Brother Job Drake. The Widow 
consented to pay him £10, and the rest of the Children consented to pay 
£10 in porportion to what each had received, and this being paid (£30), 
it is agreed that all Demands whatsoever respecting these 4 particulars 
formerly mentioned by Job Drake, viz., his service done for his Father, 
2ndly his £20 portion, 3rdly his 2 Journeys to Pascataway, 4th Money lent 
to his father, last by his Claime to part of ye Home Lott, shall for ye 
future Cease and be anihilated. It is mutually agreed )rt he is to have ye 
Legacy left upon his Father's Will. 

Signed: Eliz X Drake, John Gaylord, 

Job Drake, John Drake, Jacob Drake. 

Elizabeth Drake, the Relict of John Drake sen., to be Adms. 

Danll Clarke, Secretr, 

Note : On the 20th of November, 1660, John Drake receipts for the 
sum of £29-00-00, being the full sum due to him and his 3 Children except 
what is to be paid after ye Death of Widow Drake according to ye Will 
of John Drake sen. 

Ensign, James. Court Record, Page 183 — ^4 September, 1662 : This 
Court doth set the son of William Eares to James Ensign or his assigns 
as an apprentice until he accomplish ye age of 21 years, and James Ensign 
is to see him instructed in ye Art of Trade of a Cooper and to give Ae 
boy £4 at ye End of this time of service ; and if he teach him not a Trade 
he doth engage to pay £10 in ye Total to ye Boy. 

On the 3rd day of March, 1674-5, John Eares appeared and ac- 
knowledged he had received full Satisfaction from his Master according 
to the Order of the Court above specified, and David Ensign showed me 
a writing at the same time under John Eares his Hand. 



Witnessed by James Steele and John Shepherd Testif)dng the same, 
and desired that it be Certified upon the Record. 

Pr John Allyn, Secretary. 

Field) Zachary. Court Record, Page 1 10—4 March, 1657 : Zachary 
Field, At^. to John Smith of Martins Vin Yard per Contra Jonas Weed 
late of Southampton L. I. Defendant, in zxi Action of Debt. 

Vol. II, Land Records, (this side not paged) Sec. State's office. 

Fitch, Samnel. Major Robbins and worthy friend being requested 

by Mrs Fitch to wright to you to Intrust you to order that Tobacco which 
is due to her, being Executrix to her late husbands Estate, I Will to my 
son Richard Lord as Attorney to Mrs. Fitch, and what shee receives of 
you and gives you acquittance of on this Account unto yor selfe shall be 
sufficient as if it bine done in a more formall way. Wee having not time 
to wright Richard a letter of Attorney, thos intreating yor favor to ye 
Family of our deed friend request yor friend to Commend Richard Lord. 

October last, 1656. 

Mr. Samuel Fitch, Debtor Mr. Samuel Fitch is Creditor. 

£4296<K>oo £4386-00-00 

Account Current, errors excepted. Drawn out 6th of June, 1655, by me 

Obedience Robbins. 

Page 68. 

Foote, Nathaniel, Wethersfield. Invt. £244-18-00. Taken 23 Sep- 
tember, 1655, ^y Richard Treat, Samuel Smith & Nathaniel Dickinson. 
The children : Nathaniel, 7 years ; Samuel, 5 ;. Daniel, 4 ; Elizabedi, 3 years. 

Court Record, Page 68 — 7 June, 1655 • Adms. granted to the Widow. 

Page 4. 

Foxe, Ohrifltopher, Wethersfield. Died 15 December, 1650. Invt. 
£16-17-00. Taken 18 December, 1650, by Nathaniel Dickinson & John 
Nott, Boat Swayne of the Ship Tryall of Wethersfield. An Account ren- 
dered by John Sadler of Wethersfield for Charges for 9 weeks and 2 days 
Care and Expense in the Sickness of Christopher Foxe. This Court gave 
Sadler power to administer the Estate on the 21st of February, 1650- 1. 

fljmch, DonlL Court Record, Page 100 — ^May, 1657 : This Court 
orders that the Estate wch Danll ffynch left at ff airf eld shall be committed 
to the keeping or management of his gr. Child Abraham ffynch, hee giving 


in sufficient security to the Townsmen of ffairfield that the sd. Estate 
shall be prserved for the use of Danll F3mch his gr. father, or to answer 
such other just Demands as reason and Justice shall require. 

Page io8. . 

(laylord, William Jr., Windsor. Died 14 December, 1656. Invt. 
£423-00-09. Taken by Matthew Grant, Benjamin Newbery, David Wilton 
& William Haydon. The Legatees : Elizabeth the Widow ; The children : 
Anne, age 11 years & 9 months; Hannah, 10 years; John 8; William, 6 
years ; Hezekiah, 4 years ; Josiah, 2 ; and Nathaniel, 15 weeks. 

My Brother expressed these words unto me & my wife before his 
decease : that he would that his house & half e his land should be and re- 
main to two of his Children. Further, that he had £40 with his wife & 
he would be as good as his word to make it up Four Score at "iter" £80 
to her. John Gaylord. 

Exhibited in Court 5 March, 1656. 

Court Record, Page 108 (Vol. Ill) 2 March, 1673-4. The Overseers 
move for a Dist. of the Estate of the sd. Gaylord to his Children. 

£ s d 
Debts being paid there remains good to be dist., 383-06-06 

To the Widow, 8okx>-o6 

To the Eldest son, 72-06-06 

To the Eldest daughter, 33-00-00 

To the 2nd daughter, 30-00-00 

To the 2nd son, 42-00-00 

To the 3rd son, 42-00-00 

To the 4th son, 42-06-00 

To the Sth son, 42-0000 

This Court appoint John Porter, Jacob Drake and John Gaylord Dist. 

Oennings (Jennings) John. Court Record, Page 166—5 December, 
1661 : From this present date John Gennings is by the Court set an Ap- 
prentice to Jeremiah Addams during the terme of 7 years ; then he is to 
receive iio and double Clothing. 

Oennings, Joseph. Court Record, Page 166—5 December, 1661 : 
From this present date Joseph Gennings is by this Court set an Apprentice 
to Richard Treat sen. for 10 years; 3ien the Boy is to be paid £10 and 
well apparrelled. 

1650 TO 1663. PROBAT]|( RECORDS. II5 

Pagne 82-3-4-5. 

OibbonSi William, Hartford. Invt. £1499-14-05. Taken 2 Decem- 
ber, 1655, by John White, Andrew Bacon, Nathaniel Ward. Will dated 
26 February, 1654-5 : 

I, William Gibbins, of Hartford, upon ye River of Connecticutt, yeo- 
man, being of perfect memory and soundness of mind, — ^make and ordayne 
this my last will & testament : Imp. I give unto my wife Ursula Gibbons 
her full thirds of ye proffitts, rents and revenues of all my houses & Lands 
in Hartford, Wethersfield & Pequett, during her naturall lyfe, except A 
prsell of swamp bought of Robert Bates, lying in Wethersfield, & a prcell 
of Land lying in Pennywise, which I bequeath by this my will as foUowes : 
As alsoe I g^ve and bequeathe unto my wife Ursula the whole proffits & 
revenues of ye foresd houses & Landes, viz., the whole of my houses & 
landes in Wethersfield both of ye East & West side of ye river, untill my 
daughter Mary Gibbons shall be married or untill shee bee of ye age of 
eighteen years; Alsoe the whole of my houses & Landes at Hartford & 
Pequett, until my daughter Sarah shall bee married or 18 years of age; 
(and after this age) my will is that my sd wyfe shall yet have Interest in 
tiie free and full use of one of the sellers, the Parlor & ye roomes over the 
Parlor, for & during her naturall life, as also her thirds of ye orchard & 
Garden. I g^ve to my daughter Mary Gibbons, at her Marriadge or at 
18 years of age, the full & sole propriety in all my Houses & Lands in 
Weathersfield, both on ye East and west side of ye River, to bee to her 
and her heirs forever. Except the thirds of ye Revenewes or Rents of yt 
to her mother during her life & ye prsell of Swampe bought of Robt Bates 
& the Land at Penn)rwise, wch sd. thirds given to her Mother shall after 
her decease be to my sd. daughter Mary & her heirs forever. Item. I give 
unto my daughter Sarah Gibbons, at her marridge or when shee shall 
attayne ye age of 18 years, the full & sole Propriety in all my Houses & 
Lands at Hartford & Pequett, to bee to her & her heirs forever, except 
the one thirds of ye profitts & revenewes thereof unto my sd. wife Ursula 
during her naturall lyfe, & ye Use of ye Seller, the parlor, & ye Roomes 
above ye Parlor, wch after her decease shall bee to my sd. daughter Sarah 
& her heirs forever. Ite. I give & bequeath unto my daughter Mary one 
third part & to my daughter Sarah one third & to my wyfe one third of all 
my Goods, Chattells, debts & other moveables, both within dores & with- 
out, my just debts & legesies beeinge discharged. My will is, that the one 
third part of those foresd goods & debts shall bee to my wyfe's proper 
use & dispose as her owne propr estate ; And for ye twoe thirds of ye 
aforesd goods, I give unto my twoe daughters to bee to ym & ye heirs for 
ever, to bee improved by ye advise of my overseers for ym until they 
attayne ye foresd age of eighteene years or are maried ; And if Eyther of 
my sd Daughters depart this lyfe before they bee married or ata3me ye age 
of eighteen years, — ^then my will is that ye estate given to yt daughter 
that soe deseaseth shalbee Inioyd by (that) child yt Survives ; & if eyther 
of ym depart this lyfe after they are Married, & have noe Issue, then ye 


one halfe of ye estate g^ven to yt sd daughter shalbee to her husband & 
ye other halfe to my survivinge childe. Item. My will further is, that 
when ye providence of God shall despose of my daughters for marridge, 
that then they shall consult wth their mother & my overseers herein. Item. 
My will is to give to my brothers Richard, Jon & Thomas Gibbons, in 
England, twenty shillings a peece, & to ye Children wch are liveinge at my 
decease lo Shillings apeece. Item. I g^ve to my sister Hidgcoke £5 wch 
shee shal inioy while shee lives & dispose of yt to yt Child shee sees most 
deserveing. I give to the Children of my sister Hidgcocke wch are live- 
inge at my decease the sum of £15 to be equally divided amongst ym. 
Item. I g^ve to my bro. Hidgcocke one sute & Coate of weareinge Appar- 
rell. Item. I g^ve his son Jno Hidgcocke one prsell of Swampe, about 9 
acres, bought of Robt Bates, lieing at Wethersfield, to him & his heirs for- 
ever. Item. I give my Land at Penn3rwise, nowe in ye Tennoe of Jon 
Sadler, towards the Mayntenance of a Lattin scoole at Hartford provided 
ye fence be continued in ye same Line & Way of Common fence angle as 
yt nowe is ; & for ye prsent, until ye Lease I have made to Jno Sadler bee 
expired, I give out of ye Rent due from Jno Sadler 50 Shillings yearly. 
Item. I give to my honord friend Mr. Samuel Stone £5, & to Mr. Huett 
of Windsor 40 Shillings, & to Mr. Warham, Mr. Newton, Mr. James 
Fitch, Mr. Russell & Mr. Stoe, 20 Shillings apeece. Item. I g^ve to Mr. 
Samuel Welles & Mrs Mary Welles £5 apece, & to Mr. John Moudy £3. 
Item. I give to my man Isaacke Stiles £3 in case my wyfe & Overseers or 
any twoe of ym thinke hime deserveing ; and to my man Henry One yearc 
of his time ; & alsoe I give to ye Artillery in Hartford 40 Shillings ; & for 
ye time of payment of these foresd. sumes by legacies I leave yt to ye 
descreeson of my Overseers, wthin 2, 3 or 4 years. Item. I give to my 
trusty & beloved friends Mr. Samuel ffitch & Richard Lord the sum of 
£5 apeece, whom I intreat, appojmt & ordayne to bee Overseers & Super- 
visors of this my last Will & Testament, intreeatenge them to bee carefuU 
& faythfuU in descharge of ye Trust comitted to ym. Lastly I doe appoynt 
my beeloved wyfe Ursula Gibbons to bee sole Executrix of this my last 
Will & Testament, leaveinge & comittinge the Care & Education of my 
Children in ye feare of God & all such other ways as may most advantage 
3rm as they are capable of. In Witness hereunto I have sette my Hand. 
I leave ye Care of my comely cristian burial to my wyfe & Overseers. 

Witness: Jasper Gunne, William Gibbons. 

Luke X Hitchcock. 

Page I43-4-S- 

Oibbs, Widow Eatharinei Windsor. Invt. £220-07-00. Taken 21 
November, 1660-1, by William Gaylord and John Moore. Will dated 12 
September, 1660: 

1650^0 1663. PROBATA RBCO&DS. II7 

In the Name of God, Amen. I, Catharine Gibbs. off Windsor, being 
sick & Weakc off boddy But off perfect Memory, Doe ffor Dyverse Con- 
siderations Make & ordayne this my Last Will & Testament In Manner as 
ffoUowing : Imprmis. I Bequeath My sowle unto God yt gave itt, hopeing 
With him to Inioy Etemall Rest & Pece ; & secondly, my Boddy to Con- 
venyent Cristyen Bewrjrall ; & whereas, itt hath Plesed God to Bestow on 
Mee some part off this Worlds Goods, my Will Concerning yt is yt Itt be 
disposed off In Manner as ffoUoweth, Namely: Ett ye end off J^ yeare 
affter my decese to enter Possession ; I Give & Bequeath unto my Eldest 
Sonne Jacobb my Dwelling Howse, Bame & Orchard, with ye Land 
Whereon they Stand, & all ye Land Adio)meing thereunto, Wich is my 
Proper Right By Purchas, With all vnmoveables thereunto belonging, wth 
ffence or ffences, viz., to him & his heares ffor ever. Provided he has An 
heir off his owne body Begotten )rt lives to ye Age of twenty & one yeares, 
then the sd. Ae3a'e to Inioy ye sume affter the ffather's decese; Butt in 
Case he want such An heire, then affter his decese I give & Bequeath All 
the Aforesd. vnmoveables wth ffences or Licke Apertyneces unto my 
second sonne Samuell, & to his Owne Propper yowce ; & unto my sonne 
Beniamin I Give & Grant & Sett over my Lott on ye other syde ye Great 
River, the which I Purchassed off Gregory Gibbs my son In Law ffor 
sattisffacktion off ye twenty pounds which his ffather gave att his Decees, 
viz., to his Owne propper yowce & Acct, only in Case he doth Ethere By 
ye yeare of ffor Terme off yeare Lett ye sd. Land or yt he sett ye sd. Land 
to Sale, then my Will is that my son Samuell have the ffirst tender & 
Refuse off ye same ; & my Will ff urther is That in ye ffirst Place all Just 
Debts Be Payde & Sattisfyed according to ye Spesya, & yt Being Per- 
formed I dispose off my Moveables as ffoU : viz., I Give & Bequeath unto 
my Sonne Jacobb my Create Chest ; & to my daffter in Law his wife my 
hatts ; & unto my sone Beniamin I Give & Bequeath the twoe Gilt Lether 
Cosyens yt are m ye Abovesd. Chest & whatt Else he hath Bestowed on 
Mee as ffore Gifft ; & unto My sone Jacob's Daffter Mary I Give twenty 
Shill to be Improved ffor hir Advantage att ye Discresyen off my Exeeck- 
ters & to be Payde hir att ye Day of her meryadge or att ye Age off one 
& Twenty years In Case she Marry nott Before ; But In Case she live nott 
to yt Age, then I Give & Bequeath ye Same unto My yongest sone & 
Xseckter Beniamin ; & Concerneing ye Rest of my Estate my Will is that 
Affter An Inventory is taken & everything vallewed as equally as may 
Bee, thatt itt Bee Equally dyvided Between my thre yongest Children, only 
my Will is yt my sone Samuell's Part Bee in ye Plow & Cart Instruments 
unless he Refuseitt, & my daffter Sarah's Part Bee in or yt ffore her Part 
she have ye Refuse off my Aperell & part off howsehold stuff ; & ffor ye 
Exsecketers off this My Last Will &■ Testament I Mack Choice off, or- 
dayne & Appoynt my twoe sons Samuell & Beniamin, home the Lord dy- 
reckt to Adrt ye up sd. (Amen) 

Witness : John Moore, Katharine Gibbs Ls. 

Phillip X {Drake) ? 


Court Record, Page 145 — 6 December, 1660: The Will & Invt. of 
Katharine Gibbs accepted. 

Page 127. 

Oilberti Thomas, Wethersfield. Died 5 September, 1659. ^"^« 
^189^07-06. Taken by Thomas Wright, Thomas Curtiss & John Nott. 

Court Record, Page 128 — 6 February, 1663 : Order to Dist. the Es- 
tate: Debts and Charges being first paid, 169-18-11 
There remains, 19-08-07 
to be divided to Jonathan, Thomas, Ezekiel and John Gilbert and to Sarah 
Jenkins. This Court grant Adms. to Jonathan and John Gilbert. 

Page 157. 

Goity* John, New London. Invt £103-00-00. Taken 25 June, 1659, 
by Hugh Calkin, James Avery, William Nichols, Obadiah Breuen. Will 
dated ist August, 1659. 

The last Will & Testament of John Goit of New London: Impr. I 
g^ve unto my wife & my son Joseph the House & Household Stuf wth the 
Orchard and all Lands above my House, as also all my Great Catle, as 
also half my Meadows. And they shall enjoy itt to gether as Long as 
my wife lives, except they both agree to ye Contrary. And also I give to 
ym my ground on ye other side of ye River, that is, the Lott of 22 acres, 
as Also half my Land in the Neck. I give unto my 2 daughters' Mary and 
Martha my Farme up Mohegan River, as also 2-3 of the Sheep, as also 
my other Lott of 30 acres upon the other side of ye River, as also halfe 
my Meadow, as also the other halfe of my Land in ye Neck ; also I give to 
my 2 sons & 2 daughters 20 Shillings apeice, I mean those absent from 
mee, in case they b^ livinge, to be payd out of the whole. I give to my 
son Joseph 1-3 of my Sheep ; also, after all my Debts bee payd, I give the 
remaynder to my wife, son and 2 daughters wth mee. Also, I leave to my 
loving friends Mr. Thompson and James Avery and Wm Nichols to bee 
my exsequtorsr to look after ye dispose of my Qiildren, wth my wife ; and 
if anny of the children die before marriage their Estate shall be divided by 
others then at home. 

Witness : William Douglas, John X Goit. 

Gabriel Harris. 

(This Will is entered in the Books of Records Pr me 

Inventory recorded 1659.) Obadiah Brven, Recorder. 

*This name, recorded GoU, was probably Coit. C W. M. 



16501^)1663. PROBATA RECORDS. XI9 

Page 48. 

Oreenhill, ThomaSi Hartford. Will dated 16 July, 1653. He gives 
the Executor power to take a Deed of Lands lately purchased of my 
Brother John Shepherd and Rebeckah his wife, and may sell any of his 
Lands to make Payment of Debts which I owe for the purchase of my 
sister her part in sd. Lands, the remainder of my Lands for the Use of my 
Mother Rebeckah Addams during her natural life, and after her decease 
J4 my Lands to the proper use & Estate of her Children, that is to say, to 
her son John Addams & to her 3 daughters, Hanna, Hester & Sarah, to 
be divided equally between them. In case of the death of all these children 
before their mother without Issue, she to inherit their one half, and in 
case of the death of my sister Rebeckah Shepherds two children, John and 
Rebeckah Shepherd, before their mother without Issue, she to inherit the 
remaining half of Lands. All my wearing apparell to my brother John 
Addams. He desires his Father to defray the Charges for his burrial, and 
constitutes Mr. William Goodwin and Edward Stebbing Executors, 

Thomas Greenhill. Ls. 
Witness : Thomas Stanly, Janies Ensign. 

Court Record, Page 49 — 2 March, 1653-4: Jeremy Addams objects 
to sale of land by William Goodwin and Edward Stebbing, Overseers of 
the Estate of Thomas Greenhill, Deed. This Court Judge that the sale of 
the home lot in Hartford was legal & Just. Page 83 — ^3 January, 1655, 
the wife of Jeremy Addams Resigns her right to a parcel of meadow land 
in the little meadow that was Samuel Greenhill's, to be sowld for the pay- 
ment of debts. The sd Jeremie Addams did affirm & testifie that there was 
no need of selling more land, as the debts were all paid. 

{Note: For full information as to this case. See Private Contro- 
versies, in the Archives of the State Library.] 

Vol. II, No. 8 (P. C.) : Testimony of Elizabeth Bacon relating to 
Samuel Greenhill & wife, that Thomas Greenhill & my son Timothy Stanly 
were of same age; they came over 1634 in the same ship with Samud 
Greenhill, his wife & son Thomas, with Mr. Willard, Mr. Pantry, Mr. 
Crayfoote & my husband Stanly. [Not dated.] 

No. I of Index, Vol. II, P. C. 

Jeremy Addams married with the Widow of Samuel Greenhill. The 
Children : Jdm, Hannah, Sarah ; John, age 33 years 29 May, 1683. 

No. 17, Vol. II, P. C 

At a Court of Assistants Held at Hartford 30 May, 1682. 

Whereas, Zachary Sanford in Right of his wife hath obtained a 
Judgement of Court against Sergt. John Shepherd for his Portion of the 
Estate according to Thomas Greenhills Will : Jhis Court do find by the 



Will of Samuel Greenhill that two thirds of Land did belong unto the 
Children of Jeremiah Addams, and that one third part of that halfe doth 
belong to Nathaniel Willetts Children, and that one quarter Part doth 
belong to Zachary Sanford in right of his wife, and upon that part the 
secretry is to grant Execution upon the aforesd. Judgement. Dated 4 
March, 1696. 

Note : Vol. II, P. C, has an Index, to which I have referred. 

No. I, Vol. II, P. C 

Power of Attorney from John Shepherd of Cambridge, Cooper, to 
Mr. Jeremy Addams of Hartford : 

Know all men by these presents, that I John Shepherd of Cambridge, 
Cooper, have assigned, ordained & made, and in my stead and place by 
these prsents put & constituted Jeremiah Addams of Hartford to be my 
true and LawfuU attorney for me and two my name & to my use to ask, 
sue for, require, recover & receive of Mr. William Goodwin & Exlward 
Stebbings of Hartford all & every such debts as are due to mee upon 
account of Land bought by Thomas Greenhill of Rebecca Shepherd his 
sister. I say to require, sue for & receive all & every such debts or Summes 
of money of the said Mr. William Goodwin & Edward Stebbing as sole 
executors of ye said Thomas Greenhill deceased, giving & granting to my 
said Attorney my whole power & Authority in and about the prmises, and 
upon the receipt of any such debts or summes of money to give and seal 
to Acquittances & discharges for mee, and in my name ; & to do, execute 
& performe as fully & amply in every respect to all intents and construc- 
tions & purposes as I myself might or should do if I were personally 
present. Ratifying, allowing and holding firm & stable all & wtsoever my 
said Attorney Shall lawfully doe & cause to be done in or about the execu- 
tion of the prmises by virtue of those presents. 

Witness : Edward Shepherd John Shepherd Ls. 

John Blackman Rebecca Shepherd. 

25 February, 1655. 

Court Record, Page 20-22 (Vol. IV) — 11 February, 1679: Upon 
Petition of Nathaniel Willett & Abigail Betts, in behalf of their Children 
respectively for an Interest belonging to them by Legacy in the last Will 
of Thomas Greenhill, Deed, when the sd. persons and John Shepherd came 
and appeared, & their allegations heard and Considered ; the sd. Will also 
was presented ; & noe Argument by any so much as tendered to invalidate 
the same, but contrarialy some what presented for a Court's allowance to 
practice upon it, which hath been long observed in part, the completing of 
the Execution not yet being accomplished, much trouble and disturbance 
hath fallen out betwixt relations for want of Executors who are now all 
dead. This Court sees no cause to disallow sayd will, & therefore have 


1650 TO 1663. PROBATE RECO&DS. 121 

appointed sayd John Shepherd Administrator with the Will annexed to 
be a person in Law to see distribution or Execution made accordingly, that 
so the Estate may be the better preserved & all Controversall matters 
Issued and prevented. Srgt. John Shepherd appeared in Court and ac- 
cepted of Administration accordingly. 

Colonial Records, Vol. I, Page 360. 

Receaved by me, John Shepherd, of my loving Unkel, Gregory Win- 
terton, thirty-four pounds wch he receaved of my Brother Thomas Green- 
hill for Lands I sold him, for wch I made my Unkel a letter of Attorney. 
I say receaved by me. August 4th, 1654. John Shepherd. 

Oreensmith, Nathaniel. Court Record, Page 182 — 15 October, 1662. 
At a particular Court held at Hartford 30 December, 1662. The Indict- 
ment of Nathaniel Greensmith and of Rebecca his wife for witchcraft: 
Nathaniel Greensmith, thou art here indicted by the name of Nathaniel 
Greensmith for not haveing the f eare of God before thine eyes ; thou hast 
entertained familiarity with Satan the grand Enemy of God and Man- 
kind, and by his help hast acted things in a preter naturall way beyond 
human abilities in a naturall course, for which according to ye Law of 
God and ye established laws of this Commonwealth thou deserveth to die. 

The Jury returned that they find ye prisoner at ye Barr, Nathaniel 
Greensmith, guilty of ye Indictment. 

Respecting Rebecca Greensmith, Prisoner at ye Barr, the Jury find 
her guilty of ye Indictment. The said Rebecca Confesseth in open Court 
that she is guilty of ye charge laid in agaynst her. 


Mr. AUyn modr, Mr. Treat, Danll Qarke, Sec, 

Mr. Willys, Mr. Woolcot, Mr. Jo : AUyn. 


Edw. Griswold, Walter Filor, Ensign Olmsted, Samll Bordman, Goodm 
Winterton, John Cowles, Samll Marshall, Samll Hale, Nathanll Willet, 
Jdin Hart, John Wadsworth, Robert Webster. 

( See File for Greensmith's Estate as below mentioned :) 

Hartford, 11 ffeb. (16)62(3): Respecting the Estate of Nathaniel 
Greensmith, It is ordered that the Marshall, Mr. Gilbert, James Ensign and 
Paul Peck shall take care to preserve the estate from Waste and to take in 
ye account of Debts, and to discharge any just debts, and to pay fourty 
pounds to ye Treasurer for ye County, and to secure ye rest of ye estate 
in their hands until March Court next ensueing, when there will be further 
order taken about ye Remainder of ye Estate. And they are desired and 
authorized to dispose of the 2 daughters, wth the Advice of ye Assistants 


in Hartford, & to advice with them about any Expedient in reference to 
ye premises. Pr or of ye Assistants : Danll Clarke, Secry. 

An Inventory of the Estate of Nathaniel Greensmith, who was exe- 
cuted the 25th of January, 1662, £137-14-01. Other Estate found with the 
forementioned Estate of Nathaniel Greensmith, with this Exception, viz., 
that this hereafter mentioned is claimed by Hannah & Sarah Elson. vizt : 

i s d 

44-04-04 John X Cowles, 

137-14-01 Jonath: Gilbert^ 

James Stell. 

181-18-05 Total Value. 

Note : Part of Inventory at the Prison : 

£ s d £ s d 

Two Blanketts 1-05-00 

One Rugg one Blankett 1-15-00 

One Boulster 0-15-00 

One Bed well filled 2-15-00 

Court Record, Page 190—5 March, 1662-3: Daniel Garrett is al- 
lowed 6 Shillings a wedc for keeping Nathaniel Greensmith and his wife, 
besides their fees, wch is to be paid out of Greensmith's Estate. 

Page 86-7. 

Oridl^, Thomas, Hartford. Invt £282-12-00. Taken 12 June, 
1655, by Nathaniel Ward, Andrew Bacon & James Ensign. 

The children : Samuel 8 years of age, Thomas 5, and Mary 3 years. 
Adms. granted to John Langton, he to pay the Debts and educate the Qiil* 

Court Record, Page 79 — ^December, 1655. Invt. exhibited. 

OrifBn, Thomas, Estate. Court Record, Page 130— ist December, 
1659 : John Sadler is appointed to take into his Hands yt Come yt is part of 
the Estate of Thomas: Griffin now in ye possion of Thomas Coleman, and 
John Sadler is to be accountable for ye Come when ye Court takes Ordr 
for Adms. and to give Security for ye Come to ye Deputy Gov. 

Page 148 — y March, 1660- 1: William Wellman complains to this 
Court his Want of Pay of Thomas Griffin in time of his sickness. This 
Court order sd. Wellman as Adms. to gather up ye Elstate of ye sd. Grifiin 
and to keep an Account of what he doth and present ye Account to ye 
Comrs at New London, who are to order Wellman his Charges and other 
Debts to be paid, and what remains Wellman to be accountable for to the 
County when told thereto. 

1650 TO 1663. PROBATE RECORDS. 12$ 

Page 99-100. 

Harriii Walter & his wife, both Deceased at Pequett. Invt. £79-02-03. 
Taken 14 April, 1656, by Jonathan Brewster, Obadiah Bruen, Wm 
Meedes and James X Morgan. 

The Deposition of Gabriel Harris:, Eldest son of Mary Harris, that 
the above is a true Invt. of all the goods that was left by his Father, Wal- 
ter Harris, and his Mother, Mary Harris, both Deed. Testified 6 May, 
1656, before John Winthrope. 

Harrison, Edward. Court Record, Page 5 — 28 March, 1650 : Thomas 
Whaples affirmed that Edward Harrison, the Winter and Spring before 
his death, said unto Will : Hill that hee was his Countryman and that hee 
had no other that hee knew in the Country, and the Chest wch hee had 
at his howse he did give unto him with all in it if hee dyed a Batchelor in 
the Country or went a Batchelor out of the Country, and added there was 
good Lugg in it, or words to that purpose. 

John Gilbert, upon Oath before the Governor, affirmed that Edw* 
Harrison gave unto Stephen Davis £$. 

Goodman Hill saith that Edw. Harrison told him that hee had in sr- 
geant ffylers Hand 40 Shillings, 2-00-00 

And that Mr. Martyn owed him, 2-10-00 

And that Mr. Whiting owed him, before he went to Dillaway, 15-00-00 
And that at his Return hee would owe him £$ more, 5-00-00 

Page 158. 

Hartleyi Biohard, Sergt., New London. Invt. £276-06-07. Taken 7 
August, i6i52, by Obadiah Breuen, James Rogers, Samuel Smith, Jo 
Smith, Jo. Tinker. 

Will dated 5 August, 1662: He g^ves to his wife and his child (a 
daughter) his Entire Estate. Lieut. Samuel Smith and Ensign James 
Avery to be Executors & Administrators. 

Witness: Mr. Bulkeley, 
Obadiah Bruen, 
William Hough. 

On File. 

Mr. Gershom Buckley, minister, Mr. Obadiah Brewen, Recorder, 
Mrs Lucresiah Brewster, midwife, and William Hough, Constable, All 
these being Swome & examined Say That on Tuesday the 5th of August, 
i6&2y they weare at the house of Peeter Blatchfeild in New London to 
vissitt Richard Hartley, who there Lay Sick unto death, and being very 
weake in body yet of meete understandmg, he was desired to declare what 
was \As last will & Testament concerning his estate which he should leave, 



and he declared the same which is above written, which Mr. Brewen 
aforesaid tooke from his mouth and owned by him in presents of the Rest, 
namely, that his daughter should have one third Part and his wife should 
have two third parts of his estate. Then it was asked him whome he 
would choose for his executors and he Said they were in his minde but 
he could not express it. Then they named some fewe to him, & when 
Leiftent Smith was named he chose him, and when Ensigne Avery was 
named he made choyce of him for another. He was asked about Legasies 
and he refused to yeald to give any: and further the motion was made 
for him to Set his hand to ye writing, and he answered in the hearing of 
William Hough there was no need, there was wittnesses enough. Mr. 
Buckley allso heard the same words spoken "there was Witneses enough," 
but did not minde the party speaking. 

Taken upon oathe this 11 of August, 1662. 
Before me Jno Tinker, Asist 

Harrow, Bich: Court Record, Page 45 — ist Tuesday of December, 
1653 : I doe hereby faithfully promise & heerby binde mee Rich : Harrow 
to serve Mr. Alcock 4 years after my Arival in New England, as Witt: 
my Hand the 27th of March, 1650. Richard Harrow. 

Note: We arrived at New England about the 15th of April after 
the date above. 

I Tho : Allcott of Hartford doe assigne over Rich : Harrow, with his 
Consent, to Will: Hill of Hartford for the time hee hath to serve mee 
from this time. Witness our Hands this 25th January, 1650. 

Thomas Ollcott, 
Richard Harrow. 

Page 42-3-4-5-6-7. 

HayneSi John, Hartford. Invt. £1400-16-03. Taken 31 June, 1653, by 
John Cullick, Richard Lord, William Gibbons & Edward Stebbing. Will 
dated 27 July, 1646 : Whereas I, John Haynes of Hartford, upon the River 
& within the Colony of Connecticut in New England, and by the Good Prov- 
idence of the Lord called to the Undertaking of a voyage into my native 
Country of England, and duly weaghing according to my measure the 
difficulties and Hardness I am liable and exposed to therein, especially in 
the declining days of mine, when my sun cannot be far from setting, I do 
make this my last Will & Testament: 

Imprimis : I give unto my beloved wife Mabel all that my Mansion 
House in Hartford together with the Outhouses, Bams, Stables, Orchards 
& Gardens, with all the Appurtenances, with my Meadow inclosed in the 
little Meadow, also all my Meadow & Swamp in the South Meadow be- 
tween my Ox pasture, together with all other Divisions of Lands belong- 
ing unto me on this side of the Great River, also 16 acres of Meadow in 

1650 TO 1663. PROBATA RBCORDS. 1 25 

Hoccanum. I give the sd. houses & Land during the term of her natural 
life only, and after her decease I give the sd. houses & Lands afore men- 
tioned to my Eldest son John by my wife Mabel Haynes, and to his heirs 
forever. I do further give to my wife all that my Houses and Farms on 
the East side of the Great River commonly called Hoccanum, with all the 
Lands thereunto belonging (except before excepted), viz., the Close of 
Upland in ye Close by the Bam, with my Upland Lotts adioining the 
Meadow I purchased of Nathaniel Ward, and Swamp Ground inclosed, 
as also the Swamp without the Fence adjoining to Hoccanum that belongs 
to me, also the Meadow in Hoccantun that now is in the Tenure of James 
Northam and his partner for a term of years, during her life only. I do 
moreover give my sd. wife all that my Houses & Farm at Tunxes Sepes, 
or else Farmington, in the Tenure of Thomas Judd and his Brothers, for 
the term of her natural life only, and after her decease I give the sd. Farm 
to my youngest son Joseph. Whereas I am indebted to Mr. Will Tanner 
of Cophall in England, payable to him by Bill sent into England to my son 
Mr. Nathaniel Eldred, I do give to my wife all that my house & Land 
in Windsor in the Tenure of Mr. George Hull, with liberty to make Sale 
thereof toward the payment of Debts to Mr. Eldred and Mr. Tanner in 
Case they be not otherwise discharged. And my Will is that my wife pos- 
sess and in joy the sd. Houseing and Lands during life, and after her 
decease to be equally divided betwixt my 2 daughters Ruth & Mabel. 
Also I give to the poor Brethren of the Cong^regation £5 ; to Mr. Hopkins, 
20 Shillings; to Mr. Hooker, Pastore, £$; to Mr. Stone, £4; to John 
White, 10 Shillings; to every one of the Children of my first wife, 20 
Shillings. I desire Mr. Hopkins, Mr. Hooker, Mr. Stone and Mr. John 
White to be Overseers to this my Will. 

John Haynes. 

In Court II July, 1654, mention of a marriage portion to Ruth with 
Mr. Willis. 

Court Record, Page 125— (Vol. HI) 5 September, 1672: Mr. Wyl- 
lys requests this Court to rule on the Construction of the Will of Mr. 
Haynes — ^wheflier the Estate not willed to particular persons doth belong 
to all the Children or those only which he had by Mrs. Mabel his last 
wife. This Court decides in this Case such Estate belongs to the children 
of Mrs. Mabel Haynes his last wife, so those Grants of I^d by the Court 
made to Mr. Haynes, whether at Pawcatuck or elsewhere, doe only be- 
long to the Children of Mrs. Mabel Haynes. 

Page 67. 

Hayte, Nicholas, Windsor, Invt. £114-14-09. Taken 30 July, 1655, 
by Thomas Ford, David Wilton & Matthew Grant. The children : Abi- 
gail Foyse, ioj4 years of age, daughter of his wife also Deed, Samuel 
Hayte age 8 years, Jonathan 6, & David 4 years of age. 


20th December, 1655 : This* Court grant Adms. to David Wilton and 
Matthew Grant ; also order Dist. of the Elstate. The whole Estate to be 
equally divided among the four Children at lawful age. 

Hemstidy Bobert. New London Land Records, Vol. 3, ps 9-10* 

The Last Will of Robert Hemstid. September 30th, 1653. 

I beeing in pfect memory yet mortall, considering ye imgertenty 
of my time & nothing more certon than my diange, God haveinge blessed 
me with a portion of these outward thinges, doe dispose of this my state 
as followeth: 

Commiting myselfe unto God, 

Imprimis : I leave unto my daughter Marie that peece of land I have 
upon the neck called Mamacocke in Lew of Twenty pound to be sould 
or kept for her propper use & benifit. 

Ite : I g^ve unto my daughter aforesaid 55 pound starling to be made 
up out of my vissable estate & to be paid unto her or her assigns and de- 
livered to her or her assigns, with ye Land aforesaid, at ye age of six- 

Item: I give unto my daughter Hannah, Therty ackers of upland 
upon ye east side of ye great River joyning unto & upon ye southward 
side of Mr. Winthrop's Land, being ye first Lott Laid out. I give unto 
her Ten pound starling more to be paid & delivered to her or her assigns 
with ye Land aforesaid at ye age of sixteene. 

Item: Of Land Therty Ackers of upland upon ye east side of ye 
greate River Lying betwixt ye Lotts of Will Bordman & John Stibbins 
to be disposed of and sould by ye ffeffies in trust for the use of my chil- 
dren if ocasion doe require. 

Item: I give unto my sonne Joshua ye rest of my Land after his 
mother's decease, Therty Ackers of upland upon ye westward side of Na- 
hantick River at a place called Mezsargents head, which I Leave to my 
wife Joane freely to dispose of ass she sees good for her own pper use, 
only in case my sonne be capable of improuving land before his mother's 
decease that then hee shall hiave that land at Mistick. 

Item : All ye land that I Leave to my sonne after his mother's de- 
cease but what before is exempted, I Leave to the disposing of Joane 
my wife dureing her life. 

Item : All ye rest of my goods I leave to my wife Joane. In case 
providence so order that she never marrie my will is that some of ye 
upland I Leave to my sonne she shall have free Leave to dispose of & 
alsoe make sale of if Uie benefit of her or her children shall see call for it. 

Item : In case my sonne shall Die before he enioy his land, my will is 
that Mary, my eldest Daughter, shall have my house Lott for her proper 
use after her mother's decease, & ye Land at mistick if she die without 
heires to be divided between the two sisters. 

1650 TO 1663. PROBATE RECORDS. 127 

Item : In case any of ye children die, that ye portion or portions of ye 
Deseased shall be pven to je surviving childe or children. 

I leave my wife Joane my executrix, & Obadiah Bruen & John Cadg- 
er ffeffies in trust to see with my wife her performance of this my will. 

Witness my hand, Robert Hemsto). 

Witnesses heareof : 

James Morgan (his marke), 
William Meade. 

This is the last will of Robert Hemstid, returned to be recorded, 
Drawed out of his owne will, confirmed with his owne hand by me 

Obadiah Bruen, 
The age of my three children : 
Mary Hempstid was borne 
March ^, 1647. 
Joshua Hempstid my sonne was borne 

June 16, 1649. 
Hannah Hempstid was borne 

April 4, 1652. 
This I Robert Hempstid testifie 
under my hand. 

Proved in court upon oath June 13th, 1655. 

Court Record, Page 73 — 13 June, 1655: The last Will of Robert 
Hempsted, with Inventory, was now exhibited, approved, and was pre- 
sented to Mr. Obadiah Bruen (for Record?). 

Hillier, John, Windsor. Invt. £39-17-11. Taken 24 July, 1655, by 
Matthew Crant, William Phelps, Robert Howard, Wife Ann ; Children : 
John age 18 years, Mary 16, Timothy 13, James 11, Andrew 9, Simon 7, 
Sarah 3, Abigail i year old. 

Court Record, Page 82 — ^20 December, 1655 : This Court desire and 
appoint the Townsmen of Windsor from year to year to take Care of the 
Qiildrens Estate until they receive further order from the Court. 

Court Record (Vol. 3), Page 132 — ^4 Sept, 1673: Distribution of Es- 
tate of John Hillier : To John Fitch his wives part, £5 ; to John, Eldest son, 
£6; to Mary, £3 ; to Timothy, £4-17-11 ; to James, £5 ; to Andrew, £5 ; to 
Simon, £5 ; to Sarah, £3 ; to Abigail, £3. Capt Benjamin Newbery & Deac 
John Moore appointed to make Distribution. 

Page 29-30-31. 

Hill8| William, Fairfield. Invt. £225-16^10. Taken 16 November, 
1649, "^y Andrew Ward, Simon Hoite and Anthony Wilson. The sum of 


Mr. Hills Goods in Windsor inventoried at £111-03-04. Taken 24 Septem- 
ber, 1649, by Henry Qarke & Walter ffyler. Will dated 9 September 1649. 

The last Will and Testament of Mr. William Hill : Being at present 
in some weakness of Body yet of Good Mynde and Memory, Commiting 
my sole to God and my body to A Comly buryall, I do will and bequeath 
to my beloved wife Sarah the third part of my estate. 

I do nexly will unto my eldest daughter Sarah a silver spone. 

I do forder will that when the invintary of my estate is made, that 
my estate shalbe equally devided Amongst my children, only my will is 
that my Sonn William being my eldest Sonn, for every to parts the rest of 
my children have he shal have three parts. 

Forder I do will if any of my children be taken Away by death be- 
fore maryage it shal be equally devided Amongst the rest. 

Forder it is my will that my sonn William Shal enter upon his por- 
tion at his disposall in Maryage. 

forder I do will my Beloved wife Sarah to be exsecetar, and over and 
Above her thirds I do will her power to disspose of five pounds when Shee 
Seeth Good, this being my last will and testament. 

I do Apoint Mr. Jones, Mr. George Hull and Thomas Thornton to 
be the overseares of this my last will and testament. 

William X Hill. 

To ye honarable Court holden in Hartford, or to whom soever it shal 
conseame: Mr. William Hill Sending for me on his death bed, I went 
to him, being far spent when I Cam yet of perfect memory and under- 
standing as I judge, Acquaynted me with his will by word of mouth, 
which was Thus namly, ^at his wife shold be exsecutrix and that shee 
shold have the thirds of what estat he had left, his deats being first paid, 
and over and above yt his wife shold have five pounds to desspose of ; nextly 
that his Eldest daughter Sarah had her portion, only he would give her 
a Silver spoone. Nextly that the rest of his estat shold be equally divided 
amongst five children: William, Joseph, Ignatius, Jeams & Elizabeth; 
only in the devision his eldest sonn William on the devision shold have one 
third whitch would be changed in the writing of his will, as his written 
will can spedfie, but upon his wase in writing his fite cam and I conceive 
his head out of order. To the substance of what is heer writen I dear 
be desposed, but not derectly to ye very words', as not dearing to trust my 
memory to fare. By me The. Thornton. 

Court Record, Page 7 — 15 May, 1650: Mrs. Hill of Fairfield ad- 
mitted Executrix to the Ejstate of her deceased Husband. Testimony of 
Thomas Thornton proven. 

Note: The children named in the statement of Thomas Thornton 
are William, Joseph, Ignatius, Jeams, & Elizabeth & Sarah, the eldest 
daughter. See Testimony of Thomas Thornton, P. C, mentioning the 
children : William, Joseph, Jonathan, Sarah and Elizabeth. 

X650TO1663. PROBATB RECORDS. 1 29 

Page 123-124. 

Hitehoook, Luke, Wethersfield. Invt £452-00-00. Taken 28 No- 
vember, 1659, by John Russell Sen, Jdin Hubbard, Thomas Welles. Will 
dated 17 October 1659 • I Luke Hitchcock of Wethersfield, being at present 
in some weakness of body yet of in soundness^ of mynde & strengA of 
memory. Considering my mortality and knowing it to be my duty to pro- 
vide for my ffamily and to settle my estate, that I may leave noe occasion 
of trouble to them when I am gone, and that I may free myselfe before 
I dye, I doe therefore leave this testimony upon record as my Last will 
& Testament : First, I doe prof esse my f ayth & hope to be in the free 
grace alone of God in Jesus Qirist, whos I am & to whom I have for ever 
given up my Selfe both Soule & body, being fully prsuaded of his un- 
changable Love & good will both in life & death to me. And for my out- 
wara estate I dispose of the same as foUoweth: ' ffirst, I doe Therefore 
bequeath & give unto my wife Elizabeth the full power & dispose of all 
that estate wch God hathe given mee in howses, Lands, Otttells & goods 
whatsoever, wth in dores & wthout, provided that in Case she marry 
agayne that then she betake herselfe to the thirds of my Land & houses, 
and that she give unto my sonne John the house that I now dwell in wth 
the out houses thereunto belonging, wth the home Lott, and halfe in quan- 
tity of that Lott or prcell of Land wch I lately bought of Mr. John Chester, 
the homeward side; And to my sonne Ltdce the other halfe of yt, the 
Lyne betwixt them running soe as to have both of them the benefit of the 
water ; furthermore to my sonne John that peece of Land Lying in mile 
meadowsf wch I bought of William Smith, and my foure acres in Beaver 
meadow. Alsoe, to my sonne Luke that peece of land in the great mead- 
ow, my other peece of Land in myle meadow wth passage thereto throw 
his Brother's Land ; alsoe to give tmto my daughter Hannah forty pounds 
wth her uncle's gift These portions to be payed to eyther of them at the 
age of eighteen years or at the deathe of my said wife, wch comes sooner. 
And my will is that what estate shall be in her hands beyond and above 
the forsayd portions at the t3mie of her marriage that she may devide the 
same equally amonge my foresayd three children excepting thirds of all 
my houshold stuff. And further, that Mr John Russell, pastor of or 
Churdi, would together wth the church appoint some to see this my will 
prformed. Heer unto I have subscribed my hand the day & year above 


Witness: Thomas Coleman, 

Thomas Welles. Test: John Russell, Junior. 

Page 105-106. 

Holoombi Thomas, Windsor. Invt £294-09-08. Taken ist Oc- 
tober, 1657, by Benjamin Newbery, Daniel Clark. Children : Joshua age 




17 years, Benajah 13, Nathaniel 9, Abigail 19, and Deborah 6 7-12 years 
of age. Signed, Matthew Grant 

Adms. granted to the Widow Elizabeth Holcomb. Order of Dist: 

:£ s d £ 8 d 

To the Widow, 42-18-00 

To Joshua, 42-18-00 

To Benajah, 33-07-00 

To Nathaniel, 28-12-00 

To Abigail, 28-12-00 

To Deborah, 28-12-00 

George and Edward Griswold enter a Qaime to part of the Estate, 
but remit the Claim. 

James Enno and Elizabeth Holcomb, Widow, were married K Auerustt 
1658. (W. R.) B f 

On this 15th day of December, 1660, I doe acknowledge to have re- 
ceived of my Father Enrio of my wive's portion the whole sum. 

Samuel Bissell. 

On this 17th day of December, 1660, I doe acknowledge to have re- 
ceived of my Father Enno ye fm^sum of my portion. Witness my Hand : 

Joshua Holcomb. 
Court Record, Page 109—3 DeceJuber, 1657 : Invt. exhibited. 

Page 54-5-6-7. 

Hopkuui, John, Hartford. Invt. £236-08. ^ffaken 14 April, 1654, 
by John Cullick, John Barnard, James Ensign. w!U dated ist January^ 
1648-9. A 

I, John Hopkins of Hartford do make this my lak Will and Testa- 
ment: I make my Wife Jane Hopkins my sole Executrix of my whole 
estate, out of it she to pay to my daughter Bethiah Hopkins £30. And 
my will alsoe is that the one halfe of all my Lands & howshg should be 
my sone Stephen Hopkins to be enjoyed by him and his heytrs fforever, 
when he shall have attayned the adg off twenty two yeares. Aiid my will 
further is That iff my said wiff should marry again, then the ond hdf off 
the Estate that she shall then possess, the former portions bein; paid, 
shall be paid in Equall proportion to my said Son and daughter or their 
heyres after the decease of my wiflF, these children to be under the control 
of tiieir Mother. Bethiah tmtil 18 years of age and Stephen until 22 
years of age Shall remain with and under the Government of my Said 
wife until they have attayned their Several ages aforesaid. As als3 that 
they shall noe way Contract or Engadg themselves in way of marriage 
without the knowledge and Consent of my wife aforesaid. I desire Mr. 
John Cullick & James Ensign to be Overseers. 

Witness : John Cullick, John Hopkins. 

William Andrews, James Ensign 

l6sO TO 1663. PROBATA RiBCORDS. X31 

Note : II November, 1679. A quit claim or Receipt to Stephen Hop- 
ions from Samuel Stocking and Bethiah Stocking: We have receiv^ 
full satisfaction of Our beloved brother Stephen Hopkins for whatsoever 
is due unto us by the last will of our Hond Father John Hopkins, etc. 

August 27, 1650. (On file.) 

Horsford, WilL I Will Horsford do mack this as my Last will and 
testament : I give to my wife Jane Horsford Half e my dwelling House, 
Half my Bame and Halfe my cow house, during the term of her life. I 
give all so unto my wife that meadowe I bought of Elyas Parckman lying 
in ye lytell meadow, during her life. All so I give unto my wife one 
Hoge, Halfe the aplles that growes in the orchard this yeare, 5 bushelles 
of wheat, 10 bushelles of Indyan Come. All so Shee is peaceabbly to in 
Joye the Lands that wear Her owne be fore my maryag. Only half an 
acker of the orchard which lys by the hie way going in to the medow, wch 
is specified on wryting, I give to my sonne John Horsford. He I mack my 
executor and do give unto him all my Lands, Housing, Catell, goods and 
debtes. What Housing I Have given to my wife during her life jrt do 
give to my sonn John after my wifes life ; and all such lands as my wife 
do in joye during her life whitch was given to my wife at my marryag, 
specified on wr3rting, I do give to my sone John and his a)n"es after my 
wifes life ; and in case my sone dye be fore his mother and Have no chil- 
dren or child either borne or in the wombe to in joye the sayd lands and 
bowsing, I do then give yt to my daughters' children equally to be devided : 
I do give to my daughters ten pounds apece, to be payd in 2 yeares time. 
My son is to pay debtes if he takes the exsecutor ship. 

William Horsford. 
No Witnesses, 

Page 133. 

Honf ordf William, Windsor. Will dated 6 September, 1654 : I do 
bequeath unto my son John Horsford all my estate in Windsor. I do ap* 
point him to discharge my Bill unto Court for Richard Samwais his chil- 
dren, as also a Bill under my hand to my wife for about £40 if my wife 
stays in New England, but I hope She will come unto mee in England. 

William Horsford. 

Witness : Walter Fyler, Jane Fyler. Recorded 14 July, 1660. 

Below is a Statement by William Horsford, once an Inhibitant of 
Windsor, that he had given and bestowed away all my Housing, Lands, 
Cattle, Debts, whatsoever due unto me, unto my son John Horsford to be 
to his use and unto his dispose. 

William Horsford. 
Recorded 29 February, 1660-1. 


Page 134. 

Holly Um. Fairfield. Invt £29-00-08. Taken 3 January, 1659, by 
Jcfau Burr, Alexander Knowles. 

Page 131. 

Jaoksoiii William, Seabrook. Invt. £42-00-00. Taken by John 
Qark, Robert Chapman, William Pratt. Will dated 11 September, 1659: 
I William Jackson of Seabrook do make this my last Will & Testament. 
I give unto Mr. James Fitch one Cow, and to William Bement, Mr. Robert 
Nichols, Robert Bull, James Cornish and Richard Tousland 20 Shillings 
apeice. All the rest of my Estate I give unto the Church at Seabrook 
whereunto I belong. 

Witness : William Backus Jr, William X Jackson. 

John Clark, James Cornish. 

Johnson, Peter. Court Record, Page 65 — ist March, 1654-5 : This 
Court desires Mr. Webster, Mr. Cullick, Mr. Willis and Mr. Tailcoate 
to examine Mr. Ward's account of Peter Johnson's Estate and to dispose 
of what is left to the Mother and Children as they shall judge meet. 

Page 118-19-20. 

Kellogg, Nathaniel, Farmington. Invt £366-05-00. Taken 21 
December 1657, by Edward Stebbing, Thomas Judd, John Minor. Will 
dated 4 June, 1657. 

The last Will & Testament of Nathaniel Kelodg. I Nathaniel kelodg, 
being weack in bod^ but in good and prf ect me mory & understanding, 
thankes be to All mighty god, do comet my spirit in to the handes of God 
that gave it and my body to Comly and desent buriall in the plac apoynted 
thearefore in farmingtonn. Item. I give and bequeathe my whoU esta, 
Reall and Prsonall, unto my deere and Loving wife Elisebeth kelodg duer- 
ing the tyme of her Nattendl Life, and at the eand thear of I give all my 
houses and Landes in fermingtun unto my Brother John Kelodee and to 
my sister Fanne Aallesun and to my sister Rachell Cone, all 
dwelling in olid England, in that Condition that thay my Houses 
and L^d shall be in at thet tyme, to be equally divided among 
the thre brother & sisters a fore sayd. And my Will is that thease 
my Brother & Sisters shall pay to my Cosen Joseph kelodg's three Chil- 
dren £6 Starling, to be equally devided betwixt them equally when thay 
shal have my houses & Lands : and all so at thet t3rme they shall pay £5 to mr 
Rodger Newton, our pastor. All so I mack my sayd deere & loving wife 

1650 to 1663. PROBATA RBCORD3. I33 

my solle exsecketrix, & my Will is that She Shold give to my adopted 
daughter Susan Newton & Rebeckah Meruel such a Convenyant part of 
my Estate given to my wife as she shall be well a bell to Spare and theare 
obediant and duty full Carrig shall give ocation of, and my sayd Exiseth 
itrex Shall bear my funerall Charges and pay my Debtes. And I mack 
my deere frind Edwerd Stebing supervisor of this my Will and Testament. 

Witness : John Steel, Nathaniel KELLoa 

Joseph X magatt. 

Court Record, Page 123 — 3 March, 1658-9. Will proven. 

Page 15-16. 

Kilboum, Urs. Franoes^ Wethersiield. Invt. £349-08-04. Taken 
3 December, 1650, by Samuel Smith, Thomas Coleman, Nathanidl Dickin- 
son. Will dated 13 November, 1650. 

The last Will & Testament of ffrancis Kilboume, In ye town of Weth- 
ersfield ye. 13th November, 1650: Imprs. In lue of fforty shillings she 
borrowed of Richard Law she hath giuen hime ffive potmds to be payed 
wthin a yeare or Two. It. I give to my daughter margit, ye wife of 
Richard Lawe, my ould cloth tow gowne ; And to my grand child Jonathan 
Lawe (five Shillings^. It. I give to my daughter Lidia, ye wife of Robert 
Howard, (five pounds as ye ffull of hir portion I promise vppon marriage 
wth my daughter, to be payed wtbin a yeare or 2 after my disseace. I 
giue to my daughter Meary, ye wiffe of John Root, ffive pounds as ye full 
of hir portion I promissed vppon marrige wth my daughter, to be payed 
wthin a yeare or too after my desees. It. to my daughter ffrances, ye wife 
of Thomas Uffoote, Tenne pounds in ffull of his portion promised in 
marrige with my daughter, wthin two years after my dissese. It. To my 
gran child Elizabeth Spencer, my outle Black gowne and ? my linse wolse 
peticote, a black Hatt. It. I giue al ye Rest of my parrell to my three 
daughters to be divided amongst them, Lidia, Mary & ffrances. It. To 
my sonn John I giue three shertts, & ye rest of my linning To my 3 
daughters equally to be divided to lidia, Mary & ffrances ; & I make my 
sonn John my hole & sole Execitor. The Witnessess yt this is the last 
Will of Francis Kilbourn is : 

Witness : Samuel Smith & 

Elizabeth his wife, Nathaniel Dickinson. 

Court Record, Page 16—5 December, 165 1: Will proven & Invt. 
exhibited, & the Court not being satisfied with the Proof, appoint John 
Kilbourn Adms. until further Orders, Page 25 — ist June, 165 1 : The 
Court now approves the Will & confirms John Kilbourn Adms. 


Page 154. 

Laraby, Greenfield, New London. Invt. £201-03-01. Taken 17 
October, 1661, by Thomas Dunke, ffrands Bushnell, William Lord. 

Court Record, Page 164—5 December, 1661 : Mr. James Cornish 
having Married the widow, being unwilling to act without an Order of 
Court, this (Quarter) Court Order Mr. James Cornish and Mr. Chapman 
to husband the estate, to Collect and pay debts, and render an account 
when called for. Page 182 — 4 September, 1662 : Dist. of Estate : To tfie 
Eldest son Greenfield Laraby £15-00-00; to John, £12-00-00; to Elizabeth 
and Sarah to each 20 Nobles. The remainder of ye estate to be to ye 

Page 177-8-9. 

LattimeTi John, Wethersfield. Invt. £1657-06-08. Taken 29 April, 
1662, by Samuel Boreman, Thomas Hurlbut. Will dated 8 April, 1662. 

I John Lattimer of Wethersfield do make this my last Will & Testa- 
ment : I give to my wife two htmdred pounds & also a Room or Rooms 
in my dwelling house During her natural Life. I give & bequeath to my 
son John my Dwelling house and bame and all outhouses and halfe my 
home lott that side next Mr. Chesters which the buildings stand upon; 
alsoe I give to my son halfe my Great plaine ; and also I give to him that 
tenn acrs of Meadow I bought of Samll Martin and John Kilboum ; and 
my will is that my sonne John shall possess my houses and Lands which 
I have given to him when he come to tne age of one and twenty years and 
soner if his mother sees fitt. I give to my son Jonathan when he comes 
to the age of one and twenty years that house and bame and horn lott 
which I bought of John Edwards, and alsoe the other halfe of my great 
plaine ; and alsoe I give unto my Sonn Jonathan Six acres of my Lower 
peace of meadow. I give to my son Bezaleel the house which I bought of 
Anthony Wright and alsoe all my nine acer pece of plaine ; and alsoe I 
give to my sonn Bezaleel three acres of meadow, which is the remainder 
of my Lower meadow ; and alsoe all that five acres which I bought of Robt. 
Burroughs. I give to my daughter Rebeckah one hundred and thirty 
pounds. I give to my daughter Naomi £80. I give to my daughter Abyah 
£80. I give to my daughter Elishabe £60. And my mind and will is that 
all the remainder of my estate, if any be, I leave to the Descresion of my 
beloved wife only, to dispose of it amongst my children. And my will is 
that all my sons shall receive their portion when they come to the age of 
twenty and one years, and soner if their mother ai\d Overseers see it good 
for them. And alsoe my daughters shall receive their portions when they 
come to the age of eighteen years, and soner if their mother and Overseers 
see it most Good for them. And my will is that my beloved wife shall be 
my Executor to Execute my will; and Mr. John Russell, pastor of the 

1650 TO 1663. PROBATA RECORDS. 135 

Church of Christ at Hadley, and Mr. Samuel Boreman and Thomas Hurl- 
but to be Overseers. 

Witness : John Chester, John X Lattimer. 

John Betts^ Hugh Welles. 

Court Record, Page 170—12 May, 1662: Will Proven. This Court 
grants the Executrix liberty to take her portion out of ye Estate not dis- 
posed of to make one third if she sees good. 

Lewis, WalteTi Wethersfield. Court Record, Page 95 — 12 June, 
1656. The Testimony of Theophilus Munnings, aged 26 years, saith that 
being at Pequett before the Ccomecticut Ship which was taken by prince 
Rupert went forth to Sea, he heard Walter Lewis say that he had given all 
that he had to Thomas Williams, before Lt. Smith and his wife. Taken 
upon Oath. John Winthrope. 

The Deposition of Thomas Munnings, aged about 26 years, saith 
that he was in the State of England Service in the War against the Dutch 
at that ( ) Walter Lewis of Wethersfield was pressed in a Ship of 

the Same Fleet in the Same Service, the which Ship was called Marma- 
duke ; and being in Fight with the Dutch fleet the sd. Walter had his leg 
Shott off and dyed about 5 days after, as, he was informed by the Seamen 
of the sd. Marmaduke upon inquiry after this sd. Walter by the Deponent, 
being his intimate acquaintance, which Caused the Deponent to inquire 
after him after ye sd. Fight. Taken upon Oath, 6 May, 1656. 

John Winthrope. 

Adms. to Thomas Williams, who gave Bond that if Walter Lewis ever 
returned, or hath made a Later Will giving his Estate to any other, the sd. 
Thomas Williams shall answer the Estate in Court. 

The Deposition of Lt. Smith and Rebeckah his wife saith that before 
Walter Lewis went to Sea in the Connecticut Ship which was taken by 
Prince Robert, the sd. Walter told these deponents yt he did intend to 
make a Will in Writeing, but now he should have no time. Therefore 
desired these Deponents to be Witnesses that this was his Will that he 
gave all the Estate that he had to Thomas Williams of Wethersfield if he 
never come into the Country again. Taken upon oath before me, 23 June, 

John Winthrope. 

Page 115-116. 

LoomiSy Joseph, Windsor. Died 25 November, 1658. Invt. ii7&- 
10-00. Taken by Henry Clarke, John Moore. 

Court Record, Page 115 — 2 December, 1658. An Agreement for 
a Division of the Estate by the Children of Joseph Loomis, Deed, and 


approved by this Court of Magistrates to be an Equal Division. To Joseph 
Loomis, to Nicholas Olmsted, to Josiah Hull, to Jdhn Loomis, to Tliomas 
Loomis, to Nathaniel Loomis, to Mary Tudor, to Samuel Loomis. 

The agreement of the children of Mr. Joseph Loomis respecting the 
division of the estate of ye father deceased approved by The Omrt 2 De- 
cember 1658: We whose names are heretmto subscribed doe by these 
prsents testify that it is our mutual and joynt agreement to attend an 
equal division of the estate of Mr. Joseph Loomis, our faUier, lately de- 
ceased, wch said estate being distributed in an equal prption we doe by 
these prsents engage to set down Satisfied and Contented respecting any 
future trouble or demands about the fore said estate now pr sented by In- 
ventory to ye Court of Magistrates. 
Witness our hand, 2nd December, 1658. 

Joseph Loomis, Josias Hull, Thomas Loomis, Mary Tudor, 

Nicholas Olmsted, John Loomis, Nath. Loomis, Samll Loomis. 

Page 172. 

Lord, Bichard, Hartford. Died lo May, 1662. Invt. £3488-11-01. 
Taken by John Allyn and Jeremie Addams. 

Court Record, Page 189 — 5 September, 1662. Adms. to Mrs. Lord, 
the Widow, and Richard Lord. 

Respecting the estate of Capt. Richard Lord, it being for the present 
Conceived to amount to £3000, this Court doth Order the Distribution as 
foUoweth : To Mrs. Sarah Lord, Relict of ye Sd. Capt Lord, the Summ 
of iiooo; to Mr. Richard Lord his son, £1300; to Sarah Lord his daugh- 
ter, £700; with a third part of all the Lands in the Naragansett Country 
and of Land elsewhere that is not already prized in the Inventory. Mrs. 
Lord hereby engagelli to add to the £700 distributed to her daughter, £100 
out of her portion to make it £800 ; and what of estate Mrs. Lord doth take 
up of her proportion in houseing and Lands, it shall return to the heirs 
after her decease. Any other estate that she shall be possessed of to be at 
her own dispose. And what Houseing or Lands doth then return to Mr. 
Richard or his heirs He or they shall enjoy, paying the value thereof as 
Mrs. Lord his Mother doth Order. 

Page 150. 

Lord, ThomaSi Wethersfield. Invt. £202-18-00. Taken 5 April, 
1662, by Richard Lord & Samuel Boreman. Will dated 28 October 1661. 
(Thomas Lord brother of Richard Lord) : 

I Thomas Lord of Wethersfield, being of perfect memory and under- 
standing though weake of body, make this my Last will : Aiid then con- 
sidering the inability of my elder daughter Dorothy Lord in an ordianry 


1650 TO 1663. PROBATA RECORDS. 137 

way uncapable of ever carringe for it selfe in this world, seeing that extra- 
or^nary payns and Care must be taken with it, I, for the incouragement 
of my Dear and Tender wife to breed up and take the Care of my sd. 
Daughter, doe freely give my whole Estate during her natural life. \ 
mean my house and Land at Hartford and all that part and portion of 
Goods and Chattells wch shall appeare to belong to me after the death of 
my Honoured and beloved Mother, and my house & Lott at Wethersfield, 
with all my Moveables & Cattell & Debts due either by Booke or Bill, my 
Just Ingagements being satisfied, trusting she will have a motherly Care 
of my Sweet Babes ; and, if she can, Will dispose part to them that sur- 
vive; and that She may Sell either of the houses for the supply of her- 
sdfe and children. Moreover I doe Intreat my beloved brother Capt. 
Richard Lord of Hartford and Mr. Samuel Boreman of Wethersfield to 
be Supervisors of my will, and to Assist, councill and act for my Loving 
wife Hannah Lord as her occasion shall require their helpe. Soe I comitt 
my spirit to God. 

Not witnessed. (See File.) Thomas Lord. 

Court Record, Page 69 (Vol. IH) — 29 October, 1667: Adms. granted 
to Gregory Wilterton on the Estate of Thomas Lord, Deed, according to 
the Will of the Deceased. Gregory Wilterton accepts. 

Lord, Diary. Court Record, Page 152— (VoL IH) 2 March, 1675-6: 
Mary Lord, daughter of Thomas Lord, late Deed, made choice of George 
Gardner to be her Guardian. 

Page 120-21. 

Maynardt John, Hartford. Invt. £450-04-00. Taken 24 February, 
1657-8, by John Talcott, Edward Stebbing. Will dated 23 January, 1657-8 : 

I John Ma3mard of Hartford doe make this my last Will & Testa- 
ment : Imprs. I give unto my wife Edetha my dwelling house with all my 
other houses, as also all othr Land lying and being in Hartford, during 
her life; and After her decease vnto John Day, the youngest son of my 
wife, unto him and his heirs forever. Also my Will is that John Day, at 
the age of 21 years or day of marriage, shall receive two kows, too work- 
ing oxen and one mare, weth one kart and plow, with the taklin thereunto 
belonging. Also my Will is that Thomas Day, the Eldest son, shall re- 
ceive £20 Sterling out of my Estate provided he carry well and dutifully to 
his Mother. I give unto Sarah and Mary Day, my wives daughters, £20 
Sterling to each of them out of my Estate, to be paid within two years 
after my decease, provided that they attend the Counsel of my wif and 
the supervisors of this my Will. Also I give unto the Rev. Mr. Stone, 
teacher of the Church of Hartford, 40 Shillings. I make my wife sole 


Executrix, and Mr. John Talcott sen. and my Brother Mr. Edward Steb- 
bing and Richard Goodman to be Overseers. 

Witness : John Talcott, John Manerd. 

Edwrd Stebbing, Richrd Goodman. 

Page 81. 


Moody, John, Hartford. Invt. £300-14-06. Taken 6 December, 
1655, by Gregory Wolterton, John Barnard, Francis Barnard. 

The last Will & Testament of John Moody late of Hartford : I doe 
make my loving wife Sarah Moody sole Executrix, and I doe wil that 
halfe of all that I have, booth Land and StuflFe (excepting the Howseold- 
stufFe, which I leave wholly to my wife), I give to my son Samuel Moody 
for to have it at the age of twenty f ower years. I Will also that Elizabeth 
Pepper shall have five & twenty pound payd her within a year, and a petti- 
cote and a wascote & a payer of shooes ; and this and all my debts for to be 
payd out of the whole. 

John Moody. 
23 July, 1655. 

Witness: Gregory Wolterton, 
John Barnard, Francis Barnard. 

Court Record, Page 80— December, 1655 : Will Proven. 

Elizabeth Pepper maketh oath in this Court that about the yeare Ano 
1 641 Sarah Glover, the Sister of John Glover of Newtowne in New Eng- 
land, being at Mr. John Moodys howse at Hartford, she desired the said 
Elizabeth to goe with her to John Skinner of Hartford, which the said 
Elizabeth did. When the said Elizabeth and Sarah were at John Skinners 
house the said Sarah asked John Skinner for a debt of £13 he owed her 
brother John Glover, & the said John Skinner answered he had noe money 
as he was engaged to pay, neither would hee get any for the goods he 
Brought from England; therefore hee was sorry that he had borrowed 
it of her brother, & soe went away without any money, but the said Skin- 
ner promised to pay the sayd £13 in the best pay he can. 

Horrice, John. Invoice of Goods by William Keeny & Samuel Hall. 

Court Record, Page 173 — ^June, 1662. Invt. of estate John Morrice 
& Anthony Sutton was presented and accepted. Adms. to William Keny 
& Samuel Hall, and what Estate remains is to be delivered to Mr. Hamlin 
to answer Relations if any appear within one year ; if not, he is to account 
to this Court for that he receives. The Court orders yt Sarah Nettleton 
shall have a bodkin and pair of Womans Stockings Inventoried in Mr. 
John Morrice his Estate, She having sent a Venture to Barbadoes by him. 

1650 TO 1663. PROBATA RBCORDS. 139 

Page 175 — 13 June, 1662: The Magistrates order that the above 
named Goods shall be given to Sarah Netdeton, also the Bodkin marked 

S. N. 

Mudge, Widow, Pequett. Court Record, Page 42—2 June 1653 : 
Liberty is granted that the Land belonging to die Widow Mudge at Pe- 
quett may be sould for the payment of debts and the bettering of the diil- 
drens portions. 

Page 153. 

Northam, JameB, Wethersfield. Invt. £278-10-00. Taken 27 Feb- 
ruary, 1660-1, by Jdin Lattimore, Thomas Hurlbut : My will is that while 
my wife or Relict continues a widow shee is to have ye whole estate, but 
if shee marry again Two thirds of the Estate to be to her children. The 
Widdow doth declare it to be her'minde that her eldest son by her first 
husband should have A lesser share yn any of the rest of the Children, & 
the Widdow did declare yt it was her husbands minde yt her eldest son 
by him should have a larger portion yn the rest of the Children, both wch 
the Court Judgeth equall and ought to be attended. 

Page 98. 51-2. 

Olcott, ThomaSi Hartford. Invt. £1468-08-05. Taken 13 February, 
1654, by John Tailcoatt, Edward Stebbing, Richard Lord. 

Will dated 20 November 1653 : In the name of God Amen. I Thomas 
Olcott of Hartford, being weake in body but through the mercy of God 
of perfect memory, yett Calling to minde the certainty of Death & the un- 
certainty of the time thereof, doe make & ordayne my last will & testament. 
My wife I leave her to the Care of the Church whereof the Lord hath 
made her a member, & to the Counsell & advice of them in Generall, my 
over Seers & Mrs. Hooker in pticular ; & doe desire their utmost care & 
indeavor for her good ; & I doe emestiy desire her to attend their Counsell 
& advice to the utmost. The Children which the Lord of his mercy hath 
given mee I firstly Commite them into the armes of that mercy, & beseech 
the Lord to make good his ever lasting Covenent that he hath of his rich 
mercy made with tiiem. And secondly I leave them to the love, Care & 
faithf ull Indeavor of the Church with whom they live & whereof they are 
members, Intreating them according to the Covenants of the Lord that 
they will be helpfuU to them & wat(£full over them for their outward and 
Spiritual good. 

And touching thee worldly goods which the lord hath ben pleased 
to send me, my will is that after my debts are paid & discharged, tiiat my 
estate shall bee disposed of as foUoweth, viz: Unto my deare & loving 
wife I give unto her the summe of £28 pr year during her life, to be made 
fare unto her out of my estate partly out of what rents & yearly Annuell- 


tyes are Gnnming to mee, and prtly so much off my estate to bee putt to it 
as will prcure, to bee assined to her during her life. The whole remainder 
of my estate, except twenty pounds, I give and bequeath unto my children, 
five or six more or less as it pleased the Lord to leave mee which are sur* 
viving; to be divided if I have Six Children into seaven equal parts; if 
five Children, into Six equal pts; or if seaven Children, into eig^t equal 
parts. And I doe give and bequeath unto my Eldest sonn Thomas two 
Equal parts of the estate soe devided, & unto the each of the rest of my 
said Children one equal prt. of the state so divided. And the rest of my 
Estate not given I give & bequeath as f olloweth : Unto my deare & ten- 
der Mother, Mrs. Margaret Charlfount, for her own prticuler use, two 
pounds; to my deare & much respected sister, Mrs. Mary Hardey, five 
pounds ; to my endeared ffriend & ffaithfuU Counseller, Mrs. Hooker, fifty 
Shillings; to my reverened Teacher, one pounde tenn Shilling^; to my 
Mother Hoare, twenty Shillings; to my Brother Will Wadsworth, one 
pound; to Brother Will Lewis Seniore, one pounde; to the overseers of 
this my last will, each of them apeece three pounds. My desire is that all 
my said legasyes shall be paid within own yeare after my decease. 

I doe make & ordaine my loving wife & my Sonn Thomas Executors 
of this my will, & I doe desire my deare Bretheren & friends Mr. Jchn 
Talcott & Edward Stebbin to be overseers hereof, & desire their utmost 
care & faithfuUness herein. I doe Revoke all other wills by mee made, & 
doe acknowledge this as my Last will & testament, & in witness hereof 
have hereunto sett my hand & seall this 20 of November, 1653. 

Thomas Olcott. 
Witness by us : Henry Hardy e, 

Elizabeth Roberts. 

Court Record, Page 55, (Vol. Ill)— gth October, 1666: Upon re- 
quest of Mrs. Abigail Olcott and Thomas her son, this Court doth ap- 
prove Capt. Talcott to be Overseer of the last Will of Mr. Thomas Ol- 
cott, Deed, instead of Mr. Jdm Talcott, Deed. 

(See State Sec. Ofiice. 2 Vol. of Lands) : 

Mr. Olcott, I pray send mee by my servant 20 pound biskats, and this 
my noate shall ingage mee to make paymt Januar nth, 1653. 

John Barrett. 

Reed of Mr Thomas olcott for ye use of my master John Barrett, 20 
lbs of Bread. I say received by me. Januar nth, 1653. 

Henrick Lucus. 

On the 7th of April, 1655, Reed of Mr. Samuell ffitch, as Attorney 
of Mrs olcott, one day Booke and Debts Booke with s'ome writings yt were 
transacted by my cousin George Cowning, Deed, For ye use of Mr. Thomas 
Olcott, deed, wch I promise to be Accountable for to ye widdow olcott or 
to Any whome Shee shall give power unto. Witness my Hand ye day and 
year above written. Robert Cowning. 

1650 to 1663. PROBATB KBCORDS. 14I 

Reed of Thomas olcott one Bill of Masor George ffawdon for 8 bar- 
rells and J4 of Tarr, ye which I am to deliver unto Masor ffawdon upon 
ye delivery of 1200 of Tobacco & Caske & a Bill of £200 due from Mr. 
Hugh Donne, ye which Tobacco & Caske and Bill I am to retume unto 
Thomas Olcott or else ye Bill again. Also reed of him 10 Bushells of 
pease, at 30 lbs. Tobacco & Caske per Bushell, ye which I am to pay with- 
in 5. days at Vessell in Nansemyn River. In Witness hereof I have sett 
my Hand this 6th of February, 1653 ; & for his paines of Reer and bring- 
ing ye Tobacco hee is to allow one huiiidred of Tobacco out of it. 

John Wood. 

An Inventory of ye Goods of Thomas Olcott, deed, Taken ye 3rd of 
March, 1653 : Imprimis, i Cabbin Bed & Pillow, i Blankett, i Coverlett, 
10 Deere Stdnnes, 2 Barrll of Mackerell, 13 Milk Trays & ^ a barrll of 
Mackerell, 10 Couple of Dry Fish, 2 pipes of Bread, i hhd of Bread, 3 pr 
of Stille yards, i Hamaccoe. These pr cells were prised by us, 

Tho: Addison, 
Robert Ewen, Andrew Wormwoods 

In his Chist : I old pr of Breeches & i Qoake, i little Bagg of Ginger 
valued 2 shillings, i Hatt Brush, 6 little Cals for womans head Rowles, 
2 lbs of Marmalett, 2 Cours Shirts^ & handkerchaises, i Pillow Case, i pr 
old Stockings, i Bible, 5 shirts, 2 Bands, 4 Handkerchaifs, i old clout, i 
pr of old Sheetes & a Colander, i pr of markin fro, i old Hatt These 
goods were vewed by us 6 March, 1653. 

Thomas Manninge, Tho: Addison; 
Robert Ewen, Hugh Conn, Georg Holmes. 

Page 39. 

Pantry^ John, Hartford. Invt. £1242-01-00. Taken 25 November, 
1653, by John Talcott, Edward Stebbing. Will dated ist September 1653 : 

I John Peintre of Hartford, upon the River of Connecticut, being 
sick & weak in Body but of perfect memory. Doe mak this my last will 
& Testament, this first Day of September in the yeare of our Lord one 
Thousand and Six hundred and fifty three. In manner & form as follow- 

Imprimis. My will is That my wife Hana shall possess, enjoy, im- 
prove and manadge my whoal estat. Consisting in bowsing, lands, Cattells 
& movables, or what soever doeth properly hdong to mee, ffor her own 
use and the bringing up of my Children according as' I shall Express in 
this my will. My will is that my son John, at the term of twenty years of 
age, shall inherit and possess all my bowsing and lands Situated and being 
in Hartford, of what kind soever, with all immunities^ and Privileges 
thereunto belonging. Toe him and his heires forever, upon the Condition 
heer after mentioned: Whereas, by the providence of God my wife is 




with child & near the time of her travail. If it be a Man child I give unto 
it two hundred Pounds Sterling, to be paid in Corant Estat, at the age of 
one and twenty yeares. If it shall be a daughter I then give unto it one 
hundred & twenty pounds, to be paid of Corant Estat, at the age of 
eighteen years. Also I give unto my daughter Hana one hundred and 
twenty poundsf, to be paid in Corant Estat, at the age of eighteen years. 
I appoint my wife sole Executrix. John Talcott & Edward Stebbing to 
be overseers. 

Witness: John Pratt, John Pantry. 

Thomas Hubbard, James Ensign. 

Court Record (Vol. Ill) — ^3 March, 1669-70 : John Pantry, a minor 
son of Capt. John Pantry, late of Hartford, Deed, diose Capt. John Tal- 
cott to be his Guardian. 

Page 25. 

Pantry, Margaret, Hartford. Will dated 12 September, 165 1 : I, 
Margaret Pantry of Hartford, do make this my last Will & Testament: 
I bequeath unto my daughter Mary Bryan (Bryant), unto my sister 
Brunson her two children by Richard Brunson, John and Abigail Bron- 
son, to each of them £6 Sterling, my son John Pantry to be sole Executor : 

Margaritt X Pantry. 
Witness : Edward Stebbing & James Ensign. 

Page 22-3-4. 

Pantry, William, Hartford. Invt. £1011-10-00. Taken 29 Novem- 
ber, 1649, '^y J^^^ Talcott, William Gibbon^ & Jeams Ensign. Will not 
dated or signed. (In Vol. II). 

I give to my wife Margaret Pantry, with Goods, Rights and Privi- 
leges, an Annuity of £15 a year; to his son John Pantry, £240; and to 
daughter Mary, £150, wife of Richard Bryan of Milford. 

Memorandum : That whereas, Richard Bryan of Milford hath taken 
to wife Mary Pantry, the daughter of William Pantry of Hartford, De- 
ceased, and doth now demand a portion with his wife part of the Estate of 
die sd Wyilliam Pantry of his Brother John Pantry, now in possession 
of the said Estate: Know all men by these presents, that it is agreed 
Between the said Richard on the one parte and John Pantry of Hartford 
on the other parte that the said John paying or give Bond to pay £240 or 
what of the same remains tmpaid, for to be paid to William Gibbins 
of Hartford or his Assigns, for the use of the said Richard as his parte of 
his fatfier in lawe his estate with his: wife as her portion. 
Witness : John Evance, John Pantry. 

Peter Prudden, WUliam Tuttle. Richard Bryak. 

16 November, 1649. 


1650 TO 1663. PROBATA RBCORDS. 143 

Page 117. 

Palmer, William Jr., Wethersfield. Invt. £108^)3-06. Taken 10 
November, 1658, by Samuel Boreman, John Nott, Thomas Standish. 

Court Record, Page 120—2 December, 1658: Adms. to William 
Palmer, sen. 

PersoUy Thomas. Court Record, Page 169--6 March, 1661-2 : The 
Court of Magistrates doe order ye Townsmen of Windsor to consider ye 
Estates of Thomas Persons and Ralph Smith, and to administer ye said 
Estates^ in paying Debts and distributing the remainder to ye Relicts as 
they see Cause. 

Pequett Proprietors, a Petition. A Court of Magistrates at Pequett, 
13 June, 1655. 

Court Record, Page 71 — 13 June 1655 : Record of Division of Land 
at Pequett, in the Neck, to Several Proprietors. Names of Petitioners 
to Court: Peter Blachfdrd, Will. Bartlett, Tho. Hungerfoot, Jacob 
Waterhouse, John Prentice, Andrew Loyden, James Bemus, Matthew 
Beckwith, William Cumstock, Thomas Bayly, with several others, for 
themselves and all the rest of the petitionrs and greived persons, doe In- 
gage themselves to this Court that if they please to heare their Complaints 
and Judge of them According to their best light and Judgement all the 
aforesaid greived partyse will Rest satisfied and Contented in the appre- 
hensions and determinations of the said Courte, and doe Ingage themselves 
that they and every of them Shall never molest or trouble, by sute att Law, 
Complaint or otherwise. Either The Towne of Pequott or townsmen thereof 
any time hereafter about an3rthing mentioned in our petition to the Courte 
att Hartford, or pleaded att this Courte, about any Act or Acts, Covenant 
or Agreements, of the aforesaid Towne of Pequett, or Townsmen Thereof, 
in Reference to any Gifts, Grants, devisions or rights of Land in the said 
Land, or any Rates they have made whereof the aforesaid petitionrs have 
had just Cause of dissatisfaction and Complaint. The Townsmen also, 
with Capt. Denison, Mr. Brewster, Will Chesebroake, with several others 
of the town, present att this Courte, did in like manner Ingage to performe 
and rest Satisfied in the Judgement of the Courte wherein so ever appears 
to respect and Concern them or Either of them. 

Note: The Courte judges from the testimony of thee Inhabitants 
that the Land Lathrop bought of John Austin was forfeited to the Towne 
per Austin before Lathrop bought it. 

Samuel Lathrop complains that the Townsmen took from him Land 
that he bought & paid for. 

Page 88. 

Pbillips, William, Hartford. Invt. £3 14-04-00. Taken 4 December, 
1655, by John Talcott, William Westwood, Edward Stebbing. 





G)urt Record, Page 79 — ist December, 1655-6: The Widow Phil- 
lips to administer her husband's Estate. 

Piekering, John. Will dated 27 August, 1660. (Will on File) : 
I John Pickering, late servant of Theodore Atkison, felt Maker in 
Bostowne, My will is that first Mr. Lx>ueridge be Satisfied for his paynes 
& Qiarges in Tending & providing for me in my Sickness & funeral, & 
then, the rest of my Just debts being Pd., my will isr that ye remainder of 
my estate, both in this Country & England, shall forever belong to my dear 
Ant. Matson of Bostowne, & her heirs forever, as a Token of my love. I 
make my friend Mr. Wm. Loueridge of Hartford my Sole Executor, and 
desire Qiptain Richard Lord & Marshall Jonathan Gilberd of Hartford to 
taJce that pains for me as to see that this my will be duly observed & kept 

John X Pickering. 
Witness : John AUyn, 

Nathaniel WUlett. 

Page 61. 

Pond, Samuel, Windsor. Died 14 March, 1654-5. Invt. £129-02-00. 
Taken 19 Mardh, 1654-5, by Henry Wolcott Jr., John Moore, Robert 
Howard, Benedictus Alford sen. Legatees: Wife Sarah, son Isaac 8 
years of age, Samuel 6, Nathaniel 3 %, Sarah 2 >4 years. This Court 
order to Dist. to the Mother £40, the rest of the Estate to be equally di- 
vided between the 4 Children. 

Page 128. 

Post, Stephen, Seabrooke. Invt. £442-03-06. Taken ye last of Aug- 
ust, 1659, ^y J^^ Qarke, Thomas Lefimgwcll, Christopher Huntington. 

This According to our best Light is a true Inventory of the Estate 
of Stephen Post of Seabrook, lately deceased. 

Orig^l Signatures John Clarke, 

on File. (C. W. M.) Thomas. LefUngwill, Recorded 1659. 

Christopher Huntington. 

Pratt, John, Hartford. Died 15 July, 1655. Invt. £515-02-06. 
Taken by John Talcott and William Wadsworth. Will dated 1 1 October, 
1654. (On file.) 

The last Will & Testament of John Pratt of Hartford : I the sd. John 
Pratt, having my perfect memory, doe desier to leaue my Soule in the 

1650 TO 1663. P&OBATB RBCO&]>8. I45 

Everlasting Arms of Jesus Christ, and my temporal Goods to them here- 
after mentioned. Imprimis: I give to Elizabeth my wife this^ Roome 
which we call the Parlour, with the Bed and Bedding diereunto belonging, 
woUens, linen, as also her wearing Cloathes, woolen & Linen, together 
with all other Houshold Improvements comfortable to her outward neces- 
sities, & that She shall have the keeping of i Cow for her, & necessary 
"ewood Cutt, laid ready for her burning, & five pounds' Sterling paid 
yearly in Good Country pay ; all this to be made Good to her during 
ime of her natural Lyf e. I give to my son John my now dwelling 
»e with the out houseinge & my homelott with all the appurtenances, 
^ mm & his lawf ull heirs forever. I give to my son John the 2 meaddow 
Lotts in the North Meadow which came to me by the Dist of the Town, 
with all the Appurtenances thereof, to him & his heirs forever. I give 
unto my son John that peece of Meaddow I bought of William Edwards, 
with the Appurtenances, to him & his heirs forever, as also the one halfe 
of my Upland Lotts lying in the Woods, always provided yt the sd. John 
Pratt doe make Good the Conditions formerly mentioned to his Mother 
Elizabeth my wife. My Will is that the sd. House & Househould, with 
Stock yt is tfien being, both Come & Cattle, shall be wholly possest by my 
son John & his heirs. My Mind is that if my sone John shall dy not have- 
ing any Male Child, then (the) he shall give his Daughter or Daughters 
£20 apeece at 18 years of age, & in Case a Male Child he shall inherit it 
at 24 in Casse he survive his father & make good the Conditions to his 
Sisters. My Will is if mv Sone John dy leaveing a wife & Children as 
above sd. his wife shall inherit till the Children come of age, & shall take 
her thirds & what hee shall give her by Will. In Casse noe Male Child 
survive him, then the Inheritance to faU to my son Daniell, making good 
the Conditions above mentioned. I give to my son Daniel a prcell or 
prcells of Meadow Land which I bought of William Rescue, with the Up- 
land belonging to it, in ye Necke, wth ye Appurtenances thereof. Alsoe my 
Will is that within one yeare after my decease my sone John shall pay or 
cause to be payd to my Son Daniel his heirs or assigns, the full sume of 
four score pounds in Current Country pay. In Casse my sone Daniell 
should desire a peece of my Homelott to build & dwell upon, then my 
Mind is that my sone John should freely grant him one ackre to be laid 
out where it may best Sute their Conveniences. This is my true Mind & 
Meaning as my last Will. In Witness I have sett to my Hand the day and 
year above mentioned. 

John Pratt. 

Court Record, Page 82—2 October, 1655 : Will & Invt. exhibited. 
Adms. to John Pratt, Eldest son. 

Page 161. 

HftndftH^ Philip, Windsor. Invt. £113-00-00. Taken 28 May, 1662, 
by William Gaylord and Humphrey Pinney. Will dated 8 March, 1661-2: 




I Philip Randall of Windsor, being aged & full of daies, not knowing 
how sbone the Lord may call for mee out of this life, to prevent trouble 
doo Leave this as my Laist Will & Testament as f olloweth : my Howse & 
Land and all the rest of my goods' I Leave it all to my wife during her 
life, and after her decease unto my sonne Abram ; also my will is that my 
Sonne shall paye out of it these Legacies : Unto Isack Phellps my grand- 
diild, fiftie shillings ; and to Abram Phellpsf, five potmds ; and to Joseph 
Phellps, fiftie shillings. Also my will is that Joseph shall have a lot of my 
sonne Abraham which is over ye greate River next above Mr dauisons 
Land, by vertue of a peece of Land of mine which I gave my sonne in my 
Lot over ye Great River which he hath exchanged wth Goodman Bissell. 
Joseph shall have the Lott surendered up to him at 21 years of age ; thus 
leaveing myselfe & all yt I have, being in the Hands of God to dispose. 
I set my Hand to this. 

In presence of John Rockwell, Philip X Ran]!>all. 

Simon Rockwell. 

Page so. 

BichardB, ThomaSy Hartford. Invt. £38-03-00. Taken by George 
Steele & Joseph Mygatt. Adms. to the Widow according to the Will. Pre- 
sented to the Q^urt by Joseph Mygatt, Thomas Selden. 

Page 141-2. 

BobUns, John, Wethersfield. Invt. £579-18-04. Taken 2 July, 1660, 
by Richard Treat, Thomas Welles & Samuel Welles. 

4 October, 1660: Adms. to Mr. Treat, Mr. Thomas & Mr. Samuel 
Welles, with Mr. John Chester to preserve the Estate for the Relict. Order 
to Dist from the Magistrates, 5 Jtme, 1662 : 


£ s d 

£ s d 

To John Robbins, 


To Hannah, 


To Joshua, 


To Comfort, 


To Mary, 


It is granted to Mr. Kimberly, that is to match with Mary Robbins, 
that he shall keep the young children till they come to age, and the House 
and Land are bound over, as also the Estate of Mr. Kimberly, both what 
he hath and his wives portion, for ye discharge of ye 3 yoimg Children 
who Mr. Kimberly is to educate in reading and writing, and Mr. William 
Wadsworth and Samuel Boreman to Dist. the Estate. 

(Vol. Ill, New Book). Court Record, Page 62 — 7 May, 1667: Dist 
of John Robbins' Estate, net £509-19-00 : 



1650 TO 1663. PROBATB RECORDS. I47 

£ S d 

To John Robbins in Houseing & Lands, 133-16-00 

To Joshua in Lands, 107-05-00 

To ye Eldest daughter Mary, 98-17-00 

To Hannah Robbins, 90-00-06 

To Comfort Robbins, 90-00-06 
By William Wadsworth and Samuel Boreman. 

(Note: Followed in detafl "The Lands devided".) 

Page 104 — 23 November, 1670: Mr. John Robbins complaint, this 
Court appoint Mr. Kimberly to bring into Court the ist Wednesday of 
January next an Accot of the Estate of Mr. Robbins when he came to the 
possession thereof, both Debts & Credits, & how the Estate Came to fall 
short of the Invt ; as also a true account of every part of the sd. Mr. Rob- 
bins' Estate that hath com into his possession tluit hath not ben Inven- 

Page 162. 

Bockwdl, John, Windsor. Invt. £244-05-00. Taken 7^ May, 1662, 
by William Gaylord, Matthew Grant, Humphrey Pinney. Will dated 4 
April, 1661: 

I John Rockwell of Windsor do make this my last Will & 
Testament for ought I know : Imprs. I give my house & Land with al 
the appurtenances unto my wife, and one Cow. To my daughters Mary 
& Hannah one pound apeice. And to their Children, ii to Marie's Chil- 
dren to be equally divided, and ye like sum to Hannah's Children. My 
wife shall enjoy what I have given her during her life, and after, my son 
shall inherit my house and Lands. Ffor the rest I leave to my wife to dis* 
pose. And I doe make my son Simon Executor, And shall intreat Deacon 
Gaylord and Mr Pinney to be Overseers. 

Witness : Abram Randall, ^ John X Rockwell. 

Mary Randall. 

Inventories of the Estates of both John Rockwell & his wife, £244-05, 
were taken the 27th of May, 1662. One died the loth of May, the other 
the I2th, 1662. 

The last Will of Wilmet Rockwell, wife of John Rockwell : dated 12 
May, 1662 : 1 give to my daughter Mary one Bed that wtch Simon lies on^ 
wth two Blanketts, 2 Sheets, one Pillow. I give unto my daughter Han- 
nah one little Bed wch my husband died on, wth two Blankets, 2 Sheets, 
one pillow. And all my wearing clothes to my two daughters, to be 
eaually divided to them. And all ye rest of my Estate I give to my son 

Tests : fVillm Gaylord, 

Humphrey Pinney. 



Bowel], Thonuui. Court Record, Page 71 — 13 June, 1655: This 
Court appoint Mr. Bruen, Hugh Calkin and the Constables of Pequett 
to apprise the Estate of Thomas Rowell at Niantick and pequett, according 
to whose apprizement Execution is to pass upon it, and doe order yt Leut 
Bull and Matthew Beckwith should bee first Satisfied out of the Estate 
of Rowell at Niantick so far as it will goe, and the rest out of his estate 
secured by attachment in the towne of Pequett. 

Page III. 

Rndd, Lt. Jonafhaiiy Saybrook. Invt. £106-03-10. Taken July, 1658, 
by John X Westil and Stephen Post. This Court desires these to Adms. 
Mr. Fitch also desired to be helpful to the Children, as is declared are two 
sons and 4 daughters. — 2 June, 1663 : Mr, Westell brought his books to 
me, wherein was an account of Debts paid upon the account of Jonathan 
Rudd, amount £96-08-00. Account accepted by the Magistrates. 

Test: Samuel IVyllys. Recorded by me, John Allyn, Secretary, 23 
May, 1667. 

Page 38. 

Rumble, lAomas. Invt. £97-05-08. Taken March, 1649, by Richard 
Boothe, James Halstead, John Peacoke. 

Rose Barlow, 25 February, 1653, sometime wife of Thomas Rvmible, 
deceased, cannot make oath to the Invt. She thinks some things were left 
out. The Quarter Court at Hartford, 4 March, Grants Adms. to Thomas 
Barlow to Distribute the estate to Bethiah Rumble, £50, at 18 years of age. 
The rest of the estate to the Relict, now the wife of Thomas Barlow. 

Page 14. 

Sammifl, Bichardi Windsor. Died 4 January, 1650. Invt. ii 10-06-00. 
Taken by William Gaylord, John Bissell. 

Court Record, Page 26 — ist Thursday in June, 165 1 : Adms. to the 
Widow. The children : John age 8 years, Johannah age 3 years, and Mary 
one year. 

Court Record, 27 October, 1674 (on file) : We the under written, 
In behalf of ourselves and Joane and Mary, the daughters of Richard 
Samwise, having received this day of the Secretary a Bond : made to the 
Colony of Connecticut, of Sixty pounds, oblogating ye grandfather Hors- 
ford, or Uncle John Horsford, or our father Williams, to pay us such por- 
tions as they should judge meet, doe acknowledge that the said Bond we 
have received this day and so shall make use of the same for the recovery 

1650 TO 1663. PKOBAT8 RBC0RD8. I49 

of our portions according to the Order of the Court on the 24th of Octo- 
ber, 1674. 

Signed • J^^^ Samwisb, 

^ Richard Brush. 

John Winthrop, Gov., Mr. Richards and Capt. John Allyn (The 
Court) — ^these, the Governor and Assistants, having considered the Estate 
left by Richard Samwise, Dist. the Estate as f oUoweth : 

i s d 
To the Widow 24-13-06 

To John Samwise 25-00-00 

£ s d 

To Joanne 


To Mary 


Sandford, ibidrew. Court Record, Page 174—6 June, 1662: Grand 
Jury Oath : You doe swear by the Great and dreadfull name of the Ever- 
lasting God that you will duly and truly try the Case given you in Charge, 
twixt the Comon Wealth and the Prisoner at ye Bar, according to ye 
Evidence g^ven in opea Court to prove the Charge laid in against yer, 
and when you are agreed on a Verdict you shall keep it secret until you 
deliver in open Court, Soe help you God. 

J To this follows an Indightment of Andrew and Mary Sandford, ac- 
of Witchcraft.] 

Page 74-75- 

Belden, Thomas, Hartford. Invt. £^2-03-04. Taken 19 December, 
1665, by Thomas Hosmore & John Barnard. Will dated 14 August, 1665 : 

I Thomas Selden of Hartford, upon the river of Conecticot, being 
ill & weak in body, but having my perfect memory and understanding, 
doe mak and ordain this to be my last Will & Testament wherein I give 
& bequeath unto my dear and loving wife Hester Selden a duble portion of 
my whole estat. Alsoe I will and bequeath a duble portion of my real es- 
tate to my eldest son Thomas Selden. Alsoe I will and bequeath to the rest 
of my children, Mary, Joseph, Hanna & Sara Selden, an equal portion of 
my estate, that is to say, halfe soe much to every one of them as I have 
given to my wif & eldest son. Also my will is that ten pounds be taken from 
tiie portion I have given to my eldest son and that it be added to the portion 
which I have given to my wif ; & further my will is that ffor the bring^g 
up off my children, if the improvement of the portions be not sufficient to 
defray the charges thereof, tiien during the Time of my wif her widdow 
hood shee shall hav liberty tp abat from their portions in an equal propor- 
tion what shee shall see need full. Also my will is that these portions I 
have given to my children be paid to my i^ons at the adg of on & Twenty 
yeares, & to my Daughter at the adg of Eighteen years old. I make my 
wif Hester Selden &>ale Execetrix, And doe intreat my Brother Mr. 


John Wakeman, & my cosin Thomas Osmer, to be overseers to this my 

Witness: John Barnard, Thomas Selden. 

James Ensign. 

Court Record, Page 9— (Vol. Ill) — ^3 December, 1663: Thomas 
Hosmer presented complaint to the Court against Andrew Warner of 
Hadley that he hath not given Security to the Overseers of the Estate of 
Thomas Selden for the performance of the Will of sd. dec. to answer an 
Engagement made to the children and widow. 

Page 14—3 March, 1663-4 : This Court frees the Estate of Andrew 
Warner sen. in Mr. Richards Hand, he having given satisfaction to the 
Overseers of Thomas Selden's Estate for the payment of the Children's 

Page 167. 

Sexton, Biohard Sen., Windsor. Invt. £107-14-00. Taken 3 June, 
1662, by Benjamin Newberry & John Moore. Also due to ye estate, £15- 
10-00; also no lbs of Hops and Fourty Barrels. 

Court Record, Page 179— 11 September, 1662: Court of Assistants 
at Windsor : Invt. Exhibited. Adm^. to the Relict, and John Macord was 
desired to assist her. This Court having seen ye order sent to Deac. John 
Moore by good wife Lynsley, do order that £10 be paid out of Richard 
Sexton's Estate to make up what is due upon a Mortgage to the said 
Sarah Lyndsley. 

Page 32. 

Skiimery John, Windsor. Invt £90-16-00. Taken 23 October, 165 1, 
"by Matthew Allyn, John Moore, John Talcott & John Barnard. The chil- 
dren: Mary 18 years, Ann 16, John 14, Joseph 12, & Richard 8 years. 
John Skinner delivered to Robert Reeve's wife the following things : 

£ s d 
2 Cushions, 0-08-oa 

I Sheet, 0-07-00 

1 Pillow Beere, t>04-o6 

2 pewter dishes weighed 4 lbs., 0-01-09 

1 pewter Candlestick, i pewter salt seller & little sacer, 0-11-02 

2 Napkins, 0-05-00 
I payr Tongs, 0-04-00 
I brass Kettle, 0-04-00 
An old Frying pann, 0-01-06 

Received all other these things that you have giving in Writing. 
As Witness my Hand, Robert Reeve. 

Delivered to John Coalt's wife : 

16501^0x663. PROBATB RECORDS. I5I 

i S d 

One Holland Sheete, 0-15-00 

1 Pillow Beere« 0-04-06 
a Cushions, 0-08-00 

2 pewter platters, with the Candle Stick & saucer, o-i 1-03 
I Iron Pott, 0-08-00 

Received all these things that are writting above. 

As Witness my Hand, John Coalt, 

Court Record, Page 31 — ^4 March, 1651-2: This Court Confirms 
the Bargain that John White hath made with John Skinner's Widow for 
some land that did belong to the sd. John Skinner, Deed., and doe order 
that the sd. John White shall pay to Joseph Loomis sen., of Windsor. 

Page 83 — 18 January, 1655-^: 

£ s d 

The Debts of John Skinner Deed, 60- 18- 11 

There remains to be distributed, 29-17-01 

To the Relict, 10-00-00 

To Richard on account of Weakness, 11-17-01 

To the rest of the Children to each of them, 00-40-00 

This Court grant to Owen Tudor, who had married the Relict of John 
Skinner, a Writing to the Effect that the Widow never was Executrix or 
Adms. to the Estate of her Deceased Husband. 

Page 145 — 6 December, 1660 : John Locmiis & John Moore are ap- 
pointed to husband the Estate yet remaining of John Skinner, and to pay 
the Legacies as ye come to be due, and to pay out of ye sd. Estate such 
Debts: as appear legally to be due so far as ye Estate will be responsible. 

Page 167 — 6 March, 1661-2: John Loomis and Sergt. Josiah Hull 
are desired to take Care of and preserve the Estate of John Skinner's 
Children. Also this Court approve of the placing of Richard Skinner with 
Robert Reeve from the ist of November last past for the term of 9 years. 

Page 97 — (Vol. Ill) 3 March, 1669: Whereas there was £13 of 
the Estate of John Skinner, lately deceased, left in the Hands of Owen 
Tudor to answer a Debt claymed from the Estate of the sd. Skinner for 
one in England, & no person appearing to demand it this 16 years, upon 
♦the Motion of the Children of the sd. Skinner that tfiey might be put in 
possession of the sd. Estate deposited as aforesd: This Court grant the 
Desire that John Skinner shall have i6, & Joseph £4 of it, & Richard 
Skimmer £3, they engaging to be responsible that soe much as they receive 
«hall be forth comeing if demanded. 

Page 105 — 23 November, 1670: It appeareing to this Court that 
John Loomys hath taken security of Owen Tudor for the payment of £13 
of the Estate of John Skinner due to Mr. Glover, the sd. John Loomis is 

15^ P&OBATB R9COR]>8. VOX,, n, 

*to see ii3 payd according to the Dist, and upon payment to deliver to 
Owen Tudor the obligation he took of him. 

(See John Moody — Elizabeth Pepper's Statement.) 

Page 62-3. 

Smtth, Arfhnr, Hartford. Invt. £380-02-06. Taken 29 November, 
1^55* by Thomas Bull, Gregory Wolterton, John Barnard and George 

Court Record, Page 79— ist Thursday in December, 1655: Invt. 
Exhibited. Page 63 — 15 Juiie, 1665 (see Vol III, Page 34) : Joseph 
Nash, having married the Widow Relict of Arthur Smith, applys for a 
Dist. of the Estate of ye sd. Arthur Smith, ordered by the Court : 

£ s d 

To John Smith the Farm at Niantick, 80-00-00 

To ye 3 daughters to each of them, 35-00-00 

To Arthur, at the age of 21 years, 58-00-00 

Arthur eventusdly to have the real estate in Hartford. 

Stead, Thomai. Court Record, Page 38 — 2 December, 1652 : The 
verdict of us whose names are underwritten, concerning the death of 
Thomas Steade, servant of Robert Lay of 6-Mile Island, given to the Con- 
'stable of Hartford, 9th November, 1652: Wee doe &ide that the sd. 
partye, going against his master's Comand, with his master's cannoe, into 
'a place of (&nger, or that is to the milldam, is guilty of his own deaA, 
b^g drowned. 

Andrew Warner, Grego Wilier ton, Jes: pr Gunn, Nath: WiUeit, 
Tho: Standly, John Bernard, Tho: Selden, Jo'- Stedman. 

Page 91-2. 

Steele, John, Farmington. Invt. £331-00-00. Taken 11 March, 
1653, by Thomas Judd, Nathaniel Kellogg. 

Page 5-6-7. 

StileB, Henry, Windsor. Invt. ii8i-o7-oo. Taken 6 November, 
165 1, by William Gaylord, William Hayden, Humphrey Pinney. 

Court Record, Page 30 — ist December, 165 1 : Adms. to John Styles. 
Dist. of Estate to Francis Stiles, and to her on Long Island, and to her in 
England, £26-13-04 apeice, which John Stiles is to pay them; and if that 

X65O TO 1663. PR0BAT8 R8CORDS. 153 

Brother in England be dead, then his portion shall be equally divided be- 
tween the surviving Brothers. 

[Note : Henry Stiles was killed by the accidental discharge of gun in 
the hands of Thomas Allyn.] 

The Grand Inquest upon the death of Henry Stiles: 

Page 29 — ^December, 165 1: Indightment of Thomas Allyn: The 
Jury finds that the peece that was in the Hands of Thomas Allyn going 
of was the Cause of the Death of Henry Stiles of Windsor. The Inditemt 
being confessed, you are to Inquire whether you find the fact to bee man 
slaughter, or Homicide by misadventure, the said Thomas Allyn being 
Indited for the fact. The Jury finds the same to be Homicide by missad- 

The Courte Adjudge the said Thomas Allyn to pay to the Country as 
a fyne £20 for his Sinfull neglect and Careless Carriages in the premises, 
and that he shall be bound to his good behavior for a 12 month, and that 
he shall not bear Arms for the same terme. 

The Jury: 

Edw. Stebhing, John Drake, John White, Humphrey Pmney, Will 
Gibhins, Steph. Terry, John Moore, Antho, Howkins, Rich. Goodman, 
Peter TUlton. 

Page 163-164. 

Stylet, John Sen., Windsor. Died 4 June, 1662. Invt. £222-04-00. 
Taken 6 August, 1662, by William Gay lord & Matthew Grant. Will 
dated 31 May, 1662 : 

I John Styles Senior, of Wyndsor, doe make this my Last will & 
Testament. Imprimis. I give to my wife Rachell all my estate so long 
as Shee Lives in a widdowhood condition ; but if Shee marry, my Estate 
shall then be divided. My wife shall then have a third part, & ye rest of 
my Estate shall be equally divided amongst my f ower children : to my sone 
Henry, my sone John, my sone Isace, & my daughter Sary Howard; & 
also my will is that when my wife dyes ye Estate as Shee Stands possessed 
of shall be equally divided to my f owre children as aforsayd. And I do 
desire Jacob Drake, John Gaylord & John Bissell Junior to bee my over- 
Witness : John Griffin, John Bancroft. John Styles. 

Court Record, Page 179—14 September, 1662: Will & Invt. Ex- 
hibited & accepted by the Court of Assistants. 

Taintor, Obarles. Court Record, Page 131 — ist December, 1659: 
Adms. to his son Michael Taintor. 


Page 137. 

Talootty John, Hartford. Invt. £1708-04-04- Taken 4 January, 
1660, by William Westwood & John AUyn. Will dated 12 August, 1659 : 

Being sensabell of my owne mortallity and of the aproaching of my 
change, not knowing how Sudenly the Lord may put an end to niy few 
dayes in this life, according to my duty I doe make this my last Will and 
Testament : 

Imprimis. I doe give and bequefe my now dwelling house, with all 
other my houses and yards, home lotts, meadow lotts, both at tfie upper 
and lower end meadow both for mowing and ploueing, together with all 
my upland lotts, improved or not improved, unto Dorethy my loving wife, 
Ito improve for her owne proper use during the tarme of her naterall livf e, 
as allso the use of my hushold Stuf e of all kindes, with my Stock of Kat- 
tell, for her use. I doe give and bequefe unto my sonn Jolui all that land I 
bought in Hartford meadow and upland ; togedier widi the housing and 
house lotts I bought of John Stteel and Nathaniel Elly that now my sonn 
poseseth, unto my sonn for himselve and ayres forever to injoy. I doe 
alsoe give and bequefe unto my son John my now dwelling house in Hart- 
ford, together witii my house lott, with all my meadow L^d in the North 
Meadow that come to me by my Lotment from the towne, as alsoe all other 
that I poses by purchase or chang in Hartford ; together with all my up- 
land, improved or not improved, weth all right and priveliges there unto 
belonging, forever to injoy for himselve and ayers, after the death of my 
wife ; provided that if his sonn John shall contenow to the age of Twenty 
four years, that then my sonn John shall settell him ; or if he departte this 
Life before he attayne the fore sayd age, then his next eldest sonn that 
shall attayne the fore sayd age, ether in the house my sonn John now 
livith in or in the house that now I Live in, and say soe much Land to it 
for ether of his sonns that shall survive, to his owne proper use that shall 
posese it, as shall be really judged to be worth twenty pounds per annum, 
which shall be to him or ayers forever ; and allsoe my sonn John shall pay 
^o my use, if it be required towards the discharge of my debts and legeses 
by my Executrix or her ayers or exeketers, the svmi of fifty pounds Ster- 
ling of Current pay. 

Also I give and doe give and bequefe unto my Sonn Same well all 
my housing and house Lotts L3ring in Wethersfield, both of meadow, 
swamp and upland, with all my rights thereunto belonging, now in the 
occupation of John Belden or Enoch Buck or any other, both on the east 
and west side of the river, forever to injoy, himselve and Ayers ; provided 
|hat if he marry and leave no issue of his body lawfully begotten when he 
departt this life, that then his wife shall only posese it during her naterall 
livfe, and then the land and housing to retume to the eldest sonn then 
Living of my sonn John, to injoy after my sonn John his death. 

Alsoe it is my will that my sonn Same well shall pay or case to be 
payd unto Dorethy my wife diuering her naterall Livfe, out of the rent 
of my Land at Wethersfield, ten pounds per annum : 

1650 TO 1663. PROBATA K^CORDS* 155 

I give unto my Grand Child John Russell, at the age of twenty one 
years, twenty pounds, to be payd in Current country pay. 

I give to my Grand Child John Tallcott, at me age of twenty one 
years, in Like pay ten pounds. 

I give unto my Grand Child Same well Talcott, in like manner ten 

I g^ve unto my Grand Child Elizabeth Tallcott, at the age of eighteen 
years, ten pounds. 

My mynd is that if my kinsman John Skiner and my Kinswoman Sara 
Stell, or ether of them, shall be living with me in service at my departur 
this livfe, that they shall have payd each of them soe living with me iio. 
J give unto my reverend and beloved teacher Mr. Stone £$. I give to- 
wards the mayntayning a latin skoU at Hartford, if any be kept here, is ; 
*thes four Legeseys to be payd one yere after my death. I do orda)me my 
loving wife Dorethy my sole Exsecketrige, and doe intreat my loving 
friend Mr. Richard Lord Senyer and my sonn John to be the Overseers 
of this my Will, to assist my wife in the full filling of my Will. I doe give 
unto my overseers 50 Shillings apece, which I hope they accept in Love 
and answer my request herein. I give unto my sonne John, after my wif es 
departur this livfe, my fether bed in the parlour Chamber with all tfie fur- 
netur there unto belonging, as allsoe my "Marter Bok.*' All my other 
bokes I give unto my sonne Samewell, as allsoe the beadstead, fether bed, 
with all the fumetur thereunto belonging, which Standeth in the kitchen 

To signify that this is my last will and testament, I doe set to my hand 
the twelf e day of August, one thousand six htmdred fifty nine. 

John Tallcott Senior. 

Codicil, dated 12th August, 1659: My Will is that if my gr. Child 
John Russell shall depart this life before he atayne the age of 21 years, 
that then £20 be payd vnto Jonathan Russell at die fore sayd age ; and if 
Jonathan Russell atayne not the fore sayd age, then it be payd my sonn 
Russell, witch is an Ishow of all Accompts in reference to my Daughter's 
portion tow Mr. Russell. 

John Talcott, senyer. 

Page 95-6. 

Thompson, Thomas, Farmington. Died 25 April, 1655. Invt. £549- 
05-05. Taken 5 December, 1655, by Thomas Judd & John Harte. Will 
(kited April, 1654 : 

I Tliomas Thomson, being in prfect health and memory, doe ordaine 
this my Last will and Testament as followeth : Imprmis. I give tmto my 
beloved wife, whom I make my executrix, the one halfe of all my Land 
in ffarmington Bounds, & the one halfe of all my bowsing, Barnes & 
orcharding^ there uppon, during her natural Life, and all my Goods & 

156 P&OBATB R9CORDS. VOI,..!!, 

Qiatteles, shee paying out such Debts as I owe, & Legacies as I bequeath, 
as is hereafter expressed ; provided all ways & it is my desire, yt my wife 
shall well educate and brine up my children in Learning, & shee to possesit 
all my Land & Estate until! my two sonnes come to twentie yeares of Age, 
and dien to give them what household stuffe she please, over and above 
what I bequeath to them. Item. I give unto my two sons, John and 
Thomas, the other halfe of my Land, Houseing, Bame and Ordhard, and 
the profitts of them, to be equally divided to them & to their heirs, Execer, 
Admes & Assigns forever. It. I give tmto my daughter Beatric my young 
mare & the Colt she brought, & the pf it of her, & £20 more in Country pay, 
to be payd her wthin a yeare of the day of her marriage by her Mother 
or by her two brothers equally between them. It. I give unto my daugh- 
ter Mary my young mare bought of Richard ffellows, and the pfit of her 
& £20 more in Country pay, to be paid her wthin a year of the day of her 
marriage by her Mother or by her two brothers equally between them. 
It. I give my sone John a young Horse Colt now two year old (Aprl, '54). 
I give to my son Thomas a young Horse Colt of a yeare old this Spring 
(Aprl, '54) ; and after the decease of my wife I give unto my two sonnes 
Jolm & Tho: all my Lands in Farmingtown Bounds, wth all Houseing, 
Barnes and Orchards thereupon, to them & theire heirs forever (they pay- 
ing out to their two sisters £20 apeice in two yeares after), equally to be 
divided between them. It. I give unto my Children each of them a Byble. 
I desire my two brothers in E^land and my Brother Thomas Welles to be 

By me, Thomas Thompson. 

On the 6th of May, 1656, Anthony Howkins, having married the 
Widow Thompson, is appointed to administer & husband the Estate of 
Thomas Thompson, he engageing himself & heirs to ye due Execution of 
ye Will. 

Court Record, Page 87 — May, 1656 : The Court still ruleing on the 
Will of Thomas Thompson, they finding some points not very clear in 

Page 122 — (Vol. IV) 2 September, x686: This Court being in- 
formed that John and Thomas Thompson doe differ about some Lands 
that were given them by their Father in his last Will. This Court doe or- 
der and appoint Capt. John Stanly, Deacon John Langton & Ensign 
Thomas Heart to lay out to them, the sd. John Thompson and Thomas 
Thompson, each of them, the just proportion of the Land given them by 
their Father according to their sd. Fathers Will, & to deliver it to them & 
cause it to be recorded in their Town Records, & the sd. Thompson to pay 
them for their pains. 

Page 185. 

Treat, KatthiaSt Wethersfield. Died 8 July, 1662. Invt. £178-00- 
00. Taken 16 September, 1662, by John Nott, Samuel Boreman. The 

f 650 TO 1663. PROBATB KUCORDS. X57 

children: Henry age 13 years, Susannah 11, Richard 7, Elizabeth 5, 
Abigail 3 years, and another expected. 

Dist. by Order of the Court : To the Widow, £50 ; to the Eldest son^ 
£23; to the others, £18 apeice. Anthony Wright, having married the 
Relict, is appointed Adms.; and Richard Smith sen., Richard Smith Jr., 
and Thomas Bumham, Overseers to take care that this Dist be attended 

Court Record, Page 83 — (Vol. Ill) 4 March, 1668-9: An Order 
from the Court to the Adms. and Overseers of the Estate to pay to the 
Eldest daughter, who is of age, her portion of the Estate. 

Page 73. 

Upson, ThomBB, Farmington. Invt. £108-16-06. Taken 6 Septem- 
ber, 1655, by Stephen Hart, 'fiiomas Newell, John Cowles & John Hart. 

This Writing witnesseth : That I, Steven Upson, acquit & discharge 
my father-in-law, Edmund Scott, from all Dues, Demands & Debts that 
were due to me from my sd. father on account of a Legacy due to me by 
Order of the Court, 7 September, 1671 ; also what is due to me on my 
Brother Thomas Upson's Accot as being part of my Father Upson's Es- 

Witness: Thomas Hart, Steven X Upson. 

John Wadsworth sen. 20 September, 1680. 

John IVelton, in right of his wife, acquits his Father Scott on account 
of Father Upson's Estate, ist April, 1681. 


Samuel Hecocks also discharged his Father Scott on account of 
Father Upson's Estate, 21 June, 1680. 

Samuel Hickcocks. 

Court Record, Page 79— ist Thursday in December, 1655: Invt. 
exhibited. Adms. granted to the Widow ; she desired Thomas Judd and 
Stephen Hart sen. as Assistants. 

Page 114 — (Vol. HI) 7 September, 1671 : Edmund Scott, who had 
nriarried the Widow, moved this Court for a Dist. of the Estate : 

i s d £ s d 

To Thomas, Eldest son, 7-00-00 To Mary, eldest daughter, 4-00-00 
To Stephen, 5-00-00 To Hanna, 4-00-00 

The rest of the Estate to be and belong to Edmund Scott and his 
heirs in rig^t of his now wife, the Widow of the sd. Upson. 

Court Record, Page 140— (Vol. HI) ist April, 1^4: Stephen Up- 
son, a minor son of Thomas Upson, made choice of Samuel Wyllys to be 
his Guardian. 


Page 170. 

(Inventory on File.) 

Varlett, Oasper, & Judith his wife, both deed. Invt. £205-14-00. 
Taken 22 September, 1662. 

0>urt Record, Page 179 — 11 October, 1662: Invt. exhibited. Adms. 
is granted to Nicholas Varlett, who delivered to the Court, upon Oath^ 
the full Credit of ye Accounts out of Monseur Varlet's Book. 

Page 4 — (Vol. Ill) 15 June, 1663 : Nicholas Varlet this day in open 
Court presented an Account of his Achns. on the Estate of his late Father, 
Casper Varlet. The Court ordered that they did free Capt. Varlet and 
Mrs. Schreeck of the Bond of Adms. 

Page 168-9. 

WakcmaH| John (late) of New Haven. Invt. £157-16-11. Taken 
14 September, 1661, by Richard Lord, William Wadsworth. Will dated 
at New Haven, 4 month, 18 day, 1660 (18 June, 1660). 

I John Wakeman of New Haven, being weake in body but of sound 
understanding and memory, in expectation of my great change, do make 
this my last will and testament : 

First, I comend my soule into the hands of my Lx>rd Jesus Christ, my 
redeemer, trusting to be saved by his merits and intercession, and my body 
to be buryed at me discretion of my executors and friends, in hope of a 
joyfull resurrection : testifying my thankfuUness to God for the free mani- 
festation of his grace to me in Qirist, and for the liberty and fellowship 
vouchsafed me with his people in his ordinances in a congregational way, 
which I take to be the way of Christ orderly walked in according to his 
rules. But I doe testify against absolute Independence of Churches, and 
persecution of any in light or actings, and against compulsion of con- 
science, to concur with the church without inward satisfaction to con- 
science, and persecution of such as. dissent upon this grounde, which I 
take to be an abuse of the power given for edification by Christ, who- is 
only Lord of the conscience. 

As for my outward estate and worldly goods that God hath given 
me, which I shall leave, my just debts and funerall charges being satisfied, 
my will is that first I give unto my daughter Helina, wife To John Tal- 
cott of Hartford, twenty pounds, to be wholy at her owne disposing ; and 
to her husband, my son-in-law, John Talcott, five pounds and my best 
beaver hatt and band; and to ech of their three children five pounds a 
piece, namely, unto John, Elizabeth and Samuell, all to be payd within 
six months after my decease. It. I give unto my son Samuell Wakeman's 
two sons, namely, Samuell and John, ten pounds a piece. It. I give unto 
my daughter Kitchell's daughter, Elizabeth, ten pounds. Item. I give 
unto my brother-in-law Adam NichoUs of Hartford my doath cloake and 
the suite of the same which was my Cousin John Walker's, and my gray 


hatt ; and I g^ve unto his wife my sister Anna NichoUs ten pounds, to be 
wholy at her owne disposing ; and to thayr four children twenty shillings 
a piece, namely, John, Hanna, Sarah and Ebenezer, all which my will is 
should be payd to them wthin six months after my decease. It. I g^ve 
unto Hanna Cheeuers five pounds, to be set apart and improved for her, 
at the end of one Yeare after my decease, as my overseers shall see meet, 
imtill she come to eighteen years of age (which is the tyme agreed upon 
for her continuence with me or mine), or till the tyme of her marriage, 
provided she marry wth the consent of my executors and overseers, or wth 
the consent of any two of them. It. I give to my servant Thomas Huxley 
my short gun with a rest and my hanger whidi he useth to train with, 
upon his good behavior, that is, if he shall carry him selfe honestly and 
faithfully in his place and service to the satisfaction of my executors and 
overseers, or with the approbation of any two of them. Then all the rest 
of my estate, goods, lands, debts whatsoever, I give and bequeath to my 
son Samuell Wakeman and to my son-in-law and daughter Samuell and 
Elizabeth Kitchell as foUoweth, that is, when all my debts and legasyes are 
discharged (which my mind is should be out of my estate as it ariseth 
indifferently and at the prises comon in this Jurisdiction). My will is that 
my son Samuell Wakeman shall have two Uiirds parte of that my whole 
estate that remaineth, and my son and daughter Kitchell the other third 
part equally betwixt them, and my will is that my daughter Elizabeth 
Kitchell shall have that parte of hers wholy at her owne disposing. And 
I doe make and appoint mv son Samuell Wakeman and my son-in-law 
Samuell Kitchell to be joyntly executors of this my last will and testament. 
AUsoe I doe Intreate my beloved friends and bretfieren Henry Glover and 
James Bishop to be overseers of this my will, and for thayr paines herein 
I give unto ech of them ten shillings. And I further desire my dieare and 
loving sisters, my sister Davis and sister Glover, to asist my executors and 
overseers with tnayr counsell and helpe in prizing, dividing and disposing 
tilings equally to mutuall satisfaction according to the true intent of this 
my will, which I publish with my hand this 18 day of the 4 month 1660 
in the presence of 

Martha Dazds, John Wakeman. 

Ellen Glover. 

Page 26-7. 

Wation, Johiii Hartford. Invt. £126-01-06. Taken 4 June, 1650, 
by John White, John Barnard. (Will dated 26 March, 1650.) 

I John Watson doe ordayne this my last will & Testament : My debts 
being paid, my dwelling house and all my moveable goods I give and be- 
queth to my wife, and the use of my meadow & swamp till my son John 
Come to Twenty years of age ; and my will is that She should bring up my 
Children ; and my will is that my son John shall have my meadowe and 
swampe at that age afore mentioned. And further it is my will that my 
wife should paye to my Daughter sara five pound when she is Eighteen 


years of age, and to my Daughter Mary also five pound at Eighteen years 
of age. And further it is my will that my son John shall paye to his 
Mother five pound when he Come to his Land. And it is my will also that 
if any of my Children departe this life before they Come to the age that is 
before mentioned, that then the portion of that Uiat dy sluill be equally di- 
vided between them that are living. And my will is, in Case that my Chil- 
dren Should not be well Educated or not well used, then my overseers 
despose of them so as they may be brought up in die fear of God, and my 
wife to paye what shall be thought meete for the bringing of them up. 
And I ordayne my beloved friends John White & Gregory Wolterton to 
be overseers of this my will. 

Witness : John Moodie, John X Watson. 

Francis Barnard. 

Court Record, Page 9—6 June, 1650 : Will & Invt. Exhibited. 

Page 72. 

Watts, Richard, Hartford. Invt. £114-17-06. Taken 20 March, 
1654, by Richard Butler, Nathaniel Browne and James Ensign. 

October the twentieth day. In the year of our Lord one Thousand 
Six hundred fifty three. I Richard Watts of Hartford, upon the River 
of Connecticut, beaing weak and ill in my body but in my perfect memory 
and understanding, Doe make and Ordain this my Last will and Testa- 
ment in manner and form as ffoUoweth : 

Imprimis. It is my will that my wiff Elizabeth Watts shall possess 
and inioy my whole estate during the term of her natural lif . And alsoe 
I will and give unto my wiff flful power and Authority toe giv & despose 
at her own will & pleasure Twenty pounds off the estate I leave behind 
mee. The Resedu of my estate That Shall be remayneng after The death 
of my wiff It is my will that it be Equally Divided amongst the Children 
of my Daughter Hubbard & the child of my Daughter Browne, I mean 
the children now bom & that then shall be living. Also I will & give to 
my Daughter Browne the whole Charge of her board & the board of her 
child, her husband & servant, ff rom the Time that her husband went ff rom 
her toward England Toe the Day of my Death, with all other moneys or 
charges that I have Disbursed ffor her use. That Thes my last Will and 
Testament be truly & ffaithfuUy performed, I make & ordayne my wif 
Elizabeth my Soal Exectrix, And intreat my loving friends Richard 
Butler and James Ensign to be overseers to this my will. 

In Witness hereunto set my mark the day & year first above written. 

In the presence of us : Richard Butler, Richard X Watts. 

James Ensign. 

Wee whose names are heer underwritten doe witness that Richard 
Wats in his last sickness whereof he dyed did express that it was his will 

165OTO 1663. P&OBATB &BCO&D8. |6i 

that Hana, the Daughter of his Daughter Browne, should have a diiUe 
portion off the estate that is to be divided to the children eaqnresst in his 

Further we witness that it was his will that his son Thomas Wats, 
after the Death of Elizabeth the wif of the said Richard, should have & 
inioy as his fforever his three acre upland lott at the Town's End. 

Richard Butler. 
James Ensign. 

Wakel^i Henry, Hartford. Court Record, Page 7—15 May, 1650: 
Adms. to the Estate of his wive's other husband. Bond £50, whidi is left 
with Mr. Blakeman of Stratford for the payment of £20 to the two chil- 

Wakeley, James, Court Record, Page 40— tst Thursday in March, 
1652-3 : James Wakeley proved at this Courte by Samll Steele that tfie 
wife of the said James hadi in the time of her widdowhood given a bond 
to Joseph Boosy of iioo forfeiture if shee ever married to James Wakeley. 

Page 5— (Vol. Ill) 8 July, 1663 : Ensign Samuel Steele & Alice 
Wakeley gave an Accotmt of the Dispose & Improvement of the Estate of 
James W3celey that was sequestered by order* of the Courte. James Wake- 
ley being present again, and this Court was well satisfied and do discharge 
the sd. Alice and Ensign Steele of the Trust committed to them, and here- 
by take off the Sequestration that this Court laid upon the Estate. 

Page 93. 

Webber, Biohard, Wethersfield. Invt. ^16-14-07. Taken ist June, 
1655, by Samuel Smith, Nathaniel Dickinson, with John Riley and John 
Hurlbut, Constables by appointment of the Governor. Richard Webber 
was drowned at the landing place in Wethersfield. 

Court Record, Page ^—7 June, 1665 : John Ryly and John Hub^ 
bard pf Wethersfield are appointed by this Court to secure the Estate of 
Richard Webber, Deed, and to be ready to give an account thereof when 
called upon, which Service they did accept. 

Page 135. 

WdleSy Thomas, Wethersfield. Invt. ^1069-08-02. Taken 30 Janii* 
ary, 1659-60, by John Cotton & John Deming. Will dated 7 Novemberi 

I Tho. Welles of Wethersfield, being in health of bod^ but fyndinf 
the Symptoms of Mortality uppon me, am called to set m Order that 


little Estate comitted to me. As I have receaved what I am or have from 
the devine hand of allmighty God, so I comitte my soull to him, resting 
uppon his ffree grace and favor manifest through the Lord Jesus, and my 
body to a comely buriall. My will is that my wife should enjoy the on 
halfe of my houseing & Orchard & twelve pound pr annum out of my 
Estate during her life, she keeping the said houseing in Repair, and that 
the land wch I head of hers should return to her aga3me ; also I give her 
the bay mare & two kine, to be Sett forth by my Overseers, and that 
howsehold stuflFe wch remaynes that was formerly hers, and the use of 
such Implements of household during the tyme she rema3aies a wyddowe 
as my Overseers shall sett forth. Alsoe I give to my grandchild Robert 
Welles, the sonne of my sonne John diceased, the House & Lott I live 
uppon, wch I bought of Mr. Plume, & Pennywise to the cross fence on the 
south side, during his life, and wn he shall have attayned the age of one 
& twenty years, & after his Decease to his heirs for ever. And wheras 
ther yet rema)meth a little household stuflF wch I thought to have divided 
betwixt my Qiildren, I now conceive yt more convenient that it remaync 
to my heire Robert Welles, he paying in convenient tyme, as my overseers 
shall find him able. Twenty pound apiece to my Children, viz., Tho. £20, 
Samuel £20, My daughter Mary's Children £20, Anne £20, & Sarah £20, 
& ten pound to my Cossen Robbins' Children. My just debts being first 
paid, I give my fFarme on the East side of the g^eat River to be divided 
betwixt my sonne Samuel & my gran child Tho. Welles, sonne to my sonne 
John deceased; and I give to my sonne Tho. Welles my meadows and 
swamp in Pennywise on the north side the fence, and also that fower acres 
of Swamp wch I bought of Nath. Willett, & my upland on the East side 
tiie great River by Mr Hopkins ffarme, wth the ffence, having sold that 
wthhin the fence to Capten Cullick & given Six Rodde in breadth & the 
whole length to Ed. Andrews. And I desire my Loveing ffriends Mr John 
Talcoat & Mr Cotton, Techer att Wethersfield, to be overseers of this my 
will, & give diem five pound apeece out of my Estate. And so long as my 
wife remaynes a widdow Shee may in joy & Improve my whole Estate if 
my overseers Findye yt meet, they (discharging) out of it my iust debts 
& takeing in the debts oweing to mee & manteining my heirs, in Lewe of 
her twelve pounds, — and that shee may keepe the better (words not read- 

In witness to this my will I have hereunto sett my hand the day & 
yeare above written. 

Tho. Welles. 
No witnesses. 

The Will of Tho. Welles Esq. within spcified was exhibited and 
proved and ordered to be recorded 11 April, 1660. The Court doth iudge 
yt those words the 54 in reference to ye house should have relation to ye 
orchard likewise. Will Wadsworth and John Deming are appointed by 
the Court to Assist Mr. John Cotton as Supervisors of ye Will and Adms. 
to ye Estate of Mr. Thomas Welles Esq., and wt any two of them shall doe 

Jl6S0 TO Z663. PROBATB &BCORDS. 165 

shall be acoounted Authentidc respecting the Execution of the Will of the 
sd. Esq. deceased 11 April, i66o. 

Daniel Clarke, Secretary. 

Court Record, Page 153 (Vol. Ill) 7 Sept., 1676: Mrs. Welles peti- 
tioning this Court for some relief respecting what was allowed her by her 
husband, This Court order that Mr. Robert Welles doe set her part 
of her house in repayre according to the order of the General Court, & that 
what he hath damnyfyed her Bame by parting with the other part of the 
Bam that did adjoyn to it, he shall repayre, & make up the annuity of 
Twelve pounds Pr annum that By the will the sayd Mr. Welles is to pay 
his grand mother. He shall pay to her in wheat, pease & Indian Corn by 
equall proportion at prise Current. And the orchard Mr. Welles had 
Layd out to her by Mr. Wadsworth & Mr. Demmon as her part of the or- 
chard, she is to possesse it according to his will, & is not to be molested 
in it by Mr. Robert Welles ; & in case of blasting of wheat, then to pay 
some in porck. 

Page 149. 

Wlialpdey, Henry. Invt £280-10-03. Taken by Ephraim Wheeler, 
Michael Fry, Henry Rowland. 

Court Record, Page 173 — 6 June 1662: This Court orders unto the 
Relict of Henry Whelpsley the sum of £300 of ye estate of her former 
husband Treadwell, and what is wanting in that is to be made up out of 
Whelpsley's estate. Also i20 more as widow to Whelpsley, and this to 
be effected by Mr. Hill, Cornelius Hull, Michael Fry and Alexander 
Knowles. And the rest of Whelpsle/s estate to be divided amongst his 
children according to the discretion of those men who are impowered to 
administer to ye Estate and to dispose of the Children that are not under 

Page 107. 

White, William, Fairfield. Invt £63-01-10. Taken 4 October, 
1657, ^y Andrew Ward, Nathan Gould. 

Court Record, Page 109—3 December, 1656: Adms. to Thomas Pell, 
he to husband the Estate as well as he may for the children, and to report 
when called for. 

Page 92. 

WUting, Oiles, Hartford. Invt. £26-15-06. Taken by Bartfaol* 
emew Barnard, Richard Goodman. Giles Whiting, three days before he 
died, did in the presence of Edward Stebbing and William Lewis sen. 
make his last will in words as f oUoweth : I b^ueath or commit my soul 


into the hand of God> and my body to the earth, to be deeently and Gmiely 
buried. My debts being discharged, I leave the remainder of my Estate 
to the dispose of my brciher William Lewis, to himself and his Children at 
his discretion. 

Page 1-2-3. 

Wileoek, John, Hartford. Died ist October, 165 1. Invt. £391-03- 
00. Taken by John Talcott, Andrew Bacon, John Barnard. Will dated 
24th July, 165 1 : 

I John Wilcodc of Hartford, upon the River of Connecticut, payle 
maker, being at tfiis present of good memory and perfect senses, doe by 
this my Last will and Testament give and bequeath to Mary my wife the 
Sum of twenty pound, to bee paid in Come, that is to say, forty bushels 
of wheat, thirty bushells of it in winter wheat and ten bushells in sumer 
wheat. Also twenty Bushells of Barlye and twenty Bushells of Rye 
and forty bushells of Indian Come. Allso it is to be Cleane and Mer- 
chantable. Item. I give her my two young Cowes, Allso my best 
hogg at mattabeseck, Allso two of my best shoates at home; Also 
I give her my Colt, to be delivered Safe to her uppon May day next en- 
sueing. If the said Colt shall in the meanetime miscarry, Shee shal have 
Six pounds paid her in stead thereof. Allso I give her my ould howse 
to dwell in, and that little Closett that is betweene the ould howse and 
the new howse, during the time of her Life, and my sonne is to keepe it 
in repairation. Allso I give her one third parte of all my f ruite of both the 
orchards. Allso my will is that Shee should have wood enough for her 
expense Laid in the yard in Season, fitted for her to Lay on the &-e, during 
the time of her Life. Allso I give her four pounds by the yeare, to bee paid 
one halfe of it uppon the 25 day of March and the other halfe to bee paid 
tippon the 29 day of September, during the time shee dwelleth in the 
howse ; but if shee thinks good to leaue the howse and to remove her dwel- 
ling, or shall marry, then my will is that shee should allso leave the fruite 
rand the wood, and that she should have six pound paid her by the yeare in 
^manner as aforesaid. Allso I give to my wife the Bedd I Lye uppon with 
all thinges belonging to it as it is furnished, as allso my Linnen except 
one paire of sheets, as allso my pew, to dispose of as shee pleases. Allso I 
give to her all my hempe and flaxe, both spun into yame and unspun, and 
all that I have growing this yeare, and all my wcidlen Qoth and stock- 
ings that is not otherwise disposed of. Allso my will is that my wife shall 
give my servant Samuell two suites of Apparrell and all other Convenience 
according to his Indenture when his time expires. Allso I give her one 
heive of Bees and all my fowles and all my sugar, honye, spice and Siluer 
and wamppeage. Allso my will is that, during tiie time of her widdow- 
hooid and dwc^ing in the howse, shee shall have the use of all my house- 
hold stuff that is not allready disposed of. Item. I give to my daughter 
Ann Hall £20 and one remnant of grey doath and my Long Coate, ten 
pounds to bee paid the first day of December next, the other ten pounds 


1650 TO 1663. PKOBATH RECORDS. 165 

to be paid uppon the 24th day of June next. Item. I give to my daughter 
Sarah Biddell my mare and two working stears, AUso a Carte & a plowe 
with a share and Coulter & a plowe eare, provided that mv wife may have 
Ihe mare for her owne use to ride either to Windsor, to Wethersiield, or to 
Hartford, or to The Sermon, for the space of two years, and to this end 
I give my wife my pannell and Bridle. AUso It is my will that my sonn 
John Willcock shall provide Stover for the wintering of the two Stears and 
the mare given to Sarah Biddell. Item. I give to John Biddell's Chil- 
dren forty potmds, to be paid at the death of my wife, equally to be di- 
vided amongst so many of Sarah Biddell's Children ^s then shall be liv- 
ing. AUso I give to Ann HaU twenty pounds more, to be paid at the 
death of my wife to my daughter Ann Hall, to her Children if shee have 
any then living; but if shee be dead and leave no Issue, then my will 
is that ten pounds be paid to John Hall her husband if he be then Living, 
and the other ten pounds to John BiddeU's Children, to be Equally di- 
vided amongst them. Ffurther my will is that my wife should at her 
death give to Sarah WiUcock, the daughter of my sonne John WiUcock, 
the sum of five and twenty pounds'. AUso my wUl is that my maide Eliza- 
beth Wakeman shall serve out the remainder of her Apprenticship with 
my wife, and that my wife performe aU Ingagements to her according to 
Indentures, and when her time is expired to give her twenty shillings. 
Item. I give and bequeath to Jchn Willcock, my sonn, my debts and Leg- 
acies being paid, all the rest of my goods' and Lands unbequeathed, whom 
of this my prsent Testament I make and ordaine my whole Executor. In 
Witness whereof I have Sett to my hand and Scale the day and yeare 
above written. I desire that Andrew Bacon and John Barnard would 
stand my ffriends and see my will prformed. 

Witness ; Andrew Bacon, John Bernard, John X Willcock. 

Geo. Grave. 

Page 159. 

Willqry IiaaOi Pequett. Invt. £73-09-06. Taken ist September, 1662^ 
by Obadis^ Bruen, John Smith. 

Court Record, Page 178 — 2 September, 1662 : Adms. to the widow. 
lavt Exhibited. 

Page 97. 

Wilson, Boborty Farmington. Invt. £173-07-00. Taken 3 June, 
1656, by Edward Stebbing, John Menard. Ghildren: John Wilson^ 6 
years old ; Samuel, 3 years old. 


Page 1 80. 

Wolcott, Ohristophery Windsor. Died 7 September, 1662. InvL 
ij;j2<yj<o. Taken 22 September^ 1662, by Walter Fyler and Matthew 

Will Nuncupative. As expressed was, that his estate should be di- 
vided among his Brothers and Sisters, only that Henry should have 
something more than the others. 

Witnesfs : Lt. Walter Fyler and William Pitkin. 

Court Record, Page 181 — 4 December, 1662 : Will and Invt. Exhi- 
bited. This Court allows Henry Wolcott iiS more than any of the other 
Legatees, the rest of the estate to be equally divided to the Legatees. 

Page 61 (Vol. V) 7 September, 1693 : The Estate of Christopher 
Wolcott Dec left with his Mother to pay tibe debts and keep the rest her- 
self, the Lands to be distributed to his brothers and sisters. 

Page 79. 

Woloott, Ibi. Elinbetti, Windsor. WiU dated 5 July, 1655 : 1 Eliza- 
beth Wolcott doe make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in 
manner and form following : Imprimis. I will yt my sonn George shall 
have is worth of my part of ye household goods and £5 worth of my 
doathes. Allsoe I give unto Simon my Sonne ye bluewish stuff hee 
bought for me ye last yeare. I give ye rest of my household goods to 
be equally divided betwixt Christover and Simon, my Sonnes. Allsoe I 
give ye rest of my cloathes to be equally divided betwixt my two daugh- 
ters Anne and Mary Allyn. I would intreat Christover to lett Simon to 
dwell in ye house and to have ye use of halfe of it a while. Allsoe I 
give my two Cowes to be equally devided among all my Grand Children. 
Moreover my will is yt whereas I have appointed my part of ye household 
Goods to be devided betwixt Christover and Simon, except £5 to George, 
now my Will is yt it shall soe Stand upon yt Condition yt Christover and 
Simon doe release their parts of ye Household Goods, or else there shall 
bee soe much taken out of this as their parts of ye rest of ye Goods 
comes to. 

Witness : John WitckReld, Elizabeth X Wolcott, 

On the 4th of October (55) ye above written was approved by ye 
Courte and ordered }rt it should bee recorded by ye Seer. 

Page i8i-2« 

Woloott, Oeorge, Wethersfield. Invt. £207-11 
ruary, 1662, by Richard Treat and Henry Wolcott. 

1630 TO 1663* PROBATB &SCORDS. X67 

The 19th of January, 1662, I George Wolcott, weak of Body but of 
perfect memory, do make & ordayne this my last Will & Testament in 
manner & forme following : Imprs. My Will is that Elizabeth my wife 
shall have my Houseing & Land at Wethersfield during the terme of her 
natural life, she keq)ing the Houseing & Fences in good repair ; also my 
Will is that my sonne George ^all have the sd. Houseing & Lands after 
the decease of my wife, he paying unto the rest of my (Sildren so much 
as he shall receive of my psonal Estate by this Will, upon Condition that 
he carry himself orderly and well, which payment shall be made by £$ 
per Annum, beginning unmediately after the decease of my wife; but if 
he carry himself disorderly, then my Will is that my sonne John shall 
have the sd. Houseing & Lands, paying out of it to the rest of my Chil- 
dren asf my sonne George should have done, he carrying himselfe orderly 
&} well ; and this I leave to be determined betwixt them by my Overseers. 
Also I give unto Elizabeth m^ eldest daughter iio more than unto my 
youngest daughter. Also I give all the rest of my Estate to be equally 
divided among all of my Children, George, John, Elizabeth & Mercy. 
Also my Will is that each of my Children shall receive their several por- 
tionsr as soon as they shall be married or accomplish the age of 21 years. 
Also my Will is that the benefit of the Improvement of all my Estate, be- 
sides my Houseing & Land, shall be for the Use of my Children. 

Witness: John Deming, Gborge Wolcott. 

Thomas Ahvood. 

Also I make my Brother Henry Wolcott Overseer. 

Witness: John Deming, George Wolcott. 

Thomas Atzvood. 

Court Record, Page 182—6 March, 1662-3 : Will & Invt. exhibited. 
Page 130— (Vol. IV) 23 April, 1687: Gabriel Cornish, who married 
Elizabeth the daughter of George Wolcott Deed, declared in Court that 
he did not know how he could come at his wive's portion, there being no 
Adms. now living, and therefore this Court appoint Return Strong & Wil- 
liam Hosford to Adms. upon the Estate, and with Mr. Henry Wolcott to 
divide the Estate to the Children of sd. George Wolcott, and the portion 
that falls to Mercy Wolcott to be put into the hands of Samuel Butler and 
Joseph Churchill to improve for her advantage, she being incapable her- 
self. Page 25— (Vol. V) 5 March, 1690-1: Whereas the Estate of 
George Wolcott hatfi layen undisposed, this Court, that there may be an 
Issue to the same, do desire and appoint Mr. John Wolcott of Windsor to 
administer upon the Estate and to pay to the Children their portions' as 
soon as can be, according to the last Will of sd. Wolcott. 

Page 77. 

Wooloott, Henry Sen., Windsor. Invt. £764-08- la Taken 30 June, 
i6«, by William Gaylord, Thomas Ford, Matthew Grant, John Moore. 
Will dated 13 May 1655 : 



I henry Woolcott, sick of body but of prfect memory, doe make and 
ordaine this my last will and testament in manner and forme as ffottow- 
ing: Ffirst, I comend my soule to God m^ maker, hoping assuredly 
through ye only merit of Jesus Christ my savior to bee made pr taker of 
life everlasting, and I comend my Body to ye earth whereof it was made. 
It I will yt my wife shall have all my house lott, orchard, garden, hop- 
yard, and my lott in plimouth meadow, during ye tearme of her life. 
Alsoe I give unto my wife two of my Cowes and halfe of my household 
goods in my dwelling house. Alsoe I leave my land in England to Henfy, 
my Eldest sonn, widiout encumbrances. Alsoe I give unto him my two 
Books of Marters. Alsoe I give to Christopher, my second sonn, my lott 
in ye great meadow after my death, And my house lott and housing upon 
it after ye death of my wife, he paying out of it thirtie pounds after my 
wifes deceased as I shall further appoint. AUsoe I give to George, my 
third sonn, the five pounds hee owes mee and five pounds more. Ailsoe 
I give to Simon, mv youngest sonne, all my land on ye easterly side of 
the great River and my lott att Arrammetts. Ailsoe to the children of 
Henry, my Eldest sonne, five pounds to Henry ye eldest of ym, and to ye 
rest of ym fortie shillings a peece. Ailsoe I give all ye rest of my goods to 
bee equally devided amongst all my children. Ailsoe I appoint Henry 
Wolcott, my sonne, to be overseere of this my last will and testament. 
Ailsoe my will is yt Christover, my sonne, shall have my lott in plimouth 
meadow after ye decease of my wife. Ailsoe my will is yt my debts 
should bee first paid. 

October 4, 1655 : ye above written being testified to ye Court bv mr 
Henry Wolcott upon oath, and by Mr. Witdifield, to be ye last will and 
Testament of Mr. Woolcott senior deceased, the Cburte approved of ye 
same and ordered it to be recorded. 

John CMick, Seer. 

VOLUME 111. 

1 66 J to 1677. 

This is the Third Book of the Records 
of the Acts of the County Courts and 
Courts of Probates in the County of 
Hartford, and of Wills and Inventories. 

No. }. 



1663 to 1677 

Page 79. 

AdaniBy John, Hartford. Died 6 September, 1670. Invt. £74-15-06. 
Taken 9 November, 1670, by Jonathan Gilbert, Nathan Willett, Sibora 
Nichols. The children: Rebedkah age 12 years August last, Abigail 11 
next February, Sarah 9 March next, Jeremy 6 August last, John 4 Septem- 
ber last, Jonathan 2 November last. One yet unborn. 

Court Record, Page 103 — 9 October, 1670 : Invt. Exhibited. Adms. 
to the Widow. John Talcott and Jeremie Addams were desired by the 
Court to be overseers and to dispose of the Children. 

Page 84. 

Allyn, Matthew, Windsor. Invt. £466-17-02. Taken 14 February, 
1670-1, by Daniel Clarke & Richard Lord. The House and Lands in 
Windsor not Inventoried because by a Deed of Gift it was made over to 
Thomas Allyn by Mr. Matthew AUyn at the Marriage of the sd. Thomas 
Allyn, to be to him & his heirs forever after the death of sd. Mr. Matthew 
Allyn and Margaret his wife. Prised by Daniel Qarke ft Richard Lord. 
Also a further Invt. of Land & Stock in Kenilworth, valued at £120-00-00, 
and Land at Ketch prised at £40-00-00. 

Will : I Matthew Allyn of the town of Windsor, in the Colony of Con- 
necticut, being at prsent through tfie tender mercy of God, though weak 
in body, of good memory & have tiie use of my understanding as at other 
times, am desirous to attend the counsell of the prophett in setting my 
house in order that soe I may with the more Freedom wayte the good 
pleasure of god whose I am & in whome I doe desire forever to hope, 
wayte and rejoice ; & into the Armes of his mercy I desire to render my 
soule^ & my body to christian Buriall according to the discresion of my 
children ; & for that estate that god hath blest me witfiall, I doe give & be- 
queath it as hereafter exprest : 

I make my beloved wife my sole executrix of this my Last will & 
Testament. Imprs : I doe give all the estate that I now stand posest of. 


both Lands & Cattell & household stufFe, to my deare & well beloved wife 
margarett Allyn, to be & belong to her during her naturall life, my just 
debts being first payd^ & I desire my sons, John AUyn & Thomas AUyn, 
& Benjamin Newbery, to improve the same for her comfort ; & I command 
them to be caref ull in provideing for her comfortable maintenance as Long 
as she shall live. And after the decease of my dear & well beloved wife I 
give unto my beloved sonn John AUyn & his heirs forever, all my Lands 
& estate lying & being within the Bounds of the towneship of Kenilworth, 
In the county of New London ; I say both the Farme & Stock upon it that 
is in the hands of my Tennants. I also hereby confirme & ratify to him 
& his* heirs forever all my Land in Hartford that I gave to him as his 
Marriage portion & which formerly hath bin recorded to him ; & after the 
decease of my wife I give unto my well beloved sonn Thomas Allyn the 
one halfe of my Farme of Land at Ketch, & neare to Ketch, only out of 
his halfe I give unto my beloved g^and child Matthew Allyn one Hundred 
Acres of Land whereof twenty Acres shall be meadow ; I doe now hereby 
rattif y & confirm the same to him agayn : I likewise give him my tables & 
stooles that belong to the house, as allso the cupboards. 

I doe likewise, after the decease of my beloved wife, give unto my 
beloved sonn and daughter Benjamen & Mary Newbery & their heirs for- 
ever, the one halfe of my Farme of Land at Ketch & near to Ketch, only 
out of his halfe I give unto my beloved grand child Mary Maudsley & her 
heirs for ever, fifty Acres of Land whereof Tenn Acres shall be meadow ; 
I give unto Mary Griffin, if she continue her service wth me & my wife 
till we decease. Forty shillings besides her wages ; I give unto John Indian 
one suit of my cloathes, my sonns to appoynt which; my just debts & 
Legacies being payd, the remaynder of my estate I give & bequeath to my 
sonns John & Thomas Allyn & my daughter Mary Newbery, to be equaUy 
divided Between them, each of them to have a third part as before, which 
third parte shall belong to them & their heirs forever. 

Finally, I command my children that they be loveing, kind & helpful! 
one unto another, & that they walke in the fear of God that he may be with 
them & bless them when I shall be gathered to my Fathers. And that this 
is my Last Will & Testament, hereby renouncdng all former Wills & 
Testaments that I have made by writeing or word of mouth, & rattif ying 
this, I declare by subscribeing hereto this thirtyeth of January, 1670. 

Matthew Allyn. 

This was signed & declared to be the last Will & Testament of Mr. 
Matthew AUyn by himselfe at his house in Windsor the 30th January, 

Witness : Henry WoUott sen., 
Daniel Clarke, Joseph Haynes, 

Cottrt Record, Page 107-—9 March, 1670-1 : Will proven. 

#663 '^ 1^77- P&OBAT9 RBCOKDS. 173 

Page 91. 

Allyn, WnUaniy Branton, England, who deceased in his return from 
Salt Tortudas to Connecticut. Will : I William Allyn of Branton, England, 
near to Barnstable, County of Devon, being at present at the Island of 
Salt Tortoodus in tfie Ship Mary and Elizabeth of Hartford, in New Eng- 
land, my Estate in the Town ox Branton I bequeath to my wife ElizabeUi 
during her life, and after her decease this, with all other Estate, to be 
equally divided to my Children then living, to John, to George, to Joane 
and Elizabeth. I desire Mr. Giles Hamlin of Middletown and Mr. John 
Blackleach of Hartford to be Overseers. 

Court Record, Page 113 — ^3 June, 167 1 : An Inventory of the Estate 
of William Allyn, Boat Swaine of the Ship Mary and Elizabeth, of Hart- 
ford, was now exhibited in Court. Mr. John Blackleach, Adms., who is de- 
sired to present the sd. Allyn's last Will in Court September next in Case 
the evidence can be produced who heard him make his Will : Page 114 — j 
September, 1671 : Will proven. 

Page 114. 

Andrews, Edward. Invt. £26yi2-<yo. Taken 22 September, 1673, 
by Thomas Bull, Steven Hopkins & Robert Webster. 

I, Edward Andrews, Being weak in body yet having good under- 
standmg & memorie, doe make this my last will & testament. First, I com- 
mitt my soule into die hand of Jestis christ, desireing that my body may 
have comely Buriall. And for the dissposall of that outward estate which 
God hath given me, my will is that my just debts be first payd, & the re- 
maynder of my whole estate I leave unto my loveing wife for her use & 
Comfort & to disspose it to my children as Shee and my overseers shall 
see fitt, as they shall come to age and ability & may consist with her Com- 
fort, only I give to my Brother Josiah Adldns Tenn acres of the Land I 
bought of Wm. Howlton the North side of it, which shall be to his chil- 
dren which were the children of my Sister. The Ten acres I desire may 
be layd seven or eight rods wide, & if my Brother see cause he may im- 
prove thirty Acres more of my Land Lyeing by that which I give to him 
& his children, which thirty acres, after the deadi of my sayd Brother, 
shall return to my children. My will is that my wife shall be Executrix, 
& I desire Lt Thomas Bull & Robert Webster to be overseers. 

Witness: Gershom Bulkeley, Edwabd Andrews. Ls. 

William Goodwine. 

Signed : 23 July, 1673. 
Court Record, Page 134—25 November, 1673 : Will approved. 

Page 10. 

Amoldy John, Hartford. Invt. £105-10-00. Taken 26 December, 
1^641 by Thomas Bull & Edward Stebbing. Will dated 22 August, 1664. 

,^ '^ 


I John Arnold of Hartford, uppon the river of Conecticut, being very 
aged & weak in body & in a dayle expectation of my change from henc. 
Doe make and Ordain thisf my last will and testament in manner and 
fforme as ffoUoweth : Imprimis. I give tmto my Dear and loveing wife 
Susana Arnold the sole & ffull use of my now Dwelling hows and howse 
lotty the bame & all Appurtenances belonging to the aforesaid premises, 
during the ffull term off her naturall life ; alsoe my two kowes. Item. I 
give my wif to be for her use & at her own dispose all my wearing cloathes, 
my beds & beddings with all other my houshold goods, my said wife pay- 
ing or causeing to be paid such Legacies as I shall heere bequeath unto 
my Dear and Lx>ving children, viz : I give unto my son Josiah Arnold one 
cowe and my two acres of Land in the clayboard swamp, after the death 
of my wife, & my other upland lott neer the townes End. If my son 
Joseph Arnold Retume to Dwell again in Hartford within two yeares 
after the date heeroff, I give the one halfe of the said Lott to him and his 
heirs forever ; the other part of it I give to my son Daniell & his heirs for- 
ever. Item. I give tmto my son Daniell, after the decease off my fore said 
wife, my now dwelling house, houselott & Bame, with all Appurtenances 
there unto belonging. My will is that if my son Daniell shall live and be 
marred & have a child or children, that the fore said premises shall be to 
him and his heirs for ever; But if he shall mary and dye without issue 
my will is that his: wife shall Enjoy the foresaid premises during her 
naturall lif , and after her Discease mv will is that all those premises I have 
heerin given to my son Daniell Shall be the estate of my son Joseph Ar- 
nold & his heirs for ever. Item. I give unto my dear, loving gr. child 
Mary Buck ffourty shillings, to be paid at her adge of eighteen yeares or 
within one full yeare after the decease of my fore said wif. That this my 
last will & Testament be truly performed, I entreat my loveing brethren 
Edward Stebbing and Leiftenant Bull to be Overseers hereunto. In wit- 
ness whereof I have heretmto subscribed my name this two & twentieth 
day off August, 1664. John Arnold. 

Witness hereunto : James Ensign, 

Thomas Bull. 

Court Record, Page 26—2 March, 1664-5  Will approved. 

Inventory on File. 

Afherton, Hnmphreyi Major. Invt. £283-15-00. Taken 3 April, 
1673, by Samuel Wilson, Thomas Mumford & George Crofts. 

Invt. of what w^ find in the Narragancett Countfey: 

£ s d 
160 Acres of land upon Boston Neck valued at in this 

Country pay, 200-00-00 

160 acres of land in Quienesett at 021-00-00 

2 Oxen, 012-00-00 


1663 TO 1677. PKOBATS KBCOKDS. 1 75 

7 Cowea, 030-oa-oo 

1 old horse, i old plow & plow Irons, i Chain for a plow, 005-12-00 
3 pitch forckes, 000-03-00 

2 Bulls, two heifers, 011-00-00 

3 earelings, 2 cow calves, & one steere, 004-00-00 


The apprisement of the abouementioned Estate is valued at £283-15- 
00 at this Country pay of this Colony of Rhode Island & Providence plan- 
tation & kings province. 

This is a true copy of the original Invt. Attest : Weston Clarke, 

Court Record, Page 133 — 2 September, 1673: This Court grant 
Adms. on the Estate of Major Atherton unto Jonathan Atherton upon 
all the Estate that may be found in this Colony ; also upon the estate of 
Mr. Increase Atherton, Late of Dorchester, upon such of his as shall be 
found in this Colony. Provided that the Land formerly belonging unto 
the sayd Major Atherton within this Colony shall be responsible to answer 
and make good claymes against the estate. Captain Atherton being the 
Eldest Brother of Mr. Increase Atherton aforesaid. 

Page 141 — 2 July, 1674: Adms. asks to be discharged from his 
Bond, as he is to go speedily out of the Country. 

Page 143 — ^3 September, 1674: Mr. Hope Atherton & Mr. Timothy 
Mather informing this Court by their letter to the Governor & Secretary 
that Capt. Jonathan Atherton, Adms. to the Estate of the Hon. Major 
Atherton, hath not paid their proportion of the Estate left by their Father 
in this Colony, & no person appearing to demand & take up the security, 
this Court see not sufficient ground to release the security. 

Page 49. 

Baekns, William, Norwich. Invt. ii02-oo-oo. Taken 7 June, 1664, 
by Thomas Lc^BngweU, John Burchard. 

i s d 

The house & homelot with a prcell of Land lying over the river, 27-10-00 

A prcell of Land in the Little Plaine, 05-00-00 

A prcell of Land in the Great Plaine, 03-00-00 

a prcdl of Meadow at Yantick, 02-15-00 

another prcell at Boggy Medow, 02-10-00 

a prcell of upland medow in the second division, 09-10-00 

two oxen, 14-00-00 

two cowes & one Calf e^ 08-00-00 

one steare, 02-00-00 

Cart & whedes & plow & a chaine, 02-00-00 

for a beetle & wedges, howes, an axe & a spade & a hatchet, 01-06-00 


two sithes & two sickles. 


two pease hooks: & a Cart rope» 


one paire of sheetes^ 


one paire more of sheetes. 


one sheete more. 


one sheete more, 


one table cloath. 


one pillow beare, 


one old pillow beare, 


a remnant of kersy. 


a chest. 


a old brass pot, 


two firkins, a barrel & a diume, 


a tub & a hogshead, 


a diest, 


one rugg for a bed. 


a bed ticking, three blankets, a boulster & a pillow, 


fower blankets, one sheete & a boulster. 


two spinning wheeles. 


two kettles, a pott & skillett. 


a fryingpan, a smoothing iron & a skimmer. 


one porruger, a lamp & Siree spoones. 


one glass bottle & a stone bottle. 


bowels, trayes, dishes, & a basting Ladle, 


two siues & a half e bushell, 


a table leaf e & a paile, 


a gun & a sword. 


a chest & trammell, 


wearing cloathes. 


Cutlers tooles & ivory. 


Page 33-4- 

Baldwin, Bidiard, Milford. Invt. £420-15-00 net Taken 28 Sep- 
tember, 1665, by Robert Treat, William Fowler. 

Court Record, Page 56—16 October, 1666— The Mi^fistrates Order 
Dist to the Relict, £150-00-00 ; to Silvanus, Eldest son, £jo ; to each of the 
otfier children, £36, at legal age or at their marriage. 

Note : This Inventory appears on File, giving the names of the Chil- 
dren which are not found with recorded Invt: An Inventory of the 
Goods and Chattells of the late Richard Baldwin of Milford, deed, q>« 
prised by us, Robert Treat, William Fowler, this twentie eight day of 
September, 1665, as foUoweth: Total Inventory, £420-15*00 (net). The 
names and ages of the Children : Nathaniel, age 19 years, Sarah 17, Tem* 
perance 15, Mary 12, Theophilus 8, Zakaryah 5, Barnabas, ^ yian old. 
Dist. was ordered tfie 6th of October, 1666. (Sylvanus?) 

lMQ^t«l9677* PROBATS RBGORD6. tJJ 

Fstgt 22. 

Baldwin, Ttmothy, Milford. Invt. £529-18-06. Taken 6th Feb- 
ruajry^ i664» by Alexander Bryant, George Qarke sen, John Qarke. 
Will dated 31 January, 1664-5 • I. Timothy Baldwm of Milford do make 
this my last Will and Testament : I give to my eldest daughter Mary 
Smith, the wife of Benjamin Smith, Lands adjoyning Samuel Bucking- 
ham and John Lane. Item. I give to my daughter Hannah Baldwin £50. 
Item. I give to my daughter Sarah Buckingham £50. Item. I give to my 
son Timothy Baldwin all my houses. Lands and Meadows Lying in Mil- 
ford that is undisposed of, to enter upon, but two thirds thereof until after 
the decease of my wife. I give to my three grand children, to each of 
them, a ewe sheep. Item. I give unto John Mappam, my wive's son, £4 
upon this condition, if he be obediant to his mother and carry dutifully 
towards her. Item. I give unto our Honor Paster, Mr. Newton, £5. I 
doe give unto my servant Jeremie Andros one sheep when his time is out, 
to what I have already promised him to be paid by my executrix, in case 
he carry dutifully to his Dame. I constitute my wife sole executrix, and 
doe give and bequeath unto her al ye rest of my estate undisposed of, and 
the Improvement of al my houses. Lands and meadows, till my son Timo- 
thy come to ye age of twenty one years. My will is that my son Timothy 
should be brought up in learning, that he be taught to read and write 
welL I desire that Mr. Benjamin Fenn, Deacon Clarke, George Clarke Jr. 
and Samull Coley be overseers. 

Witness : George Clarke, Sen,, Timothy Baldwin, Ls. 

George Clarke, Jr. 

Exhibited and Proved in ye Court at Milford, 2 March, 1664-5. 

Page 104. 

Banbury, Justes. (No Inventory.) Will dated 30 November, 1672. 
The last Will of Justes Banbury: First, I give my Soule to the Lord 
Jesus Christ, my Redeemer. It. For that Estate that I have to dispose of, 
I give to my daughter Plumbe my feather bed, to Elizabeth Plumbe my 
silk Cap, to my daughter Butler my Cloath Gowne & my blew watered 
one, & to Hanna butler my silkewhood, & Fower payer of shoes, two payre 
to my daughter plumbe, & two payre to my daughter Butlers children, & 
each of them a payre of stockings, & to Debora Green my Bedsted, all that 
to it excepting my bed, & my trunck & my box & all that is in them, my 
vrareming pann, a chamber pott & an iron skillett & my stuffe gowne & 
my chair, my smoothing iron, my tongs & fire shovel, & Candle Stidc ; ft 
for the five pound that Joseph Green gave me, I give 20 Shillings of it to 
Mr. John Whiting, & Ae rest of it shall be to pay for my Honourable 

Witness : Gregory Winterten, Justes X Banbury. 

Jane Jyinterton. 

Ceurt Record, Page 129—6 March, 1672-3 : Will proven, 


Page 157. 

Barflett, Edward, Windsor. Died at Westfield. Invt. £39-10-00. 
Taken 1 1 April, 1676, by Christopher Crow, Matthew Grant, Jacob Drake. 
Will dated 24 February, 1675: I Edward Bartlett of Windsor, being 
called fortih upon Service for God and the Country, My House in Green- 
field, Money due from James Hillier, and all the rest of my Estate, I give 
to Benoni Crow, son of Christopher Crow of Symsbury, only my young 
bay Horse to Josiah Clarke. 

Witness : Josiah Clarke, Edward Bartlett. 

Matthew Grant, Jacob Drake. 

Court Record, Page 152 — 12 April, 1676: Will & Invt. Exhibited. 
Adms. to Christopher Crow. 

(P. C, Vol. I, No. 125.) 

Bartlett, Robert, New London. Will of Robert Bartlett of New 
London, taken from his own mouth ist June, 1674 : 

Robert Bartlett did then express it was his will to give his hous & 
house lott & his farme lying up the River to the use of a free schoole to 
be kept in the towne, according to what he had declared to Symon Brad- 
street, Danill Wetherell & Joshua Raymond, May 27, *74, & desired it 
should be so recorded ; & did Commit the mannadgement lliereof to Ed- 
ward Palmes, Simon Bradstreet, Daniel Wetherell, Charles Hill, Joshua 
Raymond. Edward Palmes, in discourse with the sd. Robert Bartlett, 
said : "Robert, I understand you have given the remainder of your estate 
to Mr. Rogers & Gabriel Harris." The sd. Robert replied he had not 
given away one penny. The sd. Palmes enquired of him what he intended 
to doe widi the rest of his estate. Robert answered it must be to pay his 
debts & burie him, wch he desired should be decently done. Edward 
Palmes asked him whome he committed that trust to. Robert replied, 
"You five," mentioning the persons above named, and desired that Mr 
Rogers & Gabriel Harris should be fully satisfied for what they had done 
for him. The sd. Palmes askt him what should be done with the rest of 
his estate when his debts were paid & the charge of his funeral satisfied, 
if any remained. Robert replied, "I leave it to you." The sd. Palmes 
askt, "How would you have it disposed of?" Robert replied, "To some 
good use." The sd Palmes asked, "For what good use ?" Robert replied, 
"Let it goe with the rest" 
Edward Palmes, 
Symon Bradstreet, 
Daniel Witherell. 

We whose names are subscribed doe further testify that, being with 
Robert Bartlett May 27 ('74), the sd. Robert said he intended his money 
given to die setting up of a free schooll which should be for the maintain- 

1663 TO 1677. PROBATA RBCORDS. 179 

ing of poore children, and that they should be brought up there to learn 

Symon Bradstreet, 

Dan mtherell, 

Joshua Raymond. 
Veba Copia. 

Extracted out of the County records for New London County, & 
Compared this nth of March, 1680-81. Pr me Jno Birchabd, 


Page 118. 

Bayie, Elizabeth, Hartford. Invt. £60-14-00. Taken 13 December, 
1673, by Stephen Hopkins & George Graue. Will not dated. 

I Elizabeth Bayse, being by the Providence of god very wecke but of 
sound understanding, do make this my last will & testament : I do give to 
niy daughter elizabeth peck my 2 Cushions that was my husband's, in Con- 
sideration of her Care & Trouble of mee in my sickness. The rest of my 
Estate I give to my three daughters, Mary Burr, Lydia Baker and Eliza- 
beth Peck, equally to be divided amongst them. 

Witness: George Grave, Elizabeth Bayse, LS. 

Stephen Hopkins. 

Court Record, Page 135 — 15 December, 1673: Will & Invt. exhib- 
ited by Samuel Burr and Paul Peck. 

Page 94-97- 

Basej, John, Hartford, Weaver. Invt. £383-02-06. Taken 29 Au- 
gust, 1671, by Richard Butler, Nicholas Olmsted, George Gfrave, Jr. 
Will dated 14 August, 1671. 

In the name of God, Amen. I John Baysey of Hartford, in the 
Colony of Connecticut, in New England — ^Weaver — ^being at this present 
weak in Body but of sound memory and good tmderstanding, considering 
my own frailty, I have made and ordained this my last will and testament 
in manner and form following: That is to say, first of all I commit my 
soul into the hands of Allmighty God, my Creator and preserver, when It 
shall please him to call for the same out of this transitory Life, and my 
Body to comely Christian Buriall, in ashured hope of the blessed resur- 
ection of the same at the Last day. And as for that portion of worldly 
goods and Estate that it hath pleased God to Lend mee here for a time, 
I doe by this my Last will and testament dispose thereof as f oUoweth : 
First, my will is that all my just debts due from mee to any person or per- 
sons whatsoever bee duely discharged and paid out of my personal estate, 
and that my funeral expenses bee in like manner paid out of my estate. 


Item* I g^ive and Bequeath unto my grand son Paul Peck my peke of 
upland, being about fower acres, Ljring Between Lwd of Thomas Cattlyn 
and Goodman Bacon, as allso my division or part of the upland on the 
East side of the great river, to bee his and his heirs for ever after my de- 

Item. I give unto my grandson Joseph Baker my wood Lott, being 
about Seventeen acres. Lying between Thomas Bunce his land and Josq>h 
Eason his Land, to bee his and his heirs for ever after my decease, reserv- 
ing only to my Beloved wife Elizabeth Basey the use thereof for any f uell 
or timber that is there, during the term of her natural Life, and to all my 
daughters the use thereof for f uell or timber till sudi time as it comes to 
bee inclosed and otherwise improved. 

Item. I give unto my Grandson John Baker my little pasture, beeing 
about three acres, Lying neer my son Baker's house, to bee to him and his 
heirs for ever after the decease of my daughter Lydia Baker, to whom I 
doe give the inytrovement of it after my decease during her naturall Life. 

Item. I give unto my son-in-law John Baker my Loom, with all the 
tackling Belon|^ng to it, after my decease. 

Item. I give unto my Beloved wife Elizabeth Basey my dwelling 
house and House Lott wiUi the Bam and all the Appurtenances, as allso 
all my meadow and swamp Land in the South meadow, as allso my 
p ( ) art of six acres near the towns End, during the term of her natursd 
Life; and I doe give unto my said wife a third part of all the prese(nt) 
com that shall bee at the time of my decease, and doe except that from be- 
ing any part in pa3ring any debts or funeral charges. I doe give her one 
tiiird part in value of all the moveables, Cattell or other personall estate, 
that shall bee Left, to bee at her owne dispose for ever, and shee to have 
her choice out of all for that third part. 

Item. I give to my eldest daughter Mary Burr my dwelling house, 
Bam, house Lott, and all their apurtenances, for ever after the decease oi 
her mother, and after my said daughter's decease to descend to her child 
or children all of them, and so to bee divided that her sons shall have 
equal shares therein; and if shee leave any daughter or daughters, then 
the division so to bee made that a daughter's part shall bee half so much 
as a son's part. 

Item. I give unto my daughter Lydia Baker (besides the little pas- 
ture mentioned before) one full half of all my meadow and swamp Land 
in the South meadow, and shee to have the northermost half, that is to say, 
after the decease of her mother, during her Life time, and after her de- 
cease to descend to her children surviving her, to bee divided amongst 
them in the same proportion as is fore mentioned concerning my daughter 
Burr her diildren. 

Item. I give the other halfe of my meadow and swamp Land in the 
South meadow to my daughter Elizabeth Peck after the decease of her 
mother, and after the decease of my said daughter it shall descend to and 
bee divided amongst her children surviving, by the same rule and propor- 
tion as is mentioned concerning my daughters aforesaid. 

l663 TO 1677. PROBAT8 R9C0UMI. lS< 

Item. I doe make and constitute my Beloved wife Eli^bedi Baysey 
to bee sole Executrix. I doe desire Mr. Richard Butler and Joseph Eas* 
ton to bee overseers of this my Last will, and in case of their decease, thea 
my friends George Grave Jr. and Stephen Hopkins to bee overseers in 
Iheir stead. 

Witness: Steven Hopkins, John Baisx^, Ls. 

(Erased signature ) enior. 

WiUiam Pitkin. 

Court Record, Page 115 — 7 September, 1671: Will proven. 

Page 191. 

Beldingt John, Wethersfield. Invt £911-05-07. Taken 30 August, 
1677, by James Treat, John Deming, Samuel Wright. The diildr^i: 
John, age 19 years; Jonathan 16, Joseph 14, Samuel 11, Daniel 7, Ebene- 
zer 4, Sarah 9, Lydia 2, & Margaret 5 months. 

Page 12 — (Vol. IV) — 6 Mardi, 1678-9: This Court being moved to 
make INst. of the Estate of John Belding, Deed : 

£ s d 
To the Widow, of Personal Estate, 100-00-00 

To the Eldest son, 14800-00 

To the five younger sons, to each of them, 80-00-00 

To the three daughters, to eadi of them, 64-00-00 

And appoint Gershom Bulkeley & Mr. Eleazr Kimberly Dist and 

Page 26 — 21 April, 1680 : Report of the Distributors. 

Page 102 — (VoL V) — ^30 March, 1696: Nathaniel Boman, Adms., 
renders account wherein it appears that £1-04-06 is still due to Lydia Bel- 
den, and 10 Shillings to Margaret Belden. 

Page 108 — 15 April, 1696: This Court orders paid to Nathaniel 
Borman, for his pains as Adms. on the Estate of John Belden, £4-1200 
from Daniel Bdden's Estate which lyes in part of his Father's house k)tt. 
This Court appoints Mr. John Chester Jr. & Daniel Rose to apprise and 
lay out to Mr. Borman, and appoints Jonathan Belden to pay his Bill of 
£8-15-00 in Good Wheat and Indian Com, in equal proportions, to Mr. 

Dist File, i68o— Estate of John Belden— To the Widow, to John, 
to Jonathan, to Joseph, to Samuel, to Daniel, to Ebenezer, by GerShom 
Bulkeley & Eleazer Kimberly. 

Page 46— (Vol. VI)— 4 October, 1697: This Court orders Jooatfaan 
Belding, Adms., to pay to Lydia Kellogg & Margaret Kellogg irom Iheir 
Father Belding's Estate. 


Page 8i-82, 

Benjamin, Samuel, Hartford. Invt. igS-ip^x). Taken by Nathan- 
iel Ruscoe, Stephen Hopkins. Will (Nunc). 

Testimony of Thomas Atwood, age about 60 years, and Thomas 
Edwards, age about 47 years, given 10 November, 1670: That being 
with Samuel Benjamin at Hoccanom a little before hisr death, about 18 
September, 1669, we heard him say : *T give unto my loveing wife Mary 
Benjamin all my whole estate to dispose of at her discretion. I make my 
brother Caleb Benjamin Overseer." 

Witness : Thomas Atwood, 
Thomas Edwards. 

Court Record, Page 103—9 November, 1670: The Widow engaged 
to pay to Mary & Abigail, Children of the sd. Samuel Benjamin, £10 a 
peice at the age of 18 years. Adms. is granted to the Widow. 

Page 137-138. 

Berding, Nafhaniel, Hartford. Died 14 September, 1674. Inven- 
tory, £282-15-10. Taken by Paul Peck, George Grave, Caleb Stanly. Will 
dated 7 January, 1673. 

I Nathaniel Berding of Hartford, upon the River of Conecticott, plant- 
>er, doe in this my last will & testament give imto Abigail my wife the 
sume of Twenty pownds to be payd her in such pay as may be comforta- 
ble for her, not in any horss Flesh. I doe allso give to Abigail my wife 
Three cowes, both which gifts for her to possesse & Injoy forever. I doe 
allso hereby give to Abi^l my wife tihe summ of Ten pownds by the 
yeare, to be payd her fifty shillings in wheat, fifty shillings in p^se, fifty 
shillings in Indian come, & fifty shillings in porck, all at the cotmtrey 
price. My will is allso that Abigail my wife shall have the Two old Lower 
roomes & the Celler & the Leanto for her to Dwell in or to disspose of, all 
these during the time of her life. I doe allso give to my son-in-law 
Thomas Spencer, the elder, the sume of £15. I doe allso give unto Samuel 
Andrews & Elizabeth his wife the sume of £40, to be payd him after the 
decease of my wife his mother. My parcell of Land at Podunck & my 
houshold stuffe to be to him for part of that Legacy. I doe allsoe give 
to Saraii Spencer, to Hanah Spencer, to Mary Spencer, to Martha Spen- 
cer, the Power daughters of Thomas Spencer the elder, the sume of £10 
to be equally divided amongst them, that is, to either of them 50 shillings, 
to be payd to them after my wive's decease. I doe allsoe give to John 
Andrews 20s. I doe allsoe give to Thomas Andrews 20s. My will is diat 
my debts & these Legacies may be payd out of my moveable estate, that so 
much as may be of my houseing & other Lands may be kept intire. I have 
desired Paul Peck, senr, & George Graves to see this my will to be per- 
formed, & I doe hereby give to ti&e sayd Paul Peck & George Graves the 

1663X01677* PROBATA RECORDS. I83 

sume of forty shillings. I doe hereby give the rema3ming part of my 
estate to Jarred Spencer, my grandchild, whoe is the son of Thomas Spen- 
cer the eldest. I doe allsoe make the sayd Jarred Spencer my Executor. 
My will allso is that my wife Abigail should have the use of all my hous- 
hold stuff, and to choose which 3 cowes she will have. 

This is the mark N. B. of Nathaniel X BBRDiNa 
Witness : George Grave, Thomasi Olcott. 

Court Record, Page 144 — 1 1 November, 1674 : Will proven. 

Page 103. 

Beswick; George, Wethersfield. Invt £40-02-06. Taken 4 October, 
1672, by Stephen Chester, Jacob Drake. 

C6urt Record, Page 126—5 December, 1672: Invt exhibited. Or- 
dered iio to the widoe, the remainder to Creditors. Stephen Chester, 
Jacob Drake & Josiah Willard apt by the Court to Dist to Creditors the 
rest of the estate. 

Debts due from George Beswicks Estate: Walter Grey for rent, 
Mrs. Wickham, Thomas Edwards, John Waddoms, Mr. Willard, Thomas 
Williams, Steven Chester, John Curtice, Thomas Harris, Antho. Wright, 
Goodman Buck, Samuel Smith, John Cherry, Thomas Wickham Jr., 
Samuel Wright, Jeremie Adams. 

BettB, John. Court Record, Page 131 — i April, 1673: John Betts 
produced a writing in This Court subscribed hy Rebedcah Boreman, Mary 
Wright, Martha Smith and Sarah Butler, which signified that the 13 of 
March John Betts was married to Abigail Betts, & diat the sd John Betts 
took her in clothes of his own providing to her, Shift & Stareless, being 
Stript as aforesd by the aforesaid women, and the sayd John Betts in 
Court Renounenced all Claymss & Interest to her estate, both Debts and 

BIrge, Jereme. Court Record, Page 85—4 March, 1668-9: Where- 
as, Jeremie Birge was found dead in the woods under the Bough of a Tree, 
& Jury panneld & Swome to view the dead body & to make return what 
they found, whidi they accordingly attended and returned by what they 
aawe & heard, testif yed that the fall of the tree was the only Instrtmientall 
cause of his death by the Lord's ordering providence. The original vet-- 
diet was returned under Matthew Grant's hand in the Name of the rest of 
ih€ Jury, which iH on Me. 

Page 161. 

Bishop, Ann, Guilford, Widow. Invt £81-09-07. Taken 6 May, 
1676, by Andrew Leete & William Johnson. Invt of Estate in Hartford 




t«4 YSOBAY9 mecoKBs. muft^m, 

taken by James Comish Ai Thosnas Bance : By plate in Mr. Stede^s HiMd 
about i8 ounces, which his wife daimes as given to her t^ her Motfaer. 

This wrigfating witnesseth diat I Anne Bishop of Guilford, widnnr, 
being weake in body But Sound in mind and memory, Doe make this oiy 
last will and testament in xhaner and forme following : First, I gire unto 
my eldest sonne John Bishop the some of five pounds Above his equall 
proportion with my other Too children. Item. I snve twentie sl^U^gs 
unto my grand diild Elezebeth Hubbard. It&sL I give unto Thomas 
Smith, who formerly was servant to me, the some of ten shillings. Item. 
All the rest of my estate not before nor hereafter willed, & my mind is tfiat 
after all my just Debts paid, legacies and all nesesary Charges be payed 
and discharged, shall be devided Betwixt my three children, viz., John and 
Steuen Bishop and James Steele. And I doe make the saide James Steele, 
my sonne-in-Iaw, my full and whole Executor, to doe and performe all 
things according to this my will and testament. And I doe give him five 
pounds for his pains over and Above his third part of all my Estate, both 
here and in Ei^land. In witness whereof I have sett to my hand lius 
twelvth day of June, Ano 1673. Anmb X BzsHor. 

In the presence of 
John ffawler, 
William Johnson. 

John Fowler and William Johnson came before me June 13^ 1676, 
in the presence of John & Stephen Bishop, & testifyed upon oath that they 
heard & saw the said Anne Bishop acknowledge & signe the writeing 
ibavt to be her last wiU and testament. 

WiLLM Leetb. 

Court Record, Page 155—7 September, 1676: Will Proven* 

Page 194. 

Biisell, John, Windsor. Invt £520-16-03. Taken 22 October, 
1677, by Daniel Clarke, Benjamin Newbery, Return Strong. Will dated 
25 sJjptember, 1673 • ^ J^^^ Bissell of Windsor doe make this my last 
Will & Testament : I give to my daughter Mary, the wife of Jacob Drake, 
iio ; to my daughter Joyce, wife of Samuel Pinney, £30. I give to my son 
John £50. The remainder of my estate after my just debts and funeral 
charges are paid, widi 20 shillings a peice to each of my grand children 
naturally descending from my foure sons and two daughters, I bequeath 
to my four sons, John, Thomas, Samuel, and Nathaniel. The remaynder 
of my estate to be equally divided. I appoint my sons John and Thomas 
Bissell to be executors. 1 desire Deacon John Moore and Daniel Oaife to 
be supervisors. 

Witness : John Moore sen., John X Bissell. Ls. 

Daniel Clarke. 

Court Record, Page 165—6 December, 1677 : Will approved. 

iMj Y0 1677. ntOBATS UlCOftM. fSs 

Page 98^. 

Blatdifiord, P«ter| Haddam. Died ist Sq>tember, 1671. Invt. £239- 
oa-00. Taken by Simon Smith & George Gates & Abraham Dibble. The 
children: Peter, 4 vears of age, Joana 5 years, & Mary i >i years. A 
Legacy to "Hungerfoots'' Children his 2 daughters £8. 

Qmrt Record, Page 120—7 March, 1671-2 : Invt. exhibited. Adms. 
is granted to Hannah Blatchford, Widow, and Order Dist of the Estate : 
To the Widow £71, to Peter his son £60; and to the daughters £28 apeice. 
Mr. Nidiolas Noyes and George Gfates are appointed Overseers. 

Page 179. 

BoHMDAa, John, Wethersfidd. Inrt £88-13-00. Taken 27 Febru- 
ary, 1676-7, by James Treat, John Deming, Samuel Wright. 

Ccnnt Record, Page i6i-<-ist Mardh, 1676-7: Adms. to Samuel 

Page 179. 

Boreman, Joseph, Wethersfidd. Invt £103-05-06. Taken 27 Feb- 
ruary, 1676-7, by James Treat, Samud Wright, John Deming. 

Court Record, Page 161 — ist March, 1676-7: Adms. to Samuel 

Page 163 — 18 April, 1677 : John & Joseph Boreman, being deceased 
and having left no will, this G>urt Order Distribution to be made among 
the Surviving Brothers and Sisters. Mr. James Treat ft Mr. Thomas Cat- 
lin are appomted to Dist. the Estate. 

See Dist. File: The Estate of the two Brothers deceased is £187- 
19-06, and being divided into eight parts amounts to £21-16-06, divided 
as foUoweth by James Treat and Thomas Catling : To Isacke Boreman, 
to Samuel Boreman, to Daniel Boreman, to Jonathan Boreman, to Nath- 
aniel Boreman, to John Robbins, to Sarah Boreman, to Martha Boreman, 
to each £21-15-06. 

The Reliefs thirds, which was before by Order of the Court ap- 
pointed^ is not included in this Division, date 4 September, 1677. 

Page II6-II7* 

Borattaa, Samud, Wethersfidd. Invt. £ 742-15-00. Taken 2 May, 
1^3, by the Select Men. The Children of Samuel Boreman & Mary his 
wife are : 



voir, nit 

Mary Boreman, b. 14 February, 1644 

Samud Boretnan, b. 28 October, i648UQnathan 

Joseph Boreman, b. 12 March, 1650 

John Boreman, b. 12 June, 1653 

Sarah Boreman, b. 4 March, 1655 

Daniel Boreman, b. 4 August, 1658 

Boreman, b. 4 February, 1660 
Nathaniel Boreman, b. 12 April, 166, 
Martha Boreman, b. 12 August 


0>urt Record, Page 132 — 12 May, 1673: This Court granted Mrs. 
Mary Boreman, the Widow of Samuel Boreman, late deceased, Adms. 

Page 13s — 25 November, 1673 • An Inventory of the Estate of Mr. 
Samuel Boreman was exhibited in Court, which was accepted and ordered 
to be recorded, & Mrs. Mary Boreman is granted Adms. upon the Estate, 
whidi by the Court was thus Distributed : To the Relict, £66 of Personal 
Estate forever, & the Thirds of the profits of the Land during her natural 
life. To Isaack, besides what he hath received, £38. To Mary, besides 
some Cattell she daymes, £60. To Samuel, besides some Cattell he daymes, 
l^2. To Joseph, £68. To John, besides a mare, £64. To Sarah, £55. To 
Danid, £64. To Jonathan, £64. To Nathaniel, £64. To Martha, £50. 
The sons to receive their portion at 21 years of age, & the daughters at 18 
years of age. Upon the Desire of Mrs. Boreman, Mr. James Treat & 
Thomas Catlin are appointed and desired to be Overseers of the Children 
& Estate. 

Dist. File : ist April, 1674, by Josiah Willard, James Treat, John X 
Riley and Thomas X Catling. 

Page 75- 

Brooki, ThomaSi Haddam. Died 18 October, 1668: Invt £109-0^ 
00. Taken by Simon Smith & Gieor|;e Gates. The children : Sarah, bom 
December, 1662 ; Thomas, June, i6d^ ; Marah, June, 1666 ; Alice, Decem- 
ber, 1668. 

Court Record, Page 99 — 11 April, 1670: Adms. is granted to the 
present Husband of the Widow of sd. Brooks. Order for Dist : To the 
Widow, £32 and 1-3 of the profits of the Land during life, she maintaining 
& bringing up the Children & teaching the daughters to reaDd and sew and 
die son to read and write ; to the son £22, to die three daughters to each 
of them £14. 

Pige 183. 

Bndkland, Thomas, Windsor. Died 21 June, 1676. Invt. £36-0600. 
Taken by Matthew Grant, John Loomis, Thomas Bissdl. 

Court Record, Page 158 — 6 December, 1676: Order to Dist. J4 the 
Estate to the Widow and ^ to Daughter Hannah (Posthumous). Nath- 
aniel Cooke to be Overseer. 

t663 to 1677. PKOBATB S9COKDS. 187 

Page 162 — 18 April, 1677: Nicholas Bttddand, for himself and 
Brother Timothy, having moved the Court to make a settlement of the 
Estate of their Brother's daughter Hanna Buckland deed, alledging them- 
selves to be the next heirs to that Estate, it being- Land : This Court orders 
that the Estate of Land shall be divided amongst die Children of Thomas 
Buckland sen. Deed, that are now living : to the sons a double portion, the 
daughters single portions, paying just Debts that are due from dieir 
BroUier Thomas Buckland's Estate. 

BqU^ Thomac. Court Record, Page 83—4 March, 1668! Benjamin 
Waite Protests against the marriage of Thomas Bull Jr. & Hester Cowles, 
alias Cole. The Court orders the Wedding postponed until ph of April, 
next, for Benjamin Waite to make good his Clayme. 

Page 155. 

Ohapmaiii Edward* Windsor. Invt ^184-10-00. Taken by Deac. 
Moore, Jacob Drake, Matthew Grant, Return Strong. Exhibited in Court 
2 March^ 1675* 

Elizabeth, the widow. The children : Henry, 12 years of age, Mary 
10, Elizabeth 8, Simon 6, Hanna 5, Margaret 3, Sara bom last May, now 
February, 1675. 

Court Record, Page 152 — 2 March, 1675-6: Adms. to Elizabeth 
Chapman the widow. Thomas Bissell & Return Strong to be Overseers. 

Page 161 — 1st March, 1676-7 : Dist., to Elizabeth Chapman the wid- 
0W9 i6i ; to the eldest son, £30 ; to the other son, ii8 ; to each of the 5 
daughters, £1$. 

Page 7-8. 

darke, Joieph, Saybrook. Invt £143-19-08. Taken 27 August, 
1663, ^ William BushneU, William Beaumont, William Pratt Will dated 
27 August, 1658, at Milford. 

I Being at this Instant Bound upon a voyadge to the west Indes, it 
being a secret wch the Lord hath Reserved to hunselfe wt the event of 
things shall bee, he haveing his paths in Deep waters, and in whose hand 
my Ufe and all my comforts Doe remain, not knowing how the Lord may 
Dispose of mee in the voyage, I leave these few Lynes be hind mee to be 
attended as my will and last act, viz : I Bequeath and Bestow upon my 
ffatiiear Qarke fiftene pounds to purchase a servant ; to my Brother John 
Clarke I give all my wearing cloathes, Linnen and wouUen, and hath left 
at bom and my cloak left at Milford, and he to improve the balance tfiereof 
for his eldest son ; to my Brother prat's son Samuel, five pounds ; to my 
Brodier Huntington's Daughter Sary, five pounds; to Mr. ffitch, foure 

lS8 F&OBAn RSCORDt. . «0^< 

pounds. Lastly, tD my wife, of whom I desire my ffadier to take ore, I 
give my bouse. Land and wt soever ells appertaynii^ to mee, the faranen* 
lioned Distributions to bee taken out. This I desire may be attended^ if 
it pleases God to deny mee a retume to vou agatne; and to affairme ittakc 
my act and deed I have sett to my hand the day above written. 

Joseph ^^*iw 

These are the directions ffar ordering of my estate if I retume net 
home againe, the wch paper I desire may not be opened till nesesety require. 

Joseph Ciarkb. 

14 October, 1663: Adms. to Joseph Clark sen. & Joseph Peck to pay 
die legacies, the rest of the estate to remain to the use of ^ Rdkt^ dK 
ad. Josq)h Clarke. 

Page 177. 

OolfaZy John. Invt. £3cmx>-oo. Taken ist December, 1676, by Alex- 
ander Keeney. 

Court Record, Page 159—6 December, 1676: Invt. exhibited. Order 
that the estate remain with sd. Keeny until fwther order. 

Page 40— (Vol. IV) 20 April, 1681 : This Court being mored to 
come to a Settlement of the Estate of John Colefax Deed, & finding by a 
Writing under the hands of Henry Arnold & Elizabeth Arnold ft Joseph 
Bidwell & Mary Bidwell that they have past over their Right in the Bstale 
of their Brother sd. John Colefax Deed unto Jonathan Colefax, as by die 
Writeing on File doth appear, this Court doth confirm the same. 

Page 9. 

Ctolles, ToUah, Saybrook. Died ( ) August, 1664. Invt. £23-18- 
00. Taken 2 September, 1664, by William Waller & Rennd Marvin. Will 
dated 12 August, 1664: 

The last Will & Testament of Tobiah CoUes : I give to John Corn- 
stock one Axe and 2 days Work ; to Henry Champion 2 days wodc and 
one payre of Woosted Stockii^s; to William Waller 5 Shillings; to 
Reinold Marvin 2 days work ; to Richard Smith i days work ; to Wol^one 
Brokeway i days work. I do allso give my Goth Suite & Drawees that 
ibe at Wolstone Brockwayes to John Bordon. Also my Sarge Suite and 
Drawers 2nd my Hatt I doe by this my Will give to Peter Laye, and also 
my Woosted stodcings and Showes I give to Peter Laye. To Abigail 
Laye, my Qiest whadi is in John Prentice House. My Come in Timom^ 
Brodcs lot, my 2 Steers & my Hogs, & my Land on Black Hall Playne 
urtii^ I bought of William Backhus, all these do I leave with Mr. Ijift 
«s his owne. I make Jdhn Laye my Executor. My Will is that My CUU 

ai>d its friends shall rest satisfied with that which I have formerly done for 
it and them in bringing it up. 

Witness : Henry Champion, Tobiah Colls. 

John Cofnstockj John Bordon. 

Court Record, Page 24—10 October, 1664: Will & Invt exhibited. 
Adms. to John Laye. 

Page 140-1. 

Oorlqr» William. Died 10 October, 1674. Invt. £150-13-07. Taken 
by James Bate and Thomas Shaylor. The children : William, 18 years 
of age, John 16, Mary 12, Samuel 9, & Hannah 6 years. 

The Creditors. 

Dr. Thomas Baylett, William Harris, Middletown, Andrew Belcher, 
Edward Turner, John Trueman, New London, John Handerson, John 
Spencer, Matthew Joanes, New London, James Bate, Thomas Spencer, 
Jacob Goffe, A Horse Boat, Richard Piper, Mr. Hamlin, Old Mr. Black- 
leach for Ropes, Mr. Westall, Nicholas Noyes, Obadiah Abbe> Building 
Bridge, (Thos.) Dunck, Daniel Braynard, John Bate, Mr. Chapman, John 
Clarke, William Lewis, Robert Reeve, Mr. Ely, Edward Stolian, Thomas 
Newell, John Bate, Robert Stone, Jeremie Addams, William Lewis. 

Court Record, Page 145 — ii November, 1674: Invt. exhibited. 
Adms. is granted to the Widow, with advice of the Townsmen. Estate 

Page 43-8. 

Grow, John Jr., Fairfield. Invt . £281-11-01. Taken ist June, 1667, 
by William Hull, John Burr & Daniel Burr. £17 which was found in a 
trunk Inventoried by John Hall & Nath : Collins. 

An Agreement presented to the Court, 5 February, 1667, ^^ * Settle- 
ment of the Estate of John Crow, who died at sea leaving no Will, by 
William Warren and Elizabeth Warren, John Crow sen., Giles Hamlin. 
& Hester Hamlin. 1-3 part of the Estate to be to Giles Hamlin & Esther 
his wife and their Children, 2-3 to John Crow sen., to be divided among 
the other children. 

Debts recoverable to the Estate of Mr. John Crow Deed, per his Ledg- 
er No. One, 1656 : 

Arthur Thomas Bruce James 

Benham Mr. Bull Thomas 

Blake Nicholas Butcher Thomas (Taylor) 

Bowden Jolm Butler William (Farrier) 

Brown John Clinton John 

Brown Jo: Cole Edmtmd 



voir. KHp 

G>mwall William sen. 
Cowley Rode 
Crow John sen 
Davis William 
Dinely John 
Dixwell George 
Doughty John 
Egginton Jeremiah 
EUicott Lt. Thomas 
ffanteleroy James 
ffanteleroy John 
Francis John 
Gibbs Francis 
Groves Simon 
Gwin Paul 
Gwjoiell Richard 
Hamlin Giles 
Hancock George 
Hart Henry 
Hill James 
Holdip James 
Ifossey Stephen 
Howard John 
Hunt Henry 
Isaack Thomas 
Jackson Christopher 
Jackson George 
Kemp Daniel 
Lamberton Deliverance 
Lasal Edward 
Leader Richard 
Lucena Jacob 
Margrets Robert 
Mellowes Elisha 
Middleton Col. Thomas 
Migat Jacob 
Morgan Evan 
Moseley Henry 
Muscamp George 
Newman Robert 
Newton Thomas 
Palmes Edward 
Pargite Thomas 
Parris John 

Partridge John 
Perrey Francis 
Phillips Nathaniel 
Pin Richard 
Plumbe John 
Price Matthew 
Prothers Thomas 
Read Gyles 
Richolds Thomas 
Roots John 
Rootsey John 
Sanford Peleg 
Scot Phillip 
Shelley Col. Henry 
Sherlock John 
Smith Abraham 
Souter Henry 
Symonds Richard 
Thistlewhaite Wm 
Torshall Richard 
Turpin James 
Waldron Col. 
Warner Robert 
Watson Robert 
White John sen. 
Wilde Edmond 
Wilson William 
Win Thomas 
Wittin Richard 
Wright Edward Jr. 

Debts due from the EstcUe: 
Chilley John 
Fairchild Thomas 
Goodwin William 
Hamlin Giles 
Lx)rd Richard 
Milbome Jacob 
Olcot Thomas 
Partridge William 
Pinchon John Jr., 
Porter James 
Pynchon Capt. John 
Warren William. 

1663 TO 1677. PROBATB KBCORDS. I91 

Onllicky BUiabeih. Comt Record, Page 63—11 May, 1667: Eliza- 
beth Cullick, daughter of Capt. John Cullick, late Decd» cho$e Mr. James 
Richards and Lt Thomas Bird to be her Guardians. 

Page 64. 

DenaloWi Elisabeth, Windsor. Died 13 August, 1669. Invt. £38- 
05-00. Taken 30 August, 1669, by Thomas Ford, Matthew Grant & 
Thomas Dibble. Will dated the 5th of June, 1667. 

This is to testify that I Elizabeth Denslow of Windsor doe make this 
my last Will & Testament: I bequeath unto my grand child Nidiolas 
Buckland all my household stuff e except these things here expressed, which 
I give unto Sara Buckland my grand child, as the Bed shee now lyes upon 
and Bowlster & pillow & the new Blankets & materiall suitable to make 
it a sufficient Lodging, with Hie Bedstead. Allso, I give unto Sarah Buck- 
land a chist & Box, that By the dore, as' also one pewter pott & two pewter 
Dishes, one of the Biger & one of the lesse. Allso, all my cloathes & lin- 
ing I Bequeath unto my Daughter Buckland for her to divide Between 
herselfe & Nicholas & his three sisters that are unmarried. Allso I be- 
queath unto my grand child Edward Adams his wife my cloake. Item. 
I will that my grand child Nicholas Buckland shall not require anything 
for his portion out of his father's estate, the which thing he allso consents 
unto. Item. I make my grand child Nicholas Buckland my sole executor 
for all the rest of my estate, onely out of it he shall pay within two years 
after my death £30, the which 1 bequeath as foUoweth, viz: Unto my 
Daughter Joan Cooke, 20s; unto my grand child Elizabeth Cooke, £3; 
unto my grand children Samuel Cooke & Noah Cooke, to each of them, 
20S to each ; to my daughter Buckland 40s ; & unto her daughter Hanna 
Buckland 40s, unto her daughter Temperence Buckland £10, and to her 
daughter Sarah Buckland £10; In all, £30. Witness : Matthew Grant 

Court Record, Page 90—2 September, 1669 : Will Proven. 

We whose names are underwritten doe acknowledge we have received 
of Nicholas Buckland 20 shillings eadi of us, being given by will of Eliza- 
beth Denslow, late deceased: 25 March, 1673-4. Aaron Cooke, wife 
Joane Cooke. 

4 December, 1671, Received of Nicholas Buckland £10 upon Account 
of a Legacy given to Temperance Buckland, now the wife of John Ponder, 
given her by Widdow Denslow, now dec. 

John Phelps Received of My Brother Nicholas Buckland, Executor, 
the Legacy bequeathed to Sarah Buckland, now wife of John Phelps, by 
tfie wiU of Elizabeth Denslow, late dec. 17 June, 1685. 

Page 177. 

Dmalow, Henry. Invt. £215-18-06. Taken 17 August, 1676, by 
Jacob Drake, Thomas Bissell. Children: Samuel, 17 years of age, and 


7 Iku^hters: Stssanm, wife ol John Holies; Mary, wife of Thomas 
Rowley ; Ruth, wife of Thomas dopier. Those umnarried : Abigail, 20 
years of age, Deborah x8 (lame and sickly), Hamiah 14, Elizabeth 10 
years of age. 

Court Record, Page 157 — 11 September, 1676: Adms. to the widow, 
Lt. Fyler & Ensign Maudsley to be Overseers. 

Page 159—6 December, i676-*Order to Dist Estate: To Samuel 
£50, to Each of the 7 Daughters £20, including what some have already 
received, Deborah to have an additional iio on account of her lameness. 
The parcell of Land 50 rods by the River, running back 80 rods from the 
River unto the road westward, which was given by Henry Denslow to the 
wife of John Hodge & her children, though not recorded, shall be and re- 
main to her and to her children, and the sd. Hodge shall have no power 
to alienate the sd. Land 

Page 41. 

DensloWi Nicholai, Windsor. Invt. £329-02-00. Taken 5 June, 
1667, by Matthew Grant, Thomas Ford & Walter Fyler. Will dated 4 
March 1666-7. 

This is to testify that I Nicholas Denslow of Windsor doe make this 
my last Will & Testament : Imprimis : I make my wife sole Executrix* 
and do bequeath to her the Use and Improvement of my Whole Estate 
during her life, and when she dies I bequeath too Timothy Buckland my 
gr. Child all my Lx>tt lying at Pine Meadow, both in the Meadow and out 
of the Meadow adjoining, as will appear upon Record. Item. I doe be- 
queath to Nicholas Buckland my gr. Child, at the death of my wife, alt 
my Houseing and Homelott and all my Meadow Land in the Great Mead* 
ow, either pasture or Plowing, in all the parcels as will appear upon 
Record. Also I bequeath to him at the time aforesd. the Bedd I lye on and 
my Furnace Pan and all my Tooles of any sort for Husbandry. Also I 
give to him my Woodlott. All the rest of my Estate in Cattle of all sorts. 
Come or Moveables, within house or without, I leave to the free dispose of 
my wife, either before or when she dyes, to whome she sees meet, and to 
receive my Debts due to me or pay out any I doe owe. And I request 
these my friends to be my Overseers : Mr. Qarke, CapL Newbery and Lt. 

Witness : Matthew, Grant, Nicholas X Dekslow. 

John WitchHeld, George Phillips. 

Court Record, Page 96—3 March, 1669-70: Capt Aaron Cooke 
mwes this Court for a Dist. of the Estate of Nicholas Denskmv, late of 
Windsor, Decd» his wife being Co-heir to the Denslow Estate. No Action. 

1663 TO 1677. PROBATE RECORDS. 193 

Page 173. 

Dibblei Ebenezer, Windsor, who in Warr with the Indians last De- 
cember is dead. Inventory £65-05-00. Taken 11 February, 1675-6, by Jacob 
Drake, Matthew Grant, Thomas Dibble. Estate Insolvent. Relatives, 
the widow Mary Dibble, daughter Mary age 11 years, son Wakefield 9 
years, Ebenezer 5, John 3 years of age. 

Court Record, Page 156 — 11 September, 1676: Invt. Exhibited. 
Comrs appointed: Matdiew Grant, Jacob Drake, Thomas Dibble. 

Page 182. 

Dix, William, Hartford. Invt. £4-02-05. Taken i March, 1676-7, by 
Nathaniel Stanly, Sibom Nicols, Steven Hosmer. 

Court Record, Page 162 — ist March, 1676-7: Adms. to Stephen 

Page 156. 

EdwardSi Jobiii Corporal. Deceased in December, 1675, Wethersfield. 
Invt. £164-12-00. Taken 19 December, 1675. 

Last Will: 

A Deposition of Benjamin Adams and Samuel Williams that being 
in the late Service against the enemy in the company of John Edwards 
of Wethersfield, the sayd Edwards, being Mortally wounded, did order 
that his Estate Should remain to his Mother her life time, and after her 
decease he willed that his brother Joseph should inherit all the estate. 
Taken upon oath, 20 January, 1675, before Daniel Witherell, Commis- 

Court Record, Page 152 — 12 April, 1676: Will and Invt. exhibited. 
Adms. to his Mother, widow Tousley. 

Page 39. 

Edwards, John, Wethersfield. Invt. £400-01-00. Taken 27 Decem- 
ber, 1664, by John Chester, William Gutteridg (Goodrich), Samuell 
Hall, John Deminge. The Legatees : Thomas, eldest son ; John, 26 years 
of age, Esther 23, Ruth 21, Hanna 19, Joseph 16, Lydia [ ] years old. 

Court Record, Page 28 — 2 March, 1664-5: Invt. Exhibited. Dist. 
Ordered : To the widow £96, to Thomas £30, to John £30, to Joseph £28, 
to Ruth, Hester and Lydia each £25, to Hanna because of her Impo- 
tency £30. 

Page 30 — 9 May, 1665: Adms. to John & Dorothy Edwards, the 


Edwardf , William. Court Record, Page Tj—y May, 1668 : William 
Edwards, in behalf of his wife, Agnis, Plaintiff ; Contra Nalli : Bearding, 
Dfnt., in an Action of the Case for lUegall possession of Land belonging 
to the sd. Edwards, lying on the east side of the Great River, for a Sur- 
render of the sd. Limd. 

Page 129—6 March, 1672-3 : Richard Edwards, as Atty. to his 
Mother Agnis Edwards, plft ; contra Daniel Arnold, in an Action of Debt 
due upon balance of Accot, with Damage to the value of £6. 

Page 136. 

Eglertone, Bygatt» Windsor. Invt £116-03-00. Taken 24 Cktober, 
1674, by Old William Trail, Thomas Dibble sen., Matthew Grant Will 
dated 13 November, 1673 : 

I Bigat EgUstone of Windsor, in ye county of Hartford, being aged 
and weake, doe make this my last will & Testament as foUoweth : I 
comit my sould in ye hands of god, and my body to be buryed in seemly 
maner by my f rends. My Estate, which is but Samll, This is my will : 
My House & Land after my decease I give to my son Beniamin, he being 
ye staff of my age, on this condition, that he shdl maintaine his Moothef 
during her life and pay my Debts. And in case yt my son Joseph should 
come and demand a portion, his brother shall pay him forty shillings as 
he is able wth conveniency. Also to my son James & my son Samuel & 
my son Thomas, And to my Daughters Mary, Sarah & Abigail, to eyther 
of these three shillings apeece. All ye rest of my estate I give to my son 
Beniamen, and doo make him my exsequitor. 

Witness : Hath, ffyler. Beget Egleston. 

Abraham Randall, John Hosford. 

Page 35. 

Ellis, James. Invt. £52-13-08. Taken 27 June, 1665, by William 
Bushnell & Abraham Post. The will Taken according to law by Alex- 
ander Chaulker and William Lord, Townsmen of Saybrook, this 27 June, 


The last will and testament of James Ellis, who died in William 
Prats house the 22 June, 1665 • 

I James Ellis doe bequeath my goods and estate what I have to Wil- 
liam Prat in consideration of my good will that 1 bore to him above all 
<^ers, and in Consideration of his great care and cost that he was at 
wth me in my sickness. These words were spoken in the presence of them 
who is underwritten, besides other testimonies that doe agree with it. Wit- 
ness : John Clarke. The testimony of Elisabeth Prat. 

1063 TO 1677. PftOBATB RBCOftI>S. I95 

John Qarke & Elizabeth prat have taken there oths that James elise 
did say that he would bequeath his estate to William prat, only they 
heard it singly at a different time. 

This oath now taken before me, Robert Chapman, this 20 September, 

Court Record, Page 42 — 10 October, 1665 — ^Will and Invt exhibited. 
Adms. to William Pratt. 

^ Page 168. 

Elmer, Edwardi Hartford. Invt £471-15-03. Taken 7 June, 1676, by 
Nathaniel Stanly and John Gilbert in Hartford, and by J6hn Loomis & 
Jacob Drake in Podunk. Legatees: the Widow; John, age 30 years; 
Samuel 27, Edward 22, Mary 18, Sarah 12. 

Court Record, Page 155 — 6 and 7 September, 1676: Invt. Exhi- 
bited. Adms. to the Widow and her three sons. George Gardner, Wil- 
liam Pitkin and Joseph Fitch to be Overseers. Dist: To the Widow, 
£23 ; to John, £80 ; to Samuel, £80 ; to Edward, £92 ; to Mary and Saradi 
Each, £70. By George Gardner, William Pitkin & Joseph Fitch. 

Page 41 — (Vol. IV) 20 April, 1681 : Edward Elmore summoned 
the Legatees of the Estate of his Father, Edward Elmore, deceased, to 
appear at this Court to answer his complaint for non-payment of him the 
sd. Edward Elmore such sums of Money he hath payd for Debts due from 
the Estate of sd. Elmore, according to their several proportions. The 
Court having heard their allegations & seen their accots, find them so 
Litigeous that they see reason to appoint Wm Pitkin and Mr. Thomas Ol- 
cott to audite the accots of the Adms. & to find out what were the Debts of 
the sd. Elmore when he deed, & to what sume it doth amount to, as also 
what each of the Adms. of the Estate have payd to the payment of Debts, 
& return the same to the Governor & Magistrates as soon as they may, & 
Aen the Court will settle the same according to Rules of Justice. They 
are aUso to bring an Account what the 6 acres of Meadow Lotted to pay 
Debts was sold for. 

Page 32 — (Vol. VI) 18 June, 1696: Thomas Long complains that 
he hath not had that part of his Estate that is due to him in rig^t of his 
wife from the Estate of Edward Elmer, Deed, but hath been rejected by 
law of part of the Land that was laid out to him by one of the Adms. on 
that Estate. This Court do order that the Adms., viz., John and Edward 
Elmer, do lay out his Land to him the sd. Thomas Long forthwith. 

Page 87-8. 

EnsigHi James, Hartford. Invt. £729-02-09. Taken 23 December, 
1670, by James Steele, George Grave Jr. 

I James Ensign of Hartford, being at prsent, thorow the wise dispen- 
sation of my most mercif uU God, weak in body but of sound understand- 


ing & memory, waighting for my change, doe therefore declare this to be 
my Last will & Testament : Whereas, I have formerly given to my son 
david the swamp Lott Bought of Richard lyman, on the east side of the 
Great River, & six Acres in the South meadow near the forty Acres, & 
sixteen Acres of upland Near Rocky hill, & his dwelling house & part of 
my Home lott which he hath had no Legall assurance of, I doe now give 
& confirm the same to him and his heirs forever. I doe also confirm to my 
sonn Joseph Easton & his hdlrs forever, one Acre & halfe of Land In th^ 
Indian Ground, which Land I had of the Widow Watts. I doe give all 
the rest of my estate of what sorte soever, both goods & chattells, to my 
beloved wife Sarah Ensign during her Naturall Life, & desire my sonns 
david ensign & Joseph easton to assist her in the management & improve- 
ment thereof, so that she (as much as may) be freed from distractions; 
& I doe make my beloved wife sarah ensign sole executrix of this my Last 
will & Testament. After the decease of my wife it is my will that my sonn 
david, his heirs & assigns. Shall possesse & enjoy my now dwelling house 
& Home Lott wth all the appurtenances belonging thereto, as allso all my 
Land In the south meadow, both meadow & swamp, & all the upland I now 
Stand Seized of or appertains to me & Lying on the south side of the little 
river In Hartford. I allso give and bequeath to my sonn david & his heires 
forever. Six acres of Goodman Phillips his swamp Lott on ye east side 
of the river, & one Third of the Barne standing thereupon, he paying such 
legacies as I shall appoynt to the value of Fifty pounds. 

I give to my son Joseph easton the remaynder of Goodman Phillips 
his swamp Lott on the east side of the great river, wth two thirds parts of 
the Barne standing thereupon, he paying such Legacies as I shall appoynt 
to the value of Thirty pounds. 

I give to my daughter Mary Smith, the wife of Samull Smith, what 
I have Layd out towards the building of their house, & ten Acres of Land 
Morgagd to Samull Burr, & Twenty pound more to be paid by my execu- 
trix & overseers, provided my sayd sonn Samull Smith giving way to have 
it Bound over so that my sayd daughter shall dispose of it to her children 
-as she sees Cause at her decease. If he refuse that, then I give my sd. sonn 
& daughter the use of what I have given her as Long as they live, & that 
at their decease it shall pass to my daughter's children. 

I give my Grand Child Ruth Rockwell Thirty pounds ; to my Grand 
children Sarah & Lydia Rockwell five pounds apiece; to my son John 
Rockwell, as a Token of my Love, forty shillings. I give as a Token of 
my respect to our Honrd Governor Winthrop, five pound. I give as a 
Token of my respect to my dear pastor, Mr. Whiting, five pound. I give 
towards the building of the new meeting house six pounds. I give to John 
Ayres, to buy him tooles when his time is out, forty shillings. I doe allso 
desire & Command my Executrix & my two Sons to take care that the 
Widow Ann Phillips her Last will be duly & fayth fully fulfilled. (Not 

1663 TO 1677. PROBATE RECORDS. 197 

The above writing was read to James Ensign the 23 of November, 
1670, & owned to be his will; & the reason why he subscribed it not was 
because he had a purpose to have added somewhat more. 

Attest: John Allyn. 

David Ensign, 
Joseph Easton. 

Inventory exhibited in Court ist March, 1670-1. 

Page 184. 

Ensigny Sarah, Hartford, Widow. Invt. £44-10-00. Taken 29 
May, 1676, by George Grave, John Richards. Will dated May, 1676: 

I Sarah Ensign of Hartford, widow, being sick & weake yet of per- 
fect memorie through the mercy of God, to prevent future trouble doe de- 
sire to dispose that small portion of this worlds goods God hath betrusted 
me with, in this my Last will & Testament : I give to my beloved daugh- 
ter Mary Smith an Iron pott & gun, & Blankett I lent her, & a payre of cur- 
tains lent her, to be to her & her heirs forever. I give to my dear daughter 
Hanna Easton my Great Table & Forme, & my chest at mr Richards. I 
give to my Grand child Ruth Rockwell one Feather bed & the bedding be- 
longing to it, & my Cow, & cobirons, tongs, & halfe a dozen Napkins, & my 
Brass kettle. I give to my Grand child Sarah Rockwell halfe a dossen of 
Napkins, one payre of Sheets & the best rug. I give to my Grand child 
Lydia Rockwell The Trundle bed & beding belonging to it, & halfe a 
dozen of Napkins. I give to Sarah Smith a Small Bible as a token of my 
respect to her. I will that my wollen wareing Cloaths be equally divided 
between my daughters Mary, Hanna & Mehetibell, & my Grand children 
Sarah, Ruth & Lydia. I give to my son davids children halfe a dozen of 
Napkins & two pewter platters. The remaynder of my estate I give to my 
beloved son David & his heirs for ever, he paying my just debts ; & I doe 
appoynt him to be executor of this my Last will & testament. In witness 
hereof I have sett to my hand this May, 1676. 

To James ensign she gave £5 ; to Joseph easton, her grand child, 20s 
& one of her books ; to Ruth, her best hatt & Mr. Hooker's book ; to Sarah, 
one of Mr. Burroughs* books ; & to Mr. Whiting, 20 or 30 shillings if her 
estate hold out. 

No signature or witnesses. Exhibited 6 December, 1676. Proved 
and accepted. 

attest : John Allyn. 

ffeasey, Jolm. Court Record, Page 48 — ist March, 1665-6: This 
Court desires Marshall Jonathan Gilbert to take into his hands the estate 
of John ffeasey. Deed, until he shall receive authority to dispose of the 


(Will on File.) 

Fenn, Benjamin sen., late of Milford. Invt. £226-00-00. Will dated 
14 September, 1672. 

'nie last Will & Testament of Benjamin Fenn : I give to my eldest 
son Benjamin Fenn my Farm bought of Samuel Backe, late of New 
Haven, East side of the East River. To my 2nd son Samuel Fenn my 
house, etc., in Milford. To my youngest son James Fenn my house in 
New Haven, with the Warehouse and Land belonging to it. East side of 
the River. And further I give him that f arme that the Hond Generall As- 
sembly gave to me to be taken up. I give to my three eldest daughters, 
Sarah, Mary & Martha, £20 apeice more. I give to my youngest daugh- 
ter Susanna Fenn that house in Norwalk formerly Joseph Fenn's. My 
Will is that my gr. child Benjamin Fenn should enter & possess the house 
at Norwalk at the end of the present lease. (Wife mentioned here.) I 
give to my son Samuel Fenn my Dwelling house & Houseing with all Ap< 
purtenances and Meadows lying or being within the Parish of Chidding- 
ton, Maswith, Ivingowing, all of them in Buckingham Shire, which sd. 
houseing & Lands was given to mee by the Will of the late Agnis Seare, 
Deed, of the same parish & Shire aforesd, which sd. Houseing & Lands I 
doe give unto my son Samuel Fenn, to him and his heirs forever, he to pay 
at stated times £20 to eadi of his brothers & Sisters. I give all the rest 
of my Estate to my wife Susannah Fenn, she to be Executrix. 
Witness : Robert Treat, Benjamin Fenn^ Ls. 

Ephraim Sanford. 

A Copy of Record at New Haven, in the ist Book of Wills & Invt. 

Test: James Bishop, Clerk. 

Page 174. 

ntch, John, Windsor, who Died 9 May, 1676. Invt. £46-01-00. 
Taken ist June, 1676, by Matthew Grant, John Loomis. Will dated 30 
August, 1675 : I John Fitch of Windsor, being to goe forth and know not 
that I may return, I give both Land and goods to the Promoting of a 
School here in Windsor under the direction of the County Court and the 

Select men of the Towne. 

John Fitch. 
Witness : John Moore, sen., & John Higley. 

Note : With the Invt is due to the (e)State for his going a Souldier 
to warre. 

Court Record, Page 156— 11 September, 1676: Will and Invt ex- 
hibited. Adms. to the Select Men of Windsor, with Capt. Newbery and 
Deacon Moore to Confirm the exchange with Thomas Rowley. 

tt6i to 1677. PROBATE R8C0SD8. 199 

Page 198. 

Oaylord, Hezekialiy Windsor, who deceased 12 September, 1677. 
Invt. iioo-14-06. Taken by Henry Wolcott, Jr., Joseph Elsworth. Lega- 
tees, the Brothers and Sisters, viz : John Gaylord, William Gaylord, Aim 
Phelps, Hannah Crandall, Joseph Gaylord & Nadianiel Gaylord, the two 
last by the Father only. 

Court Record, Page 165 — 6 December, 1677: Adms. to John Gay- 

Page 26— (Vol. IV) 21 April, 1680: The Estate of Hezekiah Gay- 
lord ordered Distributed as foUoweth : 

£ s d 
Inventory, 109-14-06 

Debts, 92-03-11 

There remains to be dist. 17-10-07 

To the 4 brothers of the Deed £3 apeice, 12-00-00 

To the 2 sisters 55 Shillings apeice 5-10-00 

cat. •. . 

Page io6. ^' 

Oaylord, Deacon WilUamt Windsor. Died 20 July, 1673. Invt. 
£296-17-06. Taken by Benjamin Newbery, Henry Wolcott, Jr., & Thomas 
Stoughton. Will dated 31 January, 1671. 

I William Gaylord of Windsor, seriously considering my age, do de- 
clare this to be my last Will and Testament : I give unto my sone John 
Gaylord, his heirs & assigns forever, upon the these Conditions hereafter 
expressed, all my houseing & Home Lott & orchard as it Lyes, Bounded 
westerly by the comon high way & Easterly By the meadow, Northerly 
By the House Lott of Mr. Henry Wolcott & Southerly by the Land of 
my Daughter Hoskins, provided my sonn John Gaylord freely resigns up 
his propriety in his owne dwelling house & Bame & orchard & Land, viz., 
all diat is now inclosed with in his fence on the west side of the high way, 
to my grand sonn John Birge, to be to him and his heirs & assigns forever, 
imediatly after my decease. But if my sonn John shall refuse to make 
the exchange, then my will is that my grand sonn John Birge, his heirs & 
assigns forever, shall possess & injoy my house & Home Lott as it is 
bounded above. I doe also give unto my beloved sonn John Gaylord & 
my beloved grandsonn John Birge my meadow Lott in the Great meadow, 
containing by estimation 16 Acres be it more or less, to be divided between 
them. I doe give to my Grand Sonn John Birge one parcell of Land I 
bought of Mr Hanaford, lying on the east side of the great river, being in 
bredth Tenn rodds, to run the whole Length I purchased. I doe give unto 
Hezikiah Gaylord, my grand sonn (whoe now lives wth my sonn John) 
fower rodd in bredth of my Lott over the great River that Lyeth next to 
the Land I gave his father, there to runn from the great River to the end 
of the Bounds. I doe give unto my sonn Walter Gaylord of my Lott on 


the east side of the great River, Ten rod in bredth, to ninn ffrom the great 
River to the end of the Bounds, the Ten rodd to ly next to what I have 
given Hezekiah my Grand Sonn. I doe give unto my Sonn Samuel Gay- 
lord of my Lott on the east side the great River, Ten rodd in bredth, to 
runn from the great River to the end of the Bounds. This Tenn rodds to 
lye next to what I have given to Walter. To my son John I doe give the 
remaining part of my whole Lott on the east side of the great River, wth 
the Bame Standing thereon, all that part of my Lott from what I have 
given to my sonn Samuel to Mr Humphrey Pinneys Lott. And as for my 
daughter Elizabeth Hoskins, of whose dutifull & Tender respect to me I 
have had Good Experience & Great Comfort in having by this my will 
disposed of part of my estate to her sonn John (whoe hath and is a great 
help in supporting of me in my old age), I am not able to doe for her as 
otherwise I would, but as a token of my love to her I give her one of my 
Great Kettles, the brass or Copper one, which she pleaseth. I doe ap- 
point my sonn John Gaylord to be sole executor. And doe desire Capt. 
Benjamin Newbery & John All)m of Hartford to be overseers. 

Witness : John Allyn, William GAYLona 

Benjamin Newbery. 

Codicil, dated 14 November, 1672: I give, as a testimony of my 
Fatherly affection, to my daughter Elizabeth Hoskins, one of my Cowes, 
which she shall choose, and my brass skillett & a pewter platter & a large 
pewter bason & the bigger of the Brass milk pans. 

Witness : Daniel Clarke, William X Gaylord. 

Benjamin Newbery. 

There was a later Codicil, date j8 December, 1672, in which his 
daughter Birge is mentioned. 

Page 60. 

Oifford, John. Invt. £3-13-00. Taken 3 November, 1668, by John 
Brunson, William Judd. 

Court Record, Page 81 — 5 November, 1668: Invt. exhibit. Estate 
oi John Gifford, Deed. Adms. to Mary the Relict, & John and Richard 
Brunson are desired to assist her. Likewise an Invt. of estate of John 
Wyott was exhibited. This very small estate of £4 was taken to pay a 
debt due to the estate of John Wyott, Deed, (from John Gifford). 

Page 192. 

Qillett, Jonathan sen., Windsor. Died 23 August, 1677. I^^^* 
£273-10-00. Taken 31 August, 1677, by Matthew Grant, John Loomts» 
John Moore. Will dated 8 August, 1677 : 

l663 TO 1677. P&OBATB RECORDS. 20I 

I Jonathan Gillett sen., of Windsor, do make this my last Will & Tes- 
tament : Imprimis : My Will is that my wife shall be my sole Executrix, 
and my son Josiah Gillett to take the Care for ye Improvement of his 
Mother's Estate for her Use and Benefit that I shall leave her whilst she 
lives, which she shall have ye Use & Benefit that may be made of the 
Houseing & Lands of both my Houselotts, my one and that which was my 
Brother Nathan Gillett's, which are both 9 acres, also at ye upper End of 
ye 1st Meadow, or that which is Timothy Phelps. All that remains of yt 
to me, I set out 3 acres to my son John. My Will is that after my decease, 
as I have expressed, that my son Josias shall take ye Care on him, to be 
an help and Ayde to his Mother in what shee needs his labor to manage 
her ocasions, and after her decease he shall in joy for his owne, for him- 
selfe and his heirs forever, my now dwelling house and all the Appurte- 
nances with it, with 5 acres of house Lands & all other parcels of Land, 
as are expressed to be his Mother's for her use whilst she lives, only ex- 
cepting the House & 4 acres of ye Houseland to it, which my sonn Jeremy 
shall posses for his owne after my wifes decease; ye 6 acres in ye 2nd 
Meadow I set out to him, he is to possess for his one at present. 

Thirdly, my Will is that if the Lord should take me and my wife both 
of us away by Death within this 4 years after ye date hereof, my son Josiah 
shall pay some legacies, as to his Brother Jonathan Gillett £4 and a gunn, 
and to his Brother Cornelius Gillett £4, & to my daughter, Peter Browne's 
wife, £2, and to my daughter, Samuel flyllyes wife, £2, and to ye two chil- 
dren which I have taken that ware my son Joseph's, Deed, as ye little son 
Jonathan £5, and ye garle £5. My son Jonathan is to have the other 20 
acres of Woodland joining to ye 20 acres expressed to my wife. He is to 
have his 20 acres next to Thomas Barber, 10 acres of it I give him, ye 
other 10 he hath bought. Also, Jonathan and Cornelius my sons are to 
have my 11 acres witfiout ye West Bounds of Windsor, betwixt them, 
after my decease. And my son John Gillett to have six acres of ye other 
parcel without ye Bounds at present, and Jeremie to have the remainder 
of it. 

Witness : Nathaniel Chauncey, Jonathan Gillett. 

Matthew Grant. 

Court Record, Page 164 — 6 September, 1677 : Will exhibited. 

Page 177. 

OiimixigB, Joseph. Invt. £3-14-00. Court Record, Page 1593-6 De- 
cember, 1676 : Invt. exhibited by John Belding, to remain with him until 
further Order. 

Page 126. 

Gk>ffe, Philip, Wethersfield. Invt. £297-16-09. Taken 2 June, 1674, 
by John Nott sen., John Kilbourn, Eleazer Kimberly. The children: 


Jaoob, age 25 years; Rebecca 23, Philip 21, Moses 18, & Aaron, 16 years 
of age. 

Court Record, Page 142—3 September, 1674 : Invt. exhibited. Adms. 
to the Relict & son Jacob. Mr. James Treat, John Waddams to be Over- 

Page 178. 

Ck)odaIl, Bidiard, Middletown. Invt. £74-I(mx>. Taken 4 Decem- 
ber, 1676, by Richard Hall and William Harris. 

i s d 
To twenty acres of Land bought of Sargt Qieeny, wth 

fower acres of pond, 29-00-00 

to twenty acres of Land bought of the towne, 10-00-00 

to sixteen acres of Land bought of George Hubbard, 8-00-00 

to Fower acres & one halfe of pond bought of Alexander Bowe, 3-10-00 

to his part in Mr. Warde's, Ketch, 24-00-00 


There was another parcell of Land recorded to him, but was given 
to his son John Gill, as is Testified. 

Court Record, Page 159 — 6 December, 1676; Invt. exhibited. 

Page 157-8. 

Goodrich, John, Jr., Wethersfield. Invt. £81-17-11. Taken 27 
March, 1667. ^^U dated 12 April, 1676: I John Goodrich, the son of 
John Goodrich sen., of Wethersfield, doe make this my last Will & Testa- 
ment as follows : And therefore as I doe give up myself to the Lord, so 
designing that all my Debts may be justly and truly paid out of other Es- 
tate, I doe give & bequeath my Land, be it 9 acres more or less, to my 
loving wife and Child forever. Also, I give my heifer to my sister Mary 
Goodrich. Also I bequeath my best sute of Qothes to my brother Joseph 
Goodrich, my father paying the value thereof to such as I am indebted. 

Witness : John Chester, John Goodrich. 

Joseph Edwards. 

Memorandum : That on the 27th of June, 1676, John Goodrich & Mary 
Goodrich his daughter-in-law, did consent and agree in these following ar- 
ticles, first, that the Nine acres of Swamp Land mentioned in sayd Mary's 
Husband's Will shall be the proper Estate forever of Mary the 
daughter of the foresd. Mary Goodrich & John deceased, to be delivered 
to her at 18 years of age or day of marriage, which shall first happen, & 
in the interim her mother to have the Use of it, & during her Life in Case 
the Child dye under s^e, but on the decease of the mother & daughter, the 

l663 TO 1677. PROBATE RECORDS. 203 

daughter dyeing with out heirs or husband, it to return to John Goodrich 
& his heirs forever. 2ndly, that all the debts due from John Goodrich, 
deceased, shall be payd by sayd John Goodrich, & the sayd John Goodrich 
to receive in consideration thereof all the other Lands left by the deceased, 
viz, five roods in the playn. Two acres of pastures, and halfe an acre in his 
Home Lott & the houseing Thereon, for him & his heirs forever ; & all 
the moveable estate whatsoever, excepting a Cow & calfe, & tlu-ee pounds 
in cloathes. This we agree to in- case the worpU Court that shall have the 
settlement of the estate see cause to rattify it. As witness our hands the 
day & year above sayd. * i^ 

Witness : Wm. Pitkin, John Goodrich. 

Richard Becklef^\ ' Mary X Goodrich. 

This was approved by the Court, 8 September, 1676. 

:>• Attests: John AUyn, Secretary, 

Court Record, Page 153 — 8 September, 1676. Will & Invt. exhibited 
and approved. V 

Page 175. 

Ooodrioh, Ensign William. Invt. £915-01-06. Taken 14 November, 
1676, by John Belden, Samuel Wright, John Robbins. The children: 
John, age 23, William 17, Ephraim, 14, David 10. The daughters are 

Court Record, Page 158-9 — 6 December, 1676: Adms. to the widow. 
Order to Dist. to the widow £100, Personal, forever; and 1-3 of Realty 
for life. To John, Eldest son, £230; to William, £150; to Ephraim, £140; 
to David, £130; to Mrs. HoUister £100 already paid; to Mrs. Welles, wife 
of Robert Welles, £100 ; to Mrs. Fitdi, wife of Thomas Fitch, £90 ; to Mrs. 
Butler, wife of Joseph Butler, £80. Samuel Talcott, Overseer. 

I Joseph Butler of Wethersfield have received of Sarah Goodrich, 
widow, Adms. to the estate of her late husband. Ensign Wm Goodrich, 
late of Wethersfield, Dec., the full sum of Power score pounds, which sayd 
sum is all that was due tc me from the estate of my father-in-law, the 
sayd Ensign William Goodrich, upon account of my wive's portion. 

Signed 30 January, 1677. 

Witness : Samull Tallcott, Joseph Butler. 

George Grave. 

(Note: This Receipt follows the Inventory.) 

Page 111-112. 

Grave, Deacon George, Hartford. Invt. £278-13-02. Taken 30 Sep- 
tember, 1673, by Gregory Wolterton, Thomas Bull. Will dated 17 
September, 1673. 


I George Grave of Hartford, upon the River of Conecticutt, weaver, 
doe in this my Last Will & Testament give unto Sarah my wife all my 
houseing & Bame, orchards. Home Lott, Meadow Land, Swamp Land & 
upland, & whatever is in my house, for her to make use of during the time 
of her Life, and after her decease to be disposed of as f oUoweth : I doe 
also hereby give unto my sonn John Grave one parcell of meadow Land 
Lying in the south meadow between Mr Richards Land & Mr Whitings 
Land, which peice of Land is by estimation allmost Three Acres. I doe 
also hereby give unto my son John Grave one parcell of Swamp Land 
Lying by the Land called the forty Acres, in the south meadow, Between 
Mr Goodwins Land and Tho: Catlins Land, which parcell of Land is by 
estimation Two Acres & a halfe, both which parcells of Land are for him 
to injoy forever after the death of my wife. I doe also hereby give unto 
my sonn-in-law Jonathan Deming my Two Cowes, for him to injoy after 
my decease. I doe also hereby give unto my daughter Mary Dow the 
sume of Tenn pounds, to be paid to her forty shillings in every yeare until 
the Ten pounds be discharged, next after my decease. I doe also hereby 
give unto my daughter Mary Dowe my great Brass pott & pott hooks, & 
also one feather Bed & Feather Bowlster, & one green Blankett, & one 
Pillow & two pillow heirs, for her to injoy after my wive's" decease. I 
doe allso hereby give unto my grandaughter Priscilla Markham my least 
brass pott & pot hooks, & my Iron Kettle, & two of my best platters, a 
bigger & a lesser. I doe allso hereby give unto priscilla Marcum one 
Flock bed & one Bowlster, for her to Injoy after the death of my wife. I 
doe allso hereby give unto my sonn George Grave my house, Barne & 
Home Lott, orchards & all other of my Lands both meadow, Swamp & 
upland. Except what is before given away, to him during the time of his 
life & to his heirs forever, for him to possess after the death of my wife. 
I doe allso hereby give unto my sonn George Grave (my debts & the 
Legacies being payd) my Cattell, my household stuff e & what ever els is 
mine or due to me from any one, for him to possess & injoy forever, after 
the death of my wife. My will also is that all my Land shall pay their 
rates, according to their proportion, to the Maintenance of the Ministree 
at the new meeting house. My will and desire is that my sonn George. 
Grave should take my Estate into his hands & custodie, & the care of my 
wife, his mother-in-law, & see that shee bee Comfortably provided for 
during the time of her life, she now not being in a fitt capacittie to help 
her selfe in this way. Also, if more than ordinary charges should arise 
by reason of any Long sickness that should attend her, that then the whole 
estate should share in the Qiarge that ariseth. Allso my will is that all 
the Lining that shall remayn after my wifes decease, which is not given 
before, shall be equally divided between my son George's wife & my 
daughter Dowe. I doe also hereby make my two sons George Grave & 
John Grave my Executors of this my last will & Testament. In witness 
whereof I have hereimto set my hand. 

Witness : John Richards, George Grave, sen. 

Steven Hopkins, 

Court Record, Page 134 — 25 November, 1673: Will proven. 

1 663 ^O 1^77- PROBATE RECORDS. 205 

Page 104. 

Oriiwold, Samuel. Invt. £18-17-11. Taken 26 February, 1672, by 
James Eno, Benajah Holcomb. 

Court Record, Page 129 — 6 March, 1672-3 : Adms. to George Gris- 

Page 1 21-2. 

Halli John, sen., Middletown. Died 26 May, 1673. Invt. £54-13-07. 
Taken in June by Robert Warner, Samuel Collins. Will dated 3rd month, 

I John Hall sen. of Middletown, Carpenter, aged about 89 years, do 
leave what f oUoweth as my last Will & Testament : I give unto my son 
Richard Hall iio, and I give to his Children a Noble apeice* I give to my 
son John Hall my Cow and Heifer, to be delivered to him after my de- 
cease. I give to the Children of my daughter Wetmore, Deed, 20 Shil- 
lings to each ; to the Children of my daughter Sarah, Deed, 25 Shillings 
apeice. I give to my son Thomas Wetmore 5 Shillings. I give 10 Shil- 
lings towards the Encouragement of a Reading and Writeing school 
south side of the Rivulet. I bequeath the Remainder of my Estate to 
my son Samuel Hall, he to pay all my Just Debts. I request Deacon 
Stocking and my son John Hall to be helpfuU to him as Overseers to see 
to the Execution of the Premises. 

Witness : Nathaniel Collins, John X Hall sen. Ls. 

William Cheeny. 

Court Record, Page 137 — 5 March, 1673-4: Will proven. 

Page 36-7. 

Hannifly Bichard. Died 20 October, 1666. Invt. £26-08-02. Nuncu- 
pative Will. Three days before his death he desired Mr. Giles Hamlin and 
Jeremie Adams to take charge of his estate until ye next of Kin to him 
Come or Send for it. 

Witness : Nathaniel Willett, Joseph Smith. 

The Governor and Assistants grant Adms. to Mr. Hamlin and Mr. 
Adams. Invt. Presented 7 March, 1666, and Adms. granted. 

Page 200-1. 

Hancox, Thomas (Records of Land in Farmington, Copy). Deed 
of Purchase dated 1673. Attest, Thomas Bull, Register. 
27 June, 1695, & 23 Nov., 1704. 


Page 29. 

Harrison, Johiii Wethersiield. Invt. £929-0609. Taken 3 Septem- 
ber, 1666, by John Ryley, Josiah Gilbert & Jonathan Gilbert Will 
dated 6 August, 1666 : 

I John Harrison doe make my last Will & Testament. I give to my 
eldest daughter Rebeckah i6o, to Mary my 2nd daughter £40. to Sarah 
£40. The rest of my Estate I leave to my wife, and with all make her sole 
Executrix. John Harrison 

Witness : Jonathan WUloughby, Tho: Wright sen. 
Grissell WUloughby, Margaret WUloughby, 

Proven 6 September 1666 

The Widow Katharine, Petitioned the Court to settle upon her eldest 
dau. i2io : and to each of the younger daughters £200 because of the In- 
considerate portions left them by their father — Reserveing the House and 
Lot during life. 

Page 13-14-15- 

Hollister, John, Wethersiield. Invt. £1642-02-06. Taken 20 April, 
1665, by John Chester, Richard Treat, Samuel Boreman, Samuel Welles. 

I Jdin HoUister of Wethersiield, being weake in body & of perfect 
understanding, doe make my last will and testament this third day of 
April in the year of our Lord one thousand six hundred & sixty five : 

Impr. I give to my wife Joana HoUister all my housing and home lot 
in Wethersfield, and five acres of plaine lying between John Goodrich and 
Thomas HoUister, and five acres of meddow lying on the north side of 
the upper high way which I bought of Thomas Parks, & three acres of 
meddow caUed Betts Lott lying south of the upper highway, and six 
acres at the lower end of the meddow lying on the west side of the high- 
way in three several parcells, & two acres that was Samuel Bowrmans 3rt 
lys by Rennold's his Lott, and foure acres at the meaddow gate ; aU this 
during her Ufe, & after her decease I give my house and Bame & Orchard 
unto lazarus my fourth son, and unto Stephen that part of the lot beyond 
the Brooke, and the meddow and plains, equally to be divided between 

Ite. I give to John HoUister, at the age of 22 years, my whole farme 
at Naog, for want of heirs to my 2nd son Thomas HoUister, and doe re- 
quire him to give to his mother every year during her life twenty bushells 
of apples and two barrells of syder, provided the orchard doe thrive and 

It. I give to Thomas HoUister, at the age of 23 years, all yt prcell of 
swamp, with Sixe acres of meddow, all bought of Richard Treat, Jr., and 
5 acres of plaine nexe to Thomas Colman, and 6 acres of Upland in my 
Lot beyond the Brooke, the homeward Side of it, & to his heirs for ever, 
and for need of issue to the next successively. 

Ite. I give to Joseph HoUister, mjr 3d son, at the age of 23 years, my 
meddow lot bought of Samuel Hale lying next Mr. Chester, and lo acres 
of meddow called Rennolds his lot, and 6 acres of upland lying in my lot 
beyond the Brooke. 

I663 TO 1677. PROBATA R9CORDS. 207 

It. I give to my daughter Mary four score pounds. 

It I give to my daughter Sarah three score and ten pounds. 

It. I give to my three grand children £5 apeice. 

It. The remainder of my estate I give to my wife Joane HoUister, 
whom I appoint my executrix. I desire Jonathan Willoughby, Jolm 
Chester, Ridiard Treat Jr. and Samuel Welles to be my Overseers. 

Witness : Jonathan Willoughby, John Holuster. Ls. 

John Chester, Samuel Welles. 

Court Record, Page 33 — ist June, 1665 : Will Proven. Page 122 — 
(Vol. IV) — ^2nd September, 1686: 2 of the Overseers of the Estate hav- 
ing died, Capt. Talcott and John Deming sen. are desired to fill their 

Page 124. 

HoIIiirter, JoBoph, Wethersfield. Invt. £154-01-06. Taken 29 Au- 
gust, 1674, by John Nott sen., John Kilboum, Michael Griswold, Enoch 
Buck, Eleazer Kimberly. 

Court Record, Page 143 — ^3 September, 1674 : Adms. to Mrs. Hollis- 
ter, the personal estate to be divided equally among his Brothers and 
sister, the Real Estate according to the will of Lt. John HoUister. 

Page 25. 

HoiUiui, Ann, Windsor. Invt. £113-04-00. Taken ist June, 1663, 
by William Gaylord, Walter Fyler, Mattihew Grant. Ann Hoskins was 
the Widow of John Hoskins. 

The Last will & testament, dated 17 August, 1660, of Ane Hoskins, 
widow, wife of John Hoskins of Windsor: As for my outward estate, 
I thus bestow : First, to my sonn Thomas Hoskins I give my part of the 
housinge & Land which was half e of all yt was my husband's ; this I give 
to him after my decease, for him to Injoy his life tyme, & after his de- 
cease I give it to his sonne John Hoskins. My will is, in case his father dy 
before he comes to the age of on & twenty years, that the yearly incres of 
this estate shall be Improved for him & redowne only to him, to be put 
into his hands at the age of on & twentie years old, booth the housings, 
half the orchard & half the Land which was my part he shall wholy have 
& after yt age for he & his forever ; but in case the sayd John shall dy 
before he Come to this age to poses & injoy this estate, then my will is yt 
this whole estate yt was mine shall be distributed equally amongst the chil- 
dren of my daughter Wilton's daughter Mary Marshall. Also my feather 
bead with all his fumituer I give to my sonne Thomas Hoskins, & after his 
decease I give it to his sonne John Hoskins, all to be kept for him tell the 
age of on & twenty yeares ; & in case he dy before yt age, then this, as the 
housing & land, be to Mary Marshalls children. Also a brass pot & a brass 


pan & tow platters & a puding pane & a brasse skellet & bras candle 
stecke, a puter bason, two poring dishes, two alcemy sponns, a Great Chest 
& a Cofer, a boxe — ^all this I give to my sonne Thomas as the other things 
above. For my overseers I desire John Strong sen. & my son David 

Witness: Henry Clarke, Ann X Hoskins. 

John mtckfield, Walter Fyler. 

Page 32. 

HoBkiiui, ThomsB, Windsor. Invt. £45009-02. Taken 21 September, 
1666, by John Moore sen., Matthew Qrant, Thomas Stoughton, John Gay- 

This is the Last wil and testament of Mr. Thomas Hosken of Winsor 
in conecticut : I do lef my hoi estat to my wif elesebeth hoskens for her 
bringing op of her children, but when my son John Hoskens shal com to 
ye aig of to and twenti yers, then it is my will diat he shal haf half of my 
estat, and the other half I do lef to his mother elisabeth hoskens. Al so 
do gif to Joseph (Birge) ten pound, to be paid as his mother shal be abel. 
Al so tis my will and dasier that good man grant senur and my brother 
John Gailord be my ofer seers. And her to I do set my hand this present 
12 April, 1666. Thomas X. Hoskins. 

Witness: John Gaylord, 

Joseph Gaylord. 

HoskijiB, John. Court Record, Page 151 — ^5 February, 1675-6: John 
Hoskins, a minor son of Thomas Hoskins, diose Capt. Daniel Clarke and 
Capt. Benjamin Newbery to be his Guardians. 

Page 134. 

HowkixiB, Anthony, Farmington. Died 28 February, 1673-4. Invt. 
^332-05-00. Taken by Robert Porter & Thomas Barnes & John Wood- 
ruffe. The children : Ruth, age 24 years, John 22, Sarah 16, Elizabeth 14, 
& Hannah 12 years. Will dated the 26th day of February, 1673-4. 

I Anthony Howkins of Farmington, being Stricken in years and find- 
ing my sealfe weak in body but of Compitance of understanding for this 
worke, I give to my wife ann howkins one third parte hoU isteat, axseapting 
my house and homested at Pork brook and the twelfe ackars of Land in the 
gret madow which I bought of Matthew Webster, which istate I give unto 
hur during the time of her naturall Life ; and it is my will that what of 
this istate which dos rema3me, which is thus given too my wif, I say which 
is Laft or doe remayne after my wifes departar of her natarall Lif, shall 
be divided amongst my children which doe survife, that is, amongst John 

1.663 ^^ 1^77* PROBATE RECORDS. 209 

HowkinSy Ruth howkins, sary howkins, Elizabeth howkins, hanna how- 
kina. I give to my son John howkins my house and holle homsted Lying 
and standing at pork broock which is of The South Side of the hiway 
which Ledith to harford ; allso I give too my son John Howkins the twellf e 
achars of Land which lyith in ti^e gret madow, which I bought of Mat- 
thew Webster. I give and bequetih too my son John howkins a small 
foulling pes and arapur (rapier), as allso one hors which he hath all 
rady in posation; allso I give and bequeth too my son John howkins one 
fifth part of my holle istate which remaynes after my loving wif have r^- 
saived hur thurds according to my will; and allso after my sonne John 
have reasived the house and land, armes and horse formarly axprased & 
allso I give and bequeath too my son John howkins twellf e ackars of up* 
land which Lys beyond durty hoUf ; it is given him and his hayres f oraver, 
he to Com too the injoymant and po sation immediatly after my departar 
of my Natural life, as after all my just dats ar payd. It. I give to my Son- 
in-Law John tomson one firelock muscat and a back sord which was his 
fathers. It. I give too my sune-in-Law John Judd £5-10-00. It. i give to 
my dautar ruth howkins a cowe which is in tike hands of abraham dibuU 
of hadum, and also a fifth part of my istate which doos rema3me after my 
wife have resaived her thirds and John howkins and my just dets are paid, 
I give too my dautar Sara howkins, I give to my dawter elisabeth howkins, 
I give too my dawtar hana howkins. I make my wife exsaxritix, and I 
doe intreat my friends Samuel Wells and John Judd to be Overseers. 

Witness: Samuel Wells, (Not signed.) 

Thomas Thompson. 

Court Record, Page 139— ist April, 1664: Will and Invt. exhibited. 
Mrs. Howkins Refuses the executorship. Dist. Ordered according to the 
will, except that Mrs. Hester Thompson, a daughter of the Deed, is 
not named in the will, and Mrs. Howkins is given only the use during life. 
And also it appearing that the Hon. Thomas Welles by his last will gave 
the said Ann Howkins, his daughter, £20 since her Marriage with Mr. 
Howkins, This Court doe Order the £20 of the Estate willed Mrs. How- 
kins be paid to Hester Thompson. Adms. to Mrs. Ann Howkins. En- 
sign Samuel Steele and John Judd to be Overseers. Sergt. John Stanly & 
Ensign John Wadsworth, witii the Overseers, to distribute the Estate. 

Page 219 — (Vol. VIII) 1st November, 1714: Capt. Thomas Hart 
of Farmington now moved this Court to appoint an Adms. on the Estate 
of Anthony Howkins, Deed. The Court desire to call in John Judd and 
Robert Booth of Farmington. 

Page '225 — 6 December, 1714: Thomas Hart again presented his 
Motion that Adms. be committed to some person. Defered until January 

Page 163. 

HowUiui, Sergt. JohxL Invt. £130-04-00. Taken 5 September, 1676, 
by John X Roote sen., Thomas X Newell sen., & Benjamin Judd. llie 


legatees: Joseph Judd, age 4 years, John Howkins 36, Mary 32, Ruth 
Howkins 27, Sarah 18, EUzabedi 16, Hannah 14, Elizabeth Judd, 6 years 
of age. Will dated the nth of January, 1^5-6. 

This may informe you and those whc»ne it doth conceme, that if the 
Providence of God shall soe order it that I fall in the f eld and los^e my Life 
or miscarry any other way before I com home, that the small Estat thai 
God hath giuen me shall be disposed as is here mentioned : I giue to my 
cuzen Joseph Judd my House and Homelott to be possesed by him att 21 
yers of age. 2: I bequeath to Joseph Judd my 12 ackers of land in the 
Qreat Meadow to be posesed by him att 23 yers of age« 3 : The benefit 
of this house and Land before menshoned I giue the }^ to my Bro&er 
John Judd and the other half to my sister Ru£ Howkins. 4 : As for the 
rest of my Estate I would haue a true Inuentary taken of it and pay my 
lawf uU Debts out of it, and the rest to be deuid into 6 parts : the one part 
I giue to my sister mary Judd, the other part I giue to m^ sister Ruth 
Howkins, the other part I giue to my sister Sarah Howkins, the other 
part I giue to my sister EU^beth Howkins, the other part I giue to my 
sister Hannah Howkins, the other part I giue to Elizabetfi Judd. And 
if there be a loss to know what account there is between my Mother and 
I, there is about £3 due to my Mother for my Diat. 

John Howkins. 

This Will was left with his Brother John Judd, not to be shown until 
it was known whether he lived or noe. 

Court Record, Page 155 — y September, 1676 : Will & Invt. exhibited. 
Adms. to John Judd. 

Page 9— (Vol. IV) 5 December, 1678 : Sarah Howkins, daughter of 
Anthony Howkins and Sister of John Howkins, Deed, she now being 
deceased Intestate, her Interest in the Estate of her Father and Brother 
to be Dist. to her four sisters, Mary Judd, Ruth Heart, Elizabeth Brins- 
made & Hannah Howkins, equally. 

Page 152. 

Hubbard, Oeorge Jr., Middletown. Invt. £71-10-07. Taken 1675, 
by Richard Hall, William Harris. 

Court Record, Page 152 — 2 March, 1675-6: Invt. exhibited. This 
Court Recommend the Legatees to agree upon a Division and apply for 
Confirmation of the same. 

Page 92. 

Hnbbardy Thomas, Middletown. Invt £220-01-00. Taken 5 Sep- 
tember, 1671, by Nathaniel Bacon, Richard Hall, Thomas Ranny. Child- 

l663TOl677- PROBATB RBCO&D8. 31 1 

ren: Mary, age 14 years, Thomas lo, Ebenezer 7, John 4, George i}i 
years of age« 

G>urt Record, Page 115 — 7 September, 167 1: Invt. Exhibited Es« 
tate in Care of Richard HaU and Nathaniel Bacon, to report ist March 

Page 2. 

Huig«rford, Thomaa, New London. Invt. iioo-05-06. Taken ist 
May, 1663, by Obadiah Breuen, Samuel Smith, Robert Royse. The 
children : Thomas, age 15 years, Sarah 9, Hannah 4 years. 

Court Record, Page 6--9 July, 1663 : Invt Eidiibited. Isaac Willey 
and Peter Blatchford to care for the estate. 

Page 15 — 10 May, 1664: Order to Dist. the whole of the estate to the 
Relict, she to pay to Thomas Hungerf ord £7 ; to Sarah £4, to Hannah £4, 
at (Legal) age. 

Page 33. 

Janes, Mary, Windsor. Invt £23-06-00. Taken 16 November, 1666, 
by Benjamin Newbery, John Moore Sen., Selectmen. 

Page 6-7. 

Jefflriee, Gtobriel, Saybrook. Invt. £17-05-06. Taken 28 May, 1664, 
by the Townsmen of Saybrook : John Westall, John Clarke, Zachari Sam- 
ford. He wrought with William Pratt. 

Court Record, Page 22 — 14 September, 1664 • Adms. to John Westall. 

Page 90. 

Joanes, Biohard, Haddam. Invt. £104-00-06. Taken 5 September, 
2670, by George Gates, James Bate. The children : Son David, 8 years 
of age; daughter Elizabeth, 5 years; Mary, 2 years, & Patience, bom 
Mardi, 1670-1. 

Court of Assistants, Page 112 — 18 April, 1671 : Adms. to the Relict, 
Mrs. Elizabeth Joanes. George Gates and James Bate are desired to be 
Overseers. Order to Dist. to the 3 daughters £4 apeice, to his son £8, to 
be made out of a peice of Land apprised at £22-10-00. The rest of the 
Estate to the Relict. 

Page 187-8-9. 

KirbjTy John^Middletown. Invt £552-05-10. Taken 27 April, 1677, 
by Nathaniel Bacon, William Cheeny. 


The children: Joseph, age 21 years; Mary, the wife of Emanuel 
Buck, age 32 years ; Elizabeth Kirby, Deed, age 23 years ; Hannah, wife 
of Thomas Andrews, age 27 years; Hester, wife of Benajah Stone, 25 
years ; Sarah, wife of Samuel Hubbard, age 23 years ; Bethia Kirby, age 
18 years ; Susannah, 13 years ; Abigail Kirby, age 11 years, & John Kirby 
Jr., Deceased. Will dated the 6th day of April, Anno Dom. 1677. 

First of all, to the intent that my loveing wife may not be destitute of a 
Comfortable Subsistence, while She Shall live, I do give and bequeath unto 
her the possession and use of all my estate (whither houseing, land or other 
estate) at prsent in my possession, during her naturall life, excepting only 
what shall afterward be particularly mentioned. I do also give her liberty, 
if she see herselfe necessitated so to do, to Sell any such part of my estate 
as aforesaid for her necessary supply. I give to my son Joseph & to my 
daughter Mary, Each of them a portion double to the portion of any of 
the rest of my Children; and to the rest of my Children, all which are 
daughters, I do give to each of them a portion equal to one another. Item, 
for that parcell of my land wch lyes near to Daniel Harris his farme on 
the west of Connecticott river, & contains about 300 acres, & another par- 
cell of my land of about 200 acres. Lying about pipe Stave Swamp, on 
the west side also of Connecticott River, my will is that to which soever of 
my children or childrens children these parcells of land or any part thereof 
Shall fall, they shall not at any time be Sold out of the blood ; but in Case 
any of my children or their children see cause to Sell any part, it shall be 
only from one to another of them, that so these two parcells of land may 
pertain to some of my children or childrens children to the end of the 
world. When the full and final distribution shall be made, then all my 
estate so distributed (whether formerly received or then to be received by 
my children or childrens children) shall be prised again at the then present 
value thereof. I appoint Capt. John AUyn of Hartford and Deacon AUyn 
of Middletown & my Son-in-law Emanuel Bucke of Wethersfield Execu- 

Witness: John Wiatt, John Kirby. 

Elisabeth Wiatt 

Court Record, Page 164 — 6 September, 1677: Will proven. 

Page 63 (Vol. VII) — ^March, 1704-5: Whereas, John Kirby, for- 
merly of Middletown, Deed, did by his last Will appoint Col. John Allyn, 
Deacon Allyn of Middletown, and Emanuel Buck of Wethersfield his 
Executors, two of which, vizt, Col. Allyn and Deacon Allyn, are Deed, 
and the other, vizt, Emanuel Buck, not capable of acting by reason of his 
age and Infirmaties, and the sayd John Kirby did likewise order in his 
sayd Will that a new apprizall should be made of his Lands after the de- 
cease of his, wife, Joseph Kerby, sonn of the sd. John Kirby, Deed, prays 
that Adms. may be granted to him in order to the fulfilling the sd. Will of 
his Father, Adms. with the Will annexed was granted to Joseph ICirby 
with an order to exhibit in Court an Invt. of the Land of his sd. Father by. 
the 20th of April next. 

1663 TO 1677. P&OBATB RBCORDS. 213 

Court Record, Page 69—5 September, 1705 : Joseph Kirby not hav- 
ing attended the order of this Court as was intended, The parties con^ 
cemed in sd. Estate, vizt, the Legataries in sd. Will, made application to 
this Court praying that Alexander Rollc of Middletown may now be ap- 
pointed, together with sd. Joseph Kirby, to make or cause to be made a 
new apprisal of the sd. Lands, This Court do appoint the sd. Joseph 
Kirby and Allex Rollo unto that service, to make return on the first Tues- 
day of November next. And this Court, considering the difficult circum- 
stances of the sd. work. Do Therefore Order and appoint Thomas Ward, 
Thomas Stow and John Bacon of Middletown to apprize the sd. Lands 
presented to them by the sd. Joseph Klirby and Alexander Rollo, according 
to the direction of sd. Will. 

Page 72 — 7 November, 1705 : Lt Thomas Ward, Thomas Stow and 
John Bacon, being sworn, did make apprizement of sd. Lands, and under 
their hands in writing did present to this Court their apprizement thereof, 
wch this Court accepts. It also appearing to this Court that Mary, one of 
the daughters of the sd. John Kirby, Deed, hath had of the Estate of her 

£ s d 

sd Father, 30-15-00 

and that Elizabeth, another daughter, hath had 24-10-00 

And Hannah hath had 17-06-00 

And Sarah hath had 47-19-06 

And Easter hath had 59-10-00 

And Bethia hath had 81-00-00 

And Susanna hath had 2-10-00 

And Abigail hath had 2-05-00 

And Joseph hath had 51-18-00 

as they and every one of them (except Elizabeth and Bethia, who are de- 
ceased) have acknowledged in writing upon Oath, presented now in this 
Court, which is on file. This Court do therefore, upon Consideration of 
all the premises. Order and direct Emanuel Buck, alias Enock Buck, the 
only surviving Executor, to sett out to the several heirs or Legatees of 
the sd. John Kirby, deceased, or their legal representatives, their several 
respective remaining parts or portions of their Deed Father John Kirby's 
Estate, according to his Will. Joseph Kirby prays an appeal may be granted 
him to the Court of Assistants. To this Alexander Rollo and David Robin- 
son objected against the takeing of his own bond. 

Court Record, Page 73 — ^21 November, 1705 : Alexander Rollo of 
Middletown presented to this Court a Letter of Attorney made by 
Emanuel Budc, alias Enock Buck, of Wethersfield, Executor of the Last 
Will of John Kirby, formerly of Middletown, Deed, to David Robinson 
and him sd. Rollo, to impower them as his attorney to make full division 
and distribution of the said John Kirby's Estate to and amongst his Chil- 
dren according to the sd. Last Will of the sd. Kirby, and in pursuance to 
an Order of this Court made the 7th of this Instant November, 1705^ and 



voir, in. 

also the division and distribution of the said Estate made by them in pur- 
suance and by Vertue of the said power of attorney, with tfie said Emau- 
uel, alias Enock Buck, his allowance and confirmation thereof, which this 
Court do accept and allow and do order the same to be recorded and putt 
upon file. (Not indexed.) 

Page 96 — 16 September, 1707: Joseph Kirby and Alexander RoUo 
presented to this Court a new apprizement or Invt of the real Estate of 
their Father John Kirby, formerly of Middletown, Deed (pursuant to the 
order and determination of the Court of Assistants held at Hartford the 
1st day of May last past), made by a jury of twelve men upon Oath, in 
Order to have the direction of this Court for another or new Division or 
Distribution made of the said Estate, And now this Court have again 
heard all the pleas and allegations of the sd. Joseph Kirby of the one part, 
and of the said AUexander RoUo and David Robinson (who married two 
of the daughters of the sd. deceased) on behalf of themselves and the rest 
of the daughters of the said deceased or their heirs, of the other part, re- 
lateing to their claims upon sd. Estate, And upon Consideration thereof 
Do Find That the sd. Joseph Kirby hath formerly had and received of the 
said Estate (to be accounted for as part of his portion thereof) : 
In Moveables, i7-03-oo ; off the effects of half the Long 

meadow Lott sold. 
Dwelling house and 4 acres of Land, with 2 acres ad- 

joyning to it. 
Bam &2yi acres of Land, part of his Fathers Homestead, 
And 350 acres of Land, the East end of the Long lott, 
Ten acres of upland, £5 ; and 5 acres Meadow, Wongunck 

up lott. 

i s d 




and is allowed as Adms. , 
That Mary had received 

Elizabeth ') 

4 • Easter 
ii/ Bethia 



That the part of the Estate now Invt. by the Jury, 
Estate now Indebted to Mary Buck and David Buck her son, 
The Jury £7-04-00, to RoUo £13-13-09, 
To Land sold, etc.. 

Total for Dist 
Out of this already paid to the Children. 
There remains undivided the summ of 

in All £182-03-00 

£ s d 



l663 TO 1677. F&OBATE &SCOKDS, 215 

The Court now Order the Adms. to pay the debts and report to the 
Court as speedily as may be, when a final Order for Dist would be made. 

Lewis, Wm. Court Record, Page loi — 2 September, 1670 : Thomas 
Hancock of Farmington, aged 25 years, & James Bement of sd. Farming- 
ton, age 18 years, appeared in Court & upon their oath testified that Mary 
Whitehead, the known Mother of Mary the wife of Lt. William Lewis of 
Farmington, in Connecticut, in New England, was, the 2nd of September, 
1670, alive, and they had discourse wiSi her in her son William Lewis 

Page 142. 

Lord, Hn. Dorothy. Invt. £187-17-08. Taken 12 May, 1675, by 
George Grave, John Shepherd. Will dated 8 February, 1669. 

I Dorothy Lord of Hartford do declare this to be my last Will & 
Testament : First, that all my Just Debts be paid out of my Estate. I do 
give my now DweUing house & Bame and my Homelott and my lower Lott 
in the lower Meadow unto the Children of my son Thomas Lord, Deed, at 
the age of 18 years. Item : I give unto my daughter Amy Gilbert and her 
Children 3 acres of Meadow & Swamp land in the upper Lott in the Long 
Meadow next to that Mrs. Olcott hath now in possession. It I give unto 
my son Robert Lord, if he live after my decease so long as to have notice 
of this my Will, 3 acres in my upper Lott adjoining to that which I have 
given my daughter Gilbert. It. I give unto my son William Lord 2 acres 
in my Great Lott in the Long Meadow next adjoining to that which I have 
given to my son Robert. It. I give unto my son John Lord iio in Current 
Pay of the Country. It. Whereas my gr. son Richard Lord hath dis- 
bursed several sums of Money or Country pay for the Building of my 
Chimneys and Shingling my House & repayers about it, I doe for the pay- 
ment of him, Give, Grant & Confirm unto him & his heirs forever all that 
my Meadow Lott in the Long Meadow which abutts upon the Great River 
East, the Little River West, Mr. Westwood's Land North, & Barth Barn- 
ard's Lsmd South. I do also give to my sd. gr. son Richard Lord all the 
remainder of my upper Lott in the Long Meadow which I have not given 
to my sons Robert and William and my daughter Gilbert and their Chil- 
dren, he paying the Legacies hereafter expressed. To my son John, £io. 
I give unto my gr. Child Hannah IngersoU my youngest Cow, and my 3 
Cows I give unto my gr. children, Dorothy and Margaret IngersoU. I 

E've all my Moveable Estate & Cattle to my son William Lord, my gr. son 
ichard Lord, my daughter Stanton, my daughter Gilbert, and the Chil- 
dren of my daughter IngersoU, the whole to be divided into five parts, and 
my daughter IngersoU's chUdren to have one part and the rest each of 
tiiem one part. I give unto the wife of Nicholas Qarke 10 ShiUings. I 
Constitute my son WiUiam and my gr. son Richard Executors, and desire 
my friend Mr. John AUyn to be (Dverseer. 

Witness : lohn AUyn, Dorothy X Loan. 

Steven Hopkins. 


Dorothy Lord doth order the Dispose of her household stuff, after 
her decease, as f olloweth : I give to Richard Lord's wife my iron Drippin 
pan & Great Pewter Pye Plate. Unto Richard Lord Jun. my Great Brass 
Pott. I give unto Mr. Haynes one payre of my best Sheets & two Napkins 
& a pewter pye Plate (smaler one) & one pewter Candle Stick. I give 
unto my daughter Stanton my Great Brass Pann & my great Bible. I give 
to my son William Lord my Silver Drinking Bowie & my Great Brass 
Kettle. I give to my daughter Gilbert my lesser Brass Pann & a Brass 
Scummer & a Brass Chaffing Dish; a great pewter platter to Elizabeth 
Gilbert, & Two Joynt stooles. I give to my daughter Lord, widow, my 
bed I ly on & A feather boulster & a brass Skillett. I give to Dorothy 
Phelps my Coverlid & a feather pillow beere. I give to Margery IngersoU 
a white blankett & a pillow. I give to Hanna Kellsey my hood, a scarfe, 
a Hatt, & a great white Chest, a feather bed & Two Blanketts, a Bowlster 
& Two pillows. Two payre of sheets, one small pott, one small Brass ketle, 
one warming pann, & one payre of Curtains & Curtain rods, & one brass 
Candlestick, & all my Earthem ware. I give to my son Thomas his Chil- 
dren all the utensills about the fire that are now in my house, & my Table 
& forme & Cha)rres. I give to Mary Lord Jun., daughter of my son 
Thomas, my bedstead. I give to Marjory IngersoU & her Sister Dorothy ^ 
to Each twenty shillings. 

Court Record, Page 149 — 14 May, 1675 : Will proven. 

Page 160. 

Lord, Sarah, Hartford. Will dated 2 August, 1676. 

I Sarah Lord of Hartford doe make this my last Will & Testament : 
For ye Continuance of Love & Peace amongst my Relations, dispose of my 
Outward Estate as followeth: My Wearing Apparrel I doe give unto 
sundry persons hereafter mentioned. I give unto my daughter Haynes 
my silk Gown, my Mohaire Petticoat and my red Parragon Petticoat. I 
give to my daughter Lord my best Broad Cloth Gown and my Red Broad 
Cloth Petticoat. I g^ve unto Dorothy IngersoU (alias Phelps) my Coat 
& Wastcoat of Black Serge. I do g^ve to Hannah IngersoU (alias Kelsey) 
my dark Cloth Gown, my Haire Tamy Petticoat, and my green Apron. 
The rest of my Clothes I give for ye Use of Dorothy Lord Jun. I do give 
unto my Cousin Priscilla Brackett (alias Renolds) of Boston £10, to be 
paid at ye End of 5 years next after my Decease. I do g^ve unto my 
cousin Sarah Brackett (alias Shaw) iio, to be paid at Hartford within 5 
years after my Decease. I give unto my Kinsman William Chapman £12, 
to be remitted him of ye Debt he oweth. I give unto my Cousin Margaret 
IngersoU, when she is 18 years of age, one Cow. I do give unto Mary 
Lord (alias Olmsted) two Eues. I doe give unto Sarah Lord, the daugh- 
ter of my brother William Lord, 2 Eues. I do give unto Mary Lord, the 
daughter of my Brother Thomas Lord, at ye age of 18 years, 2 Eues. I 
do give unto Richard Lord, ye sonne of my Brother SQchard Lord, £4, 

l663 to 1677. P&OBATS RBCORDS. 2:1 7 

to be paid him at the end of 6 years after my Decease. All which Legacies 
are to be paid at Hartford out of my Estate. I do give unto my daughter 
Sarah Haynes and her children ye sume of ii8o. I give unto my daughter 
Haines and her Children ye sume of £50 more, in all £230. Lastly, I doe 
give unto my sonne Richard Lord the whole remaining Estate, both Real 
& Personal, and appoint him sole Executor, ordering him to discharge all 
and every of ye Legacies above mentioned, as also to maintain and take 
ye Care of Dorothy Lord, daughter of my Brother Thomas Lord, Deed, 
during her natural life, yt she be comfortably and decently provided for. 
I request my honoured & respective friend Capt John AUyn and Brother 
George Graves to be Supervisors. 

Witness : Joseph Haynes, Sarah X Lord. Ls. 

George Graves. 

Court Record, Page 154 — 7 September, 1676: Will exhibited, and 
Mr. Richard Lord accepts Executorship. 

Page 80. 

Lovelaady JohxL Invt. £114-15-08. Taken 2 September, 1670, by 
Jonathan Gilbert, Nathaniel Willett, Sibora Nichols. 

Court Record, Page 103 — 9 November, 1670: Adms. to the Widow, 
she to possess the whole Estate. 

Page 159. 

Lnzfordt Stephen, Haddam. Died 14 May, 1676. Invt. £24-16-06. 
Taken by Jarrad Spencer, James Welles & Thomas Spencer. 

Court Record, Page 154 — 7 September, 1676: Adms. to Jarrad 
Spencer. Order to Dist. the Estate. 

£ s d 
Debts due from the Estate 18-16-08 

Extra Charges added to the above amount in all 24-08-02 

So that there remains in Jarrad Spencer sen. his hands of the Estate 
Stephen Luxford, £24-08-02 & 2 acres of Swampe Land not prized in the 
Inventory, which is to remain for the Use of the heirs of Stephen Luxford 
when they appear, and the Court doth accept of the above and grant to 
Jarrad Spencer a Quietus Est. for his Adms. so far as he hath proceeded 
as above. 

Page 33 — (Vol. XII) 7 October, 1735 : Whereas, it appears to this 
Court that there is about 2 acres of Land belonging to the Estate of 
Stephen Luxford which was never inventoried, this Court grant Adms. 
on the same unto Thomas Brookes, who recog. £500 with Joseph Fuller of 
East Haddam. 


Page 148. 

ManihalT, Oapt Bamud, Windsor. Died 19 December, 1675. Invt 
£902-15-06. Taken 7 February, 1675-6, by Capt Newbery, Jac6b Drake, 
John Maudsley, Deacon John Moore & Matthew Grant. The children: 
Samuel, b. 27 May, 1653 ! Lydia, b. 18 February, 1655 ; Thomas, b. 23 
April, 1659 ; David, b. 24 July, 1661 ; Thomas, 18 February, 1663 1 Mary, 8 
May, 1667; Eliakim, July, 1669; John, April, 1672; Elizabeth, September, 
1674. — (W. R. ; also see the above named Page 148.) 

Will dated 4 September, 1675: Whereas, I Samuel Marshall, of 
Windsor, am called by the Authority of Connecticut to goe foorthe againe 
the Indians which are risen up as enemies against the inglish, nott Imow- 
ing how the Lord will dispose of me, if it be Gods Will that I shall retome 
no more, I desire to submit thereto, and therefore doe leave this as my 
Will : In the f erst playce, I doe give my daughter Lydia Marshall all the 
Land I bought of Josiah Hull at Hamonosett, to enjoy forever. If she die 
without Issue, the Elstate to be equally divided amongst the rest of my 
Children, reserving a suitable allowance out of it for my wife, I desire my 
Brother Capt Benjamin Newbery, my Kinsman Capt Jdtm Allyn, and my 
Father Wilton to be Overseers. 

Witness: David Wilton, Samuel Marshall. 

Katharine X fVUton. 

Note : Testimony (attest, John AUyn) that Capt. Samuel Marshall 
went out with Major Treat and left this Will with hts Father David Wil- 
ton to keep, Samuel Marshall having died of Wounds December, 1675. 

Court Record, Page 152—2 March, 1675-6: Will & Invt exhibited. 
There being no Executor appointed, Adms. was granted to Mary the 
Relict and Capt Benjamin Newbery. 

F^ 26— (Vol. rV) 21 April, 1680 : An Account of Adms. was now 
exhibitra : 

i 8 d 
Inventory 565-00-00 

Debts & Charges 63-00-00 

Left in the Adms. hands to pay debts 100-00-00 

There remains to be divided 437-12-06 

To the Widow, of personal Estate, 61-12-06 

To Elizabeth, Samuel, Lydia, Thomas, to each 62-13-04 

To David, Thomas and Mary, to each of them 62-13-04 

And appoint Capt. Newbery, Capt Clarke, Return Strong & Nath- 
aniel Bissell^ Distributors. 

Page 123. 

Martin, Anfhony, Middletown. Died 16 November, 167^. Invt 
£184-02-04. Taken 3 December, 1673, ^7 Samuel Collins and Robert 


1663 '^ 1^77- PROBAT9 RECORDS. 219 

Warner, The children: John Martin, age 11 years, Mary 7, Elizabeth 
2 years. Order Dist. of the Estate : To the Widow £15 ; to John £80 ; to 
each of the daughters £40. 

Page 163— (Probate Side, Vol. X) : An Additional Inventory of 
Anthony Martin's Estate of Lands on the East side of the Great River, 
196 acres, £78-10-00; one parcel in ye last Division, 42 acres and 60 Rods, 
£8-09-06; one & ;4 acres & 8 rods, £1-11-00; total, £88-0906. Taken 28 
March, 1723 by Joseph Rockwell, John Williams & William Ward. 

Court Record, Page 12 — ^27 March, 1723 : Mary Martin (alias An- 
drews), a daughter of sd. deceased, sometime of Middletown, Deed, her 
Children Jonathan Andrews and Mary Andrews of Wallingford and Abi- 
gail Andrews of New Haven, by their lawful Attys Matthew Bellamy and 
Thomas Beach, both of Wallmgford, Inform this Court that the sd. 
Anthony Martin died Intestate and that there never was any perfect Invt 
made of his Estate, especially on some divisions of land that have been 
since his decease laid out in or on his right in Middletown, praying that 
Adms. may be granted. Thomas Beach appointed Adms. 

Court Record, Page 32 — 6 November, 1723 : Thomas Beach of Wal- 
lingford, Adms., Exhibits now an Invt. made by a new appraisement at 
the present value thereof ; accepted. The sd. Adms., in behalf of several 
of the Heirs, viz, Mary Martin and Elizabeth Martin, moved for a Dist. 
on sd. Estate. Sundry persons appeared before this Court and produced 
Deeds of Conveyance to them from said Mary Martin and Elizabeth Mar- 
tin, also from John Martin, son to Anthony Martin, of Ancient Deede. It 
appears to the Satisfaction of this Court that the Estate of Anthony Martin 
hath been settled either by Distributicm or an Agreement among the Heirs, 
and conveyed to many other persons. This Court therefore do not Order 
Dist. From this Judgement Thomas Beach appealed to the Superior 

Page 1-2. 

Marvin, Beynold, Saybrook. Invt. £806. Taken 28 October, 1662, 
by John Coniish, William Lord. Will dated 23 May, 1662 (written from 
his own mouth). And Willed by himself. Unto my son Renold Marvin 
I give my house and all my Lands. I will that unto Each of my Grand 
CUldren there be provided and Given a Bible as soone as they are capable 
of useing them, and these be provided out of the Executorship. For the 
moveable Household Goods I doe will that my Son Renold in all particu- 
lars have two parts and mv daughter Mare one, as f oUoweth, that he may 
have two feather beds ana she one ; that he may have two pare of sheets 
and she one pare as far as they will goe ; and so likewise Concerning all 
moveable goods in the house. Concerning the Cowes and young Cattell 
my will is that the fore mentioned distribution be attended. Excepting the 
four Oxen, whidi I give to my son Renold. Concerning my wives wear- 
ing Cloths and linnen belonging to her, I leave it to my daughter Mares 
dispose. My horses and mares with their Issues I give unto my son Ren- 


old, only one horse or mare I give to Mare. Concerning the Sheqp and 
Swine, I Will that Renold have two parts and Mare one. There is a Debt 
of I20 due from John Warner of Farmington, which Debts I give to my 
daughter Mare, excepting £5 which I leave with her to be disposed of ac- 
cording to my appointment. I appoint my Son William Waller to be the 
Executor of this my Will, to see the performance of it. I appoint that 
20 Shillings be allowed out of my Estate for his recompense. That this is 
my Act and Deed I do Confirm by subscribing by my Hand. 

Witness : John X Lay senior, Renold X Marvik. 

Jeremiah Peck. 

Proven 9 July, 1663. 

Court Record, Page 89 — 2 Sq)tember, 1669: Samuel Collins ptif, 
Contra Ensign William Waller, Executor to Mr. Reinold Marznn, Deed, 
in account of Goods & Cattell of Mr. Reinold Marvin, which by Will be- 
longs to sd. Collins his wife, etc. Damage £150. 

Page 98. 

Mascall, Thomas, Windsor. Invt. £121-15-06. Taken 13 September, 
167 1, by William Thrall, Thomas Stoughton. 

Court Record, Page 116 — 2 November, 1671: Adms. to the Relict. 
Order to Distribute to 3ie Widow ; To Thomas, bom 19 March, 1661, £25 ; 
to Bethiah, b. 6 March, 1660, £15 ; to Abigail, b. 27 November, 1663, ^^5- 
(See Windsor Records.) Thomas Persons & Jacob Drake to be Over- 

Page 49. 

Maybee, Nicholas, Windsor. Buried i March, 1666-7. — (^- ^-) 
Invt. £4-12-08. Taken by Bendict Alverd, Wm. Phelps. 

Court Record, Page 70—8 October, 1667: Adms. to James Enno. 

Page 102. 

mcaeae, JohxL Died 20 August, 1672. Invt £14-17-00. Taken by 
Benjamin Newbery, John Moore Jr. 

Court Record, Page 124 — ^5 September, 1672: Adms. to Capt New- 
bery & Thomas Allyn. 

Miller, Thomas. Court Record, Page 51 — 9 May, 1666: This Court 
considering the Estate of Thomas Miller, Inventoried, and the desire of 
his wife, lately deceased, in reference to the wrongs done to her by his 
notorious uncleanness, that ye Court would State Some Considerable part 

l663 TO 1677. PROBATA RECORDS. 221 

of ye Estate of the said Miller upon her child, the wife of Nathaniel Bacon, 
doc therefore see just Cause to allow Nathaniel Bacon, husband to Anne 
Bacon (daughter of ye sd. Thomas and Isabel Miller), all ye wearing Ap- 
parell^ linin and woolen, wth those other small things mentioned in the 
Inventory £5-05-00; also the Cow and Calf in Bacons Custody; also ye 
warming pan and great Bible £5-05-00, to Anne Bacon, in ye old Trunk. 
And out of ye Estate thirty pounds (£30) more to be paid imto ye said 
Nathaniel Bacon by the 25th of March next ensueing, in Current Come, 
Beef, or Porke, or otherwise to Nathaniel Bacons Content. This being 
discharged by Thomas Miller, it is to be a final issue of all demands that 
Nathaniel Bacon may make for charges in Keeping Isabel Miller, or for 
her burial, or upon any other account for things past. The Lands of 
Thomas Miller Stand as Security. The pillion is granted to Mary Ward. 

Page 195. 

Moore, John, Windsor. Invt. £489-04-07. Taken 17 September, 
1677, by Benjamin Newbery, Daniel Clarke, Return Strong, Josiah Els- 
worth. Dictated. Will dated 14 September, 1677 : Deacon John Moore 
being at this prsent his memory & understanding sound though under pres- 
ent sickness, did declare with his own mouth in the prsence of his wife, 
Robert Hayward & John Moore, Nath. Loomys & John Loomys, that it 
was his will as foUoweth : Imprs. He did will to his deare wife the prod- 
uct & improvement of his whole Estate, houseing. Lands & Moveables, 
so long as She Lives, & fifty pownds to her own dispose to her children or 
at her discretion at her death ; & my will is that the estate that rema)ms 
after her death as aforesayd shall be disposed as followeth: to my son 
John a double portion, & my will is my son shall have all my Land, he pay- 
ing what his double portion doe not reach to my other children, unto whom, 
that is, to my four daughters, I doe will the remaynder of my estate in 
equal proportion. 

Witness our hands : Robert Haywood, John Loomys, 

Court Record, Page 165 — 6 December, 1677 : Adms. to Jchn Moore. 
Jacob* (John) Drake sen. personally appeared in Court and declared it to 
be his Will & Desire that the above written Will should stand as the Will 
of his deceased Father, before Benjamin Newbery, John Moore, Nathaniel 
Loomis^ Thomas Bissell & Nathaniel Bissell. In Court, 6 December, ^^77» 
they did acknowledge that they in their own and their wives behalf did 
acquiesce in and approve of the Dispose of the Estate of Deacon John 
Moore as it is expressed by him and written as above. 

Attest : John Allyn, Secretary. 

Court Record, Page 165 — 6 December, 1677 : Adms. granted to John 
Moore, with the Will annexed. 

•Jacob Drake seems an error of the Recorder, but was so written. 


Note : The first book of births, marriages and deaths at Windsor is 
a copy of the original (which original appears only in shreds) and does 
not contain all the names of the original. Many of the early names were 
recorded in a Vol of Lands now preserved in the vault at the oMce of the 
Secretary of State. 

Nathaniel Loomis and Elizabeth Moore were married 24 November, 
1653. Thomas Bissell and Abigpail Moore were married 11 October, 1655. 
{Recorded in Vol. of Lands, Sec. States OiRce). 

(On W. R.) : Nathaniel Bissell and Mindwell Moore were Married 
25 September, 1662. John Drake and Hannah Moore were Married 30 
November, 1648. 

Page 62-3. 

Morrice, John, Hartford. Invt. i20i-i2-oo. Taken 15 February, 
1668-9, by Robert Morrice, Daniel Pratt. Will dated 13 November, 1668. 

I John Morrice of Hartford doe make this my last Will & Testament : 
I do give unto my wife my whole Estate, that is to say, the Improvement 
and Use of it until my Children come of age to receive their portions, she 
bringing them up wth the profitts of it. It is my Mind that my wife 
should have, if she see Cause to accept of it and have Need thereof. Liber- 
ty to dwell in my House & have room in the Yard to set her Wood, and hay 
for a Cow or two, & 1-3 of the Benefit of all my Lands during her natund 
life. I give unto my son John my Dwelling house and all the West End 
of my Bam from the floor, and all my House lott so far as the middle of 
the Floor, & from thence the South Line to nm right through my Lott, 
which sd. South Line shall be the East line of my son John's Homelott. I 
also give him my old Houselott lying near the Oxpasture by Nathaniel 
Barding's Houselott, & my Lott in the Soldiers Field which lyeth between 
Robert Sandford and Goodman Bumham's. I do also give unto my son 
Joshua die remaining part of my Homelott and the East End of the Bam, 
vrth liberty to make use of the Bam floor, which Bam floor wth ye Bam 
Doors shall be mayntaned by my two sons, John & Joshua, at their equal 
charges, they having by my Guift equal liberty to improve them for their 
own Use. It is also my Will that mv sons John & Joshua shall not make 
Sale of their Proprieties in my sd. Houselott & Bam to any persons with- 
out the full Consent of each other. I also give to my son Joshua my Sol- 
diers Field Lott that lyes between Thomas Bumham's and John Church, 
and 4 acres of Land lying in the Woods near Nathaniel Barding's house- 
lott, and the remainder of my Land in the Woods on the West side of the 
Great River. I give unto my daughter Mary £20, I make my wife sole 
Executrix, and desire my loving brother Robert Morrice and my friend 
Daniel Pratt Overseers. 

Witness : John Allyn, John Morrice. Ls. 

William Wadsxvorth. 

A Codicil bears date 22 November, 1668. 

Court Record, Page 85—4 March, 1668-9 : Will proven. 

l663 to 1677. PROBATA KBCORDS. 223 

Page 60. 

Morton, Samiiel, Hoccanum. Died 25 September, 1667. Invt. £4- 
oB-00. Taken 21st May, 1668, by Samuel Welles & Hugh Welles. 

Court Record, Page 85—4 March, 1668-9: Invt. of the Estate ex- 
hibited. Adms. to Thomas Edwards. 

Page 66. 

Napp, Thomas, Hartford. Invt. £4-17-02. Taken 22 January, 
1699-1700, by Nathaniel Ruscoe & Richard Lord. Exhibited in Court 25 
January, 1669. 

Court Record, Page 89—2 September, 1699: Gregory Wolterton, 
Ens. Nich: Olmsted, Edward Elmore, John Gilbert, Wm. Warde & 
George Gates being sworn to make a true verdict upon the death of 
Thomas Napp, return that they find that he came to the river voluntarily, 
went into the river and was drowned, being carelessly accessory to his 
owne death as far as they can understand. 

Page 95 — 25 January, 1699 : Bartholemew Barnard appointed Adms. 
on the sd. Eitate. 

Page 15. 

Orvioe (Orvia), Oeorge, Farmington. Died 27 April, 1664. Invt. 
£92-00-00. Taken by John Root, Stephen Hart. 

Court Record, rage 33 — ist June, 1665 : Adms. to the Relict, Ste- 
phen Hart and Thomas Barnes to assist. The Debts & Legacies of ye 
Children of her first husband being discharged, the rest of the Estate to 
belong to ye Widow to bring up ye younger Children. 

Page 172. 

Osborne, James, Hartford. Invt. £19-17-09. (Of Lands in Spring- 
field & Hatfield, value not known.) Taken 14 June, 1676, by Nathaniel 
Stanly and Philip Davis. The children : James, Samuel, Sarah Osborne, 
Mary Brace & Elizabeth Arnold. 

We whose names are underwritten did hear Goodman Osborne say 
that his Desire and Will was that his wife should have the Use of all his 
Lands while she lives, and after her decease it should belong to & by his 
Will be given to his two sons James and Samuel, and sayd he had intended 
to have given his steere to his son-in-law Daniel Arnold, but his wife was 
not willing and he would not trouble her, but would give him some of that 
Debt in Samuel Elmore's hand. 

Witness: Nathaniel Stanly, 
Sibom Nichols, Philip Davis. 

Court Record, Page 156— 11 September, 1676: Will and Invt. ap- 


The Court order that Daniel Arnold shall possess and receive £3 of 
the Debts in Samuel Elmore's Hand. 

Court Record, Page 156 — 11 September, 1676: Will & Invt. ap- 

. Page 105. 

Pantry, Hannah. Estate Debtor to her Mother Mrs. Welles : 

£ s d 

Payd her in Cattle in April & August, 1670, 43-00-00 
By Expense of driving them down to Milford, wch was 

to Elmore, 12 Shillings ; To Messenger, io-02-06 ; To a 

horse, 8s ; To Expenses at Highway, £0-00-06, 1-08-06 

My son Thomas went to help them with a horse, 10-00 
Also 3 August, 1670, pd. Robert Howard for Phissick for 

her, I-IOKX) 
By extraordinary attendance & Expenses in that Sickness, 

in Wine & other things, etc., 3-00-00 

Payd Goodwife Sandford Cure for her, 1672, o-io-oo 
By Expenses for her in her last Sickness & in Attendence 

extraordinary, 03-00-00 

By Expenses at the Funeral, Coffin & Grave, etc., 2-19-00 

Of the above written, in Mr. Bryant's hand there is 43-10-00 

Her portion was 120-00-00 

Her Debt to her Mother besides that in Mr. Br)rant's hand, 12-17-06 

Remains to be divided in Mr. Bryant and her Mothers hand 107-02-06 

Exhibited in Court ist April, 1673, & Dist made by the sd. Court. 

Court Record, Page 130— ist April, 1673 : Order to Dist. the Estate 
of Mrs. Hannah Pantry, which was £107-02-06, being indebted to her 
Mother Mrs. Welles for the sum of £12-17-06, this being deducted this 
Court order the remainder to be divided, 1-3 part to John Pantry, 1-3 to 
Mary Pantry, and 1-3 to Mrs. Hannah Welles, which Dist. is judged to 
be consonant with the mind of Mr. John Pantry, Father of the Deed. The 
full Amount being £35-14-02. 

Page 187. 

Pierson, Jolm, Middletown. Died July, 1677. Invt. £35-19-00. 
Taken by Nathaniel Bacon, William Cheeny. He died leaving one son 
about 3 years of age. 

Court Record, Page 164 — 6 September, 1677 : Adms. to the Widow, 
and Order that the House and Land be reserved for the son after the de- 
cease of the Mother, the rest of the Estate to be distributed to the widow 
and to her heirs. Mr. William Cheeny is desired to act as Overseer. 

j663TOi677* p&obats rbco&ds. 335 

Page 65. 

PhdlNi, Samuel, Windsor. Invt £773-15-00. Taken 29 June, 1669, 
by John Moore, Matthew Grant, Sergt. Benedict Alvord, William Thrall. 
The legatees : Sarah the Widow, Samuel age 17 years, Sas^ 15, Tim- 
othy 13, Mary 1 1, William 9, John 7, Ephraim 6, Abigail 3, Josiah 2 De- 
cember next. 

Court Record, Page 89—^ September, 1669 : Invt exhibited Adms* 
to the Relict. 

See File : Order to Distribute to the Relict £78 to dispose of as she 
shall see cause, and one third of the use of Land during life ; also the im- 
provement of the whole Estate until the children come of age. To the 
eldest son iio8 ; to the 2d, £80 ; to the 3d, £73 ; to the 4th, sth & 6th, to 
each £73 ; to the three daughters, to each, £48-06-08. William Phelps and 
George Griswold to be Overseers. 

Page 98—3 Mardi, 1669-70 : The Widow Phelps desires the Court 
to appoint Timothy Phelps to assist William Phelps and George Griswold 
as Joynt Overseers. 

Page 70-1-2. 

Phillipg, Ann, of Hadley & Hartford. Invt. £391-16-09. Taken 13 
November, 1669, by Richard Butler & Bartholemew Barnard. Will dated 
31 March, 1668-9. 

I Ann Phillips of Hadly, in the Massachusets Jurisdiction, Widdow, 
considering the vncertainty of the term & manner of my death. And that 
my Estat may be desposed of according to my own mind and Will though 
at this present I am in health of body and having my perfect memory and 
Understanding, Doe make and ordain this my last Will and Testament, 
Wherein I give to my brother John Rogers in England £100, or, if he die, 
to his son John Rogers, or next, to the Children of my Brother Samuel 
Young in England. I give to my Brother Samuel Young £100. Special 
provision is made, if some of them come to live in this Country, of Lands 
in Northampton and Hartford. I give to Mr. John Hooker, now living 
in England, £10 if he come to live in this country within 3 years after my 
decease ; if he come not, then what I have given him I give to the eldest son 
of Mr. Samuel Hooker. Also I give to Mr. Samuel Hooker £10. I give 
to my Sister Mrs. Wilson £10. I give to Mr. John Russell, pastor of the 
church at Hadley, £10. I give £5 to the Qiurch at Hadley to buy Potts 
or Cups for the Communion Table. My will is that all those Legacies I 
have given to such as live in this Country be payd to each and every one of 
them within eighteen moneths after my decease. Except the Qiild or 
Children of my brother Young if any of them come hither, to whom it is 
to' be paid at their several ages. 

My will is that after my decease my Executor or his assigns doe take 
the first opportunity to Send to my friends in Eng^d & give them full 
and Qear information of this my Last will so far as it Concerns any of 
them, and continue a yearly sending to them till he shall receive an Answer 


of or from them, within ten years. If no answer is Come nor order from 
them in ten years, then my will is that the Legacies I have given them to be 
disposed off for the reliefe of the honest poore & Encouragement of 
Schooling in Hartford & Hadley by an equal proportion. I give to my 
Executor & his heirs all other of my Estate. Item. I give to Samuel Shep- 
herds heir, if living, £$ ; but if not, I give this £5 to Mr. John Wilson, 
pastor of the church of Meadfield. Also my will is that my Overseers shall 
be paid for their pains. I make Mr. James Ensign sole Executor ; Mr. 
Bidiard Goodman & John White Overseers. Ann X Philups. 

Court Record, Page 1 1 1 — 5 April, 1671 : Upon Motion of David 
'Ensign, this Court having viewed the last Will of Ann Phillips, do declare 
that the Executor of the Will of sd. Ann Phillips stand obliged to make 
payment of the Legacies bequeathed to John Rogers & Samuel Young here 
in Hartford, & that they are not to stand any venture of Transportation. 

Page 180. 

Plxmey, Nafhaziiel, Died 7 August, 1676. Invt £22i-i&-io. Taken 
4 September, 1676, by Jacob Drake, Thomas Bissell, Samuel Pinney, 
Abraham Phelps & Joseph Griswold. The children: Nathaniel, age $ 
years 11 May, 1675; & Sarah, age 3 years nth October, 1675. 

Court Record, Page 156— 11 September, 1676: Adms. granted to 
Sarah the Widow. 

Page 161 — 1st March, 1676-7: Order to Dist. to the Widow £45, 
to the Son £60, to the daughter £31. 

Plnmbe, John. Court Record, Page 137 — ^5 March, 1673-4: John 
Plumbe, as Master of the Ketch, Hartford, Pltf . ; Estate of Isaac Grosse, 
deft; for expenses, charges and wages due in and upon his voyage to 
Jamecoe to the sd. Ketch. 

Page 151. 

Pond, Nathaniel, Windsor. Invt i66-o8-oa Taken 22 January, 
167s, by Benedict Alvord, John Moore Jr. 

Court Record, Page 152 — 2 March, 1675-6: Adms. to Nicholas Sen- 
sion. John Moore Jr. to pay the Debts ; and to Samuel Pond, Brother of 
the Deed, yi of the Estate, and the other half to Sarah his sister, the wife 
of Jonathan Hoyte of Guilford. 

Page loi. 

Biohardfli Widow. Invt. £24-08-00. Taken 12 June, 1671, by Rich- 
ard Butler, George Grave Jr. On the 13th of June, 1671, The Estate of 

l663 TO 1677. P&OBATB KSCORDS. 22'f 

Widow Ridiards was Dist : To John Richards, to Mary Peck of Milf ord, 
to Thomas Richards, & to Obadiah Richards. Wc whose names are 
underwritten do jointly agree to diis Dist, as also we have attended the 
Will of the Deceased herein as far as we understand it 

iMi John Richards, 

Mary X Peck, 
Thomas Richards. 

Page 82-3. 

Bi8l07, SamneL Died 8 July, 1670. Invt £20-04-10. Taken by 
Nathaniel WiUett ft Sibom Niccols. 

Court Record, Page 102 — ist September, 1670: Creditors to mett 
2nd Wednesday in November next. 

Page 103 — 9 November, 1670: Invt. exhibited. This Court grant 
Thomas Edwards Adms. on the Estate to pay the Debts so far as die Es- 
tate would go. 

Page 104—9 November, 1670: This Court grant Thomas Edward 
a Quietus Est 

Sobbins, SamneL Court Record, Page 7 — ^3 September, 1663 : The 
Court having considered Samuel Robbins^ ft Mary Browne's offence, doe 
adjudge them to be marryed each to the other & pay a fine. 

Page 4 — ^29 October, 1663: This Court order that the Marshall 
Thomas Cadwell deliver all the Estate of Samuel Robbins in his hands 
that hath been committed to their Care into the Hands of the Townsmen 
of Hartford to be improved by them for the Use & Relief of Mary Browne 
as they see Cause. To the publique treasury five pounds, ft Samll Robins 
is to give in forty pound Bond to attend the order of Court & to live wth 
his wife ft not departe ft Leav her. 

Page 120. 

Sodcwdl, Johxi, Windsor. Died 3 September, 1673. Invt ii86- 
16-06. Taken by Robert Hayward, Thomas Bissell, Matthew Grant The 
chil^en: Sarah age 20 years, Ruth 19, Lydia 17, Hanna 8, Joseph 5, 
Elizabeth 3 years of age. 

Court Record, Page 137 — ^5 March, 1673-4 : Invt. exhibited. 

Page 140— 1st April, 1674: Adms. to the Widow. Order to Dis- 
tribute to the widow £17-15-00 ; to Joseph, £48 ; to Ruth, who had a legacy 
from her gr. Father Ensign, iio only ; to Sarah, to Lydia, to Hanna, to 
Elizabeth, £24 to each. Thomas Bissell ft Samuel Rockwell to be Over- 

338 P&OBATB &BCORDS. VOh. Ill, 

Page 19-21. 
Wm on File 

Bookwellf Simon, Windsor. Died 22 June, 1665. Invt. £206-05-06. 
Taken 27 June, 1665, by Matthew Grant, John Gaylor, William Gaylord.- 

And near the Evening of the day before his death. Deacon Gaylor, 
Humphrey Pinne and Jolm Gaylor, being all then with him, seeing him 
very eill, advised him to declare how his Estate ^ould be dipose of if he 
should Dey of this Sickness. He desired them to help him by their advice, 
ft they tould him now he should speake freely of himself. Tlien he thus 
E3q>rest himself as f oUoweth : My will is after my death my two Sisters 
Children shall have my HoUe Estate, to every one of them equally, divided 
among themselves. (Test, in Court 10 July, 1665.) 

The Children of Simon Rockwells two Sisters: The Eldest, The 
wife of Robert Watson, 6 Children : Mary age 14 years, John 12, Samuel 
10, Hanna 7, Ebenezer 4, Nathaniel 2 years. The second sister, wife of 
Sergt. Zachariah Sanford, 4 children: Zachary Sanford, bom 1653; 
Hanna, b. 1656 ; Ruth, b. 1659 > Ezekiel, b. 1663. [Prom Saybrook Re- 
cords. Testimony of Robert Chapman.] 

An agreement : Page 21 — 6 November, 1665. Dist. Estate of Simon 
Rockwell between Robert Watson & Zachary Sandford : It is agreed that 
ye said Watson shall have the Houseing and land, per Invt., £102-02-00, 
and said Sandford shall have ye moveables, which amounts by Inventory 
to £104-03-06. And the sd. Watson is to pay the sd. Sandford fourty 
shillings more as a full division of ye said Estate. 

Page 109-10. 

Bnsooe, Nathaniel sol, Hartford. Invt £304-03-00. Taken 18 
/lugust, 1673, by John Allyn, Caleb Stanly. Will dated 23 July, 1673, at 

Nathaniel Rescoe senior being vary sickeand weake, thought gooil 
while my Sences ware with me, that in Case the Lord doth take me now 
away out of the World, my Will and desire is that the Estate which God 
hath bestowed uppon me should be distributed as f oUoweth : I doe Giue 
to my Loving wife the ^ of all my hole Estate during her Liufes time, 
and at her death to retome it to my son Nathanell ; and the other half of 
my Estate I Giue to my sone Nathanell Rescoe. And I doe Giue to my 
kinswoman mary Browne one heffer, tooe yeare ould, and vantage. And 
I doe Giue to Benjamin Newtone one young horse and one pige. More- 
over I doe desier the honoured Mr. John Allyn and Caleb Stanly to be 
helpefull to my wife and son in the managing of their affiiirs. That this 
is the Will of Nathaniel Ruscoe senior we doe aphearm. 

George Gates, 
Henry Cole. 

l663TOl677- .PROBATE RECORDS. 229 

On the 13th of August, 1673, An Agreement of the Legatees tnat 
Mary Browne and Benjamin Newton to diem those small legacies shall be 
{performed, and to Joane Ruscoe, the Relict of the Deed, shall during her 
life stand seized of the yi of the Real & Personal Estate, and at her de- 
cease shall have liberty by her last Will or otherwise to dispose of £80 ot 
the Personal Estate in her Hands, and the Remainder to be to Nathamel 

Witness: John Allyn, Joana X Ruscoe, 

Caleb Stanly. Nathaniel Ruscoe. 

Whereas my Husband & my Hond. Father was by the providence of 
God seized of his last sickness from Home, & by his Extremitie and want 
of Assistance made his last will somewhat imperfect, we being Principally 
Concerned as Legatees to the Deed, have mutually agreed, if the Hon- 
oured Court please to confirm our Agreement here, that those Legacies 
granted to Mary Browne & Benoni Newton shall be performed, & Joanne 
Ruscoe, Relict, during her natural life shall stand seized of >4 of the Real 
& Personal Estate of the Decea3ed, & that at her decease she should have 
liberty by her Will & Testament or (^erwise to dispose of £80 of the Per-^ 
sonal Estate in her Hands, The remainder to be to Nath. Ruscoe & his 
heirs forever. Signed, 18 August, 1673. Joanne X Ruscoe, 

Test : Caleb Stanly, Nath : Ruscoe. 

John Allyn. 

Court Record, Page 133 — ^4 September, 1673: A writing was pre- 
sented in Court as the Last will of Nathaniel Ruscoe, & noe Executor 
named therein. Letters of Adms. were granted to Joane, the Relict of 
Nathaniel Ruscoe, and an agreement for a settlement of the Estate was 
Confirmed by the Court 

Page 130-1-2. 

Byley, John, Wethersfield. Invt £688-04-00. Taken 11 June, 
1674, by John Nott sen., John Kilboum, Enoch Buck, Eleazer Kimberly. 
Will dated 13 May, 1674. 

Be it known to all men by these prsents, that I Jno Ryley of the Town 
of Wethersfield do make this my last Will ft Testament : I give to my 
son John Ryley the House ft Lott which I bought of John Didkinson, the 
4 acres of Land lying at the east lower End of Beaver Meadow wch I 
had by Exchange of John Betts, The >4 of that Land which I bought of 
Will Gull, lying in the Plaine, 2 acres of my Plaine at the South Field, 
wdi 2 acres shall be on the nortli side of it, TTie J4 of that Land wch shall 
by Division fall to me on the East side of the Great River. I do give to 
my son Joseph that House & Homelott which I had by Exchange of Tho: 
Coudi. Item, the other half of ye Land in ye Plaine which I bought of 
Will : Gull. Item : 2 acres of my Pasture at the South Field, next to his 


Brother John. Item : the other half of the Land which by Division shall 
fall to me on the East side of the Great River. Also, I give to him my 
gray mare and her Colt, only I do hereby enjoyn him my son Joseph .to 
pay to his sister Mary die sume of iio in Current pay of the Country 2 
years after the Lands shall come into his Hands. Item : I do give to my 
son Jonathan 3 acres of Land lying at the lower End of ye Meadow be> 
tween John Damon Jr. and Samuel Boreman. Item: 4 acres in Beaver 
Meadow between Goodman Churchill & Jonathan Damon. Item : 8 acres 
at Rocky Hill. Item : my Lott of 50 acres or there abouts in ye Woods or 
West Division. Further, my Will is, with reference to these my three 
sons, John, Joseph & Jonathan, that my wife their Mother shall have the 
thirds of all the yearly products & Increase of such of the Lands be- 
queathed imto them as are improveable at my Decease, and this she shall 
have during her life. Item : I do give to my daughter Mary, besides ye 
iio above mentioned, £70 more wch my Executor and Adms. shall pay 
out of my other Estate. Item : I do give to my daughter Grace i20, which 
shall in like manner be paid by my Executors when she shall come to age. 
Item : I give to my daughter §arah £20 when she shall come to age. Item : 
I do give to my 2 youngest sons, Jacob and Isaac, this house in which I 
now dwell. Item : 5 acres of Land at the Pond, 5 acres more or less of 
Meadow Ground within ye Meadow Gate. Item : 4 acres of Land in ye 
Plaine between Lands of Mr. Robbins & Jdm Dickinson. Item : 4 acres 
of my Pasture at the South Field, which is the remainder from yt before 
bequeathed. All whidi Housdng & Lands shall be equally divided be- 
tween ttiese my 2 scms, Jacob and Isaac, after the decease of their Mother. 
I give unto my three older sons my Carpenter Tooles. I appoint my wife 
sole Executrix. I desire Mr. Bulkeley, my brother John Belding, my 
Brother Emanuel Buck, and my Cousin Michael Griswold to be Overseers. 

Witness : Gershom Bulkeley, John X Ryley. Ls. 

Michael Griswold. 

Court Record, Page 143 — 3 September, 1674 : Will approved. 

Page 1 15-16. 

Sadler, John. Invt £78-18-00. Taken 18 August, 1673. Will dated 
8 July, 1673. 

I John Sadler doe make & ordain this my last Will & Testament: 
After my Debts are paid I give my whole Estate to my wife Deborah 
Sadler, and desire Anthony Wright and Samuel Butler to be helpfull in 
ordering the business and gathering the debts. John X Sadler. 

Court Record, Page 135 — 25 November, 1675 : Adms. to the Relict. 

Note : This Indenture, made the 29 of June, 1643, by and between 
John Sadler of Wethersfield, uppon Connecticott River, in America, on 
the one Ptr, and George Willis of Hartford, upon the same River, Gent., 
on the other parte, Witnesseth: That the said John Sadler, for and in 

1663 'TO 1677. P&OBATB RBCOKDS. 83I 

Consideration that the said George Willis had, before the ensealeing and 
delivery of the prsents, ddivered up Canceled unto the said John Sadler 
one bill or deed of Morgage bearing date the seaven and twentieth day of 
March, 1642, of his home and house lott and other lotts to the said home 
lott belonging, formerly bought of one Edmund Vore of Wethersfield by 
the said John Sadler, wch was made to one Richard Myles of Uncoway 
for the payment of Sixteen Pownds ten Shillings Sterling, payable 24 
August, 1643, ^^ ^^ House of Nathaniel Foote in Wethersfield. Ex^ 
tended at 8 per cent. Interest until May next, 2S day. 

Page 166-7-8. 

Sandford, Bobert Ben. Invt. £414-05-06. Taken 19 June, 1676, by 
John Gilbert, William Pitkin. 

The children: Zachariah Sandford, Eldest son, Elizabeth Colier, 
Ezekiel Sandford, Mary Campe, Sarah, Robert, Hannah, and Abigail 

I Robert Sanford sen. doe make this my Last will and Testament 
as followeth: Item: The house, Ortyard and Lott that was Goodman 
Phillipps I give to my son Zachariah Sanford and his heirs forever, bee- 
ing about two acres of Land (that is, the Ortyard next Phillipps house and 
the Lot next that Ortyard"), to bee his after his mother Decease, hee pay- 
ing such Legacies out of it as I shall appoint. Item : My other dwelling 
house in Hartford with the Lot next it, and Harts hill and the ( ) 

pasture bought of Kellsey, and the bam and Ortyard next Gerrard Spikes 
lot, and the Land adjoyning to Samuel Olcotts and Specks lotts, I give, 
after my wives decease, to my son Robt. Sanford and his heirs for ever, 
hee paying such Legacies out Of it as I shall appoint. Item : I give to my 
daughter Hannah tiie neck pasture which is next to Caleb Stanlys land, 
after her mothers decease, the best Kettle and my pistoll, and to Abigail 
my best skillett Item : To my Daughter Sarah I give a Great Kettle & 
a Cowe, after my wive's decease. Item : to Robert Sanford the Land in 
Soldiers field ( ) and the Land over the Great river in Mr Crows 

Meadow. Item: My wood Lands I would have them Ly in common for 
the use of both my son Robert and Zachar}rah. During my wives life time 
I would have her to have the whole of my Estate as it now is myne, and 
Robt. to Live with her and attend her, and to have my team to help her. 

(Not signed.) 

Mr. Will Pitkin & Sargt. Tho. Spencer did declare upon oath that 
they did hear Robt. Sanford declare as his Last will so far as. is written. 

Court Record, Page 155 — 7 September, 1676: Will & Invt, exhibi- 
ted. Adms. granted to the Widow. Page 159—6 December, 1676 : Order 
to Dist. the Estate to the 5 daughters, giving to each of them £20. 


Page 125. 

Sazton, IK^dow Sarah, Windsor. She died 13 June, 1674. Invt. 
£69-19-00. Taken 8 July, 1674, by Matthew Grant, John Moore sen., 
Nathaniel Cooke. The children : John, bom 4 March, 1649-50 ; Richard, 
bom I March, 1654-5 ; Sara, married, bom 26 March, 1647-8 ; Mary, the 
wife of George Sanders, bom Feb., 1655-6; Patience, bom 28 January, 

0)urt Record, P^ge 143 — ^3d September, 1674 : Adms. to John Sax- 
ton. Deac. John Moore and Nathaniel Cooke, Ohrerseers. Order to Dist. 
to John, eldest son, £25 ; to Richard, £13 ; to the eldest daughter, £10; to 
the younger ones, £8-15-00 to each of tiliem. 

Soott, Oapt. JohxL Court Record, Page 16—18 May, 1664: Cotn- 
plaint against, by Mr. Wm Pitkin. Mr. John Scott doth chuse to be tryed 
by the Bench, & Waves his tryall by a Jury. The Case charging John 
Cooper with treasonable utrunses against Ins Magesty the King. This 
not proven. John Scott himself for his Treasonable words, etc., fined 
£250. Imprisoned during the pleasure of the Court. Required before his 
departure to give Bond in £500 for his Good behavior Toward this Govern* 
ment and toward all persons In this Corporation, and not to cause disturb- 
ance in this Colony. And this Court doth degrade the said John Scott of 
his Civil olRce of Comissioner on Long Island, & disfranchise him of ye 
priviledge of freedom in this Corporation, & disinable him for giving in 
Testimonie in any of our Civil Courts. 

24 May 16^ : Letter from John Allyn, Secretary, to Mr. Woodhull,. 
with an Incidental mention thai the Right HonaurMe Colonell Nichols 
hath taken the Government of the Island. 

Page 177. 

Shaddndc, Eliaa, Windsor. Died 26 May, 1676. Invt. £18-15-00. 
Taken 12 August, 1676, by Matthew Grant, Thomas Bissell. Legatees: 
Wife and one Child. 

Court Record, Page 156— 11 September, 1676: The Small Estate 
left with the Widow, she to pay debts and funeral charges, Provided they 
are not more than £12. 

Page 76. 

Shear, John, Windsor. Died 27 September, 1669. Invt. £147-13-00. 
Taken 25 October, 1669, by Capt. Newbery, William Trail. Will dated 
26 September, 1669. 

The last Will & Testament of John Shear, his memory being sound : 
I giv to my son John Shear my Yoke of Oxen & a young mer a year old^ 


one hog of 2 year old, & two young swine about 2 weeks old. I give also 
to my loving wife SanJi Sheare all the Estate that she brought to me her 
husband John Sheare. And as for the Rest of the Estate, I giv to my lov- 
ing wife Sara Sheare, only she is my sole Executrix. For the true per- 
formance of this my Will, I desire my loving friends Timothy Trail and 
George Griswold, Jacob Gibbs ft Robert Hawart, to be my Overseers to 
this my Will. 

Witness : Rebecca X Owine, John X Sheare. 

Mary Griswold. 

Court Record, Page 99 — 19 April, 1670: Will ft Invt. Exhibit 

Page 165. 

Smifh, Jobana, Farmington. Invt. £30-10-09. Taken ist Septem- 
ber, 1676, by John Root sen., Thomas Newell, Benjamin Judd. 

Court Record, Page 155 — 7 September, 1676: Adms. to Jimathan 
Smith. Order to Dist. the Estate, to be equally divided between the 
Mother and 5 Brothers and two Sisters of the deceased, and to Samuel, 
son of Jonathan Smith. This Court appoint Thomas Judd and John Judd 
to assist the Adms. 

Page 113. 

Smith, Jotephi Rocky Hill. Invt. £441-07-06. Taken 28 August, 
1673, ''^y Jsunes Treat, Sergt. John Deming, Emanuel Buck, Townsmen. 
The children : Lydia, age 19 years, Joseph 13, Jonathan 10, Samuel 7. 

Court Record, Page 132 — 4 September, 1673 : Adms. is granted to 
Lydia, the Relict. 

Page 134 — 2$ November, 1673 : Order to Dist. to Lydia the Relict 
£46-06-08 forever, and 1-3 of the profits of the Real Estate during life; to 
the Eldest son £150, to the two youngest sons £90 to each of them, and 
£59 to the daughter. This Court appoint Thomas Wright and Jonathan 
Smith Overseers. 

Page 130 — (Vol. IV) 3 May, 1687: This Court, upon the Motion of 
Lydia Harris, Relict to Joseph Smith of Rocky Hill, that there might be 
a settlement of the Estate of sd. Joseph Smith upon his Children, This 
Court do appoint Mr. John Buttolph, Mr. John Robbins, with Jonathan 
Smith, to Dist. the Estate to his wife and Children according to such pro- 
portion as the Court hath allotted to each of them in 'their Dist of 25 No- 
vember 1673, & to divide to the sons their proportions in Lands as equally 
as may be, so far as it will go. You are to take the Eldest son as living. 


Page 139-40. 

Smith, Thomas, Haddam. Died 2nd November, 1674. Invt. £46- 
09-08. Taken by Wm Qarkc, Symon Smith, James X WeUs. Will dated 
22 September, 1674. 

I Thomas Smith of Haddam do make this my last Will & Testament 
as followeth: I give my Homelott, Orchard, & Fences about it, to the 
wife of John Baily, and to her children after her, and also my Freehold 
on the West side of the River. I give to the wife of Daniel Brainwood 
all my Household Stuffe & Moveables that by this Will are not otherwise 
disposed of, and my Hay to Daniel Brainwood. I give my Tobacco to 
James Welles. I give my Steers to Nicholas Noyes. I give my Cow and 
my gunn to John Smith. I give my Hogg to John Bailey, sen. I give my 
turnips equally betwixt James Welles, Daniel Cone, Joseph Stennard and 
John Bailey. I give what Timothy Spencer oweth me to Daniel Cone. I 
make John Bailey sen. and Daniel Brainwood my Executors to see this my 
Will fulfilled and to take Care of my Buryall, on which I would have 40 
Shillings expended, 30 Shillings of which I would have John Bailey allow 
out of what is given to him, & Daniel Brainwood the other 10 Shillings. 
I would also that James Welles out of the Tobacco I gave him to pay what 
I owe to John Merrells, which is about 10 Shillings. I give my Wearing 
Clothes and Bed Qothes to Steuen Luxford. And this is my last Will ft 
Testament, excepting my Debts to be paid as is expressed on the other side 
of the paper. 

Witness : Nicholas Noyes, (Not signed.) 

George Gates. 

Court Record, Page 144 — 1 1 November, 1674 : Daniel Brainard re- 
fused the Executorship, ft this Court grant Adms. unto John Bailey. 

Page 132 — (Probate Side, Vol. XH) : An Inventory of the Lands 
of Thomas Smith, late of Haddam, valued at £199-00-00, was apprised 28 
December, 1728, by Daniel Clarke, Thomas Brooks ft Caleb Cone. 

Page 206 (Vol. X) — 26 November, 1728: Adms. granted unto 
John Baily Jr. of Haddam. 

Page 210—2 January, 1728-9: John Bailey, Adms. on the Estate 
in Lands of Thomas Smith, exhibited an Invt of sd. Estate not before 
inventoried. Accepted. Also he exhibited an Account of his Adms. of 
incident Charges of £8-11-06. Upon Motion of the Adms. this Court or- 
der that the sd. Estate, after the heirs have refunded to the Adms. the sum i 
aforesd., shall be dist. according to the last Will ft Testament of sd. De- 
ceased: To John Bayley; to the heirs of Lydia Spencer, deceased; to 
Elizabeth Clark, to Benjamin Bayley; to the heirs of Susannah Hubbard; 
to Nathaniel Bailey and Mary Comwell, Children of Lydia Bayley De- 
ceased. And appoint Thomas Brooks Jr. Daniel Qark ft Caleb Qme Jr. 

l663 TO. 1677. PKOBATB UICORDS. 335 

Page 6&-9. 

Smifhy Willianit Farmington. . Invt. £229-00-00. Taken 6 January, 
1669-70, by Thomas Barnes, Thomas Orton & John Wadsworth. The 
children: Jonathan 23 years of age, Jobana 21, Joseph 14, Benjamin 11, 
William 8, Samuel 5, Susannah 19, Elizabeth and Mehetabell 16. Will 
dated 14 December, 1669. 

I William Smith of ffarmington, being through the visitation of God 
very weake in Body but of good understanding, doe in the few words fol- 
lowing dispose of diat little Estate which he Imth lent me : Item. I give 
to my wife 1-3 of my Estate wch shall then be in my house and Homested, 
the rest of my Estate to be divided in equal portions to my Children. I 
desire Mr. Anthony Howkins and Brother John Stanly to be Overseers. 

That this is the last Will of William Smith of Farmington, though 
not subscribed by him by reason of bodily weakness, is attested by us. 

Samuel Hooker, 

John Norton. 

Court Record, Page 97—3 March, 1669-70 : The last Will and Tes- 
tament, together with Ae Inventory of the Estate, of Wm. Smith, of Farm- 
ington, was exhibited in Court & ordered to be recorded, & tUs Court 
grants Elizabeth Smith, the Relict of the sd. Wm. Smith, power of Adms. ; 
k it being testified by Robert Porter & Jonathan Smi^ that it was the 
mind of Wm. Smith, though it be not so fully expressed in his Will, that 
his Relict should possess the Thirds of his whole Estate, This Court doe 
order that in tiie Distribution of the Estate it be accordingly attended. 

Page 147- 

Staini^ Ann. Invt £27-02^)6. Taken by Robert Porter, John Qarke^ 
Samuel Cowles. 

Will : This prasant desamber 24, 1670, 1 an stans or f armingtowne, 
being stricken in yers, I give to rodger nuton, sun of Mr. rodger nuton of 
milf ord, five pounds, two be payed in a cow if worth so much ; if not, to 
be made up m other istat. 

It. I give Too willam pixly of north hamton my badd with all the 
fumyture or badmg belonging Too it, which is a flock badd, one grey 
rodg, twoo blanckets, one boallstar, one pillow, one pil Lou here, one 
payre of Shetes, foare cartins, and The Vallyancs belonging To Thenu 

It I give to Samuel Coll of farming my bigist ioyme pot 

It I give To John cLarck of farmingtoane my skillit It I give 
two elisibatfi Judd, The daughter of bengiman Judd, my biball. The rest 
of my istate I bequeath Too Lt William Lawis, and doo mack him my 

236 PROBATB R9CORD8. VOX,, ni; 

holl and soull axsackitary, and doo in Tret my twoo frinds Samuel Colb 
and Samuel Stell too be the oversears. 

Witness : Samuel Stell, ann X Stanes. 

Samuel Cawles. 

Court Record, Page 151 — 26 January, 1675-6: Will and Inventory 
exhibited. Capt. Lewis nominated Executor, refused to serve. Appointed 
Adms. with will annexed, to have respect to the Will. 

Papers in Custody of WiUiam Lewis sen. and Capt Lewis, on file. 

January ye 26, 1675. 

To ye honered G>urt, Now Sitting at hartford, William Lewis sienor 
humbly presents these considerations as foUoweth, representing my Sis* 
ter Stanes Will, who is Now deceased: First, yt my brother stanes her 
husband came over into this Country a Servant to Mr. Taps of Milford 
about ye yeare 1642, and, building of his masters house, resaived a blow 
with a Laver and broake ye rim of his body, & had a bunch as big as a 
mans duble f est on his side, & was wholy unfitted for service. And his 
master, being mutch troubled he could not Labour, my brother, prsaiv- 
ing yt, tould his master if he would please to dismis him he would go to 
his brother at hartford and see what he would doe for him, which his 
master readily acsepted, & so he came to me in sutch a mean habit, being 
So nearly related to me, I could not Let him go forth to meting til I had 
first cloathd him from top to toe : 

£ s d 
8 yds. of Carsey to make him large Coate & Sute, yt cost 

8 Shillings pr yd, & is 3-04-00 

For Lynings of hose & buttens, silke & making, 1-04-00 

pr Gloves, stockings, £0-09; pr a hatt, £0-14; & is 1-03-00 

pr 4 Shirts at io-dS apeice, & is 1-12-00 

And in this posture continued with me for neare 2 years, and his 

Dyet for ye time I account 15-00-00 

pr the Expenses at his funeral, and coffin & Grave, 02-00-00 


Respecting my sister Stanes her selfe, I going to England in ye year 
1649, found her there in a very mean & low Condition, made her a tender 
of going to New England & live with me & I would take Care of her, 
but yt she was not able to do, but I was forced to let her have to doathe 

£ s d 
herselfe, 5-00-00 

as also paying for pasage over ye Sea, pd in New England, 6-00-00 
pr a pack and Chest, fraight 30 Shillings, & is i-io-oo 

for passage for herself & tilings from Boston to Hartford 1^10-00 

Wood & 2 Bushels of barly Malt, 10-00 


l663iTOl677« P&OBAT9 &ECO&DS. 237 

Besides divers other things, as Sugar & Spice and Wine yt I mention 
not in about, and yet had she herselfe needed this & as mutch more I 
should endeavoured to supply ; but hereby to be inabled to give to other 
prsons, I am yet to see the reason of » but shall humbly leave It to your 
honors to consider and determine as God shall guide & rest. 

Yours to serve WL by Total i39-04-oo. 

Page 52-3-4- 

Stebbingy Edward^ Hartford. Invt. £639-02-00. Taken 19 Aug- 
ust, 1668, by Eleazer Holyoke, John Allyn, Thomas Bull & James Ensign. 
Will dated 24 August, 1663. 

I Edward Stebbing do here make my last Will & Testament : First, 
I give to my wife Frances my houseing & Lands in Hartford, except such 
Lands as are hereafter mentioned to be sold, which she is to enjoy for the 
terme of her natural life, as also two best Cows & 3 of the Best Swine, as 
also ye Use of tfie Household Stuffe or so much of it as she shall see need 
to make Use of. Also in ye End of her natural life she shall have liberty 
to dispose of £40 as she shall see Fit. I give to our beloved son John 
Chester £40. I give & bequeath, after my wives decease, my Houseing & 
Land, such of my Lands as shall not be sold to pay my Engagements, I 
give diem to Edward Cadwell, my son Cadwell's Child, and Jdin Wilson, 
or, if he dye before 21 years of age, I give them to Samuel Wilson. And 
in Case my gr. child Edward Cadwell dye, then I give the above to the 
Children of my daughter Cadwell. Also, I give to Samuel Wilson £30. 
I give to my son Gaylord's Children, Joseph, Benjamin and Joanna, £8 
apeice, also Mary Gaylord, whome I do order to be with her gr. Mother. 
Also, I give to the four diildren of my daughter Holyoke, 40 Shillings 
apiece, John's part to be paid at the age of 21 years. Also, I do appoint 
that John Wilson shall be with his Gr. Mother to help her according to his 
best skill and ability during her natural life, during whidi time I desire 
my Executors that he be instructed in my trade by Oileb Stanly, as it may 
accord with my wives comfort. I ordain my wife to be my Executrix. I 
desire the Hon. Mr. Samuel Wyllys, my Brother Eleazer Holyoke, Lieut. 
Bull and Robert Webster to be Executors. The remainder of my Estate, 
after the decease of my wife, to be disposed to my daughter Cadwells Chil- 
dren, to John Wilson, and to Mary Gaylord, at the discretion of my Exe- 
cutors. I give to Richard Weller 20 shillings. I give to my Executors 50 
shillings apiece. 

Witness: Eleazer Holyoke. Edward STEBBiNa 

Court Record, Page 79 — 3 September, 1668: Will proven and In- 
ventory Exhibited. 

Page 162 — 18 April, 1677 : Jeremy Diggins, Plntf ., Contra Thomas 
Cadwell, Dfnt., in an Action for illegal Detaining a peice of Land in 
Hartford South Meadow belonging to the sd. Jeremy Diggins in the 


Right of Mary his wife, and appointed to him by the Executors of the last 
WiU of Edward Stebbing, Deed. 

Page 119. 

Stebbing, Mrs. Frances, Hartford. Invt. £82-11-02. Taken 23 De- 
cember, 1673, by Thomas Bull & Robert Webster. 

I ffrances Stebbing, Living in Hartford, in the colony of Conecticot, 
Widdow, being aged and under many weaknesses of body, but having my 
perfect memory and Understanding, Doe make and Ordain this my last 
Will and Testament, wherein I give to my Dear and beloved son Mr. John 
Chester, now living in or neer unto London in old England, the ff ull and 
Just some of Twenty and four pounds Starling ; or, if deceased, to his wife 
and his two Sons Jdin and Sampson Chester, in equal portion, to be paid 
in Hartford. I give unto my ffowr grand children, Thomas, William, 
Matthew and Mary Cadwell, fower potmds a pece, to be paid in Currant 
Country pay into the hands of my Son Thomas Cadwell. I give to my 
daughter Oidwell all my wearing apparell, both Woolen and Linen. I 
Constitute Lt Thomas Bull and James Ensign Executors. 20th May, 1670. 


Witness: Thomas Bull 

Codicil, wherein is given 7 Acres of Land in the South Meadow not 
before disposed of, it being four score Rod Long and about fourteen Rod 
and a quarter wide, bequeathed to Thomas, William and Mary Cadwell. 
And 4 acres more I doe give, two acres of ye said fowre to ye now two 
youngest children of my son and daughter Matthew and Abigail Cadwell, 
and £e other two acres I leave to the dispose of my two friends in trust, 
Lt Bull and Lt. Robert Webster, whom I ordain Executors. 

I ffrances Stebbing doe now Rattify the within specified will, dated 
20th May, 1670; only the Executors, which I now ordain Lt. Bull and Lt. 
Robert Webster. And also I now doe bequeath to my daughter Cadwell 
cmly my wearing goone, and the rest of my apparell to 1^ divided be- 
twixt ye wife of John Wilson, Mary Day and Mary Cadwell. — 12 Novem- 
ber, 1673. ^^^ I P^^ ^^ ^^* J^^ Whiting 40s, and my husbands cloak 
to Jdtin Wilson. 

Witness: Eliazer Way, Ffrances X SxEBBiNa 

John Wilson. 

Court Record, Page 136-^20 January, 1673-4: Will exhibited. 

Page 153- 
Stedmaii, Lt Joho^Wethersfield. Died December, 1675. Invt £172- 
04-08. Taken February, 1675, by Lt Chester, Ensign Goodrich, John 
Belden sen.. Townsmen. Will dated 1 1 January, 1675-0. 

I663 TO 1677. PROBATA &BCO&DS. 239 

Lt John Stedman, the day he went to Springfield pr. the Councils 
Order, said to Samuel Talcott and William Goodrich, as his will, He 
gave his Lands to his Son John Stedman Jr., hopeing he would give 
Something to his other Children. He gave of his Estate other than Lands 
to his Wife. 

Witness: Samuel Talcott, 

William Goodrich. 

Court Record, Page 152 — 2 March, 1675-6. : Will exhibited. Adms. 
to the Relict 

Page II — ^21 October, 1678: Lt John Stedman & Elizabeth, wife, 
being both deceased & Leaving four small diildren, the Govr & Assist- 
ants doe desire & appoynt sargt. John Stedman to take some care & to look 
after the diildren liiat are left by his Father & to dispose of them in such 
places as they mav be well educated, the sd. Stedman to take advice of 
Major Talcott & Qipt Allyn in the dispose of them. 

Page 11-12. 

Steele, George, Hartford. Invt. £131-06-10. Taken 21 Dec, 1664, 
by Thomas Bunce, Samuel Steele. Will dated 24 May, 1663. 

I George Steele of Hartford, uppon the river Conecticot, being very 
aged & under many infirmaties, but haveing the perfect use of my memory 
and understanding, doe make this my Last will : Imprimis. I give unto 
my Brother John Steele 50s. Item. I give unto my Daughter Elizabeth 
Wates my old Mill, my bed with all the furniture belonging to it. Also my 
vice, my warming pan, frying pan and fier pan, my fier fforks and spitt, 
my skales and fen and twenty pound of leaden weights, my pek hamer 
and spincers. Also, I give unto my grandchild Mar&a Hanison my best 
chamber pott. Also, I give unto Moses and Micah Mudge ten shillings 
apeece. Also, I give unto my grandchildren, James and Mary Steele, 
chests to each one. All other estate not here bequeathed I g^ve unto my 
son James Steele, whom I make sole Executor, and intreat Thomas Bull 
and James Ensign to see my will truly performed. 

Witness : Thomas Bull, James Ensign. George Steele. 

Court Record, Page 29 — 2 March, 1664-5 • Will proven. 

Page 15-16. 

Steele, John ten., Farmington. Invt. £182-06-00. Taken by John 
Lawton and John Lancton. Will dated 30 Januaiy, 1663. 

I John Steele of Farmington, being stricken m yeares and weakness, 
doe see necessary to set on smal occasions in ye world at a stay. I give to 
my wife Mercy Steele the house wherein I now dwell. I give to my son 
Samuel Steele a silver Bowie, wch was mine owne. Marked wth three Sil* 


ver Stamps and an S., all on the upper end of ye bowle. Also, I give unto 
my son Samuel one half of al m^ Books, also my gold scales and weights 
belonging to 3rm, All which prticulars I g^ve to my son Samuel and his 
heirs forever. And to avoid other trouble of other Conveyances of house 
and Land to my son Samuell Steele of what I gave him at his marriage 
wth Mary Boosy, I here express it that as then I did so here I doe g^ve 
and bequeath unto my son Samuel Steele a parcel of Land with a tene- 
ment standing on it, wch parcel of Land contains by estimation two Acres, 
abutting on Uie highway east and River West, and William Judds Land 
south, and John Steeles Land North ; As also a smal parcel of Land on wch 
his Stilhouse Stands, Containing by estimation nine roods. I give and be- 
queath tmto my two Sons-in-Law, William and Thomas Judd, my now 
dwelling house and bam, home lott, yards. Garden, orchyard thereto be 
longing, to be equally devided betwixt the foresaid William and Thomas, 
to tfiem and their heirs forever, to enter possession imediately after myne 
and my wives departure out of this natural life. Further, my will is tfiat 
a few things Should be disposed to my Wife and Children and grand 
Children : To my Wife, two small Silver Spoones and some small matter 
of linnen ; And to Mary Judd, one peice of Gold ; And to Sarah Judd, one 
peice of Gold; to John Steele, son of John Steele deceased, one Silver 
Spoon ; And to Samuel, son of ye said John deceased, one Silver Spoon ; 
and to Benoni Steele, one Silver Spoon; And to Rachel, Daughter of 
Samuel Steele, one Silver Spoon ; to be delivered to them at their mar- 
riage by my son Samuel Steele. But my wife and two Daughters shal 
have theirs imediately after the departure of my natural life. My Sons- 
in-law, William and Thomas Judd, Executors. Samuel & James Steele to 
be Overseers. 

Witness : James Steele, John Steele. 

Samuel Steele. 

Court Record, Page 34 — 16 June, 1665 : Will proven. 

Stevens, Nicholas. Court Record, Page 141 — 13 August, 1674: 
There was returned by the Constable of Haddam a verdict concerning the 
death of one Nicholas Stevens of Rhoad Island : 

We whose names are underwritten, being appoynted a Jury to en- 
quire into the cause of the death of Nicholas Stevens of rohd Island, have 
according to the best of our skill and judgement, viewed his corps & 
searched to see if there was any wound or any thing that might be a 
blameable cause of his death, & this we give in our verdict, that we find 
no wound nor any reason of Jealousy to submit that any man was acces* 
sory to his death, but by the overruling providence of the most high & 
most wise God (who appoynts the time & place of every man's death) 
was appoynted to period & finish his dayes in this time & place, being 
downed in the River. 


This Verdict was drawn up & subscribed by the Jury August 6th, 
1674, & delivered into the Court the day above written, Together with an 
Inventory of his Estate signed by Mr Thomas Terry, Mr James Huling 
Sa Nicho: Braddock. (On file.) 

These engaged to take Care for the Carefull Navigation of the Ves- 
sell till she hath accomplish her voyage, & to return the vessell & Estate 
to the authorities at Rhode Island, The dangers of the seas only excepted. 

(P. C. Vol. II, No. 96, Will. Page 97, Invt 

StockxDg, George, Hartford. Invt. [ ] Taken 25 May, 1683, 

by Nathaniel Willett, Thomas Bunce & John Easton. 

Will of George Stocking, planter: I do in this my Last Will and 
Testament give unto Anne my wife all my houseinge, bam. Orchard, 
home lott, upland, meadow & Swamp land, Cattell, and all my other Es- 
tate, for her to use during the time of her natural life, and after my decease 
to be disposed of as followeth : I doe give to my daughter Lydia Richards, 
the wife of John Richards, the Sum of £14; & doe also heerby give to my 
daughter Sarah Olcott, the wife of Samuel Olcott, the sum 01 iio. I doe 
also give to the Six Children of Andrew Benton, that is to Andrew Ben- 
ton Jr., John Benton, Samuel Benton, Joseph Benton, Mary Benton and 
Dorothy Benton, the sum of ii2, to be equally divided among them. I 
do also give unto Hannah Camp one Mare. My will is that these legacies 
shall be discharged within one year after my wive's decease. My will also 
is that if any of my Cattell or other Goods of mine may be Spared, my 
wife and my Executor, agreeing together aboute it. may seU The same 
and pay some legacies before given, to whom they shall see meete pre- 
sently. After my estate is prised, the debts and these legacies being paid, 
and my desire in this my will being Attended, I doe hereby give the re- 
maining parte of my Estate to my son Samuel Stockinge, bodi howsinge. 
Land and whatever else is not given away before, for him to possess and 
Injoy for ever. I doe also make my son Samuel Stocking Executor. Also, 
my will is that all my Land shall pay, according to the proportion, to the 
mayntenance of the Ministry at the new Meeting house in Hartford. I 
have desired my two friends Gregory Wolterton and Lt. Thomas Bull to 
see my will performed. In witness whereof I have heare unto set my hand. 
Dated this 15 day of July, in the year of our Lord God 1673. 

Witness : Gregory Wolterton, George X STOCKiNa 

George Grave, sen. 

Page 40. 

Stoddard, John^ Wethersfield. Invt £407-08-00. Taken ao De- 
cember, 1664, by John Chester, William Gutteridge, Samuel Halle, John 
Deminge, Townsmen. Six children: Mary age 21 years, John 19, Jo- 
siah 16, Mercy 12, Elizabeth 8, Nathaniel 4 years of age. 


Court Record, Page 27 — 2 March, 1664-5 ' Adms. to Ma^ the Relict 
Dist. Order to the Relict ii29 during life, to the eldest son £63, to Josiah 
£49, to Nathaniel £40, to each dau. £36. John Deming and Samuel Hall, 

Page 4-6. 

Stone, Eev. SamneL He died 20 July, 1663. Invt. £563-oi-oa 
Taken November, 1663, by John AUyn, William Wadsworth. Will not 

Impr. It is my will that Mrs. Elizabeth Stone, my loving wife, shall be 
my Agent & Sole Executrix, and that wthout any intanglemt or f eare ; the 
legacyes given to her selfe being firstly possessed all & every of them as 
they follow, & the after legacyes to be made good out of the rema)ming 
estate if sufficient ; otherwise, a distribution according to that proportion. 
Yet if there happen any overplus, to be wholy & solely at the dispose to 
my sd. wife. 

Also, I give imto my sd. wife, during the term of her life, halfe my 
bowsing & land within the libertyes of Hartford, & to have the free dis- 
pose of the valew of the sd. halfe of my land at tiie time of her death, by 
legacy or otherwise ; & also farther it is my will & I doe freely give unto 
my wife all the household stuff that I had with her when I married her, 
to be at her full and free dispose as shee shall see cause. 

I give to my sonne Samuel Stone, at the time of my decease, the other 
halfe of my houseing & Lands within the liberties of Hartford aforesd., 
the other halfe of the houseing at the time of the death of my sd. wife, as 
also the other halfe of the land, but upon a valuable consideration as before 
specified. Also, I give unto mv son sill my bodes except such as are other- 
wise disposed of. Provided (that if) my sonne Samuell depart this life 
before he is married, that then the whole of this my prsent legacy shall 
return to & be wholly at the dispose of my wife. 

Also, unto my daughter Elizabeth I doe give & order to be payd the 
full sum of £100 in household goods, Chattells & other country pay what 
.my wife can best parte wthall, or in Two or three acres of Land at price 
currant before the sd. Land be divided betwixt my wife & sonne as afore- 
sayd, & this sayd Legacy to be performed & made good wth in Two yeares 
after the marriage of my sayd daughter Elizabeth. Provided, that if my 
sayd daughter shall match or dispose of her selfe in marriage either wth 
out or Crosse to the minds of her mother & the minde & Consent of my 
Overseers, tiien this my Last will concemeing her to stand voyd & she 
gladly to accept of such summe & quantity or portion as her sayd mother 
shall freely dispose to her. Or And in case my sayd daughter shall dye & 
depart this world Before she receive her sayd portion, the whole thereof 
shall fuUy retume & belong unto my sayd wife at her dispose. 

1663 TO 1677. PROBATE RECORDS. S43 

Also, as a token of my Fatherly Love & respect, I doe give unto my 
three daughters, Rebecca, Mary & Sarah, forty shillings ^tch of them, 
to be payd them by my wife in houshold stuffe as it shall be prized in In- 

I desire Mr. Matthew Allyn, my Brother William Wadsworth, Mr. 
John Allyn & my sonne Joseph Fitch, overseers. 

Witness : Bray Rosseter. Samuel Stone. 

Court Record, Page 12 — ^3 March, 1663-4: Will proven. 

Page 78. 

Strioklaad, Thwaite, Hartford. Invt. £55-06-00. Taken 21 June, 
1670, by James Ensign, Nathaniel Willett. The diildren : Elizabeth An- 
drews, age 23 years, John 21, Joseph 15, Jonathan 13, Ephraim 7 years. 

Court Record, Page 101-3 — i September, 1670: Adms. to Nicholas 

Page 103-— 9 November, 1670 : Order to Dist : To the Widow £20, 
& to the five Children to eadi of them £5. 

Page 73-4. 

Talcott, Dorothy, BIni.| Hartford. Invt £275-05-06. Taken 28 
February, 1669-70, by John Allyn, Thomas Olcott. Will dated 22 Sep- 
tember, 1669. 

I Dorothy Talcott, Widdow, of Hartford, doe make my last Will & 
Testament: I do give and bequeath unto my sonne Samuel Tallcott the 
arreares of what is unpayd of eight pounds pr annum out of the Rent of 
Land at Wethersfield, assigned by my deceased Husband to be payd to him 
during my Natural life. Allsoe, I do give and bequeath to my Son Samll 
a paire of Holen Pillow beers and a paire of sheets belonging to ye Bed 
his father gave him, marked with M in Blue. Allsoe, I give him one 
flock Bed, boulster, and a paire of Blankets Belonging to it, in my Kitchen 
Chamber, And one Third part of my wearing Cloaths, both woolen and 
Linnin. Alsoe, I give my son Samll one Third part of my Househould 
linnin. Alsoe, I give him my Pewter flagon and a Third part of the Pew- 
ter belonging to the House, And the Iron Drippin Pan, and the Lest Spitt, 
And the bigest Iron Pott save one, and the lide Brass Pott, And the lest 
Trunk, And one of the Chests in tfie kitchen Chambr, And Three of my 
great green Cushions. And alsoe I give my son Samll my Silver beer 
Bowl and Two Silver spoones. I give a Third part of my wearing Qoths 
to my son Samll, my Turkey Mohaire Coat excepted. The forementioned 
legacyes, with my debt due to my sonne, John Talcott, or to any other, 
being first discharged. I do give and bequeath to my sonne John Talcott 
all other my estate lying and being in Cattelle or kyne. Horse, sheep and 



swine, as Alsoe all sortes of Come or graine belonging to me whatsoever. 
Alsoe I give my Son John my Cloaths, both woolin and linnin, my Turl^ 
mohaire Coat, A paire of Holen sheits And a paire of Rought pillow beers 
belonging to ye bed his flfather gave him, Alsoe my Plate, Pewter and Brass 
Iron vessels, utensills or Tooles, Armes, ammunisio And whatsoever els 
apperteynes to me, whether within doores or without (not given expresly 
to my son Samuel by this my will) . I say I give all other my estate to my 
Sonne John Tallcott. I ordain my. son John Talcott sole Executor. 

Witness: Jeremy Addams. Dorothy Talcott. 

Court Record, Page 97 — ^3 March, 1669-70 : Will filed by Capt. John 
Talcott Also he doth engage to see die Debts duly paid. 

Page 3-4. 

Tinker, Jolrn, New London. Invt. £145-15-00. Taken 22 Decem- 
ber, 1662, by Obadiah Bruen & James Rogers. The children: Mary, 
bom 2 July, 1653 ; John, 14 August, 1665 ; AmoSy 28 October, 1657 ; Sam- 
uel, 1st April, 1659; Roakdey Tinker, 23 February, 1661. 

John Smith — Copy. 

By a Deed left in the hands of Mr. Buckley, which alsoe is upon Re- 
cord, he hath upon good consideration given and made over to his wife 
his houseing wth one Hundred Ackers of upland, upon the neck of Land 
called the general neck, towards the Harbours mouth ; also one Mare Coult 
two years old and a yearling heifer bought of Wm Cheesbrook, now by 
Mrs. Tinker called Blackey ; also a f arme of two Hundred and Forty acres 
of upland, and also a parcell of meadow four or six acres if it be to be had, 
this farme Lying neere to Andrew Lesters farme on the east side of the 
great River. This farme of 240 acres is by Deed made over by Mr. Tinker 
to Mr. Richardson for the use of his son John Tinker ; also in the same 
Deed a Cowe wth all her increase made over to Mr. Richardson for the 
use of Mary Tinker, the daughter of Mr. John Tinker; also a breeding 
Mare with' half e her increase left Amos Tinker, the Mare being now at 

Signed, Obadiah Breuen, James Rogers, John Smith. 20 May, 1663. 

Court Record (Special) Page 6 — 9 July, 1663 : Invt. exhibited. Mr. 
Rogers, Mr. Bruen and John Smith to husband the Estate, to pay Debts 
so far as the Estate proves solvent. Some action was taken in New Lon-^ 

Page 178. 

Tore, Jeremy, Boston. Died in Middletown, Conn., 25 October, 
1676. Invt. £17-04-00. Taken by Richard Hall & William Harris. 

Court Record, Page 159—6 December, 1676: Invt. exhibited of the 
Estate in Middletown, and to remain in Deacon Hall's Hand until further 
Order from this Court. 

l663 TO 1677. PROBATE &BCORDS. 245 

Page 72-3. 

Treat, Bioliard sen., Wethersfidd. Invt. £69-1008. Taken by John 
Deming, Robert Webster and John NotL Will dated 13 February, 1668. 

The last Will & Testament of Richard Treat sen. of Wethersfield, 
Colony of Connecticut: Item: I give to my wife Alis Treat, after my 
decease, all the lands of what kinde soever I stand possessed of, within ye 
bounds of Wethersfield, and five acres of land lying in the dry swamp, of 
wch I have improved and pr pared for use, lying next my son James his 
land. Item. One peece of meddow lying in the great meddow comonly 
called by the name of send home. Item. The one halfe or eight acres next 
home of that peece of meddow comonly cald Filbame. Item. The home 
lotte by the plaine land side. Item. Ye dwelling howse that I formerly 
lived in, with Convenient yeard room, and that end of ye Same on ye side 
the threshing fiowre next the dwelling, with one halfe of that lotte belong- 
ing to ye said dwelling house lyeing next his son Richards howse & lotte, 
except my wife & son James shall agree otherwise. Item. All my pasture 
land fenced in, beyond my Daughter HoUisters lotte. Item. The use of 
two of my best Cowes, wch shee shall chuse, wdi if they shall continue 
& Stand longer than my loveing wife liveth, they shall be my eldest sone 
Richard Treats. Item. I give to my wife the Handing bed, bedding, bed- 
sted, wth all the furniture thereto belonging, with the use of so much of 
the houshold goods during her life time as shee shall judge needfuU for her 
comfort, of what sort soever. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my eldest son, Richard Treat, the full 
possession & Confermation of the farme of Mayog, wth all ye Respective 
priveledges thereto belonging, with three of my youngest Heifers. Item. 
I give to my second sonne, Robert Treat, ten pounds. Item. I give to my 
youngest son, James Treat, besids the lands already made over to him, my 
Mill & grinding stone, fann. Timber chaine, Stilyeards, and my little bible. 

Item. I give to my sonn-in-law, Matthew Camfield, twentie pounds 
for that wch is remaining of his portion. Item. I give to my daughter 
Hollister fourtie shillings. Item. To my daughter Johnson ten shillings. 
Item. My debts being paid, I give to my loveing sons, John Demon and 
Robert Webster, equally, all the rest of my goods and Chattells whatso- 
ever, except Mr Perkins Book, wch I give to my sonn John Demon, and 
my great bible to my Daughter Honour Demon, and tliat money in my 
Cousen Samuel Welles his hand unto my Cousen Daniel Demong, son of 
John Demon senir. And my desire is that my son-in-law John Demon, 
Robert Webster and Richard Treat would be my Overseers for their mu- 
tual helpfuUness to my wife, & endeavor to see the accomplishment of this 
my last Will & Testamt. And for the Ratification hereof I have this 

13th of ffebruary, 1668, set to my Hand & Seal. 

Richard Treat, sen. 

Court Record, Page 97 — ^3 March, 1669-70: Will endorsed & Ex- 
hibited in Court, and, with the Invt., approved. 

•> ,* 


Page 181. 

Waddams, John ml, Wethersfield. Invt. £239-05-00. Taken 20 
February, 1676-7, by John Belden, Samuel Wright, Selectmen of the 
Town of Wethersfield. 

John Waddams, on his death bed, gave his small Estate to his wife 
and his son John Waddams, but in her control during life. Dated 19 Janu- 
ary, 1676-7. 

Witness : William X Mortice, 

Nathaniel X Graves. 

Court Record, Page 161 — ist March, 1676-7 : Adms. to the Widow 
and son John. The Estate to them both ; and if John out-live his Moflier, 
the Estate then to be his. 

Page 144-5-6- 

Wadfworth, William^ Hartford. Invt £1677-10-09. Taken 16 
Oct, 1675, by Nicholas Ohnsted, Nathaniel Willett Will dated 16 May, 


Whereas I, William Wadsworth, being weak in Body by the visiting 

hand of God, but of perfect memory, doe make this my last Will & Testa- 
ment : I give to my wife Elizabeth Wadsworth £20 a year the term of her 
life, to be paid, £8 by Samuel Wadsworth, £6 by Joseph Wadsworth, & 
£6 by Thomas Wadsworth. I give to my son John Wadsworth £10 as a 
token of my Love. I give to my son Samuel Wadsworth the other part of 
my Dwelling house, with all the llouseing thereto belonging, and the Land 
belonging to it I give unto my son Joseph Wadsworth the house & Land 
I bought of Daniel Pratt in Hartford. I give unto my son Thomas all my 
Lands beyond the Great River, and the Bam to be finished out of the Es* 
tate, & 54 P^^ of the Household Stuffe which his Mother have not I give 
unto my daughter Stotan ii2, to my daughter Ferris £6. I give unto my 
daughter Ashely 20 Shillings. To my daughter Rebeckah £50 & ^ part 
of my Household Stuffe which the Mother have not I give unto my gr. 
daughter Long 20 Shillings. I give unto my son Samuel the Come that 
is upon the Ground & all the Cattle, And I doe make him my son Samuel 
Wadsworth mv sole Executor to this my Will, and desire Mr. Georgt 
G^dner and Oipt John Allyn to be Overseers. 

Witness: George Gardner, William Wadsworth. 

SarcJ^ Howard. 

Court Record, Page 151 — 26 January, 1675-6: Will & Invt exhibited. 

Waite, Benjamin. Court Record, Page 83—4 March, 1669 : Thomas 
Bull, Jr. and Hester Coales (alias Cole). Intention of marriage objected 
to by Benjamin Waite. 

l663 TO 1677. PROBATB RltCORDS. ^47 

Page 83-4. 

Warham, Bev. John, Pastor of the Church at Windsor. Died ist 
April, 1670. Invt. £1239-10-00. Taken 30 April, 1670, by Capt New- 
bery, Thomas Forde and Samuel Marshall. 

At a Court held at Hartford 23 November, 1670, there was considered 
a paper or papers purporting to be the Last will of Rev. John Warham, 
whidi were rejected. And an Order from the Court was Issued that after 
the decease of Mrs. Warham the Estate shall be equally divided among 
his three daughters, the wife of Thomas Allyn, The wife of Return Strong, 
and the wife of Mr. Stodder of Northampton, and these men were ap- 
pointed Adms. upon the Estate. 

Page 98—11 April, 1670: Upon Motion of Thomas Allyn and Mr. 
Return Strong that the Assistants would take some Care that the Estate 
of their Father, Rev. Mr. John Warham, might be preserved from Waste, 
& that Mrs. Warham, Relict, might be comfortably provided for accord- 
ing to her present necessity until they can perfect the Inventory and pre- 
sent it to the Court with all such Writings as may concern the dispose of 
the Estate, and desire Assistants to appoint Deacon John Moore, Thomas 
Allyn & Return Strong to take Care that Mrs. Warham be comfortably 
provided for and the Estate secured in the best way until af oresd. matters 
be settled. 

Page 105 — 23 November, 1670: Will not proven. The Estate, so 
much as is left of it, shall pass to the comfortable maintenance of Mrs. 
Warham during life, & at her decease shall be equally divided to her 3 
daughters if they be then living, or their heirs. Also provided that what 
Estate Mrs. Warham had before marriage with Mr. Warham shall remain 
at her own dispose. The Court appoint Thomas Allyn, Return Strong, 
Deacon John Moore & Lt. Walter Fyler Adms. 

Page 9 — (Vol. VII) 10 Mardi, 1700-1 : Capt. Thomas Allyn and 
Walter Fyler, Adms., now both deceased, and the Adms. is not yet per* 

Page 26-7-8. 

WattB, Elizabeth, Hartford. Invt. ^127-02-02. Taken 17 April, 
x666, by Richard Butler, Thomas Bull and Gregory Wolterton, Will dated 
28 February, 1665-6. 

I, Elizabeth Watts, Widow, living in Hartford, upon the Riuer of 
Conecticut, being ill and weak in body but hauing my perfect memory and 
Understanding, doe make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in 
manner and norm as ffoUoweth : Imprimis : I giue unto my cosin Mary 
Smith, Lining in Banbury, in Oxfordsheir, in old England, £10, to her & 
her heirs for euer. Also, I giue tmto my cosin George Haines (that is 
blinde) £8. Further, my Will is that whereas my Husband Richard 
Watts, Deed, in his last Will & Testament did Will & Appoint that that 
Estate of his that hee left and that should bee remayning at my disease 
should be diuided to the Children off his daughter Hubbard then bom, and 


to Hannah Browne, in that proportion therein sett down, which Estate 
did amount to the sum of £26, that these Legacies be truly paid according 
as his Will doth express. I give to my cousin Daniel Hubbard my part of 
the mare that is between him and mee. Also, I further give to him a 
feather bed, a feather Bolster and a feather Pillow, with my Green Rugg, 
one blankett, a paire of my best sheets, with my bedsted & Curtains, and 
one of my year-old Steers. Item. I give to my daughter Hubbard my 
Oown, my Coat & my hood. I give to my daughter Browne my best Stuff 
petticoat All other off my wearing Linnen & WoUens my will is that it 
be equally divided & given to my daughter Hubbard and my daughter 
Browne & my cousin Mary Ranne. I give to my daughter Hubbard & to 
my daughter Browne 20s apeece. Also, I give to my Cousin Elizabeth 
Hubbard my Lest Brass pott I give to my cousin Hannah Browne my 
Smugg heifer. I give to my cousin Richard Hubbard my Heifer now with 
his Father. My other year-old Steier I give to my cousin Nathaniel 
Browne. I give to widdow Wesley los. I give to Thomas Waples 20s ; 
to Widdow Watson los ; and to her two daughters 5s apeece. I give to 
Mr. John Whiting, pastor of the Church of Christ heer at hartford, fforty 
shillings. I give to Hannah Ensign my begger new pewter platter, and to 
Mary Peck the lesser of them. My will also is that my Maid Elizabeth 
Taintor have a new cotton suit & all such necessaries as is suitable for one 
in her condission. Also I give tmto Elizabeth Taintor 30s to be committed 
to the hands of some able friend to be improved for her. My will is that 
my Executors doe take the first opportunity they can after my decease to 
give notice to my ffriends in England off these Legacies I have given them 
and bequeathed to them, Requireing their Order for the Conveyance there- 
of to them, & uppon my Executors attendence thereto to send a full dis- 
charge ; & my meaning is that my Executors be fully acquitted upon their 
payment of the Legacies here in New England. I make & ordsiin Deac. 
Edward Stebbing & James Ensign Executors, And Lt Bull to be Overseer. 
Witness : Thomas Bull, Elizabeth X Watts. 

James Ensign. 

Court Record, Page 50 — 7 May, 1666 : Will proven. 

Page 52. 

Watts, William, in England. Invt. £13-10-00. Taken 2 May, 1668, 
by Richard Butler, Nicholas Ohnsted, Paul Peck, of some Lands in Cus- 
tody of Thomas Watts, being 3 acres of wood land and half an acre house 
lott, £1 1 ; some tools, 10 shillings ; also a legacy from his Mother now in 
the hands of his brother Thomas Watts, 40 shillings. Per James Ensign. 

Court Record, Page 77 — 7 May, 1668: Invt. exhibited. Adms. to 
Sergt. Thomas Watts. 

1663 TO 1677. PROBATB RECORDS. 249 

Page ? 

Webb, BioharcL Deed. July last. Invt. £234-08-06. Taken 5 Oc- 
tober, 1665, by Richard Olmsted, John Gregory, Walter Hoit. 

Court Record, Page — ist November, 1665 : The Widow to be Adms. 
And whereas, Thomas Butler claims, in the behalf of his wife, a child's 
portion of the estate, Mr. Campfield and the sd. Thomas hath agreed that 
the sd. Thomas shall have ten pounds out of the estate sumtimes before 
Michalmas next, and if not payd until the first of May next, must be other 
current pay, horse flesh excepted. Upon this agreement the sd. Thomas 
acquits the sd. Adms. from any further demands. A true copy of the 
Record. William Hill, Clarke. 

Page 170. 

Webster, Ideat. Bobert. Invt. £670-16-08. Taken 29 June, 1676, by 
Thomas Bull, James Steele, George Grave. Will dated 20 May, 1676. 

Whereas, I Robert Webster of Hartford doe see Cause to set my 
house in order and doe declare this to bee my last Will & Testament, I 
give all to my wife Susannah Webster during her widowhood. But if my 
wife diange her name, then I give her but one-third part of my estate, the 
remainder to be equally divided amongst my children, except the Eldest 
a double portion ; to my sons at 21 years of age, and to my daughters at 
18 years of age. I make my wife sole Executrix, and desire Mr. John 
Cbales sen., ^drew Benton sen., and John Blackleach of Hartford to be 

Robert Webster Ls. 
Witness : Thomas Stedman, Phineas Wilson. 

Court Record, Page 156—7 Sept., 1676: Part of Invt. only exhibited. 
Adms. to the Widow for the present. 

Hartford Land Records, Vol. 5 — 18 March, 1707-8 : Thomas King, 
John Seymour and Elizabeth Seymour, his wife, all of Hartford, quit claim 
to Jonathan, Samuel, Robert, William, and the Heirs of John Webster, 
Dec, all of them sons of the late Robert Webster, Dec. 

Page 164-5. 

Welles, Capt. Samuel, Wethersfield. Invt. ii 100-00-00. Taken 15 
July, 1675, by Samuel Talcott, John Chester, John Deming. The chil- 
dren: Samuel, age 16 years, Thomas 14, Sarah 12, Mary 10, Ann 7, 
Elizabeth 5 years (at date 15 July, 1675). 

Court Record, Page 155 — 7 September, 1676: Adms. to Mrs. Han- 
nah Welles, the widow. 

aso PROBAi^H RBCORDS. voi;. nz, 

Pajfc 157 — ^3 November, 1676: Mrs. Welles appeared in Court and 
relinquished the Adms., not being in a capacity to carry it on. This Court 
appoint Mr. John Chester and Mrs. Ann Howkins Adms., Mr. Samuel 
Talcott & John Deming sen., Overseers, desireing Mrs. Howldns to take 
the family tmder her care and management. Order for Dist. to the widow 
1-3 of the Real Estate according to law, and £50 personal Estate, forever ; 
to Samuel Welles, £380 ; to Thomas, £230 ; to Mary, considering her lame- 
ness, £140; to Sarah, Ann & Elizabeth, to each £ioo. 

Page 14 — (Vol. IV) 24 April, 1679: Mr. Samuel Talcott is desired to 
assist Capt John Chester in the Adms. upon Capt. Samuel Welles his Es- 

Page 37 — 10 March, 1680-1: The Governor and Magistrates did 
desire & q>poynt Capt John Chester, Mr. Samuel Talcott and Mr. John 
Deming sen. to dist the Elstate of Capt. Samuel Wells unto his Children 
accorduig & in such proportion as the Court formerly granted to them. 

Page 148 — 4 March, i6g6-7 : Whereas is entered 1-3 part of all the 
Real Estate belonging to Capt Samuel Wells of Wetibersfield, Deed, 
which Land was set out by the persons above named as the Relict's part of 
the sd. Estate in the year 1681, The Court order it to be recorded and 
that the Widow, viz., Mrs. Hannah Allyn (formerly Wells) shall enjoy 
the sd. 1-3 part of the sd. Estate without Molestation from any person 
pretending any right hereto during her life. 

Page 159 — (Vol. VI) — ^21 July, 1697: The Lands belonging to the 
Whorshipfull Capt. John Allyn, Assistant, upon Account of Mrs. Allyn's 
thirds out of the Lands of Capt. Samuel Welles, deed (as recorded). 

Page 56-8. 

WelteSy Thomas, The WorshipfuU Mr., Hartford. Invt. £1297-11-00. 
Taken 20 August, 1668, by Eleazer Holyoke, John Allyn, Thomas Bull, 
James Ensign. The children and ages: Thomas, 11 in Oct., 1668; 
Idiabod, age 8 years next November; Samuel, age 6, Oct., 1668; Jona- 
than, 4, Sept, 1668 ; Joseph, bom April, 1667 ; Rebeckah, 13, May, 1668 ; 
Sarah, age 9, April, 1668. 

Court Record, Page 79 — ^3 September, 1668 : Adms. to Mrs. Hannah 
Welles, the Relict Mr. James Richards, James Ensign and Mr. John 
Allyn are desired, with Consent of Mrs. Welles, to be Overseers. They 
are desired to advise with Mr. Anthony Howkins and Mr. Samuel Welles 
in any difficulty that may fall out in the same. 

Dist. File : 4 March, 1668-9 : Dist. of the Estate of the Worshipful! 
Thomas Welles of Hartford : 

£ s d 
On a Supposition of Estate of 1100-00-00 Net 

Subtracting Hanna & Mary Pantry's portions due to them, 240-00-00 
And Debts due to persons in the Bay, 50-00-00 

.1663 TO 1677. FROBATH RECORDS. 35Z 

From a Total Inventory, 1297-11-00 

There remains for Division^ 1007-11-00 

To Mrs. Welles, her thirds of the Chattels, 151-00-00 

Also a Note, 453-1100 

She to have 1-3 of the profits of Land during life, the 

remainder of Land & Chattels to the Children, To^ : 856-1 i-oo 

To Eldest son Thomas, 212-00-00 

To Samuel & Joseph to each, 120-00-00 

To Idiabod, 121-00-00 

To Jonathan, 120-00-00 

To Rebeckah, 83-11-00 

To Sarah, 80-00-00 

By John Allyn, James Richards, Thomas Bull and James Ensign. 
February, 1668. 

Page 4— -(Vol IV)— 10 April, 1678: Upon the Motion of Thomas 
Welles of Hartford, this Court nominate James Steele, Marshall (George) 
Grave and Stephen Hosmer, with advice of the Overseers, to assist the 
Widow in the management of the Estate, and dispose of die Children in 
the most Just and equal Way. 

Will & Invt on File. 

WeUman, William, Kennleworth. Died 5th October, 1672. Invt 
£348-18-06. Taken 8 September, 1671, by Henry Famham & Josias Hull. 
Additional Invt of Lands £135-10. Taken ^ May, 1679, t>y Henry Crane 
& Samuel Buell, by Order of the Court of Assistants at Hartford. Debts 
due to sd. Estate, £13-03-03. Sd. Estate is indebted £63-09-09. And he 
being a Seaman and having trading in many parts of the Qmntry, we 
fear the Debts will be a great deal more. Debts payde out of tfie estate by 
me Elizabeth Joye since the death of my Housband as f oUoweth : 

My Brother Samuel Spencer Mr. Obadiah Wilcockson 

Willie Goodman of New London Edward Parkes 

Mrs. Raymond of Saybrook Mr. Orford 

Mr. Chester of New London John Pratt 

Mr. Hill of New London Mr. Truman 

William Stone of Guilford Mr. Leete 

William Beeman of Saybrook Mr. Lord 

Henry Cole of Middletown Mrs. Cole 

John Olmsted of Norwich Mr. Bryan 

John Coking of Norwich Mrs. Olcott 

Henry Gates of Guilford Mr. Belcher 

Mr. Kossiter for Physick James Tappin 

Mr. Condey of New London Mr. Gilb^ 

Mr. Collins of Guilford Daniel Kelsey 


Thomas Gx>ke Thomas Edwards 

James Richards Mrs. Blackleadi 

Robert Reeves Jeremiah Addams 

John Mitchell Thomas Hallibutt 

Abraham Frost Richard Hallell 

William Kelsey My Uncle Spencer 

Edward Griswold Benjamin Wright 
Robert Williams 

For talcing Inventory and carrying it to New London, lo Shil- 

The children: Mary Wellman, 31 years, Martha 18, Benjamin 
17, Elizabeth 14, William 10, Samuel 4, and Rachel one year old, bom 
since her Father made his Will. Will dated 14th March, 1668-9. 

Whereas, I William Wellman of Kennleworth, being sick and weake 
of body but of perfect memory, as my duty is at all time to command and 
commit my soule to God, as also to set my house in order in reference to 
my outward estate with which god hath betrusted mee, in token of my love 
to & care of my wife & Children begotten of my owne body, as my last 
will & Testament, in the first place I doe Constitute & appoynt my loveing 
wife Elizabeth Wellman my sole Executrix & to injoy tiie use of my now 
prsent dwelling house, outhouses & their appurtenances, with all my land 
within the plantation & township of Kennleworth aforesd. as they stand 
severally Reeded in the towne records, & for to injoy all with their ap- 
purtenances during the time of her natural life, & after her death equally 
to be divided amongst my three sOnns, viz, Benjamin Wellman, William 
Wellman & Samuel Wellman. Only excepting my sonne Benjamin, who is 
to receive his pportion of the lands wthin one year after he is of full age, 
excepting only of the house & home lott, wch is to remain intyre with my 
sd wife during her life as aforesd ; & as a token of my love I doe bequeath 
unto my Eldest daughter Mary* now living at Norwich, as an 
addition to what portion shee hath received formerly, the full summe of 
five pounds to be paid her within two yeares after my decease ; and unto 
my daughter Martha Wellman, now living at New London, I doe bequeath 
the full summe of twelve poimds to be payd unto her when she hath ac- 
complished the full age of twenty years ; & unto my daughter Elizabeth 
Wellman I doe bequeath the full summe of twenty potmds to be payd unto 
her when shee hath accomplished the aforesd. full age of twenty years. 
All the residue of my estate I bequeath tmto my wife aforesd & the use of 
all entire to the end of the terms prfixt, paying forth the legacies to the 
legatees according to my order & appojmtmt, & towards the education & 
bringing up of my yoimger children. To wch sd. last will & Testament, 

♦Note: Thomas Howard and Maiy Wchnan were married in January, 166&, 
See CattUdns' History of Norwich, ComL, Page 179 (Edition of 1866). 

1663 ^w> 1677. 



as my sole &' free act, I subscribe my name this prsent March 14, 166S-9. 
In the presence & Willi X Welmon. 

Witness of us : 
Edward Griswold, 
Josiah Hull, 
Henry Famham. 

Henry ffamam did 
Take oath this 16 of Septbr, 
1671, that this is the will of 
William Welmon, deceased, before 
me, Josias Hull, Com^s. 

Page 100. 

WhapleSi Thomas. Died about 10 December, 1671. Invt. £71-11-06. 
Taken ist January, 1671, by Thomas Bull, Robert Webster, Joseph Nash 
and Philip Davis. The children: Rebecca, age 18 years, Hanna 16, 
Thomas 15, Joseph 11, Jane 7, Ephraim 6, John 4 years of age. 

Court Record, Page 121 — 7 March, 1671-2: Adms. to the Widow. 
Lt. Robert Webster, Lieut. Thomas Bull and Sergt. Joseph Nash to be 
Overseers, to assist in the management of the estate and disposal of the 

Page 132-3. 

Willard, Mr. Josiahi Wethersfield. Invt. £285-16-00. Taken 23 
July, 1674, by John Kilboum, Enoch Buck & Robert Webster. 

Ilie Creditors Cancelled most of the Debts to Mrs. Willard : 

Richard Bryant 
Mr. Buckingham 
Henry Buck 
Alexander Bryant 
Thomas Crittenden 
Nathaniel Cross 
Thomas Catlin 
Philip Davis 

Jacob Drake • 
Daniel Emonds 
Mr. Gardner 
Sam : Halls, 
Thomas Hosmer 
Stephen Hosmer 
Thomas Lake 

Mr. Lord 
Mr. Miles 
Mrs. Olcott 
Roger Purchas 
John White 
Mr. Wilson 

The Father of the Deed having £25-05-00 in the Homested, is willing 
to bestow £20 of it upon the Widow, Mrs. Willard. 

Court Record, Page 142 — ^3 September, 1674: Invt. exhibited. And 
this Court grant Adms. to Mrs. Willard. The Debts and Creditors to be 
presented to this Court at the next session, and Mr. Thomas Hosmer and 
her Father and her Brotfier Mr. Stephen Hosmer, with Mr. Buckley and 
Mr. Kimberly, are desired to assist in the Adms. 

Page 146—29 December, 1674: A List of Debts and Credits now 
exhibit^ in Court and the Estate found to be insolvent. Then this Court 
appoint Mr. Samuel Talcott, Mr. James Treat and Mr. Eli Kimberly to 
<fivtde the Estate to the Creditors. Order. Dist. 



Page 182-183. 

Willcoz, John, Middletown. Invt £409-11-04. Taken 6 June, 
1676, by Ridiard Hall, John Kirby. The children : Sarah Long, age 28 
years, Israel 20, Samuel 18, Ephraim 4, Hester 2 years, Decern^, 1675. 
Mary was bom 9 March, 1675-6. 

Court Record, Page 155 — ^ September, 1676 : Adms. to the Widow 
and Deac. John Hall. 

Page 161 — 1st March, 1676-7 : Dist. of Estate to the widow accord- 
ing to law; to the Eldest son, £66; to the 2nd son, £42; to the 3d son, £36; 
to the two daughters, £30 to eadi. Deacon Hall, Ensign White and Wil- 
liam Cheny, distributors. Deacons Hall and Stocking, Overseers. 

See File : 3 January, 1694-5 : The Settlement of the Estate of John 
Wilcock, deceased. To the Legatees, by us which were appointed by the 
Court for that service & with the Agreement of the Relidcs and all the 
Legatees, is as follows : 

£ s d 
To the Eldest son Israel Wilcox, 66-03-00 

To Samuel Wilcox, 48-00-00 

To Ephraim Willcock, 36-00-00 

To Easter Willcock, 30-00-00 

To Mary Willcock, 30-00-00 

This is a full Agreement of all the persons concerned, except Ephraim 
(which was not present), and before thos appointed by the Court, which 

Nath : White, 
William Cheeny, 
John Hall senior. 

In Witness of this Agreement the Relick & the Legatees have set to 
their Hands : 

Joseph Hand sen. in behalf of Esther Wilcock, 
the wife of Joseph Hand Jr. Esther X Stow 
Sarah X Wilcock Samuel Wilcock 

Ephraim Wilcock Joseph Stow 

Mary X Wilcock. 

March the i6th, 1714: A Dist. of the Half-Mile Lote made by 
Esther Stow, Adms. of the Estate of John Willcock, to the Children and 
Legatees, being a peice of Land that was left out of die Inventory, was 
put in and was divided to them as follows: To Sarah (Israel) Willco(^K 
15 acres; To Samuel, Ephraim, Esther and Mary Wilcock, to each of 
them 7 54 acres. Signed : Esther X Stow. 

Mr. Joseph Rockwell plees to enter upon record to the Children the 
above written Dist. as it there stands in proportion.' 

Esther X Stow. 

l663 TO 1677. PROBATB RBCORDS. 255 

Page 141— (Vol. X) 6 December, 1726: A Dist of the Estate of 
John Wilcox, sometime of Middletown, made 13 January, 1694-5, by 
Nathaniel White, William Cheeny and John Hall, was exhibited by Esther 
Stow (alias Wilcox), Adms. on sd. Estate, whidi Dist. some of the heirs 
appeared in Court and prayed that the same might be accepted, whereupon 
this Court do receive and accept sd. Dist. Ordered to be filed. Es&er 
Stow (alias Wilcox) moved that she might be discharged in being Adms. 
This Court, considering her age and Infiraiity, do grant her a Quietus Est. 

Page I4»— 6 December, 1726: Whereas, it is represented to this 
Court that there is some Land belonging to the Estate of John Wilcox, 
deed, which hath been laid out since his decease, and so is not inventoried 
or Dist., this Court grant Adms. on sd. Estate in Lands unto Francis Wil- 
cox of sd. Middletown and David Ensign Jr. of Hartford, and order that 
they exhibit an Inventory thereof to this Court as soon as may be, in order 
to be Dist to the heirs. 

Page 61. 

Willcoz, ZIbxj, Hartford. Invt. £40-00-04. Taken ist January, 
1668-9, by James Ensign and Paul Peck. 

Will : October the ffoureth, in the year of our Lord on thousand six 
hundred sixty and six, I Mary Wilcock of Hartford, in new England, 
widdow. Doe mak & Ordain this my last Will and Testament In manner 
& fform as ffoUoweth : Imprimis. I give unto my Cosin Sara Long two 
pewter platters. Alsoe I give unto my Daughter An Haul forty shillings 
and my best feather pillow. All other of my Estat that shall remain due to 
mee by Bill, moovable goods, Cattell, or other houshold goods, Apparell, 
or any otherwis, my iust debts being paid & all necessary charges about 
my comly buriall being discharged, I give unto my son-in-Law John Bid- 
well, whom I make & Ordayn my soal Executor, & intreat my ffriends 
Deacon Butler & James Ensign to be Overseers unto this my Last will & 
Testament. In witness whereof I have heer unto sett my mark the day 
and yeare above written Mary X Wilcocks. 

That this was distinctly read unto & owned to be understood by the 
Testator to be her last will & Testament is testified by us. 
Richard Butler, James Ensign. 

Court Record, Page 69--29 October, 1667: On Motion of Deacon 
Butler, in behalf of Widow Wilcox, This Court order John to pay to his 
Mother £6 a year, as on account of weakness she cannot occupy the Old 
House, Orchards, etc Will Proven. 

Page 9a. 
Wilooz, Mary, of Middletown. Will dated 3 April, 1671. (No In- 



Mary, the wife of John Wilcox, April the third, being very sick & 
weak, & as she sayd shee conceived her selfe neer her death yet shee was 
of sound understanding & memory, shee declared by word of mouth this 
following to be her L^t Will & Testament, viz : She gave to her sonn 
Samuel Femsworth Tenn pounds sterling out of her Land in the great 
Lotts at Dorchester, as a remembrance of her, & the remainder of the Lott 
shee gave unto her husband John Willcox. Moreover, she gave unto her 
sonn Joseph Long the Bill shee had of him for Land he Bought of her ; 
& shee gave her white wascoat & her red Dammy coat to Mary Wilcox ; 
and She gave to Sarah Long her feather Bed & Boulster which is at Hart- 
ford In her House all ready, & her Qoath wascoat with the great Silver 
lace, & a petty Coate Likewise. She did Give & Freely resigne up to her 
husband John Willcox that part of his Estate which was Mortgaged to 
her by her sayd Husband, & she desired that that tenn pounds shee gave 
to her sonn Samuel Femsworth should be delivered Into the hands of her 
trusty friend Captain Hopestill Foster of Dorchester, to be kept for him 
until! he come of age. This above written of her voluntary accord very 
freely she declared to be her Last will & Testament, the 3 April, 1671. 

In the presence of us John Hall, Ann X Hall. 

John Wilcox owned in Court that he gave his wife Liberty to make 
her will & dispose of those things mentioned in her will. John and Ann 
Hall sworn in Court to the truth of what is above written. 

Court Record, Page 114 — 7 September, 1671: The Will of Mary, 
the late wife of John Wilcox, exhibited and approved. 

Page 50-51. 

Winchell, Sobert. Invt £61-17-01. Taken 23 January, 1667-8, by 
Deacon Moore, Capt. Newbery, John Loomis & Matthew Grant Will 
Nuncupative, dated 20 January, 1667-8. 

We the Underwritten doe witness that, being with Robert Winchell 
that night in wch he died, desired us to take notice that if he lived not till 
the next morning, and soe could not have it written, that this was his Will : 
That before anything; was meddled with all his Debts should be payd, and 
that his two sons Jonathan and David should have ye Lands that is on the 
North west of the Highway, this being all the Lands he had left, only 
Jonathan should have the North side and David the South Side. Sister 
Randall says, "What shall yr daughter have?" He answered, "I have done 
for her already. And for my eldest son, he is in my Debt ; I acquitt him 
that, yet let them have something." And sayd also, "I desire yt you two 
and Brother Phelps would be my Overseers." To this we set our Hands. 

Memorandum: He expressed yt wt was left of his Estate besides 
his Debts his 2 sons Jonathan and David should have. 

Signed : Abraham Randall, 
Mary X Randall, Walter ffyUr. 



i663TOi677- PROBATA RBCOltDS. 957 

Court Record, Page 74 — ^5 March, 1667-8 : Invt. Exhibited. Adms. 
to Jonathan & David Winchell. He had an older son & a daughter. 

Page 185-6. 

Winthrop, Ck>y. John, Boston. Invt. in Hartford, £73-01-04* Taken 
5 September, 1676, by John Allyn, Joseph Haynes, George Gardner. 
Will dated 3 April, 1676. 

I John Winthrope, of the Colony of Connecticut, in New England, 
now resident of Boston, being sicke in Body but through Mercy of per- 
fect memory and Understanding, do make this my last Will & Testament: 
I Will & Bequeath unto my two sons Fitz John & Waitstill, to each of 
them an equal proportion out of my Estate, which is to be a double portion 
to each of them (that is, double to what I give to each of my daughters) ; 
the rest of my Estate to be equally divided to my 5 daughters, vizt : Eliza- 
beth, Lucy, Margaret, Martha & Anne, only my Will is that in the Com- 
putation of mjr Estate, whereas I have already given to my daughters 
Elizabeth & Lucy good Farms which they are in possession of, that tfiat 
may be considered by the Overseers of this my Will hereafter named, and 
proportionably accounted as part of their portions, abatement to be made 
out of the present Legacy to them given^ above accordingly. And I do 
hereby nominate and appoint my two sons Fitz John & Waitstill and my 
5 daughters above named to be Executors & Executrixes of this my last 
Will & Testament. And I doe request the persons hereafter named to 
accept the trouble to be overseers of this my Will and to settle all things 
accordingly, and doe declare that it is my Will that if any question, diffi- 
culty or differences arise in or about this my Will, it shall be determined 
by tfiem or any three of them. The persons are : Of Connecticut, Capt. 
Jolm Allyn, Mr. William Joanes and Major Robert Treat. Of Boston: 
Mr. Humphrey Davie, Mr. James All3m, and my brother Mr. John 

In Witness that this is my last Will & Testament, I have heretmto 
set my Hands & Seal. Done in Boston this 3 day of April, 1676. 

Witness : Thomas Thatcher sen., John Winthrop Ls. 

John Blake. 

Court Record, Page 154 — 25 July, 1676: Will proven. 
(A Copy on File, & on Record at Hartford, Connecticut.) 

Page 66-7-8. 

WitGhflddt Mrs. Margaret, Windsor. Invt. £280-0005. Taken 
26 August, 1669, by Gregory Stone & Thomas Fox. Will dated 21 April, 


I Margaret Witchfield of Cambridge do see Cause to make, ordain 
and declare this my last Will & Testament in manner & forme following : 
I give & bequeath, etc., to my dear Honed Husband, as a token of my Love 
& duty towards him, my Best peice of plate, to In joy the same during 
his Life, & the remaynder of my estate I doe give and Bequeath unto my 
two daughters, to be equally divided between them, viz, Hannah Goffe & 
Abiah &)ffe. In case of tiie decease of both without Issue, I doe then 
give and bequeath the one mo3rty or half part of my whole estate unto the 
•children of my sister Jane Winship, Deceased ; & my will is that Joanne 
shall have a double portion and that the rest be equal shares ; to the rev- 
erend Mr. Jonathan Mitchell, whiles he abides in Cambridge, the use of 
f ower Acres of Marsh ; also I give him £$ ; to Mr Samuel Shephard, £$ ; 
to Edward & Deborah, the children of samuel Goffe, £5 apeice ; tb John 
& Lydia Sprague, the children of John & Lidia Sprague, £$ apeice; to 
Thomas Faning, £$; To Elizabeth Hayward, my daughter-in-Law, £5; 
to Hanna Stowers, los. Finally, I doe Nominate & ordaine the worpU 
Captayn Daniel Gookin, Thomas Cheesholme & John Cooper Executors, 
to whom I give £10 apeice. In case God be pleased to bless my daughters 
Hanna & Abiah or either them with Issue of their bodies lawfully begot- 
ten, that then the Legacies to my sayd daughters shall be and remain to 
their children after their decease. 

Witness: Thomas Danforth, Margaret Witchfield. Ls. 

Thomas Chesholme, 
Caleb Chesholme, 

At a county court held at Cambridge 5 October, 1669, Thomas Dan- 
forth and Thomas Chesholme appeared before the Court. Being swome, 
doe say that the above named Margarett Witchfield, being of sound mind, 
Signed, Sealed and published this Instrument to be her Last will, etc. 
As attest, Daniel Gookkin, Ass st. Vera Copia as attests. Thomas Danforth, 

An Invt. of Mrs. Margaret Witchfield, of Windsor, upon Connecti- 
cutt River, that was in Cambridge at her decease, which was about the 
end of the 4 Mo., 1669, £280-00-05. Taken By Gregory Stone and 
Thomas Fox. Presented in the County Court held at Cambridge 5 Octo- 
ber, 1669, as a true Invt. of all the Estate whereof the sayd Margfarett 
Witchfield died Seized in this Jurisdiction. 

Tho. Danforth, Recorder. 
August 26, 1669. 

An Inventory or valuation put upon some estate of Mrs. Margaret 
Witchfield, late Deceased, which must come to distribution betwixt her 
two daughters (one the wife of Mr. Henry Wolcott, Jr., the other the wife 
of John Moore Jr.) : 

Imprmis. a silver Bowie, a cup & dram cups, 7 spoonss, 3 f s d 

gold rings, £7-04-00, wearing Clothes £40-18-00, 48-02-00 

It. In Parcels, 2 Remnants of New cloth, £23-13-08, In lining 

for Bedd & Table, £35-13-08, 59-07-04 


1663 TO 1677. PROBATA RBCORD8. 259 

Ite. In Bedding besides Lining, i28-oi-oo ; In Books, i2-oo- 

00; In pewter, £4-13-06, 34-14-06 

Ite. In Brass, £4-10-00; In Iron for several uses, £3-18-00; 

In Truncks, Chests & Boxes, £2-15-00 13-03-00 

Ite. In chayres, cushions, wth several particulars, 4-18-00 


Apprized By Capt. Benj Newbery, Matthew Grant, Thorn Dibble 
sen. In Court, 8 December, 1668. 

Page 127-8. 

Wolterton, Oregorj, Hartford. Invt. £585-16-00. Taken 6 Aug- 
ust, 1674, by Thomas Bull and Thomas Bunce. Will dated 17 July, 1674. 

I Gregory Wolterton of Hartford, upon the river of Conictticote, doe 
make this my Last will and testiment, wherein I give unto my wife Jane 
Wolterton the some of twenty pound to be payd in moveable goods as is 
prised, provided that it be in such as she desire. I doe also give tmto 
Jane my wife her dwelling, and liberty and use of the newe rooms which 
was last bilt, which is next to the garden, but not for to let it away to any 
but for to use it for her owne use during the Terme of her life, and for to 
use some part of the seller and the ( ) for her Convenientcy, and 
liberty for her to set her fire wood in tfie yard. I doe also g^ve unto her 
Six pound, to be payd to her by the yeare by my Executor, during the 
Time of her life. I doe also give unto James Wolterton, the son of Mat- 
thew Wolterton, that live in Ipsago, in Sufolk, in owld Ingland, ten pounds 
if he be living ; if not, to his Children, eaqueUy devided. I also give unto 
Matthew waller, of new london, five pounds. I give also unto Rebecka 
Waller ten pounds. I give unto Sara waller five pound. I give unto John 
Shepeard sener, the son of Edward Shepard, one peece of Land, by esti- 
mation fower acres be it more or les, lying and buting upon benieme har- 
bor east, paul peck south, John bidall north, and upon paul peck and John 
bidall west ; and he is for to pay Twenty shillings to his father Edward 
Shepard, Twenty shillings to his sister Debora fairbanks, and Twenty to 
his Sister sara Thompson, and twenty shillings to his Sister's abovesed 
Children. I doe heereby give unto hanna lord and to mary lord, the 
Daughters of Thomas Lord that is deceased, five pound a peice and the 
things that are left in the trunk that was their mothers for to be devided 
between them, and Mary foote to have trounke. And also to the Sones 
of William Waller deseased, at Lyme (that is to say, to William Waller 
ten pound, to John Waller ten pound, to Samuell Waller ten pound, and to 
mathew waller ten pound). Mor over I give to wolstone brockwood 
seaner ten pound, and to wiliam brockwood his son ten pound. Also I 
give to bethia Stoken, the Daughter of Samuell Stoken, five pound. I 
give unto Samuel Stoken Seaner forty Shillings, and also tmto Steven 
hopkines seaner forty shillings. I doe also give unto nathaniell Standly 

TgW^g^g" ^'L.- . 

260 PROBATB R9CO&D8. VOL. in, 

twenty Shillings; also to mary porter, the wife of John porter, seaner, 
twenty Shillings; also unto hanna poorter, the wife of Isack Moore, of 
farmington, twenty shillings. Also I give unto Mr. John whiting, pastor 
of the Congregation, five pound. Also I give one parcell of land lying in 
hoccanum, sixe ackers be it more or les, abuting on the gjeat river west, 
on nathanile baken south, and on the said John bacon noith, and upon the 
Upland East, unto Mr. James Richards and John White forever, and to 
whom they shall appoint as feoffees in Trust, for the only Use & behoufe 
for the maintenance of the ministry of the meeting house of the South 
side of the Riveret, the Church whereof Mr. Whiting is now pastor. 
Moreover I give unto Elizabeth Andrews, the wife of John Andrews 
Junior, 40 Shillings. Also I give unto Mr. John Haynes, pastor of the 
owld Meeting house, 40 Shillings. Also I give unto Dorothy Lord, the 
daughter of Thomas Lord Deed, 20 Shillings. And moreover I give unto 
John Merrelk, and his heirs forever, booth my houseing & Tan Yard (all 
that I leave and all my Land that I have not disposed of), whome I or- 
<iayne and appoint Executor to this my last Will &; Testament. I doe also 
desire my loveing friends Mr James Richards and John White senor for 
to be overseers to this my last Will & Testament. As Witness my Hand 
& Seal this 17th of July, 1674. 

Signed & sealed in presence of Gregory Wolterton. Ls. 

James Richards, John White. 

Will proven in Court 26 August, 1674. 

Note: This Will was evidently written and signed by the testator 
himself {Gregory Wolterton), and the subscribing Witnesses each signed 
their names in their otvn Hand. 

Court Record, Page 143 — ^3 September, 1674: Mr. Samuel Collins, 
in behalfe of the Widow Waller, pretending to make claym to the Estate 
of Gregory Winterton, & desireing liberty to prosecute the same the 2nd 
Wednesday in November next, John Merrells engageth not to alienate 
the Real Estate bequeathed to him by the sd. Wolterton till the sd. Court 

Npte: Winthrop Papers, Vol I, Fifth Series, Page 103 — Letter of 
Elisabeth Stone to Elisabeth Winthrop: "Here is little news stiring, but 
Goodman Wilterton marrying with Goody Ward of Hadly/' Hartford, 24th 
October, 1670. 

Page 77. 

Wright, Thomas sen*, Wethersfield. Invt. £101-15-00. Taken 29 
April, 1670, by James Treat, Samuel Boreman, John Ryley. 

The last Will & Testament of Thomas Wright sen., of Wethersfield, 
is as foUoweth : I do give unto my dear wife Margaret, after my decease, 
all the provisions (that are for Meat and Drink) now in my possession, 
also the Use of such my Moveables as she shall tiiink needful for her use 
during her life. My Will is that the Division that I have formerly made 

1663 '^ X^77« PROBATA RSGORDS. 26t 

of my Land unto my sonns shall stand finne forever, onely in yt my will 
I give unto my sonn Samuell but halfe my six Acre Lott in ye meadow, 
together wth foure Acres in ye swamp, which he now enjoyes, all which 
is in consideration of five Acres of Land which I had purposed to have 
given him upon the Island. I doe give unto my sonn Joseph haJfe my six 
Acre Lott in ye meadow, that is to say, the north side of ye sd. Lott 

My will is that after all my debts are paid out of my estate, there shall 
be an equall division made of ye remainder amongst my children. I doe 
allsoe make my sonn Thomas sole Executor of yt my will, and doe desire 
my Loving firiend samuel Hale? senr to be helpfuU to him herein. I doe 
give unto my dear wife Margaret all the Linnen that I have in my posses- 
sion that was of her owne spining. Thomas X Wright. 
Witness : Samll Tallcott, John Deminge, 
Samuel Hale, Josiah Gilbert. 

Court Record, Pa^ loi — ist September, 1670: Will Exhibited by 
Thomas Wright Jr. and Samuel Hale. Accepted, only it is ordered that 
the clause in the Will wherein mention is made of giving to Joseph halfe 
his six acre lot in the meadow (the north side of the lot) is to be null be- 
cause it appeard to this Court lliat part of the lot was, on 6 March, 1688, 
Sold by the said Thomas Wright to his Son Samuel Wright. 

Page 89-199. 

Wrighti Margaret, Widow, Wethersfield. Invt. £82-19-06. Taken 
4 April, 1671, by James Treat, Samuel Wright. Will dated 19 January, 

I Margaret Wright, Widow, being in perfect Memorie although weak 
in Body, my will is that Estate which I have & shall leave at my death, 
& all my LawfuU debts being satisfied, & what remains my will is that my 
Grand Child William Hilier, son of Jobe Hilier deceased, that he shall 
have a double portion ; & my will is that Sarah Hilier, the daughter of Jobe 
Hilier, should have sumething more than a single portion, & the other 
three children of my sonn Jobe Hilier Should have a Single portion a 
peice ; & My will is Margaret Wanton, Uie Daughter of the wife of my 
sonn Benjamin Hilier, that she should have forty shillings given her. My 
will is that the wife of my Son Thomas Wright should have my Cowe, & 
If it be not Sufficient for her Labour of Love, I leave to the discression of 
my Overseers to give more. My will is that my Christian brethren Samu- 
el Hale & John Deming Should be my Overseers. 

Margaret X Right. 
Witnesfs : John Deming, Samuel Hale. 

Codicil: My earnest desire is that my loveing Friend Mr George 
Gardiner would be pleased to Joyne wth John Deming senr & Samll Hale 
senr as an overseer of diis my Last will and Testament 

Margaret X Wright. 
Witness : Samuel Talcott, Thomas Wright. 


Contents of debts payd out of the Estate of Margaret Wright accord- 
ing to the will : 

i s d 
To Thomas Wright for charges, 11-18-09 

To Goody Curtice, IHXVOO 

To Capt Thomas, 00-08-00 

To Mary North, 01-00-00 

To John Deming, 3-14-00 

To carrying pordc to Hartford, oo-o^<x> 

& for loss of weight, oo-09<x> 

for loss in cotton yam, 01-06-00 


The goods in the Inventory Come to £81-19-06. The debts out, there 
is left £61-16-09. Pavd 40s to Benjamin Hilliard's wife. There is to be 
divided isg-iS-og, of which we order £29-00-01 to the three youngest 
children, & £19-06-08 to the Eldest sonn, & £11-05-00 to Sarah Holan- 
worth, the Eldest daughter. As witness our hands thisf 22 — 12 — '74. 
John Deming, Samuel Hale Sen., George Gardner. 

Received of Mr. John Deming & Samuel Hale sen., for account of 
Jobe Hillier's youngest Children, The sum of £29. I say received this 27 
of February, '78, by me George Gaikdner. 

Mr. John Deming sr :- I received yours bv my Brother Buttolph, in 
Answer unto which diese are to inform you that I Judge. the £29 (you 
have a receipt of it) what was given by the widow Wright unto Jobe 
Hilliard's youngest children by his second wife, which was paid unto tiieir 
mother t^ order of the court here. Allso I find upon my book an account 
of 1370 lbs of porck payd my father, which comes to £17-02-06; also an 
accot of one dd of porck & 33 bush, of Indian Come payd my Brother 
Buttolph, which comes to £7-12-06. Pray, sr, send me a coppy of the 
widow WrigMs will, & if there be anything behind Let it be payed unto 
my Brother Buttolph, and I will endeavoar to get a discharge of the chil- 
dren & send it unto you. Not els at prsent, but kind respects to you and 
yours. I rest yours to serve. Samuel Gardner Jr. 

There is still due £6-01-09. 


Superscribed: For Mr. John Deming sen., forty-eight bushells of 
Indian come upon the accompt of Jobe Hilliard's eldest diildren. I say 

pr me, John Buttolph Jr. 

The 17 March, i686. 

The above written are true coppys of the original, being examined 
& compared there with August 24, 1687, 

pr John Allyn, Secretary. 

|663 to 1677. PROBATB RBCOE08* 263 

Gnut Record, Page no— 5 April, 1671: Adms. to John 
and Samuel Hale sen. 

Page 59-60, 

Wyatt, John, Haddam. Invt. £154-17-10. Taken 7 September, 
1668, t^ Abraham Dibble, Richard Joanes. The children : Mary, age 20 
years, married; John 18, Hepzibah 16, Dorcas: 13, Sarah 9, Joanna 5, 
Elizabeth 3, & Israel half a year. Dist : To the Widow, £35 ; to John, 
Eldest son, £14; and to the other seven Children, £8 apeice. 

Court Record, Page 81 — 5 November, 1668: Adms. granted to 
Mary, the Relict, and John & Richard Bronson are desired to assist her. 

Page 160 — 1st March, 1676-7: Order to Dist. the Estate of John 
GSfford of £4-01-00, taken to pay a Debt due to the Estate of John Wyott. 

■II ■■KB 



1677-8 to 1687. 

This is the Fourth Book of the Records 
of the Acts of the County Courts and 
Courts of Probates in the County of 
Hartford, and of Wills and Inventories. 

No. 4. 

No msn Wiae at sll times, nor 
Knowing in all things. 



1677 to 1687. 

Page 167. 

Adams, Kdward, Windsor, who died 15 August, 1683. Invt. £56- 
18-02. Taken by Henry Wolcott & Samuel Cross. Daughter, Mary Ad* 
ams, 12 years of age, 28 August, 1683. 

Court Record, Page 80— io October, 1683: Adms. to the Widow. 
Order to Dist: to the Widow £31, and to the daughter above named £25 
at 18 years of age (bom 28 August, 1671 — (W. R.) Edward Adams & 
Elizabeth Buckland were married 25 May, 1660— (W. R.) 

Page I27-8-J0. 

AdamSi Jeremy, Hartford. Died 1 1 August, 1683. Invt £243-05- 
06. Taken by Caleb Stanly, Phineas Wilson. Will dated 4 August, 1683. 

I Jeremy Adams of Hartford do make this my last Will & Testa- 
ment : Whereas, I have formerly given to my gr. son Zachary Sandf ord 
my Oxpasture Lott in the way to Wethersfield, & put him in possession 
thereof before Witnesses, I do hereby confirm the same to him & his heirs 
forever ; & the Lott that I have at the Wolfe Pound by Mrs. Webster's I 
do Will and Bequeath it to my gr. son Zachary, he paying the value of it, 
as it shall be prized in the Inventory^, towards the payment of my Just 
Debts or to my gr. Children as I shall hereafter expresse; & the remayn- 
der of my Estate, when my Debts are paid, shall be equally divided to my 
gr. Children, the ^ to my sonn John Adams his Children, and the other 
halfe to my sonn Willett's Children. And I doe appoint Nath. Willett to 
be the Executor to this my Will, & Major John Tallcott & Capt. John 
Allyn to be my Overseers. 

Witness : John Talcott, Jeremy X Aix>ahs. 

John Allyn. 

Court Record, Page 72—6 September, 1683 : Will proven. 
Page 79—18 December, 1683 : Whereas, Jeremy Adams his Estate 
stands Indebted to Mr. Richard Lord in the Full Sum of £117-05-08, for 


which there is Mortgaged all that Parcell of hsLnd in Hoccanum Meadow 
which the sayd Jeremy bought of Widdow Lattimore of Wethersfield, the 
sd. Mortgage dated 6 December, 1674, I Nathaniel Willett of Hartford, 
Executor to the Will of Jeremy Adams, not being capacitated to redeem 
sd. Mortgage, now acknowledge Judgement & the Mortgage is forfeited, 
and doe Quitt Claim the sayd Land to the Use of Richard Lord. 

(Vol. V) Court Record, Page 29 — 21 April, 1691 : Nathaniel Wil- 
lett, being aged and having lost Jeremy Addams his books and Accounts 
when his House was burnt. This Court desire and appoint Capt. Jonathan 
Bull to be Adms. with sayd Nathaniel Willett to the sayd Estate of Jeremy 
Addams, who are appointed to Issue so far as they are capable as soon 
as may be and to make Return to this Court. 

Adams, Jeramiah. Court Record (Vol. V) Page 125-— 9 February, 
1696-7 : I Jeremiah Adams of Htmtington, Long Island, son of John 
Adams and gr. son of Jeremie Adams and Nephew of Thomas Greenhill, 
make my Brother-in-Law Edward Higby Trustee and Attorney. 
Witness: Mary Udal. 

Page 126-7. 

Alvard, Benediet, Windsor. Invt. £229-03-09. Taken 7 May, 
1683, by Benjamin Newbery, Daniel Clarke sen. Will dated 30 March, 


I Benedictus Alvard of Windsor do make this my last Will & Testa- 
ment: After my Just Debts are payd, my wife during her Widowhood 
shall have the Proffitt, Use & Benefit of my Estate for her Comfortable 
Livelyhood ; but if she marryes, to have £30 of what Estate she shall see 
Cause to take, to be to her own free Dispose. To my son Jonathan I give 
20 Shillings besides what formerly I have given him. To Josias Alvard, 
my 2nd son, £40 and the Farme that was given me by the Cotmtry. To 
my daughter Elizabeth Drake £$ besides what she hath already received ; 
and a Sheep apeice to each of the Children. To my son Jeremy, after tfie 
decease of my wife, all my Houseing and Land in Windsor, together with 
all other my Moveable Estate in Windsor, and all other Estate that is and 
shall appear to be due unto me on Books, he paying out of it those L^;a- 
des as are before expressed. Also my Will is that my son Jeremy shall be 
Executor. Further, that my loving wife shall live with my son Jeremy, and 
that he shall have the Improvement and Management of it, allowing his 
Mother comfortable mayntenance out of it as long as she lives in this 

Witness: Benjamin Newbery, Benedictus X Alvasd. 

Darnel Clarke sen. 

Court Record, Page 72 — 6 September, 1683 : Will proven. 

l677 TO 1687. PROBATE RECORDS. 269 

Page 85-6-7. 

Andrews, John sen., Farmington. Invt £321-19-00. Taken 15 
February, 1681-2, by Thomas Porter, Richard Seamor, Tho: Heart.. Will 
dated 9 November, 1681. 

I John Andrews, being grown aged, and many weaknesses Attending 
off me from time to time. And now att this present itt pleases the most 
High to visit mee with more than ordynarie weakness, yet throw the Good 
Hand off God upon mee I have at this present thee perfect Use of my 
Understanding, now I doe think it meet to set that little at stay as I am able 
that God hath given mee. All my lawfuU Debts being discharged, I dis- 
pose of my Estate as FoUoweth : I give and bequeath unto my wife Marie 
Andrews the new end of my Dwelling House and the Seller under itt ffor 
her Use and Comfort, (with) the Use off half my Orchard the Frute off 
it as long as shee liveth ; moreover I doe give unto my wife my ffeather 
bedd with all the ffumiture belonging to it, with liberty to dispose of it 
as shee pleases. Item. I give to my son Beniamin Andrews my whole 
House and Bame and Homelott after my wiffs decease. My Mind is that 
my son Beniamin shall possess, after my decease, half my House and 
House Lott and Bam upon that Condition that he maintaine his deare 
mother comfortably so long as her natural life continueth. I give to my 
son John Andrews my Lott or Devision of Land that abuteth upon Hart- 
ford Botmds. I give to my son Abraham Andrews my 20 Acre Lott in 
the Great Swamp & Joining to his own Lott. I give to my son Daniel 
Andrews 2 acres of Meadow Land, and I give him my Upland Lott that 
belongs to my 20 acre Swamp Lott. I give to my son Joseph Andrews 
my Upland Lott, containing 40 acres, Uiat lyeth near to Middletowne 
Path. I give to my son Beniamin Andrews all the Division off Upland 
that belongs to mee that are not yet layd out. Moreover I leave the Rest 
of my Swine and Com I have, to discharge my Debts, in my son Benia- 
min's Hand, as alsoe he shall pay some small legeses, namely : 

I s d 
I give to my grand child Thomas Bams, 00-20-00 

" " " " John Andrews, i-oo-oo 

" " " " Abraham Andrews, i-oo-oo 

" " *' " John Richards, i-oo-oo 

4< it 

it U 

ii it 

" " " " " " Daniel Andrews, i-oo-oo 

" " " " " " Ezekiel Buck, i-ook» 

Respecting my gr. child Joseph Andrews, my son Joseph Andrews' 
son, iff he sees meet to lett him continue with my wiffe and my son Benia- 
min till he is 21 years of age, he shall have then five teen pounds & two 
sutes off aparill. Iff he sees cause to take him Awey before he is off that 
age, I doe give him nothing, and he shall pay nothing for ye time I kept 
him. I give to my daughter Marie Bams my black Heiffer. I give to 
my daughter Hanny Richards two yearlings. I give to my daughter 
Rachell Budc, my two year old Red Heifer. My son Benjamin Andrews, 


shall be sole Executor. And I desire my loveing friends Capt John 
Standly and Isaac Moore to be Overseers with my son Daniel Andrews. 

Witness : Robert Porter, John X Andrews sen. 

William Lewis senior. 

Court Record, Page 50—2 March, 1681-2 : Will Proven. 

Page 106. 

Atwood, Oapt Thomas (Also called Dr.), Wethersfield. Invt. 
j£i48-o6-09. Taken 24 October, 1682, by John Kilboum sen., Thomas 
Wright. Family : The Widow, Abigail Atwood ; Abigail, age 14 years ; 
Andrew Atwood, age 1 1 years ; Jonathan, age 7 years ; Josiah, age 4 years. 

G>urt Record, Page 60^13 December, 16B2 : Invt. Exhibited. Adms. 
to the Widow. This Court appoynt Capt. Samuel Talcott & Mr. John 
Robbins to be Overseers, and Order Dist. of the Estate : To the Widow 
her thirds during life, and to the Children as they come of age or marry. 

Page 13-14. 

Bacon, Elizabeth, late of Hadley, now of Hartford. Invt. £269-05-00. 
Taken 23 February, 1678, by Nathaniel Standly, Nathaniel Goodwin and 
John Marsh. Will dated 30th October, 1671. 

I Elizabeth Bacon, late of Hadley, now a resident of Hartford, do 
make this my last Will & Testament: Whereas my son Caleb Standly, 
who has taken upon him the Burden & Care of providing for me in my 
old Age, also left his Brother Isaac's Estate to me, which might have 
fallen to him (see Records of Court at Springfield, 27 September, 1671), 
I do give unto my son Caleb Standly all my Houseing and Land in Hadly 
formerly my Husband Andrew Bacon's, late of Hadley, deed, that fell to 
me by his last Will, or by the Death of my son Isaac, or by any other 
ways, to him & his Heirs forever. I appoint my son Caleb Standly to be 
Executor ; and I do appoint him to see that those Legacies given by my 
late dear Husband to Mr. Russell & Peter Tilton be paid. Other Lega- 
tees mentioned: To my daughter Abigail Coles, the wife of Samuel 
Coles, & to Lois, the wife of Thomas Porter, both of Farmington. My 
Will is, after my decease a true Inventory of all my Goods, Cattell & 
Debts be taken, & the Amount I give to my son Caleb Standly, to my 
daughter Elizabeth Sension, the wife of Mark Sension, my daughter Abi- 
gail Coles & my daughter Lois Porter & their Children, to be equally di- 
vided among them, that is to say, my son and three daughters ; provided 
that out of my daughter Elizabeth's part £5 to be paid to my gr. child 
Sarah Sension, daughter of my daughter Elizabeth, & provided that my 
daughters Abigail & Lois & their Husbands doe legally resign their 
Rights in the third part of the ^ of my Land at Hadley to my son Caleb 

I677 "^O 1687. PROBATE RBCORDS. 271 

& his Heirs forever (*see Lib: D, fol. 57). If they be not willing soe to 
doe, then I give them and their Children the third part of half my Land 
in Hadley, and that which shall be allotted to my daughters Abigail & Lois 
out of my Moveable Estate shall be and belong to Qileb Standly and his 
Heirs forever. My son Caleb Stanly to be sole Executor ; John AUyn and 
Nathaniel Stanly Overseers. 

Witness : John AUyn, Elizabeth Bacon. Ls. 

Thomas Fitch. 

Court Record, Page 12-^ March, 1678-9 : The last Will & Testa- 
ment of Elizabeth Bacon was now exhibited in Court and proven. And 
whereas, by the sd. Will some part of the Lands in Hadly is Willed to 
Abigail Cowles, the wife of Samuel Cowles, and to Loeis, the wife of 
Thomas Porter of Farmington, in attendence to Direction left in the Will 
of Andrew Bacon late of Hadly, there was exhibited in Court a Deed 
signed and sealed by Samuel Cowles and Abigail his wife & by Thomas 
Porter & Loeis his wife, witnessed by John Heart and Benjamin Joanes, 
and acknowledged 8 Feb: 1678, before Mr. John Wadsworth, Comr, 
wherein they did fully resign their Right in the sd. Lands before men- 
tioned to Caleb Stsindly of Hartford, his Heirs and Assigns forever, 
which is approved by the Court, & by the Desire of Sargt. Caleb Standly 
here recorded. 

Page 118. 

Barding, Abigail Died 20 March, 1682-3. Invt. £19-10-00. A Nun- 
cupative Will exhibited in Court, April, 1683. Testimony of George 
Graves, aged about 52 years, and Samuel Andrews, aged about 36 years, 
is that we were with Widdow Abigail Barding about 3 weeks before she 
dyed, And she did before us declare that her Will was that after her 
death the sd. Samuel Andrews should have what was due to her from 
Gerrerd Spencer, and that the sd. Samuel should pay her Debts & 
Funeral Charges, also that her daughter Hester Spencer should have 
all her other Goods, excepting som few things she had given away before. 
Samuel Andrews accepted ; only of the above written that he remembers 
not his gr. Mother's words that he should pay her Debts and Funeral 
Charges, but owneth that he will do it. George Graue, 

Samuel Andrews. 

Paul Peck sen., aged about 60 years, testifieth that a day or two be- 
fore Widdow Barding dyed she tould him that her Will was that Samuel 
Andrews should have what was due to her from Garred Spencer, & that 
the rest of her Goods she gave to her Daughter Hester Spencer, except 
som few small things she had given away before. 

paule Peck sen. 

Court Record, Page 68 — 4 April, 1683 : Will proven. 

*(In the office of Sec of State of Conn.) 

a V .• ^  J « •  MB w> -y-^^m-^^mtmmm^m^imw^^'iiw^mi^ 


Page 2IO. 

Bell^Bobert, Hartford. Died 29 July, 1684. Invt £28-17-06. 
Taken by Caleb Stanly, Philip Lewis. The children: John, 6 years of 
age; Robert 4, and Mary 1% years. 

Court Record, Page 94 — ^4 September, 1684: Invt. Exhibited in 
Court by the Relict. 

Page 99 — 5 May, 1684-5 - Adms. to Caleb Stanly and Richard Ed- 

Edward King, of Podunk, gave Land, 4 February, 1681, to his son- 
in-Law Robert Bell and his wife Ruth Bell. (See W. R. of Land, Vol. 
II, Page 39.) 

Page 105 — ^24 March, 1684-5 • This Court having considered the Es- 
tate of Rob : Bell, do order that £9-10-00 of the Inventory of the Estate be 
left with the Widow for her Relief, & the rest be disposed to answer the 
Creditors by proportion as far as it will go. And as to a Tract of Land 
made over to Robt. Bell by Edward King, it being not expressed that it is 
past to him, his assigns. Executors or Adms., we are suspicious whether 
it may be meet to dispose of it to pay Debts least Bell's Heirs recover it 
out of their Hands. 

Page 128 — ^3 March, 1686-7: The Adms. is granted a Quietus Est. 

Page 187. 

Benjamin, Caleb. (Died 8 May, 1684.) Invt. £77-15-06. Taken by 
Samuel Haile sen., Joseph Hill. The children: Mary, age 13 years, 
Abigail 11, Sarah 8, John 6, Samuel 5, Martha 3, Caleb }4 years old. 

Court Record, Page 93 — ^4 September, 1684: Adms. to Mary, the 

Page 135 — (Vol. VII) 7 November, 1709: This Court do order 
the Clerk to issue forth a Writ to cite Walter Harris sen. of Glastonbury 
to appear before this Court on the ist Monday of December next to ren- 
der an Account of his own and his late wife her Adms. on the Estate of 
Caleb Benjamin, late of Wethersfield, Deed. 

Page 5 — (Vol. VIII) 6 February, 1709-10: Walter Harris sen. of 
Glastonbury now appeared before this Court and exhibited an Account 
of his own and his late wife's Adms:. on the Estate of Caleb Benjamin, 
late of Wethersfield, Deed: 

£ s A 
Paid in Debts 11-05-00 

Loss of Horses 8-06-00 

And two Cows 7-00-00 

And the Court allow Walter Harris 25-00-00 

for his wife keeping 2 Or 3 of the younger children for 

some years. All which amounts to 51-11-00 

Which subtracted from the Moveable Part of sd. Estate^ 

There remains thereof to be distributed 11-04-06 

This Court allow John Benjamin for his Costs ^S^^ 

There remains only to be dist. 10-04-03 

1-3 part of this to Walter Harris 3-08-01 

And a double portion to John Benjamin, & single portions to each 
of the other Children now living. And appoint John Hubbard sen., Ben- 
jamin Talcott and Thomas Kimberly, Dist., to divide the Lands & remain- 
ing Moveables. 

Page 156. 

Benton, Andrew, Hartford. Invt. £345-17-09. Taken 4 September, 
1683, by James Steele sen., John Merrells. The children: Andrew, 
Samuel, Joseph, Mary and Dorothy, by his First wife (a daughter of 
George Stocking). By his second wife (Ann Cole) : Ebenezer, 9 or 
10 years of age, Lydia 7, Hannah, 5 years of age. 

Court Record, Page 77 — 18 December, 1683 : Adms. to Joseph Ben- 
ton. Order to Distribute to the Widow £40 ; to Andrew, Eldest son, £54 ; 
to Joseph, £34 ; to Samuel, £34 ; to Mary, £33 ; to Dorothy, £33 ; to Eboae- 
zer, because of his impotency, £49; to Lidia, £33; to Hanna, £33: Ste- 
phen Hosmer & John Morrice, Overseers. 

Page 236-7. 

Benton, Ane, who died 19 April, 1686. Invt. £60-12-06. Taken 14 
May, 1686, by Stephen Hosmer, Jacob Wells. 

The last Will of Ane Benton, made the twenty-sixth day of march, 
one thousand sixe hundred and eighty sixe: Being in sound mind & 
perfect memory, and not knowing the day of my death, doe Comit my 
soule into the hands of my Redemer, and my body to Comly buryeU. I 
doe dispose of that estate god has betrusted me with as follows : I give 
to my son Ebenezer what of my estate is not hereafter excepted, if he 
Lives to nede it. Yn my will is that my dafter Lydia shod have my 
litell brass ketell; and my dafter Hannah should have my litell Iron 
pote and all my wareing aparell, except won arporne, whidi I give to 
my son Ebenezer. Al the rest, both Lining & woUen, should be divided 
between my dafters Lydia and hanah equeilly, and allso my pewter to be 
devided beitweene them, and my 2 skillets I give ym. I give to Lydia i 
fine pille-bere and i paire of sheats and i paire of Coten pille beares, and 
to my dafter Hanah i paire of sheats and the best of the Coten pilleberes ; 
aOso Lydia must be paid the three pounds of what I tooke up in my bus* 
bands aparell out of the household stuff; and all these Legaseys to be 


paid them, the son at twenty-one years, and the dafters at eightene years 
of age. I desire my loveing brother Nathaniel Cole to be Executor. 

Witness: John Willson, Ane X Benton. 

mathew Grant. 

No Court Record found. 

Page 253-4. 

Bidwell, John sen., Hartford. Invt. £419-10-06. Taken 4 June, 1687, 
by William Pitkin, Joseph Olmsted. Will dated 10 February, 1680. 

I John Bidwell of Hartford do make this my last Will & Testament : 
I doe give to my son John BiddoU, & his heirs forever, my Lott in the 
swamp on the east side of the Connecticutt River, being about Two acres 
& a half, Lyeing between Thomas Bunce his Land & the Land of Good- 
man Easton; and allso I doe give & confirme unto him & his heirs for- 
ever all my Lands and buildings & appurtenances of them whatsoever^ 
which Lye or are in the township of Hartford, on the west side of the 
Connecticut river. Also I give unto my son Joseph Bidwell £30 in cur- 
rent pay of this colony, £20 to be payd within two years after my decease, 
and £10 to be payd him for the use of his children after my wife's de- 
cease. Also I give to my son Samuel Bidwell £20^£io, to be payd him 
two years after my decease, and £10 for the use of his children after my 
wife's decease. Also I give to each of my Two daughters, Sarah House 
& Hannah Waddams, £20 apeice. Also I g^ve to my daughter Mary Mee- 
kins the one halfe of my upper Lott in the swamp, Lyeing south of Ozias 
Goodwins Land thereby, and the other halfe I give to my grand son 
John Meekins, to be to tfiem & their heirs forever, only my will is that my 
wife shall have the one halfe of that Lott during her Life, & that John 
Meekins shall not have the halfe of that lot unless he live with me or my 
wife until he be twenty years of age. If my self or wife do Live soe long. 
Also my will is that my wife Sarah Bidwell shall have all my household 
goods & stufFe, to be at her dispose forever ; & I doe moreover give her 
the one halfe part of all my estate whatsoever that is not before disposed 
of, both Lands, houseing, Chattells, Cattell, or any other thing whatever it 
be, to be For her proper use during her natural Life & no Longer ; & If 
it shall seem good to my wife at any time to leave that part of the houseing 
& Lands & Cattell which I have given her during her Life as before unto 
my son Daniel Bidwell, Then I doe give her £8 by the year out of it, the 
Lands, houseing & Cattell to be payd her in current pay of the Colony 
by my son Daniel Bidwell or who soever enjoyeth the sayd Lands, houses, 
Chattells & Cattell. Also I doe give the other halfe of my whole estate not 
before disposed of, both Lands, houseing, Chattells, Cattell, & every other 
thing not before disposed of, unto my sayd son Daniel Bidwell & his heires 
& assigns forever. Also I doe in like maner give unto him, after the decease 
of my wife, the other halfe of my estate which was before given my wife 

X^l'j TO 1687, PROBAT3S RECORDS. 275 

for and during her natural life. I make my wife Sarah Bidwell and my son 
Daniel Bidwell Executors, and Mr. John Crow to be Overseer. 

John X Bidwell. Ls. 
Witness : William Pitkin, Joseph Olmsted. 

A Codicill, dated 22 August, 1683 : I give to my wife Sarah Bid- 
well, in addition, 2 cowes ; to my son John Bidwell 4 acres of Land ad- 
joyning Bartholomew Bamards Land. Son John Bidwell is to pay to 
Rev. John Whiting 20s, and i20 to my son Joseph Bidwell. And whereas 
Sarah House & Hannah Waddams were to receive £20 to each, my will 
is that my daughter House shall have £30, my daughter Waddams iio. 

John X Bidwell. Ls. 
Witness: William Pitkin, John Makins. 

Court Record, Page 133 — i September, 1687 : Will Proven. 

Page 66. 

Biggs, William^ Middletown. Invt. £139-01-06. Taken 19 August, 
168 1, by Richard Hall, John Hall Jr. & Samuel Hubbard. The children: 
William, age 15 years, Mary 14, Thomas 9, Elizabeth 8, Sarah 6, John, 
4 years old. Adms. to Mary the Relict. Invt. exhibited ist September, 
168 1. Test: William Leete, Governor. 

Court Record, Page 25 (Vol. V) — 6 March, 1690-1: This court 
appoynt Richard Hall & Mr. Southmayd to Bind out Wm. Biggs, his 
youngest sonn, to some good place where he may be carefully provided 
for & Instructed. 

Page 57 — 12 April, 1693: Complaint having been made that there 
was no Achns. of the Estate, this Court now appoint William Smith & 
William Taylor Adms., they to report so that Dist. may be made. 

Bishop, John. Court Record, Page 1 1 — 14 February, 1678 : Upon 
the motion of Sarah, the Widow of John Bishop, late of Wethersfield, de- 
ceased, This Court have granted the said Sarah Bishop Adms. upon the 
estate of the said John Bishop, Dec. Mr. Eli: Kimberly & Mr. Nath: 
Boweman are desired by the sd. widow to assist her in the premises. 

Page 217. 

Biflselly John, son of Samuel of Windsor. Invt. £127-02-08. Taken 
27 January, 1684-5, by John Loomis, John Moore. The children: Abi- 
gail, 354 years of age ; John, 2 years. 

Court Record, Page 104 — ^24 March, 1684-5 • Adms. to Abigail Bis- 
sell, the Widow. Distribution to the Widow £21-13-04, to the son a 


double portion, to the daughter a single portion. John Loomis sen. ft 
John Loomis Jr. to be Overseers. 

Page 132. 

Blaekleachy John sen., Wethersfield. Invt. £373-16-06. Taken 3 
September, 1683, by Samuel Talcott, James Treate, Samuel Butler, Se- 

Court Record, Page 73 — 6 September, 1683 : The Invt. of Mr. John 
Blackleach sen., of Wethersfield, was exhibited in Court, & the Court doe 
impower Samuel Butler to Adms. upon the estate till the Estate may be 
settled by this Court. 

Page 74. — Special Court — 29 October, 1683 : Mr. John Blackleach 
Jr. appeared in Court and made it appear by his Father's Books that his 
Father had disbursed upon his Grand Father's account the sum of £225- 
09-01, of which sum £69-06-03 was paid as money, all which, pr. order 
of the Gen. Court, 13 May, 1675, was ordered to be paid out of sd. Black- 
leach's Estate in Lands after his decease. This Court appoint Lt. Samuel 
Steele & Sargt. Deming to apprize so much of the Lands and Houseings 
as may Answer the aforesaid sum, & deliver to Mrs. Blackleach, and when 
the debts are paid, the remainder of the Land and Houseing to be dis- 
tributed amongst Mr. Blackleach his Children (Mr. John Blackleach, 
Exercise Hodges, and Mary Jeffries and Benoni Blackleach) if living ; to 
divide the Land into four parts. And if Benoni be dead, to divide his 
part to the 3 surviving Children. 

Samuel Butler, Adms. 

Note: The Grandfather was Benjamin Harbert, whose wife (the 
mother of Mrs. Elizabeth Blackleach) was Christian Nethercoole. (See 
jst Church Catalogue.) 

See also Mrs. Blackleach's appeal to the Court against the probation 
of the will of her mother, on page 46 of this volume. 

Page 192. 

Boreman, Bin. Mary, Wethersfield. Died 3 August, 1684. Invt. 
^207-01-02. Taken by Samuel Talcott, James Treat. The children: 
Isaac Boreman, Mrs. Mary Robbins, Samuel, Sarah, Daniel, Jonathan, 
Nathaniel, & Martha Boreman, and Thomas Robbins. 

Court Record, Page 94 — 25 November, 1684: Invt. Exhibited by 
Samuel and Sarah Boreman. Order to Dist. by Samuel Talcott, James 
Treat & Samuel Butler. 

Record on file : Dist. to Isaac, to Samuel, to Daniel, to Jonathan, to 
Nathaniel, to Sarah Boreman, to Martha Robbins, to Thomas Robbins; 
by Samuel Talcott, and Samuel Butler. 

Page 102 — 15 May, 1685 : The Dist. Report Approved. 

l677 '^ 1687. PKOBATB RECORDS. 277 

Page 12. 

Bowe, Alexander, Middletown. Invt. ^144-19-09. Taken 12 No- 
vember, 1678, by Thomas Whetmore, William Harris, Robert Warner. 
The children : Samuel, age 19 years, Sarah 16, Amia 4, Mary, 2 years of 
age, one unborn (Rebeckah). Dist. on file, 20 April, 168 1. 

Court Record, Page 10—5 December, 1678 : Rebecca Bowe exhibits 
the Invt. and a Will of her late Deed Husband, which is imperfect, there 
being no Executor appointed and some children bom since the Will was 
made. This Court order that the Widow shall possess and enjoy the Es- 
tate according to a writing of date 30th October, 1673, made to her before 
marriage, or the Will, whichever she pleases. Adms. to the Widow. 
Ensign William Cheeny and Sargt. William Ward, Overseers. 

Page 23 — 4 March, 1679-80. The Widow declines the Adms., which 
was then granted to William Ward, & William Cheney appointed to assist 
the sd. William Ward in Adms. 

Page 89—2 April, 1684 : This Court being informed of the death of 
tl^e Relict of Alexander Bowe, who hath left 3 young Children (one is 
with Mr. Collins, one with Ensign William Cheeny, and one with Thomas 
Ward). This Court appoint Ensign William Ward to make Indentures 
for the children, to bind them out to their several masters till they be 18 
years of age, and the said Ensign Cheeny and William Ward to improve 
their several portions allotted to them out of their father's estate, to be 
laid out for their maintenance so long as is needful!. 

Page 51 — ( Vol. V) 23 February, 1692-3: Ensign Ward being de- 
ceased (who was Adms. to the Estate of Alexander Bowe, Deed), This 
Court appoint Lt. Francis Whitmore Adms. with Mr. Cheeny. 

Page 104. 

BrookeB, John, Simsbury. Died 3 September, 1682. Invt £199-08- 
09. Taken by John Case, Thomas Barber & Peter Buell. The children : 
Elizabeth Brookes, aged 19 years ; Samuel, age 20 years ; Mary 16, Mercy 
13, Lydia 10, and Susanna, 7 years of age. 

Court Record, Page 58—7 September, 1682: Invt. Exhibited by 
John Peirce. Adms. to John Peirce & Thomas Barber. 

Page 62 — 13 December, 1682. This Court distributes the Estate of 
John Brooks as followeth : To the widow, £6 of the personal estate for- 
ever, and one third of the real estate during life. The remaynder of the 
Estate to be divided to the 6 Children of sd. Brookes, so that the eldest 
son have £10 more than the daughters. This is done because we find that 
the sayd Brookes, by a writing under his own hand, had so disposed of 
his estate that his son could not expect a double portion, though he had 
put no legal stamp upon sd. writing. The children to possess as they 
come of age. The administrators are to lay out to the widow her £6 in 
Beding & household goods, and to take care of the pa3mient of the dcj>ts. 


& to put out the youngest daughter till she be of age ; & when the debts 
are payd, the estate to be distributed. 

Page 85 — 6 March, 1684: The administrator of John Brookes es- 
tate being departed, & tfie estate being in a wasteing state, none to look 
after it, This Court therefore doe grant Adms. on the Estate to Jolui Hig- 
ley, whoe accepted of the same in Court. 

Page 52. 

Bnmsoxii John, Farmington. Died 28 November, 1680. Invt. £312- 
01-06. The children : Jacob, Isaac, Mary Ellis, John Brimson, Abraham 
Brunson, Dorcas Hopkins, Sarah Kilboum. 

Court Record, Page 32 — 2 December, 1680: Invt. now exhibited in 
Court by Jacob & Isaac Brunson & Dorcas Hc^kins. This Court grant 
Adms. to the Children of the Dec. and appoint Marshall Grave to assist 
them in the division. There being no will made by the deceased, and 
finding the sayd John Brunson had in his lifetime allotted to his foure 
sonns each of them a fifth part of his lands in Farmington, This Court 
confirms the same to them and to their heires forever; & whereas John 
had received short of his Brothers £8, it is now considered in the distribu- 
tion, as also what his daughters have formerly received, and the distri- 
butions as foUoweth : 

i s d 

To Jacob Brunson Eldest son 72-02-00 

To John Brunson 44-17-00 

To Isaaq, Brunson 36-17-00 

To Abraham Brunson 36-17-00 

To Mary Eldest daughter 35-16-00 

To Dorcas 41-16-00 

To Sarah 45-16-00 

And this Court orders that there be payd towards the maintenance 
of the Widdow, yearly, the sum of iio in good current pay, during the 
time of her natural life, to be paid by the children in proportion, and more 
if necessity arise. 

Page 179 — (Vol. X) 5 March, 1727-8: Whereas it is represented to 
this Court by George Kilboum, Thomas Hopkins, John Bracy, Daniel 
Steele & Hezekiah Hopkins, Heirs by marriage and descent from John 
Brunson, formerly of Farmington, deed, that there is considerable Estate 
in Land of the sd. Deed that has not yet been Dist., and necessary to be 
apprised in order to be Dist. to and among the heirs of sd. John Brunson, 
This Court grant Adms. on the sd. Real Estate which has not yet been 
Dist. unto the sd. Thomas Hopkins and John Bracy, and order that they 
make an Invt. thereof and exhibit the same to this Court as soon as may 
be, for Dist. 

l677 1^ I^S?* PROBATB RBCORDS. 279 

Page 264-5. 

BmxiBon, Richard, Farmington. Invt. £405-08-00. Taken 26 Septem- 
ber, 1687, by Thomas Porter, Jonathan Smith & John Norton. Will 
dated 27 February, 1684. 

I Richard Bnmson of Farmington do give to my wife during her 
life half the Use or benefit of my whole Homestead, as also the Lower 
room of that called the old house & the chamber next above it, & a good 
Cowe. She having beding & household Implements necessary of her 
owne, I ad nothing herein, but doe ordain & appoint my son Samuel 
Bronson my soale executor To my personal and reall estate at the end & 
Term of my naturall Life, only the Legacies hereafter expressed I doe 
appoynt him my sayd son Samuel Brunson to pay, viz: That which as 
abovesayd is bequeathed to my wife he is not to enter upon during her 
natural Life, & then to take possession of that part of my estate as my 
whole & soale executor, as also to pay these following Legacies : I having 
given to my two other sons their portions, I give to my daughter Hanns^ 
£4 more, to my daughter Eddy £3 more, to my daughter Abigail 40s more, 
to my daughter Mary one bed, a new Blanket, one payre of sheets, & to 
be paid 40s per annum so long as she liveth unmarried, & on her mar- 
riage day a good Cowe. What I doe give unto my son Samuel Bronson, 
my Executor, is as followeth : all my Homelott with houses, out howses, 
bam, orchyard, garden or gardens, timber wood, underwood, with all the 
appurtenances thereon or thereunto belonging, excepting that part given 
to my wife during her Life; then this Instrument standeth good to my 
son Samuel to possess the whole of my Homelott except that part which 
is given to my son John Brunson. I give to my son Samuel 5 acres of 
Pequabock meadow adjoyning John Wadsworth's Land, John Stanly's 
Land, and on Samuel Gridley's Land, As also 4 acres more or less in Pe- 
quabock meadow adjoyning a highway, Moses Ventruss & Thomas 
Barnes his Land. I also give to my son Samuel Bronson all my other 
estate, as cattell, horses, neet sheep or swine, with all my Implements of 
Husbandry, brass or pewter, beding, whatsoever is truly mine, to him and 
his heirs forever. Richard X Brunson. Ls. 

Witness : William Lewis sen., Samuel Lewis. 

Court Record, Page 134 — 26 October, 1687 : Will Proven. 

Page 61. 

Bncklandy Temperance, Windsor. Invt. £90-18-04. Taken 19 Au- 
gust, 1681, by John Loomis sen., John Moore & Thomas Bissell sen. Will 
dated 21 March, 1680-1. 

I Temperance Buckland, Widow, having grown aged & weak, do 
hereby declare that my Mind and Will is how I would have that portion 
of tfie Estate that I now injoy to be disposed of after my decease: Im- 
primis : I give to my son Nidiolas Buckland my now Dwelling house & 


Orchard, being my Homelott, 2 acres of Pastureland, & in the Great 
Meadow 6 acres of Meadowland. This I give to my son Nicholas to be 
to himself and his heirs or assigns after my decease. Yet this I do desire 
of him while I live, that he take the best Care he is able for my Comfort- 
able maintenance. I give to my daughter Hannah Buckland all my 
Household Goods of one Sort & another for her own use and dispose. 
This is all I have to express, & do witness the Truth of my Will & desire 
by setting to my Hand. 

Witness: Matthew Grant, Temperance X Buckland, Wnx>w. 

John Grant. 

Court Record, Page 4&-^ist November, 1681 : Will & Invt Exhi- 
bited. Adms. to Nicholas Buckland. 

27 January, 1681-2 : Joshua Wyllys gave a receipt for the legacy to 
his wife, who was Hannah Buckland. 

Witness : Michael Taintor, Signed, Joshua Wyllys, 

John Qrant. Hannah X Wyllys. 

Page 219-20. 

Buell, Widow Mary, Windsor. Died ist September, 16S4. Invt. 
£19-15-06. Taken 11 October, 1684, by James Hilliard & Samuel Barber. 
Will dated 29 August, 1684. 

I Mary Buell, bdng very weak and nigh to death, but having my 
natural Understanding, having some smale things to dispose of, my Will 
is that my Eldest daughter Mary Mills shall have my Westcoate, Coat, & 
that Hatt which was Sarah's, & i white linen apron, & i blue Apron whidi 
it is woue ; & the rest of my Wool & Linen Clothes I give to my daughter 
Hannah Palmer, & my Hatt, & i pewter Platter, & i tin pann. I g^ve to 
my daughter Hepzibah Welles 6 yards of linen Cloth, & I give to my gr. 
child Mary Palmer Wool Cloth to make her a Coat, & to my gr. Child 
Sarah Palmer Wool Cloth for a Waste Coat, & the rest of my Wod Cloth 
is to be divided between my daughters Mary & Hannah, & the rest of my 
linen cloth is to be diuided between my two daughters Mary and Hannah, 
& I give to my daughter Hannah i blue apron, & that is all that I give to 
my daughter. (Will not signed.) 

Witness : James Hillier, 

Mary X Hillier. 

Court Record, Page 105 — ^24 March, 1684-5 : Will Proven. Adms. 
to Peter Buell. Capt. Newbery and John Moore appointed to Distribute 
the Estate, to be equally divided to the Children of sd. Buell. 

Page 72-73. 

Bewell (Bnell), William, Windsor. Died 16 November, 1681. Invt. 
£147-12-10. Taken 30 November, 1681, by John Loomys sen., John 
Moore. Will dated 26 July, 1681. 

l677 ^K> 1687. PROBAra UtCO&DS, sSl 

I Wiliiam Buell do give to my son Samuel the house and half e the 
Homelott, with all the Land, purchased of William Thrall ; & to my son 
Peter halfe the Home lott on the North side, & all the Meadow & the 
Wood Land that was my owne by guift of the Towne. My Tooles to be 
equally divided betwixt Samuel & Peter. My son Samuel is to pay out 
ill, & Peter i6, & this, with the rest of my Goods, to be equally divided 
between my daughters, only my daughter Mary to have £5 more than 
either of the others. These two parcells of Land, one by the Gravell hill» 
the other by the Mill brooke, which I leave to my wife's disposeing If she 
out lives me, & she is to enjoy all this as long as she lives. 

Witness : Nathaniel Gillett, William X Buell. 

Timothy Phelps. 
Job Drake, son of John Drake, James Hillier. 

Mrs. Mary Bewell, the widdow & relict of Wm. Bewell, Deed., Ex- 
hibited Invt. .6th March, 1681-2, before Benjamin Newbery, Commis- 

6 March, 1681-2 : It is mutually agreed By Samuel & peter Bewell, 
as a final Issue betwixt them, respecting their father's will, as f oUoweth : 
That all the houseing shall be equally divided betwixt them by an indif- 
ferent estimation. Also that peter shall have Liberty to choose which end 
of the house he will have, both Samuel & peter being bound to give or take 
according to the estimation that shall then be set upon it. AUso that Peter 
shall have halfe the Home Lott as it Lyeth on the Northerly side & as ex- 
pressed in the will, wth the addition of the southerly or other part of the 
swamp or meadow Lying by the Riverett, which is to extend from the 
River to the Middle of the Hill or falling ground betwixt the meadow & 
upland, as allso that all the woodlands & boggy meadow shall be settled 
upon both of them according to their father's will, which was prsented 
in Court. Farther, we doe allso agree that the Land Lying in the great 
meadow shall be equally divided betwixt us both. The aforesaid parcells 
of Land we agree shall be & remayne to us, our heirs & successors, with 
all the privaleges thereto belonging ; & farther we doe agree that whatso- 
ever of Legacy shall be due by our Father's will, it shall be discharged or 
payd equally betwixt us ; & allso that the Tooles our Father Left us shall 
be divided according to his will written. For the true performance of 
what is above written we doe mutually set to our hands. 

Samuel Bewell^ 
Peter Buell. 
Witness : Nathan GUlett, 

George Griswold, 

Page 196-7. 

Bull, Oapt. Thomas, Hartford. Invt. £972-06-00 in Hartford. 
Taken 24 October, 1684, by Joseph Whiting, Nathaniel Stanly and Ste- 


phen Hosmer. iTySo^-oo in Saybrook, and £76-cx>-oo in Joshua's gift of 
Land. Total, £1322-11-10. Tsdcen 29 February, 1700. Will dated 19 
April, 1684. 

I Thomas Bull of Hartford, being weake in body Butt in good meas- 
ure of health and memory, doe make this my last Will and testament: 
Impr. My will is that all my Just Debts be payd to whom I am Indebted. 

It. I give unto my son Thomas Bull of ffarmington That lott att 
IFower-mile Hill in Hartford Bounds, yX, about one Hundred Acres ; also 
I give my sayd son fFifteen pounds of my personal Estate and Two Cows. 

Itt. I give unto my son David Bull of Saybrook all That I bought of 
good Wife Towsland in houseing and Land in Saybrook; And I give 
unto my said son David i20 out of my personal Estate, and also two of my 
best Coats for his use. 

Itt. I give unto my daughter Ruth Boardman of Cambridge iio, to 
be paid in 18 Months after my decease. 

Itt. I give unto my Daughter Bunts in Hartford £10, to be paid in 18 
months after my decease. 

Itt. I give unto my Grand Childe Susannah Bunts £5. 

Itt. I give unto my daughter Abigail Bull £90 Besides what she hath 
Received already, to be paid wthin 18 Months after my Decease, of wch 
sum I doe Appoint my son Joseph Bull to pay £40 out of the best of my 
household Goods, and I doe apoynt my son Jonathan Bull to pay £50 out 
of what he shall receive out of my Real and personal Estate, both wch 
sums to be payd In 18 months after my Decease. 

I give unto my son Jonathan Bull Two Acres of my six Acar Lott 
In the South Meadow In Hartford, and likewise I give him 3 Acars of 
Meadow out of that 8 Acars that was Capt. CuUett's, Abutting on Good- 
man Stocking's Lott by the great River's sid^ ; alsoe I pve him My Two 
Acar Lott Lying by the Indian fFort by the great River's side. Alsoe I 
doe pve my sayd son Jonathan 6 Acars of my land that I bought of Mr. 
Hopkins, Lying next Mr. Hooker's Land; Also I give him 3 Acars of 
Meadow at Hockanum that I bought of Mr Robert Webster, and I give 
him that Acar of Land that is over against My now Dwelling house that 
I bought of Thomas Whaples, Deceased ; also I give him half that Lott yt I 
bought of Capt. CuUett of 14 Acars, Abutting on the Land of Steeven 
Hopkins and Land of Eliezer Way of Hartford ; also I give him my Lott 
and House that I bought of William Warren neare the New Meeting hous 
In Hartford ; also I give him my 18 Acar Lott lying at Rocky Hill, Abut- 
ting on the Land of Steven Hopkins ; also I doe give unto my son Jonathan 
Bull the one half of my Land at Nahantick, with half the houseing privi- 
leges and apertenances ; also I doe give unto my son Jonathan half my 
Land at Cedar Swamp that I Receved of the Country. And if the lord 
shall pleas to take my son Jonathan out of this Life before he hath A son, 
then my will is that All the land he hath Received of me, excepting what 
is Recorded to him before my death, shall Return to my then surviving 
Children, to be devided equally amongst them. 

l677 ^ ^^^7' PROBATA RECORDS. 283 

Itt. I give unto all my Grand children £20, to be divided equally 
amongst them. 

Itt. I give unto Mr. John Whiting £3, and desire him to be Overseer 
of this my will. 

Itt. I give the Rest of my Estate, both Real and personall, unto my 
son Joseph Bull, whom I doe Appoynt to be sole Executor of this my Last 
Will and Testament. And alsoe that my son Joseph doe lett my Daughter 
Abigail have the use of the Chamber she now Lodgeth In so long as she 
shall see caus. In witness of the premisses I have heare unto sett my 
hand this 20 August, 1684. Thomas Bull. 

Witness : Eliezer Way, Sarah Way. 

A Codicil made about 2 days before the death of Capt. Bull : In con- 
sideration that his daughter Bunce had deceased, he gave the iio devised 
to her to her daughter Susanna Bunce. 

Test : Abigail Bull & Mr. John Whiting, upon oath before John Allyn, 

25 November, 1684. 

Page 139-140. 

BmLce, Thomas, Hartford. Invt. £1024-03-00. Taken 3 August, 
1683, by James Steele, Nathaniel Stanly, John Easton, in Hartford. £767- 
03-00. Taken 1683, by Samuel Talcott, John Deming, Wethersfield. A 
Home Lott & dwelling house, iioo ; to 9 Acres of meadow Land at the 
pond, £70 ; to Land at the wherle pool, £g ; to Land in the wett swamp, £6 ; 
to 30 acres of Land in the wett swamp, £30 ; to a Long Lott in the west 
feild, 22 J4 acres, £30; to 6 Acres dry swamp, £12; sume, £257; £767-03- 
00 — ^£1024-03-00. Will not dated. 

I Thomas Bunce do give and confirme to John Bunce my sonn & his 
heirs forever all that my house & Lott & bam with all the appurtenances 
belonging to it (which I bought of Thomas Gridley) within the Bounds 
of the Township of Hartford, & my 40 acre Lott which I bought of the 
aforesayd Gridley which Lyeth near weathersfield Bounds, together with 
my whole right, title & Interest in the saw Mill that was built by Mr. 
Gardner, Stephen Hosmer & my selfe, & doe put him in present possession 
thereof. Moreover I doe give & bequeath unto my sayd sonn John Bunce 
six acres of Meadow Land in the South meadow on llie south side of my 
Lott Lying by John Wattson's, Thomas Catlin's and Steven Hopkins' 
Land, as also I give & bequeath to him my Lott Lyeing over against Mr. 
Webster, which abutts on the Highway east & on John Wattsons Land on 
the West & on John Richards' Land on the south & on the highway on the 
North. These two Last parcells of my Land my sayd sonn John Bunce is 
to possess immediately after the decease of me & my wife Sarah Bunce. 
Moreover I doe give unto my sayd (sonn) John Btmce out of my move- 
able estate £10. I doe give unto my daughter Elizabeth White £20. I doe 
give unto all my grand children to each of them £5. I doe give to my 

384 PBOBAT9 RKCORDS. TOi;. !▼» 

cousin Elizabeth White £5. I doe give to my sister Katharen Clark £10. 
I doe give to my wife all my moveable estate, both of Cattell & household 
stuffe, to be to her use & bdioofe whilst she shall Live & to dispose of at 
her decease to our children. I doe give unto her the use and improvement 
of all my houseing & Land that I stand possessed of at my decease, to be 
for her comfortable subsistance, she keeping houseing & fences in good 
repayre ; provided, if she marry again she shall have but one half e of my 
houseing & Lands. I doe give unto my son Thomas Bunce Jr. & his heirs 
forever, after the decease of my wife, all my houseing & Lands of what 
nature & kind soever they be, or wheresoever situated. I doe nominate my 
sayd sonn Thomas Bunce to be my whole & sole Executor ; & to enable 
him to performe this my Will & to pay such Legacies as I have herein 
given, I do grant him power to sell any part of my Land at Weathersfield 
for the end aforesayd, not wth standing any clause or bequest in this my 
will to the contrary; & that he may have a refuge to repa3rre unto for 
advice & councill in all difficulties that may arise in the attendency of this 
my will, I doe desire my Brethren Ens. Nath. Standly & Steven Hosmore 
to be my desired overseers to assist him with council & advice as there 
shall be need. Thomas Bunce. 

Witness : John Allyn, Joseph Whiting. 

A nuncupative Codicil appears upon record, entered upon the testi- 
mony of Thomas Bull and Jonathan Bull upon oath before John Allyn, 
Assist, 2 August, 1683, wherein he revokes the Legacy to his cousin Eliza- 
beth White, giveing her nothing, and reduceing the Legacies to his Grrand 
children from £5 to each to 20 shillings to each. 

Court Record, Page 73 — 6 September, 1683 : Will Proven. 

Page 157. 

Burr, Ann, Widow, who died 31 August, 1683. Invt. £09-06-06. 
Taken 6 December, 1683, by Thomas Butler, Nathaniel Goodwin, also to 
be Distributors. 

Court Record, Page 79 — 18 December, 1683 : Estate to be divided 
equally to Thomas Burr and Mary Clark, except one Coat which Mary 
Crow hath. 

Page 59-60. 

Burr, Benjamin, Hartford. He died 31 March, 1681. Invt. £232- 
12-06. Taken 15 April, 1681, by Nicholas Ohnsted, Caleb Stanly. Will 
dated 2 June, 1677. 

I Benjamin Burr of Hartford do make this my last Will & Testament : 
I give unto my wife Ann Burr, during her life, excepting only what I 
appoynt to be payd before her decease. I give unto my son Samuel & his 
heirs & assigns forever, after my wive's decease, all my Land at Greenfield 
with all the Buildings thereon, & I doe allso give him whatsoever he hath 

1677 ^K> 1687. PROBATB RBCORDS. 283 

all ready received from me. Item. I give to my sonn Thomas Burr & his 
heirs for ever, all my houseing & Land in the Township of Hartford, after 
my wive's decease ; & my teame, that is, two oxen & an Horse, allso all the 
utensills to the Team belonging, as cart, plow & such like, to be his after 
my decease; & my will is that he doe with the Teame & utensills all worke 
for my wife while she Liveth that is to be done with a Teame. Item. I 
give to my daughter Hannah Burr iio; to my daughter Mary Crow 20s; 
to my grand child Mary Crow iio. I give iio to my wife to be at her 
dispose by her will to such of her children as by their duty & behavior shall 
in her Judgement best deserve the same. I give to my daughter Hannah 
iio more, to be paid by my sonn Thomas Burr after his moSier's decease, 
besides what is above mentioned. Item. My will is that my sonn Thomas 
shall take care of his mother while they live together in this world, to 
supply her wants in all respects so farr as the Estate Left to that End wiU 
do it. I make my wife Ann Burr & my sonn Thomas Burr Joynt & only 
Executors. Benjamin X Burr. 

Court Record, Page 39—20 April, 1681 : Will Proven. 

Page 105. 

Burr, Samuel^ Hartford. Died 29 September, 1682. Invt. £541-10- 
II. Taken 5 October, 1682, by Paul Peck sen., Joseph Mygatt, Ciprian 
NiccoUs, George Grave, Joseph Easton. The children : Samuel, 20 years 
of age; John 12, 5-12; Mary 9, 8-12; Elizabeth, 7 years of age, and Jona- 
than, 3 years and 8 months. 

Court Record, Page 61 — 13 December, 1682: Adms. to Stephen 
Hopkins and Thomas Catlin. Order to Dist., With the advice of the 
Magistrates and Marshall George Grave, to Samuel ii6o, to John iioo, 
to Jonathan iioo, to Mary i8o, to Elizabeth £80, as they come of age. 

Page 158. 

Bnshnell, Sngannah, Saybrook, who died 18 August, 1683. Invt. 
£51-18-00. Taken 4 September, 1683, by Nathaniel Chapman and John 
Bushnell. Will nuncupative. Testified to by Lieut. William Bushnell and 
Samuell Bushnell. She gave all that she had to her son John Waddams. 

Court Record, Page 72 — 6 September, 1683 : Will & Invt. approved. 
From file : An Inventory of the Estate of Susanah Bushnell : 

i s d 
her wearing cloaths of woolen 12-06-00 

her old Qoath 00-09-00 

her bed linnen & wearing linnen & silke & bodces 13-03*00 


A feather bed & bed sted one bolster 2 pillow & tallow Coats 
one pare of sheets 3 old Curtains one old ruge 2 old 
blanketts 06-03-00 

20 pound in ye hand of Samuel Bushnell 20-00-00 

This Inventory taken & apprised by us Select men & apprisers Nathaniel 
Chapman & John X Bushnell Saybrook September 4th 1683 The person 
presenting the Estate hath acted under oath according to law. 
There is no writen zvill that which shee Left by word of mouth was that 
shee gave all that shee had to her son John waddams> which testimony we 
have reseued from Leftentt William Bushnell & Samuel Bushnell 

Pr Nathaniel Chapman ) -, 

John X Bushnell j -'^ww^ww^w- 

John Waddams of wethersfeild this 4th of September came io Saybrook 
to demand an estate given to him by his mother there is (ordd) & of the 
person in law appointed Samuel Bushnell to do the same and haveing 
loueingly agree on that accont so that there appeareth no difi-Culty or any 
fere of trouble for the f utter the said John wdddams desireth it may have 
its isue at harford Court in 2 resons first it will save hime considerable 
Charg to appeare at or County Court 2/y the Condiscon of his family at 
present under the afflicting hand I being not willing to deuert the Course 
of law settled or the practice of each Courte the going from hath som^ 
times proued troublesome but in this Case as I thinke I do so far under 
stand that I do on the former reasons give countenance as the best way 
that the matters be settled at hartford Court unto which Cort I do recom- 
mend the isue which is the all at present presentable to your honord mem- 
bers of the Court from your friend and servant dated in Saybrook 

RoBT Chapman Assist. 
Sept 4th 1683. 

Page 184-5. 

Butler, Deao. Biduurd, Hartford. Died 6 August, 1684. Invt £564- 
15-00. Taken 2 September, 1684, by Paul Peck sen., CSeorge Grave. Will 
dated 2 April, 1677. 

Know all men whom it may concern, that I Richard Butler, being in 
bodily health & of sound & perfect memory, doe make & ordain this my 
Last will & Testament in Form & maner as f olloweth : Imprim : I doe 
give to my son Thomas Butler my uper Lot in the Long meadow. 2nd I doe 
give to my son Samuell all my meadow Land in Weathersfeild meadow. 3, 
I doe give to Nathaniel my son my meadow Lot neer the Long meadow 
gate. 4, I doe give Joseph Butler My son all my Land in the South 
meadow. 5, I doe give to my son Daniel Butler my now dwelling house 
wth all S4)purtenances of building & ground about it, as also I doe give my 
son Daniel my Lot comonly call^ ten acres. 6, 1 doe give my tfiree daugh- 
ters, Mary Wright, Elizabeth Olmsted & Hanah Green, twenty shillings 

1677 TO 1687. PROBATB RBCORDS. 287 

apeice, to be payd out of my moveable estate by my present wife Elizabeth, 
whom I app03nit my Executor to this my last Will. Allso it is my will 
that none of these children aforesayd doe possess or enjoy any of these 
Lands, or ought else mentioned, but with the consent, death, or change of 
their mother's condition, that is, by marriage againe. But if my wife 
Elizabeth Butler should change her conditions & marry againe, then my 
will is that all my aforesd. sonns & daughters doe possess every one his 
Legacy & my wife only the Thirds ; & for the rest of Cattell & household 
goods I give them all to my wife, provided as afoursayd she continue in 
widdowhood ; but if she marry again, then to take the third of all, as of 
the house & Land so of Cattell & household Stuffe ; & the rest equally to be 
divided among all my Children aforementioned ; & though there may be 
divers Wills Extant that I have written with my own hand, yet this is my 
Last & shall stand written wth my owne hand. I appoint my two sons 
Thomas & Samuel Butler to be Overseers of this my Last will. My will 
also is that my daughter Mary Wright shall have one feather bed after 
her mother's decease. 

Richard Butler. 
Witness : Samuel Wright, 
Samuel Butler. 

Court Record, Page 93 — 4 September, 1684 : Will Proven. 

Page 246. 

Ohnrchill, Josiah, Wethersiield. Invt. £618-12-06. Taken 5 Janu- 
ary, 1686-7, by Mr. James Treat, John Buttolph. Will dated 17 Novem- 
ber, 1683. 

I Josiah Churchill of Wethersiield do make this my last Will & Testa- 
ment : I give unto my wife Elizabeth Churchill the use of all my Estate, 
whether Real or Personal, during her natural life, excepting such parcels 
of Land as shall hereafter be excepted, she paying all my Just Debts. And 
after her decease my Will is that all my Land & other Estate of mine she 
shall then stand possessed of, to be divided as follows : I give unto my son 
Joseph the House & Homelott he now liveth on, with all other Buildings 
thereon, and one Lott in the Little West Field, containing 10 acres, and 
another Lott containing 6 acres. I give unto my son Joseph my 50-acre 
Lott at the West End of Wethersiield Bounds. I do g^ve unto my son 
Joseph, after the decease of my wife, Elizabeth, 5 acres in the Great 
Swamp, & 2 acres of Meadow lying toward the lower End of sd. Meadow, 
& half of my 5-acre Lott at the upper End of the Great Meadow. I gfive 
unto my son Benjamin Churchill 6 acres in the Little West Field, also 10 
acres more in the West Field. I give unto my son Benjamin, after the 
decease of my wife, my now Dwelling House & Homelott & other Build- 
ings upon sd. Lott, & 7 acres of Land in the Great Swamp, & 4 acres in 
B^ver Meadow, & half my 5-acre Lott at the upper End of the Great 


Meadow. My Will is that all the rest of my Moveable Estate be eqtudly 
divided betwixt my daughters Marah Church, Elizabeth Buck, Ami 
and Sarah Wickham. My Will is that my wife be sole Executrix. 

Witness: Samuel Talcott, Josiah Churchill. Ls. 

John Detning. 

Court Record, Page 128 — ^3 March, 1686-7: Will Proven. 

Page 14-15-16. 

Clarke, BEary, Farmington. Invt £273-05-06. Taken 26 February, 
1678, by Thomas X Tibbetts sen., Samuel Burwell, Samuel Newton, 
Elezer Rogers. Invt. at Farmington, £32-16-00. Taken 14 February, 
1678, by Jdin Norton, Th(»nas X Barnes, John WoodrufiFe. Will dated 
28 November, 1677. 

I Mary Clarke of Farmingtown do make this my last Will & Testa- 
ment: I pve to my daughter Mary Stevens £16, to my daughter Re* 
beckah Warner £16, to my daughter Chittingdon £15-15. I give unto 
my son-in-Law Ebiathan Bochford 5 Shillings, to my gr. child Elizabetii 
Bochford £5. I give unto the Rev. Pastor Newton 5 Shillings. I give 
unto my brother John Ward of Newark 20 Shillings. I give 
unto my gr. Child Rebeckah Stevens a pewter platter. I giye unto my 
gr. Child Mary Warner a pewter platter. I give unto my gr. child Abi- 
gail Standly a featherbed. I give unto my gr. child Elizabeth Chitting- 
don a bason. I give unto my gr. child Elizabeth Standly my Chest. I 
give unto my son-in-law John Standly and my daughter Sarah his wife 
the j4 of all my Lands in Milford, woodland, earable and Meadow, ex- 
cept my Homestead, to be equally divided. My Will is that my sonn 
Standly shall have £4-10 by the year paid to him out of the Rent of the 
Lands at Milford during the Lease of Nathaniel Farrand. I give unto 
my daughter Abigail Fletcher my House, Bam & Homelott, & the J^ of 
all my Land in Milford, to be equally divided, that is to say, woodland, 
Earable Land & Meadow, that is to say, to her & her natursd heirs. My 
Will is that if she dyes without Issue, Uiat the }i of the aforementioned 
house & Lands shall return to be equally divided betwixt my 4 daughters. 
And further I give unto her all my Household Goods that is at Milford 
that is not divided or disposed of ; & if she dye, the f orementioned Estate 
Willed to her shall be divided equally between my four daughters, with 
this proviso, that my daughter Rebeckah Warner shall have £10 more 
than any of the rest of my daughters. My Will is that what of my Cloth- 
ing, Woolen or Lynen, that is at Farmington, that is not disposed of at my 
decease, that my four daughters, Mary, Rebeckah, Sarah & Hannah, it 
shall be divided equally amongst them. I appoint my daughter Abig^l 
Fletcher to be my whole and sole Executrix. And I do desire Honoed 
Major Robert Treate & Mr. Samuel Eales to be Overseers. 
Witness : Robert Porter, Mary X Clarke, Ls. 

John Looniis. 

Court Record, Page 12 — 6 March, 1678-9 : Will proven. 

l677 TO 1687. PROBATE RECORDS. ' 989 

Page 48-9. 


Clark, Nicholas, Hartford. Died 2nd July, 1680. Invt. £243-02-00. 
Taken by Nicholas Olmsted and John Gilbert. Will dated 28 January, 

^ I Nicholas Clark of Hartford do make this my last Will & Testament : 
I give unto my son Thomas Gark my now dwelling House, Bam, and 
"home lott upon which they stand, with the orchard, grass and plowing 
Land east of the sayd buildings, within the sayd Lott, and Lott within 
the Long meadow, and two Lotts (one of Two Acres Being upland, and 
the other being six or seaven of upland) lying on the west side of the 
brickell swamp. My Lott of Three Acres on 3ie east side of the great 
River near Mr. Crows habitation, and my lott near John Bidwell (being 
about eight Acres) on the same east side of the great River, northward of 
the former, and halfe my fourth Lott being situate near podunk, by esti- 
mation being four Acres, to him and his heirs for ever. And by this my 
Last will and testament I do disalow, disclaime, and declare that my sayd 
son Thomas nor his heirs for ever shall at any time or times hereafter 
'make any Alienation, change, alteration, deed or deeds, orders of sale, or 
mortgage of the premises. And I give unto my son Thomas my Cattle, 
swine, utensells, tooles, apparell, pewter, brass, linnin, and all moveables, 
within doors and without, with my Just Debts, to him and his heirs for 
ever. Also, I give and bequeath unto Daniel Clark, son to my son 
Thomas Qark, diat dwelling House that my son Thomas now liveth in, 
with the Lott that it standeth on, and the lott and orchyard that is next 
adjoyning to it north, to him and his heirs for ever, and one Lott of four 
Acres or thereabouts on the east side of the great River, being situate on 
Nicholas Disbrough south and on Mr Richard Lords North. I give and 
bequeath unto my son-in-law Alexander Duglass one halfe of my fourth 
Lott, being situate neer podunk, which lott is by estimation about fouer 
Acres, to him and his heirs forever, disallowing and f orbiding either my 
grand son Daniel Clark or my son-in-law Duglass, him or them or any of 
their heires shall not make any Allination, change. Alteration, deed or 
deeds of sale, or mortgages, upon the premises. And whereas I have 
given my grandson Daniel the foresayd Legacy, that is, in Case he shall 
attayne the age of Twenty and foure years, and my son Thomas to im- 
prove all the sayd Legacys until then, keeping the House in good repayre, 
extraordinary Casualtyes excepted. And in case my ^andchild Daniel 
shall not attayne the age of twenty foure yeares, then I give that sayde 
Legacy to Joseph Clark, my grandchild; and in case he shall not at- 
tayne to ye age of twenty four yeares, then do I bequeath it to ye 
next son Thomas, my grandchild; and if he attaineth not to the 
fore sayd age, then to the surviving son, to be held upon this tennure 
aforesayd^ as intailed Land, to him, them, and their heires forever. I do 
allso give and bequeath five pounds, to be payd to my son-in-law Lester 
of New London out of my Estate by my son. Executor, within one Twelve 
moneths after my decease. And whatsoever is in this my will and testa- 


ment omitted or not mentioned, be it in lands, debts, Cattle, swine, or 
whatsoever estate belong^ unto me within the Township of Hartford or 
Colony of Connecticut, I give to My son Thomas, those legacys aforesayd 
only excepted, and I make my son Thomas Qark soal Executor of this my 
last will and testament, and desire my Loveing ffriends Maij. John Taloott 
and Corp. Thomas Butler to be overseers to my will„ and to assist and ad- 
vise my son Thomas in the fulfilling of the same, and advise him to take 
their advise in the management thereof. 

Nicholas X Clark, Ls. 
Witness : John Talcott, sen., Thomas Butler. 

Court Record, Page 33 — 2 December, 1680 : Will proven. 

Page 61-2. 

Clarke, William sen., Haddam. Died 22 July, 1681. Invt. £412- 
18-00. Taken 19 August, 1681, by George Gates, Wm. X Ventrus, Simon 
Smith, John Spencer, Selectmen. Will dated 30 June, 1681. 

I William Qarke of Haddam do make this my last Will & Testament : 
I give to my wife £4 a year during her natural life. I also give unto her 
the use of my Dwelling house & the little Orchard, half the Garden so 
long as she live a Widow. Moreover I g^ve unto my wife a Cow, which 
my son Thomas shall winter for her during his Mother's life. Also I give 
unto her half my Household Stuff, & that in her half she be suited with 
a Bed & Bedding & such things as are most suitable for her, which she 
shall dispose of at her death to which she please of her Children. I Will 
tmto my son William £25 out of my Estate, which shall be in my Land 
as it is prised in the Inventory. I do Will unto my son John £20 worth of 
my Land. I do give by Will unto my son Joseph, notwithstanding any- 
thing I have formerly given him, £15 worth of Land, and i>4 acre of the 
Boggs in the lower Division in the upper Meadow besides the £15. I give 
by Will unto my daughter Welles & to my daughter Fennoe & to my 
daughter Spencer £8 to each of them, and to my daughter Hannah £10. 
All these to be paid out of my Estate as prised with the Inventory. I give 
imto my son-in-law Daniel Hubbard 5 Shillings, & to my gr. Child Daniel 
Hubbard I do give 40 acres of Land in my second Division at Machamo- 
dus, and a £50 Freehold or Right in the Undivided Lands there as it is 
laid out to £50 Estate. And it is my Will that he be learned to read & to 
write. And I declare him to the dispose of my wife so long as she liveth. 
and tiien to the dispose of my son Thomas ; & in Case my son Hubbard 
make trouble about him he shall satisfy for his bringing up. At die age 
of 21 years he shall be free. I give to my son Thomas my Lott I bought 
of Joseph Arnold in the Home Field, and all my whole Meadow Lott, and 
my Cow Meadow Lott, and the 6 acres on which my Dwelling house 
standeth, & the Ort Yards and Houses, at his Mother's decease, or Mar- 
riage after my death. My Will also is that my sons William, John ft 

l677 to 1687. P&OBATS RBCO&D8. 291 

£(q>h have their portions in the Land that are not given away particu- 
ly and expressly to Thomas in my Will, and that they agree, by casting 
Lotts, which allottment shall belong to each of them, not exceeding the 
value above given to them. I do nuke my son Thomas Clarke sole Exe* 

Witness : Nicholas Noyes, William X Clabkb. 

George Gates. 

C6urt Record, Page 44 — ^3 September, 1681 : Will & Inventory ex- 
hibited by Thomas Clarke, Executor. Approved. 

Olay, MUbb. Court Record, Page 9—5 December, 1678 : Whereas, 
it appears that Miles Clay of Brantry, England, deceased, hath an Estate 
in the Elstate of Zachary Sanford, late of Saybrook, this Court doth grant 
to John Durant, & John Loomy of Hadly in right of his wife, who are 
grandchildren to the sd. Clay, administration upon the sd. Estate, they 
being next of kin & having agreed to accept administration. 

Page 3. 

Olementi, Jasper, Middletown, age about 64 years. Invt. £243-04- 
00. Taken 7 November, 1677, by William Cheeny, Nathaniel Bacon, John 
Hall sen. Will dated 13 October, 1677. 

The last Will & Testament of Jasper Qements : Imprimis : I give to 
Eleanor my wife all my Cows & all Cow Kind whatsoever, only a 12 
Moneth after my decease to g^ve to John Brown a Cow and a Calf, And 
Benoni Brown a Cow & a Calf. I give to John & Benoni the new Room 
& the Sheep House and my Lott at Two Sticks. I give to Nathaniel 
Brown 17 acres of Swamp in Long Meadow Swamp, & 15 acres of Up- 
land near the south End of the Town. My two great Lotts on the West 
side of the Great River I give to Nathaniel Brown & John Brown & Beno- 
ni Brown, to be divided equally amongst them. I give to Nathaniel 
Browne two Sheep, & to John Browne 3 Sheep, & Benoni Browne 3 
Sheep ; and I give to Hanna Lane, the younger, 2 Sheep. I give to my 
wife all my Household Goods of all sorts, only my Will is that after her 
decease my great Kettie & my Great Chest shall be my cousin Hanna 
Lane's. And moreover I give to my wife all other of my Estate which is 
not herein mentioned, makeing her soale Executrix. I freely give to the 
B^iefit of the Schools in Middletown all my Divisions of Land on the East 
side of the Great River & which was to have been divided in the year 1674 
by the List of 1673, to be disposed of at the Discretion of Mr. Giles Ham- 
lin, Mr. Nathaniel Collins, Mr. William Southmayd, Mr. William Harris, 
Thomas AUyn & John Hall senior. I do request my trusty friends, Wil- 
liam Harris, Thomas AUyn & John Hall, to be Overseers. 
Witness : Thomas AUyn, Jasper X Clements. Ls. 

William Harris, John Hall. 


Court Record, Page 3—7 March, 1677-8: Will & Invt Exhibited 
in Court. 

Page 237. 

Oole, John sen., Hartford. Invt. £396-18-06. Taken 17 November, 
1685, by Ciprian Niccols, Stephen Hosmore. Will dated 4th August, 1683. 

The Last Will of John Cole sen is as f oUoweth : That his son John 
of Farmington should have thirty pound pd him out of his Estate besides 
wt hee hath had, and should also have his wearing cloathes. Yt his daugh- 
ter Benton & his daughter Wilson should have five pounds a peice, also 
pd out of it, & yt his son Job in England should have ten pounds pd if it 
can be conveyed to him ; & yt his Loveing wife should have six pound 
a year allowed her out of His Estate whille shee Liveth, and a cow, which 
sludl be kept also winter & summer ; and she shall have her wood ; & ye 
rest of his Estate shall be divided between his sons Samuel & Nathaniel, 
excepting ye housing & home Lott, and His will concerning ym is yt his 
son Samull should have yt home lott, as wide as his own down to the Dich, 
& yt he should have 20 bushels of apis a year for six year, & ye rest of ye 
houseing & home Lotts should be to his son Nathaniel, onely his wife shall 
have two rooms in ye hous while shee Liveth if she se cause to live their, 
& shee shall have ye dispose of ye houshold stuffe ; & hanah yeomons shall 
have 40 shill ; & his will is yt ensighn Nath. Stanly & Stephen Hosmer, his 
Loveing friends, would se ye performance of this his will. 

Witness ye 4th of august, 1683 ' John Cole. 

Stephen Hosmer, binjeman Grimes. 

Court Record, Page 1 17—4 March, 1685-6 : Will Proven. Adms. to 
Samud & Nathaniel Coale, with the will annexed. 

Page 33. 

Oolei Ann, Mm., Hartford. Died 20 February, 1679-80. Invt. 
i 103-04-06. Taken by Nicholas Olmsted, John Gilbert, Caleb Standly. 

Court Record, Page 23 — 4 March, 1679-80: Invt. Exhibited. By 
the Testimony of Mr. Samuel Willys, Mr. Jonathan Gilbert & Wm Ed- 
wards, Mrs. Ann Cole desired that her son William Edwards & his wife 
diould have the use of her House and Land during life, then to Return 
to her grandson Richard Edwards and to his heirs forever. Adms. to 
Richard Edwards. Approved. 

Page 221-2-3. 

OoUinBy Nathaniel, Middletown. Died 21 December, 1684. Invt 
£679-01-09. Taken by Giles Hamlin, Nathaniel White & William Warde. 

I677 ^TO 1687. PROBATE RECORDS. 293 

The children of the Deed are : Mary, age 18 years, John 16, Susan- 
nah 14, Martha 11, Nathaniel 7, and Abigail, 4 years of age. 

Court Record, Page 92 — 4 September, 1684 : Mr. John Whiting, Mr. 
Joseph Whiting, Mr. John King in Right of Mrs. Sarah his wife, and Mr. 
Nathaniel Collins in Right of Mrs. Mary his wife, are plaintiffs ; Corporall 
Thomas Bissell, Defendant ; in an Action of the Case of unlawf uU detain- 
ing from them their proportion of Land now in your possession, sometime 
the Land of their Father Mr. William Whiting, Deed, given them by the 
last Will of their Father. 

Page 105 — 24 March, 1684-5: Adms. granted to Mary Collins. 
This Court do appoint Mr. Giles Hamlin, Nathaniel White & Deacon 
John Hall to be Overseers to the sd. Widow & Children, & the Estate is 
to be dist, to the Relict £^7^ To John (Eldest son) £147, and the rest of 
the Children are to have £73 apeice. 

Page 64 (Vol. V) 6 December, 1693: This Court appoint Capt. 
Nathaniel White & Deacon John Hall to Dist. to the Widow & Children 
of Mr. Nathaniel Collins his Estate according to the Order of the Court as 
followeth : To the Relict 1-3 part of Real Estate during life, & to John 
his Double portion, & to each of the rest of the Children their single por- 
tions of sd. Estate. 

Page 146— (Vol. XIII, Probate Side) : We the Subscribers, being 
the heirs or Legatees of the Estate of our honoured Fathet-, Mr. Nathaniel 
Collins, and our honoured Mother, Mrs. Mary Collins, both Deceased, 
being sensible of the necessity of mutual acting something that may pre- 
vent all future debates and controversies refering to the Estate above 
mentioned, we do therefore, in pursuance thereof, all as one thus agree: 
That we do all of us rest contented in and do hereby acknowledge our- 
selves full satisfied in what Capt White and Deacon Hall did in the first 
Dist of our Father's Estate made by them do and among us the heirs and 
Legatees. And also further, we having after our honoured Mother's 
decease made choice of our Brother Mr. John Hamlin and Capt. White 
to dist. to and among us our honoured Mother's Estate, do also rest con- 
tented in and do hereby acknowledge ourselves satisfied in the Dist. made 
by the above mentioned Gentlemen, Mr. John Hamlin & Capt White, And 
that we do take the several things set out to us by them out of the Move- 
ables of our Mother's Estate without any contention or difference. And 
we do hereby promise and engage to and with each other we will not at 
any time after signing of this by any means contend and differ with one an 
other with respect to the Estate, either in whole or in part, above men- 
tioned, That being completed according to the Dist. entered in our 
Father's Book. And we do set to our hands & Seals this 5th day of May, 

John Hamlin in behalf of his wife. 
Mary Hamlin alias Collins. Ls. 
John Collins. Ls. Nath: Collins. Ls. 
William Hamlin. Ls. Thomas Hurlbut. Ls. 
Witness: Israhiah Wetmore, 
Thomas Anderson. 


Page 1-2. 

Cornwall, Sar^rt. William, Middletown. Invt. £251-03-00. Taken 
by Robert Warner, Richard Hall, John Hall. The children : John, Wil- 
liam, Samuel, Jacob & Thomas Comwell, Sarah Hubbard, Easter Stowe, 
Elizabeth Hall. Will dated 12 June, 1674. 

I William ComweU of Middletown do make this my last Will & 
Testament: I give my sone John G)mwell soe much of addition to his 
present home Lott out of my homelott as may make up his present home 
lott the full halfe of the whole, the sd. addition to be taken out next to the 
present divedent line betwixt us. I give allsoe to my sayd sone the on 
halfe of yt woodland in the south division of Land beyond the mill, lying 
betweene ve Land of my son William and the Land of William Lucas ; the 
other halfe of the sd. Land to my Daughter Sarah Cornwell. This Land 
equally to be divided between them. I give moreover to my son John Two 
Acres of ye meadow & swamp at ye Riverlet at the Western end of that 
meadow and swamp, to begin next to the Riverlett at the end next unto the 
Boggy meadow. I give unto my son William Ten Acres of my Land 
upon the Indian hill at the east end, the whole Bredth of the Lott. More, 
to my sayd sone cme third part of my Land yet to be devided by the List 
in 1674, on the East side the River ; the other two thirds of the abovesayd 
Land to my sons Samuell and Thomas, equally to be devided among them. 
I give moreover to my sone Samuel 100 Acres of my Wood Lott at ye 
Long hill, the remainder to my son Jacob. I give moreover to my son 
Thomas, beside wt is above sayd, ye remainder of my lott at the Indian 
Hill,! yc Ten Acres as above mentioned Taken out of it. I give to my 
daughter Esther Willcocke my whole Lott on ye east side of the River 
Lying against Goodman Colls swamp at ye upper End of the Rocks, with 
my Lott in the pond. I give to my Daughter Elizabeth Hall one peice of 
upland Lying in the Boggy meadow quarter between the Land of Deacon 
Hall and my son Samuel Cornwall. I give to my Loving wife Mary Corn- 
well my house, homestead, all the buildings, hosehould stufe and movabls 
wt soever, with ye remainder of my meadow at ye River lot, quietly and 
peaceably to enjoy ye same^ with all the benifits theireof, during ye terme 
of her widdow hood, and allsoe ye whoU stocke of cattle during ye sayd 
terme. It is allsoe my meaning herein, and will, yt whiUe my Daughter 
Sarah continues in a singlle state, living with & being a help and comfort 
to her mother, she should have hir maintainance out of the same soe far 
as hir Mother's comforts will allow. After my wife hir deceas, I will the 
Above mentioned house, homestead, and meadow Land at ye River lot, 
& stocke Remaining, to my Sone Jacob Cornwell, he paying all just debts 
and the charges of my desent f unerall out of the same : & allso to his sister 
Sarah Comwell one third part of the valluation of the fore mentioned 
housing & Lands, as shall be apraised & Inventoryed, In corent pay of the 
Contry, within twelve months after his possession of the same : In case 
my wife in the terme above mentioned see cans to chang hir condishon by 
mariage. It is then my will that my loving wife should have all tiie hous- 
hotild stuf what soe ever, and Jacob to allow hir foure pounds sterling 


1677 TO 1687. PROBATB RBCOKI>S. 39$ 

per yeare soe long as she live, in good corent pay of ye country, in case 
shee find need & demand it of him: aiid that at hir decease my three 
Daughters shall have the hous hould stufe equally divided among thenit 
only my sone Samuell to have, upon a former promise I made him, one of 
the featherbeds first taken out & Delivered to him: & the Long table, 
Joynt stools and bedstead in the new Rome to be Left with or returned to 
Jacob with the house. I request Deacon Stocking & Deacon Hall to be 
overseers in order to the Execution of my Will. 

William X Cornwall. Ls. 
Witness: Nath. White, 

Nathaniel Collins. 

Court Record, Page 3 — 8 March, 1677-8 : Will proven. 

Page 147 — (Vol. X) 7 March, 1726-7: Whereas William Comwall» 
by his Will on record, did bequeath to his son William one third part of 
his Land on the East side of ihe River, to be divided by the list of 1674, 
the other 2-3 of the aforesd. Lands to his sons Samuel and Thomas to be 
equally divided between them, and It being represented to this Court by 
James (Part gone ) Gates to sd. Estate by his mar- 
riage to Ann Cornwall, daughter to sd. Deceased, that the sd. Lands have 
not been divided, and pra3dng this Court that it may be done according 
to the Last Will of sd. William Cornwall, This Court appoint Joseph 
Frary, Comfort Davis and James Johnson to Distribute and divide the 
Estate accordingly. 

Page 162 — 1st August, 1727: Report of the Dist. 

Page 259-60. 

Ooadi, ThomaSi Wethersfield. Invt. i8i-ii-oo. Taken 24 March, 
1687, by Mr. James Treat, John Robbins, John Buttolph. The widow, 
Hanna Couch. Children: Susannah, age 20 years, Simon 18, Rebeccah 
15, Hanna 13, Thomas 12, Mary 11, Sara 8, Abigail 6, Martha 3 years. 
A legacy to die Children from Uncle Simon Couch. 

Court Record, Page 133 — ist September, 1687: Invt. exhibited. 
Adms. to the Widow, Hannah Couch. Order for Dist of the Estate. 

Page 116-117. 

Oowleii Haimay Hatfield & Hartford. Died 16 March, 1683. Invt 
ii07'05-02. Taken by John Marsh, Daniel Clarke. Will dated 27 Octo- 
ber, i^. 

I Hanna Cowles, Late of Hatfield, now resident in Hartford, in the 
Colony of Connecticut, being Stricken in years, doe make this my Last 
Will and Testament: I doe give unto my son Samuel Cowles £6. I give 
unto my son John Cowles £6. I give unta my daughter Hannah Standly 


Tenn pownds. I give unto my daughter Ester Bull fower pounds. I g^ve 
to my daughter Elizabeth Lyman £12. I give unto my daughter Mary 
Dickinson Sie sum of iio. I give unto the Aildren of my daughter Sarah 
Goodwin, that shall be surviving at my decease, £6, to be devided equally 
amongst them. My will & pleasure is that the Legacy of £8 given unto 
my daughter Goodwin by my husband John Cowles in his Last Will, bear- 
ing date II December, 1676, be payd by my son John Cowles unto the 
Children of my daughter Sarah Goodwin, Deed, that shall be living at my 
decease, equally to be divided amongst them ; & this is also my will con- 
cerning the rest of those Legacies given by my husband in his Last will 
unto any other of my daughters, which dispose I thus order, being whole 
& soale Executrix unto his last Will. I give unto my grand diildren 
Hannah & Elizabeth Stanly one pa)rre of sheets. I give unto my three 
daughters. Ester, Mary & Elizabeth, all my wearing apparell & Lining, 
to be equally divided amongst them. I give unto my daughter Hannah 
Standly the value of one fourth part of all my apparell & Linnine given 
to my Three daughters, out of any other of my Estate that she shall choose 
before it be divided otherwise, in stead of apparell, & doe also give hei' 
the flock bed that I had of my son Stanly, at the price my husband bought 
it of him, as part of the Ten pownds given her above. I doe also desire 
my daughter Elizabeth L)mian may have the Feather bed in her Keeping, 
as part of what is given her in this my Last Will. I appoint my son Samu- 
el Cowles and Caleb Standly to be Executors. I doe give tfiem the re- 
maynder of my Estate, if any should be that is not given away. 

Caleb Standly, Hannah X Cowles. Ls. 

Hannah Standly. 

Page 70. 

OroWy Ohristopher, at his farme at Greenfield, in Windsor Bounds. 
Invt. £109-16-06. Taken 13 December, 1680, by Nicholas Olmsted, John 
Baker. Oiildren: Samuel, age 21 — ^Jan., 1683; Mary, 18, Oct., 1683; 
Hanna, 15 — Feb., 1683; Martha, 14 — May, 1684; Benoni, 12, Jan., 1683; 
Margaret, 11 — ^April, 1684; Thomas, 5 — May, 1684. 

Court Record, Page 33 — 11 December, 1680: Crow had left out of 
the Colony, and later his wife went, leaving the children and debts. This 
Court appoint Samuel Burr and Thomas Burr to take an Invt. of the Es- 
tate and to dispose of the Children that they may be comfortably provided 

Page 40—20 April, 1681 : Invt. Exhibited. Samuel Burr appointed 

Page 87 — 6 March, 1684: Adms. of Estate to Josiah Clarke, i who 
appeared to have in hand in Land and other things £73, With something in 
the hands of Samuel Burr, to Distribute: To the Relict, £10; to The- 
Eldest son £16; to each of the other Children £8 as they come of age. , 

1677 1K> 1687. PROBATB RECORDS. 397. 

Page 238-9. 

Grow, John sen., Hadly. Died i6 January, 1685. Invt. £118-13-00. 

Court Record, Page 1 18—4 March, 1685-6 : Invt. exhibited in Court 
by Daniel and Nathaniel Crow, and they were granted letters of Adms. 

Page 121 — 2. September, 1686: Whereas the County Court in March 
Last made proclamation that the creditors of Mr. John Crowe's Estate 
should make up their accots with the Adms., which accounts are now pre- 
sented to the Court, and this Court doe now order that the Adms, address 
themselves with all speed as they may to pay those debts that are Justly 
due From the Estate, & when they have so done to present their accot to 
the Court in March next, & that what is remayning when there Just charge 
is payd, shall be divided amongst them. 

Page 129 (Vol. Ill) : See Estate of John Crow Jr., when Giles Ham- 
lin presented account of his Adms. upon the Estate of Mr. John Crow, 
his Brother. Approved and granted a Quietus Est. 

Page 173-4. 

>, Josephy Wethersfield. Died 31 December, 1683. Invt. 
£271-09-00. Taken by Samuell Tallcott, John Deming. The children: 
Joseph, age 9 years ; Henry, 7 years ; Sarah, 5 years ; Thomas, 3 years ; 
David, I year old. 

6 March, 1683-4 : Mercy Curtice personally appeared and g^ve oath 
that she had made a due presentment of the Estate of her deceased hus- 
band, according to her knowledge. Before Mr. Samuel Tallcott, comr. 

Court Record, Page 85—6 March, 1684 : Adms. to the Widow, and 
appoynt the Estate to be distributed : to the Widow, i20 personal Estate 
& a 3d of the real Estate during her life ; to the eldest sonn, £77 ; to the 
two other sonns, Thirty Nine pounds a peice; to the Two daughters, 
Thirty eight pounds a peice ; to be payd, the sons' portions at 21 years of 
age, the daughters' at eighteen years of age, & the rest in reversion after 
their mother's decease. This Court appoynt Sargt. John Deming & 
Ebaiezer Deming & John Curtice to be overseers to assist the widow in 
the distribution of the Estate, & ordering & disposeing of the children & 
their Estate. 

Page 71-72. 

Onrtioey TfaomaBi Wethersfield. Died 13 November, 1681. Invt. 
£717-13-09. Tsken 9 December, 1681, by Nathaniel Borman, Samuel 
Butler, William Warner. The children : John, James, Joseph, Samuel & 
Isaac Curtice, Ruth Kimberly, Elizabeth Stoddor. TTie distribution fol- 
loweth : 

Page 72 — 6 March, 1681 (2) : The distribution of the Estate of 
Thomas Curtice of Wetiiersfield, Joyntly Consented to by all his children 


A witnessed by their subscribeing : Imprs. To John Curtice (who hatfi 
f<Hinerly received in houseing & Land £123), Hity seven pounds. Samuel 
Curtice haveing all ready received his full portion by deed of gift from 
his father, the remaynder of the Inventoryed Estate to be equally divided 
to James Curtice, Joseph, Isaac, Ruth and Elizabeth, to eadi of them an 
equal proportion, what Joseph, Ruth & Elizabeth have Formerly received 
being first added to the sume totall of the Inventory, which doth amount 
to Tnirty seven pownds. And it is further Consented to by the sayd Chil- 
dren, that in consideration of the service that Joseph Curtice & his wife 
have done for their father during his life, there shall be soe much added to 
his portion as will make it up £140 with the £4 that he hath formerly re- 
ceived, which addition shall be equally deducted from the portions of the 
other children according to what they have & shall receive, Samuel ex- 

Signed : John Curtice, James Curtice, Joseph Curtice, SamU Curtice, 
'Eliesr Kimberly, John Stodder. 

Court Record, Page 52 — 2 Mardi, 1681-2: Adms. to John Curtice, 
Joseph, James and Isaac Curtice ; & Mr. Kimberlyn Lt. James Treat, Mr 
Steven Chester & Mr Samll WooJcott are appoynted to distribute the sayd 
estate to the sayd Legatees according to Uie distribution agreed on Sc 
settled by this Court. 

Page 179. 

Denilow, Hn. Susannah, Windsor. Died 20 August, 1683. Invt 
Taken by Henry Woolcott, Thomas Stoughton. 
Record, Page 86—6 March, 16S4 : Adms. to Samuel Denslow 
y Denslow). Dist. after the portions of their Fathers Estate 
hem, to the son a double portion, to each of the daughters a 
on. Comett Cossett and Daniel Hayden, Distributors. 

", brad. Court Record, Page 9 — 5 December, 1678 : Adms. 
ntel Clarke and Job Drake on the Estate of Israel Dewey, Deed, 
debts from his EsUte so far as it will go, to perfect the Invt., 
Mardi next 

Page 155. 

mt, Niobtdai. Invt. £210-10-01. Taken 31 Aturnst, 1683, by 
itler, Zadiariah Sandford. The children : Obadiah Spencer's 
ael Eglestone's Wife, John Kelly's Wife, Robert Flood's Wife. 
Record, P;^ 77 — 18 December, 1683: Adms. to Joseph 
to pay debts out of the personal Estate so far and as soon as 
ender an account, when Distribution will be made. 

l677 '^ 16^7- PKOBAT8 RECORDS. 399 

Douglas, Atexander, Hartford. Died ye 3d October, 1688. Invt. 
i34-i7-oo. Taken by Joseph CoUyer, Nathaniel Goodwin senr. Will 
dated 8 September, 1687 (on file). 

In the name of God amen. I Alexander Douglas of Hartford, in the 
G>lQny of Connecticut, being stricken in years, do soe reason by this my 
Last Will to make dispose of my Estate : I give unto my daughter Sarah 
mv swamp Lott on the east side of Connecticut River in Hartford, the 
whole which was given to me by my father Nicholas Clark, to be to her 
& her heirs forever, as also my warming pan, two payre of Sheets, & one 
payre of pillow beers, & my best bed & boulster, & my bed rug, & my best 
chest, ft one pewter platter, ft so much more of my Estate to be allotted 
to her as may make her portion as good to the full as any other of my 
daughters ; ft the rest of my Estate, of what kind or nature soever it be, 
to be equally divided between my two other daughters after my Just debts 
and funeral charges are satisfied. I doe nominate Capt. John All3m ft Lt. 
Caleb Standly to take care of the children ft to dispose of them in the best 
way they can for their comfort ft advantage, and to take care that their 
Estate may be preserved for them to their l^st advantage. 

Witness : John Allyn, Alexander X Douglas. Ls. 
Caleb Stanly. 

Page 16-17. 

Driscoll, Florenoe. Invt £29-15-00. Taken at Wethersfield. £28- 
00-06 at Springfield. 

Court Record, Page 12 — 6 March, 1678-9: Invt. Exhibited. Order 
ii5 for the Widow's support, and Adms. to Nathaniel Bissell and John 
Marsh to Collect ft settle debts. 

Page 74. 

Edwardi, Joseph, Wethersfield. Died loth December, 1681. Invt 
ii62-i9-04. Taken by John Kilboum, Thomas Wright, William Warner. 
The children : Sarah, age 10 years ; Mary, age 7 ; Hannah, 5 ; John, 2 ; 
Dorothy, about 4 months old. 

Court Record, Page 51 — ^2nd March, 1681-2: Adms. to Sarah the 

Page 109^ (Vol. V) 18 June, 1696: This Court being moved to 
make Dist. of the Estate of Joseph Edwards, of Wethersfield, find his Es- 

£ s d 

tate to be 129-00-00 

And by Lands of John Edwards given him, 149-00-00 
Wch is distributed as follows : 

To the Wido 1-3 of the Moveables, wch is 9-17-00 

And 1-3 of the Real Estate, wch amounts to 81-00-00 

To the son John, * 89-06-08 

To the other four Children, to each of them, 44-13-04 


They to have part in Hand and the remainder in Reversion after the 
decease of their Mother. This Court appoint Sergt. John Deming, Mr. 
Jos : Robbins & William Warner, Distributors. 

Dist. File, August, 1697 : Estate of Joseph Edwards : To Sarah Ed- 
wards, Widow, to John, to Sarah, to Mary, to Dorothy Edwards ; by John 
Deming, William Warner and Joshua Robbins. 

Dist. File, 1697 : Estate of John Edwards, only son of Joseph Ed- 
wards: To his sisters, to Mary Conklin, to Hannah Butler, to Sarah 
Webster, to Dorothy Curtis; by Robert Welles, Josiah Churchill & 
Thomas Wright. 

Page 105 — (Vol. IX) 10 June, 1719: Motion being made to this 
Court that part of the Estate in Lands of Joseph Edwards, sometime of 
Wethersfield, Deed, set out and Dist. to the Widow to be improved by her 
during life, and the sd. Widow being lately deed, sd. Lands may be ap- 
prised and Dist. to the heirs of sd. Estate. This Court appoint Jonathan 
Bdding, George Kilbourn and John Rose, of Wethersfield, Apprisers. 

Page 106—17 June, 1719: Report of the Apprisers: The amount 
or value of the Lands is £134-03-03. Report accepted. This Court order 
Dist. to the heirs of John Edwards, Deed, son of sd. Joseph, £44-18-09, 
which is his double part ; To Sarah Webster, Mary Conklin, Hannah But- 
ler and Dorothy Curtis, daughters of sd. Deed, to each of them £22-09-04. 
And appoint Roberts Welles, Josiah Churchill & Thomas Wright, of 
Wethersfield, Distributors. 

Page 157. 

Edwards, Thomaii Wethersfield. Died 27 July, 1683. Invt. £61- 
12-00. Taken by Samuel Talcott, James Treat 

Court Record, Page 78 — 18 December, 1683: Adms. to Samuel 
Haile. Estate probably Insolvent. 

Page 34. 

Egleston, James, Windsor. Died ist December, 1679. ^^^ ^5' 
16-06. Taken 24 December, 1679, ^Y Benjamin Newbery, Daniel Oarke, 
Jonathan Gillett, Mark Kelsey. Legatees: The Relict; John, age 21 
March next; Thomas 18, Ester 16, Nathaniel 13, Isaac 10, Abigail 8, 
Deborah 5, Hanna 3 years of age. 

Court Record, Page 17 — ^4 December, 1679: James Egleston being 
suddenly seized with death, a Jury being swome to find out die cause and 
manner of his death, upon oath returned that he was by the providence 
of God taken with a swond and so dyed. 

Page 22 — 4 March, 1679-80: Adms. to the Widow, and Mr. John 
Loomis, Jonathan Gillett & Cornelius Gillett are appointed to assist. 

Page 26—21 April, iGBo : Dist : To the Widow, £35 ; the eldest son, 
£45 ; to six other children, £21 to each ; and to the defective child, £36. 

l677 to 1687. PROBATA &BCORDS. 3OI 

Page 27 — ^21 April, 1680 : Adms. granted to the Relict and her pres- 
ent husband, James Ennoe. The Overseers to take Security that the 
Estate of the Children, as they come of age, shall be payd to them. 

Record of an Agreement, on File 28 August, 1701, under the Hands 
& Seals of 

John X Eglestonb, Thomas Eglestonb, 
Nathaniel Eglestone, Isaac Eglestone. 
Before me, John Eliot. 

Page 16 (Vol. VII) 4 September, 1701 : An Agreement of the sons 
of James Eglestone, late of Windsor, Deed, respecting a settlement of 
their Father's Estate, was exhibited in this Court, Accepted, and ordered 
to be recorded and put on File. 

Page 94-s. 

Ennoe, James sen., Windsor. Invt. £278-0601. Taken 19 June, 
1682, by Daniel Clarke sen., John Wolcott, Thomas Bissell sen. 

Court Record, Page 56—19 July, 1682: Invt Exhibited by the 
Widow. James & Hester Ennoe, Adms. 

Page 60 — 13 December, 1682 : Capt. Qarke informs this Court that 
the Children of James Ennoe have an Agreement to settle the Estate of 
their Father. This Court appoint Lt Jolm Maudsley, Return Strong and 
John Moore, Distributors, and to Lay out to the widow Ennoe her jointure 
of £20. 

TBnmwwtbf Uary. Court Record, Page 69—4 April, 1683 : Upon 
the petition of Mary Famsworth to this Court (her husband being de^ 
parted from her & taken no order for her supply in his absence, but let out 
his Land & Houseing ft Orchard ft servant out of her hands) that this 
Court would take Care for some suitable provision for her supply, doe 
order that one halfe the profiits of the sayd Land ft Servant be by the 
Tenant payd to the sayd Mary for her supply during the whole Lease, & 
that the one third of the Houseing ft Lands be secured, after the Lease is 
out, for the woman's suply during her Life, ft that no alienation or dispose 
be made of it in the meantime. 

Page 220-1. 

Forward, SamneL Died 16 October, 1684. Invt. £58-01-00. Taken 
by Tliomas Bissell, Return Strong, Samuel Cross. The oiildren : Samuel, 
age 13 yi years; Joseph, age 10 years. 

Qmrt Record, Page 105 — 24 March, 1684-5 • Adms. to the Widow. 
Samuel Cross and Jacob Gibbs, Overseers. Dist. Order the use of 1-3 to 
the Widow, 2 parts to the Eldest son, and one part to the younger son. 


Page 225. 

Forward, Kn. Invt. £5-03-06. Taken 27 June, 1685, by Retuin 
Strong, Micah Taynton 

Q)urt Record, Page 11 1 — ^3 September, 1685: Invt accepted in 
GMirt, and Jacob Oibbs & Samuel Crosse to Adms. the Estate of Mr k 
Mrs Forward, ft to take care of the Children. 

Page 181-2. 

Fofter, Bey. linao, Hartford. Invt. £1507-15-04. Taken 12 Feb- 
ruary, 1682-3, t>y William Pitkin, Caleb Stanly. 

Court Record, Page 86— -6 March, 1683-4 : Adms. to Mrs. Meheta- 
bdl Foster. 

Page 123 — ^27 December, 1686: This Court, being moved to Dist. 
the Estate of Rev. Isaac Foster, Find by a writing made by the sayd Mr. 
Foster & Mrs. Mehetabell Russell before marriage, dated 27 January, 
1679, recorded, wherein it is agreed that in Case me sayd Foster should 
decease before the sayd Mrs. Mehetabell, & leave Issue behind him of her 
the sayd Mrs. Mehetabell, the Estate should descend to her the sayd Mrs. 
Mehetabell & their Heirs forever; which agreement, though it seems to 
be contradicted by another writeing made by them and recorded, made 
after their marriage, yet it doth not alter the force & virtue of the former ; 
ft therefore this C6urt doth Judge the former Writing to give the rule 
for dividing the Estate, & there being one third part of the Estate of Mrs. 
Mdietabell Russell that she received by Mr. Daniel Russell's (Her 
Father's) Last Will at her dispose, & so no more belonging to Mr. Foster, 
we therefore Distribute his Estate as f oUoweth : £200 to Mrs. Ann Fos- 
ter, to be paid to her at the age of 18 years (or day of marriage, which 
shall happen first), and the remainder of the Estate to be to Mrs. Meheta- 
bell Woodbridge ft her Heirs forever. Mrs. (Miss) Ann Foster to be 
payd in good current pay of the country. 

Page 175-6. 

Tyler, Lt. WalteTi Windsor. Died 12 December, 1683. Invt. 
£629-05-08. Taken by Henry Wolcott, Thomas Bissell sen. Will dated 
14 September, 1679. 

I Walter Fyler of Windsor do make this my last Will ft Testament : 
As for my Estate, my Will is that my wife shall have the whole of it dur- 
ing her life, to farme out or manage as she please for her own maynten- 
ance, & over and above I give unto her £100 to bestow upon another 
husband, or to reserve for herself, or to bestow upon whome she please 
by Will or otherwise. I bestow upon my gr. Child Thomas £20, and upon 
the other three Qiildren now in being, each of them £5. The rest of my 

I677 TO 1^7- PKOBATS KSCORD8. 303 

whole Estate I bequeath unto my two sons John and Zerubbabell Fyler, 
equally to be divided between them, they paying Debts, and also Legacies 
when the abovesd. four gr. Children come to age. I msdce my two sons 

Witness : Return Strong, Walter Fyler. 

Timothy Phelps. 

A Gxlicil, dated 2 November, 1680: It having pleased God to add 
one yeare more to my Life, I do upon mature thought Establish my above 
Will with this Alteration, that after their Mother's decease my eldest son 
John shall have my Homestead, Bame, Garden and Orchard, together 
with the Press and Mill in the Bame ; only my son Zerubbabell in Lands. 
I give him my wearing Qothes and forgive him at my death whatever he 
falls in my Debt 

Witness : Return Strong, Walt : Fyler. 

Samuel Cross. 

Court Record, Page 83—6 March, 1683 : Will ft Invt. exhibited by 
Mrs. Jane Fyler. Proven. 

Page 224. 

Okurdner, Ebeneieri Salem. Invt of the Estate in Connecticut as 
Money, £29&kx>-oo. Taken by John Gilbert, Richard Edwards, John 
Marsh. Will dated 3rd February, 1684. 

I Ebenezer Gardner of Salem do make this my last Will & Testament : 
I give unto my sister Hathom, for her own use & to be at her own dis- 
posal, iioo in Money & all my Household Stuff, except the Pewter & 
Linen which my wife brought wth her. I give unto my sister Mary 
Turner £50 in Mcmey. I give unto the four sons of my sister Buttolph, 
Deceased, iioo in Money each, in equal shares, to be paid them as they 
come of age. I g^ve unto my brother Bartleme and my sister Swinerton 
and my sister Willoby and the 3 Children of my sister Pilgrim, Deed, that 
house & Ground which I had widi my wife (excepting the Salt [Marsh] 
in the South Field) to each an equal share, ^d my Brother Pilgrim shall 
have power to make Sale of his Children's quarter part & to keep the 
Effects in his Hands until they come of age. I give unto my sister Swin- 
erton and unto my sister WiUowby my pewter and linen which my wife 
tnx)ught widi her, to be equally divided between them. I give unto George 
Gar<kier, son of my brother Gardner, my acre of Marsh at Strong Water 
Brook. I give unto Nathaniel Hathom, son of my sister Hathom, all my 
Salt Marsh in the South Field, which his Father shall have the Use of 
until he come of age. I give unto Ruth Gidney that £10 in Money I lent 
her Father, that is now in her Mother's Hands. I give unto Susannah 
Gardner, daughter of my Unckell Thomas Gardner, iio in Money; and 
unto Margaret Gardner, daughter of my Unckell Samuel Gardner, £10 


in Money. I give unto the poor honest people in Salem the sume of £50 
in or as Money, to be dist. amongst them by my Unckell Samuel Gardner 
and my daughter Hathom and my brother Gardner, according to their 
Discretion. And as for the remainder of my Estate, after my Debts & 
Legacies are paid, I give the 1-3 part of it unto the 3 Children of my 
Brother Gardner, George, John & Hannah, to each an equal share. I give 
unto the 3 Children of my sister Hathom, John, Nathaniel & Ruth, to each 
an equal share, which their father may talce into his Hands provided he 
give sufficient security to pay them in Money when they come of age, 
otherwise to remain in Money in the Hands of my Executors until that 
time. As for the other third part of ray Estate, I give it unto the three 
Children of my sister Mary Turner, Robert, Habacock and Mercy, to 
each an equal share, to be paid them when they come of age. I do appoint 
my brother Samuel Gardner to be my Executor. 

Witness : Daniel Epps, Jr., Ebenezer Gardner. Ls. 

Benjamin Home. 

Proven nth May, 1685. Copied from the Records in Salem. 

Benjamin Gerrisk, Clericus. 
John Woodbridge, Asst., John Hathom, Asst 

Court Record, Page 109 — 3 September, 1685: A copy of the last 
Will & Testament of ^enezer Gardner of Salem was exhibited in Court 
as it was proven in Salem, together with an Invt. of what Estate he had 
in this Colony. Lt. Caleb Stanly made Oath that he had made a true 
presentment of his Estate. 

Page 82. 

OardneTi Elisabeth, Hartford. Invt. £381-00-10. Taken 4 January. 
1681-2, by Jonathan Gilbert, Phineas Willson, William Bumham. Will 
dated 16 June, 1681. 

I Elizabeth Gardner of Hartford do make this my last Will & Testa- 
ment : I give to my son Samuel Stone my feather bed that I Ly upon, & 
my Green rugg & green curtains, two payre of sheets, halfe a doz of Nap- 
kins, halfe doz of Towells, Two pewter dishes (one little one & one great 
one). Two porringers, one brass ketle that will hold a bout three payles 
full, one brass skillitt, the table that stands in the studdy, two old green 
cushions, The bigest Brass candlestick, two earthem blue drinking cupps, 
& a smale pa3rre of Andirons, & Two Books of Mr. Greenhill's upon 
''ezekieir' ; & it is my will that my son shall have no power to make sale of 
any of those things above mentioned, but to have the use of them only, for 
his benefit, as my overseers shall see reason to grant. I give to Elizabeth 
my daughter all the rest of my houshold stuffe not particularly disposed 
of in this my will (she giving her engagement to pay to my Grand sonn 
Samuel Sedgwidc sixteen pounds when he shall attayne the age of Twenty 
one years), & my fower acres of Land in the upper end of the south 
meadow, & all the rest of my Land not expressly disposed of in this my 

1677 ^rO X687. PROBATB RBCORD9. 305 

last Will ft Testament, to be to her & her heirs forever. I give to Samuel 
Sedgwick £16, to be paid by his Mother to him at the age of 21 years ; as 
allso I give to my sd. Grand son Samuel Sedgwick my 6 acres of Land in 
the 40 acres wth in the sowth mead, with my Long Lott on the east side 
of the river, ft 7 acres of upland Bought of Richard Goodman, being cow 
pasture, as allso I give him the rest of my 6 acres of Land in the 40 acres 
from the day of my decease, to be improved for his advantage till he comes 
of age, as my overseers shall direct. I give to John Robberts, my grand 
son, the west division Lot in Hartford ft my cow pasture Lott neer the 
blue Hills, to be to him his heirs & assigns forever. I give to my daugh- 
ters-in-Law, Rebeccah Nash, Mary Fitch ft Sarah Butler, to each of them 
40 Shillings apeice in silver, If I leave so much ; If not, in other pay equiva- 
lent ; as allso to each of them a suit of my wearing Lining, which I de- 
sire them to accept of as a token of my love to them. I give to Rebeccah 
Butler one acre of Land my husband bought of Nath. Ward, & is now in 
possession of Mr. John Whitting, to be to her, her heirs & assigns forever, 
she to possess it at her day of marriage, ft her Father to possess it till then. 
I doe make my Daughter Elizabeth Roberts & my Grand son Samuel 
Sedgwick Joint Executors of this my last will ft Testament I doe desire 
Major John Talcott &i Capt. John AUyn to be the overseers. And whereas 
my husband, Mr Samuel Stone, desired in his last will ft Testament that 
my son Samuel Stone should after my decease possess all my Lands, he 
paying the full value thereof according as I shall dispose thereof, I will- 
ingly submit thereto, ft therefore doe appoynt my sd. sonn Samuel Stone, 
If he will hold the Lands I have disposed of as above, that then he doe 
pay unto each of them I have given Land unto, the full value thereof, 
which shall be to them, their heirs & assigns forever instead of sd. Land. 

Elizabeth Gardner. 
Witness : John AUyn, 

Sarah X Howard. 
Court Record, Page 51 — 2 March, 1681-2: Will Proven. 

Page 28-9-30. 

Gardner, George, Hartford. Died 20 August, 1679, ^^ Salem, in the 
Colony of Massachusetts Bay. Invt. i300i-ocHo6. Taken (in Hartford) 
by Nicholas Olmsted, Caleb Standley. Will dated 21 July, 1679. 

I George Gardner of Hartford do make this my last Will & Testa- 
ment : I bequeath to my wife Elizabeth Gardner my Income and my part 
in the Mills at Salem during her life. I give imto my wife the Rent of 
the Land I bought of Mr. Fitch, or Use of the Money if he pay for it ac- 
cording to the Contract, the term of her life. Again, I give her the Rent 
of that land I bought of John Terry during her life, and the two Cows 
& 2 Calves & 2 Swine at Home, forever, as likewise the Use of what 
iiousehold Stuff in my house is mine, for the term of her life. I give unto 


my son Samuel Gardner my house & Land in which he now dwelleth at 
Salem, with all my Upland & Meadow in the South Field, & my part of 
the Mills after my Mother's decease, & the Farme & Meadow Thomas 
Gold lives upon, after his mother's decease, & the Houseing & all Ap- 
purtenances thereto belonging. I give unto my son Ebenezer all my 
Houses and Land, with all the Appurtenances thereto belonging, at Hart- 
ford & Windsor & Simsbury, after his Mother's decease ; likewise I give 
unto him presently, after my decease, tfiat Land that lyeth by Mr. Babidg^ 
and that acre of Salt Meadow I had of my Father. To my daughter But- 
tolph I give £300 of my Debts owing me at Connecticut when they are 
got in, & to my son Buttolph I give £30 he was indebted to me at our last 
Reckoning, I mean the balance of that Account that was made in the 
Spring. To my daughter Turner I give the House & Land they now live 
in, to him & her their natural lives, & then to whome of her children he 
shall give it after him, provided he give it to one or more of her Children, 
& £300 of my Debt at Connecticut as it can be got in. To my daughter 
Hatiliome I give £300 of my Debts of Connecticut ; but in Case my son 
Ebenezer doth dye before he be married, then the Estate given to him to 
be divided equally amongst the rest of my Children; & I likewise give 
unto my son Ebenezer the Rent of that Farme Thomas Gold liveth on, 
during his Mother's life, & do give unto my brother Thomas Gardner £20 
in provisions. And I do give imto my two cousins, Miriam Hascall and 
Susannah Hill, £5 each, to be laid out by my sister Grafton. I appoint my 
sons Samuel and Ebenezer Gardner to be my Executors, and what remain^ 
eth after my Debts be paid & Legacies, 2 parts to be to my son Samuel 
and one part to Ebenezer. And to my servant Arrah I do give him £5 
when he hath served my son Samuel 5 years, and then his time to be out. 
1 do intreat my friend Capt. John AUyn to Oversee the performance of 
this my Will, who liveth at Hartford, to whome I give £5 as a token of my 
Love, Also I entreat my friend Caleb Standly to oversee the performance 
of this my Will, who liveth at Connecticut, to whose two daughters I give 
50 Shillings apeice. And I do desire my two brothers, Thomas & Samuel 
Gardner, to oversee the performance of my Will at Salem. 
Witness: Thomas Gardner, George Gardner. 

Samuel Gardner, Joseph Williams. 

Attest before Gen. Daniel Denison and Major William Hathorne, Bsq.j 
1st September, 1679, by Hilliar Veren, Clarke. 

This is a true Copy, compared with the orig^nall left on file with the 
Records of the Court at Salem. 

Court Record, Page 18—4 December, 1679 : An attested Copy of the 
last Will of Mr. George Gardner, as it was attested & proven at Salem, 
& it was also accepted and approved by this Court. 

Page 23 — ^ March, 1679-80: Invt. exhibited in Hartford by Nicho- 
las Olmsted and Caleb Stanly. 

|677 TO 1687. PROBATA RECORDS. ;^7 

Page 111-12-13-14-15. 

Gilbert, Jonathan, Hartford. Invt. £2484-17-09. Taken 12 Feb- 
ruary, 1682, by John AUyn, John Gilbert, William Gibbon. Will dated 
10 September, 1674. 

I Jonathan Gilbert of Hartford do make my last Will & Testament : 
I give to my wife Mary Gilbert the use of Homested and Dutch Island, 
Land I bought of Mr. Callsey, Land exchanged with James Richard, pas- 
ture I bought of Andrew Warner, also my wood lott on the west side of 
Rocky Hill, till my son Samuel attain to 21 years of age, then to be sur- 
rendered to him with certain reservations to her during life, then all these 
to Samuel and his heirs forever, he paying to his brother Ebenezer £30. 
I give to my son Jonathan Gilbert half the Land at Haddam I bought of 
James Bates & Thomas Shaylor, or £20 in other Estate, which is his por^ 
tion with what he had before given him. I give to Thomas Gilbert my 
House & House lott on the south side of the Rivulet. I give to my son 
Nathaniel Gilbert my farme at Meridian and £30 more. I give to my 
daughter Lydia Richison 20 Shillings. I give to my daughter Sarah 
Belcher 20 Shillings ; to my daughter Mary Holton 20 Shillings ; to my 
daughter Hester Gilbert £100; to Rachel Gilbert £100. I give to my son, 
Ebenezer Gilbert, all that 300 acres of Land I bought of Capt. Daniel 
Clarke in Farmington, also that purchase of Land I bought of Massecup, 
comonly Called & known by the name of pagonchaumischaug ; also, £50. 
I desire my wife do remember Hannah Kelly & give her 20s., and more 
at her discretion if she prove obedient. I give to my grand child, John 
Rosseter, £10 ; to my gr. child, Andrew Belcher, £5 ; to my gr. child, Jona- 
than Richeson, £5. I make my wife sole Executrix, and desire Capt. 
John AUyn, my brother John Gilbert, and Sargt. Caleb Standly to be 
helpful to her, and that she satisfy them for their pains. 

Jonathan Gilbert. Ls. . 
Witness: John Talcott, John Gilbert 

Court Record, Page 65 — ist March, 1683 : Will Proven. 

Page 121. 

Oilletty John, Windsor. Invt. £140-14-06. Taken 5 December, 
1682, by John Loomis sen., John Moore. Legatees : The Widow, Mercy 
Gillett, John age 9 years, Thomas 6, Samuel 5, Benjamin 2, Mercy bom 
30 January last. 

Court Record, Page 69 — 4 April, 1683 : Adms. to the Widow, Mercy 
Gillett, with Jonathan Gillett, Peter Browne, John Barber & Samuel Bar- 
ber to be Overseers. 

Page 96. 

Oipson, Soger> Saybrook. Invt. £120-02-00. Taken 6 December, 
1680, by Jdin Pratt, Samuel Cogswell, Selectmen of Saybrook. . , * 


Martha Allyn did personally appear before me fhis 7 September, 
1682, and gave oath that this is a true Inventory of her former husband 
Roger Gipson's Estate, Deed. Giles Hamlin, Commsr. 

The children of Roger Gipson : Samuel age 8 or 9 years, Jonathan 
6 or 7, a daughter about 5 years of age, and Roger age one and ^ years. 

Court Record, Page 58 — 7 September, 1682 : Adms. to John Tillett- 

Page 69—4 April, 1683 : Dist. of the Estate. 

Page 241. 

GoodfeUow, Thomas, Wethersfield. Died 25 November, 1685. Invt. 
£49-04-06. Taken December, 1685, by Samuel Wolcott & Nathaniel Bore- 

3 March, 1685-6: Mary Goodfellow personally appeared and made 
oath that she hath presented a true Inventory of her Deceased Husband. 

Before me, Samuel Talcotl, Assistant. 

Court Record, Page 117 — 4 March, 1685-6: Adms. to the widow, 
she to bring up the children. If she can give them anything, it is desired 
she would. 

Page 120. 

Ooodwin, OasBi Hartford. Invt. £129-04-00. Taken 3 April, 1683, 
by Nathaniel Willett, Thomas Butler. 

Court Record, Page 69 — 4 April, 1683: Invt. Exhibited with an 
agreement of the children for a division of the estate, which was approved 
by the Court: To William Goodwin sen., i6o; to Nathaniel Goodwin, 
£40; to William Pitkin in right of his wife, £25. Signed and sealed. 
Recorded on Page 120 in full with the Inventory, date 6 April, 1683. 

Will & Invt. on File. 

Goodrich^ John Jr., Wethersfield. Invt. £81-17-11. Taken 24 
March, 1676. I John Goodrich, the son of John Goodrich sen., of Weth- 
ersfield, in the County of Hartford, in his Majesties Colony at Connecti- 
cutt, in New England, being weake in body & expecting my change, but 
yet having the Use of my Understanding & Reason, do make this my last 
Will & Testament as f olloweth : And therefore as I do give up myself 
to the Lord, so desiring that all my Debts may be justly & truly payd out 
of other Estate, I do give and bequeath my land (be it nine acres more or 
less) to my loving wife & child for ever. Also I giue my heifer to my 
sister Mary Goodrich. Also I bequeath my best suite of clothes to my 
Brother Joseph Gobdrich, my father paying the value thereof to such as 
I am indebted unto. 

Witness: Jno Chester, John X Goodrich. 

Joseph X Edwards. 

l677 TO 1687. PROBATS RSCORBS. 309 

Joseph Edwards made Oath, 12 April, 1676, that John Goodridi de- 
clared the above written to be his last Will & Testament, before him & 
Mr. John Chester. As Attest : John Allyn, Sec. 

Lt John Chester made Oath, this igth of April, 1676, that Jcrfm 
Goodrich declared the above written to be his last Will & Testament, be- 
fore him and Jo : Edwards. As Attest : Santuel Talcott, Commissioner. 

Mary, the Relict of John Goodrich Junr., appeared & made Oath that 
she made a true presentment of the Estate of her deceased husband to the 
apprisers, this 6th June, 1676, before the Dept Governor, Mr. Wyllys, 
& the Secretary. As Attest : John Allyn, Secretary. 

Memorandum : That on the 27th of June, 1676, John Goodrich & 
Mary Goodrich, his daughter-in-law, did consent and Agree in these fol- 
lowing Articles : ist, That the 9 acres of Swamp Land mentioned in sd. 
Mary's husband's Will shall be the proper Estate forever of Mary, the 
daughter of the aforesd. Mary Goodrich and John Deed, to be delivered 
her at 18 years of age or day of marriage, which shall first happen, and 
in the Interim her Mother should have the Use of it, and dtiring her life 
in Case her Child die under age ; but on the decease of the Mother and 
daughter, the daughter dying without heir or husband, it to return to John 
Goodrich and his heirs forever. 2ndly : That all the Debts due from John 
Goodrich Deed shall be paid by sd. John Goodrich, and the sd. John Good- 
rich to receive in Consideration thereof all the other Land left by the Deed, 
viz, 5 Roods in the Plaine, 2 acres of Pasture, & halfe an Acre in the 
Homelott & the houseing thereon, for him & his heirs forever, & all the 
Moveable Estate whatsoever, excepting a Cow & a Calfe & £3 in Clothes. 
This we agree to in case the WorshipfuU Court that shall have the Settle- 
ment of the Estate see Cause to ratify it. 

Witness: William Pitkin, John Goodrich, 

Richard Beckley. Mary X Goodrich. 

Approved by the Court, 8 September, 1676. 

Test : John Allyn Secretary. 

Court Record, Page 60— (Vol. VII) 8 November, 1704: Whereas 
Daniel Rose, sen., of Wethersfield, made application to this Court for a 
Settlement of the Estate of John Goodrich Jr., formerly of Wethersfield, 
Deed, This Court do find Uiat Jonathan Goodrich of sd. Wethersfield, 
brother of the sd. late John Goodrich Deed, hath obtained a record of the 
Land or Estate of his Brother John, and also taken possession thereof 
many years ago. Therefore this Court do not see Cause to give any order 
respecting the same, but leave the sd. Daniel Rose to proceed as he shall 
see cause. 

Page 35-6. (Wm on File.) 

Ooodrieh, John, Wethersfield. Invt. £651-10-00. Taken 6 April, 
1680, by Samuel Steele, John Wolcott & Nathaniel Boreman. Will dated 
9 June, 1672. 



I John Goodrich of Wethersfield do make this my last Will & Tes- 
tament: Item. I give and bequeath unto my daughter Elizabeth Rose 
16 Shillings over & above what I have bestowed upon her already. Item. 
I give & bequeath unto my son John Goodrich 12 Pence over & above those 
Lands I have seized in him already. Item. I give unto my daughter Mary 
Goodrich £50, & to be paid her out of my Household Stuffe and Moveable 
Goods as they shall then be prised. Item. I give and bequeath unto my 
daughter Hannah £50, and to be paid her out of my Moveable Goods & 
Catle as they shall then be prised. Item. I give & bequeath to my two 
youngest sons, Joseph & Jonathan Goodrich, my Dwelling house, Bam, 
Homelott, & also all my Land, Meadow & Upland, to be equally improved 
between them and the profits thereof to be equally divided between them 
so long as they can or do agree together ; but if they difere and do not 
agfree to improve together, then my Will is that my son Joseph shall have 
my 3 acre Lott in the Meadow and half my Lott in the Great Swamp, 
the south side, and also my whole Lott in Beaver Meadow, & also that 
peice of Swamp and Meadow at the rear of the Meadow Gate which Mr. 
Chester had of me, and also that 45^ acres in the south field, and that 
acre & }4 in beauer Brook which was sometime John (Tinker's?) Lott, 
& also half of that 17-acre Lott in the West field & the west side of that 
Lott. These peices of land I give and bequeath unto my son Joseph. Item. 
I give unto my son Jonathan all the rest or remainder of my Estate, viz., 
my Dwelling house. Bam, homelott & whatsoever thereto appurtains, and 
my Pastar Lott at the West End of the Towne, & also that 5 acres of Mead- 
ow I had of Mr. Chester, and also all that 4 acres at the lower Meadow 
Gate, that I had of Mr. Chester, & also half my Lott in the Great Swamp, 
the north side, and also half that 17-acre Lott in the little West field. And 
if it shall happen that my catle & Moveable Estate will not reach to pay 
my daughters so much as I have bequeathed unto them, my Will is that 
my two sons, Joseph & Jonathan Goodrich, shall make up the sums in 
convenient time so as they do not straighten themselves too much. And 
I do make, ordain & appoint Mr. Gershom Bulkeley and Mr. Samuel Tal- 
cott Executors to this my last Will & Testament. 

Witness : Hugh Welles, John Goodrich sen. Ls. 

Mary Goodrich. 

The Executors refuse to act. 

Court Record, Page 26—21 April, 1680: There was presented to 
this Court a Will of the sd. Goodrich which had been objected against by 
the sd. Goodrich his relations, and the Executors refusing to accept of the 
Executorship laid upon them in the sd. Will, this Court doth now by 
Proclamation order all those concerned in the Estate of John Goodrich 
to appear at the Court in September next to make out their respective 
claims to the Estate, and the Court doth appoint Daniel Rose and Joseph 
Goodrich to take Care of the Estate that it be reserved and improved. 

Page 35 (Pro. Side) 21 April, 1680: Mary, the Relict, Widow of 
John Goodrich, appeared in Court with the Inventory : 

|677 ^K> 1687. P&OBATB RBCO&DS. 31I 

i s d 
Out of the Estate is paid to the Widow, 50-19-09 

In Debts paid and lost Estate, 8-12-00 

To Jonathan, 3-16^ 


Page 29—7 September, 1680 : Jonathan Goodrich appeared in Court 
and made choice of Lt. Samuel Steele to be his Guardian. The Court 
approved of this choice. This Court having considered the Estate of 
John Goodrich Deed, the Will exhibited in Court being made many years 
before the decease of sd. Goodrich, & sundry Transactions have passed 
since the Will was made which hath varied me Estate very much, & the 
Executors wholly renouncing of the. same, this Court do grant Adms. of 
the Estate unto Lt Samuel Steele, Daniel Rose and Joseph Goodrich, & 
order the Dist. to be as f oUdweth : 
To Joseph, the Eldest son now living (the eldest son being dead 

£ s d 

and compounded with for his portion), 190-00-00 

To Jonathan, the next son, 190-00-00 

To die three daughters, to each of them, 100-00-00 

And the sons are to have their portions in Houseing & Lands, and 
they to make up the £4 per annum by proportion to their Mother during 
her natural life out of the Revenue of the Land Mr. Samuel Talcott, 
Lt. Samuel Steele and Mr. Eli Kimberly are desired to divide the Estate 
to the Legatees. Mr. Read is to receive £50 out of the Estate, Mr. Rose 
iiS, and Mr. Maynard i8. 

■Psigc 35 — (Vol. VII) II November, 1762: This Court, upon Ap- 
plication of Sergt. Crafts in behalf of Jonathan Goodrich, son of John 
Goodrich, formerly of Wethersfield Deed, do order that the Clerk grant 
a Writ or Citation requireing Mr. Daniel Rose, one of the Adms. on the 
sd. John Goodrich his Estate, to appear at the Court to be holden the ist 
Tuesday in March next, to render an Account of his Adms. on the sd. 
Estate, the foresd. John (Jonathan) Goodrich complaining that he hath 
not received his full part of the Estate according to the Dist. of Court, 2 
September, 1680. 

Page 40—2 March, 1702-3: Adms. granted further time to finish 
his Adms. 

Page 43 — 7 April, 1703: Mr. Daniel Rose appeared in Court ac- 
cording to Citation and gave an. Account thereof to the Court's Satis^ 

Page 60 — 8 November, 1704 : Whereas Moses Crafts, Atty. to Jona- 
than GMdrich, cited Daniel Rose to appear and render an Account of his 
Adms. on the Estate of John Goodrich Deed, the sd. Rose now appeared 
in Court and made it appear by Record that he had alre^y rendered an 
Account to the Satisfaction of the Court, and that therefore he is not re- 
quireahle to render further Account. 


Page 219. 

Orant, Jdm, Windsor. Invt £424-00-00. Taken 2 September, 
1684, by John Loomis sen., Samuel Cross, Nicholas Buckland. Legatees : 
The Widow, Jdtin age 13 years, Josiah 2, Mary 11, Elizabeth 7 J4, Abigail 
5 years of age. 

Court Record, Page 104-— 24 March, 1684-5 • Adms. to the Widow. 
John Loomis, Samuel Grant and Samuel Cross to be Overseers. 

Page 88. 

Grant, Matthew, Windsor. Invt. £118-18-06. Taken 10 January, 
1681-2, by Thomas Dible sen., John Loomis. Will dated 9 December, 

I Matthew Grant of Windsor, beinge aged and under present weak- 
ness, yet of Competency of understandinge, dpe by this declare my Last 
Will concerning the dispose of my Elstate as foUowetfi : ist, I doe declare 
that my son Samuel, my eldest son, is already satisfied with the portion I 
made over to him in Lands already recorded to him, and that is my will 
concerning him. 2dly, Conceminge my son Tahan, my will is that he shall 
have as a legassy, payd to hime in Country paye by my son John, the full 
some of five pounds, and this to bee payd two yeers after my decease. Al- 
soe I doe appoynt hime to gather upp all the debts oweinge to me in this 
towne or elsewhere, and my will is hee my son Tahan shall have them for 
his owne. 3dly, my will is that my son John, with whome I have lived some 
time, I doe give to hime all my meadow land in the great meadow ; also I 
give to hime my pasture land lyeinge belowe the hill agaynst Thomas 
Dibles home lott and my owne. Alsoe, I doe give hime, the sayd John, my 
home lott and orchard with the ould houseinge which I built before hee 
came to dwell in itt. Alsoe I doe give to hime my wood lott lyeing in the 
quarter lotts. Alsoe I give to my son John all the rest of my estate except- 
inge my wearinge cloatfies. My son John shall paye to my son Tahan five 
pounds as is already expressed in my will conceminge hime, at the time 
and manner aflForesayd, and alsoe unto my Daughter Humphreys five 
pounds in Coimtry pay, two yeers after my decease. Alsoe my will is and 
I doe give my Daughter Humphrey as a Legassy five pownds, to bee payde 
in country paye two yeers after my decease. Alsoe I doe make my son 
John sole Executor of this my last Will & Testament. As Witness my 

Witness : John Loomys senr, Matthew Grant. Ls. 

Thomas X Dibble. 

Court Record, Page 51 — 2 March, 1681-2: Will proven. 

Page 67. 

Grant. Peter. Hartford. Invt. £50-13-06. Taken 5 October, 1681, 
by Philip Davis & Thomas Bunce Jr. The children of Peter and Mary 

1677 '^ X^7* PROBATA RECORDS. 313 

Grant: Mary Goodfellow, age 18 years; Sara 17, Ruth 15, Thomas 13, 
John 10, Radiell Grant, age 5 years. 

Court Record, Page 46— ist November, 1681 : Adms. to the Widow, 
Mary Grant. The House and Lands to the two sons after tlie Decease of 
their Mother. 

Page 41 — (Vol. V) 13 April, 1692: Whereas there was a house and 
Land by the Court formerly setled upon the two sons of peter grant, they 
being deceased, the daughters of peter Grant appeared in Court & made 
Clayme to the sayd house & Land, & desired the Court to setle a distribu- 
tion of the Estate upon them the sayd daughters of peter Grant, viz, Mary 
Baker, Sarah Wheeler, Ruth Grant & Rachell Grant, The Court saw 
reason to make an equal division on the estate to the sayd daughters, 
either by Samuel Wheeler agreeing with them what their proportions shall 
be, & in case they disagree, then deacon Hosmore & BeviU Waters to 

Page 102. 

OraveSy Nathaniel, Wethersfield. Died 29 September, 1682. Invt. 
£439^02-08. Taken 30 October, 1682, by John Kilboum, Thomas Wright, 
WilUam Warner. Legatees: Martha Graves (Widow), Sarah Bradfield, 
age 26 years, Mary Graves 24, Rebeckah 22, Martha 15, Abigail 13 years. 

Court Record, Page 60—13 December, 1682: Adms. to the Relict, 
Mrs. Martha Graves. Mr. John Robbins, Sergt. William Warner, Over- 
seers. Order to Dist : To the Widow, £99 of Personal Estate, & the re- 
mainder to the 5 daughters. 

Page 221. 

Oray, Walter, Hartford. Invt. £2-19-06. Taken 31 Jantiary, 
1684-5, by John Wadsworth, John Gilbert 

Court Record, Page 105 — ^24 March, 1684-5: Adms. to Lt. Joseph 
Wadsworth & John Gilbert. Estate divided amongst the Creditors. 

Page 64. 

OrifSn, John, Simsbury. Invt. £184-18-00. Taken 23 August, 
1681, by John Case and Samuel Willcoxson. The children: John 25 
years, Thomas 23, Ephraim 12, Nathaniel 9, Hannah 31, Mary 27, Sarah 
26, Abigail 21, Ruth 16, and Mindwell 19. 

Court Record, Page 44 — ist September, 1681: Invt. exhibited. 
This Court grant Adms. on the Estate to Hannah Griffin, the Widow, & 
her two sons, John & Thomas Grifiin. 

Page 69— (Vol V) 4 April, 1694: An Account of the Wastage of 
John Griffin's Estate being brought into this Court, amounting to £21-09- 
00, by the Account appears a clear Estate of £125-05-09, whidi this Court 


Dist: To the Eldest son a double portion, viz, £22-15-06; and equal por- 
tions, viz, £1 1-07-09, to each of the other nine Children. And whereas the 
Town of Simsbury granted to the Widow of sd. John GrifGn a peice of 
Upland of about 4 acres near John Terrie's Land, and 12 acres under the 
Mountain, which, by the sd. Widow's mind declared, and consent of the 
Rest of the Children, the sd. Land should belong equally to Ephraim and 
Nathaniel Griffin, This Court doth approve thereof, and doe order Mr; 
John Higley, John Slater & Peter Bewill to make a Partition of the Estate 

Page 193-4- 

Orihms, Hemy^ Hartford. Invt. £745-<xmx). Taken 1684, by 
Stephen Hosmer, Bevell Waters. The children : Benjamin age 22 years, 
John 19, Joseph 17, Mary 16, Sarah 13, Elizabeth 10, Susanna 7, Re- 
becckah 4 years of age. 

Page 235. 

Grihiiui, Mary. Invt. £65-15-06. Taken by Nathaniel Willett & 
Stephen Hosmore. Will dated 27 July, 1685. 

Mary Grihms her Will was tibat if her son Benjamin bring up her 
youngest daughter, he should have Two Cowes towards it of her Estate, 
& the rest she hath to dispose of should be divided among her three sons, 
save that her daughters should have each of them a pewter platter apeice, 
& that her napkins should be divided among her daughters. Her will also 
was that her Brother Benj : should have her second daughter & her brother 
Joseph her third daughter & John Watson her fourth daughter, and they 
were to learn them well to read, & mayntayne them well, & so have them 
untill they were growne to age. 
Witness : Stephen Hosmore, 
Benjamin Grihms. 

Page 205-6-7-8-9-10. 

Oriswold, Michael, Wethersfield. Died 26 September, 1684. Invt 
£628-01-00. Taken by Samuel Talcott, Samuel Butler, Timothy Hide. 
Will dated loth September, 1678. 

I Michael Griswold of Wethersfield do make my last Will & Testa- 
ment : I give unto my wife Anne Griswold all my houses & Lands, whether 
upland or meadow or Swamp Land (The Land only excepted that my son 
Thomas Griswold hath in possession), & also all my household stuff e, all 
my Implements For Husbandry, & all my Cattell, Horses & swine, to^ 
gether with all such goods, Chattells & debts whatsoever to me in any wise 
or right belonging, to possesse & enjoy all my sayd Houses, Land & Estate 
as af oarsayd, witfi all the proffitts & benefits thereof, to the only proper 
benefit & behoofe of my sayd wife during her natural life, & after her de- 

1677 ^O 1687. PROBATA RECORDS. 315 

cease to be disposed of as hereafter expressed. I give to my son Thomas 
priswould I y^ acres of upland where his house standeth, & his Bam, also 
3 roods of Land in the Great meadow, bounded West on Land of Lt John 
HoUister ; also I give to my son Thomas 1-4 part of my Lot in the dry 
swamp of 1 1 acres, bounded west on Land of Enoch Buck, south on Land 
of Samuel Talcott. I give to my son Thomas 2 J4 acres of my meadow 
Lott called or known by the name Send Home. Also I give him }4 of my 
Lott at the whirl pooles which I had of Sergt. John Kilbom, & one y% 
of my Land by Beavour brooke wch was giverf me by the Towne of 
Wethersfield. Also I give him halfe of my 50-acre Lott that Lyeth next 
to farmington Bounds. All the Land aforesayd, & every part and parcell 
thereof, I give & bequeath to my sayd son Thomas Griswold to be to him 
and his heirs forever, Imediately after my decease or the decease of my 
wife, which shall Last happen. Item. I give to my son Isaac Griswold 
halfe that Home Lott which I bought of Luke Hitchcock, also 2 ^ acres 
of Land In Beavour meadow which I purchased of Jehu Burr, And also 
halfe that Lott in the great meadow which I purchased of Wm Hills. Also 
I give to my son Jacob Griswold halfe the Home Lott I bought of Luke 
Hitchcock, Also one halfe of the meadow Lott I bought of Wm Hills. I 
give to my son Michael Griswold my now dwelling house, barn & all my 
Home Lott. I give to my Power sonns above named all my divisions of 
Land on the east side of the great river, to be equally divided between 
thehi. Item. I give and bequeath to my daughter Hester Bradly 20s, & 
to her children, Ann, Abigail & Mary & Hester, to each of them 20s, 
which Legacies I appoint my son Thomas to pay to my daughter Hes- 
ter, and to her Children. I give to my daughter Abigail Lattin 
20s, and to her daughter Ann Lattin £5. I apppint my son Michael to pay 
the sd. sum of six pounds to my daughter Abigail & her child. I g^ve to 
my daughter Sarah Hill iio, & doe appoynt my two sonns Isaac & Jacob 
to pay the same, each paying £5. All the Legacies to be paid to my daugh- 
ters & their children within five years after my decease or the decease of 
my wife, which shall last happen. I give to my son-in-Law, Obadiah Will- 
cox^ one shilling. Michaell Griswold. Ls. 
Witness : Gershom Bulkeley, Eliazer Kimberlye. 

(The property was by this will to pass by entail, but in a codicil this 
j^art was revoked.) 

' * Codicil, dated 22 September, 1684: My will is that all & every of 
my sons shall have & enjoy all and every their portion in houses & Lands 
without entailement, haveing full power to sell & alienate any part or all 
of their severall portions to any person or persons as they shall see good. 

Michael X Griswold. 
Witness: John Buttolph, Eleasur Kimberly. 

Will Proven 18 December, 1684. John Allyn, Secreiry. 


Page 107. 

Hall, Edward, Wethersfield. Died 26 August, 1682. Invt. £7-08-^. 
Taken 20 September, 1682, by John Kilboum, Thomas Wright Anna 
Hall, the Widow ; Hanna Hall, her Child Mary, 2 years old. 

Halloway, John, Court Record, Page 72— (Vol. Ill)— 20 January, 
1667: Mofry HalloTmy, wife of John Halloway, seeks separation ffm 
her husband. Have been married fower yeares and some moneths. 

Page 201. (Win on File.) 

Hallowcqr, John, Hartford. Died 18 October, 1684. Invt. £46-06-00. 
Taken by Ciprian Nichols, John Skiner, Philip Lewes. Will dated 14 
February, 1680. 

I John Halloway of Hartford do make this my last Will and Testa- 
ment : I having no relations to dispose of it to. It is my will that all my 
just debts & ftmeral charges be discharged & honestly payd, and that the 
remainder of my estate in Houseing & Lands shall be & belong to the use 
of the ministry of the first Church of Christ in Hartford forever as par- 
sonage Land, as sdso all other of my Estate which I shall stand pos- 
sessed of at my decease that I shall not have otherwise disposed of. I do 
give & bequeath the same for the use aforesayd that it may be so im- 
proved for the ease of my brethren & the Comfort of a faithful Labourer in 
God's Harvest in this place. I doe constitute & appoint my loveing 
friends, Capt. John AUyn & Sergt Caleb Stanly, to be the Executors of 
this my Last will & Testament, who I desire to take care that my Estate be 
settled according to this My Will. John X Hallaway. Ls. 

Witness : John AUyn, Caleb Stanly. 

Court Record, Page 95 — 25 November, 1684: Estate of John Hal- 
loway. Adms. to Lt Caleb Stanly. By direction of Major Talcott & 
Capt. AUyn, nobody living with John Halloway, the Selectmen tock an In- 
ventory of what Estate they could find. 

Page 128— 3d March, 1686-7: Adms. report accepted & granted a 
Quietus Est. 

Harberty Ohriatian. Court Record, Page 129 — ^3 March, 1686-7 : Will 
now Exhibited by Capt. Whiting, made wi& her husband's Consent. Ap- 

Mrs. & Mr. John Blackleach appeal to the Court of Assistants. 

Note: Mrs. Elizabeth Blackleach was daughter of Benjamin Har- 
bert and Christian Nethercoole his wife. (See ist Ch. Rec. for the mar- 
riage, and Private Controversies for the Appeal.) See also Page 46 of 
this volume. 

]677 ^K> 1687. PROBATE RECOKDS. 3x7 

Page 92-3-4-S-(See File— Will with Invt.) 

Haughton, Bidhardf Beverly, Mass., who died at Wethersfield 23 May, 
1682. Invt. £493-09-03. Taken by Ciprian Nichols, Caleb Stanly & 
Phineas Wilson. 

Know all Men by these presents, that I Richard Haughton of Beverly, 
by the providence of God being at Wethersfield and detained by sickness, 
not knowing how God by his providence may dispose of me, being weake 
in body though of perfect Memory & understanding, doe request and ap* 
point my beloved friends Mr. Nathaniel Standly and Mr. William Pitkm, 
both of Hartford, to take care of and manage all my concerns in this 
Colony, & more especially that of the Vessell Building at Middletown, to 
carry it on ; also to receive all my debts, and to pay all due from me ; & 
my two friends, Mr. Nathaniel Standly and Mr. William Pitldn, I ap- 
point Administrators to ye Estate in my hands or belonging to me in this 
Colony. Also I request Mr. Jno ffoster of Boston to supply these men 
wth Goods and to assist them yt the Vessel may be carried on. This being 
my Last desire & Will as to my affairs here, as Witness my hand this 
i2th of May, 1682. Richasd X Haughton. 

Witness : John Kilboum, WUL Gibbon, Timothy Hide. 

Invt. of the Estate of Mr. Richard Horton, who died in Wethersfield 
23 May, 1682, taken by John Ealboum, William Warner, £493-09-03. His 
Estate at Wethersfield, £4-08-00. 


Richard Hawton is Debtor to John Honeywell, to Diett a fortnight 
and lodging for his nurs when sick, 10 shillings ; to his diett, attendence 
and all Uiings in the house during his sickness, being 3 weeks to his burial, 
£2-14-00; to sider expended at his funeral, 6 shillings; total, £5- 10-00. 

Mr. Richard Horton Dr. to Thomas Atwood, by 24 days of myself 
tt wife tending him, sitting up 5 nights, myself and wife 2 nights. He 
Being exceeding trublesum & Noysum, I count well worth ye phisick 
and Cordial Constantly Administered to him in ye Time, £08-00-00. 

Thouas Atwoc»>. 

An Invt. taken 27 May, 1682, apprised in good country pay, £224* 
02-01, by Ciprian Niccols, Caleb Standly, Phineas Wilson. 

County Court Record, Page 56—21 June, 1682: Mr. John Harris 
appeared in Court and presented a letter of Adms. granted by the Hon. 
Simon Bradstreet, Esq., Gov. of Mass., to Capt. John Hull Esq., Assistant 
to Mary Haughton, the Relict, Widow of Richard Haughton deceased, to 
Adms. upon the Estate of Haughton aforesaid, asserting that she had put 
in security to Exhibit a true Inventory of the said Estate. Attested under 
the seals of the office. 

Pr. Isaac Addington, Cler. 


Page 22-3-4-5. 

Haynes, Mr. Joseph, late Rev. Teacher of the ist Church in Hartford. 
Invt £2280-17-00. Exhibited in Court 4 December, 1679. Will dated 26 
February, 1676. ^ 

I Joseph Haynes of Hartford, in the Colony of Connecticott, per- 
ceiving the Shaddows of the Evening to bee uppon mee, beeing weak in 
body but ( ) true and good memory, Doe in the fear of God antf 

in Obedience to wholsom Rules of Righteousnes for the Setting of my 
house in order, make this my Last Will and disposition: In the first 
place, as the main matter, I do desire utterly to renounce myself and t(* 
have all my dependence uppon the sovereign mercy of God and the alone 
precious righteousness of the son of God, hopeing that though my sinsl 
have been before him, yet he will gratiously behold mee in the face of his 
Anointed. So also in the second place, I do thus dispose of what God 
hath gratiously given mee in manner and form as followeth: Whereas} 
by an ingagement made to my Loveing wife Sarah Haynes sometimes 
before our marriage, I did promise to make her a joynture of my Landfi 
at Farmingtown, as also to give her three hundred pounds or the third 
part of my Estate, I doe by tfiis my Will Joynture my said Loveinjgf wife 
in all the rents and proffitts of the said Lands at Farmingtown during hef 
natural life, as also my Will is that shee bee paid Three hundred pounds 
out of my other Estate, which three hundred pounds shall bee paid within 
two years after my decease, or within one year if my wife desire it. AIsq 
I do give unto my said Wife the use and all the benefitts of my whol* 
Estate till my children come in age to receive their several portions, for 
the bringing upp and Education of my children. And I do make my said 
Wife Sole Executrix of this my Last will and Testament. Also my Will 
and mind is that when my son John Haynes hath Attained to the age of 
23 years, or bee married, that my mansion house at Hartford, with the 
Barnes, out houses, homested garden and yards, together with all my 
little meadow before my house, as also all my Grass Ground and plow 
Land in the South meadow, together with my oxpasture which is inclosed, 
both pasture Land and plow Land, and my wood lott not farr off the 
oxpasture, as also all my right in that Land in the woods that Lately hath 
been laid out as is to bee seen in the town book, with all the rights and 
priviledges whatsoever to any of those Lands beforementioned do any 
wayes belong, to remain to him and his heirs for ever. Allso I give him 
all my books and manuscripts that any wayes concern Leameing, only my 
mind is that if my wife shall remain in her Widdowhood, that the Parlof 
and the Studdy shall bee for her dwelling, and all needful use of the Celler 
and Kitchen. My will further is that after the decease of my wife that my 
whole farme at flFarmingtowne with my pasture thereunto belonging, ih 
the occupation of Thomas Nowell, together with all other priviledges of 
Land, divided or undivided, in the Precincts of that towne, bee divided 
equally between my two daughters Mabell Haynes and Sarah Haynes, to 
them and their heirs forever. Also I give all my undivided Lands and 
grants of Court to bee equally divided amongst my Children and their 

1677 ^K> 1687. P&OBATS RECORDS. $19 

hdrs forever. My mind also is that if my wife bee now with Child and 
that the Lord in mercy give the Life of it, that die i 180 that was given by 
my mother Lord to my wif^ and her children as is thereby exprest in her 
Willy should bee to that child. I do also give to that child all my part of 
that Land that is in the hands of John Babcock, in narragansett, near 
Pacatuck. Also, if that redundant £40 mentioned in my mother Lord's 
Will do come, I do give that to this Child. And if by virtue of my mother 
Lord's will my other children doe receive or recover any part of tiie mony 
given by my said mother, then they shall each of them allow to this Child 
as much out of their portions each of them as they have out of the said 
mony bequeathed by my mother. My mind is that the £30 in mony of 
myne in the Hands of my Brother Mr. James Russell, and £20 in mony 
now in the house, be left in the hands of my wife, by her to be improved 
towards the bringing upp my son John in Learning (mainly abroad). I 
give unto my (only) sister Mrs. Ruth Willys £5, and to all her children 
20s apeice. Also I give to each of the children of my sister Mrs. Mabel 
Russell 20S apeice. I give to my cousin Richard Lord, son of my Brother 
Richard Lord, fourty shillings. I desire that my honoured and my inti- 
mate friends, my Brother Mr. Samuel Willys, My Brother Mr. Richard 
Lord, and the Reverend Mr. Gershom Bulkeley, to be Supervisors of this 
my Last will & Testament, and doe order them thirty shillings apeice for 
their care and Love. 

For the Establishing of all which I have hereunto put my hand and 
seal this 26 February, 1676. Jos. Haynes. Ls. 

Witness: Samuel Willis, 

Richard Lord, William Pitkin. 

Court Record, Page 18 — ^4 December, 1679: Will & Invt. exhibited 
in Court. 

Note: £3 of the Inventory, in the hands of Timothy Hide, sent to 

Page 186-7. 

Haywardi Robert, Windsor. Invt. £96-02-00. Taken 28 August, 
1684, by Daniel Clarke sen.. Job Drake sen., John Moore. 

Lydia Haward, the Relict, aged 70 years or thereabouts, & James 
Miles, aged 35, Testify that to their knowledge Robert Ha)rward in his 
life time gave unto Ephraim his son that parcell of Land that sometime 
belonged to the sayd Robert Hayward, Lying in a Meadow called Mr. 
Phelps his Meadow, & owned it a little before his death. And Widow 
Hayward farther sayth that her son Ephraim had the possession of the 
Sayd Land before her husband's death. They both, and Job Drake sen., 
doe testify that Robert Hayward freely gave Edward King's Mortgage to 
his son Ephraim, only Ephraim was not to turn King out of dores while he 
lived, he the sd. King duly discharging the rates. 


Lydia Hayward & James Miles personally appeared & gave oath to 
the above written Testimonies before Benjamin Newbery, Comr, 3 Sept, 

Court Record, Page 93 — ^4 September, 1684 : Invt. Exhibited. • Adms. 
to Lydia, the Relict, & Ephraim Hayward, the sonn of sayd Robert Hay- 

Page 149. 

Heart, Elishai Windsor. Invt. £24-14-08. Taken 9 October, 1683, 
at Windsor, by Samuel Grant & John Porter Jr. ; 4 December, 1683, by 
Joseph Poineroy Eleazer Wilcox, by us at Westfield. 

Court 'Record, Page 76—6 December, 1683: Adms. to Edward 
Neale, Thomas Loveland. Dist. by Order of Court to Said Heart's eight 
Sisters, to each an equal portion. 

Page 1 19. 

Heart, Steven, Deacon, sen., Parmington. Invt i34O-04-<x>. Taken 
31 March, 1682-3, by Thomas Heart, John Heart. Will dated 16 March, 

I Stephen Heart of Farmington do make this my last Will & Testa- 
ment : For the settleing of this my Estate, my Will is as foUoweth : That 
my Farme which I formerly have given to my three sons, John Heart, 
Steven Heart & Thomas Heart, the yi of my Farme to John, % to Steven, 
the other quarter to Thomas. I give to my gr. son Thomas Porter ft to 
my son-in-law John Cole my plowing Land & Meadow & Swamp which 
was sometime part of Andrew Warner's Farme, & abutts on my son Ste- 
ven Heart's Land on the North. I do give it to them to be equally 
(divided) betwixt them, the ingagement of my wife being fulfilled. I give 
to my sons Steven and Thomas Heart that 10 acres of Land whidi I 
bougnt of Andrew Warner, that lyes in the Farme Meadow, to be equally 
divided betwixt them. I give to my sons Steven and Thomas Heart and 
to my daughters Sarah Porter and Mary Lee, my Swamp Lott in the 
Great Swamp and all the rest of my Upland Divisions, divided or undi- 
vided, to be equally divided betwixt them. I give to my gr. child Dorothy 
Porter £10. I give to my gr. child John Lee £3. I give to my gfr. child 
John Heart, my eldest son's son, £3. I do give to my beloved wife a little 
Kettle that holds about a peck, as also a colt which I gave her, whidi was 
recorded to her. And as to all the rest of my Estate, within dores and 
without, all dues & Debts (except 1-3 part of all my Linen, ft a Cow, ft 
£10 given to my wife, as also £5 of Annuity during her natural life in 
case she survive me, as may appear by a former Instrument), And as for 
the rest as abovesd., I give to my sons, Steven and Thomas Heart, and mj 
beloved daughters, Sarah Porter and Mary Lee, and my son-in-law, John 
Cole, whom I make my Executors. 

Witness : John Wadsworth sen., Stbvbit Heab% 

Robert Porter. 

167711^1687. PROBATE RECORDS. 331 

Court Record, Page 69—4 April, 1683 : Will proven, Mrs. Mar- 
garet Heart, Ensign Thomas Heart, Sarah Porter and Mary Lee person- 
ally appeared and made oath to the Inventory. 

Page 143-4-5- 

HillSy William sen., Hartford. Died July, 1683. Invt £274-00-02. 
Taken August, 1683, by Bevel Waters, Nath. Willett, Townsmen. Will 
dated 21 February, 1680-1. 

I William HUls sen., of Hoccanum, within the Township of Hartford, 
doe make this to be my Last Will & Testament : And in the first place, 
after my death, I desire my Executors & Overseers to take care for a 
decent Burial, & my desire is that due care be taken for payment of all my 
just debts. Imprimis. My will is that my wife Mary Hills & my son Jona- 
than Hills be Joynt Executors of this my will. My will is that my wife 
shall have the use of the one halfe of my housen & Lands that I now live 
in and upon, & the halfe of all my stock, catle & moveables during her 
naturall Ufe, which sayd Lands are 8 acres on the east side of my dwelling 
house & about 18 acres of the west side of my sayd house. I give to my 
wife the use of one halfe of 17 rods wide of unimproved Lands Lying on 
the east end of the foresayd 8 acres which rtumeth to the east end of the 
3 mile Lotts, during her Life. I give and bequeath, & my will is, that my 
sonn Jonathan Hills shall have the other full halfe of the foresayd housen 
and Lottments with their appurtenances, & my will is that after my wive's 
Decease I doe give the whole and full of that Land left in her hand to my 
son Jonathan Hills & to his heirs forever, with all catle. Stock & move- 
ables, to have and to hold forever. And Whereas I have one Lott of 
Twenty-five rods broad abutting on the widdow Andrews house lott on 
the West, running to the end of the 3 mile Lotts east, abutting on the 
country Highway on the south, & on the widdow Andrews Lott North, 
that she bought of Deacon Wm. Holton, One Third part of said Lott 
being taken off which I have sould to Mr. William Pitkin, the other Two 
parts Uiereof Left and remaining in my hands I give and bequeath Two 
Thirds thereof to my Daughter Mary Hills and her heirs for ever, and 
the other Third of ye foresayd Two parts I give and bequeath to my 
I>augfater Hanna Kilbem, to her and her heirs forever. And Whereas 
there is a consederable part of that Land I bought of Thomas Hosmore of 
Hartford, Lyeing in & within the south division, wch I have not yet taken 
up, I doe give tfiat sayd Land (about six score acres, abutting on Benjamin 
HUls & Joseph Hills there Lotts on the west, & abutting on James Curtice 
on the south, & on my Land on the North, running east to the end of the 3 
mile Lotts) , my will is, & I bequeath, the sayd Land & all of it to my sonn 
William Hills, to my son John Hills, to my son Joseph Hills, & to my son 
Benjamin Hills, to my daughter Sarah Ward, & to my daughter Susannah 
Kilboum, to be divided by an equal proportion to eadi child, & their heirs 
forever ; & at the death of my sonn William Hills the proportion given to 


him I give and bequeath to my grand sonn, the eldest sonn of my son Wil- 
liam, whoe is of the same name to him, and to his heirs forever. Farther, 
my will is, that within one yeare after the death of my wife, Mary Hills, 
that my son Jonathan Hills shall pay out of the Estate the just & full sume 
of Ten pounds to my daughter Mary HUls. And my will is that all my 
Land given to my children shall forever & att all times hereafter contribute 
& pay a Just proportion of all rates, dues & Leases required toward the 
Mayntenance of the ministry of that particular Qiurch within the Town- 
ship of Hartford which my overseers of this my will & Testament shall by 
their Joynt act in writeing under their hands agree upon. I doe desire 
Major John Talcott, Mr. Jonathan Gilbert & Corporal Gilbert to be my 
overseers with full power to fill vacancies in case of the death of any of 
tiiem. Farther I doe desire & will that the revenues of the Lands in Farm-* 
ington that I have right unto by & in right of my wife, that it be duly de- 
manded & received for the help of my wife, & desire my overseers with ray 
Executors to take care about die same, which is the final conclusion of this 
my Last Will & Testament Pr me William Hill., sen., Ls. 

Witness : John Hill, 

Thomas Kilboum, 
John Gilbert 

Court Record, Page 76—6 December, 1683 : Will Proven. 

Page 247. 

Hilton^ Johni Middletown. Invt. i39-oo-oo. Taken 17 January, 
1686-7, by Richard Hall, John Hurlbut. The children: John age 11 
years, Ridiard 7, Ebenezer 8 months, Mary Hilton 14 years. 

Court Record, Page 127 — ^3d March, 1686-7 : This Court leaves the 
Estate with the Widow, she to receive and pay the debts. Richard Hall 
& John Hall Jr. appointed to assist the Adms. 

Page 163-4. 

Hosford, Johiii Windsor. Died 7 August, 1683. Invt. £1203-17-04. 
Taken 14 November, 1683, by Jacob Qbbs, Samuel Cross. The children : 
William, b. 25 Oct., 1658 ; John, 16 Octo., 1660 ; Timothy, 20 Oct 1662 ; 
Ester, 27 May, 1664; Sarah, 27 Sept. 1666; Samuel, 2nd June, 1669; 
Nathaniel, 19 August, 1671; Mary, 12 April, 1674; Obadiah, 28 Sept 
1^7. (W. R.). Attest: 

Henry Wolcott, Register. 

Court Record, Page 81 — 10 December, 1683 : Invt. of the Estate of 
Mr. John Hosford was exhibited in Court. Adms. to the Widow and the 
son William. Timothy Thrall, Abraham Phelps and Samuel Cross to be 
Overseers to assist the Widow & her son in the Adms. and dispose of the 
Children. Order to dist. the Estate as f oUoweth : 

1677 TO 1687. PROBATA RECORDS, 323 

£ S d 

To the Widow, of PerscMial Estate (& 1-3 of the Real Estate), 85-00-00 

To William Hosford, the eldest son, 225-10-00 

To John Hosford, 121-15-00 

To Timothy Hosford, 121-15-00 

To Esther Hosford, 100-00-00 

To Sarah Hosford, 100-00-00 

To Samuel Hosford, 114-00-00 

To Nathaniel Hosford, 114-00-00 

To Mary Hosford, 100-00-00 

To Obadiah Hosford, 132-00-00 

Note : John Hosford sen., who died 7 August, 1683, married, 5 No- 
vember, 1657, PhUlipi Thrall. She died May, 1698. ( W. R.) 

Record of Agreement, on File 1701, between the Children of John 

Signed : Deborah Hosford^ Ls. Joseph Phelps, Ls. 

John Eliot, Justice of Peace. Timothy Hosford, Ls. Nathaniel Hosford, Ls. 

Samuel Hosford, Ls. Josiah X Owen Jr., Ls. 
Esther Phelps, Ls. Obadiah Hosford, Ls. 

Page II — (Vol. VH) 8 April, 1701 : Mr. John Eliot did exhibite in 
this Court an Agreement, under the Hands and Seals of the Children of 
John Hosford sen., formerly of Windsor, Deed, and their legal Represen- 
tatives, respecting the Settlement of that Estate, which the Court accepts 
and ordered to be kept on File. 

WiU on File. 

Hogford, Wiffiam, Wyndsor. Died 29 May, 1688 (W. R.) Will dated 
28 May, 1688 : I William Hosford of Windsor do make this my last Will 
and Testament. My will is yt my much Honrd Mother, who is weake of 
Body, shall have the Benefit & improvement of my whole Estate during her 
natural life, excepting Tenne pounds which I doe allowe to be in the 
hands of my executor; ffive pounds of the Tenne pounds I g^ve freely 
to my Executor ; ye other ffive pounds my will is that my said Executor 
Lay it out or improve it for and toward the cureing of my Lo Broyr 
Obadiah Hosford, who is exercised wth weakness. After the decease of 
my honord mother, all of my Estate which remains to be equally divided 
amongst my Brothers and sisters and my Neice Sarah Phelps, daughter 
of my sister Sarah, who married Joseph Phelps, the sonne of Timothy 
Phelps, of Wyndsor. I appoint my Brother John Hosford Executor. I 
desire Benjamin Newbery sen., Timothy Thrall & Sergt. Timothy Phelps 
to be Overseers. William Hosford, Ls. 

Witness: Benja: Newbery, Justice, 

Timothy Phelps. 7 Dec, 1688. 


Page 255-263. 

HoBiiier, Thomaf^ Hartford. Invt. £1036-00-00. Taken 14 July, 
1687, by Ciprian Niccolls, Jacob White. Will dated 27 February, 1685. 

I Thomas Hosmer of Hartford do make this my last Will & Testa- 
ment : I give to my wife £5. I give imto my gr. son Thomas Hosmore 1-3 
I>art of all my Land in Hartford except what is otherwise disposed of, also 
£20 to stock sd. Land ; but if he die before 21 years of age, to be divided 
equally betwixt my son Stephen's sons. I give to my son Buckingham 
£150. I give unto my daughter Hunt £125. I give unto my daughter 
Hannah Malby £18, which is the Reversion due to me of the Estate of 
Josiah Willard of Wethersfield. I give unto my son-in-law Malby £5. I 
give unto my 3 gr. Children, Thomas Buckingham, Thomas Hunt & Han- 
nah Hosmore, £5 apeice; & to the rest of my gr. children 40 Shillings 
apeice. If any of my Children shall bring up any of their Children to 
learning so as to make them fit for publique Service, to each such gr. 
child I bequeath £10 apeice, to be paid them at the age of 21 years. I 
give £5 towards a free School in Hartford when there is any such settled 
eflFectually. I give to the Poor 40 Shillings, as my Executors shall see fit 
I give my Books to be equally divided betwixt my son Buckingham and 
my son Stephen. I give to the Rev. Mr. John Whiting £5. I give to my 
daughter Hunt and to my daughter Buckingham 20 Shillings apeice in 
money. I give to my son Buckingham in money 40 Shillings. I give to 
the Rev. Mr. Samuel Hooker 40 Shillings. I give unto my son Stephen 
Hosmore 3 acres of my Meadow Land lying next Mr. Hooker's in Hart- 
ford South Meadow, & my now Dwelling House & Bame & Yard & Or- 
chard, whom also I appoint sole Executor. I give to my daughter Han- 
nah Malby 40 Shillings in Money, & in case she live to be a Widow & in 
Want, I do bequeath her £20 more to be paid her as she needs it I do 
give tmto the Children of my Kinsman Thomas Selden 40 Shillings. 

Witness: John Wilson, Thomas Hosmore. Ls. 

Nathaniel Cole, Ichabod Welles. 

Court Record, Page 133 — ist September, 1687: Will proven. 

Page 47. 

HowldiiB, Mrs. Anxuty Farmington. Invt. £119-13-04. Court Re- 
cord, Page 31 — 2nd December, 1680: Exhibited an Invt. Adms. to John 
Thompson; Samuel Gridley and Capt. John Standly to be Overseers. 
The diildren: John Thompson, Thomas Thompson, Beatrice Parker, 
Mary Hally, Hester Gridley, Elizabeth Brinsmade, Hanna Howkins. 
Distribution : To John Thompson, Eldest son, £12-18-04 ; Thomas Thomp- 
son, £6-09-02 (to this John allowed 40s from his portion) ; to Beatrice 
Parker, £4 ; to Mary Hally, £4 ; to Hester Gridley, being neglected in her 
father's Will, £16-05-10; to Hanna Howkins, £4; to Elizabeth Brins- 
made (£4). 


I677 ^ro 1687. PROBATA RBCORDS. 32$ 

Page 227a-227b. 

Hubbard, George, Middletown. He died i6 March, 1684-5. Invt. 
£243-10-00. Taken 13 May, 1685, by Giles Hamlin, Nathaniel White, Wil- 
liam Warde. Legatees: the Widow, son Joseph age 42 years, Daniel 41, 
Samuel 37, Nathaniel 33, Richard 30, Mary (the wife of Thomas Ranny) 
44, Elizabeth (the wife of Thomas Wetmore) 25 years of age. Will dated 
2 May, 1681. 

I George Hubbard of Middletown, being about 80 years of age, yet in 
comfortable health of bddie and having the use of my understanding as 
formerly, do make this my last Will & Testament : 

Imprimis: I give to my Eldest son Joseph Hubbard, besids what I 
have formerly given him, one Acre of my meadow At a place called pasen 
chauge on the East sid the Great River, to ly on the North sid the Cricke 
which Runs through my Land. It. I give to my son Danill Hubard, be- 
sids what I gave him formaly, two Acres of Swompe at the west end of my 
Long meadow swompe Next the bogie meadow. It. I give to my son 
Samuel, besides what I formerly gave him, the on halfe of my halfe mile 
Lott on the East sid the great River, divided by the List in 1673. It. I give 
to my son Nathaniel Hubard my peice of bogie meadow, being about on 
acre & quarter, Lyine Next Mr. Giles Hamlins meadow ; more over I give 
to my sayd son Namaniel all that my meadow on the South sid of the 
Crick at pason chag on the East sid the Great River ; more over I give to 
my sayd son the one halfe of my Leaven acre Lott at the South End of the 
towne ; I give allso to my sayd son the on Halfe of my Great Lott at the 
Long Swamp, as allso the on halfe of my g^eat Lott in the westermost 
Rang of Lotts. It. I give to my daughter Elizabeth Hubard All the Rest 
of my Land on the East sid the Great River, besides what is formerly 
Desposed of, both which is Layd out & which is Lotted for by the List of 
Estate in the yeare 1673, only my half mille Lott excepted ; It. I give to my 
Daughter Mary Rany fourty shillings out of my Estate, but on further 
consideration instead of that fourty shillings I give my sayd daughter the 
on halfe of my halfe Mille Lott on the East sid the Great River, devided 
by the List in 1673. It I give to my son Richard Hubard my hous I now 
Dwell in & my bame and all other buildings, with my home Lott they 
stand on ; as also my Long meadow Land & the Rest of my Long meadow 
swampe besids that I have given to my son Danill, hee allowing my son 
Daniel a Lamas highway to goe to the Swampe I give him if need Require ; 
more over I give to my sayd son the other halfe of my Leaven Acre Lott 
at the south end of the towne, as allso the other halfe of my Great Lott 
at the Long Swampe, & Likewise the other halfe of my great Lott in the 
Westermost Rang of Lotts. Moreover it is my meaning herein, and my 
will is, tiiat my sayd son Richard shall be my soUe Executor, Injoyning 
him to provid Comfortably for his mother During her widow hood. And 
to pay sdl my Just Debts for my Desent Buriall ; more over I give to my 
Loving wife Elizabeth Hubard all my housould Goods During her Natural 
Life, and after her Deseas my will is that my houshould Goods be equally 
Devided between Nathaniel And Richard & Elizabeth, Except the Great 


Kettle, which I will to my son Richard. And farther it is my will that 
my Loving wife shall have the South end of my hous To Dwell in by her 
self if shee see cans, & rome in the seler for her nesesary use During her 
widow hood. More over on farther Consideration my will is that my wife 
Shall have halfe my hom Lott & halfe my orchard during her widow hud, 
as also on Cowe, And soe to provid for her selfe, & that my son Richard 
shall pay her three pownds pr year of Corent pay of the Country During 
her natural Life. 

George X Hubard^ senior. 

Upon farther Consideration I see cause to give the whole eleven 
acres of Land over the two Sticks brooke by the fulling mill to my Son 
Nathaniel. George X Hubard, senior. 

Signed in presents of us : 

Sar. Samuel X Ward. I Request my Loving brethren 
John Hall senior, Robert Warner & Deacon John Hall 

Ebenezer Hubbard. to be the over seers to the per- 

formance of my will. 2:j February, 1683-4. 

Court Record, Page 112 — ^3d September, 1685: Will Proven. 

Page 248. 

Hubbard, Joseph^ Middletown. Invt. £139-11-00. Taken December, 
1686, by Nathaniel White, Robert Warner. The children: Joseph age 15 
years, Robert 13, George 11, John 8, Elizabeth 3 years of age. 

There is also a Legacy by Capt. Watts his Will to Joseph Hubbard. 

Court Record, Page 127 — 3d March, 1686-7: Adms. to the Widow. 
Order to Dist. the Estate and appoint Lieut. Nathaniel White, Robert Por- 
ter (now Dec) & Robert Warner Overseers to assist the Widow in the 
management of the Estate. 

Page 139 — ^4 March, 1696-7: It appears that two of the Distributors 
above named Deceased. The Court appoint at the desire of Robert Hub- 
bard, one of the Children, Ensign John Hall and Sergt. Thomas Warde, 
with Capt. White, to distribute the Estate according to the former Order 
of the Court. 

Page 102 — (Vol. VII) 2 February, 1704-5: Robert, (Jeorge & Eliza- 
beth Hubbard of Middletown, children of Joseph Hubbard, being all of 
lawful age. Exhibited in this Court an Agreement in writing under their 
hands & seals, made for the division & settlement of the Estate of the sd. 
Joseph Hubbard, and all acknowledged the same before this Court to be 
their free act and deed. This agreement on File, made with the consent 
and approbation of their Mother : Robert Hubbard is to have the whole 
Homestade and Twenty acres of Land out of the East side of that Lott 
upon which his brother George hath built and upon which he doth now 
dwell. George Hubbard is to have the remainder of the Lott upon which 
he now lives, being about 75 acres. And John Hubbard is to have about 

1677 ^rO 1687. PROBATA RBCO&DS. 327 

1754 acres where he now lives, and the meadow Lott at wongonk, and 
the one acre of Land at passon chauge. And Elizabeth Hubbard, their 
sister, having already received £6-10-00 in pay, is to have £13-10-00 more 
in Country pay, to be paid betwixt George and John Hubbard within three 
years after the date hereof. And the above Robert doth by this Instrument 
take the care of their mother, and doth bind him, his heirs. Executors and 
administrators, to provide for her and give unto her a comfortable sub- 
sistance of food and rayment during her natural life, and odier neces- 
saries that she shall want. In witness whereof the said Robert, Georgfe, 
Jdin and Elizabeth Hubbard, And Mary, their Mother, have unto this 
Agreement set their hands and seals this 3d day of June, 1704. 


Witnesses present : gorg hubard Ls. 

John Hamlin, John hubard Ls. 

George Stocking. Elizabeth X Hubard Ls. 

acknowledged 3 December, 1707, before me, John Hamlin, Assistant. 

Page 68. 

Hntchiiuiy John. Died September, 16S1. Invt. £38-18-00. Taken 30 
September, 1681, by Nathaniel Bowman, Samuel Butler, William Warner. 
Children: Sarah age 4 years, Ann 15^ years. 

Court Record, Page 47 — ist November, 1681 : Adms. to the Widow. 

Page 191. 

Jellicoe, Thomas, Middletown. Invt. £21-13-09. Taken 4 August, 
1684, by Ridiard Hall, William Warde, John Warner. 

Court Record, Page 92 — 4 September, 1684: Adms. to the Widow, 
Mary Jellicoe. 

Page 235. 

Kels^y, John, Windsor. Invt. iia-i6-o6. Taken 22 July, 1685, by 
John Loomis, John Moore. 

Court Record, Page 112 — ^3 September, 1685 : Adms. to Thomas Kel- 

Page 50. 

Kenee, Alexander, Wethersfield. Invt. £80-06-00. Taken ist Octo- 
ber, 1680, by Nathaniel Boreman, John Wolcott. Legatees : The Relict, 
son Alexander age 18 years, Thomas 16, Sarah 16, Joseph 14, Lydiah 11, 
Ebenezer 8, Richard 6 years. 


G>urt Record, Page 32 — 2 December, 1680 : Adms. to the Relict 
Page 40—20 Apnl, 1681 : The Estate to be left with the Widow 
until the children come of age, for their bringing up, there being but £52- 
1 1-08 left after Debts were paid, and no Estate in Land. 

Page 122. 

Keeny, Alice, Wethersfield. Died 23 February, 1682-3 : Invt £50- 
14-06. Taken 5 March, 1682-3, l>y Samuel Talcott, James Treat, Samuel 
Martin, Thomas Bruer, Husb^d to Sarah the daughter of Mrs. Alice 

Court Record, Page 70 — 4 April, 1683 : Invt. Exhibited, with an ac- 
count of the debts, which Jonathan Colfax did engage to see paid ; also 
to pay to the five youngest children ten shillings apiece, the Eldest son 
and daughter having (had) from the Estate, and this to be the distribu- 
tion. J(xiathan Colfax to Adms. the Estate. 

Page 154. 

Langton, John Jr. Invt. £85-17-09. Taken in Farmington, 3rd De- 
cember, 1683, by John Heart & Thomas Heart John Langton left a son 
John Langton about 13 moneths old. 

An Apprisement of some Houseing & Lands belonging to John 
Langton Jr., Deed., taken in Nprthampton according to a desire of Dea- 
con Langton, by us whose names are underwritten : 

£ s d 
Imprimis: By 10 acres of Land, part plowing & part Mow- 
ing, lying in the Great Meadow, 50-00-00 
More, 2 acres & 60 Rods now in the possession of the Widow 

or Relict of Cleorge Langton, 12-05-00 

By an House & half the Homelott, 35-00-00 

By Half a Homelott bought of Goodman Weller, 3-00-00 

More, £8 due to him from Salmon of Northampton, given him by 

(his wife) Mary Langton's Father, 8-00-00 

Joseph Hawley, 
John Bridgman, 

Court Record, Page 77 — 18 December, 1683 : Adms. of the Estate 
to Deacon John Langton. And appoint Mr. Wadsworth and Lt. John 
Standly to be the Overseers. And the Estate is by this Court given to 
John Langton, son of the deed, at the age of 21 years ; & if he die before 
that age, to be equally divided amongst Deacon Langton's children then 




1677 TO 1687. FROBATB RECORDS. 339 

Inventory on File. 

LattfanflT, Beielid, Wethersfield. Invt. £42-17-00. Taken 31 Ma>% 
1688, by Jno WellSy Jno Chester. Legatees: Jona: 6^ years old, and 
Bethsheba 3 months old. , 

Court Record, Page 66 — (Vol. VI) vj January, 1688: Whereas 
Saint Tryon complains that her husband William Tryon hath fraudently 
conveyed away from her a Writing made between them before marriage, 
where by she is greatly injured and prays relief from this Court, she pro- 
dudng two Evidences that there was a writing made but not signed until 
after marriage, viz, the next morning, this Court do order that the sd. 
William Tryon shall have the improvement of the Estate of Bezaleel 
Lattimore, Deed, provided he maintain the two Children of the sd. Latti- 
more ; or only 1-3 part thereof (which is his wive's part of the sd. Estate) , 
and the two children with their part of the Estate be put into their Guar- 
dians Hands, viz, Thomas Widdiam and Ebenezer Deming ; and that he 
shall have the Improvement of four acres of Land purchased by her after 
the decease of her husband Lattimore, the right to remain in her to dis- 
pose at her death, the sd. Tryon consenting to the same. 

Page 67 — 17 January, 1698-9: Upon the request of Saint Tryon, 
this Court appoint Comet Thomas Widdiam and Ebenezer Deming to be 
Guardians to Jonathan and Bathsheba Lattimore, Children of Bezaleel 
Lattimore, late of Wethersfield, Deed. 

Page 46— (Vol. VIII) 7 January, 1711-12: Whereas the Court of 
Probate did grant Adms. upon the Estate of Bezaleel Lattimore, late of 
Wethersfield, Deed, to Saint Lattimore, Widow of sd. Deed, and the sd. 
Saint Lattimore neglecting in her life time to finish her Adms., and she 
being now dead, this Court grant Adms. to Josiah Atwood, son- in-law to 
the sd. Deed, on the remaining unadministered Estate of sd. Bezaleel Lat- 
timore, Deed. 

Page 69— (Vol. IX) 1st July, 1718: This Court order the Dist. of 
a parcel of Land in Wethersfield granted by the Town, being the iioth 
Draught drawn by Saint Lattimore, late of Wethersfield, Deed, as fol- 
loweth : 

To the heirs of Jonathan Lattimer, Deed, son of the aforesd. Beza- 
leel Lattimer, Deed, 2-3 part thereof. To Bathshua Atwood, wife of Jo- 
siah Atwood, of sd. Wetiiersfield, and daughter of the aforesd. Bezzaleel 
Lattimer, 1-3 part thereof. And whereas the sd. Saint Lattimer in the 
time of her Widowhood bought 4 acres of Land of Samuel Bowman of 
Wethersfield and died intestate, this Court order a Dist. of sd. 4 acres, To 
the Heirs of Jonathan Lattimer a double part, and to the other two diildren 
oi the sd. Saint Lattimer, Deed, to Bathshua Atwood and Abial Tryon, to 
each a single share. And appoint David Goodrich, Nathaniel Bumham 
sen. & Joshua Robbins distributors. 

Page 23 — (Vol. X) 2 July, 1723 : Report of the Dist. by Nathaniel 
Bumham and Jonathan Bumham. 


Page 123-4. 

LeetOy WiUianii Esq., late Governor of the Colony of Connecticut 
Invt. £1040-05-01. Taken ist May, 1683, In Hartford, & 8 May in Guil- 
ford, by Thomas Macock and Stephen Bradley. Will dated 2 April, 1683. 

I William Leete Esq. of Guilford do make my last Will & Testament : 
I doe bequeath tmto my Loving wife Mary Leete the use of the Hall Cham- 
ber in my house at Guilford, Well furnished with necessaries for her use 
of beding, linen & chairs, if shee please to dwell there. She is to have free 
ingress and Egress without molestation, and likewise she shall have Rent 
of half the houseing and Land at the Island, & of the Church, Houseing & 
Land at New Haven, & £6 a year more out of my Estate during the terme 
of her natural Life. Nextly, my will is that my lame daughter Gradana 
shall have the rest of my houseing and land in the whole Home Lott at 
the Towne, both the use & fee simple of it ; & of what household stuff I 
Left there is to be for her maintenance comfortably, which if my son John 
shall undertake & performe during her life, the Inheritance shall be his 
after her decease, I having a respect to Gracianas comfort during her life- 
time in that also, then to John & his heirs forever. I give to my daughter 
Ann iioo. As for my other children, viz, Andrew, William & Abigail, al- 
though I had upon their marriages given them their portions as I was able, 
yet I give my two sonns Andrew & William my farme at Cause sen. 
Chaug & what Harmon Garrett gave me about Stoneington, halfe unto 
Andrew &; halfe to William. My Land at Clabord hill I give to Andrew, & 
what I bought at Homonoscitt of John Meggs to William ; & unto Abigail 
my daughter Woodbridge I give Ten pounds in household Stuff or Stock. 
I make my three sons, John, Andrew & William, my Executors. Unto 
this I sett my hand & scale, being well known both (to) the Court & many 
otihers. William Leete, Govr. 

of his Maties Colony of Connecticut. Ls. 

I desire my loveing friend Mr. Joseph Eliott to be overseer, to set all 
things right betwixt my wife & children in case any difference should 

Hartford, 2 April, 1683 : I doe allow £15 out of my Estate towards 
makeing my farme at the Island Tenantable ; & it is my will that if any 
part of the rents assigned for my wive's Comfortable Mayntenance fayle, 
my three sons shall make it up by equal portions to her. 

Wm. Leete, Govr. of his Maties Colony of Connecticut. Ls. 

Court Record, Page 71—16 May, 1683 : Will & Invt. Exhibited by 
William & Mrs. Mary Leete. Will Proven. 

Page 46. 

Lewes, Joeeph, Simsbury. Invt. £33-18-00. Taken by John Case, 
Samuel Willcoxson. 

Court Record, Page 29 — 2 September, 1680: Adms. to Elizabeth 
Lewes, the Relict. John Case is desired to assist the Widow. 

1677 ^W) 1687. PROBATJS RECORDS. 33I 

Lewes, Mary, Farmington. Court Record, Page 148 — 4 March^ 
1696-7 : A Petition, as her husband has escaped out of the Colony, that 
the Estate being small may be secured for her subsistence. Order the 
Estate of James Lewes, what is left of it, be secured for her by the Towns- 
men of Farmington and Improved for her Maintenance. 

Page 152-3-4- 

Lewes, William sen. (the aged), Farmington. Invt. ^280-00-00 of 
Estate of William Lewes sen., Deed., at Farmington, sometime living in 
Hadley. Lands in Hadley and Hatfield apprized by Aaron Cooke sen., 
Samuel Porter sen., 3d December, 1683. 

4 Dec., Capt.. William Lewes made oath that this is a true Inventory 
of his Father William Lewes Estate at Hadley & Hatfield, to the best of 
his knowledge. Will dated 30 August, 1683. 

I William Lewis, being stricken in years, do think it meet to set in 
order the Estate which God hath graciously given me. Item. I give to my 
grand child Ezekiel Lewes all my Estate at Hadly, also all the Land on 
Hatfield side, he paying his brother Nathaniel the Just sum of six score 
pounds when he comes to the age of 21 years. If Ezekiel die, Nathaniel 
to possess it. If both die, then to my grand child Abigail Lewes and her 
heirs forever. I g^ve to Abigail one piece of Land at Hartford, four acres 
within the meadow gate that leads to the neck, botmded on the Highway 
west, Bartholomew Barnard South, Richard Goodman East, & John AUyn 
north. Also I give to Abigail Lewes one parcell of Land toward the south 
end of the Long meadow, north on Bartholomew Barnard, east on the 
Great River, on my own Land south, and the Rivulet west, by Estimation 
one half acre. I give to my grand daughter with this provision : In case 
my grand child Philip Lewes will pay to my gr. child Abigail Lewes £40 
in Current pay of the Country in sixteen years, that is to say, £2-10 per 
year to my overseers before the middle of January as Rent, then and there- 
after to be to Abigail & to her heirs forever. I give to my grand child 
Eb^iezer Lewes the Smith's tools that I bought of John Holfoway. I make 
my son William Lewes Executor. I desire Lt. Samuel Steele of Wethers- 
field and Samuel Patrick of Hadly to be Overseers. William Lewes. 

Witness : Robert Porter, Thomas X Newell sen. 

Court Record, Page 77 — 18 December, 1683: Will and Invt. Ex- 

Vol. IV., P. C, No. 143. 

No. 144, Statement of James Steele sen: This may Satisfi this hon- 
ored Court, or whom els it may consam, that I being occasionally at Capt, 
Laweses hous sum time be fore old Mr Lawes died, sd. Mr Lawes falling 
in to sum discors with me about his gransone philip Lawes at Hart ford, 


amongst other discours he sd. that sd philip owed him a considerable 
sum K>r rent. I do not remember the particular quntyty how much, but 
I know it was a great delle, and hee desired me to teU sd. philip that he 
must provid to pay him. I tould him he had best to wrighte to him, and so 
he did and sent the letter by myself and prayd me to deliver it to his gran 
son and so I did. Capt. Lawes red the leter to his father in my hering. I 
doe not remember the particklers of the sd. leter, but the substance of it 
was respecting what we had bin speking of respecting philip Lai/i^es above 
sd. James Steele, sen. 

Hartford, March 7 — 'go-'pi. 

Page 261. 

LoomiBi JoBeph, sen., Windsor. Died 26 June, 1687. Invt. £281-14- 
08. Taken 12 July, 1687, by Henry Wolcott, John Wolcott, John Loomis. 
The children : Joseph age 38 yr., John 36, Mary 34, Hannaii 25, Matthew 
23, Stephen 20, James 17, Nathaniel 14, Isaac 9 years of age. 

Court Record, Page 132 — ist September, 1687: Invt. Exhibited. 

Page 134 — 26 October, 1687 : An Inventory of the Estate of Joseph 
Loomis, formerly Exhibited in Court, was now considered, & this Court 
appoynt Joseph his son and Matthew Loomis Adms. Order to Dist., and 
appoint John Loomis & John Moore distributors. 

Page 6— (Vol. VIII) 6 February, 1709-10: Joseph Loomis, son of 
Joseph Loomis sen., formerly of Windsor, Deed., in Court shows that he 
and his Brother Matthew Loomis, now Deed., have paid the Debts and 
delivered the Portions of the Estate to his Brothers and Sisters, and is 
granted a Quietus Est. 

Page 242-3-4-s. 

Lord, Bichardy Sometime of Hartford. Invt. £5832-11-11. Taken 
25 June, 1686, by John Allyn & William Pitkin. 

Special Court, Page 113 — 20 February, 1685: Mrs. Mary Lord in- 
forming this Court that she hath by a Letter from one Robert Goffe, mas- 
ter of a vessel lately cast away at Monomay, & other ways, been acquainted 
with the death of Mr. Richard Lord her husband, & a considerable Estate 
Lost or in great Hazard to be lost that was in the vessell except speedy 
course be taken to recover & preserve the same, & desireing this court 
would be pleased to Impower some person or persons for that and all other 
occasions to administer to ye Estate of the sd. Mr Richard Lord deceased, 
as the case may require. This Court having considered the sayd Mrs. 
Lord's motion doe see cause to grant her desire therein, & doe appoynt 
Mrs. Mary Lord, the relict of the sayd Mr. Richard Lord, & her son Rich- 
ard Lord, his son, to be administrators to the Estate of sd. Mr. Lord ; & in 
regard Richard Lord her son is not yet of age, the soale power of Adms. 
is granted to her the sayd Mrs. Mary Lord for the present until her son be 
of age, or till there be further order taken in the case either by a will ap- 

1677 TO 1687. PROBAT9 RECORDS. 333 

pearing of Mr. Richard Lords deceased and an Executor therein nomin- 
ated & appoynted, or the Court shall see Just reason to give other order 

Page 121 — 2 September^ 1686: Inventory Exhibited in Court. 

Page 122 — ^21 October, 1686: Upon request of Mrs. Mary Hooker, 
Administratrix of the Estate of Mr. Richard Lord of Hartford, deceased, 
this Court doe grant Adms. upon the Estate of Mr. Richard Lord, Deed., 
to Mr. Thomas Hooker her present husband. Mr. Richard Lord Jr. ap- 
peared in Court & made choice of Capt. John AUyn & Mr. William Pitkin 
to be his guardians, sd. Richard Lord being of full age according to Law 
to choose guardian, viz, above 16 years. 

Page 122-123 — 27 December, 1686: Dist. by the Court to Mrs. Mary 
Hooker £900 of Personal Estate forever and one third part of the read Es- 
tate during Life, & the whole of the Estate to be under her management, 
she Mayntaining her son Richard suitably & according to his degree untill 
he shall be Twenty one years of age, or his day of marriage, which shall 
first happen. 

Page 51 — (Vol. V) 8 February, 1693: Doctor Thomas Hooker, 
Adms. to the Estate of Mr. Richard Lord Deed., in behalf of his wife Mary 
Hooker, Relict of the Deceased, appeared in Court with Richard Lord, 
son of sd. Deceased, and gave an Account of his Adms. Accepted to the 
full Satisfaction of Mr. Lord, when the Court released sd. Doctor Hooker 
& Mrs. Maty Hooker from their Adms. & committed the Care of the Es- 
tate to Mr. Richard Lord. 

Page 150. 

Maoooy, Hugh, Wethersfield. Died 31 July, 1683. Invt £100-13-06. 
Taken by Samuel Talcott, James Treat. 

Court Record, Page 76 — 6 December, 1683 : Adms. to Capt Samuel 
Talcott to pay the debts and keep the rest for further Order of the Court 

Page 87 — 6 March, 1684 ' Alice Maccoy having made it appear to this 
Court that before Marriage Hugh Maccoy hath past over the whole of his 
Estate to said Alice, Capt. Talcott having given up the Adms., this Court 
grant letters of Adms. to Nathaniel Bowman In bdialf of sd. Alice and for 
her use, he paying to the Treasurey of the County £15 for what expenses 
they have been at in hearing of these several Courts, he paying debts. 

Page 102 — (Vol. V) 30th March, 1696: Mr. Nathaniel Boman gave 
an Account of his Adms. on the Estate of Hugh Maccoy, by which it did 
appear unto the Court that he hath paid all the Debts due from the Estate 
of Hugh Maccoy and that there remains of the Estate £50 in Land wch 
is to be disposed as the County Court shall determine. The Court grant 
unio Mr. Nathaniel Bowman a Quietus Est. The Land being left in Mr. 
Jdin Maccoy's Hands at 20 Shillings per Annum rent, to be disposed of 
as the County Court shall order. 


Page 137-138. 

Marshall, Widow llarj. Invt. iizooy-ii. Taken 3 Sq)tember, 
1683, by Benjamin Newbery, Daniel Clarke sen., Henry Wolcott. The 
children : Samuel, Lydia, David, Thomas, Eliakim, John, Elizabeth. 

Court Record, Page 73—6 September, 1683 : Adms. to Capt. New- 
bery, Return Strong, Nathaniel Bissell. 

Page 79—18 December, 1683 : The Widow Mary Marshall Dying 
Intestate, this Court Order to Distribute to the Children : to tfie Eldest son 
a double portion, & to the other 6 equal portions ; also to secure the portions 
of the younger children until they come of age. Capt. Benjamin Newbery, 
Return Strong, Nathaniel Bissell & Henry Wolcott, Distributors. 

Page 149. 

Martini Samuel, Wethersiield. Died 15 September, 1683. Invt. 
£25-15-06. Taken by Samuel Talcott, James Treat. The Estate to the 
Widow, Phebe Martin. 

Court Record, Page 76—6 December, 1683 : Adms. to the Widow to 
pay the debts, and the remainder of Estate to be as her own Estate. 

Page 51. 

Miller, Thomas, Middletown. Invt. £486-04-00. Taken 10 Sep- 
tember, 1680, by Thomas Wettmore, James Tappine, Richard Hall & Wil- 
liam Cheeny. The children: Thomas age 14 years, Samuel 12, Joseph 
10, Benjamin 8, Margaret 4, Sarah one year old. Will dated 1 1 August, 

The last Will & Testament of Thomas Miller of Middletown, in the 
County of Hartford, being something about 70 years of age, not Imowing 
the day of my death, is as f oUoweth : After my committing of mv Spirit 
to God who gave it, & my Body to a decent Burial, I do dispose of that por- 
tion of worldly Goods as followeth : Imprimis : My Will is that my Estate 
shall be divided equally amongst all my sons after my wives decease, they 
pay^ig my daughters out of it half so much apeice as any of their portions, 
my wife injo3ring the Use of my House & Lands & Stock for her Life time. 
The other Lands which are not fit for Improvement at present, nor under 
fence, may be divided to them as part of their portions as they come to age. 
As respecting my daughter Bacon, I have already paid her her full portion 
before her death, & therefore do not see Cause to do anything now to my 
son-in-law Nathaniel Bacon, & making my loving wife Sarah Miller sole 

Witness : William Cheeny, Thomas X Miller sen. 

John Hall 

1677 'TO 1687. PROBATB RECORDS. 335 

Court Record, Page 32 — 2 December, 1680: Will exhibited by the 
Relict and proven. 

Page 192 — (Vol. X) 7 May, 1728: Whereas Thomas Miller, form- 
erly of Middletown, in & by his last Will & Testament did appoint his wife 
Sarah executrix and^impowered her to set out of his Estate to the Children 
their portion in sd. Will, and the sd. Executrix being lately deceased, not 
having fully dist. sd. Estate according to the sd. Will, this Court do ap- 
point & impower Messrs. Samuel Hall, Solomon Adkins & Samuel Frary, 
of Middletown, or any two of them, to Dist. the Estate of sd. Deed, not 
before proportioned to & amongst the Heirs of the sd. Deed. 

Dist. on File : 10 December, 1728 : To the Heirs of Thomas Miller 
(eldest son), to Samuel Miller, to the Heirs of Joseph Miller, to Benjamin 
Miller (4th son), to John Miller (youngest son), and to Isaac Johnson in 
Right of his wife Margaret Miller, to George Hubbard in Right of his 
wife Mehetabell Miller, to Smith Johnson in Right of his wife Sarah Mil- 
ler, By Samuel Frary, Solom Adkins & William Rockwell. 

George Hubbard, who married Mehetabell, one of the daughters of 
the deceased, desired an Appeal from the Judgement of this Court in ac- 
cepting the aforesd. Dist., to the Superior Court. Granted. 

Page 210 — 2, January, 1728-9 : Report of the Dist. 

Page 130. 

Mills, Simon« Died 6 July, 1683. Invt. £168-07-00. The children : 
Eldest daughter Mary Humphries age 20 years, Hannah Mills 18, Sarah 
13, Abigail 11, Elizabeth 9, Prudence 7 (Deed), John Mills age 14 years, 
and Simon 5 years of age. 

Court Record, Page 72 — 6 September, 1683: Adms. to the Relict 
and Peter Buell. 

Page 78 — 18 December, 1683 : This Court having granted Adms. to 
the Widow of Simon Mills and Peter Buell on the Estate of Simon Mills, 
do divide the Estate as f oUoweth : 

£ s d 
To the Relict, of Personal Estate & 1-3 of the Real, 16-00-00 

To Ae Eldest son John Mills, 22-oa-oo 

To the rest of the Children, to each, . ii-oooo 

The sons to receive their portions in Land as they come of age, the rest 
in Reversion after their Mother's decease. This Court appoint John Case 
and Samuel Willcox to be Overseers. 

Dist. File, 24 July, 1691 : Upon an Order of the Court made 18 De- 
cember, 1683 : 

i s d 

To the Eldest son John Mills, 

To Samuel Humphrey, husband to Mary the Eldest daughter, 13-16-03 

To Simon Drake, husband to Hannah, 13-17-00 

To Sarah Mills, 12-02-00 

To Elizabeth Mills, 13-00-00 


Page i88— (Vol. VIII) s April, 1714: This Court orders the Es- 
tate of Simon Mills, late of Simsbury, Deed., shall be dist. and divided to 
the Children & heirs of the sd. Deed by the Rule and Proportion according 
to an Order or Decree of the County Court holden at Hartford 18 De- 
cember, Anno Dom 1683 ; and for that End do now order and appoint Mr. 
Joseph Case, Mr. Joseph Phelps and John Slater, of Simsbury, to divide 
the sd. Estate accordingly, and make return thereof to this Court on or 
before the ist Monday of June next. 

A Settlement by Arbitration of the Estate of Simon Mills of Sims- 
bury, who died 1683, made this 2Sth March, 1719. (Vol. IX, Page ) : 

Know all Men by these presents : That we the Undersigned do ac- 
knowledge ourselves firmly bound unto each other in the sum of iioo cur- 
rent money or Bills of Credit, and to the true performance hereof we do 
bind ourselves and each of our heirs firmly by these presents, in Witness 
whereof we have set to our Hand to stand to, abide by, and in all things 
stand to the final end and Judgement of Deacon Cornish, Samuel Case & 
Joseph Case, of Simsbury, Arbitrators indifferently chosen, elected and 
named by each party to complete and make a final Dist. of the Estate of 
Simon Mills of Simsbury Deed., and to judge, order, arbitrate and deter- 
mine all differences that has, shall or may arise concerning the premises 
relateing to the sd. Estate, according to Justice and Ecquitty, provided the 
sd. Arbitrators doe bring in their reward under their hands & Seals at, 
on or before the 6th day of April next ensueing the date hereof. Then 
this Obligation is to be void & of non effect, otherwise to stand and remain 
in full force & virtue. In Witness whereof we have set to our Hands & 
Seals the date abovesd. 

Samll Humphris sen. Ls. Samuel Tuller Ls. 

Simon X Mills Ls. Thomas Ellsworth Ls. 

John Mills Ls. Daniel Loomis Ls. 

Joseph Mills Ls. Thomas Horskins Ls. 

Benjamin Mills Ls. Hannah X Loomis Ls. 

Witness : James Hilliyer Jr., 

Jacob Tuller. 

Page 132-133. 

Mitohell, John, Hartford. Died 28 July, 1683. Invt. £132-01-09. 
Taken by Caleb Standly, Zechariah Sandford. The children : Mary age 
28 years, John 25, Sarah 21, Margaret 19, Mabell 17, Miriam Mitchdl 15, 
The Relict Mrs. Mary Mitchell. 

Court Record, Page 73 — 6 September, 1683 : Adms. to John MitchelL 
Page 77 — 18 December, 1683 : Distribution : To the Widow Mary 
Mitchell, 6 acres of Lsuid in the neck which John Mitchell had of Thomas 
Huxley for Land that was the Widows, and iio ; to John Mitchell, £24-17- 
00; and to the five daughters ii2-o8-oo to eadi. Lieut Caleb Standly ft 
Thomas Olcott distributors. Mrs. Mary Mitchell did in Court accept of 
the Distribution. 

1677 'to 1687. PROBATA RECORDS. 337 

Page 223. 

Mitchell, Sarah, Hartford. Invt. £27-02-03. Taken 23 January, 
1684, by William Gibbons & Mary X Gilbert The brothers and sisters : 
John, Mary, Margaret, Mabel & Miriam. 

Court Record, Page 104—24 March, 1684-5 ' Adms. to John Mitch- 
ell. Lieut. Standly & Mr. Thomas Olcott to Dist. the Estate equally to 
John Mitchell and to his four Sisters. 

Page 194-5. 

Morrice, Sobert, Hartford. Died 19 November, 1684. Invt. £63-08- 
03. Taken 21 November, 1684, by Thomas Olcott, Caleb Standly. Robert 
Morrice's Estate is in debt to several persons : 

£ s d 
To Dr. Williams, 3-07-00 

To John Andrews wife for Washing & 15 days nursing, 1-13-00 

For his Funeral, To 3 gallons of Wine, in Money, 12-00 

To Samll Spencer, for Rum, Money, 03-06 

To Wm Goodwin for a Graue, 06-00 

To Joseph Strickland for a Coffin, 10-00 

To John Willson for Cyder, 10-00 

To Lt. Caleb Standly, 

To Mrs. Qlbert, 02-06 

To John Easton, 00-06 

Will dated 7 June 1684. I Robert Morrice of Hartford, in New Eng- 
land, being in Good health and memory, do make this my last Will & Tes- 
tament: Item. I g^ve unto Hannah Standly, the wife of Caleb Standly, 
my Book called "The Saints' Everlasting Rest," of Mr. Baxter's Works. 
I give to Hanah Pitkin, daughter of Caleb Standly, my Book called the 
"QDdly Man's Heart." To Elizabeth Standly, their other daughter, my 
Book called "Abram's Intercession for Soddom." I give 10 Shillings to 
John Andrews. To John Willson, my Executor, I give 40 Shillings. To 
Samuel Spencer, my Overseer, 20 Shillings. To John Tiliston, my Kmsman, 
to Jeremy Diggins & Thomas Andrews, I give all my Wearing Apparrel, 
equally to be divided between them. To Mary Diggins, daughter of the sd. 
Jeremy Diggins, I give all my Silver Money be it more or less, also my 
Ped & all my Bedding, & my Book called "Heaven upon Earth" ; also I 
give her my Great Bible, my Trunk wth smale things in it, my spice Box, 
and Mr. Marshall's Book. To young Jeremy Diggins I give my Book 
called "God's All Sufficiency." To Elizabeth Diggins I give my liudry 
cupbord. Also I give to young Jeremy Diggins my Siluer Hattband & 
Siluer Buttons. T^e wife of John Willson & the wife of Samuel Spencer 
I give each of them 5 Shillings. It is my Will that the Residue of my Es- 
tate be equally diuided between the three forenamed children of Jeremy 


Diggins. I appoint John WiUson my Executor, & Samuel Spencer my 

Witness: Lydia X Willson, Robert X Morrice. Ls. 

WUliam Pitkin. 

Court Record, Page 94—25 November, 1684: Will exhibited by 
John Willson, Executor. Lt. Caleb Standly having done many services 
for Robert Morrice, as all his family, having baked his bread for a nimfi- 
ber of years, this Court allows him out of 3ie Estate four pounds for it. 

Page 141 -2. 

M08689 John, Windsor. Died 14 October, 1683. Invt. £575-01-00- 
Taken by Henry Wolcott, Timothy Phelps sen., Daniel Birge. The chil- 
dren : John age 28 years, Timothy 14, Mary 22, Sarah 19, Margaret 17, 
Martha 12, Mindwell 7 years. 

Court Record, Page 75 — 6 December, 1683: Invt. Exhibited. 

Page 79 — 18 December, 1683 : Adms. to the Widow and son John. 
Order to Distribute : To the Widow, £64 of personal Estate forever, and 
one third of the Real during Life; to the Eldest son, £124; to Timothy, 
£66 ; to Mary, Eldest daughter, because of her weakness, £yo ; to the others 
i6o to each at lawful age. John Moore and Return Strong to be Over- 

Page 84 — 6 March, 1684: Whereas this Court hath been informed 
diat in John Moses' Inventory there is a parcell of Land bought of Sarah 
Linsley, 13 acres, valued at £13, which is Judged worth £60, that parcell 
of Land is by these appointed to distribute the estate to be Valued in pro- 
portion as the other Land, & what overpluss it makes is to help beare what 
the Estate is fallen short since the Inventory was taken. 

File Record, 12 February, 1683 : An accott of the Widdow's part of 
the Moveables Layd out to her. Inventory of the Estate of Mary Moses, 
deceased. Taken 23 September, 1689, £62-12-00, by John Moore. 

Estate of John Moses, Simsbury, 1690-1 — ^To the constable of Sims- 
bury to serve and return: In their Maties Name you are required to 
wame John Moses of your Town to appear at the Court to be holden at 
Hartford the first Thursday in March next, to Answer Samuel Fams- 
worth in Right of his wife, as he is Administrator to the Estate of John 
Moses deceased, in action of the case for his neglecting to make payment 
to sayd Famsworth the sume of Seventy pounds due to him in the right of 
his wife as her proportion of her father's Estate allotted to her by th* 
0>urt, wth necessary costs & charges. Hereof fayle not. Dated at Hart- 
ford, Feb. 10, 1690-1. John Allyn, Secretary. 

February the nth, 1690. 

Then this warrant was served upon John Moses by me, 

John Robearts, Constable for Simsbury. 

1677 ^W> 1687. PROBATE &KCOKDS. 339 

Received of John Moses, as Administrator to ye Estate of John Moses 
deceased, in Right of my wife Mary, the daughter of the said deceased, 
as part of her portion ordered and distributed to her out of the Estate of 
the said John Moses deceased, the sum of seventeen pounds seven shillings 
and six pence. I say received the i6th of January, 1690, pr. me. 

Signed and sealed Samuel Farnsworth. 


in presence of : 
Samuel Clarke sen., 
Timothy Phelps sen. 

Page 241. 

Mygatt, Widow Ann, Hartford. Will dated 28 December, 1681. 

I Ann Mygatt, Widow of Joseph Mygatt, do make this my last Will 
& Testament : I give to my daughter Mary Deming all my Woolen Ap- 
parrell excepting my Broad Cloth Coat, which I give unto my gr. daugh- 
ter Sarah Mygatt. I give to my daughter Mary Deming my Bed whereon 
I lye & all its f umittire thereunto belonging. And further, my Will is that 
my wearing Linen be equally divided between my daughter Mary Deming 
& my gr. daughter Sarah Mygatt ; & my Will is that the remainder of my 
Estate be equally divided between my daughter Mary Deming and my gr. 
son Joseph Mygatt, excepting my Chest. 

Witness : Paul Peck sen,, Ann X Mygatt. 

George Grave. 

Court Record, Page 115 — 4 March, 1685-6: Will proven. Order to 
Dist. Persons concerned in the Dist. agreed to it in Court. 

Page 55-6. 

Mygatt, Deacon Joseph, Hartford. Died 7 December, 1680. Invt. 
i368-ii-o6. Taken 10 December, 1680, by Thomas Bull sen., Paul Peck 
sen., George Grave. Will dated 27 November, 1676. 

I Joseph Mygatt of Hartford do make this my last Will & Testament : 
Whereas, in a Writing bearing date 27 Novemhier, 1654, I have already 
engaged the manner of a dispose of my Estate after my Death, I do now 
for die substance thereof fully ccmsent thereunto, only some things men- 
tioned needing some explication I thought good to mention, ist, that I have 
already paid the marriage portion for my son Jacob as is expressed in the 
Agreement, & have built a house for him of more value than was promised, 
& have truly fulfilled that first particularly. 2nd, Whereas it is mentioned 
in the Agreement with Mrs. Susannah Fitch, & the Trustees in behalf of 
her BroAer, that the Estate by her should be let out to procure a farm, 
that it might have been so but they conceived that it might be more advan- 
tageous to adventure the Money abroad, being at that time in a way of 
Trade, the which with their desire I consented too, — ^these things being 


ccnfisoited, I do dispose of my whole Estate as is there mentioned, only my 
Mind is that in Case the £12 be not paid to my wife (as is expressed), that 
so much of my Lands be sold (that may best be spared) as may enable the 
true performance of the yearly Annuity willed to her during her natural 
life. I give unto Joseph Deming, my gr. son, all my Wearing sqpparreL I ap- 
point my gr. child Joseph MygaU to be my Executor. I desire my friend 
Paul Peck sen. and my son John Deming to be Overseers. 

Witness: Jos: Haines, Jo: Mygatt. Ls. 

Paul Peck. 

Court Record, Page 33 — 2g December, 1680 : Will proven, and ap- 
proved so far as consistent with a former writing. 

Page 7-8. 

Nash, Joseph, Sergt., Hartford. Invt. £419-13-10. Taken 3 Sep- 
tember, 1678, by Thomas Bull, Thomas Bunce, Nathaniel Stanly. Will 
dated 19 January, 1675-6. 

I Joseph Nash of Hartford do declare my last Will & Testament : My 
Will is that my just Debts be paid, & tfiat being done, with my Funeral 
Charges & Necessary expenses defrayed, the remainder of my Estate I pve 
to my wife Margaret & Sarah my only Child in such proportion & manner 
as is hereafter in this my Will expressed. I give to Margaret my wife 1-3 
part of all my Moveable Estate both Goods & Cattle, And I give to Sarah 
my daughter 2-3 parts of all my Moveable Estate both Goods & Cattle: 
& for as much as our daughters that have been disposed of already have 
had the best of the Moveables, my Will is that my sd. daughter Sarah shall 
have in her part of the sd. Moveables the best featherbed & Boulster & two 
Pillows, the best Coverlet & Curtains & Furniture of the sd. Bed, & also 
my great Copper Kettle, also one great pewter Dish or platter (which is 
the bigest). These particulars first excepted, my wife to choose in the 
rest of the Moveables half her third part, & then the Residue to be divided 
according to proportion both in Quantity & Quality upon the Advice of 
my Overseers. I do give unto my sd. daughter Sarah my House, Houses, 
& all my Lands, with all Rights & Privileges belonging to them, to her & 
her heirs in full Right & Title, only the following caution to be observed : 
that for the support & Relief of my wife, my Will is, that there shall be 
yearly paid unto her my sd. wife, or to her Order, in Hartford, the sum of 
£4 during the term of her natural life ; and also, if my wife for her better 
support in her widowed condition shall make choice to keep the sd. House- 
ing & Lands in her hands, then my Will is that while she remains my 
Widow she shall injoy the sd. Houseing & Lands, and that my wife pay 
or caused to be paid unto my sd. daughter Sarah, yearly, in Hartford, £7, 
and shall keep and maintain Houseing & Fences in Good repair. Also dis- 
charge all Dues both civil & ecclesiasticall. And further it is my Will, that 
my Lands should pay to the Ministry at the New Meeting House. My 

l677 '^ 1687. PROBATB RECORDS. 341 

Will is that if my daughter Sarah die without Issue, that my Houses & 
Lands shall pass to my eldest brother, Capt. John Nash, and his heirs for- 
ever. I appoint my brother Capt. John Nash, of New Haven, Executor, 
and appoint Robert Webster and Andrew Benton to be Overseers. 

Witness : John Whiting, Joseph Nash. Ls. 

John White. 

Court Record, Page 8 — 17 October, 1678 : Will proven. 

Page 100. 

Niohob, Adam, Hartford. Died 25 August, 1682. Invt. £8-05-00. 
Taken by John Marsh & Caleb Standly. 

Adam Nichols is in Debt, besides what his Estate hath paid for his 
maintenance before his Death at Goodman Peck's, about £6-00-00. Good- 
wife Peck also gave Accot of fower Napkins Addam Nichols gave to his 
daughter Hester Ellis, and one Bellmetle skillett, when his daughter was 
last at sd. Peck's, and left one Napkin at Haddam when he went down to 
visit his son and daughter, & half a sheet and one Napkin more was dis- 
posed of for his Buryall linen. 

Court Record, Page 58 — 7 September, 1682 : Invt. exhibited. Adms. 
granted to Caleb Stanly snd John Marsh, with advice to render the Estate 
to his son and daughter provided they give security for the Debts due from 
sd. Estate. (See Will of John Wakeman on page 158 of this volume.) 

Page 103. 

North, John, Wethersfield. Died 6 August, 1682. Invt. £133-07-00. 
Taken 5 September, 1682, by John Kilbourn & Thomas Wright, Select- 
men. The children : John age 10 years, Mary 8, Susannah 6 years. The 
Widow, Susannah North. 

Court Record, Page 61 — 13 December, 1682: Invt. Exhibited. 
Adms. to Susannah North, Widow. Robert Francis & Joseph Churdiill 
appointed as Overseers to assist the Widow in the management of affairs, 
with Order for Distribution of the Estate. 

Page 103. 

North, SamueL Invt. £188-05-06. Taken by Thomas Heart, Thom- 
as Porter, Richard Seamore, Selectmen. The children: John age 13 
years, Samuel 10, Thomas 8, Hanna 4 years. 

Court Record, Page 60—13 December, 1682: Adms. to the Widow. 
Order to Dist : To the Widow £20 and 1-3 use of Real Estate, to Eldest 
son a double Portion, to the rest of the Children single Portions. John 


Norton sen. is appointed to assist the Widow in the best manner he may. 
Page 73 (Vol. V) 6 September, 1694: Whereas, there was a com- 
plaint made by John Norton sen. & John Norton Jr. that the Children of 
Samuel North had not received of John Rue their portions distributed or 
allotted to them out of their father North's Estate, & sewed sayd Rue for 
security of what was still to be payd of the sayd Children's portions. This 
Court doe order the sayd John Rue to pay the remaynder of Tho. Nortfi's 
portion forthwith unto the sayd Thomas North besides what he is to re- 
ceive in Land, & to give John Norton sen. sufficient security for the por- 
tion that is allotted out unto Hanna North by the Court, as sayd John Nor- 
ton Jun. is guardian unto the sayd Hanna North. All which being don, 
to be the finall acquittance of the sayd John Rue respecting Samuel North's 
Children their Estates or portions. 

Page 75-76. 

Hott, John, Wethersfield. Died 25 January, 1681. Invt. £533-15- 
10. Taken by John Kilboum, Thomas Wright, William Warner. Will 
dated 10 February, 1679. 

I John Nott of Wethersfield, aged and infirm, but of perfect under- 
standing & Memory, being desirous to settle things in order, doe make and 
ordain this my Last Will and Testament in manner and form following: 
Item. I give and bequeath to my wife Ann Nott Convenient and necessary 
house roome In my dwelling house where I now live, & also £6 pr annum 
to be payd to her yearly out of the proffits & rents of my estate, & also the 
free use of so much of my household goods as she shall have need of to 
enjoy the sayd comfortable houseroom, together with the yearly payment 
of £6 pr yeare, & also the free use of my household stuffe as aforesayd for 
& during the full terme & time of her natural Life. I give and bequeath 
to my sayd wife a good milch Cow, to take her choyse of all the Cowes 
I have. Item. I give to my daughter Elizabeth Reeves £30, to be paid to her 
out of my moveable Estate. I doe also give to my sayd daughter the one 
halfe of my houshold StuflFe, to be delivered to her after the decease of 
my wife. I give to my daughter Hanna Hale Tenn shillings. Item. I give 
& bequeath to my son John Nott all my houses & Lands that I have here in 
Wethersfield or els where, together with all my goods, Chattells & debts, 
that is to say, all whatsoever which I now have or shall have & stand pos- 
sessed of or have good & Lawful right to at the time of my decease, the 
legacies only excepted before given to my wife & to my two daughters, & 
my sayd sonn pa)dng to my wife out of the proffitts of my estate the yearly 
Rent of £6 pr yeare, year by yeare, for and during the full term of her 
natural Life. I ordain my son John Nott sole Executor of this my Last 
Will & Testament. John Nott. 

Witness : EUazer Kimberly, Ruth X Kimberly. 

Proven 27 February, 1681. before me, John Chester, Cotnissioner. 
John Nott, Elisabeth Reeve, Hanna Haell 

1677 "^^ 1687. PROBATA RBCORDS. 343 

Ann Nott appeared and made oath to the Invt. 

Court Record, Page 51 — 2 March, 1681-2: Will Presented in Court. 

P. C, Vol. IV, No. 1-2-3. 

Olmsted, John, Norwich. Invt. £973-05-06. Taken by Solomon 
Tracy, Samuel Lotfirop. Exhibited in Court 22 September, 1686. 

Will : I John Olmsted of Norwich, being about 60 years of age, make 
my Wife Elizabeth sole Executrix, my Servants to have their liberty at the 
death of my Wife, but my Negro Servant Tony not only to have his liberty 
but to have ten acres of Land in some Convenient place. 

John Olmsted. 
Witness : Christopher Huntington, 

Thomas Ad gate. 
Proven 20 September, 1689. 

Will of Elizabeth Holmsted, 15 October, 1689, Relict of John Hohn- 
sted, says her husband gave her all his Estate to despose of as she saw 
fit. For Love and affection for the two sons of her husband's Brother, 
Richard Olmsted of Norwalk, viz. Lieutenant James Holmsted and Ensign 
John Hobnsted, I have given to each of them an Allottment at the new 
plantation Lying at the Northwest of Norwich, Each Allottment Con- 
ta3ming bv Estimation about a Thousand acres of Land, with all Rights, 
Etc., by deed of gift to them. I give to Sargt. Richard Baskett (written 
now Richard Bushnell), my Kinsman, a Tract of Land on the East side of 
the little Rivulet at Wequetequock adjoining that of Daniel Tracy. I also 
give him 4 acres of Land at Yantick, by that of William Hide west, 
Thomas Post north and east. I also give him 10 acres of Land at Weque- 
tequock; also Land east side of the Shoetucket River at Wequanack, on 
said River east, the Highway north, and upon Land of Thomas Leffing- 
well and Richard Wallis. My ynW is that £50 be paid for the relief of the 
poor of Norwich, per advice of Rev. James Fitch, sen. I give to my 
brother Adgate's three children, viz., Sarah, Rebeckah & Thomas, £6 to 
each. To my brother's eldest daughter, Abigail, a parcel of Land over the 
River which her husband bought of John Arnold. To Tony (the Negro), 
Ten acres was given : 3 acres in the little plain, 3 acres in the Great plain, 
and 4 acres at Wequetequock. To Hannah (the Indian Maide) and to the 
nine Children of my brother & sister Nuell of Farmington, 5 Shillings 
apiece. I give to the Rev. James Fitch sen. iio. The Residue of my 'Es* 
tate to my Kinsman and Executor, Samuel Lothrop. 

Elizabeth X Olmsted. 
Witness : John Post, John Burchard. 

It appears that James Olmsted and Samuel Newell asked for a review. 

344 P&OBATB &BCORDS. voi,. ir» 

Page 198-9-200. 

Olmited, Oapt Nidiolas, Hartford. Died 31 August, 1684. Invt. 
£4^1-08-00. Taken by Caleb Stanly, John Marsh. Will dated 20th Aug- 
ust, 1683. 

I Nicholas Olmsted of Hartford do make this my last Will & Testa- 
ment : I give to my wife £5 a year during her Widowhood, and £4 a year 
if she marry, during her natural life, to be paid her yearly by my sons, 
Samuel 40 Shillings and Joseph 40 Shillings and Thomas 20 Shillings. I 
give to my son Samuel Olmsted my Dwelling house in Hartford after my 
decease, only the Use of some part of it to his Mother. I give unto my son 
Samuel J4 of my Bame, and all that part of my Homelott not given to my 
son Thomas. I give the other half of the Bame to my son Thomas, and I 
give my Bam Yard equally to my sons Samuel & my son Thomas, with 
my Well in the same. I give to my son Thomas that part of my Homelott 
next Mr. Haynes' and Mr. Hooker's Homelott, to be divided from my son 
Samuel's part of my Homelott as f oUoweth : From the Bame to the High- 
way to be divided by the fence that f enceth in the Bam yard, and above the 
Bam from the middle of the Bam Floor up to Jeremy Addams's Homelott. 
The remainder of my Homelott I give to my son Samuel, and to his heirs, 
forever. I give unto my son Thomas my Meadow lott in the Long Mead- 
ow lying between Deacon Butler's and Lt. Joseph Wadsworth's Land. I 
give unto my son Thomas my Upland Lott in the West Division in Hart- 
ford. I give unto my son Joseph Olmsted & his heirs all that Division of 
Upland, & the Swamp Land belonging to the same, upon which he hath 
built his house on the east side of the Great River. I give unto my son 
Joseph all my Meadow Land on the east side of the Great River, he pay- 
ing 20 Shillings unto his sister Gates, and 40 Shillings per Annum to his 
Mother. I give my Farme of Land lying in the Woods, adjoining to 
Jeremy Addams's land in the Road to New London, unto my son Samuel 
and my son Thomas, to be equally divided between them. I give to my 
daughter Sarah Gates 20 Shillings. I give all my Right & Title to that 
Land purchased of Joshua, son of Uncas, by the town of Hartford, on the 
East side the Great River, to my 3on Samuel Butler and my daughter 
Rebeckah Bigelow and my daughter Mabel Butler, to be equally divided 
between them. I give to my son Samuel, my son Joseph and my son 
Thomas all my Right in a parcell of Land given by Joshua, son of Uncas, 
in his last Will, to be divided amongst several persons in Hartford. I 
give to my daughter Bigelow 40 Shillings. I make my son Thomas Olm- 
sted my sole Executor, and appoint Mr. William Pitkin and Caleb Standly 

Witness : Caleb Standly, Nicholas Olmsted. 

Timothy Cowles. 

CovLTt Record, Page 95 — 2$ November, 1684 : Will & Invt. Exhibited. 

1677 TO 1687. PKOBATS RBCOKD8. 345 

Otbom, David. Court Hecord, Page 14 — ^24 April, 1679 : An In- 
ventory of what was the Estate of David Osborn was presented in Court, 
which did amount to £7-02-00; & according to the desire of the Widow 
(his relict) & Brother, The Court orders it to be delivered to sargt John 
Kilboum to discharge his funeral Charges & other charges due from 
him, & the rest to goe onward for his dyat with him. 

Page 249-50. 

Olborn, Jolrn sen., Windsor. Died 27 October, 1686. Invt. £315- 
17-06. Taken 25 November, 1686, by Henry Wolcott, Jacob Drake, Dan- 
iel Hayden. Will dated 14 October, i686. 

I John Osborn sen. of Windsor do make this my last Will & Testa- 
ment : I give to my wife Ann Osborn my personal and real Estate during 
her natural life, except that parcell of Land only that I now improve at 
Namerick which I give to my son John, Within a year and a day after 
my decease. I give to my son Samuel my now dwelling house and Lands 
adjoyning, after mine and my wive's decease, he paying to his brothers 
and sisters such legacies as hereinafter shall be expressed. I give to my 
son Nathaniel that part of my house lott west side of Connecticut River, 
east of the Town Street, bounded North by John Gaylord Jr., south by 
Robert Watson, East by Isaac Pinney's Meadow, after the decease of my 
wife and myself. I give to my gr. son Daniel Prior my Wood lott above 
Namerick, bounded south by Jacob Drake, and iio. My son Samuel to 
pay his four sisters, Mary, Hanna, Elster & Sarah, iio to Each. Samuel 
to pay my gr. child Hana Shadduck £5 in case she abide with my wife 
until 18 years of age or till my wives decease. I constitute my wife Ann 
sole Executrix, and desire Jacob Drake, Daniel Hayden & Nathaniel Gay- 
lord to be Overseers. John X Osborn sen. 

Witness : Jacob Drake, Mary Drake. 

Court Record, Page 128 — 3 March, 1686-7: Will Proven. 

Page 173. 

Owen, Daniel, Windsor. Died ist March, 1682-3. Invt. ii8-o6-o6. 
Taken by Jacob Drake, Josiah Elsworth. 

On the 26th day of February, 1683, Mary (Bissell) Owen, the 
Widow & Relict of Daniel Owen, made oath to the Inventory. 

Court Record, Page 85—6 March, 1683-4: Adms. to Comet John 
Bissell to pay the debts, and the rest of the Estate to the Widow. 

Page 240. 

ParentSt John, Haddam. Died 8 July, 1686. Invt. £84-10-01. Taken 
by George Gates and Simon Smith. Will dated 27 April, 1686. 


I John Parents of Haddam do make this my last Will & Testament : 
It is my Will that my daughter Mary shall abide with Mr. Nathaniel 
Chapman until she comes of age or marry, & that my daughter Elizabeth 
shall be disposed of by my Trustees as tiiey shall think fit or convenient 
for her comfort. My whole Estate to be divided to these two daughters. 
Should both die, to fall to the Trustees equally. I doe appoint William 
Ventrus, Joseph Amol sen. and James Wells sen. to be the Trustees. 

John Parents. 

Witness : Thomas Brooks, Moses X Ventrus, Alexander Rollo, 

Court Record, Page 120 — ^2nd September, 1680 : Will Proven. 

Page 80. 

Pa3me, Johiii Middletown. Died in the year 1681. Invt. £82-03-00. 
Taken February, 1681, by Richard Hall, Samuel Hubbard, John Savage* 
The children : Jobe age 4 years, Patience 3, Abigail one year. 

Court Record, Page 50—2 March, 1681-2: Adms. to the Widow. 
Richard Hall & Deac. Samuel Stocking to be Overseers. 

Page 107. 

Payne, Widow Hannah, Wethersfield. Died 25 September, 1682. 
Invt. £6-16-10. Taken 29 September, 1682, by John Kilboum, Thomas 
Wright. The children : Hannah age 20 years, Thomas 9 years. 

Court Record, Page 79—18 December, 1683 : This Court grant to 
Hannah Pa3me to Possess her mother's Estate, she agreeing to pay the 

Page 258-9. 

Persons, Joseph, Simsbury. Invt. £124-17-00. Taken 2 May, 1687, 
by Joshua Holcomb, John Higley, Samuel Willcox, Selectmen. He died 
15 April, 1687, leaving one daughter, Mehetabell, about 4 years of age. 

Court Record, Page 133 — 1st September, 1687 • Adms. to the Relict 
IJoshua Holcomb to be Overseer. 

Page 70— (Vol. V) 12 April, 1694 : Order all the Land of sd. Per- 
sons to be and belong to his daughter Mehetabell. 

Page 65. 

Persons, Thomas, Windsor. Died 14 December, 1680. Invt. £20- 
00-00. Taken by Henry Wolcott & John Bissell. 

1677 TO 1687. PROBATA RECORDS. 347 

Thomas Bissell appeared & testifyed upon oath in Court, September 
i8th, 1681 : The Inventory within written was a presentment of the Es- 
tate of Thomas Persons deceased, & if more come to light he will count 
it to be added. The sd. Thomas Bissell is Admitted Adms. of the sd. 
Estate, to receive and pay all just Debts according to proportion, & the 
Estate with amount unto. 

Attests: William Leete, Governor, 

The following is Thomas Bissell's Account of Thomas Persons's Es- 
tate, 3 September, 1685: The Invt. £16-14-11, I returned indebted as 
f oUoweth : 

To Goodman Howard, To Thomas Eglestone, To John Williams, 

To Nath : Bissell, To Joshua Welles, To Thomas Bissell, 

To Goody Marshall, To William Smith, To Nath : Cook, 

To Lt. Syler, To Ephraim French, To Goodman Dible, 

To Joseph Persons, To Thomas Bumham, To Capt. AUin. 
To Lt. Lord, To Goodman Stevens, 

Signed, Thomas Bissell, senr. 

Inventory on File: 

Phelpe, Joseph, Simsbury. Invt. £84-09-06. Taken 5 March, 1683* 
4, by Jolm Terry, Joshua Holcomb & John Case. The children : Joseph 
17 years of age, Hannah 15, William 13 years, Sarah 11 years, and Timo- 
thy 4 years of age. 

Court Record, Page 87 — 6 March, 1684 : An Invt. of the Estate of 
Joseph Phelps was exhibited in Court, proven & ordered to be recorded. 
And this Court grants Adms. to the Widow, £6 of the Personal Estate & 
1-3 of the Real Estate during her natural life, and to the Eldest son £22, 
and to the rest of the Children £11 apeice. And Timothy Phelps, Thomas 
Barber and John Terry are desired to be Overseers. 

See File : The Petition of Mary Phelps, Relict to Joseph Phelps, of 
S3misbury, To the Honourable County Court now sitting at Hartford, 
Humbly showeth: That your poor Petitioner, when shee married to 
Joseph Phelps, was a widow. And was left by her former husband in some- 
what a comfortable Condition. And after shee was married to this man, 
carried a considerable Estate with her to the value of £40 or £50, but 
since his decease is left in a very helpless Condition ; having but £6 allowed 
In Moveable estate, with the third of the Land for life, which will not 
3deld above 20 Shillings per Annum, which is but a very small matter 
to maintain me, having a young child left By Joseph Phelps, my deceased 
husband, to be brought up out of it Having therefore heard of the 
Readyness of tfiis Court to hear the cry & to help the fatherless and the 
Widow, made me Bold humbly to move your honours that some more of 
the Estate may be settled upon me for the Bringing up of the Child. How- 


ever^ if the matter be difficult, that at least you would be pleased to order 
that I might have that mare and Cow that is left and was part of my own 
Estate which I carried with me when I married my late husband. Hop- 
ing your honours will take the matter into serious Consideration, I shal 
not farther enlarge, but, begging Gods presence with you, rest your hum- 
ble Petitioner. 

Northapt, 28 August, 1684. Mary Phelps. 

Page 77. 

Phelps, William sen., Windsor. Invt. £472-19-06. Taken the last 
day of February, 1681, by John Wolcott, Thomas Stoughton, John Bis- 
sell. Will nuncupative. 

10 February, 1681 : His Will was that his brother Timothy should 
have all his Estate to dispose of & to be sole Executor; that his brother 
Timothy should have his choice for his third out of all his Outlands. 
Witness : John Loomis sen., Benedict Alvord. 

Court Record, Page 51 — 2 March, 16S1-2: This Court having con- 
sidered the Claims presented by the Widow Phelps & her Attorney, find 
that by Virtue of a Jointure agreement the whole personal Estate, together 
with his houseing and two thirds of all his outlands, are the proper Estate 
of the Widow, and advise that the Out Lands be indifferently divided, 
two-thirds to Uie Widow according to Joynture,' and one third to Timo- 
thy Phelps, the debts to be paid by each in proportion. 

Page lo-ii. 

Phillips, George, Windsor. Invt. i 174- 17-00. On the 12th day of 
July, 1678, The Townsmen of Windsor Met in the Room where George 
Phillips was found dead on the 9th of July before, to take the Inventory. 
Those were John Loomis, Jacob Drake, Thomas Bissell, Matthew Grant. 

Now we copy it out of the Town booke to present it to the County 
Court which will be (held) on the 5 of September, the first Thursday in 
the moneth : To begin with, Houseing & Lands : By agreement between 
George Phillips & Israel Dewey, Israel hath Builded a New end to 
George's old house, & took down his old chimney of wood & clay & set 
up a new stone chimney, & we have not Taken to Inventory the new, but 
only the old house without the chimney, with the Bame & the houseland, 
which Matthew Grant measured & find it one acre three-quarters of an 
acre, & we value it at £55-00-00. 

Court Record, Page 10^5 December, 1678: Mr. Gardner, in be- 
half of John Saunders (alias Phillips) ; Mr. Pitkin, in behalf of 
John Grummin of Fairfield. Appoint Mr. Gardner and John Grum- 
min Adms. Also allot to Mr. Thomas Judd £4, Thomas Loomis £5, 
Thomas Porter £3, to Robert Porter £3. They appear in some way re- 

l677 ^K> 1687. PROBATA RECORDS. 349 

lated to him (the sd. Deed). The remainder of Estate to be divided 
between John Saunders and ]chn Grummin in right of his wife, who are 
the next of kin to the said Phillips, one his brother's son, the other his 
sister's daughter. John Saunders to have two thirds, and John Grummin 
one third. 

Page 164-S-6. 

Pinnqr, Htimpbr^, Windsor. Died 20 August, 1683. Invt. £780- 
05-00. Taken by Henry Wolcott, John Bissell & Daniel Hayden. Will 
dated 3 June, 1682. 

The last Will & Testament of Humphrey Pinney of Windsor : Im- 
primis : I do hereby declare and my Will is, tfiat my wife Mary Pinney is 
by me appointed Executrix. I give to my wife Mary Pinney my House- 
ing & liuids during her natural life, & after her decease my son Samuel 
to have 1-3 part of my Lott on the East side of the Great River. It is to 
be understood that that 2 acres that he hath now in possession is to help 
make up the third part of the Lott that Samuel is to have, & is to have 
on the South side of the Lott next to Samuel Gaylord. I give to my son 
John Pinney the other 2-3 of my Lott on the East side of the Great River. 
Also my Will is that my sons Samuel Pinney & John Pinney shsdl pay 
to my gr. child Sarah Pinney, daughter of Nathaniel Pinney, £5, that is 
to say, Samuel Pinney and John Pinney to pay 50 Shillings apeice. My 
Will is that my Houseing and all the rest of my Lands I give to my son 
Isaac. Also my Will is that my son Isaac Pinney shall pay to my gr. 
Child Nathaniel Pinney, son of Nathaniel Pinney Deed. £10. Also I give 
to my three daughters, Mary, Sarah & Abigail, 5 Shillings apeice. Also 
my Will is that what Estate I have in Old England, my wife shall have 
1-2 of it and my son Isaac the other half of it. Also my Will is that all 
the rest of my Moveable Estate, without dore and within, I give to my 
well beloved wife to dispose of as she see cause. Also my Will is that 
my son John & my son Isaac shall not sell, alienate or mortgage all nor 
any of the abovesd. Lands until they are of the age of 50 years, except it 
be to their own brothers. 

Witness : Abraham Randall, Humphrey X Pinney. 

Cornelius Hall. 

Court Record, Page 81 — 10 December, 1683 : Will proven. 

Page 188-9- 190. 

Pinney, Mn. Mary, Windsor. Died 18 August, 1684. Invt. £356- 
02-06. Taken 4 September, 1684, by Henry Wolcott, John Bissell, Timo- 
thy Thrall sen. Will dated 12 September, 1683. 

In reference to that Estate which my husband hath left me, I Mary 
Pinney of Windsor do make my last Will & Testament : I give to my 


son Samuel, £5 ; to his daughter Mary, 40 Shillings. I give tmto my son 
Isaac £5. I give to my daughter Mary Phelps, £5 ; to my daughter Sarah 
Phelps £20. I give £3 apiece to the Children of my daughter Abigail, to 
Mary, Abigail and John. The rest of my Estate, both in New England 
and Old England, I give to my son John, whom I appoint my sole Execu- 
tor. If my daughter Sarah Phelps should die leaving no Issue, the 
legacy given to her shall be returned to my Executor. 
Witness : Benjamin Newbery, Daniel Clark sen. Mary Pinney. 

Court Record, Page 93 — ^Will Exhibited 4 September 1681. Page 
94 — 2$ November, 1684: Approved. 

Page 4. 

Piper, Mr. Richard, Haddam. Died 3 April, 1678. Invt. £204- 
03-00. Taken by James Bates, George Gates. Will dated March, 1677-8. 

I Richard Piper of Haddam do make this my last Will & Testament : 
I give to Sarah Gates Jr., a one year old Heifer. I give to Susannah Ven- 
trus my Bible. I give to John Ventrus my Tenant sawe, a shave & f roe ; 
To John Ackly a mare ; To Samuel Ackly a mare & colt, and all my Rights 
of Land East side the Great River ; to John Kinard my house lot that was 
Abraham Bible's, also land that lies by John Bates and Edward Parfell's, 
and all my Land on the West side of the River. And my will is that John 
Kinard Come and occupy the Land foure years, or else it shall return to 
the Executor. I give to Edward Parfell all my Land & other Estate not 
disposed of in this my Will, and appoint him my Executor. 

Witness: George Gates, Thomas Spencer, Richard Piper. 

The Estate Indebted to Tho. Dunk of Saybrook, John (Thappell of 
Lyme, Mr. Hamlin of Middletown, John Baley, John HoUibut, to Good 
man Tappine, to John Blake, Goodman Rogers of New London, Goodman 
Harris of Middletown, Goodman Ventrus, Mr. Chapman, Jonathan Gil- 
bert, Mr. Wilson, Ensign Spencer, John Wyott, John Allyn & Major Tal- 
cott. Total, £16-05-03. 

Court Record, Page 5 — 10 April, 1678: Will Proven. 

Page II. 

Porter, David, of London. Died 4 June, 1678. Invt. £20-04-00. 
Taken by John Marsh & Caleb Standly. 

Court Record, Page 10—5 December, 1678 : Adms. to Mrs. Abigail 
Olcott to pay Just debts and hold the remainder until his Mother or 
brother shall order the disposal of it, they being next of kin. He came to 
his death by drowning it appears : As by a pint of Liquor to those who 
dived for him, By a quart to those who brought him home. By 2 quarts 
wine and a gallon of syder to the Jury of Inquest, By 8 gallons of wine & 

l677 'TO 16*7. PROBATA RECORDS. 35I 

3 quarts for his funerall, By a Barill of syder for ditto, By a Coffin 2 
shillines, by a winding sheet 18 shillings; to pay Goodwin for a grave, 
5 Shillings. 

Page 242. 

Powelli John, Windsor. Invt. of Aparell, ^3-09-00. Taken 5 
March, 1685-6, by Job Drake sen., John Moore. 

Court Record, Page 118 — ^4 March, 1685-6: Adms. to John Moore 
to pay the debts and return the Overplus if any to the County Treasury. 

Will on file. 

Pratt, Jolrn. In the name of God amen. I John pratt sen. of Hart- 
ford, being grown in years & at prsent labouring under some weakness 
of body, am willing to setle my Temporal affaires, that when I am gath- 
ered to my fathers peace may be continued in my family, doe therefore 
make & declare this to be my last will & Testament, hereby disannulling 
ft makeing voyd all former wills & Testaments by me made, whither they 
were made by word or writing : And first, it is my will that all my just & 
honest debts be duly & Truely payd out of my Estate ; & for the remajm- 
der of my Estate I doe order & dispose of tfie same in Maner & forme 
followeing: That is to say, my houseing & Lands given to me by my 
Honoured Father to be and remayne according as he hath disposed of 
them by his Last Will & Testament, allways provided that the possessor 
of them make good the conditions expressed in his will, viz, that my dear & 
well beloved wife stand quietly seized & posest of the one Third part thereof 
to her own proper use & behoofe during the whole Terme of her natural! 
Life ; & for her Third part it is my desire she may take the Middle Lott 
in the Long meadow which is Bounded North on Samuel Burr's Land & 
South on Land of Steven Kellsy's ; but if the possesor of them agree not 
to that, then the Honord Court to assign & set out to her her Thirds ac- 
cording to Law & custom in that case. It is my will, also, that the pos- 
sessor of the Land aforesayd doe, according to my sayd father's will, pay 
tmto each of my daughters that shall be liveing at my decease the Sume 
of Twenty pownds apeice; & for the remaynder of my estate, it is my 
will that it be disposed, & I doe hereby dispose of it, as foUoweth : First, 
I doe leave my whole Estate with my wife to enable her to bring up my 
children in the f eare of the Lord, so long as she bears my name ; but in 
case she should by the providence of God change her name, then it is my 
will that she shall enjoy the Thirds of my Lands above mentioned & 
Twenty pounds out of my Estate, she leaving the remainder of my estate 
to be disposed to my children as FoUoweth : To my son John, beside what 
he Receives of my Estate by my Father's will, I give unto him Twenty 
shillings; to my sons Joseph & Jonathan I give & bequeath my now 
dwelling house & barne, wth the Nine acres of Land upon which it stand. 


tween them, & the same to be their heirs & assigns for ever ; & for the re- 
maynder of my personall Estate, it is my will that it be equally divided be- 
& Thirteen acres of land in the neck of Land, to be equally divided be- 
tween my five daughters & two younger sonns, & delivered to them as 
they come of age, if my wife can spare it, or els to be delivered to them 
when my sayd wife shall change her name, or at her decease; ft If any 
of my children dye before they be of age, their portion shall be equally 
divided amongst my surviving children; ft I doe hereby constitute my 
Loveing wife to be Executor to this my Last will & Testament ; ft that 
she may (have) a refuge to repayre unto for advice & help in dispose of 
the Estate or children, I doe desire my dear Brother Daniel prat ft Capt 
John Allyn to be my overseers of my Estate. In Witness hereof, & for 
confirmation of the premises, I have hereunto set my hand, April 9th, 
1687. John pratt. 

John Pratt senr. signed & declared The above Written to be his Last 
Will & Testament, he being of good & sownd understanding when he did 
the same. In presence of us : 

(The names of Witnesses Evidently cut off.) 

Court Record, Page 19—31 July, 1690: This Court appoint Deacon 
Stephen Hosmore & Joseph Easton to lay out to the Widdow of John 
Pratt deceased, now the wife of John Sadd, her thirds of the houseing ft 
Land according to the order of tiie general Court. 

Page 51 — (Vol. V) 15 February, 1692-3: Upon the motion of John 
Pratt, he being of age to receive his Portion given him by his Father 
John Pratt, & the desire of his mother hepsibah sad, executrix to the es- 
tate of sayd John Pratt, that the sayd Joseph prat might have his propor- 
tion of the houseing & Land set out to him that was given him by his 
Father, This Court doe appoynt Sargt. John Marsh & Robt. Sandford to 
make an equal division of the houseing & Lands given, between the sayd 
Joseph pratt & his brother Jonathan pratt, according to the Tenoure of 
their father's Last will & Testament, that so the sayd Joseph pratt may 
have the possession of his part given unto him. 

16 February, 1692-3 : We whose names are underwritten, being de- 
sired by the Court to divide the Land of John pratt, deceased, betwixt 
Joseph pratt & Jonathan pratt, which was given them by their father, we 
have accordingly divided it as to quantity according to the best of our 

John Marsh, 

Robert Sandford. 

The above is a True Coppy of the return, as is attested Feb. 23, 
1692-3. Pf' John Allyn. 

Page 218. 

Bandall, William, Hartford. Died December, 1684. Invt. ii8-o8-o6. 
Taken 24 February, 1684-5, by Philip Davis, John Merrells. Will dated 
7 April, 1684. 

i677 '^ 1687. PROBATE RECORDS. 353 

The last Will & Testament of William Randall is as followeth: I 
give to my wive's eldest son, Thomas Grant, Two Axes & a stubbing How 
& a broad Howe & Two augers. I give to John Grant, my wive's young- 
est son, a pdre of Betlrings, Two wedges & Two axes, a bridle & Saddle 
(a Musket & Sword If they can be redeemed from Joseph Andrews). 
The rest of my household StuflFe I give to my wive's youngest daughter, 
Rachel Grant, vizt, an Iron Pott, Trammells, Spit, Slice & Tongs, a Bed 
& Coverlett, a Table, Pewter platter & Howell, a frying pan, & two 
Chests, with other Smale things, which I give to the sd. Radiel grant at 
her Mother's decease or upon her own marriage. 

Witness : Stephen Hosmer, William X Randall. 

Noah Cooke. 

Court Record, Page 104 — ^24 March, 1684-5: Will proved and ap- 
proved by the Court & ordered to be recorded, & this Court grant Adms. 
on the Estate to Widow Randall with the Will annexed, & what Estate is 
not by Will disposed is to be to the sd. Widow Randall. 

Will on File. 

Bandolph, Mary, Hartford. Will dated 2nd July, 1687. I Mary 
Randolph of Hartford do make this my last Will & Testament: I give 
unto my son John Grant my house, orchard & Land, provided he pay all 
my Just debts. I give to my daughter Sarah Wheeler a Tramell & Pr of 
Tongs, a fire slice, box Iron & heaters, 2 wedges, a lace Handkerchief 
and two earthem platters. I give to my daughter Rachell Grant all my 
beding with Blankets & Bedsteads & ail belonging to them, & a brass 
Kettle, a brass Skylitt, & a great Iron pott, a pewter platter, cup and Ba- 
son, & 3 Earthem platters, & 2 Chests with locks to them, & a Table, 
platter, dishes, & all other things wch I have belonging to womans im- 
ployment, all my wearing apparell, woolen & linnen ; & yt this is my Last 
Will concerning ye disposall of ye little Estate wch God hath given me, 
I signify by setting to my hand this second of July, 1687. 

Mary X Randolph. Ls. 

Witness : Stephen Hosmer, Priscilla X Gillett, 

Mary Randolph, her son John Grant being deceased, shee giveth her 
House, orchard & Land yt shee had given to him, unto her son and daugh- 
ter Samll & Sarah Wheeler, this seventh of November, 1687, they paying 
her debts. 

Witness: Stephen Hosmer, Proven 8 March, 1687-8. 

Sarah X Waters. John Allyn, Judge. 

Page 57-8. 

Beeve, Robert, Hartford. Invt. i692-09-o6. Taken 11 February, 
1680-1, by Nathaniel Standly, George Grave, John Skinner. The chil- 


drcn : Sarah age 19 years, 25 December, 1682 ; Mary 17, 31 July, 1682 ; 
Elizabeth, 14 in December, 1^2; Hamiah, 12 in October, 1682; Nathaniel, 
10 in October, 1682; Robert, 7 in April, 1682; Ann, 7 in April, 1682; 
Abraham, 5 in September, 1682; Mehetabell, 3 in March, 1682-3. Will 
dated 23 December, 1680. 

I Robert Reeve of Hartford do make this my last Will & Testament : 
I give to Elizabeth, my well beloved wife, i30 of my personal Estate, to be 
to her and to her Heirs forever ; and a third of my real Estate during her 
life ; & I haveing received but little of my Father Nott, who hath a good 
Estate, I hope he will remember her and my children and doe some- 
thing for them. It is my will the improvement of my Estate to be to my 
wife for the bringing up of my Children, till they come of age. I appoynt 
my Wife Elizabeth to be my Executrix, & my friends Capt. John AUyn, 
Ensign Stanly, and my Brother John Skinner, to be Overseers. Further- 
more I give toward the building of Mr. Foster's house forty Shillings. 

Robert Reeve. 
Witness: John AUyn, Nathaniel Stanly. 

Court Record, Page 37 — ^3d March, 1680-1 : Will Proven. 

Page 62 — 13 December, 1682 : This Court appoint Capt. AUyn, Na- 
thaniel Stanly and John Skinner to Dist. the Estate according to the 

Page 66— 1st March, 1683 : This Court consider the Overseers* ac- 
tion. Though the Estate be distributed it shall not be alienated. 

Page 82 — 10 January, 1683: This Court appoint Richard Edwards 
& Texell Ensworth to Adms. on the Estate of Robert Reeve deceased. 
And all persons that have any of the sd. Estate in their possession or under 
their Improvement are hereby ordered to deliver the same wth the Im- 
provement and Profits thereof unto the sd. Children or to those that have 
power to receive in their Right. Whereas two of the children of the sd. 
Robert Reeve died before they came of age to possess their Estate, this 
Court orders their portions shall be divided amongst the Survivors ac- 
cording to their Father's Will. And whereas two of the Overseers to the 
Will of the sd. Robert Reeve, who were also the Dist. of the sd. Estate, 
are dead, viz, Col. AUyn & John Skinner, This Court see Cause to appoint 
Sergt. ITiomas Bunce and Sergt. John Marsh to Dist. the Estate. The 
Estate that did belong to the two Children that are deceased, viz, Nathaniel 
and Ann, to the surviving children. And the Court desire those persons 
to attend that work and make return thereof to this Court. 

Page 109. 

Beinolcbi, John, Wethersfield. Died 15 November, 1682. Invt. ii2o- 
19-06. Taken 12 December, 1682, by John Kilbourn sen., Thomas 
Wright. The children: Keziah, age 16 years i6th Jan. next; Anne 14, 
24 Feb. next; Rebina 11, 11 Dec. next; John 9, 29 June next; Jonathan 
6 years, 2 February next. 


1677 TO 1687. PROBATE RECORDS. 355 

Court Record, Page 60 — 13 December, 1682: Adms. to the Widow, 
Mary Reinolds. A Legal Distribution to be made. 

Page 42-3-4-5- 

Bichards, James, Hartford. Died. 11 June, 1680. Invt. £7931-01-00. 
Taken by Nathaniel Standly & James Steele. Will dated 9 June, 1680. 

I, James Richards of Hartford do make this my last Will & Testa- 
ment: I give to my wife Sarah Richards one third part of the proffits. 
Rents, and Revenues of all my Lands, both in Old England and New, dur- 
ing her natural life, and £300. 1 give to my Hond. Motiher-in-law, Mrs. Ur- 
sula Gibbons, £30 per Annum during her life (this was in lieu of what Mr. 
William Gibbons had given her in a composition of accounts), and £200, 
to be at her own dispose. I give to my son Thomas Richards, his heirs 
and assigns, all my Land in Old England, & Buildings, the deed thereof 
in the hand of Mr. Ralph Ingram, London, linen draper. I give to my 
daughter Sarah, having paid her marriage portion, now give her £100 
sterling. I give to my daughter Mary Richards all my farm at Nawbuck 
and £300. I give to my daughter Jerusha Richards all my Lands in 
Wethersfield and £300. I give to my daughter Elizabeth Richards all my 
Houseing and Lands in and about New London, also other Estate to the 
value of £450. I give to an unborn child of my wife, if it live, £700. To 
my Nephew Thomas Bradford I give 10 acres of Land at Rocky Hill. To 
my brother John Richards, Esq., my Biggest silver Tankard and my 
Watch. I give to the South Church in Hartford £10 in plate for the use of 
the Sacrament. I give to the lattin Schoole in Hartford £50. I give to the 
Rev. John Whiting, my Pastor, £15. I give to the poor in Hartford £20. 
I give to Mercy Bradford, my Kinswoman, £10. I appoint my wife Sarah 
Richards and my son Thomas Richards Joynt Executors; also appoint 
Capt. John AUyn & Brother John Richards, of Boston, Overseers. 

James Richards. 
Witness : John AUyn, Samuel Hooker. 

Court Record, Page 28 — 2nd September, 1680 : Will Proven. 

Page 170-1 (Protete Side) : An Account of the Disposition of the 
Personal Estate of the late James Richards of Hartford, Esq., to the 
Legatees hereunder named, 29 September, 1691: 

£ s d 
Capt. Benjamin Davis & his late wife, 431-12-05 

To Mr. Benjamin Alford & his wife Mary, 431-12-05 

To Mr. Gurdon Saltonstall & Jerusha his wife, 431-12-05 

To Mr. Thomas Richards, 181-12-05 

To Mr. John Davie & Elizabeth his wife, 581-12-05 

To Mrs. Ann Richard Deed., 700-00-00 

To Mrs. Ursula Gibbons Deed., 200-00-00 

To Mrs. Sarah Richards, Relict of Mr. James Richards, 100-00-00 


This Accompt above stated agreed uppon between Mrs. Sarah Davie, 
Executrix to the Estate of Mr. James Richards of Hartford, in the Col- 
ony of Connecticut, and the Children & Legatees of the sd. James & 
Sarah. In Witness whereof they have hereimto set their Hands the 8th 
day of October, 1691 Anno R:Rs & Reg: Gul: & Mar: Ang: &c. Tertio. 
Benja Davis, Thomas Richards, Benjamin Alford, Gurdon SaltonstaU, 
John Davie, Sarah Davie. 

A Copy of the Original on File, pr me, CcUeb Stanly, Test: 

Court Record, Page 90—3 March, 1706-7: An Account of the 
Division of the Personal Estate of James Richards, Esq., late of Hartford 
Deed., under the Hands of Sarsdi Richards, Relict of the sd. Deed, 
Thomas Richards, Benjamin Davis, Benjamin Alford, Gurdon Salt<Ki- 
stall & John Davie, bearing date of 8 October, 1691, was exhibited in this 
Court and ordered to be put on File. 

Page 98. 

Bobinson, Samuel, Hartford. Died 30 August, 1682. Invt ^55-09- 
00. Taken by Caleb Standly, Nathaniel Goodwin. The children : Sarah, 
age 17 years ist June, 1682; Samuel, 14 — ^22 December, 1682; Mary, 10 
—9 August, 1682; John, 6—7 June, 1682; Hannah, 3 — 3d July, 1682. 
Record given by their Mother. 

Court Record, Page 58 — 7 September, 1682: Adms. to the Widow, 
Mary Robinson. Samuel Spencer & Nathaniel Goodwin to be Overseers. 

Page 182-3. 

Boote, John sen., Farmington. Invt. £819-07-00. Taken August, 
1684, by Thomas Porter, John Heart, John Woodruff. Will dated 22 
April, 1684. 

I John Roote sen. of the town of Farmingtown do make this my last 
Will & Testament : I give to my wife Mary Roote a Constant Comfortable 
maintenance to be paid to her by my Executors during her Widowhood, 
and i20. But in Case she marry again, I give her £20 more, and then the 
Constant maintenance to cease. I doe solemnly charge my sons Joseph & 
Caleb, as long as the care of their Mother shall be incumbent upon them, to 
carry very dutifuU and tenderly towards her & see from time to time that 
she want nothing for her comfortable support, and I hope that the Over- 
seers of this my Will will have an eye to this care. To each of my sons 
which are already married, 20 shillings ; & to my gr. Children 5 Shillings. 
I give to my daughter Mary, the wife of Isaac Brunson, £15. I do Con* 
firm to my son Steven Roote the 20 acres of Land, which I engaged upon 
his Marriage with his Wife that now is. I give to my son Joseph both 
my Looms with all the Tackling. To my sons Caleb & Josepjfi I give the 

1677 ^ro 1687. PROBATS RBCORDS. 357 

remainder of my Estate. My sons Caleb & Joseph to be Executors, and 
Mr. Hooker and Caleb StancUy to be Overseers. 

Witness : Samuel Hooker & Thomas Hooker. John X Roote sen. 

Court Record (not found) 4 September, 1684: Joseph Roote gave 
oath to the Inventory. Test: Samuel Talcott. 

Page 17-18. 

Bowlandson, Sev. Joseph, late Pastor of the Church at Wethersfield. 
Died 24 November, 1678. Invt. at Lancaster, £129-00-00. Taken by 
Ralph Houghton, Roger Sumner. Invt. at Wethersfield, £290-16-00. 
Taken by Samuel Talcott, John Deming sen., John Deming Jr. Mrs. 
Mary Rowlandson, the Widow. Children: Joseph age 17 years, Mary 
age 13 years. 

Court Record, Page 14 — 24 April, 1679 • Adms. to the Widow Mary. 
The Rev. Joseph Haynes, Mr. Gershom Bulkeley & Mr. Samuel Talcott 
are desired to assist the Administratrix. 

Page 97. 

Sandford, Ann, Hartford. Will dated 12 July, 1682 : I Ann Sand- 
ford of Hartford do make this my last Will & Testament : Whereas my 
husband's Estate was settled by the Honoured Court, 6 December, 1676, 
& several portions allotted to my Children after my decease, it is my Will 
what the Court allotted my son Zachary to be to him & the Kirbine that 
was his father's, and that my son Robert make up the rest of his portion 
to him. Also, that my son Robert pay my son Ezekiel his portion ; also 
to my daughters that are married. And it is my Will diat my son Robert 
do make their portions to them according to sd. Order of Court ; & to my 
daughter Hannah I do Will that besides that what her Father did give 
her that she shall have a Bed & Boulster, & Pillow, & two pare of Sheets, 
& a pare of Blanketts, & a Curtain that belong to the Bedd, & a little Ket- 
tle, & the bigest pewter Platter, & a linen Wheele, & the Nobed And Iron, 
& a Cow, all these things so far as they will go to make good the propor- 
tion alloted to her by the honoured Court. I give to my daughter Abigail 
the Bed I lye on, with the Furniture, with other Household Goods & 
one Cow to make up her portion. And whereas my daughters Hannah & 
Abigail have been tender of me all along, and abode with me hitherto, I 
give to each of them a new Coverlid, & I give them my young mare. And 
whereas my son Robert hath also abode with me and carried on my occa- 
sions & provided for me this seven years past, I do leave the remainder 
of my Estate with him to enable him to pay my Just Debts & Legacies. 
I do also make him soale Executor. I do give my Prentice boy John Ar- 


nold unto my son Robert, he to fulfill his Indenture at the Expiration of 
time ; and I do give him the sd. John a good new Bible. 

Witness ; John Allyn, Ann X Sandford. Ls. 

Samuel Spencer. 

Court Record, Page 58—7 September, 1682 : Will proven. 

Page 257-8. 

Sandford, Nathaniel, Sometime of Hartford. Invt. £1100-16-00. 
Taken 16 June, 1687, by Caleb Standly, Jacob White, Bevell Waters, 
Thomas Marshall. As it was presented by Susannah Sandford, relict of 
the sd. deceased, with her claim to the same by virtue of a deed of g^ift 
from her deceased Husband, dated 22 February, 1677, under which re- 
spects only she presented the sayd Estate to the apprisers, as she declared 
to us before we Inventoried the same. 

Court Record, Page 133 — ist September, 1687. Invt. Exhibited and 
accepted. The following petition was also presented by Phineas Willson, 
claiming certain of the above property in right of his wife (daughter of 
Nathaniel Sandford), in opposition to the claim of the Widow Sandford 
made by virtue of the above-mentioned "deed of gift :" 


May it Please this Honoured Court: That I may not be es- 
teemed as one that despiseth his Birthright or doth slight that which 
God, the Law of Nature and the Law of nations hath given to me, I 
crave the patience of this Honored Court to heare mee a word or two. 

1st, In right of my Wife I am the only heire of my father Sanford, 
both by the Law of God and the Law of man. Where there is noe Son, 
but a daughter, the daughter is Heire (as in the case of Zelophehads 
daughters) hath been determined by God himself e — ^Numbers, 36: 2d. 
And the practice of this honoured Court hath been answerable thereto. 
And the Law of the Colony, wch is soe well known I need not recite it, 
doth alsoe Order the same (fol. 36). 

2ly, I being his heire in right of my wife, I ought to possess his Es- 
tate: the Conclusion necessarily follows the premises. And I doe not 
doubt but that the justice of this Honoured Court will put me in posses- 
sion of that Estate my father hath Left, which I onely Crave. And that 
he hath Left an Estate, I neede not take paines to prove it. His Inventory 
now Exhibited in Court will declare the same. A little to Cleare this, I 
shall make it appear (i) that my father Sanford dyed possessed of an 
Estate in Lands, & (2) that this Land in Right of my Wife belongs to me. 

1st That my father dyed possessed of Lands Is proved (i) by the 
Inventory, (2nd) by the Records in the towne booke, and (3rd) by the 
Deeds of Lands in my Fathers hand, which if the honoured Court doe 

1677 ^O 1687. PROBATB RECORDS. 359 

desire to see they may Comand. (2ly). That this Land belongs to mee 
in right of my Wife, What is first above written doth sufficiently prove, 
and therefore I need say noe more to itt. As for the Deeds my Mother 
presents to this honoured Court whereby Shee doth labour to disinherit 
my Wife, and mee in her right, I thanke her for her Love, and her At- 
torney for the Exercise of his Witts therein, although it be to little pur- 
pose, ffor I presume this Honoured Court is more just than to be taken 
with such Chaffy trash as The Attorney hath shakt out of his bag, thereby 
to be Led to take away our just Right. As to the Lands, what Lands are 
passed over to my mother by the Deed are there described, where they 
Lye and what they are, by their abutments and alsoe the number of Acres, 
precisely 26 Acres (be it more or Less), which is only that within those 
Abutments and noe more, as by the said Deed will appear. 

2ly. My father had noe more Land to pass over to her or any other 
Person, and therefore hee was uncapable of Passing over any more to 
her at that time. And what itt hath pleased God, by his blessing upon my 
fathers Industry, to add to his Estate since, I humbly Conceive my Mother 
must produce another Deede of guift for, before shee Can Lay any Law- 
full Claim to itt, ffor hee that pays mony before hee hath itt ought to be 
examined how hee Came by itt, and hee that gives Land before hee getts 
itt Cannott then perfect his deed of guift. 

3ly. My father hee himselfe knew he had past over noe more to her, 
or else hee would not have made Sale of such a Considerable tract of Land 
to Mr Watson as hee hath done since this deed of guift 

4ly. Those expressions in the Deed that are soe Comprehensive, 
mentioning all his Estate or Substance, quick or dead, moveable or im- 
moveable, in whatt place they shall or may be found, they are predicated 
upon his personall Estate onely, as may appear by the said Deed. Also, 
my mother well knows, if shee please to declare itt to this honoured Court, 
that my father in her hearing often said that hee would make my son 
Nathaniel his heire or Possessor of all his Lands, which hee would not 
have done had hee past away all his Lands (as my mother would have itt 
by this Deed) before. It is well knowne my father had a great Love for 
mother, as hee ought, and was willing to please her as far as hee might, 
but never had any purpose or thought expresst to disinherit his Daughter. 

I shall say noe more. The Justice of my Case will Speak for itts 
selfe. I Leave it with this honoured Court to give a Righteous Judgment 
upon ye Case, and I shall Waite for itt. Onely I desire to remind the 
honoured Court of this, that my mother by the Deed is Cutt of from all 
Claims of thirds to my father's Estate by the Law title Dower, for shee is 
otherwise provided for by the Deed. I might insist that the Deed doth 
give my mother what household Goods and Stock was there in bein^ 
when the Deede was made, and that what hath been raysed since belongs 
to mee ; but I doe att Present Leave all to this honoured Court's Consid- 
eration, and doubt not but a Righteous and just Issue will be granted. 

Your most humble servt, 

Phineas Willson. 
September ist, 1687. 

- r" 


Page 134 — 14 October, 1687: Mrs. Susannah Buttolph presenting 
to This Court an agreement made between Mr. Wilson and herself for the 
distribution of the Estate of Nathaniel Sandford, which, bearing date 6 
September, 1687, is Signed & sealed by the sayd Sandford and Wilson & 
acknowledged before John Allyn, Assistant, the same day, This Court 
approves of the sayd agreement to be the Distribution of the sayd Na- 
thaniel Sandford's Estate. 

(This agreement not found.) John Allyn, Assistant. 

Page 228-9. 

Savage, John, Sergt., Middletown. Died 6 March, 1684-5. Invt. 
£480-15-06. Taken 12 May, 1685, by Giles Hamlin, Nathaniel White, 
William Warde. Legatees — ^John Savage, 33 years of age; William 17, 
Nathaniel 14, Elizabeth 30, Sarah 28, Mary 27, Abigail 19, Rachel 12, 
Hannah 9 years. Will dated 22 November, 1684. 

I John Savage of Middletown, in the County of Hartford, do make 
this my last Will & Testament. I give to my wife Elizabeth Savage my 
Dwelling House & Homelott with all the Houses thereon, with dl my 
Household Goods & all my Stock of Cattle & Swine of all sorts, during 
her natural life ; also my Long Meadow Lott the use of it her lifetime, & 
all the Land I bought of Anthony Martin adjoining to my Homelott & 
to that which was Anthony Martin's Homelott & to that which I gave to 
my son John by a Deed of Guift, that is, for her lifetime; by this last 
I mean all that was my own Swamp as well as that I bought, & all the 
Meadow which was William Blumfield's saving a small peice which I 
formerly gave to my son John, & all my Wong^nck Meadow on the South 
side of the little Brook, all those during her natural life, & one peice of 
Upland adjoining to Isaac Willcox's Land, being about 7 acres, to have 
it for her Use till my son William come of age to inherit it ; provided, & 
it is herein intended, that in Case my wife should see Cause to change 
her Condition by marriage, that then neither my Stock of Cattle or House- 
hold Goods shall be disposed of to any but my Children. She hath the 
larger part of the Estate in her hands. My wife Elizabeth to be Executrix 
and request my son John to be of assistance to her in it. I request my 
friends and brethren Nathaniel White and Samuel Hall sen. to be Over- 

Witness: Nathaniel White, John Savidge. 

Samuel Hall. 

Court Record, Page 112 — 3 September, 1685: Will proven. 

Page 21. 

Scott, John. Invt. £29-02-01. Taken 11 August, 1679, ^Y Samuel 
Steele, John Wolcott. 

1677 ^ro 1687. PROBATE RECORDS. 361 

Court Record, Page 15 — 4 September, 1679: Adms. to Edward Scott, 
Lt. Samuel Steele to assist. 

Page 9-10. 

Smith, Elizabeth, Farming^n. Invt. £143-04-03. Taken 4 De- 
cember, 1678, by Thomas Porter sen., John Thompson. The age of the 
orphans as foUoweth: Jonathan, age 23 years, Jobana 21, Joseph 14, 
Benjamin 11, William 8, Samuel 5, Susannah 19, Elizabeth & Mehetabell, 
16 years of age in 1669. Will dated 15 November, 1676. 

I Elizabeth Smitii of Farmington do dispose of that little Estate 
that God hath graciously given me. My Will is that my son Jonathan 
shall have the Use & Benefit of my House & Homestead, Bam, Orchard, 
Lott & those things that are thereon, not accounted as Moveables, until 
my youngest son Samuel Smith is of the age of 21 years, & then Samuel 
to have fi of the whole, that is, of the House & Homestead above speci- 
fied ; & that the other half shall be my son Jonathan's and my son Wil- 
liam's, equally proportioned. I give to my son Jonathan my Right of 
Land in the Great Swamp toward Middletown. I give to his son Samuel, 
my gr. Qiild, a little peice of Land in the Great Meadow. I give 
to my son Joseph my Horse & one of my Working Oxen. To my 
son Benjamin I give a 4-acre Lott given me by the Town, and the other 
of my working oxen. I give to my son William Smith a sword that was 
his Father's. I give to Samuel that Gunn which I have, & to Jonathan 
that Pike that was his Father's. To my daughter Mehetabell I give all 
my Household Stuffe, Bedding & Apparrel, as also that which was her 
sister Elizabeth's, of all sorts, as also my Flax & half a peice of fine Cloth ; 
& the rest of that Cloth I give enough of it to my daughter Susannah to 
make an Apron, and the remainder shall be divided for the Use of my 4 
younger sons. To my daughter-in-law Rachel Smith I give a Child's 
Blankett which she hath already in possession. As for my daughter 
Susannah, although I can freely pass by her offenses done to myself, yet 
I cannot but testify against her in some of her unworthy carriages towards 
me for some while back; but still I have a motherly tender affection to- 
wards her and freely give her that Cow commonly called White Face. As 
for what is left, my Will is that out of it my Just & LawfuU Debts be duly 
paid and discharged, and after my daughter Mehetabell hath her Legacy 
out (left her by her Father's Will) it shall be divided amongst all my Chil- 
dren equally. My desire is that my youngest son Samuel should be with 
his Brother Jonathan until he be 21 years of age, his brother carrying well 
to him and teaching him to read & write and to learn him some trade, ex- 
cept there appear just Grounds to the Contrary. As for my sons Benja- 
min & William, I would have them also settled and placed under good 
Government to learn some useful trades. I desire my son Jonathan should 
be Adms, also that Lt. Samuel Steele & John Judd be Overseers. 

Witness : John Thompson, Elizabeth X Smith. 

John North sen. 


In a Codicil she mentions the Decease of William, & gives his Legacy 
to her daughter Mehetabel, & the Sword to her son Samuel. 

Witness : Jonathan Smith, Elizabeth X Smith. 

Rebecca Bird. 

Court Record, Page 9 — 5 December, 1678 : Will & Invt. Exhibited 
and approved. This Court grants & Orders that the Estate of Elizabeth 
and William Smith shall be divided in equal proportions among the sur- 
viving brothers and sisters. 

Page 21 z. 

Smith, John, Wethersfield. Died 17 December, 1683. Invt. iiS- 
08-00. Taken by Samuel Talcott & John Deming Jr. 

Court Record, Page 92 — ^3 September, 1684: Adms. granted to 
Mary Smith, the Relict, of sd. Deed. 

Page 260. 

Smith, Joseph, Wethersfield. Invt. £200-10-09. Taken 13 Jime, 
1687, by John Buttolph & John Robbins. The surviving heirs are Mary 
Smidi, widow, and one son ^ of a year old, name Joseph. 

Court Record, Page 100 — 5 March 1695-6. This Court grants Adms. 
on the Estate of Joseph Smith, son of Joseph Smith of Rocky Hill, unto 
Jonathan Smith his Uncle, who is to bring in an Invt. of the Estate the 
2nd Monday in April next. 

Page 33 — (Vol. IX) 4 June, 1717: Upon the Motion of Samuel 
Smith that Adms. should be granted on the Estate of Joseph Smith, late of 
Wethersfield, deed, this Court order that those concerned in sd. Estate be 
notifyd to appear at this Court on the ist Tuesday of July next, that they 
may, if they see meet, object why Letters of Adms. should not be granted 
on sd. Estate. The persons concerned are Samuel Smith and Lydia Cole 
of Wethersfield. 

Page 42 — 3 September, 1717 : Persuant to a Motion, May 8th last, 
by Samuel Smith, that Adms. should be granted on the Estate of Joseph 
Smith, sometime of Wethersfield, Deed, this Court are of the opinion that 
Adms. should be granted. Therefore order the Clerk to notify those con- 
cerned on sd. Estate (Jonathan Smith, Daniel Smith and Lydia Cole of 
Wethersfield) to appear before this Court on the ist Tuesday of October 
next, one or more of them, as the Court shall think meet, to take Letters 
of Adms. on sd. Estate. 

Smith, BicharcL Court Record, Page loi— 6 March, 1684-5 : Where- 
as, Richard Smith of Hartford hath presented to this Court a paper under 
his hand wherein he hath declared him selfe Non solvent, & Tenders that 

1677 TO 1687. PROBATA RBCORDS. 363 

he will deliver up his Estate to be disposed of in the best way to satisfy 
his Creditors in proportion as the Estate will hold, the sayd Smith take- 
ing his oath that he is Non solvent, & delivering his Estate up to Lieu- 
tenant Caleb Stanly & George Grave (the whole of his Estate upon his 
oath), who are by this Court appoynted to receive it, & proclamation is to 
be made in Court that all the Creditors of Richard Smith shall make up 
their accounts & Lay their claims to the Estate sometime between this & 
the 20th of May next, & report the first Wednesday in June next. The sayd 
Stanly & Grave are to make distribution of the Estate amongst the Credit- 
ors by proportion, according as the Estate will hold ; & those actions now 
entered in Court against sayd Richard Smith are to fall & be no farther 
prosecuted, & Court charges to be abated ; & the sayd Lt. Stanly & Mar- 
shall Grave are to return an account of their acting so as it may (be) kept 
upon files. Proclamation was accordingly made in Court. 

Page 12 — (Vol. V) 6 March, 1689-90: Proclamation was made in 
the Court that all Creditors to the Estate of Richard Smith should make 
up their Accounts with Mr. Joseph Whiting betwixt this and September 
next, for then the Court purposeth to make a Dist. of his Estate to the 
Creditors. And the Court grants Adms. upon the Estate to sd. Whiting, 
who is to take the best Care he can to preserve the Estate for the Credit- 
ors, who is to be accountable for what he receives & no farther, and to be 
satisfied for his pains about it. 

Page 225. 

Spencer, Jarrad, Ensign, Haddam. Invt. £124-12-00 of Estate 
not disposed of by Will. Taken 29 June, 1685, by Joseph Amot & Alex- 
ander RoUo. WUl dated 17 September, 1683. 

The last Will of Ensign Jarrad Spencer of Haddam : I give unto ray 
son William the Land which I bought of Steven Luxford's Estate. How 
I come by it the Court Record will show. I give unto my son William 
1-3 part of 48 acres lying by that wch was commonly called Welles his 
Brook. I give to my son Nathaniel my now Dwelling house wth the Lott 
that was the Houselott, with an Addition lying by the side of it, granted 
by the Committe. I give unto my daughter Rebeckah that Houselott I 
bought of Thomas Smith. Likewise I give unto my daughter Rebeckah 
1-3 part of the Lott by Welles his Brook. I give unto my son Thomas 40 
acres on Matdiamodus Side. I give unto my son Thomas his son, Jarrad 
Spencer by name, my Rapier. I give unto my son Timothy Spencer the 
remainder of that 6 score acre lott whereof his 2 brothers had their shares. 
The other 6 score thereof I dispose of as f oUowefh : To Grace Spencer, 
the daughter of my son John Spencer, 40 acres; to Alice Brooks, the 
daughter of my daughter Brooks, 40 acres ; to Grace Spencer, the daugh- 
ter of my son Samuel Spencer, I give the other 40 acres. I give unto Jar- 
red Cone, the son of my daughter Cone, my Carbine. A pewter Flagon 
and Urim Bason I give to the Church at Haddam, if there be one within 


five years. It is my Will that my son John Spencer his Children and my 
son-in-law Daniel Cone his Children have an equal proportion of my Es- 
tate with my other Children. It is my Will that however my Estate falls 
out for portions to my Children, that my daughter Ruth Clarke's portion 
shall be £15, wl)ich was my Covenant with her father at her marriage, 
which iis she hath received some part thereof, as my Books will testify'; 
& to son Joseph Clarke I give him 40 acres of land at Matchemodus. It 
is the humble request of Jarrad Spencer that the honoured Major John 
Talcott and Capt. John AUyn would be pleased to oversee this his Will. 
I appoint my two sons Daniel Brainard and William Spencer Adms. to 
the Estate. 

Witness: John James, Jarrad Spencer. 

Joseph AmoU 

Court Record, Page 1 1 1 — 3 September, 1685 : Adms. to Daniel 
Braynard and William Spencer, with the Will annexed. 

Page 99-100. 

Spencer, John, Haddam. Died 3 August, 1682. Invt. £267-00-06. 
Taken 7 August, 1682, by George Gates, Joseph Arnold. The children: 
Rebeckah 16 years of age, Jarrard 14 years, Benjamin 1 1 years, Lydia 10 
years, and Grace 6 years. Will nuncupative. He declared it as his Will 
that his Eldest son Jerrard Spencer and his Eldest daughter Rebeckah 
should be at the disposal of his Brother-in-law Daniel Braynard and his 
own sister Hannah the Wife of Daniel Braynard. That his son Benjamin 
should be with Nicholas Noyse of Haddam till 21 years of age. That his 
Father Howard should have his daughter Lydia. That his brother-in-law 
John Kennoe & his Sister Rebeckah Kennoe should have his youngest 
daughter Grace Spencer. He declared his Will that Thomas Brooks, 
whom his sister Brooks had committed to his Care when at the age of 4 
years and whom he had brought up to the age of 18 years, should show all 
respect to his Mother, now the wife of Thomas Shaylor ; but the two years 
time which he was to have lived with his Uncle he now gave to himself ; 
also gave him 20 shillings, and desired his Overseers to take Care of him 
because he was too young to be wholly set free. He gave £30 to each of 
his sons and £20 to each of his daughters, left money to buy books for 
them, and desired they all should be well clothed with linen and Woolen. 
He gave to Good wife Smith, for Kindness and attendance, 20 shillings ; 
also to his sister Shaylor. He desired Nicholas Noyes, George Gates, 
Daniel Braynard, Daniel Cone & Thomas Spencer might be Overseers. 

Witness : George Gates, Thomas Spencer. 

Court Record, Page 58 — 7 September, 1682 : Adms., With Will an 
nexed, to Daniel Bra3mard, Thomas Spencer. 

1677 1H> 1687. PROBATA RBCORDS. 365 

Page 51 — (Vol. V) 8 February, 1693 : Grace Spencer, daughter of 
John Spencer, late of Haddam deed., chose her Uncle Nathaniel Spencer 
to be her Guardian. 

Page 262. 

Spenoer, Sergt. Thonuui, Hartford. Died 11 September, 1687. I>^vt. 
£139-19-00. Taken by Caleb Standly and Aaron Cooke. Will dated 9 
September, 1686. 

I Sergt. Thomas Spencer of Hartford, being very aged, do declare 
this my last Will & Testament : I give to my Eldest son Obadiah Spencer 
my Houseing and Lands in Hartford, all my Lands east side and west 
side of the Connecticut River within the bounds of the Town of Hartford, 
to be to him and to his Heirs forever, immediately after my decease, he 
paying such legacies as I shall appoint by this Will. I give to my son 
Thomas £15, of which he hath £5, and Obadiah shall pay him iio more. 
I give to my son Samuel (he having received a good portion from his 
Uncle) my wearing apparrell. I give to my son Jarred my shop and Tools 
& £12, all of whidi are in his hands. The rest of my moveable Estate I 
give to my five daughters, Sarah, Elizabeth, Hanna, Mary and Martha, 
to be equally divided to them by their brother Jarrad. I do make my son 
Obadiah Spencer my Executor. I desire Capt. AUyn, Lieut. Caleb Stand- 
ly and my Cousin Samuel Spencer to be Overseers. 

Witness : John AUyn, Hanna AUyn. Thomas X Spencer. 

Court Record, Page 134 — 26 October, 1687 : Will aproved. 

Page 202. 

Stedman, Samuel. Invt. £04-00-00. Taken 23 November, 1684. 
A gunn & sword at Samuel Butlers, a Chest and things in it, a box of old 
lasts, pincers, etc., his shop to be taken off the Land. 

Court Record, Page 95 — 25 November, 1684 : Adms. to Sargt. John 

Page 231-2-3-4, 

Steele, Lt. Samuel, sometime of Farmington, now of Wethersfield. 
Invt f725-07-io» Taken 14 August, 1685, by Samuel Talcott, Robert 
Welles, John Robbins. Invt. in Farmington, £457-05-00. Taken by Jdin 
Judd & John Woodruffe. Total, £1182-12-10. Will dated 10 June, 1685. 

I Samuel Steele of Wethersfield, being very aged, do make this my 
last Will & Testament: I give to my wife, if she survive me, i8o, to be 
to her proper Estate, also ii2 per annum and her firewood brought home 
ready cut & fit for use, to be paid her during her natural life. If she should 
marry again, the i8o being paid and four of the ii2 per annum being paid. 


the rest of the ii2, with firewood, etc., shall cease. I give to my daughter 
Hannah Steele £40. I give to my two sons James and Efaienezer my 
Houseing and Lands in Wethersfield and Farmington, to one the whole 
in Wethersfield, the other the whole in Farmington, James takeing his 
choice ; also to these two my share in the saw Mill, in equal proportion. 
I give to my four daughters £20 to each. I appoint my wife and two sons 
James and Ebenezer Executors, and request my Kinsman Mr. Jdm Wads- 
worth of Farmington & Capt. Samuel Talcott of Wethersfield to be Over- 
seers. Samuel Steele. 
Witness : John Wadsworth, Samuel Hooker, Sen, 

5 July, 1685 : A codicil provides for the building of a new barn at 
Farmington, at the expense of the two Brothers, before Distribution of 
the Estate, Samuel Steele. 

Attested by Mr. John Wadsworth & Mrs. Mary Steele: That Lt. 
Samuel Steele left it within the discretion of the Overseers to alter the 
lengfth of the Bam. — 8 September, 1685. 
Witness : Eleazer Kimberly, John Welles. 

Court Record, Page 83 — 6 March, 1684: Mary Steele and Sarah 
Standly, daughters of James Boozey, late of XVethersfield, only and Proper 
Heirs (to certain Lands) given to them by their Father's wiU, unlawfully 
detained by Emanuel Buck, a suit in Court to recover. [See James 
Boosey, on pages 48 and p8 of this volume.] 

CJourt Record, Page 112 — 3 September, 1685: Will Proven. John 
Wadsworth & Samuel Talcott appointed to Dist. the Estate, and they de- 
cide that The Barn shall be forty-two feet in length and no more. 

Page 180. 

Stiles, John, Windsor. Died 14 December, 1683. Invt. £96-15-00. 
Taken 10 March, 1683-4, by John Bissell, Daniel Hayden. Rachel Stiles, 
mother to John, made Oath to the Invt. 

Court Record, Page 86—6 March, 1683-4: Dist: To the Eldest 
son a double portion (John Stiles, son of John Stiles, appeared in Court 
and chose Daniel Heyden to be his Guardian) ; To Thomas, Sarah, & 
Hannah, Equal portions. Ephraim being in his father's life time disposed 
to John Steward, he having engaged to give him a portion at his decease, 
we grant him only £5 out of his Father's Estate. Adms. to Henry Stiles, 
Cornet Bissell, Daniel Heyden. 

Page 136. 

Stockiiig, Oeorge. He died 25 May, 1683. Invt. £257-09-00. Taken 
by Nath. Willett, Tho. Bunce, John Easton. Invt. in Middletown taken 8 
June, 1683, by Nath : White & John Warner. 

1677 ^O 1687. PROBATIEO RECORDS. 367 

Court Record, Page 73 — 6 September, 1683: An Inventory of the 
Estate of George Stoddng was exhibited in Court. Adms. to Samuel 

Page 78 — 18 December, 1683 : This Court haveing viewed that pre- 
sented as the Last Will & Testament of George Stocking in the circum- 
stances of it, together with what George Stocking hath declared to George 
Stocking & Capt. Allyn, & his declaration of his will in part contradicting, 
doe Judge that the will presented is of no value, & therefore the Court dis- 
tribute the Estate as foUoweth : To Samuel Stocking, iioo ; to Hannah 
Benton's children, £41 ; to the wife of John Richards, £41 ; to the wife of 
Samuel Olcott, £41 ; & to John Stocking, who hath lived with George 
Stocking, his grandfather, for some years, the remainder of the Estate, 
heing £34, we distributed to John Stodcing ; and desire & appoint Marshall 
George Grave & Thomas Bimce to make this Distribution. (See Will, 
Vol. III.) 

Page 168-9. 

Stoddng, Deacon Samuel sen., Middletown. Died 30 December, 
1683. Invt. £648-08-08. Taken by Giles Hamlin, William Ward. The 
children: Samuel 27 years of age, John 23, George 19, Ebenezer 17, 
Steven 10, Daniel 6 years old, Bethia Stow 25, Lydia Stocking 21 years. 
Will dated 13 November, 1683. 

I Samuel Stocking of Middletown do leave this my last Will & Testa- 
ment : I gfive unto my loveing wife Bethia Stocking my whole Homestead 
l)dng on the both sides of the Highway with all ye Buildings thereon 
thereunto belonging, with my whole Lott in the Long Meadow, with my 
Lott at Pistol Poynt, & half of my Meadow lying on the other side of the 
Brook, that part of it that lyeth next to the Great River, with all my 
Meadow Lands at Wongunk, together with all my Stock & Moveables; 
these I give my wife during her Widowhood, and upon marrying again 
I Will to her £4 yearly to be raised out of that Estate which I have agreed 
to my son Daniel Stocking. I give to my son Samuel Stocking my whole 
AUottment upon the Hill between the Land of Lt. White and Israel Will- 
cox, only excepting 6 acres adjoining to the Land of Lt. White, which 
I give to my daughter Bethia. Moreover I give to my son Samuel the re- 
maining half of ttie Meadow over the Brook, with 10 acres of the Swamp 
adjoining to it. I give him my whole AUottment at the Cold Spring on the 
west side of the Way to Hartford. I give to him, sd. son Samuel, the 
whole of my Lott at Pipe Stave Swamp, with the half of my AUottment 
next imto Wethersfield Bounds, with the halfe of my Lott at Pistol Poynt, 
upon his Mother's decease. I give unto my son John Stocking the whole 
of the Land and Buildings at my Father Stocking's decease bequeathed 
me by his last WiU, within the Bounds of Hartford. I give unto my 
daughter Lydia my Lott lying next unto Thomas Ranny's, and butting 
upon ye Commons West and Dead Swamp East, with a good Milk Cow, 
to be delivered her within 12 months after my decease. I give to my sons 


George & Ebenezer all my Lands on the East side of the Great River, to 
be equally divided between them, excepting the J4 of my Great Lott next 
unto Haddam Bounds. I give to my son Steven my whole Lott upon the 
Hill, bounded upon ye Lands of Thomas Rannie North, the Commons 
East, West & South, with my whole AUottment in Boggy Meadow, with 
all my Meadow & Upland in the farther Neck, giving the Improvement of 
the Boggy Meadow unto my son Samuel till the abovesd. child is of age 
to inherit. I give to my son Samuell {Daniel, see original paper on File) 
my whole Homestead lying on both sides of the Highway, with my Lott 
in the Long Meadow, with half my Lott at PistoU poynt, with J4 of my 
Lott lying on the West side of the way as you goe to Hartford, adjoining 
to the Land of Anthony Martin on the North, the Lsuid of Thomas Ranny 
South, the Highway & Commons West. This I say I give to my son 
Daniel, that is to say, the West end of it, the other halfe of sd. Lott to be 
to my son Samuel. These aforementioned parcells of Land as specified 
I give to him my sd. son Daniel & his heirs forever, with the other halfe 
of my Lott next Weathersfield Bounds. I give to our Pastor, Rev. Nath- 
aniel Collins, £3, my son Samuel to be sole Executor. After the decease 
or marriage of my wife, my Estate to be equally divided amongst my chil- 
dren. I desire Mr. Nath. White & John Savage sen. to be Overseers. 

Witness : Nath: White, Samuel Stocking sen. 

John Savage sen. 

A Codicil, without Change of the above, signed 25 December, 1683, 
Court Record, Page 85 — 6 March, 1684 : Will proven. 

Page 161. 

Stone, Samuel, Hartford. Died 9 October, 1683. Invt. £29-08-00. 
Taken 2 November, 1683, by Nathaniel Willett, Nathaniel Goodwin, 
Bevil X Waters. 

Court Record, Page 82 — 10 January, 1683 : Adms. to Thomas Butler. 

Page 212-13. 

Stoughton, Thomas, Windsor. [Son of Thomas Stoughton senior 
(Thomas the Elder, or Ancient Stoughton). See page i, also Peter 
Barefs Letter on page 44, and also page 64, of this volume.] Died 15 
September, 1684. Invt. £941-08-00. Taken by Timothy Thrall, Daniel 
Hayden, Abraham Phelps. 

Court Record, Page 103 — 24 March, 1684-5 ' Adms. to the Widow, 
Mrs. Mary Stoughton, and appoint Return Strong and Timothy Thrall, 
with advice of Capt. Newbery, to Distribute the Estate : To the Widow 
£100, to her and her heirs forever ; To John Stoughton £199, to Thomas 
£136, to Samuel £126, to Israel £126, to Elizabeth £116, to Rebeckah £ii6, 
Mr. Wadsworth, Abraham Phelps and John Loomis to be Overseers. 

1677 ^O 1687. PROBATE RECORDS. 369 

Page 174-5. 

stow, Thomas sen., Middletown. Invt. £42-05-06. Taken 23 Feb- 
ruary 1683-4, by Giles Hamlin, John Hall sen., John Warner. Legatees : 
John Stow sen., Nathaniel Stow, Thomas Stow, Samuel BiddoU. Will 
dated 26 January, 1 680-1. 

The last Will & Testament of Thomas Stow sen., Middletown : Im- 
primis. I give to my son John Stow one parcell of Land in Middletown 
on the West side of the West River, both that within and that without 
the fence, which is mine. More over I give to my sayd son my great 
Kettle after my decease. More over I give him the one halfe of my great 
Lott at the Streits Hill. I give to my son Nathaniel, besides my house. 
Home Lott in the Boggy meadow Quarter which I made sure to him by 
a former Contract, that is, to him & to my sonn Thomas & Samuel BiddoU, 
the other halfe of my great Lott at the Streight Hills, & my halfe mile 
Lott on the east side of the great river, to te divided equally amongst 
them. Moreover I give to my son Nathaniel all my household Goods after 
my decease, peaceably to enjoy, with all my part in the Cattell & Swine ; 
& that (this) is my will & full Intent, I witness by setting to my hand. 

Thomas Stowe. sen. 
Test : John Hall, 

Josias X Adkins, 

Proven 6th March, 1683-4. 

Page 181. 

Talcott, John, Hartford. Invt. £453-02-00. Taken 10 March, 
1683, by Thomas Olcott, Philip Lewis. The Inventory is as foUoweth: 

£ s d 

Mr. John Talcott's Wearing Apparrel, 13-05-00 

In Books, 1-05-00 

In Amunition £15-02-00, In two Cowes io8-oo-oo, 23-02-00. 

By Lands adjacent to the Homelott, 80-00-00 
By his Lott about the Middle of the Long Meadow, formerly 

Steele's, 22 acres, 200-00-00 

By the Houseing and Homelott, 150-00-00 

Total : 453-02-00 

Court Record, Page 95 — 25 December, 1684: This Court grants 
Adms. on the Estate of Mr. John Talcott to Major John Talcott, and 
order to Dist. his Estate as followeth : To Joseph Talcott his houseing 
and Lands, he being the next Heir to Mr. John Talcott, and it also being 
correspondent to the Guift of Mr. John Talcott sen. Deed, who gave it 
(to) his gr. child Mr. John Talcott Deed ; & that the remainder of his Es- 
tate be equally divided amongst the rest of the Children of Major John 


Page 27-8. 

Thrall, William, Windsor. Died 3 August, 1679. I^vt. £158-09-06. 
Taken by Christopher Sanders, Jacob Drake. Will dated 11 December, 

I William Thrall of Windsor do give and bequeath my Outward Es- 
tate, my House Bam & all my Lands of one sort or other, Upland or 
Meadow, to my son Timothy Thrall, to be his & his heirs forever, yt with 
this Proviso, that upon his possession thereof he stand bound to discharge 
the Legacies as followeth: First: that he pay to Daughter Phillip(i) 
Hosford the sum of £45, to be paid within 3 years after my decease. Sec- 
ond : that he pay to Samuel Cross, & also to her that was Mary Cross, both 
which live with me, 5 Shillings apeice. Third : That he pay to Mr. Ben- 
jamin Woodbridge 20 Shillings. It is my Will & I do give to my gr. child 
Sarah Hosford the little House I have begun to build on John Hosford's 
Land. For my Household Goods, what is in the possession of my son 
Timothy Thrall I do bestow on him, & what part of my Household Goods 
is in the possession of John Shepherd I do give to my daughter Phillipi 
Thrall. A Cow of mine in John Hosford's Hands I do give to Daughter 
Phillip (i) Hosford, & the Cattle or Stock in my son Timothy Thrall's 
Hands I give to him. I ordain my son Timothy Thrall Executor. Also 
I desire Mr. Benjamin Woodbridge and Abraham Phelps to be my Over- 

Witness : Job Drake, William X Thrall. 

Mary Woodbridge. 

Court Record, Page 18 — 4 December, 1679 : Will & Invt. proven. 

Page 234. 

Tomlinson, Thomas. Died 27 March, 1685. Invt. £68-09-07. Taken 
22 April, 1685, by John Gilbert, Philip Davis. The children of Thomas 
and Elizabeth Tomlinson: Sara Bishop age 20 years, Mary Tomlinson 
18, Ruth 15, Phebe 12, Elizabeth 10, Hannah 6, Thankful i year old. 

Court Record, Page 112 — ^3 September, 1685: Adms. to the Widow 
(Elizabeth), she to bring up the Children. No Distribution. 

Page 69. 

Treat, Henzy. Invt. £126-05-07. Taken 5 September, 1681, by 
William Burnham, Philip Davis, Thomas Kilboum. 

Court Record, Page 45 — i September, 1681 : Adms. to Ensign 
Standly, Philip Davis and William Burnham, & to dispose of the children 
to best Advantage. 

Dist. on File : 8 April, 1696 : Estate of Henry Treat. Philip Davis 
& William Burnham, Adms. To his son and to his daughter, by William 
Burnham, Benjamin Churchill. 

1677 TO 1687. PROBATE RECORDS. 37 1 

Note : There was among the Debts paid: To William Warren and 
his wife, for Keeping the Children of Nathaniel Crow; to Widow Mary 
Smith, for keeping the Children of John Smith and Widow Smith. 

In Court, 5 June, 1710, a part of the Estate not yet distributed. 

On 4 April, lyog— (Another />o^^r)— Distributed to Matthias Treat 
from the Estate of his Father Henry Treat, and to Sarah Treat, the wife 
of David Forbes. 

Page 13 — (Vol. VIII) 5 June, 1710: William Bumham, Adms. on 
the Estate of Henry Treat, e^diibited an Account : 

i s d 
Paid in Debts and Charges, 55-i5-oi 

Delivered to Matthias Treat, 15-06-09 

To Sarah Forbes, wife of David Forbes, 8-01-04 

Total, 79-03-02 

Total Inventory, 86-05-07 

There remains to be dist., 7-02-05 

To Matthias Treat, 5-00-03 

To Sarah Forbes, 2-02-02 

The Court grants unto William Bumham, Adms., a Quietus Est. 

Page 161-2. 

Vore, Bichardy Windsor. Invt. £81-15-00. Taken 11 December, 
1683, by John Loomis sen. and John Moore. Will dated ist July, 1683. 

The last Will of Richard Vore of Windsor : I make my wife Ann 
Vore to be sole Executrix of my Estate, & my Will is that during her 
natural life she shall possess & injoy my Houseing & Lands lying & Citu- 
ate in the Township of Windsor, as also my Goods, Household Goods & 
other Estate, more particularly my House & Homelott on the north side 
of the RJvulett, wth Orchard, Fences, Yards, or what else belongs thereto, 
as also my Land lying in a place called the Neck, counted 3 acres. Sec- 
ondly : My Will is that after the Death of my wife (if she shall survive 
me) my daughter Abigail, now wife of Timothy Buckland, if she be liv- 
ing, shall enjoy my House & Homelott, yt provided my Will is that neither 
my daughter nor her husband shall have any power to alienate or dispose 
of the same or any part thereof, but shall keep & preserve Intire ; yet they 
may enjoy the Benefit & Profit thereof so long as my daughter shall live, 
& after her decease it shall belong to her Children, if any living ; if not, 
the sd. Homested shall belong to my other daughters or their Children. 
Thirdly: I give to my daughter Cooke, the wife of Nathaniel Cooke, 5 
Shillings in addition to what I have already given her, also the Land l3ring 
in the Neck, after the death of my wife. Fourth : I give Thomas Alvard, 
son to my daughter Mary Alvard deceased, 5 Shillings, Fifthly : I give 
to the eldest child of my daughter Sarah Persons, Deed, who was wife to 

»- - ""^r 3^ 

"uew • JL. - -,-. 



vol.. IV, 

Benjamin Persons of Springfield, 5 Shillings. Sixthly : My Will is that 
my Household Goods & Chattells of all sorts not disposed of whidi I have 
by Will left to my wife for her Use, she hath hereby full power to dispose 
of them, as she shall see Cause, amongst my Children. I request Capt. 
Benjamin Newbery, John Moore & John Loomis sen. to be Overseers. 

Witness: Samuel Mather, Richard Vore. 

John Loomis sen. 

Court Record, Page 81 — 10 December, 1683 : Will proven. 

Page 77. 

WadBWorth, Elizabefh. Invt. £51-10-06. Taken by Nathaniel Stan- 
ly, William Bumham. 

On the 6th day of March, 1681-2: This Writeing witnesseth an 
Agreement made with Samuel Wadsworth & Joseph Wadsworth & Thom- 
as Wadsworth & Elizabeth Terry & Jonathan Ashley & Rebeckah Wads- 
worth concerning an Estate of our Mother, deed, as f oUoweth : 

Samuel must have 
& for the Funeral 
Joseph is to have 
Thomas is to have 

As Witness our Hands 

£ s d 


£ s d 
Elizabeth Terry is to have 3-15-00 
Jonathan Ashley is to have 4-10-00 
Rebeckah is to have 20-00-00 

John Wadsworth is to have 3-0000 

Samuel Wadsworth, Joseph Wadsworth, 
Thomas Wadsworth, Jonathan Ashley, 

Page 109. 

Wadsworth, Samuel, Hartford. Invt. £1108-04-01. Taken 17 Sep- 
tember, 1682, by Richard Edwards, Jarrad Spencer. Will dated 16 Aug- 
ust, 1682. 

I Samuel Wadsworth of Hartford, being sick & weak but of good 
understanding & memory, doe make this my Last will & Testament, & 
thereby doe setle & dispose of that Temporal estate God hath given me as 
Followeth : To my beloved Brother Joseph Wadsworth I give & bequeath 
my Lott in the Long meadow between Major Tallcotts Lott & Captn 
Allyn, to be to him & his heires forever. I give unto my Brother Thomas 
my house & Homelott & halfe my ox pasture & halfe my souldiers feild 
& all my Timber & Shingles for my New building. I give unto my sister 
Sarah Ashley halfe my souldiers feild & halfe my ox pasture, to be as 
equally divided as may be. I g^ve to my sister Rebeckah Wadsworth my 
six acres of Land in the south meadow & Three Cowes. I give to my 
cousin Wm. Wadsworth £5 as a token of my Love. I give to my Sister 


l677 'TO 1687. PROBATE RBCOR]>S. 373 

Elizabeth Terry £20 a year for the Three next years ensueing, to be payd 
by Joseph, Thomas & my sister Ashley yearly. I give my household stuff 
to my sister Terry & my sister Ashley, to be equally divided between them. 
I give unto my beloved Brother, Mr John Wadsworth, iio. Unto my 
cousin Elizabedi Terry £20 I give her. I doe make my beloved Brothers 
Joseph & Thomas Wadsworth & Brother Ashley Joynt Executors of this 
my Last will and Testament. In Witness whereof & for Confirmation 
hereof I have set my hand. I give unto my brother Thomas my man ser- 
vant dtiring his time he is Bound to me. I give unto my cousin that lives 
with me a new suit of searg, & the rest of tfie searg I give to my sister 
Rebeckah. I give to my Brother Joseph my best suit, & my money I gave 
to my Brother Joseph formerly, & so now doe dispose of it to him. As 
Witness my hand. Samuel Wadsworth. 

Signed & declared in presence of us : 
John Tallcott sen, 
John Allyn, So/rah Howard. 

Court Record, Page 61 — 13 December, 1682: Will proven. 

Page 131. 

Wakel^, Alice, Wethersfield. Invt. £348-19-04. Taken 6 Septem- 
ber, 1683, by Samuel Talcott, Eleazer Kimberly. 

Court Record, Page 7Z—6 September, 1683 : Adms. to Lt. Samuel 
Steele & Ensign Nathaniel Standly. 

Page 67. 

Walkeley, Richard, Haddam. Died 6 August, 1681. Invt. £164-13- 
00. Taken by George Gates, Simon Smith, John Spencer, Selectmen. 

Court Record, Page 46— ist November, 1681 : Adms. to the Widow. 
Order to Dist: To the Widow, £17-13-00; to the Eldest son, £70; to the 
youngest, £40; to the daughter, £30. George Gates & Simon Smith to 
be Overseers. 

Page 177. 

Warde, John, Middletown. Invt. £446-18-00. Taken 22 February, 
1683-4, by Giles Hamlin, William Warde. The children : John Warde 
age 18 years, Andrew 16, Ester 14, Mary 11, William 9, Samuel 4, & one 
she goeth with. 

Court Record, Page 87 — 6 March, 1684 : Adms. to the Widow and 
Dist: To the Widow, £64; to the eldest son, £103, £10 of which was 
given him by his grand Mother ; to Each of the other Children, £46-10-00. 
TTiis Court do appoint William Harris, the Father of the Relict, wth Mr. 


Hamlin, to assist the widow & dispose of the children and distribute the 

Page 2II-2I2. 

Warham, Mrs. Abigail, Windsor. Died i8 May, 1684. Invt. £126- 
14-06. Taken by Henry Wolcott, Thomas Bissdl, Return Strong. Will 
nuncupative. We the imderwritten, being present wth Mrs Warham, who 
spent her last days in our family, she discoursing with us respecting her 
Estate, declared that she had formerly given her cousin Miles Marwine 
such a multitude that if she had Thousands she would not give him a 
penny. She did not know whether she had anything to give away. Dis- 
owned that she had any Will, and sayd further that her cousin Miles Mar- 
win desired that she would make over her Estate to him. She did not 
know but that she might live to need and expend it all. This she had said 
before. Mary, the wife of Captain Newbery, and Abigail the daughter, 
both affirm that Mrs. Warham said to them, when she was of good under- 
standing and soimd memory, concerning her Estate, that if there was 
an3rthing left when the Court had the consideration thereof, she had 
thought little Miles Marwin should have somewhat, and the other that 
lived wth her so long ; & as for her moveables that were brought into our 
house. Return Strong, Mary Newbery & Abigail do Testify she freely 
gave them to us & said they should not be taken from us. The above was 
by her declared to us sometime last March. 

(Signed) 4 September, 1684. Benjamin Newbery, Mary X Nezv- 
bery, Abigail X Newbery, Return Strong. 

In Court, 10 March, 1684-5: The children of Miles Marwin were 
Elizabeth (she lived longest wth Mrs Warham), John Marwin, Abigail, 
Thomas, Samuel & Miles Marwin. 

Coimty Court Record, Page 102 — 5 March, 1684-5: Plea of Mr. 
Edwards in behalf of Miles Marwin set aside (reference to Court of As- 
sistants 9 May, 1671). Adms. to Capt. Newbery & Return Strong, with 
Order to Distribute: To Miles Marwin Jr., 1-3 of the Estate: to Eliza- 
beth, 2-3 of one third ; and to John, Thomas, Samuel, & Abigail Marwin, 
the remainder. Miles Marwin Jr. to possess the Lands if he desire it, he 
paying to his brothers and sisters as the Administrator may appoint. 

Page 81. 

Warner, d^drew, Middletown. Invt. £329-05-03. Taken 20 Feb- 
ruary, 1681-2, by William Warde, Samuel Stodcing, John Hall. Lega- 
tees : Andrew Warner age 19 years, John 11, Joseph 9, Abigail 21, Mary 
17, Hanna 13, Rebeckah 6 years. 

Court Record, Page 50 — ^2nd March, 1681-2 : Adms. to the Widow. 
John Warner and Robert Warner, Overseers. 

1677 ^W> 1687. PROBATE RECORDS. 375 

Page 89 — 2 April, 1684 • The personal Estate all to pay the debts ; 
to the Widow the use of one-third of the Real Estate during life ; to the 
Eldest son, £86 ; to the other 4 Children, £43 to each. 

Page 32. 

Warner, Daniel, Farmington. Invt. £51-07-00. Taken at Farm- 
ington by John Norton & John Woodruff e. Invt. £68-13-06 at Matta- 
tuck. Taken by Samuel Hitchcock, Isaac Bronson, 1679. The children : 
Daniel age 12 years, John 8, Abigail 6, Samuel 4, Thomas 2 years of age. 

Court Record, Page 18 — 4 December, 1679 : Adms. to Sarah, tiie 
Relict. John Langton to be Overseer. William Higginson owes this Es- 
tate iii-oo-oo. 

Page 26-7. 

Warner, John, Farmington. Invt. £123-03-00. Taken 1679, by 
John Norton and John Woodruffe. Will dated 14 March, 1678-9. 

I John Warner of Farmington, in the Coimty of Hartford, do think 
it meet to make this settlement of my Estate. I do give unto my son 
John Warner J4 part of my farm at Crane Hall, and die J4 part of my 
Meadow Lott called Moore's Comer; also the fourth part of the Lands 
on the Forte Hill. I give unto my son Daniel Warner J4 part of the same 
Land. I give imto my son Thomas Warner J4 part, half the house & 
Homelott with these Considerations, that he shall see meet to come with 
his family to settle in it within the space of eight years after the date 
hereof; but if my son Thomas shall not come within the time specified, 
then he shall sell it to my son-in-law William Higgison at a reasonable 
price. I give unto my son-in-law William Higgison J4 part of my Farme 
at Crane Hall, J4 part of my Meadow Lott called Moore's Corner, J4 part 
of my Land at Forte Hill, as also J4 of my now dwelling house & Home- 
lott & Bame thereon, all which the sd. William Higgison is to enjoy after 
the departure of the natural life of me John Warner & Margaret my wife ; 
also my Lott called the Great Swamp, also j4 part of all my Divisions of 
Land belonging to me in town, with my 4-acre Lott, & also the Grant of 
that Tract of Land given me by the Country as a Pequott Soldier, to come 
into the present possession of these Lands. I also give to my daughter 
Sarah Higgison my best Kettle. I do give unto my wife }4 part of my 
Farme called Crane Hall, & the fourth part of my Land called Moore's 
Comer, and the J^ of the House & Homested, with all the Moveables & 
Personal Estate tfiat is mine, the use & Improvement of them during the 
time of her natural life. I give unto my four sons the remainder of my 
Estate, to be equally divided amongst them, viz, John Warner, Danid 
Warner, Thomas Warner and William Higginson, after the decease of the 
natund life of me John Warner and Margaret Warner my wife. I appoint 


my four sons Executors, & entreat my loving friends William Lewis sen. 
& Lt. Steele to be my Overseers. 

Witness : William Lewis, John X Warner sen. 

Samuel Steele. 

Court Record, Page 18—4 December, 1679 : Will proven. 

Page 68— .(Vol. XIII) 23 June, 1740: Ephraim Warner, son of 
John Warner & gr. son of John Warner sen., the ist of the name in 
Farmington, Deed., in behalf of himself and as he is attorney to the Heirs 
of Daniel Warner, son of the sd. John Warner sen., of sd. Farmington, 
deceased, showing that by one Residuary Legacy in the Will of sd. John 
Warner sen. all the remainder of the Estate was given to his 4 sons, viz, 
John, Daniel, and Thomas Warner and William Higginson, after his & 
his wife Margaret's decease, there hath been no division of sd. Legacy, 
and the Executors being deceased, this Court appoint Capt. Isaac Cowles, 
Giles Hooker and Gershom Lewis to Dist. sd. Legacy or Estate to the 
Heirs of the sd. John Warner or their Legal Representatives, viz, John, 
Daniel and Thomas Warner and William Higginson. 

Page 131. 

Watson, Margaret, Hartford. Died March, 1682-3. Invt. £54-13- 
00. Taken May, 1683, by John Coale, Stephen Hosmer. 

The last Will & Testament of Margaret Watson, who deceased March 
last past, did declare her Mind & Will as foUoweth concerning her Estate, 
& how she would have it disposed of, as she did declare it to Sarah Watson 
& John Merrells sen: She bequeathd to her daughter Sarah Merrells 
her red cloth Petticoat. She gave her searge Petticoat & her Penny 
stone Petticoat to her daughter Mary Seamore. She gave to her gr. 
child Sarah Merrells i Pillow beere & one sheet & a white apron. She 
gave to her g^. child Susannah Merrells i Sheet & i Pillow beere. She gave 
to her gr. dhild Mary Seamor i Sheet & i blankett & her green apron. 
She gave to her gr. Child Margaret Seamor i Sheet & i blankett & a 
Neck Handkercheire. She gave to her gr. Child John Watson i gjeat 
pewter Platter & a Porringer. She did desire that her daughters, Sarah 
Merrells & Mary Seamor, should have £5 paid to each of them, that was 
bequeathed to them by their Father's Will. Also she did desire that the 
now wife of her son John Watson may have the use of the House & 
Homested if it should please God that my son John should die before 
her, for her lifetime. Sarah X Watson. 

Court Record, Page 73 — 6 September, 1683: Adms. to John Wat- 
son with the Will annexed. He in Court allows to John Seamor & his 
heirs forever the Land he possesseth, which was part of the Home lott of 
his Mother Watson. 

1677 TO 1687. 



Page 214-15-16-17. 

Watts, Elizabeth, Hartford. Died 25 February, 1684 : Invt. £332- 
19-00. TaJcen 4 March, 1684-5, ^Y Joseph Wadsworth, Philip Davis, 
John Merrells. 

The Last Will and Testament of Elizabeth Watts, Widdow of Capt. 
Thomas Watts, is as f oUoweth : 

I Elizabeth Watts, being week in body but sound in mind and mem- 
ory, doo account it my duty to mak a settlement and dispose of that which 
is under my Care. Whereas my late dere husband by his Last Will Left 
an Estate in my hand to dispose of as God should derect me, as may more 
fully apeer by the sd. will of my sd deer husband, I doe therefore dispos 
of the sd. Estate as hereafter f olloweth : Impr. I will and bequeath to my 
brother James Steele (clothes & personal Estate). 2ly, I will and bequeath 
to my brother Steele's fower daughters, viz, Elizabeth Steele, Mary Hall, 
Sarah Steele and Rachell Steele, thre score pounds; and to my litel 
cousen James Hall my bigest wine Cups. 3ly, I will and bequeath to my 
littel Cousen Thomas Steele the best beed in the Chamber, my husband's 
bibell, and the great Silver Cup, and my husband's platt buttons, and 
his Raper and beelt, to be kept till he com of age. ^y, I will and be- 
queath to my Cousen Samuel Hubart the beed and fumitur to it, in the 
paller. I will and bequeath to my Cousen Benony Browne my husband's 
Cloake and raper that was my brother Brown's. I will and bequeath to 
my Cousen Martha Henderson the beed that is in the garret Chamber, 
the rug that is on Cousen Steel's beed ; also I give her the third bigest 
platter and one of the best of the platters that goe about the hous, and 
two porengers that are used about the hous, and a quart skellett, and a 
great skellett without a frame ; also I give her my Cloth sarg sutt and my 
sarg Coatt I usaly were, and my seniston peeticoatt and mow hare pety 
coatt and six napkins, also my saf gard and riding hood when my Cousen 
beety brings them hom. I will & bequeath to my Cousen Elizabeth Steele 
a dosen of Napkins marked M. S. I will and bequeath to my Sister Wil- 
lett a pece of new Sarg bought for a peetyCoatt, and a Sutt of my best 
Wering lining, and a holon arpen with a pece down the sid, a paire of Cot- 
ten Gloves that ware my huspan, and two of his bands. I will and be- 
queath to my litle Cousen Samuel hubert my little Silver dram Cup 
and two Silver Spoons. I give to my Cousin James Steele's wife a sutt 
of wearing lining. I will and bequeath to my cousen Lanes daughter 
Beety a yard of new holan of that which is in the Chest, my wearing 
Linen to my Cousen Marcy Steele, Samuel Hubarts wife, Martha Hen- 
derson, Elizabeth Steele & Betty Steele. I appoint My Cousens Samuel 
Steele and Samuel Hubert to be Soule Executors, and my brother James 
Steele & Nathaniel Stanly to be Overseers. 

Witness : Richard Hakes, Elizabeth Watts. ' 

William Davenport. (Last) date 14 February, 1684. 

Proven 14 March, 1684-5. 


Page 146-7. 

Watts, Oapt. Thomas, Hartford. Invt. £1383-02-10. Taken 22 
October, 1683, by Nathaniel Standly, John Easton. Will dated 6 August, 

I Thomas Watts of Hartford do m^dce this my last Will & Testament : 
I give to my wife Elizabeth Watts my personal Estate forever, and my 
Real Estate to her during her natural life, and after her decease I give it 
to my brother's son Samuel Hubbard, whom I have brought up from a 
child ; my Homested, 3 acres of Land in the Indian field, one acre by the 
River side, 5J4 acres in meadow which I bought of Nathaniel Warde, 20 
acres of upland adjoyning Mr. Joseph Mygatt, 10 acres at the four-mile 
hill, all which I give to the said Samuel Hubbard and to his heirs forever, 
to come into possession within a year after my wife's decease. I give to 
my Kinsman Samuel Steele Jr. 5 acres of Land I bought of Nathaniel 
Warde, 3 acres I bought of John Amol(d), all l)ring in a place called 
Ward's field, adjoyning James Steele sen, Noah Cooke & John Merrells, 
all which I g^ve to the sd. Samuel Steele & his heirs forever, to be in pos- 
session within one yeare after the decease of my wife. I give to the other 
six of my sister Hubbard's Children, to Joseph, to Daniel, to Nathaniel, to 
Richard, to Mary Rannie, to Elizabeth Hubbard, I give to them iioo, to 
be paid to them within one year and a day's departure of my wive's Nat- 
ural Life. I give to my brother Brown's Children, to Nathaniel, to John, 
to Benony Brown, to Hannah Lane (the wife of Isaac Lane), I give and 
bequeath to these four Children of my Brother Brown all my Lands Lying 
in tiie bounds of Middletown, and £38 more, to be paid out of my other 
Estate. I give to my Brother James Steele's two sons, James & John 
Steele, £50 (to James £30, and John Steele £20). I give to Mr. John 
Whiting £20. I give to the poor of the new church in Hartford £20. I 
give to Martha Hannison, to her own proper use, 7J^ acres of Land 
called by the name of Pesiponck ; also £20 in other of my Estate. I give 
to Samuel Steele sen., my Kinsman, £10. All the remainder of my Estate 
I give to my wife Elizabeth Watts, and do make her sole Executrix ; and 
I Intreat James Steele sen. and Ensign Nathaniel Standly to be Over- 
seers. Thomas Watts. 
Witness : Jatnes Steele sen., Samuel Steele sen. 

County Court Record, Page 76 — 6 Dec. 1683 : Will Proven. 

Page 129 — 3 March, 1686-7: This Court appoint to lay out to the 
Legatees of Capt. Watts' will their several portions of Land according 
to the Order of the General Court at their last session, and to Meet and 
bound it according to said Order. And this Court appoint Marshall 
Grave, Steven Hosmer and Thomas Bunce distributors. 

Page 251-2. 

Way, Eleazer, Hartford. Invt. £867-03-11. Taken 9 August, 1687, 
by Richard Edwards, Daniel Taylor. 



1677 TO 1687. PROBATA RBCORDS. 379 

Court Record, Page 133 — i September, 1687 : Adms. to the Relict. 
Page 225— (Pro. Side, Vol. V)— A Dist. of Mr. Eleazer Way's Es- 
tate : Be it known to all whome it may conceme ; that we whose names 
are underwritten have by these presents firmly and fully for ourselves and 
for our Heirs forever agreed and have settled and divided the Estate of 
Eleazer Way, Deed, as f oUoweth : To Mary Way, the widow, the Use of 
Land valued at £202-10-00 during life, and her share of the Moveables to 
her satisfaction. To Ebenezer Way a double share of the Estate. And 
the remainder of sd. Land to be divided equally between the three daugh- 
ters or Legatees, that is, to Ichabod Welles in behalf of his wife Sarah, 
& to Joseph Welles in behalf of his wife Elizabeth, & to Lydia Way, or 
to their heirs. To Ebenezer Way a double share of the whole Estate when 
the Widow's thirds is taken out. The Debts to be paid out of the Estate in 
proportion to the shares which should yet appear to be legally due. 


Mary Way, Ls. Joseph Welles^ Ls. 

Ebenezer Way, Ls. Lydia Way, Ls. 

Ichabod Welles, Ls, 
Witness : Edward Allyn, 

William Warren. 

On the 6th of February, 1695-6, Mary Way & Ebenezer Way, Icha- 
bod Welles & Joseph Welles in behalf of their wives, & Lydia Way, all of 
them personally appeared in Hartford & acknowledged the abovesd. 
Agreement to be their free voluntary act before 

Me: Nathaniel Stanly, Assistant 
Exhibited in Court and confirmed, 5th March, 1695-6. 

Page 158-9. 

Welles, BIrs. Elizabeth, Wethersfield. Invt. £328-12-06. Taken 3d 
September, 1683, by Samuel Talcott, James Treat, Samuel Butler. Will 
dated 28 March, 1678. 

My Estate I dispose of as foUoweth: I will that all those debts I 
ow in right or conscience to any man or men be well & Truly contented 
& payd out of my Estate in the first place. My fourteen acres of Land 
in the great meadow & Thirty acres in the West field I give unto my son 
Robert foote & to his heirs forever, prohibiting him the sale of the same, 
he pa)dng for these Lands forty five pounds, to be payd : to the Children 
of my Daughter Sarah Judson Deceased, Nine pounds; & to my foure 
daughters, viz, my daughter Churchill, my daughter Goodrich, my 
Daughter Barnard, & my Daughter Smith, to each of them Nine pounds 
a piece. I give vnto my son Nathaniel Foote, eldest son, & his Brother, 
Eleven pounds; & to tfieir children: To Daniel forty shillings, & To 
Elizabeth fower pownds, which Legacies, both the eleven pownd, forty 
shillings, & fower potmds, shall be payd out of The money Nathaniel 



Graves owes Me B^ Bill. I give & bequeath unto my Grand son John 
Studder halfe my ureat Lx>tt which Lyes at the further Bownds of the 
Towne, & the other halfe of the sayd Lott I give vnto my g^and sons 
Joseph & Benjamin Churchill & their heirs forever. The remainder of 
my Estate (when a Legacie is pd. to my overseers out of it) shall be 
divided into five parts; one part I give to my daughter Judson's Chil- 
dren, to be to them & liieir heirs forever ; & to my (kiughter Churchill & 
her children one fifth part, & to my daughter Goodrich & the children 
one-fifth part, & to my daughter Barnard and her children one-fifth part, 
& to my daughter Smith & her Children one fifth part It is my will that 
what I give my fouer daughters shall be wholly at their dispose, to dispose 
among thei